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tt&t&^W&^^^^r\^ IMA ™& ' ,? mlt •• } \- • p • • I.' •*\'' *\ I' \V , *'•• . * *ii i 1 , II ,' .#>*»' *• -• I! WGMWIIUL Ti A Si.ji«rw A'aiiuluJ Error. • di.tios uf parents to their children m J^I obviously ''relate to th' n bo.illh, their in ili;: :;i uii't\ their education anil inn il.-..\ T K! ' •ul wliu could wantonly iieghc tor expose the health of Lis child, rH'u.r to in Lit :'n, tind if (feasible, i.lui'.i'.i- • ; m, die! thr v.t.uhl ju-.tly become an obj-ct <>'' | P'-ori tvii'l eonl.um.pt . And yet, \\'\l in iral and ivliuious training of elnliir- n is to be considered of infinitely mure impor- la'icc-; than eitlur of the.M', it N upprohen- di d, that, in reaped lo this iiiipnunve duty, many professedly christian parents are sad- ly at fault. The particular error in regard to this subject, exhibited by many Christian pa- rents, and to which we invite their serious consideration, is flic 'permission which they often give to their children, to do what they, themselves, perhaps would not dare, to do.— A constant and untiring eft'irt has long been made by the world, to render its maxims, its customs, and its (so called) amusements popular and innocent, even in the estima- tion of the professedly godly. How suc- cessful the world has been in this effort, mty, in part at least, bo determined by the connivance of parents. One of the grand considerations in the divine mind, why God so signally blessed Abraham, the lather of the faithful is thus stated : \For ] know him, that he will command his children, and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment.\ Genesis xviii ; 19. Again ; \In that day (saith God) I will perform against Eli all things which I have spoken concerning his house ; when I begin 1 will also make an end.'\' \Fo r I have told him that I will judge his house forever, lor the iniquity which he Icnowelh : because his sons made themselves vile, and, he real rained them not\ /md therefore I have sworn unto the house of Eli, that the iniquity ol Eli's house shall not be purged with sac- rifice nor offering forever.\—1 Samuel iii ; 13. Let such parents know then, that in re- spect to this subject, they are necessarily in fault, and that sooner- or later in some appropriate form, lhe3' may expect the en- tailment of God's displeasure, unless they fully recognize the spirit of God's ancient declaration ; \And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.\— Chris- tian Chronicle. The Biters Bit. Some days ago a story went the rounds touching a man, who, having presented | himself in his shirt sleeves at the Ameri-i can Museum, New York, received the loan of a coat from Mr. Barnuni, and after viewing the curiosities, sloped with the gar ( inent, thus obtaining a sightof the elephant 1 and a splendid swallow-tail for twenty-five! cents. This reminds us of an affair that' occurred in 1840, on board the old Colum-! bus, when she lay at Charlestown Navy' Yard. One day, a long green Vernionter^ straggled on board the frigate, and exam- ined every thing on deck with curious eyes. | The officer of the watch, from the bearing and neatness of his uniform, attracted the Yankee's notice. \Got a pretty good place here—hey?\ he inquired. The oflicer assented. \What wages do you get V \One hundred and twentysfive dollars a month, sir.\ \One hundred and twenty.five dollars ! All tew yourself ! Shoh !\ \Fact sir.\ \Wall I wonder if I could'nt get some^ thing to do here myself?\ FROM MEXICO. NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2 * P . M. legislature of New York. SENATE. THURSDAY, Sept. 9. The following menage WHO received from the (loveruor: Executive. Chamber, ALBANY, 9th Sept., 18-17 ! To the. Legislature : ,„.,,,. I SILAS WHISHT, the late Chief Magis- jtratc ol' this State, diedauhis residence 111 I Canton, in the County of St. Lawrence, on 1 the 27th day of August last. I Although scarcely arrived at the mend- Man of life, he had not only held the office I of Governor of this Stale, but had dischar- iced with singular ability the various du- eminently distin- NEW YOKK