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I er i fl»{MWW[][L4 Ivf THURSDAY DEC. 2, 1847. SAMITEJL, C, OlilSBB—Editor. Only One Dollar per Y«ar t in Advance. TO CLUBS. TERMS—Six copies for $5 $10, and Fifteen copies for ; dress, with cash in advance. Twelve copies for 2, sent to one ad Now is the Time to Make Money. AGEOTS~WAflTED. Four or five smart active and intelligent young men wanted immediately, to canvass for the McGrawville Express. Individuals of the right turn, can make from $1,50 to $3,00 per day. Those who have not got the right turn, and feel doubtful of the undertaking, cannot make any thing, and they had better not call. CLISBE & BOYNTON. McGrawville, Nov. 4fh 1847. Congress. This body meets on Monday next. It will meet at a critical juncture in the af. fairs of the Nation. It will assemble at a time when the Government is engaged in prosecuting an aggressive war. The mem. bers composing this body, will hail from all parts of the country, fresh from the people, and knowing their feelings in relation to this war. We trust that there will be but one opinion regarding it, and that is its speedy termination. Sixty millions of dol- lars have already been expended in carry- ing on this war. As yet, nothing has been gained—positively nothing, excepting it be the loss of many precious and valuable lives. The war question, undoubtedly, will be the most important topic that will engage the attention of Congress. The Cheap Postage system will come next in rotation, to be followed by other impor- tant public measures. Now is the time to subscribe for a paper. The Express shall be a faithful exponent of the doings of Congress, and the Legisla- ture. The approaching season is to be an important period in the history of this Na- tion. Who, then, will be ignorant of pass- ing events when he can have the news, fresh from the State and National Flails, and from the wide world, every week, and all for the trifling sum of $1 a year ? We hope that man cannot be found. Send in your names for the Express. Rev. Alfred Bennett This gentleman preached at the Baptist church, last Sabbath. Eld. BENNETT: is Agent for the Foreign Missionary Board. His discourse, on the subject of Foreign Missions, was very interesting and encouraging to every christian. He showed, by the aid of a comprehensive map, the progress that each Missionary Board was making in spread- ing the glad tidings of the Gospel to the Heathen Nations of the East. He stated that in those pla- ces, where once the car of Juggernaut used to be drawn forth and worshipped by the heathen multr- titude, the light of Christianity is now beginning to shine, before which, heathen gods, and Pagan fomiBof worship are beginning to bo discarded, and the people aro anxiously enquiring after the Missionaries God. There is every reason to bo. liovo, as was clearly shown by the Elder, that tho pooplo of tho entire EaBt are rapidly yielding them, selves to the religion of ChriBt. This is a glorious work and is producing glorious results, and should not every Clnistiun be actively engaged in extend- ing its blessings, so that the remote corners of the Earth may be lighted up, and the inhabitants thereof share in tho glorious exhibitions of Divine grace ? £tt~ READ the article in another eolumn enti- Two dirt trains came in collision on the Concord railroad on Wednesday evening tied \ Unprecedented Hoggielmest.