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THE ROCHESTER TElSeRaiEiE 'WEviiE!«»i:iPii^EEET,«ir' ‘ AT Mis pfj.ij^TrNQ-.WRlCI?, BOOK-STOEJE A&B :') -I I » To#»0aridrilll%eSRbscrib?ra,j|2p ■ #ain, payable fb ady0ee.-^^^ qOfSpariies of ! tfen or.itnore, take tbwpapet^ at the office, l i sp per ' jtovKptl?EME|iTs; insertet^ gl. a square )l0r tUe.4cst three irecfea, ap^ ssets. for each »ubsenwentinsertiOH{ , • tJ*A discount will: he liiade to those i?ho ad­ vertise by the year. . ffs - w i V o r t i i E i t e v a t w r c : ; , Class ;i^0. 4^ To be drawn 6ih ^jiMl neJct^and finiabed >1 p u few inipute% 60 Nuttibers-Vo Ballots to be drawn. ... WESTERN r n a m p f ^ m p m m LG0AT Ep iN-ffiAJf-A^'pAlG.UA, 'hicorporaied: in t^ H f With h capital ^ i 2$ 0 4 o b ! . ■ s c h e m e , 2PMaes!®fliOiQQO as — ■$. - , . SijGOO . I .3,082 17 1,000 20 500 41 . . 200 ' .51 • lOO 51 . ■-■' . 60 l,fU '12 ' 11^75 .6 ' - * #2%POO 17,p0O 10,000 8j200 5,100 3,060 20,808 68,850 by fire,on terms as favourable -asany simi-: lar institution ip the State. NAT, \ y . HOW ELL. PresH. J eb ,’ h . V an KENssEL,AER,,8ec’y. HJ’^pplications for jnsnranee of builds ings or property in Rochester, and its vi­ cinity, Will be attended to by LEVI WARD, Jr. ' EBEN. ELY, Agenit at Rochester. Rochester,, Dec. 27,1824. 39 V Present price of Tickets, $&• ; TICKET’S S. SHARES •:|For'saie by EBEN. ELY, at his Lottery > 8 b Exchange Office, Carroll-st. and at’the • FoR-Office, Rochester. Ja n u a r y 1 8 ,1 8 2 5 . 42 ivwwVt!,. ¥ ' 1 T E A 0 . : . f]p llE subscriber, finding J | lusstock insufficient to meet the demand, has order­ ed a further supply, which is charged considerably be­ low- any previous inlroice of iI82^«nd which he is hourly expecting to R e is hnw enabledrtp ojTet his Rienda the following articles: v4 A43hests ttysonSHw 10 ^ chests do. do- 3 whole .and 20- i boxes Old Hyson do. ! 8 whole and 25 i boxes Young Hyson , 200lbs.Fiotaati3V’DlGO ' i 6 bags FJJKEJVW 6 do. P E P P E R 100 lbs. CASSM 100 do. fresh J^PTMEGS 50 bbls.SAJyifOJV ' 10 ^ '2 0 do, [ 10 pipes Cognaro »®i3,!VZ>3r 10 do. Old HoUaud and Pierpont^s G/JV* 8 hhds. St. Croix MPM 3 puncheons Old Jamaica iSPZRIlJS 12 hhds.New-Orleahs MOLAS$ES,&c. SAMUEL SAWYER. Rochester, Jan, 10,1825. 41 Sv*. A U W V w V U b t A f , D R E U G I S T , .... • WHOI.K»Al.K DKM.Kh IW , aiitV D y c - s S t u f f s , P a i n t s S f O i l s y ii Wines, liiquors, and GliOC^EBIES. •Country dealers, Physicians, Clqthiers, Painters, Sfc. can be supplied with any of the above articles at a small atkyancc from the New-York wholeiale price$. March 12, 1832. tf93 FULTON . E I R E IN S 0 R A N O E ® o t n n a n 9 . City of New-Yoik,—Capital, S 9 O O ,O O 0 r Propose Insuring ffous^, Bwldiftgs, Goods, and MeiKhandue from Loss or ___ Damage hy Fire. T i l H E alFairsof this company will becon- JL ducted with, such fairness, candor and liberality as, they trust, will entitle it to pbhlic patronage. A nthonv L. UNpBRHiiiL, PresH, O liver H. H icks , Sec>rp. The subscriber having been appointed sole Agent in this country for the Fulton Fire Insurance Company, all applications fur Insuralice may he made at the stores of Evernghlms & Co. Rochester, or A. U. ■Mott Se Co; Canandaigua, where they will, YeceivertbeKinOstprompt-wHention. . OILBERT EVERN6H1M, Jr. Rochester, Sept. 6. Agent. I liO o k m g - ^ V a s s e s , & tc. TSAAC FONDEY, of the late Firm of JL Winne Sf Fbudey, continues to manufac­ ture Gilt arid Alahogany framed s . o o S f t i f f = e ; i a f ) > 'i i c » . joU eyefy description, .which he ia enabled to sell at Wholesale and Retail, at the low- ekNew-York Prices. . - Merchants residing in the country, are tespectfully invited to call and examine his assortment, which wiU be found as general, and the price as low as ia any establish, juent in. the State of New-York. Looking-Glass Plates, •hy the Box or Single one. ’ G O Z ^ X E A F . at the Manufacturer’s price. H e has likewise a general assortment of \Etatikeu & GiVass-Ware, which, he will sell a t the fair New-York ^ric€S^» Albany, Jan 7ji 1825. 