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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, October 06, 1855, Image 2

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ft »'\< I \r tdk^-ii.' 'i t •!'• M •'• t'* im™ W.TV •'i f v .'VU.' ' %; •it-'-' * 'it **mm* MUyMifeMliWM mniiii iH THE P.1AIT8BUB&H RlfUBLiOAN, iMf I'\ • I''*' I 1 !' ['•I * i n • Pi oti, TnanApvt „ [Vprni Uw Allilitn,] • ' . The reader may bo curious to know at what pe- riod tho event I am about to relate occurred. Rea- sons of delicacy, hoWovor, prevent mq from grati- fying eV6h so reasonable a atwire ^ audi will only »ay that tho harrowing circumstance took place in tho summer of a certain ytsaif, between tho time of tho arrival of the first bear at the Zoological hardens in London and tho present day. i board tho\v?U- ., King Will- crs from home ^nnouneing my ifetnoi'S cioau), t nad just returned to take possession, as well aa a m'mot could, of tho family-estate. I was not very SVeil acquainted with tho world, except the liquid part of it—hfeving been brought up hi a country town, and. shipped in boyhood; but, to make up for that, I had an excellent opinion of mysolf, and watched, both with prkloand anxioty, tho sprouting of what I conceiv- ed to bo a promising moustache. Qh;o evolving after getting myself into full tog, I •Was displaying my horsemanship near the Zoolo- gical Gardons, when I saw in the path leading to the entrance* ouo of tho loveliest women that ever •appeared to tho eyes of an ox-reefer-. \What was •that to me? I don't know. It was a thing, com- pletely settled, in my nriud that .1 was a full-grown man, ami that a full-grown mail lias a right to look at any woman. In short, I iVismountod-^gaVo my horso to the groom, .and followed toy divinity.-— A little girl was behind he*, Walking with the nursemaid, who had another child, an infant, in her ferms; &, to my groat satisfaction, this care- less soityant put the,baby presently into the arms of the older girl. Hot much bigger than itself., I Watched, tho proceeding, saw the..little creature, whoso walk was but a totter at the best, swaying to and fro undo* her burden, and the baby's long clothes trailing on tho gronud as sluypi'occeded. \Madam said I to the lady-^toUpliing my hat in quarterdeck fashion^ ,,: that baby, I, fear* is in: dangerous hands: yon are, perhaps, not aW'arc Of, it.\ §he turned rpund instantly. It was-what I wanted; but the .flash I received from her bOauti- ; vfiil cyies had a World of haughtiness in; it; and al- though she bent'her head; slightly, and said, \Sir I thank -you,\ I did not dare to continue tho con- versation,, hut walked rapidly on. ,1'n fact it was 'obvious the wmmtt. thought I had taken an un- warrantable liberty in criticising the arrangements •of Ivor walk; andfes, when turning away, 1 caught • a smile at my discomfiture ;on thefacc of the nurse- maid, who snatched the baby roughly uway, indig- nation mirigicd with my aWkwardhesst :\V;ho was this lady ?' Was she the mother of the ! twb children? Was she the,governess? \Vt*3 she! »relation,?' Was she single'jprmarried,? SheSvai single,—wfts the mother's Sister, 1 decided Upon that. And, after all, was her haughty 166k so very ..reprehensible? Had she notbecn ; addressed by a •stranggi', and that stranger a man—aman of soma- • what d?s(i'H^itMflguro attd most promising lilousta- >cliest I relented',;. andaslsaw heyetiter thegar- -d&tts,. my/heart gaYeagrejit leaps f°* 1 consider- ed; it uncomnioiily likely that a lion would break loose, or something. Or other o'ecur to draw forth my chivalry and extort her gratitude. I was not itterror inroy anticipations; although the circum- stance that did Occur was too wild even for an im- agination like mine; Had it come suddenly, I aU most think. I should have shut my eyes; heldmy breath-, and stood still; but as it was, I had Up tiih'e'to reflect •: the uppermost idea iiVmymind was, thatl would do something heroic^-sOinething' desperate•;' and when Opportunity offered* I instatt-, tarieonsly did'it. \ . Theparty, with many others, were'looldngoyer the iiiclosuro at the bear oft hisipole;' and in order that all might see, the nursemaTd had the Tittle •girl in hor arms, while the little girl had the baby ioihers. 