\ It is in're\-^ 81 ' injuring 18 men, 4of whom will prob- ation to the Postage Law, a subject fraught with ably die. AREIVAL—We stop the press to announce tiie arrival in McGrawville, of the follow, ing gentlemen, having the location of the Baptist Free Mission institution in charge : REVS. C. P. GBOSVENOR and S. S. HAY- WAKD. Mr. G. G. RITCHIE, Agent for the Insti- tution, is also in company with the above gentlemen. Drawing School. Mrs. D. Decker, wishes to inform her friends that she will be at her room in Sal. isbury's Block, entrance at the lower door, leading into the Printing office, on Tues- day next, when she hopes her friends will be present, especially those intending to take lessons in Drawing and Painting. The Louisiana Legislature stands, Sen- ate, Whigs 15 ; Democrats 17. House, Whigs 51; Democrats 47. Whig major- ity in join ballot, 2. deep interest to the People, who have been — shamefully shorn of their rights, by being deprived of the Cheap Postage system, which was extending its blessings far and wide, throughout the length and breadth of this land. The author of this pro- duction evinces a clear perception in matters and things of a public nature, and we are glad to see him exercising his talents in so laudable a manner. We hope to hear from him again. BUTTER continues high. Some think this is because there is less in market this year, than there was at the same time last year. This is a mis. take. The quantity of butter left at tide water this year, from the commencement of navigation to the 22d inst, is 20.877,778, or 933,548 lbs. more than for the corresponding period last year. The quantity of Cheese which has reached tide walei, this year being only about half as much as that of last year; for the same period. Important Announcement. In a week or two, we intend to express our views on Egotism. We hope no one will leave town. Snow! Snow!! Snow!!! The snow commenced falling in this vicinity, on Saturday last, and continued, moderately, until Saturday evening. The jingle of the sleigh bells is now heard through the streets, much to the gratifica- tion of business men, and the lovers of pleasure. I THE PEOPLE AND THE PRESS, in all countries, stands or fall together. They are one and indi- visible. Inseperable in interest—insepereble in sentiment—inseperable in their destiny. May their union always prove eternel and triumphant. The PreBS is a part of the People because it is part of Truth, Virtue and Liberality ; it is the breath of their nostrils, without which they cannot live in safety in peace, or in happiness. It gives them light and protection. It forces danger aud wards off visitation. It anticipates wrong and baffles it. It discerns evil, and corrects it. All can speak through its columns. It is the mirror of the age. It reflects every vice, to show off\ the superior lus- tre of every virtue. It must be true to proper sym. pathies, or it cannot flourish. The Press that is not congenial to the people, to truth, to virtue, speaks to a society that is deaf in ear. It had bet- ter not speak at all; for there are none to listen. Hence the just criterion of a free, honest and in- dependent Press is, that it is an element of the popular feelings, and is supported by the whole body of the community, which can have no perver- ted sympathies towards factions, abuses, corrupt- ions, vices, or usurpations.— Pledge. nPHE undersigned having opened a l\ CORTLANDVJIJLE requests those who wish to purchase articles in bis line to give him a call, and learn the fact, that he keeps a LA11GE ASSORTMENT OP Gold Rings, Pins, Pencils, Keys, Studs, &c. ALSO Purse and Pocket Triinings, and other articles usually kept by those who deal, extensively in his line, all of which he will sell 4C33K3C JBH3 J«.3E\3B23 3EML than can bo bought of Pedlars or other Jewellers who visit or inhabit these \diggins.\ And in order to prove this, he requests you to learn the price of said jewellers, and compare them with his. Jn regard to bis \cobbling watches,\ and repair- ing jewelry, he has only to return his thanks to tho public for their liberal patronage and acknowledg- ed satisfaction, while he solicits its continuation. E. F. GOULD. Cortlandville, Nov. 1847. 