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jtng a state, ptison^ in tUe:^t'St orsec-! ^ricl4istiriGt, ff itli aniendiineHts. ; which amendm ents w f e concuiied in by the eeiunte. ' • ‘ ' - • ^ T h e bill fi?r the paym ent o f ceMain notes given by j t y r o h Holley as tveasn- rer cf the canal C9irtmissionei;s, was read a third tune nnd passed. The: cOmanUiee of the whole were dis­ charged'frorn the fu rth e r consideration of the blils fnijonporating the Howard, ivionrofi) Trmlesnieri’s a n d Auburn indn- i-anee cottinahies, and they were refeiTed bade to,the select cpininittee who reporr ted tUeai w b b a v iew of adopting the provisions of each, tp thesarne princi- jples enibraGed; iit the Canal insufance bllVns dassed ih comtnittee o f the whole. T h e coininitte o f the whole spent s lime on Mr^,Spencer?s;bill;cQncerniii^ corporatioirs: for., b anking purposes, rose and. peportedj and the Senate Adjetn-rted till 11 o’clock to-morfow. • \lf01JSS' OF A SSHMBLY, - * • Pxiday, Match Ai. Pefz#on.^.^Frotn Tonapkins, Tioga, and otim/ cduhties,; relative to the great state road j from 'Erie and Steuben, for a supeeine. court clerk’s oihee a t Canan-' dcigua. . . ,M v Carpenter repor^^^^^ to ap­ point cptniihissioners to, lay out a road iVoim F iedepck Blood’s ■'tavepi, Cohoc- toii, Steuben co. to the main road, in ■West Bloomfield,^ e n d tlieitce b y 't h e meeting of llie, beards orsitpervisors in^' AJtef mdr^^ebatej Mr. 'Haytlen Pfia/lc - f e ) n^bhld pmye nnWhiling,- dr ^at Ihey'aro several of the <?onhlie$ of this state. • Mr, Pettit oifered a rcsoJutidrt request- itig the canal commissi oners to report; as to ;tbe es;pediency, o f etevatirig the canal bridges, so high, thac tljte lives of passen..^^ gers in boats tnay noi be endangered thereby I and also a s to die p ropriety o f sidei\ation yesterday, the .words “ Mon. substituting scows M biidges, e x c e p t in ■ populous villages. , baid on ihe table. On motion of Mr. Hwlbei't, t|ie bill for, the establishment o f a lioard: d fintenial iinprovements, was:ri;ia3e tile order of the day for Tuesday ne:Jtt, Adjourned. ■; IN' SEINATE., • • hdloiedit^/^ March f. • On motion of Mr, Grary, Resolved, T h a t a- select cornmittee be instructed to ehqilire iiato the expledien- cy o f , author ising tile circuit judges, at the respective oirouit courts,/- and after a motion to l e y the resolutioii o n th e ta, hie, which sw.as; lest, ^ 4 to 3$, ' Th® qne^tlnn was”then taken oit tlie passage of tfie resolution, and decided in the aM*'hiatLve, f 5 to 40, Wlmn the resolutioii was under coi!,; day the f th ilist,” (th e time- fixed fcir proceeding u n d er it) wefe stricken o u t After the resolutioh passed to-day, the blank was filled with ‘‘W e d n esday tbe ilfith inst.” ; The house epncuiTed in th e am end­ ments o f the senate, to the bills to iri co r ­ porate the Traders’ and Howard’ in su, raijce cQrapanies,. New-Y'ork, and the Monroe jnsuranpe co,mpany,' Rochester. Adjourned. '. IN rSEN A T E i iFednesdajf, ■Mhfth ’ 9 , b j t worthy of it. find surely the vihoh v°P' 'j#fion must bd gmtefni to this wHler, when ho T 0 pt?seats th^frtends of this: Chnstian io- ^titatfen in it, as, thefew,opposed by the o T h i || 3 hri 8 tian eomiiiiinity may bear the at- tempt pilfer from theih them their good matne,w but it is to he hoped they will not so Easily hearlQ he couVerted iutothe characters be Would represent the.m, by inviting and tol- -erating the demolition of wise and holy anstimtipris,. to which may h e traced, all our ei- ■viJtisafiOh, all our prosperity tmd.alt our worth. ^42kmmyGUiz^r Mtw-’Xofi.K, March 1. ^hE|eE.r-.-ln pUr foreign extracts on . Sat- ?