CITY, Aug. 30, 1847. To the Editor of the Chenango Telegraph: Dear Sir: Perhaps you may have no- tic Ke ol the New York papers a er- of a mathematician, who »f8,j,ub. Lc\.. Multiplies, divides,, and performs all Xraiithm'otical calculations with a ra- Sdhv that seenisalmort miraculous. As borly offices which so cminet guished the early rural populatioi.of 0 pilgrim fathers. Even m the la to, yeas of Ins life, when ho was at Canton, e watched more often at the bed-side 0 us poor neighbors than any other man in lib 'To language was ever more true than a resolution drawn by a disunguisncu jJlull , enue avor to give whig of our county and presented to. and • • ain that prsoJJ^ ^ fc unanimously adopted by the ct.ze ol • ttCO rr,-c statomen o, ^ Ogdensburgh, and which I am about - ,1 h^^.U publjj^ ^ ^ ^ ;rea W, That having ^.^^^^^fr himself under the severe but salutary les- sons which labor teaches, his sympathies ere keenly awake to the wants ami we - of the toiling million. He was al- ; w [arc A letter from Mr. Lumnsden, of tho ' ator,' Comptroller, and Senator in the Con Picayune, to the Charleston Courier,' says: gress of_the United States _ General Scott has been elected President of Mexico, to serve until the 18:h of Janua- ry. JVew Orleans papers of the 5th contain no news. Interments of yellow fever, 70. From Saltillo. Gen. Taylor has ordered Cusliing with ties pertaining to the offices of Slate Weil- , ^^^je to their approach, prompt '\\\\ with his counsel to enlighten mid ready to dud offices and attention where As aStatesmau.ho occupied a high place i;^\^/ anions the distinguished men of the age. to be as** m anguish of disease was suaged or the pangs of grief alleviated. 111 less uiaii >J KW»- -- - . - . thesumtotal, always commencu^g on^the Idlhand side to write the answers down. It matters not what length tho column s J. what breadth, I will give the sum total ah ays commencing on the left hand side ile the answer down. It matters not • atltn lo ifi'i \Oh yes ; you'd make a pretty good jDeaf's Battery and Massaohusets regiment Female Character. Daughters should be thoroughly acquain- ted with the business and cares of a fami- ly. These are among the firtt objects of woman's creation ; they ought to bo among the first brarjehes of her education. Sh e was made for a mother. They should learn neatness, economy, industry and so- briety. These will constitute their orna- ments. -/Vo vermillion will be necessary to give color or expression to the counte- nance, no artificial supports to give shape or torture to the body. Nature will ap- pear in all her loveliness of proportion, of beauty, and modesty,unaffected gentleness of manner will render them amiable in the kitchen and dining room, and orna- ments to the sitting room and parlor. How enviable the parents of such a daughter! How lovely the daughter her- self. How happy the husband of such a wife. Thrice happy the children of such a mother. They shall rise up and call hor blessed and her memory shall live. The influence of the female character cannot be estimated. It is decisive to the character of the other sex. I f her charac- ter be pure and elevated, and without re- proach, such will be the character of the other sex. There is no man such a mon- ster that he would dare to bo vicious in the presence of a virtuous woman. Her char- acter is a shield even against the solicita tions of vice. Every thing domestic or social depends on female character. As daughters and sisters, they decide the character ol the family. As wives, they emphatically de- cide the character of their husbands, and their condition also. Il has boon not un- meaningly said, that the husband may ask the wife whether he may be respected.