5liis arrangement was not Very reprehen- sible as a momentarytfrCiik; for th6'maid,of;c.our3e, had got hold of l>Qth the children—the eldev,of whom was jumping ;wrth. glee; and my attentidu, therefore, was exclusively directed to the lady, who stood :al;sorbeti in the spectacle before me,-r- All On asudden there was ascreatii from the Mttle girl: the unfortunate baby was ovdr the enclosure, onSlyingsenselcss on its face in the arena, *aud the ,, gigantic bear was hastdly descending the pole to . secure his prey. ; •Ep,climb, the inclosufe. Snd spring into tho are- rial did not take me many moments;' bnt it took me too many. I was at a litiile distance from the spejt; and before I reached it, the'bear had caught lijFthe infant, whose'little-face was buried'in its .fill;\; arid, on myapprOachjimade for the pole, and 'Wg^in to ascend with great rapidity. I followed, without giving myself tiirie for att'otneiit'sTeflec- tloii i and, while it cMbetl, cattghthold of, the m »»ti» Snturdny ITIoi'iilnff« Oct. *, 1*.V» Democratic State Nominations. J'OU SKOllKXAUV OP STiVi'K, ISRAEL 'i\ HATCH, o* E «* j'OK OO.Ml'tllOM.KU, 'LEMUE.L STETSON-, 0 , Cu ^, FOR '1'RKASUlMl, ARIEL S. THURSTON., „*,„„„. VOH OA'NAI. 00«MlSSION««i ) or limxaaton. OURTISS HAWLEY, l'Oll .iTTOUNKV OKKHllAtj, SAMUEL J,. TILi)EN, „*„*>«. V'OR Sl'ATCi EK0TNKKU, JOHN B, JERVIS, orWrtm4 , FOB iNSPKCTOlt 0\f StAI'K PRISOKR, PATRICK H. AGAN, wo ^o. •• The prospect brightens every' &&}. $\em all we see and learn, there is in the northern pbr. tioti of the Stale, at least, a qnlet detofmlimlioh toclect the tiekot in tho field. Democrats who had differed and still disagree oil minor cniestions, Booili ilctbrmiu'od to come together fetid Wrtko it united and vigorous effort in support of the prin- ciples of the candidates ho\y ih the fjeld who re- present llioni. Aiid this seems to hnpi>cn, Hot by fusion Or any attempt ttt fiisioii, but by ft gOtteral and spontaneous movcmflit of tho people which tho lenders of the faetions into which tho Demo- cratic \party has beoii split lack the power, if they had the Will, to prevent, Tho OoUiity tiekot aiid the Slate ticket will bo supported as of old, hiVd the causes which produce this, Ho deeper in tho hearts of the people thai! any moro trittlnph of faCtion> aiid is found in the seUtimeftt which per- vades all true \democrats and iB gradually infusing itself into tho minds of 'sober, thinking Whigs, that the Democratic goverlmicilt and principle is best adapted to .'secure and maintam tho rights and happiness of the people. •von Junius on 1 THH oointt or A^PKAUSJ SAMUEL: L. SELDEN, ^J*, NICHOLAS KILI a , Jun., ^ife Ml .) Justices of the Supreme 'Cowl, tZ/t blitrict, AUGUSTUS. 0. HAND^,,,,,^- ALONZOO.^AGE.B^t^ For Senator, Mth 'Bimiti, DAVID ALDRIDGE, w'tMm. Democratic Gouuty Nomittfttioni. Fon COUNTY JUDOB,, PERRT G, ELLSWORTH. IV>n MKMBEB ov AssEMhi.v, TIMOTHY HOYLE, FOB SOI'ERINTKXBEX* o'f POOR, SILAS GOODRICH, JR. FOB JUSTICE OT SESSIOSS, , • ftUBSEL W.'RANDOM.. FOR COROS'KRS, • ' • '• • JOHN PERCY, jdfiN H. PHINNEY> FKAiSrOIS J'. D'AYICJiS-CN. - «ii lull (forttiii , ' ' The latest teleferaiA report ihowi that the Democrats hkvo swei)4 the Btate |by,| iroijoftty ofFiVR TiioitsANi) ovo^tho eohibittfed Hindoo fetid Whig force—rc*itoclhl| !B\ V.,. JoiiNsoK, Governor, and returning five of the Wight inoW- bers of Congress comprised itt the Georgia dele- gation. Thus south as well as north the Reac- tion jjocs oil* bvei-whiDiftiiiVg eVCfy iipCciiM ot bp- pogitlon, iu whatever Bhapo presented, and crown- ing with triumph the Democratlo Cause aiid Gaiididfelcsi Hew cjjregloUsiy deceived' ufevo been tlioso leaders-^how mip'abiy moiilftcd must they feel bow-r'Who built their holies upoft the oxpectatiou that the masses would in any 'event ubaudott tho Wobio old National Democratic or> ganizatlon, fend array themselves under the banner of cither of tlio FAiifeticisWs opposed to it~Mfeiho Jiawisni, Sectionaiisin, of HiUd'oismW-J^ )yij JButfgrf Nch 'nsk'.^Tho peiitical oxci'tenmit ili Kansas has withdlawu pubiie attention to ft gfCfetextent from Nebraska. But, lvotwithstahdimjh this 1* fiotry liiis been rapidiy settling, and towiis aM Ju«r> ttarker Mt ill* Pt«WMl«Mt ifcw. * tkitrict from .