\cH 6 hf, had taken place between the Greeks aaiiS Tuj'ks, and thfit the former had heen ^ 0 ' cessfub t This intefligence B <mhfirmed by the 3 ai'riVar|of the brig Oberuh, Capt. Gerryfat The comonittee of the vyhole adopteci' the Jury are dismissed, to deouie all non the resolution reported sorne tlme;since enumerated ^ mptiptvs, arising in suits bythejddiciaiy cbmtnittee,recommefta- ,'tl‘e h w e ^ f o ^ 14ifi of Ndi brouglit in the siipreitie court, and tria-! irig th a t the comtitutiph'be so apietided former account ble in such co ou un mies k ^ respectively: And n d 'a s tohavejiislEces of the peace elected «d(i the||atter menceuyered with consicl6rSblie slull rpTayoid the but finally, after four of ^ ^ , the Gr?ipk ,five ships'had been bu^^ said supreme court by th e justices there- S. senatQ.V qa the id th inst, Read oitce; frodiiging the .Greeks captured in such c t respectively : A ' as ta have jiisttces o f th e peace elected also into die expedieiiGy o f d ividingthis i by the people. • \ • state into three districts, fpr the hearing i The house sqnt for concurrence a fes- and deciding at the stated terms o f t h e , olutioiv to pre’ceed to the phpice of a Ui of, the onuses only \vliich arise iri the dis­ trict wherein the said c o u rt shall sit. Mr. Golden, fronr* tlie judiciary comr iniitee, reitorted verhatly, thrtt i t was the opinion of the conupittce, thatihere was and laid on t h e table pursutant to tuld, HO USE OF ASSEM B L Y ^ ’ Wisdnesda^yMarchGii . Mr. Hulb^i’t,,ffdn;i the canal cdtnirlit- tee, to wHbra was referred ihem e inbrial direct ‘“ i?j..E.:llQhil.son reported a bill to': from adjourning tetteo ty o fN e v .-Y o 4 ^ ^ b m e n d i w bCt ilicorporating the « , l e a , to hold .« extra ,e.s,oa oext suinraer. bu.irance company, which w a steferredl T h e b iU tolacorporatethe A u b u m tn- to the select C o inm & e , of five,to r e p o r t ;™ ^ ^ read a third time -it coiripfe,ic. T h e hill from the sen ate to build a state prisnn, in the first or second senate dis- tric to f this state, was read ilte third time and passed H O U S E OF ASSEM B L Y . . , , MJoftdctyi March 7- T h e senate infofiiied tliat they had On motion of Mt% Adams, the judicia- ; corporate the Traders’ nnd Howard in- Ty committee were instructed to inquire surance companies, M. Y. and the Mon- whetlier a n y alteration m the laws regu- accounts, wKipli wfce ordered printed, Tlie i'epoBt recotiimends that M r. Holley be leftin possession o f his dwelling bquse arid lot and personal property, bn;ca.nd.i, tion that he deliver pp' all his other real estate, a n d tliat h e aiwi his bail Be dis­ charged fronnall further accountahility,: Mir- Finn introduced a bill on notice. passed, with amend lueaits, the bills'to in-J to amend tk-c ^ 5 0 act, passed A p ril fia, ... .K_ —.1 1 1 .... 1824 ^ whiclt-^as referred to the judicia-; ry committee. T h is bill antljorises jpsv roe insuranee company,Rochester. Laidjiices of the p eace to issue subpeenas re- on the t.'ible. ^ ^ quiriiig the attendance of witnesses, be- The bill to alter the tim e of holding jfpre a consisrtory o r any other church a»v laiitig lees for serving ctiramal process and subpojoas, is necessary. T h e committee, o f the whole, (-Mr. Nym itt the chair), passed the bill to in- _ j j corporate the Gntario stearo/boat com- state, was read the tUird time and passed, matiy; andibe bUlfor tlie relief o f Tim-'! The-iiousa weutinto the consideration qfhy Shawj'lateim dersheriff.of Niagara, 'o f the resolution oifere-dby M r. Wilkin, /releasing hi.m from tlie paym ent o f a , op Friday, relative to the choice o f U. S. siirttofmoney\V,hiph he saysAvas lost in .Senator. _ them tvik) , * f A long discussion ensued,tn winch the 'Timimuse in commitiee of the whole i resolution was opposed b y M r. Adams, passed the bilj,-f 6 r the relief o f Jpsialij and supported by M essrs. Lu$h, W ilkin Ilissellj (authorising the supervisors ofi and. Cunningham Monroe to raiseby ta.K ^ 2 0 0 , to ]>ay Bis- sell for excavating the site o f the court­ house.) T h e senate informed that they had j)us.sed .with amendm ents,the bill for the paym e n t of certain notes given b y My­ ron H olley, as treasurer o f the canal com- jfnissioners. -The