— He certainly must inquire at her altar whether he may bo prosperous or happy. As mothers, they decide the characters of their children. Nature has constructed them the early guardians and instructors of their children, arid clothed them with sympaty suited to this important trust. A Simple Ouro for Dysentery. Aotlio scnoon in which this complaint is most prevalent is near at hand, wn inner! tho following ; out from tiio Calodoninn Mercury, an Edinburgh paper. Tho plan ia simple and easy onough uf tri- al:— Take some butter off the churn immediately nftor being churned, just as it is, without, being saltod or waslicd, clarify it over the firo like honoy ; skim off all tho milky particle? when molted over a oloar firo. Lot tho putlont (if an adult) take two tablosspoonsful of tho clarified remainder, twice or Ihrioo within tho day. This has never failed to effect a euro, and in many cases it has boon utmost instantaneous. • It has ahoady Buccedod in nearly ono hundred trials, and to many who woro suppo- sod to havo boon* At tho point of dooth, it haB giv- en instant relief. ' • midshipman.\ \Wall what's midshipman's wages for a green hand V \Forty dollars a month, only.\ \Only fsrty dollars ! Jerusalem ! why I wasgoin' to hire out for ten. But where can I bo made a midshipman on 1 Sa y quick.\ ! \Down below sir, in- the steerage. As soon as I'm relieved I'll see to it.\ Down went the quizzer and the quizzed. A bevy of young midshipmen required no prompting to perpetrate a piece of mis- chief. A spurious warrant was soon made out, and the green horn, equipped in a splendid uniform, including an elegant chapcau and costly sword, by a joint con- tribution of tho mess. Thus furnished, he was directed to present himself to Commo- dore S. in tho cabin, and report ready for duty. He was told that the Commodore might be pretty gruff; \it was a wa y he had;\ but not to mind it. The steerage being full, the new midshipman was to de- mand quarters in the Commodore's cabin ; in fact, he was ordered to take possession of a certain stateroom. The Commodore's black looks and angry words woro to be regarded as nothing—he had no right to use either. Thus \posted up,\ the victim presented himself to the Commodore with— \Old boss, how are you 1\ S. started. He had come across a ra- ra rvis. \Take a seat, sir.\ \I kin help myself, old feller ; I ginor- ally do ;\ was the reply of the Vermontcr, as he flung himself into one seat and cross ed his legs upon another. \You are one of the new midshipmen, I suppose V remarked the Commodore, who, from the first suspected something. \I aint nothin' else.\ \Shall I trouble you for your warrant ? \ \Catch hold, old boy.\ The Commodore looked at the warrant and then at the visiter. \Who gave you this ?\ \The fellers down stairs ; and I'm ready for duty.\ \That's enough. Now you can go.\ \Not as you knows on, Squire. The cellar's chock full—and I aint a goin' out of this'ere in a hurry—1 tell you now.— Oh! you needn't rare up, old feller. I see what's the matter—you're a leetle cracked up hero !\ and the brilliant youtii touched his forefinger. \I am going into this chamber to a right good snooze—boots and all, by gravy !\ As ho was proceeding to execute this to Vera Cruz, also Hay's command, and the Ohio and Indiana regiments under Gen. Lane. Capt. Baylor is safe. He lost only four men. Gen. Lane re-captured the mules and booty taken by the Mexicans between Mon- terey and Carmargo. In private life he enjoyed in an eminent ;•«> fu] . |lis j )CS & lhe invaluable examp greo the respect and esteem ol those l0 ; lhat a man inay OC oupy the highest po* whom he was personally known degr pie j osls I what length the column isor what bn-aclth IwillsrivethcsumtoialasfasUsthe fig- urcsoan bo wrilt.-n du«n. Second, le t that a man may occupy the tmmesi pi. 1,1,0 sum he written in multiplication, vvitn of honor and return to private life and se^ j lj0U0 , iguros i„ the multiplier and as ma- vere physical labor with undiminished dig- | ny in iho multiplicand, and 1 win com- •- J I nienco writing down the product under- etired with | npnt h. j n one line, as fast as the figures Thirdly, let a sum vision with any Wge a- nity.' Upon his defeat last fall he re Although his name will go down to pos- terity without the aid of official records, his eminent public services and great pri- vate worth render it proper that I should ~^ n \^ sare t0 ivate life, tending' can be w ,. iUt .n down, thus announce to you his death, 0 the end 1 1 iho ]ohimss of his p.