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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, October 15, 1744, Image 1

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*»> tf*V T H E K u m b * 9 8 8 . C o n taining sarraawi the frcfh e fl A d v ices, Fo reign a r d D o rn c jlich Monday O c t o b e r , j tfh, 174.4. il A G U E, July 9. OOvO::>>.;:-'J*CCC>RI)IN(i to a private-Lc t- err irom Dufsckloi ji, M . A !£'* Coifimi’s Secretary wade a V '- '* •.'if '? ) _____ *>7 . . . , 1 r rb$} Pvliitrilcc in the Order hc fent f „ 'r'>C;r-\v:rv the Commanding Ofliccr at 4 -'.fe£* v ^ fe^vVorni';; and in dead of direct­ ing him to Secure the Baggage, and bum th.: Provifions, advifed him to burn theBag- TPoS and Se cure thc Provifions •, which was executed before the MiPaikc \-\i3 fennel out, which occa'ion’cl the Smoke tliat was feen for 1«) many Hours in the NeiglVoorrnood of tint City ; ami is a ftrong Proof nf tlic Coi.tu'fen the French are cvvry where in ut proiir.t. 7\.t.T jr y ^. \We hear from Ercft of tV* 2id of late Month, that fee Men of V/ar *v:rc to have fail’d from thence the* 25th on afecrtr Lxpaduion, under thc Command of tlic Chevalier rfefenend, and that M. Kochannaut was to l.t fill the ^otlx virh i-uir Sl.ios of War, in order to crfer-w irv-tlie 1 7 Chanu *1. Tdlrndl cf a J At 'er trrrfnud frssn the lyiv ]);?.'rb On the cqth of June hb I lighnefs Frir.ee Chsufes !vId a Council of War, at tlvbrcak- Vi 1 of which all tlic General Officer* re­ fers, baled up. Thc ^ otii, all ns rnarchr i to th? Poll, that were hern, aid 1 hat »!> dill atv.l file nr, even a Perlon knew where their blruvii vras defiryud. The ^oth at blight, and the lie of J 1.1 1 /, Prince Clnrks gave zn ck 'ti it Frtcrtalnin'T.r, and as it was lulpeclcd ’’lit in all Probability a grMt manySpics . . . - _ _ ^ . i 1 y% I »• I t ; ' f V * fo- CC1V c I * ’ T - \ * tn* Or; a'Tfonc d thit not -•Out d be * V L i i Prince !■* 0* c; •> • j /> n and thc reft loured \Waici and upon tlxis n Cannon was clifchargcii, which was a Signal lor all thc Bivefion to begin to pals, the Memorandum for the Execution of their Sealed Orders: There were feveral more Healths drank fucce(lively at (rich of which, Onc Two, Hirer, Four, rive, and at thc lad Six. Cannons were fired. Upon this all the A ti­ ll rian Army were in Motion, and pafecd thc tRhine with die greateft: Order and Silence. When all the Dividers aad their rcfpcciivc Commanders were paficd they made a moft terrible Eire ar.d Outcry: As foon as the French heard kt they were greatly aihrrn’dj and with thc greateft Precipitation hailn’d to the Place from whence they thought thc Noifc came •, hut did not know whether they fhould march towards the Firing to the Right 01* tlie Left-, but were ignorant that General Reread aw Lad marched dire&ly towards die french Lines cf Germerfucim, which was only a Blind to them, and a falfc Attack, and they attacked him with qo or a r\ r.r- T\ 0 Men, yet he had loft but 500, aud dirc£tly pufhed h tlie Lines of Gerraerfhdm ; thc Idnemy imagined them to be their own People, but finding their Miftakc and that they were Auflri.ir.% they betook theznfeivis to Fifeht. 1 he next Morning, or thc faithful Anfcriafu drank coloured VGinr, but the Gu~fts drank \ \ inc. During Pi a iMitcrlp.’.nim t Prince Chides difcouried Oi tbe ir .107 DhTicufeics in paffmg thc Rhine, and faid that he could find out no Method to pah ir, but with a Prodigious Lofs : This Ifeftourfe was fupporteu as reafonable. At hft, at 12 o’CIock tliat Night, his H igli- r.efs was pleafed to drink a Health in co­ at trie Break of - Lav, thc Andrians, above and below, pufhed a full Gallop towards Spire ar.d the Lines of Gcrmirfheiin, where the Imperhlift (who had pa (Teel the Rhine trie 2 Sth and encamped near Spire) were attack’d by the Andrians, who cut to Pieces Prince Saxe’s R citrine nt V . » of Dragoons, two Hefliani Reigmcnts, and V i ? K> one Imperial Rcigmcnt of Body Guards, and which arc all within very little being totollv ruined : The L7rendu abandoned all 4 their Cannon and Baggage, and fet their iVIagcTinc on Fire, which liowever w as cxtin- guiflicd by thc burghers of Spire',' and other Neighbouring Places, and thofe who had ex- tinguifocd it took that which they had laved as a Prefent. General Scqkencjorf is wounded and taken Frifoncr by tie Andrians, who keep

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