house concurred in the ainendments. T h e bill to incorporate the Hudson jfr.e Jnsurance company in New-York, was read the third tim e and lost, ayes 5R,noesS6. T h e bill to incorporate the L a F a y e tte Tnarinemsanme company in.New-York, the anniiai m eetings oF the board of su-t thority, when charges a re made against pevvisofs in several q f tb e counties o f thfe ^ member o f « church,for which lie is to be tried, by such authority. On-motion of Mr. Whiting,* the bill authorising iliq construction o f lhe Gay* uga and Seaeca canal, was m ade the o r­ der o f the day for W ednesday nesiL The house theiivvefit in committee of the whole, (Air. St. John in the chair) on the bill inti'ddaced by . Mr. H u |b e rt, pf the canal cotnpiittee, for the establish- Rlr. AYeed then ofl'ered the following as a substitute: Whereas-^tUe house of Assembly did, on the 2 Ytli o f January^ lost, pass a con­ current resolatidn, t h a t they would m eet the Hon. the Senate in the assembly' chamber, oh the first T u e s d a y o f F e b ru­ ary, then next, to contpare their respec­ tive nominations o r n senator, to fill the ihents, and rose and reported. T h e house was also in.committee of the whole, o iithe bill to improve the nav­ igation of the Oswego river. M r. H a y ­ den explainod the objects of th e bill, at considerable length,, when the connhut- tee rose and reported. Frtiil Orriarnental Trees,,^c* w i b h I a m p r i n c e l » Proprietor o f the Linhaenn Garden & Nur^ ^riesj near MewiYorkjoF fers to the publick bis very extenslye collection of F R U I T t r e e s , which have been Se­ lected with great care during half a centu­ ry, and ,of yyhich fiOjOpC* are fit for trans­ porting. Alsor a y e ry large assortment o f o r n a m e n t a l t r e e s , Shrubs and Plants, including Evergreen Trees of various kinds, andApO kind? of . Roses. Also,: above a thpusan(kspoc|es of Green House Plants, Catalogues of the above tnuy be obtained of Messrs. S, M. & J . S. SM ITH, Rochester, and orders iithrQUgh them or per mail will rneOt prqm p i at­ tention,and b e packed so as to bear trans­ portation With pcffeet safety. March 15, IS 25 , • 2w50 j e e W - y M k G t c t a t - a r e Class No, 4, for December, 1824* To be drawn 6 th April nbxt,and finished in a few minutes. 60 Numbers- A p r dfi/tliOir enemy’s traiispocts, with ail the Xi'ffops dtt'hbardv and chased the fleet into Spi- 3ia lo n |a ., thereby, preventing the probability -efdidrtprqeeOding fowards the MwOa during rtlie idnfori After the capture of the Tu rkish li'anspoks a violent storm came on, from which liie GYeefis took shelter underMilp. A letter troduced aS ill providing for settlihg'Kas ifioni ^hyrna, o f Dec. 6, in allndlpg to (he na­ val adficih, says, the Greeks had sixty vessels, Ihe T u r|a .seventy men of war and .one hundred a?dfif||transports,allwel} arrhedand manned. _^Qre -route3.'|iem; completely.'—Uom, dtdv. O f i f e 1st inst. the G,overhonr communica- • ted th#following inqssage to tbcsenate: “ Glemetdeh-^l have perfornle'd. with great pleasilldj .so. far as can he d,one at present, the duties^trusted to me. by;the act in. honour of _fiencrAllia Fayette. On the Iflth of Febru­ ary, ^’addressed a letter to him, and I trans- :init)udfeply. . DE W ITT CLINTON. Albatiy, March 1,1825. ■ G EN. l a FA'YETTE’S r e p l y . Washington, Feb, SiRj-i-^he honoiirahle and most gratifying resolutions which the legislature of New-Yorlr, ha-ve deigned to pass in iny behalf, and whicli I your excellency has been pleased to convey in the kindest, terms, have penetrated my heart with feeliifgs o f respect and lively gratifnde. Happy ;woUld I be to set out immediately for the heal o f governpient, and ofler to both hou- I Scs, in person, a tribute of my devoted senti ™ „ . o f a i i . a , d o f 'i n t e o a l ;journey to the Southern and'VYestern States, a'bich must terminate in Boston on the cele­ bration relative to Bunker H ill mctiumcnt, a subject