-inei- be wri , ten in divisio. that suoh measures may he adopted1 as a.o . . lic / sub]imil of his character, mountfor a divisor, a demanded by the deep feeling that pervades I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ fi] ,' {n [hQ aireclion8 the community. __ _ of the Amcricau peop i e . Such was Silas Wright. The arrow which struck him down has sent the iron to the recesses of the minds of millions who and I commence wri- ting down (lie remainder first, then tie quo- JOHN YOUA r G. Mr. SPENCER thereupon submitted (he following resolution: Resolved, (if the Assembly concur,)That \ looked to him as their guide in the days ot the message of his Excellency the Cover- j his country's trial. Capt. Fairfax died at Saltillo, August' nor) communicating intelligence of the la- Me concluded by moving a concurrence 11th. I mented death of Silas Wright, late Cover-j with the Senate, to which there was an I nor o f this State, be referred to a joint j unanimous assent given. Tile Battle Fought. I committee of the two Houses. I The Speaker announced the following tick Interest at any per cent can be per formed in Iho same manner without using any extra figures. Fractions of every de- nomination \can be summed up instantly without reducing them to a common de- nominator. These rules can be learned in one half hour by any person having the primed instructions. Please insert this in your paper, also stating that any person wishing these rules, will enclose TheNew York Herald has just received; Messrs. Spencer, Denniston and Sand- [ Committee on the part of the House ; j^g through the New Yoik Post-Office.— a special dispatch with later news from Ve. ; ford were appointed the committee on tho 1 Messrs. Perkins, Ilcadley, Reckwith, Bur ' - ' ' \\\ - ra Cruz. | part of the Senate, which body took a re- Scott has had two engagements under cess until 4 o'clock, in order to give the he walls of Muxioo, and DEFEATED ; joint committee an opportunity to act upon THii MEXICANS under St. Anna Valen- the subject submitted to them. ASSEMBLY. THURSDAY, Sept. 9. Thirteen members wero not in attend- ance. The Speaker announced the. following message from the Governor : [See Senate proceedings.] A resolution from the Senate came down informing the House of the reference of the above Message to a joint Commit- cia. The Mexicans SUED FOR PEACE. Congress was convoked and received Ar- rista proposition. Scotl did not enter the. city of Mexico, in order to f-ave the pride of the Mexi- cans. An Armistice was granted, and action, in consequence, was suspended. No further particulars o( tho battle. nell, Devclin. And then, on motion of Mr. PERKINS, the House took a recess till 4 P . M- Interesting Extract from a Letter of the late Silas Wriglil. The Batavia Times publishes the fol- lowing extract from a letter of the late Si- las Wright, to a gentleman of that village, II. J. Uedfield, Esq. This was probably the last letter that distinguished man ever wrote :— I am trying to become, upon a small scale, a farmer in fact, and have, during j c , e _ this season, labored very steadily. Each t being announced by the Speaker and , da y ti|,us mo a good deal, hut I cat and The Ficayune has a letter from Nizatte \ vcm \ hy the Clerk. sleL 'l' Wu \ iUK ' cl, J°y !l freedom from care of 50 August, which says two brigades un- Mr. Perkins, (of St. L awroncc,) rose der Valencia and one under Santa Anna | an d addressed the House as follows,a most attacked the Americans at di fib rent times \ respectful attention being given by all pro- at Sananget, very near Mexico, but were Jsmit: completely defeated and fell back in elisor-1 Mr Perkins said—The sudden death of der into the city. A suspension of hohtili-, S IUS WUIG-IIT has arrested the attention Vera Cray, dates of (.lie SSdi An^usl, Unve been received at IVeiv Orleujis. and a contentment which is already be- coming very dear to me. As is usual with mo in whatever 1 undertake, my business is alivndy controlino- m e too much, and I now fi il it very difficult to command a day for Ici-mre or recreation, hear Mr. Trist! „f