*« Honor'• (*»ri« to, th« Oi«»rt Jurr of Itatw Judge Pwkcr in calling tie attention of the Grand J*y to the Prohibitory Llo,UerAct, re- marked substantially as follows 1 In all cases of doubt) it is the duty of (jourts and Hot of Grand Juries to decide UiKirt the cob- stitutionality bit a statUiCt Acts of the legisla- ture should be regaled as eoiistitutionah unless Mbrtottncod otherwise hy the'COinpetu..,. tribunals. Tho Constitution Is the higher aiid pnrmountlaw.to which all legislative action is subordinate, and it is the standard by Which fell stfttirtes tire to bo measnr#. WnfelevoV Way be our ujiinlbttrbf the liolley bif feny particular stiifc. iitbt it is to bo tested by the same rides of Con- strue'tibn iw othot statutes. Thoire mfty weii bo differences of opiwibu as to the jioHcy..of an oct t but With i'feiifmiUds,fend eb,UttlcfettfeCity to Judge* thoito ought to be nouc fes_tb Its inle*pifetfetibn or its .Constitutionality\ if there Uas beeu unwise iegisiatibn, the oiiiv remedy is the repeal bf the obnoxious fe;pt: till repettled, it iutist l« obeyed, But if feny Vight secUi%d by the Constitution be violated under the ftanctiotvof a statute, the t&- Uiedy is with the Courts, ftecisiohs Upon ;s,Ucii questions siiould only bo Connty j^lotlies of th^baby. The.action was wcll-in- 4ended, but the consequences were dreadful—per- *liaps'fatfel; ! for the bear loosed 1 his hold, and : the ••poor little thing fell to the ground; Ibegan me- chanically to descend ;• tout did \not dare to look :i& what w'as, in all human probability, a corpse;— And presently I could not look; for the exigencies Of my Own position demanded m^eVery thought. The bear above Was descending with%nge strides *rtd angry growls* and another blow—agrcfet blaclt jnonster, of whose-presence in the irtclosuVe Ihfed 'tidtfen;aWarcT—Was shambling feldtig to the sup- port of his comrferde; and had felmost 'reached the pole. The fix was terrible, butitlastcd'Only afi instant; for'the keeper maclo his apixsaranee, and, with a few hearty wallops, sentthoblack bear-to'the right nbout, while my pursuer stopped short with feter-, rtible groTv-1. , •\ ^hat ate youxloing there ?*' cried the keeper, as, «I staggered. Upon thfe-ground. ''I must give yon up to the police for a lunatic!\ ,'. 'Never mind;tns,-. saidI, faintly; 'l8ok to the *hild, for 1 dare Hot.'., 4 ,.',:'.'The;.Chila|MWhat:child?'' ' 1 Arfe you blind ?. There i' and 1 forced my eyes '*pOn the hideous spectacle. The creature V head was off! It was wax! I hardly know liov? % got over the inclosurc. A : sound :of laiight^ Was in|niyjbrainiias i f I was made of ears, andcver^Jarlvsisringiiigitsloiidest. The nursemaid enjoyed the adventuVe iroorc than nny- ljody, but Che'litttegjrl ih her arms clutched at mo furiously, as if charging me with the murder of her doll; and was not pacified tillthe fragments Of that ^ickclimg baby were handed to licr over •toy shotilder. I tiartcdawfey; and it was high time iodoso, 'for ail the company in the Gardens were irusbihg to the spot. T5he ffeir eatise of theitlisehief was standihg a Ulttjc Way Off, -leivniiigi.on 'the arm Of a tell, «oble- lookirig ihfen, ivith moustaches ten timfes as l>ig as «iiiie. She seemed choking 'between recent alarm mm /'present mirth; and as II snpposcd, \$jr;\ said She, Vfithsmelting;dhceks andUnstCaV aytbiec, ''mylitisb^ndwishe*tothaUkyOftfotbur -titfltfgirl's doll 1\ ; ButlfiB off like feshot, witli- * But dveti Vpaitiiig to tofecJi toy hat*, and thankful $i#attffgct 6Ut ofth6gsitei fofmsnypf thespeC- iatofs, M seelog me rfrn, followed mechanically. It wotil lo fftihtia : fettentpt tojeftsrlbe my re- floctiows Milled rapidly along. But in the midst of oil, I know what fas before nK—1 had an in- tertSetoBecioWicsscf'whatWastobedoiie. My rwwlvq w*iixed, ana I Wt an Insane joy at the ' Uii Itfiit 'W |»lbl* Wtee«6ti(«i Coold prevent me from *teenth>g it: As *o«i is I reached home, 2 went straightway to my own room, locked and boMppolf in, sat deliberately down before the \ ; ftfftli Bijr hutdft ilia Ifcared off toy The I*tc Fulr air the Clliiloh Agrlcnltavitl Socioty. In 'consequence of engagements which have oc- cupied all our time for the last two weeks, we haye not before had time to .giVe due attention 'to this subject. The Fair came off oft- the 18th and 19th ultimo. Tlie first day was very unfavorable, acold*ain having set in the evening befotej fend continued with occasional intermission during the* day, As a necessary consequence, but few cattle, .sheep or sW'inc were bi^ought on. Horses were, howev-. cr, entered in good mimbers; and fhiits, flowers,, vegetables, &c, were brought in and arranged.