15tf JJ AVE just received from.New Yorkand Boston ^largest and most de^mfMk^, quested to call a„d examine tor themselves. , l Utt '%:<»\i P»»* Purchasers are f^pMUuHy re- M'Grawvillo, Oct. 15 1847. II M RS. D. DECKER, would respectfully inform the citizens of M'Grawville and vicinily,that she is desirous of opening a school in M' Grawville, the ensuing winter for the benefit of those who wish to take lessons in Diawing Painting, &e. Drawing and Fainting in water colors, for scholar per quarter, 24 lessons $5,00. Drawing and Painting in oil colors, for scholar per quarter, 24 lessons $8,00. Mrs. D. flatters herself that from her practice and experience in the above artg, for the last 12 years, and having secured instructions from several of the best artists in the city of New York, and oth- er places, she will give good and general sa tisfaction to all who may favor her with their patronage. Al- so, portraits of individuals will be taken by her, on application, in good style, and with satisfaction to parties, or no charges made. N. B, All who are desirous of participating in said school will please meet at the Salisbury block of buildings in M'GrawviKe on the 1st of Dec. at 10 o'clock, A. M. POTTER & KEEN, PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS. Office on the corner opposite the Centre Exchange, —Dr.| Keen's residence one door east of Hi ft' Moad's harness shop - Nil Mil SALISBURY, BURNHM & P IKE, 4 T the old stand of Q. H. Salisbury, are now receiving from New York, an exten- sive assontmeht of merchandise for the Fall and Winter trade, which ^in besold on.as favorable terms as can be purchased in this or any other market. Our slock consists'of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, HA1D WARE, CROCKERY, GROCERIES, ME STWFSy JAE&S & ffl± BOOTS & SHOES, CARPETlMJ, &c: &€. We wish to call the particular attention of the Ladies to our ojrterMsVe assortment of ^Shawls and dress Goods. \™\'?l™?t< CMbmerea, Ginghams, Mouselinc I)elaine e , Black Fancy Cold Black and Col'd 5iradil]a, ierkeere; (Mptt «nrl Pialri xv„«i T\~I **\ n \. ~ \~~ .—\•*\'#;» w«: «c'K^ef bawls.Oregon PlaidJ^ZeS e^i^i^$£tf*~* ges, Gimps &c. &c, together with a thousand rX, ih?™ e ' VCSt ' ^ k and Worsted Frio that our assortment is full and completeThose wisl intTnlh T™!, 10 ^^ **«* ilt ° «T amine our stock before p»rchasing P elsewhere Oa h alia mo t S fi °? dS ? S0, ' C ted to cai l and <*' K oods. Great inducements will be'offered tc ,oJ customerT Pr ° dUCe ^ to e \>\»>ge?for M<Grawville,Oct. 2 l,1847. fl - SAL1SBURY > * ™RNHAM, Jr., ' J. G . PIKE. 12 A man was drowned near Utica, while intoxicated. He fell into the canal in try. ing to get on the packet, and before he could be rescued, life was extinct. at Henry Clay's Speech. The speech of Hon. HENRY CLAY. Lexington, Ky., against the present war with Mexico, is exciting the country from one end of it to the other. Some editors eulogise it to the skies, while others cannot find words sufficient to express their indig' nation of it and its author, in relation to the positions which he has assumed in it. We hold to the opinion that every man should express his views candidly and fearlessly, upon all measures having a tendency to promote the happiness and ad- vance the interests of the universal broth- erhood of man. Mr. CLAY has done so— it is characteristic of the man, and it is honorable. His experience as a statesman and his conceded talents, which are of a high order, amply qualify him to discuss ftny subject within the range of human perception, with ability, such as to entitle it to the most profound consideration of| every unprejudiced mind. His last effort is meritorious, especially as he places the seal of condemnation against War, and the consequent heavy expenditures which are necessary in car- rying it on. We are one of those that would hurry on that \ good time coming\ when Peace and Happiness shall make glad the heart of every human being, of every clime under heaven, and we apprehend that time will never come unlil all wars shall cease, and the sword and the spear bo put away forever. Promises. Promises should always be fulfilled. He who promises to do a thing and fails to per- form as he agrees, injures his reputation. Who promised