the whole American people. The dis-!. M.v larm is new and therefore imcom- tingui.hed positions ho has held in the' / , ,,rl , ab, :'. < ' : work; though n quinnccagreat counsels of the Union and in the govern- ment of thid State, render it appropriate that the representatives of the people sho'd pay a becoming tribute to his memory. . It is not, however, the positions ho has Major Lally got safely to. Puebla after; held to which the eyes of the American several skirmishes. j p eop i e nave been directed, but to the omi- Lieut. D. Henderson and his party of ne nt ability and unbending integrity which Fairchild's company of dragoons were all j he has displayed in every situation in which shot by tho Guerillas. The Guerillas at- | |,e was ever placed. It is not my purpose tacked Alvarado and killed a Seargent and \ t„ ,. llte r mto a review of his political life ; two Marines. | history and abler men will do that justice. The Steamers Petrita and Scorpion, j But I do desire briefly to allude to the trails were forthwith despatched to reinforce the; 0 f character which fixed him so indisolu- Please forward me ono paper which con- tains this, and on receipt thereof I will for- ward you a full set of these rules, (gratis,) by which you may become as expert in fig- ures as I am. I remain vour humble and ob't serv't. ' PETER M. DESHONG. P. S. Other Fditors copying the above and forwarding Mr. Deshong a copy con*. tabling it will be furnished with a full set of the rules. The Governor of Louisiana 'has deci- ded not to act on the authority given b y the War Department to raise two compa- nies of mounted men ; as the Secretary of War coupled the authority with a provis- ion that the men must enlist for tho war, and furnish their own horses. Wise Gov- ernor that. ties was then asked for, to proposition. I The next day Congress was called to-! gether. ; Our army were encamped around the City of Mexico, but had not entered on the 21st. place-— Journal. Later from.jSanta Fe. By the arrival of Mr. Autry at St. Lou is, we have news from Santa Fc to 23d of July. A letter from Chihuahua, dated 3d July, states that McKcnncy's company and , ..-. , -- , , . , , train of 65 wagons had also arrived.— menace the Commodore took him by the The80 letters contain details of murder of arm and led him to tho gangway. Point- ing to the sentinel, he remarked, mildly— \You sec that man with a musket—now i f ynu don't clear out directly, and leave the ship 1 and yard, never to show your face hero again, I'll order him to shoot at you The Yankee broke—and in two sec- onds his blue coat-tail was scon floating in his rear, as he dashed out of the yard with the speed of a flying jackass. In a minute afterwards, half a dozen terrified midshipmen rushed on deck, and asked lor liberty to go onshore. \Young gentlemen,\ said the Commo- dore, \I shall grant no liberty to.day.\ Six laces fell a \feet and six young jokers returned to their mess-room as mel- ancholy as mutes at an alderman's funer- al. They never saw or heard anything of tho Yankee afterwards, nor the uniform either. THE OLD 'UN.---Boston Times. many Americans by Mexicans. The per- sons and property of Americans woro gen- erally respected at Chihuahua. Put none except neutrals woro permitted to leave the city. Even they were compelled to pay a duty of 6 per cent on property for privil- ege of so doing. JVo articles of merchandise .allowed to come into new Mexico. An insurrection broke out at Taos, a short time previous to the last advices, but was nipped in the bud and the leader com- pelled to flee to the mountains of Pamblon. Gen, Morales was at Santa Fe. Col Price and his men have conducted them- selves highly disgraceful to Americans. A Hlut. Tho Richmond Star says, \Folks that don't like the way papers are edited, ought to ask leave to put in a specimen of the right sort. Every man who thinks it easy to edit a paper exactly right, and to univer- sal aoceptanoe, ought to try It. May bo he would succeed ; and if so, r# would bo bet- ter entitled to a reward, than the discover- er of perpetual motion.