3m42 CHATHAM ¥ire Iwsuranee iuoxiapaiay, JVEW-lfOm. Uf CORPORA TED’WI t M A CAPITAL OF S 4 0 0 . 0 0 0 , XNSURES Buildings, ofi,every descrjp- A Ron, in any part o rthe UnitedStates, against loss or damage by Fire. Also, Merchandize, Household Furniture, 'and every description of personal property, on terms aS favorable in every respect to the Insured, as any similar Institution in this State. JASPER WARD, Pres’t. W . D. MALTBIE, Sec’ry. r i STORE. ■ . IT IH E siihkriber has just received from A New-York ah extensive and elegant assortment of Goods, which he 'is.enabled to olTer the public, a t wholesale Or retail, .at pfices which shall be satisfactoiy to ev­ ery purcliashr. Tbe following are a part: 6 Pipe# BRANDE (pure) .<! •' H. CiI5, 4 H h d s . R U M , If. “ E. J. MOUASSES, :i0 «r;&bbls SUGAR, “0 Biles COFFEE, - 2 5 C h e s ts T E A , s o K e g s T O B A C C O . 10 GINGER, &e, &c. ’ Havihc made arrangements, through an agent in New-York-, he will receive Groeeries direct horn the importers. Intending at all times .to keep his assortment good, and of the choicest kinda, he therefore particu­ larly invites merchants and tavern-keepers to call arid examine, assuring theni that his contiguity to the canal, and the arrange- • ments. he has made as above mentioned, Will enable him td sell (as h? is determined to do) at a very. small advance from cost, adding transportation. KFGash paid as usual for Pot and Pearl Ashes, Pork, &c. &re, ' JOHN W. STRONG. . Rochester, ScpI. '- 26 Agent in this village and vicinity, for the above Company, will receive proposals for insurance, which may be left at the' store of JOHN W. STRONG, (who has retired from the Agency at his own request,) or at the residence of the subscriber.\ ' • G ILES BOULTON, Agent. Nov. ,15,1824. , 33 F lflE INSURANCE.' 7C1TNA INSURANCE COMPANY JLA-Jt have a (hipital of ^200,000, with liberty to increase the same to $500,060. They have alRO a surplus fund appropri­ ated exclusively to the pay ment of losses. The whole of their funds are. sacredly pledged to meet their liabilfties, and are so keiit. that they may^ at any time, on short notice, be converted into cash. The pro­ posals of. the company, and terms of in­ surance, are believed to be as favorable as the nature of the business will permit. In case of losses by fire, they intend to show fhe greatest pronlptness and liberality. As the business of the company is detach­ ed,. bqing confined principally to risks hi the country, their cap.ital is not exposed to a great loss, by a sweeping fire. THOMAS K. BRACE, Pres% ■- ISAAC PERKINS, Scc’ry, . Hartford, (Ct.) July 1, 1824... 14 Afi applications for insurance of build­ ings or property, in Monroe county and its vicinity, .will be promptly attended to, by , their Agent at Rochester, SfEW SXXK GOOSSr , February 7, 1825. DUNNING & CO. have received \ y » from their partners in New-York, during the past week, an addition to their assortment of . j j f © iiD iO irsli, CONSISTING OF ' Eig’d Velveteens, Qros de Naples, Satins, Levantines and Florences, Black India Satinsy plain black Nankin Crapes, French Crapes, Fig’d Swiss and British Muslins, Plumes, . Plushes,” Daisy Buttons, Long white'kid Gloves, Thread Laces and Edgings, djc. d2C. &Ck &c. 45, ^ ft .. SOlViGIS. m m M O X M B . Ditilgs & Medicines, Patent Me-- dicines, Glass Ware, S wr- C0.pll6^'IoSitF0I^ &C5- ‘ ALSO, a constant supply of -V^r^-pur^ andchoice \ , L i q u o r s W i n e s , varjety.of ,,■- , , .