to bring us some WOOD ? A word to the wise &c. There has been a very interesting revi- val in Fabius of late. Between Forty and Fifty, have united \vith the different church- es, in that vicinity. Forgery. A successful forgery was committed on the Exchange Bank, at Albany, on Satur- day last. A person, supposed to be an Englishman, about 45 years of age, pre- sented a check purporting to bo signed by Messrs. Tweeddle & Darlington, dated 27 Nov., for the sum of $1,805>95. He suc- ceeded in getting it cashed before tho for- gery was detected, and is now at large. We have received a communication signed \ SAHAH.\ TO late for this week. U shall appear in our next. USIBIF1BIBIBIBIE) BTSmiEOAIB'Sr. THE PKINTKKS IN THE MASSACHUSETTS REGIMEN? A letter has been received in this city from Sergeant Alonzo A. Reed, of the Massachusetts Volunteers, dated Vera Cruz, Oct. 18, from which we learn that privates McGlenen and Jordan, of Compa. ny A, are sick in the hospital at Vera Cruz. Lt. Thomas J. Myers, of company I, has asked and received his discharge from the regiment, and has \ annexed\ himself to a beautiful senorito near Monterey. The fair Mexican brings her lord the cool sum of$30,000. • •DISAPPEAKANCE.OA gentleman arrived in this city on Friday last, who makes the following statement. Walter J. Wetherbee, 24 years of age, left Augusta two or three weeks since,for Bath, with about $800,with the intention of depositing it there, He sta- ted to his wife (to whom he was married but four months) that he should return in the course of the day. He wore his usual travelling clothes, andno trace can be'found of him or the money, and his wife is near- ly crazy from the effects of the anguish of suspense. Uutil within a few months, he worked at his trade as a machinist at Fra- mingham, and withdrew the money from a WorcesterRank upon leaving for the East. Fears of foul play are certainly justified in this case.a[Times. MUTINY.—Eight of the crew of the new ship St. .Louis, of Portland, have been com- mitted to jail in that city, for mutiny in re- fusing to go to sea in her, because as they allege, her cargo was not properly stor- ed. A large sum of money (1,125 dollars ) was found buried in the Public Garden, Boston, on Saturday last. It was enclosed in a glass jar. PEACE MEETING of those \believing that existing war with Mexico is, ought to be, and can be brought to a close alike honorable to the United State and Mexico, and that it can be done as well now aB at any future time,\ has been called by some of our citizens of Gincinati. In New Jersey, any individual who shall influence his workmen by persuasion, threat or intimidation from giving his vote, is lia- ble to a fine of $250 and imprisonment for six months, The laboring men, operatives and me- chanics, n re ,'olding meetings in Pennsyl. vania prqjratory to applying to the next legislature tor a law declaring ten hours a legal day's work. MODERATION—The most confirmed drunk- ard we ever knew, was an old man in the land 'of pumpkins,' who possessed the greatest posible abhorance for anti-temper- ance. Having drank nine mugs of cider at a neighbor's house, one evening, he conclud- ed to leave off a pure denial by taking ans other.—\I believe, neighbor T.'' says old Guzzlcfunction, » that I'll take another glass of your cider. I love good cider as well as any body, but as for swilling it down as some people do, I never could.\ THE MARKETS. Syracuse Market, Wheat, $1 19al 25 Corn .' 56a60 Rye 65a70 Oats 36a37 Barley 56a62,j- Meal iiiiijl 50 Flour $6 13a6 38 Pork $15 50 Butter. 