interesting to the whole Union, and to which 1 afn positively engaged. I have anti­ cipated the pleasure to go from Pittsburgh to the western, parts of the State of New-Yprk, aUd enjoy the navigation ofthe canal, imd pro- 102 , noes 0 . -I; vacancy tbat would oc<ur on tl.ic expira-i approved o f (I*e bills to incorporrtc t i e i tiorj of the term Of olh<e of Unfits K ing,. Mootoe insurance company, Rochester, Esq. in obedience t o th e statute of-this: and the Traders’ and Howard insurance state, passed the 2 Dtli of M arch, 1801. cotnpanies, New-York. Adjourned. And whereas the hen. the senate were ... . !■■■■ M inni.. unable to make a-fiom inatlon, b y reason y h e inform e l .h e t h e h.d fulfil. My progress must be rapid, and Hiall was read tfie third time and passed, ayes whereof the two houses could not tneet in jo in t ballot agroeabEe to th? provisions T h e bill to incorporate the Atlas Twa-'of the said law of March 20 , 1801: And m e insurance company,New-York, was 'whereas it is not campetent for the two read the third time andpassed, ayes 103 , h o u s e s to proceed to the choice of sena- iioes G. Bie said set. A n d whereas On motion of M r, Monel], all the bills now before the house, to incorporate R0CHESTE31, lUESDAV, MAHCH 15,1825- Uhlted Stages Senalor ,— Several inclicctiial attempts have been made in the Legislature to the. c7mtitu‘'.T o n T the O. S ‘'’.= “ “ 5 ......................... ises theappointimiit.DfsenatoisinsuchP','''-'^™ ''counoils, .» & IVferfMrimurance c^^^ were^refer-l™5i” h®L sucli times and places as*tlieIIou.Eufus King,.whose terra of redtoU ieseleqtcom m k teeofw liichM r.jthe legislatures of th« respective states service expired on the 3d mst. TheHonseof Hulbert is chairman, to frame tlieni ac- ®liall direct. TherefoTe, cording to the La F a y e tte insurance bill. Adjourned. . IN SE N A T E , SaturdayiMarch 5. M r. W right from the select commlt- _R e solved, ( if the lion, the senate con­ cur herein) T h a t be and he is hereby appointed a senator in the con­ gress of the U; States, from a n d after the 4th day of March inst- T h e Speaker decided, that as the sub- tee, to whom had been referred tiie bills . ^ opeaKei ueemeu, u.c ^ u - ard, f N. Y .) Auburn, (Cayuga co.) Mon roe,. ^Rochester) E a s t River, (N. Y.) and 'Pradesman’s (N. M-) insurance compa- ■iiies, reported tjie satne complete. [T h e three first of which were subsequently read a third tim e and passed.] A|r. Wooster gave notice that on some M onroe (Mr. W eed) embraced a con current resolution, it would, by .the l 6 tli rule of the house, h a v e to lie one day,on the table. FromthisiEecision, M r. Weed appealed. I t being a question entirely new, a con­ siderable range was allowed in the de- iur. bates as to the correetness o f the dccis- Caual from the St. Lawrence river to the Erie canal. \The committee o f the whole were dis­ charged from the further consideration of the bill for making a canal from BIgek Rock to Buffalo, and the same was re­ ferred to a select committee consisting o f tile seilators iirom the 8 th district. The Assemhly returned the bill pro­ viding for the erection of a ne>y state prison, w itir amendinents, which were concurred in, and-the bill only wants the signature o f the Governoiir to become a law. . The house also informed, that they had concurred in tfie amendments o f the senate to tlie bill for the paym ent o f cer­ tain notes ^ v e n by Myron Holley as treasurer of the canal commissioners j and sent for concurrence bills to incorpo­ rate the Atlas and L a Fayette insurance c.'