■ . D r j G o o ' d s , O r o c e r i e t s * a n d G r o c k e r j , ■■ m •'w Ml, than |s usually found in b.eoont)ry S ^ a y w c d , which they niost respectfully invite the at- selected particularly for the use of the sicki. Mention pt those who wish to make the- M-* -m ;V\ ‘ - twiirkGF- iPivAri/inritOal «ieA.'/\V- fVixiiii mntrotr- -> , N.' T e a s , la H d m l e e s , i ■ ■ of-all kinds. - P a in t s ) g r o u n d a r i d d r y , .O ils , D ye S t u f f s ,. &C.-J&C. ' 'Nov.'L''V eowsi most economical use of their money ; among which, are every,description of Messr*. Lorillard’a Siiuff &, To\jacco, at the iowUst factory prices in New-York, in quantities to suit purchasers. Also, 35GID Galls. WbiskeY, from 6 weeks to 6 years old. 450 bbl5. new SALT. , , _ , _ 20 « coarse do. (an excel-, call on their neighbours for assistance, lent article.) ,.r . la Window-Glass and NaUs, at factory prices. _ , H:oUoiy Ware,HaTdwaje,StGnei i F o t S a l e , • A O I Acres of LAND ^eP '.X . in the town of Greece, Monroe co. N..Y. oh lot po. 6, near Budd’s , tarvern on the Ridge Road, but a short distance from the canal, and but; a few miles from Rochester. H is well timbeied and watered. . - Merebanize, foreign or domothc, would- be received in payment; or a liberal credit would be given for a part o f the amount. Artiudispatable Rfie wilibe given. Inquire of S. M. m a l t b y , , Waterloo, Seneca co. N. Y . October 4. 6meow27 JHAVNARD & NOTES’ S n t ^ o t u a r r . a ’F anyj&re still unacqualifted- with' the great superiority and unexampled rep­ utation of this article, they are invited to read the following highly respectable testi­ mony to the fact, and make trial for them­ selves. The importance -of having the ve­ ry best of Writing Ink js too well known to be mehtioned. This kind has been in usesix years, and the testiniony respecting itiis the;same Irons all parts of the country. SECOMJIENPATIONS. Jlegvltr of ptedr Ojfice, Boslonf} . March. 30, mZA. f , Messrs. WATKArtD & N oycs —I have the sat­ isfaction to infotm you that your Ink answers its (juftUty is, Very good, and I recommend it as superior to any 1 have ever uSed. Yours, &c ■ ■ . HENRY A L tlN E ., From Mr, John FiskyClirkof Superior Court,and Register o f Deeds, .iMiddteux CO. Bonn. I have Used Messrs. Maynard ic Noyes’ Ink The subscriber, having been appointed Fowderfor 18 months past, and have ffi“i'd it superior to any I have ever before used, and cheerfully recominend it for general Ose./ MiddieloioUf Dec. SO. 1823. JOHN FISR. From Mr. Dersfijimr~Cobh, AccoutUani,and Teach­ er o f Penmanship. JSo.Von, JVb». j l , 1823. Messrs, jyiayiiard & Noyes—If of any use, 1 give the followingas hly opinion o f the supe­ rior quality of the Writing Ink made from the Powder manufactured by your House, and my reasons for that opinion. Having keen many years in .the-habit of do- ing fine and finished pieces of writing, where the’best o f ihk is absolnlefy necessaty, I found It very difficult to please myself in this article.--^ t fixed on Walkden’s asthe bestjhy iisingdonb- le the quantity of the Powder prescribed. This Avas periectly black) but too viscidiiS for des­ patch, and in fine Work would give the hair inat’ktoo large, or not clear. ,fn 1818, you mentioned having Ink of your oWri manufacture. I took some pa trial, and have it used almost invariably since j a n d l now •lieerfully say 1 wish no betterThk (ban yours, and cbnfidently believe that no belter can ba obtained a t present.