15al6 Eggs 14 Potatoes 38a50 Cheese 6a6£ Lard 10 Salt .. .. '. $2 25 Salt barrels 30. do bags 14al6 Hay $8a9 50 Flaxseed $1 Clover seed, large $5 25 NEW CARRIAGE SHOP, T HE subscriber would respectfully announce to the citizens of McGrawville and surrounding country, that he has established himself in Ibe Carriage Business, at the old stand of L. Graves, in McGrawville, where he is prepared to execute all orders in the line of Carriages, to the satisfac- tion of those wishing to purchase. From a long and tested experience with the business, employing the best of workmen, and obtaining first rate ma- terials, he will be enabled to compete, in respect to goodness of work, or low prices, with any other country establishment,—notwithstanding great swells are made over awarded premiums. of different descriptions, kept constantly on hand. 05\ N. B- Carriages painted and refitted in good style and on reasonable terms. GEORGE PENNOVER. McGrawville, July 30, 1847. L^TEE STDLL fMIM NEW YfflGSK. ' CENTRE EXCHANGE, OCT- 1ST 1847. fTIHE subscribers would inform the public that they are now receiving a large and choice selection of together with an extensive assortment o f goods, such as are usually kept by the retail trade. THEIR ASSORTMENT OF Clotfts, €nmimtvtti> fclcottnjjs, $cc t are large and very superior and in this department of trade, they are prepared to demonstrate in iho most sceptical, that they can furnish as good articles, at as low prices, as any otherj establishment in the county, and much lower than some. Their stock of Alpaocas. DelancS, l'rints. and large assortment at Fashionable Shawls, of every Variety of style, they are now prepared to offer, at prices that Cannot foil to please. They have also a good assortment of first rate GROCERIES and CROCKERY, of the beat kind of Wares, in fact all the Goods, Wares, or Merchandize, generally kept, and are happy to inform our' —'••\ \ can furnish therri with many kinds of NEW GOODIJ customers, that for cash, barter,'or short c^rwe^^r.'i^u^^l and \^a PP y to inform ouf at really reduced prices. ^^ii. wJffia^^,3a i Ssr • sr ? a,, T ?r ^ GC - ket price will be paid. ul Ura '\' &0 - &G '> for wlntih the highest mar- C. L. KINNEY. I. F, THOMPSON. T HE subscribers are receiving a fine assortment of hats and caps which they are selling very low for cash. KINNEY $ McGRAW. McGrawvill, Oct. 7. T OWNSEND'S, Guysotls, Comstocks, Wood's and Webster's extract of Sarsaparilla; Long ley's Panacea, Balsam of Wild Cherry ; Extract of Lungwort; Barcley's, Hungarian, All Healing, Cheeseman's, and Turlington's Balsam; Pink ex- pectorant Syrup; Worm Medicines ; Cordials; Ton sey's McAlister's, German, Green Mountain and Connell's Ointment; Upharn's and Mcintosh's Pile Electuary; Norton's Salt Rheum and Scrofu- la Ointment, (warranted to cure) Magic Pain Ex- tractor ; Jayne's Medicine, Sea, For sale by KINNEY 4- M'GRAW. Still later from California. T HE subscribers are now receiving from New York a large and extensive assortment of Mufl's, consisting in part of natural and colored Lynx, African do., natural and colored Wolf, Bad- ger, Genet, Fox, Coney and Children muffs,—also a large assortment of Mens and Boys Fur, Plush and Cloth Caps—all of which were purchased at reduced prices and will be sold at prices that cannot fail to satisfy customers—call and see. SALISBURY BURNHAJlf & PIKE. JH'Grawvilie, Oct. 27,1847. 12 TIL0RING. Fall and Winter Fashions just Eeceired. A VEGIARDwould re. • spectfully inform his — .j . his friends and the public in gen- eral that he still continues the Tailoring business at his usu- al place, one door east of Mc. Graw and Ondei'dortk's store, (up stairs,) where he may be found at all timesj prepared to do all work entrusted to his care. By strict attention to business and to the direction of his customers, by doing his work well, he is confident he will be able to 6uit all who may entrust work idlb his hands. CUTTING will be attended to at all times, on , - . - -• - •• ...&..•.