.iiipanics. HOUSE O F ASSEIMBLY, Saturday, March Mr. ilrtlbert from the canal conrimit- fee, reported a bill to .improve the navi­ gation of (he Oswego river, and a bill to make a canal from the Erie canal at Montezuma to the Cayuga and Seneca lakes. ' Mr. Lusli reported a hill authorising the appointment o f jiisiices of the peace in the fifth ward of Albany. ^ The Governoiir transm itted. certain resolutions of the legislature of Indiana, in relation to the gradual eraaneqiation o f slaves, which was laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. The committee of tlie whole, (Mr. VVilkiit ill the chair) passed, with sundry amendments, the bill to alter the time of an hour and a half, wi th great animation andnot without interest, when on taking the question, there w-ere 82 votes in fa­ vour o f the decision oT the chair, and 17 against. T h e question them recurred on Mr. AYilkin’s resolution, which was debated till the hour of adjoiirntrient. 'Iuesdmj„ March 8. Blr. Finn-gave notice he should, at Assembly appear determined to adhere to the nomination o f Judge Spencer, while tlie Sen­ ate as steadily oppose his election. Trem present .appearances, it is to be feared tliat no election will be made during the present ses­ sion. Tlie bill to incorporate the Monroe Firo In­ surance Coiaphny, to be located in this village, has passed both bouses of tlie Legislature, and become a law. To the Editor oj' the Telegraph. Sm.— A p-aragraph, called “ A Hint,” and signed “ A CilLzen,” in the last Republican, though it does not deserve a reply, should not -pass-altogctlrcr unnoticed. When any man ranges himself, pn the side of sordid interest and popular licentiousness, against the la.vTs of God and restraints o f mo-, rality, and pets on the airs of sagacity and mo­ deration whieh this writer assumes^ he is too apt to pass for a wise man and a sound reason- er, thoifgh thterp be neither truth nor reasoA in his argumciit- Since the writer is himseir aware that his motives are./iai/e to be consid­ ered hostile to religion, he cannot wonder that, they sliould b e so considered by others; but It ought to be observed, that he is neither a can- some future day, a.sk leave to bring in a did nor a modest enemy. 'What right has he? bill to amend the fifty dollar act,i passed April. 1 2 ,1824. T lie Governour inrorixed that he had uppmv^d of the bill for payment of certain notes g iven b y Myroii Holley, as treasurer of tlie canal coimiaissloners. T h e Governour transinitted resblu- tioiis o f the legislattire o f Mississippi, dis­ approving o f the resolutions o f Ohio, rel­ ative to the eitiancijpafeion Of slaves.-r- Laid on the table aiitf oi'dered to be p rin­ ted. On motion of Mr. Tansitlg tile judici­ ary committee were <lirect 6 (l to inquire into the expediency of prohibiting by law, tlie judges of th e courts o f common pleas in this state, fro-m p tactising as at­ torneys and counsellors hi the several courts of common pl«eas, o f which they are respectively ineimbers. T h e house then took up the consideri ation of the unfinishod hiisiiiess of’*yes- terday, the resoliitiota o f M it, W ilkin, re­ specting the choicoofU\. States senator. T h e substitute ofleied yesterday, by Mr. W eed, (having laiit one day on the ta­ ble) was also u n d er consideration. After considerahlfe debate, the ques­ tion was taken on acceptitig Mr. W eed’s substitute, and decided in the negative, 85 to 19,■ established, to take so high a stand on tliisi question, before he has offered a siagle reason,, and to deal put his vague insinuations'of “niis- respectfullyTerition a Christian govemincnfc not to violate the Sabbath ? If the friends off religion an'd morffity had no reason togire for this petition, dir been, like this gehtleman, on-' ly opposing their own ‘‘convictions” to the in­ terests of society; then, indeed, there might be some pretext for this toiie of snperioiir dis­ cernment. But the reasons of these petitions- accompany them ; and they are such as em­ brace quite as liberal and extended a viciv off the, whole inlorests of the community, and off the plausible objections to the measures pray­ ed for, as he seems to have taken. This w a y of avoiding the merits of the question, and em­ blazoning weak: and anticipated or refuted ob­ jections, has always been the favourite metihodl