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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, October 29, 1744, Image 1

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• >' i \ t r >•- . ?V <l& \ ■ ■J T H E N u m b . 9 9 o . G a z e t t e , C o n t a i n i n g th e f r e j h e j l A d v i c e s , F o r e i g n a n d D o m e f t i c h Monday O c t o b e r , ' 29/16. . 1744 % Jn E x t m f t c f a Letter from tbe Hague dated Auguft 8. Abbe de la Ville, Minifter from France, has for eight T 1 1 Days paft had fcvcrai Con- ’*£ 9 ' ferences with the .principal Members of the Government, in order to render the Sol- licitations of the Minifters from the King of Great-Britain and her Majefty of Hungary ineffectual This Abbe has declar'd, that thc King o f France, his Mafter, was per­ fectly fatisficd with, and very thankful for the pacifick and moderate Condud which the Statcs-General have perfilted in obferving, contrary to the moft dangerous Infmuations his Ma*efty’s Enemies, and amidft thc greatcft Difficulties and Perplexities : That their High Mightindlcs migtit. be aflurd, that the good Harmony which fubfifts be­ tween thc King and the Republick, as well as thc 'Fri(jndftiip which the Kin? really has •for it, would be unalterable, let the prefent War take what Turn foever. He added, that the Event of Prince Charles’s having paC’d.theRhine ought to jufcify the Conduft. of the Ring, in getting PofTcflion of thc Places of the Barrier, in order to fccure his Prpntires from thc lnvafion ^with which it was threaten’d; fince, if his Majefty had not taken thisdittle Advantage, the Teritories of the King would have now been made thc Theatre of the War, and fallen as a Prey to the Allied Army : Nay, *tis cafy to per­ ceive that/they ate‘ftill liable to thefe Incon- venicndeE, becaufc of the Diverfion which the JCingt W» bem obliged,to make in marching #iU beft Tfi&ops towards the Rhine, to prfc- Vent the Auftrians 'from penetrating farther 1 into.ithe T>vihmions \of France on that Side:. Thattke King was Senfiblethat the Rcpub­ lick had entertaih’d fome Prejudices to his Advantage, for his having got Poifeflion of } fome-Barriev-Towns; but that it was al­ ways his Majefty’s Intention to indemnify ffhe Statcs-Genenal from afiy Damage tltey anight fuftain thereby, either by putting thctn * • .xn __ :j| again into PofTcflion of the.conquer’d Places, or other wife making them Satisfa&on as foon as her Majefty of Hungary fhould ceale to be unreafonable, and fhould defift from car­ rying the War into every Corner of the; World TS * An Extract oj a Letter from a foreign M in i* fte r at tbe Court o f France , t» a Perfon of Rank at tbe Hague deled A u g u ft 7, The Throne of France has even been ftia- ken by the thundcr-Clap which ftill rumbles over thc Head o f thc Marquis dc la Chetar- die.N Thc Condensation is attually fo great at the French Court upon what has happen’d in Ruflia and fo little can it bear to have its Tranfaftions therein fcrutinized into ; that thofe who but difcourfc upon this Subject have Occafion to make Ufe of great Circum- qxdion, for Fear of being dire&ly drag­ ged to the Baftille, which was thc Fate of two Perfons of Diftin&ion thc laft: Week. This Affair has taken a T urn the more per­ plexing to thc Court of France, as his moft Chriftian Majefty cannot juftify la Chctardie without openly breaking with the Court of Ruffia, or facrificing thc principal Member, of his Council, nor can he profccute him without difavowing and* treating with Rcfcnt- ment every Thing that Cardinal Tencin and his Favourite Minifters had contrived againft. Ruftia. At firft, this Affair was laughed at, .and made a Joke of at Verfailles and Paris; But Cardinal Tencin and the Count de St. Florentin having received private Advice, and fuch as were veiy difagreeablc from Mofcow, upon what had happened there fubfequent to the Banifhment of la Chetardie, there was no longer room to be merry upon it. Thefe Advices fay, amongft other Things, that imedutely' after thc Order of thc Em- prefs had been fignified to la Chetardie, his Pockets were fcarched, and he was treated like the loweft Criminal ; that his Cloaths. ’ ind every 'filing that belonged to him had been feized upon.; that i.idced fome Part of his Effects wa? reftored to him, with a Promifc

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