-^Ks fluidity admits of dek- pafch---tlie quamiiy o f coloring matter held jn solution by (lie liquid, renders works of nicety and cave perfectly black, which is considered one of tile greatest beauties in tlie appearance of writing--andasn proof of itssuperiour du­ rability,! enclose you two scraps written in 1818. Resiiedfully yours, GERSHAM COBB. in? The above article may be had in any qaantity, at the Bookstore 6f • •• £. .PECK. Rochester, July 27, 1824. 17 ifAt-tlm endof tljife ■Thc^ tell me- the men with a pnrb vrliifcefl^e, Jfejtqngtoapm'er.mffileYi^ ibUoVk p&s5P|fl in thn 8tag|^ Ware. . ' Nixon’s celebrated Ploughs. N.'R^ Mflrehantsy Grocers avid SFiveyn- keepeeg supplied at a great deduction from foriyief prices. , 33 STOVES. X . B . o o n u p o n ' . hand jfor sale, '. ■ ; WM, T.-JAMES’ TRtcRt C o o k m g fttoYes', from. James and Cornell’s Eactory, ' X t 'THE FOLLOWING PRICES, VIZ: Cooking Stove, No; 1, $50 Ho. No. 2, 45'. Do. No, 3, 40 Ho. No, 4, 36 Do. No. 5, 30 Including with each Sto.Ve--^l Cast Boiler and Steam­ er, 1 Stew-Pan and 2 Griddles, 1 Tin ..-Ho. -No- fe, 2 5 f Tetf.IteUle,'t,OVen Ho. 20 slider,! S|ieil-lroi) Ho. No, 8, 16 Pan, 2 Furfding or Bread Pansj 2 Pie Pans and'l JPlpper. Also, Oigreai variety o f P A R L O U R S T O r i E i S , Of the newest patterns and of a superi- our quality for heatmg. Together with a good assortment ol Fraiiklins, Oven Stoves, do. with Boilfers, CauRua, Six plate's. Pyramids, Box and Sheet-Iron, do. for parlours, chambers, bedrooms, facto­ ries, meeting-houses, halls, stores, &c. Likewise, Ships’ Cabooses, warranted su- my ^ p e c tations; and from the appearance of periour to any in use, for boats and vessels the Records in my office, l am. of opmmn ffiM The Cooking Stove has from 2 to 3 boilers, and will do all kinds of cooking, washing, -and heating of rooms, with less wood than qny istoves in use, .without in- coavenience. of steamy it being conducted from the boilers, oven and broiler-into the pipe.. The fire passes round thte oven, boilers and tea-kettle, or under the grid­ dles, and is turned from one to the other by dampers to heat one or more at a time. The oven -has a door at each end, and a slide to raise and lower for baking. The fife-place has folding doors,and when open gives a good view of the fire, and a place for broiling with. a cover tO conduct the steam into the stove, and likewise for roast­ ing in front and toasting bread. ? Roast­ ing can alsri be done at each side and baqk at the same time; or in the oven, there be­ ing ventilators for the steam to escape, and give the meat as good a flavour as if roast­ ed in a tin kitchen. ’.JEriw ih f J f . !f^S(atesnUm, SONG OP A BHIPPE’IPA 4 was some hot work tliere^ and at Mort- inottflt r^ibody flould he coq}, ia m heartily glacl to s e e y o ir^I haye-trnvet- k d ftH the way Rom Wilmington on foot. •Sqr^ th e kind jjentlqimbri offered to pay They te^l mo that white is aheavonly hue, , -d'nd it may'be so f but the sky is 6/ue,- And the first, of men, as oiirolil men say, Hadea*rii-b^B sjM.n8,a»4wi^e But no, I have always marohed, and I cart mhYOlii «iili, tho’ l ath Ih pretty Jgravflv The sight o f y o n , Genera);, Ihingi hp the yememhraoee o f former Yon recollect iii Jersey, when « deserter and 'sei> -geant Pierce, you,4ihd j , eaught tltejfais- But tbrodghoutmy life I’ve heard it said, •Then let them boast of thteir race divine, Theirg|itteringdc«qos.