of tlie enemies o f religion. As to the objections which he does ofler, surely the pelice of this village m\ist be sensible of the compliment he pays them', when be pic­ tures to us “r drinking-shops, and houses Of ill flime,” publi-ckiysupported incur village, and bands of th^ir customers “ running lawless” about our^treets. And our churches must be thankful toJhira for reporting them abroad so inhospitable to strangers; and the boatmen oa the canal must feel flattered to be told that most o f thera are “ regardless of religion,” and (hat arrangeinenfs for extending to thein J l e blessings of rest on the Christian Sabbath^, ’(which is cliartcjjjecl by heaven to the very cat- B v a f t a cHL T \ RAFTH at sieht p n .the Jiechamcid^ J - / Bank of NqwilYork,. may be h ad at a small pretniumVett application to . hart & SAXTON. RochesferyMarch 1 4 ,1825. ' . 5G . PpR S ALE B.V' B,, p£ck, 2 0 Q . B E AMS Fine; .Medium PRIN- ,^*=*Bresent;pricc: of Tickris, #64 will fis<r iji a felvf day^ to $7. t i C K y y s & s i s A k B S F o t Sale by EBEN- ELY , at his Lottery & Exchange Oficev-CarroiLst. and at the Post^CbBce, Ro,che«ori ■ March S71.S25.;-. . March 15 , 1:825, $w50 POCKET BOOKS, A G R E A T variety o f Gentlemen Unci Ladies’ elegant Morocco POCKET* BOOKS, for sale at E. PECKCS Book- March 15, 1825, W O O D ’S Celebrated lirvprmed Cast Iron PLOUGHS, Better and cheaper than ever before offer­ ed for sale, manufactured and sold, wholes sale and retail, by SM ITH & A L L C O T T . Rochester,M rith 15v 1825. 6w5Q be So. Nothing save the impossibility, for want'of time, to take that route can ..prevent me fifom executing this plan. In the mean­ while, i beg your excellency to ofler to both houses, my acknowledgments for (he favours conferred upon me, the sense of which shall animate my' Heart to my last breath. It is pe­ culiarly gratifying to me to receive them from the representatives o f the state where first on my landing in August last from Europe, I have been welcomed with a kindness truly auspi­ cious for the series of my happy' visits through­ out the Union. Be pleased yourself to accept the expression of the grateful and affectionate regard with which I have.the honour to be Your Excellency’s Obedient Servant, LA FAYETTE. The cfllgy o f Henry Clay was burnt at Pitts­ burgh on the night o f the 14th ult.-^A writer in the Pittsburgli Gazette says, that “the prep­ arations for this infamous affair were made in haste and in secretand “that no man having the most remote pretensions to respectability or decency, is in the smallest degree suspected 01 participation in it.” It was lately stated in the Cay'Uga Patriot, that a white horse had been found in the woods near Cay uga, evidently killed, and probably by some one who had robbed and murdered the owner. The last Patriot has another ar­ ticle relative to the same horrid affair, and dis­ covers the victim to have been a resident of this town. lY e a r e informed that the whole' story hasmo other foundation, than that some young men living near Cayuga bridge, finding themselves cheated in a late swop for the old white horse, took him out of sight and dispatch­ ed him—probably mixing a Itttle mischief with the deed, to excite wonder among the credu­ lous. There is a story circulatiUg in several pa­ pers, of another murder in or near Ogdens- btifgh, “ attended with veiy aggravated and extraordinary circumstances.” It is hardly orcdihle in itself, aiid the Ogdensburgh paper of Feb. 22, is silenton the subject.— On. Rep. Warning ,— Children are in the habit of cFewihg India Rubber. It perhaps is not generally known that quicksilver is brought in thisarticie,/imd it may he considered rank poison. . ---------- Amther P atriot o f the Revolution nundtered milk ihe dead ,—iThe veteran patriot of the Revolutiou, JOHN BROOKS, past Govern­ our o f this Commonwealth, departed this life on Tuesday morning, in the 73d year of his age, at his residence in Medford, after an ill­ ness of a few day's.