\ Abucnco of mind ia at present all tho go. The latest oaso wo havo hoard is that of a man who Btolo chooso and oat a grindatono in a state of mental absence. Ho did not discover his mistake till ho came to tho holo in tho middle, whon ho ex- claimed—-\By Jove! if I'd known that the rats had boon gnawing ynu I'd nover have touched yec! \Toll your conloni[)tiblo Gonoral,\ said an old woman in a village through which passod tho army of Napoleon, to ono of his corporals—\toll him I havo a vory do&picablo opinion of him,\ \I will,'' said tho oorporal, \if you insist upon it, madam—'but you can't think how it will dis- tress him!\ Brazos dates of the 21st. Some skirmishes have taken place be- tween Urrea's troops and our trains ; 30 Americans killed in all. It was supposed Taylor would move towards Potosi on the 1st. Inst. YELLOW FEVER IN JVEW ORLEANS—104 deaths by yellow fever in JVew Orleans in 48 hours. When a young man has acquired alovo of road, ing, and of courso a healthful relish for intellectual ploasuroBj ho has boeomo possessed of one of tho best pioaervalivos against dissipation. A fonduoss for low company, and intomporato ploaauros is most gonerally tho oonsequonco of ignbmnco and want of lasto. Be Mr. Campbell and Son wero drowned at Peterson Now York yesterday. The fath- er tried to kill the son, who waded into the river followed by tho old man. Madame Kustcll. Officer Brown and Bowyer, two of the Chief's aids arrested yesterday on a bench warrant, issued by the Court of Sessions, Madame Rcstell, alias Caroline Lohman, sho having been indicted by the Grand Ju- ry on a charge of manslaughter in the 2d degree, in Causing an abortion upon the person of an interesting young woman.— The accused was conducted before the court and bail required in the sum of $ 10, 000 for her appearance for trial. John MoKeqn Esq., tho district attorney, is determined to follow this case to a convic- \•^n — Herald. bly in the confidence and love of tho peo- ple of the county of St. Lawrence. I liave been intimately associated with him as a member of the legal profession, as a personal and political friend, and a s a neighbor, more than 27 years. In every situation he displayed the highest moral purity, an incorruptablo honesty of pur- pose, a uniformly calm and unruffled tem- per, the most tender regard for the feelings of all who were associated with him, and the utiiui.st kindness even to tho poor, the fallen, and the lust, No son or daughter of Adam ever appealed to him to alleviate his or her distress, or for his counsel and advice, who did not receive consolation, where with propriety it could be given.— The professional business which he did was done for his neighbors, and a rural population, and I havo no doubt he spent more than twice the time in the actual prac- tice of his profession. Whon conciliation failed, h e managed tho causo of his client with the care, skill and ability which dis- tinguished him as a Senator, and probably there never was a case in which the party opposed to his client did not in tho end have occasion to regret that he had not accepted the proffers of conciliation which had been offered him. He was always a kind, cour- teous, and even complimentary to the op- ppsing counsel and the witnesses ; yet h e managed to present his client and his cause so as to enlist tho court and jury in their behalf. A great party have often thought him mistaken in his views of what the interests of his country demanded, but no fair min- ded man ever doubted the sincerity of his desire to serve it faithfully or the upright- ness of his purposes, and none the stabili- ty and firmness of his adherence to tho principles he advocated, and the persons who supported them. In all my political intercourse with him, I_ never heard him express a selfish aspira- tion or -a single sentiment which did not appear to be dictated by the purest patriot- ism. I n his social intercourse, I nover heard him utter an unchaste word or a n immoral sentiment. Whenever he return- ed from his public positions to the place of his residence, he returned to the simple, I frugal and industrious habits of a New I England farmer, and to tho kind and neigh- be either pkusant (or labor, or productive ; but 1 begin very slowly and patiently, de- termined not to make my eflbrts expansive as I do not expect they will be profitable in a pecuniary way. The employment I like, and it keeps me out of mischief and from being discontented and home sick at home. \I havo not had an unhappy hour from the personal consequences of my late de- feat, while it has given me a happiness in my retirement which I have not known through many long years of my public service.