-Jtbe^^ Give me a lodge as ,my fathers had, Andmy tall, straight, be^iitifsil inaifin Ifid. ' ; V ' LOGAN. ,^‘THE MISTAKES OF A NIGHT,” o M j A C K m T H E w m m p o r t . The house o f a respectable fatnijy,’.in the.1ow;er part o f the town, was. beset, on Sunday night last', by two men, who with abusive language, and acts of iEK. treme. violence, obliged the inmates to ; p00r ilMf and full o f Ilk jokes, but Jemmy never Gpuld stand fire. I believe the Ameri- gsm aruiy thought thut 1 was a rutm y htt ciould. You know 'old Allen o f Delfi- ware, we are distantly re)ated-r-the M<i« Leans were n.ever famous for tut%mg their backs toan enemyv Here the Gen­ eral filled a glass of wine, Brink with me niy good friendj here is your health. The veteran took the glass, bowed his acknowledgments j and ils hritft to his lips^ b u t the palslqd hand of great age refused to do its ofiice, the wine was spilled, and but one drop over reached thq expectant lip, still that one served to warm his heart, as though he. -One p f th.e assailants was fortunately secured,'^d^im prisoned in the watch ...^* ,^1, njaucari, us iiiuogu u« house till tli^M ^ m O rhing,^ when lie had quaffed both « long and deep.” The was examined befofeJusUce Savage. soldier nontimmrt_Tnm was exatnined befdfeJustice Savage. He wgs a pupil of the Tom aUd Jerry school, belonging to Boston, and come the quiet citizens o f this town a high-go. The sleepless night which he had passed . ^ , - i , . A. . . - yelefaii, hurried him into his chamber, in hmbo, had reduced him to quRe a and shut the door.; They Soon return.. quiescent state, when hq Was summoned to answer the, complaint. After many asseverations of his innocence, founded supporting the i>oor old soldier of the on the improbability that a gen tleman of his standing could be engaged in such a fracas” he undertook a « iiarratix'e of have ahswered. his lips moved, but gave events’’ froth the time of his leaving Boston, till the.cataslropbe. It appe'med from history/^ hi^ had a wife living in a neighbouring town, whom he intended to visit, and for-tliat purpose took a “ seat in a wagon, with a sailor, who Was going to thesame town. They left Boston about two in the after­ noon o f Sunday/ and; a t ten that night, they were upset near a house in .the low^ er part o f the town.” This, was all the explanation which heundertooks to give, but as it\ did not prove his innocence, he wUs committed to jail for fui thcr exam­ ination. In the mean time his accomplice, a sailor, Was arrested, and brought up for examination Jack came before the Hiagistraife with an air of unconcem, and stowing along .side of his upper tier a huge cud, which might ha^^c sufiacedlbr the wadding of a four poundev,lold them that he had a' short yarn to sUrre, as his anchor had broke ground, arid lie was dllraid o f drifting On a lee shore. The complamt was read to him, and the usu­ al interrogatory put-— Guilty or riot guilty 7’’—“ Hold fast and belay there,” cried Jack,—“ I ’ll just tell your honour, tlia t itis’nt the ffrst time I have been among breakers. I was shipwracked last Wednesday, in the schr. Diligence, on the Gape, came to Boston, arid there took passage with a shipmate for home. We took Our. departure from Boston, about 2, P. M. Gave up the helm to too, off Leavitt’s, arid spoiled the main brace. G o t underweigh again, and hav­ ing a smooth sea and fair wind, shook all our reefs out, and headed for Gape Ann, About 10, P. M-. being close haul­ ed to the wind, made a light on our lar­ board bow; supposed it to be Bev.erly, and Cape Anri to bear due east o f us-~ at tlje same time shipmate cried ^’break­ ers, abreast the starboard fpre chains”—^ tried to weather them, but we struck on a reef, and was thrown on our beam ends —lost overboard some o f our deck load, but she thumped over and righted, come V' i soldier continved—I am a very poor man, and must b e g a p air qf shoes, to set me Im m e ^ those J bav^ ate Worn ORt by.m v not a word, but taking the. arm Of the ed, the last of the