— Bost, Pat. BIER —la this village, on Saturday last, Wdenline Livingston, sph of Palmer Cleve­ land, Esq. aged,2 years. At Brighton, on the 7th inst. Capt. John Jtlorse, aged 90 years. His life had been ador­ ned by the virtues of honest integrity, industry, temperance, kindness, and liberality; and these will Jong endear his memory to surviving relations and acquaintances. On these, how­ ever, he placed no reliance for justification be­ fore God. Tlie atonement of the Saviour in whom he had professed to believe, was hig only ground o f depchdancC, and on this he appear^ ed With a humble and cheerful confidence to rriv, in the view o f his approaching dissolu­ tion,-— Com. \ At New-Haven, Gt. on the 22d inst. David C. R e Forest, Esq. aged 61, late Ceiisul Gon- eTal,from the R e p u h fick Of Buenos Ayres to this Govenumont. P R I V A T f f S C H O O L , . O E V . C. W ILEIA M S informs his F V friends, and the publick, that his School in tho-village of Rochester closes on the 8 th inst.^ and that he will open a SCHOOL for young Gentlemen and La­ dies, on the first Monday o f April next, a t his own house, (on the east side of Gene­ see river, about 200 rods south of the Aqueduct,) where he will teach all the branohes. of learning .usually taught in oui' Academies and Colleges. Gonffitionif. -Common English studies, $4. T h e higher branches of English ed ucation, $ 5 . , Board may be had in his family for a few students, and in the neighbourhood, at ^^1,50 per \yeek, Rochester, March 8 j. 1825. 49 [Cy’T h e Room occupied by Mr. W ill­ iams is to be rented. Inquire of Fraser & Shelden. -9 B a l]ots|o he drstwn. 3 1 . ' i t 20 ■ 41 .',51 5i'. 1,734 .11,475 ^ h e m e . 2 Prizes of 5 f m 1,000 500 f 200 100 ' 60 ' - 12 , 6 For Sa\e, or To AiwgaL. \ N excellent LO T , with a i i . .good HOUSE and BARN, nut houses, and other conven- iences, situated in Hart-street, in this village, in a very pleasant and heal­ thy spot. The above property will be sold cheap, and a credit given for most of thcTurchase money. .If not sold soon, it will be rented on the first day of April next. For further particulals, inquire of] the subscriber, E L I R IPLE Y . Rochester, March 8 , 1825. 3W49 W A J S T E I > T O JR E J V T ^ ■iClOR six months or a year, JE asmalHshDwelllngHouse, sufficiently large to accommo­ date a family of 8 or 10 per­ sons y connected wLthlt a Garden, well, and necessary out houses, situated as near Buff.ilo-streetas convenient; near the-Ca- nal bridge would be desirable.-.. Also, a small Room, for a Fan cy-Dry Goods S‘ore, situated in the busi­ ness part of West Rochester. Apply at this office, or to J. E. & T . CONGPO.N,. Rochester, March 8 , 1825. 49 F O R S A L E , A VALUABLE TAVERN r i . STAND and STO R E , in the village o f Holley, (on the Erie Canal) in the county of Genesee, 5. miles w,est o f Brockport, and 17 miles N. N. W. Trona the village of Ba­ tavia; Said Tavern-stand (known by the name Of Holley Tavern) has a handsome two-story brick bouse, with a two-story frame building projecting in the rear, both recently painted, and all necessary out­ houses ; and is situated centrally and eli­ gibly. for business, at the S. VV. corner o f the ,publick square, nearly opposite the Canal Bridge, Hamlin’s Basin and Store- Houses, and fronting on Thoinas-st. into which lead the Batavia road, and other roads from the south and southwest—the principal sources of business. The Store,' immediately north of the Tavern-stand, is large and convenient, two stories high, w'-lh underground rooms admirably calculated for a grocery, and its situation for business is not exceeded by any in said village. “F o r terms, apply to the subscriber, who will give a title in fee to the satisfaction of any purchaser. TfiOiVlAS FLUES. . Holley, March l» _ ___ 48 For Sa\e, ovTo Let, /in H E Tavern stand,with its -I- convenient and necessary appendages, in the village of Sandy Creek. For further particulars, inquire of the proprietor, re­ siding on the premises. ^ . 