\ Speaking of that momoriable number of democrats, known in the political histo- ry ot this State as the \seventeen\ who, in 1824. were \ forced into close political and personal association\ ho says: \Death is, annually, making fearful in- roads among the little number, and the full of each before the groat leveller, has been marked by me with painful solici- tude.\ Broke Jail. P'mr prisoners confined in the Jail a t liuhester, iiKulo their escape on Monday night. Their names were Thomas Ears ly, Henry Padihck, Homy S, Elhott, an d James Lad.l. Th : Advertiser says: Tne manner of their escape was a s follows :—About 9 o'clock, Mr Moody, the turnkey, went into the hall to see that all was safe, and as he opened the dooHie met Elliot with a candle, who inquired if he had any more customers, or if there was any thing new. Just a t that moment, and before'Mr. Moody had closed the door behind him, one of the others who had remained concealed made a rush at and forced open tho door, drag- ging the turnkey with him. Before they could be secured the four then made their way out of the building, and although the oiheers wero immediately aroused and started in pursuit, nothing has vet been seen of them. The Sheriff has \offered a reward of $200 for the arrest of the w hole or 830 f '.reach of them. Failure of Prime, Ward & Co. Wall Street was this morning waily agitated by the announcement that iho. extensive and heavy house ol PRIME WJ & Co. stopped payments. It was an act of prudence, rather ihan of necessityr Tho liabilities are be- tween one and tiro millions, a law port of which is probably hold hy tho Barings. Messrs. Ward, Prime & Co, are large creditors to some London houses which have recently failed, but which it is hoped will be able to pay 20s on the pound • in which case, Prime, Ward & Co. will lose comparatively little, and at any rate as their assetts are very larn-o. Tho following is the circular them this morning ; Kind Woi\ls do not cost Much. Thoy never blister the tongue or lips— Awl wo have never heard of\ any mental troimJo arising from tin's quarter. Though they do nul cosl muchj t „ ,? h much : ' 1. They help one's own good nature ,and good will. Soft words soften our .ntmownsou. Angry words are fuel to the ilan^oiwrath, and make it blase the more' 1-t.words seorteh them, and sarca 2 c words \tale them, and bitter words male thern Thor issued by NEW YOUK, Sept. 9, 1847. We regret to inform you, that, owing to recent failures of some of our correspond- ents in iMirope, on whom wo have a Wo amount of bills running, wc fool it incum bent upon us, both from a sense of dulv menb? ^ P rud8D00 > *> suspend pay. Very Respectfully, PIUME, WAI-D & Co. NEW YOUK, , Sept. 9th, 7 P.M. Vermont, Pownal electd Whir, * tative by CO majority, 3 ^fJ;S majority on Governor. ig on Sunday night. TL\~™-.^ ot ' ^ i here is such a rush of all other kinds 0 words in our days that it seems deS- j to give kind words a c\« ^J_ them There are vain words and W\ 0 3 and hasty W ords, and spiteful words, and silly words, and empty words, and pro- lil^woKls 8 : a \ d b0iSte, '° US W ° rds> and * a \ Kind words produce their own image on ThovT?' A »d a beautiful i maeB °it is. icaici. They shame him out of his sour 'norose, unkind feelings, We lave not ^ ^gun to UP e kitfd wo Is sucl S ancea st h Pyoughttobo -^ Eight 1 Wisconsin Election Ver &.}.. rccepfonTa d 0 of hoT'?' a Wa ™ on 'reT' 85 ^ 67 Democrat, 6 Lib - gang round. °\ the 7th iiu. olns- ;ni.,p****~ ~*EL.-..

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