Generals, Am, whom assembled Senates had riseli to honour, Revolution. Farewell, my good friend. Heaven ble& you—the McLean woyld np sound;—^his eyes, whose lustre nehr an hundred years had dimmed, alone spoke the ^‘language o f the heart.” All who were present attended him to the door and bid farewell—farewell to the veteran of Ninety-Six. Anecdote i f D r . FmiiA’ittn,— A gontleman who had visited Mr. Jeflhrsoq ttiany yeaf# since wix>te tims to bis correspondentI wish I bad tiniy to detail to you all the topiclis of conversatiQn, but I must not omit an anec­ dote Tic told me o f Hr. Piuoklip, Miv Jefloj- son arid Hie, Doctor were some time together jn Paris. They dibed one day)’With a large par­ ty, consisting of many distinguished characters of France and several Americans. The Abbe Raynat and Dr. Franklin, tlie ' two celebrated philoBophere, bad much conv/ 5 tsatiotii *atnong other things the Abbeobseivcd, that in Amer­ ica all animals degenerated; and he made many learned aijd profound observations, espe­ cially to shovf thisKiflect: oftlie climate on the pco))Ie,. although so' recently from fiDuropeau stqck. The Hoetdr listened with life usual pa­ tience and attention, andaflor the Abbe hail Jnished) pleasantly'Tcitiarkcd, that where a difference o f opinion -existed it. was the cUstonx in deliheratcassernblibs to d i ^ e t h e bouse* he therefore jirofO'cd,tbat the Europeans shculd go to one side of the room, aqd the„Americnnb to tlie other, that the question might bp fairly taken. Itwa? accordingly done. Ithappen- cd that all Hie AiUcricans preseixt worn ^ o n ^ mcn,,fnll pfTife, health and Vigor, whik' all the Europeans w ere small, meagre and dwarfisli* ’ The Dr. cast his eye along the lines, and .with a smile prCclaitned his victory to the mortified Abbe, whose theory Was so completely over-,- shipmate,because heknewnll.thesouml- \f \if r''? tog, along the coast, and tvhere « e nould •» e 'W W g o on mqke a harbour. Aboift 9 , P. M.'hove Fo’om the .Y. T. Cojnmercial Advertiser.^ . “Ob tbou Halhousie, the great god of war, Lieutenant Colonel totho E a r lof Mar.» The following semi-military, ,seini-politicaI notice, is copied from the Dcmocraticlr Press, showing, the way in which they do things at Philadeipliia. It is^ however, due to the repu - tation of “ Oilr sister city,” to add, thatrolonel Biuns, whose iunk is one degree higher Ihaix that o f Lt. C’ol. Roberts, denounces this prot'- damation extraordinary, as asilly and unneces­ sary measure: Dead Quarler.f, SouthwcerJCf February 15th, 1825. Perceiving in the Colppibiah Observer and to anchor; and sent shipmate asfibre for DemocratickPress, thataTown Mcclingisto a pilot. Ax he did not come off; I tho’t Cash for fVhmt. f l l H E highest price in Cash wilibe paid J . for W HEAT, at the A'emRedMUl near the xyest end of the Aqueduct, by the subscribers, who have constmrtly on hand for sale, all kinds o f FLOUR and MID­ DLINGS, Buckwheat MEAL, Corn do. &C. &C. T . H. ROCHESTER & Co. Jan. 11, 41 (J3=®First best Cast Steel<cE^ t i r a d e by Seth SUshj, and sold at T. i f X Morgan’s Nail Factory, (in Roches­ ter, at the west end of the, bridge,) whole­ sale and retail, warranted and gropnd, cheap ; toother with a generalassortment of Cut N a i l s of a superior quality, and very cheap for cash. THOMAS MORGAN. Rochester, Sept. 13,1824. tf24 The subscribers having .sold many of; W see what the soimdinp were trio; so W m. T. Jamcs>, Cooking Stoves, and know-j I «p with the kedge, and, drifting close ing the general satisfaction they have giv-jin, found him under convoy— -tliought en, and the improvements they have made i we rngst be among the Keys on the this season by enlarging the hearth, &c.! Banld, and the wrackers had bong out as above stated, feel confident in recom-j a fajgg gij,Q some poor devil mending them to the pnblick as the. best Cpdking Stoves in use, for boarding hou­ ses, taverns, and private families of every description. nT* All orders promptly attended to, and a liberal discount made to wholesale pur­ chasers. . J. E. & T, CONGDON. Rochester, 2d. mo. 1, 1825. 