1. W OODW ORTH. Murray, March 4 , 1825. 6w49 Just -received by i5. PE C K , I i l O K E L L W C O l u J ^ , of, The Leaguer of Boston, in 2 vols. by the author of the “ Spy,” “ Pilot,” &c. Also—Laws of the State of N. York, passed at the extra session o f the Legislature, held a t Albany in November, 1824. March 1- J U S T received By E . PEC K , a supply j a . 4 S 0 N i c K B i P L O J u a s and J l l ^ s o m c j c A P R O N S . AlsOj a few copies of the Masonick Chart, Tetoplar’s Chart, &c. Feb. H5,®1824. ; SHERIIT'S SALE. ■r>V virtue of one Execution issued out o f (Iio. 1 1 Court of Common Plc.as, in and for the coiuity of Genesee, to toe diretlrd and deliver­ ed, against the goods and chnitels, lands and tvnemeols, of Wiliinm Farwell and Jolin Far- well'2d, in my bailiwick, I have seized and ta­ ken the following described piece O p parcel of land, bdlongiiig to the sard .lohn Farwell 2d, ly­ ing and being in ibe.town of Clarkson, (0 w it; •Part of lot numbers, section 2, township 4, on llie Triangular Tract, beginning at tbeN. E. cor- - ner of James Seymour’s land, running thence ea.st, 2chains and'23 links; thence south 16 deg. west, 21 cliBins 68 links; theVice west, ,8 chains 78 links; tlienne north 19 deg. cast, 23 chains 15 links, to the place of beginning, con- tainingd 32-100acres,be the same more or less -—Which I shall expose to Sale at pubtick ven- ' dneonSalurday the 27th day of April next, at 9 o’clock A M,on Ihe premises.—Dated March 15, ISv,”). W. L. CHURCHILL, Sh'tf. W. L ewis , Dep’y. 6w50 ^ 0,000 15,OOG 8,082 17,000 • ‘ 10,000 • 8 , 2 (H> . 6,100 3,060 ■ 20,808 . 68,850 D J U I G S T O t t S . (Bafiato-slrcet,. near the Bridge ) J i . K L , W O O J > r T A S just opened a general ■O . and extensive assortnaent' of the first quality, which he offers fVholesale a n d Retail,. on tl)e most accommodating terms.. Eanaily Medieiiies carefully put up; ■ ■ ■ • i ' R o d iester, March I , I825v 4 9 1 0 C A R D S Elegant Pen Knives, For sale at E. P E C K ’S Bookstore,of Ro­ gers’, Rothrain’s and Marsh’s manufac­ ture, of a superiour quality. Also, a few first rate T H ^ B - i s o n z E s i i i a s . Feb. 21, 1825, o f ^ o c . \ \ o s t e r . O T IC E is hereby given to the stock- -L” hdldera of jbjJB a h k of Rochestery that a call o f ten dollars on each share o f stobk held by them respectively, is requi-' red to be paid in at the Bank, on or before the first day of June next, oh pain, of for­ feiture of their respective shares and the previous payments made thereon'. Gerti- Jicates o f payments made to the credit o f the Bank of Rochester, in either of the Banks o f T roy or Albany, or in the C ity Bank of New-York. will be received in- pay mept of said call.—Dated Rochester, Feb. 28 , 1 825- By order of the President and directors. ' A. M. SCHERMERHORN, Cash’r. AI omoc Powder AtUls. R O W D E R of a superiouffquality, mahufactured and for sale by H U B B A R D & P A R S O N S ^ ROCH E S T E R . , N O T I C E r p H E subscriber Informs all those in- JL. debfed to him for Carding Wool and' Dressing 'Cloth, that immediate payment must be made, or .else he must, for certain, reqsonfe, make cost for them. I hope this will be a sufficient dilrit. ‘ WM. RA T H B U N . Rochester, 2 d mo. I 5 th» 1825. 46 Potash Kettles. r i l l l E subscriber has just received a -I- quantity of double bottomed Potash K E T T L E S , which he warrants to em dure sixty days actual use. THOS. K E M P S H A L L . . Rochester, Feb. 2 1 ,1825. 6\v47 L O . S T , . A RED Morocco Pocket-book, contain- dr%. in^ a smpll sura o f money, with sun­ dry receipts and other papers.-^A ny per­ son finding the same will much oblige the owner by leaving at Wm. H Ward’s store. JO H N M’MANNERS. Rochester, March 7 ,1825. 53w49 PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED • '* :

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