«•»U'JI«I the shortest notice, and warranted to fit if properly I Convention. It makes war to the knife upon all of made up. All work promptly done, as promised, we measures and acts of the Administration deem- j I, ; „„„„_, i,„ i A „i .,„„ cd to be advnrin In il.o mi™-. -<• and on as reasonable terms as <••»•-. ™ '\\ , -•\•\• , establishment in the county. Tiie Daily National mis. TS PUBLISHED IN THE CITY OF WASFT 1INGTON EVERY DAY, at three *%£% M., Sundays excepted, and is served to subscriber! .» the c ; ty, at the Navy Yard, in George^\ b Alexandria, and in Baltimore, the same IvenTng, at six and a quarter cents a week, payable to the ™te agent of the Whig, G. L. GilchristfC. ^ his ot* der. It .s also mailed to any part of the vZifsl States for $4 per annunj, or & Z «&£,£££ able in advance. ^Advertisements of twelve linger less inserted one time for 50 tents, two timet for 75 cents, three times for $1, one week fdi «B 7* ill weeks for $2,75, one month for for^KTaontN for $7, three months for $10, six mornX * B one year $30, payable always'in advance $ ' The NAHOVAL WHIG is what its name indicates, I speaks tho sentiments of the Whig pMyTZ Ihnonon every question of public polidyV HdZ cates the election to the Presidency'of Z ; ,ch«v and on as reasonable terms as can be had at any c d t o be adverse to the interest of the amnln^A establishment in f lm n „„ntv. I exposes without fear or favor the corruptions of the O H. SALISBURY having entered a co-part- • nership with Messrs. Burnham & Pike in the mercantile business desires that his fiiends will do him tho favor to call and settle their old accounts as soon as may bo. M'Grawvillo, Oct. 28,1847. 12 STOVES. T HE Subscribers have just received an elegant lot of Cook and Parlor Stoves of the latest improvements, which they are disposed to sell at a great reduction from the price that pedlars are imposing upon the Community. Please call and see. Also a general assortment of Goods as cheap as tho cheapest. M. McGRAW & Co. McGrawville, August 22d 1847. IM» atasra. A suitable room for a Tailor shop and also one for a Tailoress, or Milliner will soon be vacated, and to rent yb O. H. SALISBURY ©SEI^I! H. ©©OTTOS?, 'Mil AH M»I are prepare 1 to execute all orders in the beautifu artofPrin : ng, on short notice and on tho most l'avorableto ms. OUR ASSORTMENT OF is extensive, and all Jobs entrusted to us, will be executed in the latest and most approved style of the day. latest News From Mexico. A rate bill, containing the names of persons and amount forTeachers in district No. 13 in Cortland- ville, for the term ending Sept. 30th having been put into my hands for collection, nil those interested will please step into the \ Capen's offi.s'' and \ back up,\ and save a mighty deal of trouble. George W. Samson Colector McGrawville. Aug. 20th 1847. N. B. Office, No. 152 Grand Avenue, opposite the Centre Exchange. Near the bridge' TAKE NOTICE T HE friends of the subscriber will do him a great favor to call and setlle the accounts they have with him for blacksmithing or otherwise as soon as may be. ISAAC FORSHEE. M'Grawvillo, Nov. 15,1847. 3ml5 j MUFFS AND BOA'S. T HE subscriber has now received at his store in Homer, a large assortment of AToffs, consist- ing in part, of natnral and colored Lynx, African and imitation do., short do., natural and col'd Wolf, Grey Fox, Genet. Coney and Childrens muffs, two dozen Boa's. Afore than 600 caps to be sold at tlie lowest price for oash»or approved credit Geo. COOK. Homer, Oct. 26,1847. 12 T HE subscribers have just received a quantity of No. 1, BUFFALO ROUES, which forqnality and price, will favorably compare with any now in mar« ket. KINNEY # M'GRAW. M'Grawville, Nov. 13, 1847. Most kinds of Produce taken in payment for work. Report of Fashions, regularly received. McGrawville Oct-15, 1847. NEW TAILOR'S SHOP. [Three doors west of H. McGraw's Store.] \Thus in the one pregnant subject of clothes, rightly understood, is included all that men have thought, dreamed, done and been. The external universe and what it holds, is but clothing; and the essence of all science, lies in the philosophy of CLOTHING.