1 45 - o x COXSIOXMKNT,' A 4Y Casks Whiskey, •'' 7 Carrels Mackina White Fish, 50 Carrels Gut Tobacco, . ' 40 Kegs .Powder. - JONA. CHILD. Rochester, Jan. 10, 1825.41 ashore, so gave them a good birth, and stood off till day-break. As to thisstory of bombarding, it’s too leaky a craft for your honour to take in tow.” But Jack’s nautical elo^ uence n o t sat­ isfying the magistrate of his innocence, he received the usual sailing orders to join the fleet under Commodore Brown, and was put “ under convQy;”-^Srifen? Observer, Prom the Alexanth'ia. Gazette. AN ECDOTE OF LA FA Y E T T E . The Veteran o f Mnety-six,-~The Gen­ eral was dining with his family circle when the landlord of the Hotel ejitered, and whispered to Mr. C***'*,that a very ■ ■■ N O T I C E . ' \ 1 LLlJetsons indebted to the subscriber, old revoiqtioriaiy soldier had arrived are desired .to call and pay their Delaware and wished to see the Notes Or. Accounts without “ p LY* General. He was a vastly old man, had V f t e e v v e a , b y E . C o o k , 0 doz. pr. flat bottomedand 3 doz. high^j-ades. Respectddlyassistedbythe land- , Candlesticks, 'which are offered very low by the dozen or single,pair. ^ ■ Rochesier, ja«.‘ 1 5 ,1925i 42 lord, the veteran entered the roqm.- Yqur servant, General, an old'man’s blessing be Upon you; they call you old, but you are quite a boy to two -—I , ^m ninety-six. You are much altw^d since I first* saw you at Brandywine—there be heW to-morrow, for the plirposq of disap­ proving'of. the appointment by Congress of JOIIN QUINCY ADAMS, as President of the United States, I therefore issue this, my PROCLAMATION, _ fujoining on all the Citizens of the 300th Rc- girnent, to be ready at a moment’s warning, to assist and aid the Civil Authority to prevent any commoiwn,insurre(;tion,or rebellion, which may bc in contemplation, arid to support tho MwS and constitution, as peaceable and orderly citizens., The suburbs o f large cities, as has been justly Paid, are “ large sonrs oii the body politick”—^^and I hold you, Majors, Captains,^ and Subalterns, responsible for any' sedition wbioh may take place to-morroW. in absence of the Colonel of the lOOfh Re­ giment. .SILVESTER EOBEKTS, Lieut. Colonel and a Jacksoa Supporter. . 'Curiom De.que.st.-—A bachelor gentleman, who came from England a few months ago, lately diedin the neighboiifbood of New-York, and iias fiii ected, by will, that the whole of bis personal proper^ arootmtirig to about JaejOCO, after the payment of E200 in legaeji'S to Ms servants, consisting of a female, with him a t the time of his decease, and a boy who k ft him a short time since, be equally divided hetweea ten of the olde.st maids resident withip ten miles of his late and native abode, in England. Belh.g~A patent has lately been taken ou t, at Washington for an invention, which, it is said, will save tbree quarter^ or fotir fifths of the expense of bells .now in .common use. It is a simple triangular bar of cast stock hungup by one corner. Three hammers of dilferent sizes are placed near the centres Wfiich strike the base by means of turning a crank. .Sounds arc produced every way as loud iind pleasant as from the common .bells.-—JS®. Posk PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED ■ i

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