\— Carlysle. H FORD, would respectfully inform the citi- • zens of McGrawville and vicinity, that he has commenced the Tuiloring business, where he hopes by strict attention to business, to receive a share of the public patronage. It may not bo out of place to say, he has had some twenty yours cxperi- ence since he commenced business for himself. As a Journeyman Tailor, he has worked in some of the best shops in cities and country villages, and hav- ing an arrangement in the city of New York for the he hopes to be able to suit his customers, and give satisfaction to those who may favor him with a call, whether in cutting garments for UieTailoresses to make up, or otherwise. All orders thankfully re- ceived. Cutting doneon short notice, and warran- ted to fit, if pruperly made up. O* All kinds of country produce received in pny at the market price, and a little cash would not be despised. « McGrawville, Aug. 5,1847. party.inpowcr. Ilscolumns „.„ ,,,„„ ,„ every man in the country, for the discussion of any political of any other questions. In addition to politics, a large space in (he natun- al Whig will'be devoted topnblication^ Upon Agri- culture, Mechanics, and other Hsefnl Arts, Science ingeneral, Law, Medicine, Statistics, &c. Choict specimens of American and Foreijrn Literature, will also be given,including Reviews, &c. A week- ly list of the patents issued by the Patent Office, will liitewise be published—the whole funning a com- plete, family newspaper. Tim WEEKLY NATIONAL WHIG, one of the largest Newspapers in the United States, is made up from the doiumnsof the Daily National Wfcrig, and is published every Saturday, for the low price of $2 per annum, payable in advance. A double sheet of eight pages will be given whenever the picas of mattershttll justify it. The Memoirs of Gen. Taylor, written expressly- fur the National Whig, arc in course of pubheatum. They commenced with (he second'number, a luge number of copies of which huve been printed, to supply calls for buck numbers. CHAS. W. FENTON, Proprietor of the National Whig* P. S. ALL dai|y, weekly, and semi-weekly paper* in the UnitedjStateS, are requested to insert this «d- vertisemenl once a week for s' C ONTINUES the Marble Business in all its various branches at his old stand in Cortland Village, where he keeps on hand a large lot of 'GRAVE STONES, Of all kinds. fc Cortland, Aug. 18th. 1847. Lumber! lumber!! 1 fid flflfl icet Chm y and Ash Lum- J. VFV/5UUU ber wanted by the subscriber eithor in the Log or sawed to order, delivered here or at Syracuse' Samuel itfcGraw. McGrawville Nov. 11th, 1847. IPOLILS'-PIIULS- P HINNEY'S, Moffatt's, Brandreth's Bishop's Gregory's, Poor .Man's Soul's Oriental, Gary's Hooper's, Porter's, Wibert's, Hibbard's United States, Palmer's, Persian or Rosorroction Pills; Together with a complete assortment of Drugs and Medicines. For sale in M'Grawville by KINNEY j- M'GRAW. six months\ nothing the .price for publishing the same at the .bottom of the advertisement, and send the pqper containing it to tho National Whig Office, and the amount will be duly remitted, \ J \ '' ' ' quested to fir ing columns Our editorial 'brethren ure alnn M.. THIS McGBAWyftjjE EXP.BPSS, A CHEAP F.AMILV rMEWSPAREft-NEUrRAI,« , POtlTICSj ••. Will be> issued on Thursday df eatsft tfeefcj at Kjh* Grawville, Cortland county, N. Y., bfet 6i -H> Sals' bury's'store—'third story. . ' TjGitirfS—Village subscribers, whefd papers are- left by the carrier, $1,25 in advance, p,0(f at fher end of the year. . , , Officel subscribers; $1 ill adyantfU, $ 1,7$ jat itift ond of tbeyear. •••.•: > Mail subscribers $1 in advance, $},7fi al'trie end of the year. No paper will' be diaeonti.nifal 1 until all arrearages are paid, utiles*at the oplittwof 1 the publishers. WIGGINS & nMHWjgjg^^ Resident Physicians and &&oK-Qft» ^ paper ' must b ^\*^* over the Drug & Hat store-Eesi- H^^» K ^^ dence 2 doors north of Kinney ^J^^seo U mi ma de,i 0 y e ariy: a dvort^;';* & Thompson's store. I AUktods* of Job PtimLg HobtHi^i, M'Grawville, Oct. 1847. Office> for Produce or eash.

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