^— The time of entering articles was necessarily ex? tended till next day. Fortunately the weather cleared up towards night, and the next morning the sun rose be'auti- fully—a cool, bracing air from the nOrth^and the aspect of things was changed. Animals and; articles came pouring inland visiters ingreat numbers filled, the grounds and buildings at a'n early hour. We dono'trecdllect toliave ever seen so large an attendance at any previous 'County Fair. Pcrhap3 the most marked feature at the Fair was thc'hqrsc3, The 'felkirmatifilaek-Hawk,' owned l)y :Lemuel North, Esq., took the 'first ipriae &4he Class of \Horses for All Work.\ Ho is. pr.dbably otie of the most Valuable liorses in Atoe^ rica. Wihefiever he appeared on the ground, we Observed that he tvas t$iq centre of fettractio'n,— The Thoroughbred Jlorse' B'laefcjjird,* ownied by Michael tKelly^ wasatso a Ve% fine animal, Blact iHawk Colts were oh thegrouud in great mWr hixs, and among them perhaps the most 'attrac- tive was-a matched pair of two-year-old colts, ajs Ijlack and shining as their sire, o*?h-ncd by, A. ^. Thnsbcr, Elsq. It is a f cmai-kfeble fact that they weighed each exactly the same, 782 jsotimls, tod ''looked as tmucli alike as !two IpefeSi'' In fact, the owner ttuStbc well acquainted with them to sec any difference. We Tcgret to iea*n that 'there w.os« rib prize offered on Wiatehed'colts of thfetagc.-^ Some fine matched geldings andimares wCre shown; also single driving '-horses. Some very'fine stock was exhibited, but the number was small incon- sequence of unfavorable weather On the first day. The samctaay be Said of sheep and swine. Floral IJaH \Was well filled with the eholcVst frnit to tempt the palate, arid .flowera most beau- tiful and fragrant; John W. Bailey, Esq., exhib, ited TOO varieties Of apples, 35 of pears, 25 of plums,, and 6 of gropes. J. Battey displayed 80 varieties of .apples* 62 of pears, 17 Of /plums, and •12 of grapes. The list of prieo3 awarded gives the names of those Who toolc the special Iprizcs oft the amateur list. We will only mention the splen- did dishes of Jefferson plums from Judge Stetson and ir,\^ r .Tuttle, and pears by J. R. Satiborn, Ji. W. Tuttle, Judge Stetson, J. Barnes, feud U. Ben- edict. The display of FloWers was small, but ve- fy good 'in s6me iparticulai's. The VerbeUaS, Shown byMra.liuttlc, Mrs.Tarleton fend JifrS.'Ooit, were very fine. 'Of Vegetables there was a very good show, comprising a-grefet many sorts fend varieties, from' the plum-tomato Up to the mammoth squaslies of our friend JohnlVes. f~l The show of Manufactures was fair-^tnftny fer^ tides of'Hireexcellence. The Dairy department was not well represent- ed,, although the samples show* were bfexcellent N'ominntioh tot Itoimtnv lit the AltM»>- ttutrliit. Both branches of the democratic party mot in cduyontioii fet the Mansion IJousCi: Albany, last week, and with one voice nominated Jolts K.i Poivrtsn fes the'candidate of tho United pemoerfti Cy for Senator, m. Porter, it will lie no'coilect' ed, wasono of theftbiost iiiembersof the. CbnstitU-,' ti'olial GoUvention Of l8il^ fend he is known. th*o'- out the state as standing iii tide very first tank of the legal professioni When in the'C6nvcUti'on,he was designated as a Wh.i'g, though, he acted With Homnan oil the, great questions that werVdetcr- rtiived by that bbdy. The Whig party having, since deserted its National principles, and went iuto sectionalism feud Native Afevicfenismi he has boldly taken his stand With the Dem6crfecy> and in the position to which I* Will he 'elected, feftd before the people, *' he Will do battle iii the CaUs« of the Constitution.\ The 4fl<is saySj \ hb 'vjill be eleietcd! IStoqneVi't, bold and energetic, lie will M. the post With signal ability. He has the confi- dence of the constituency Which he is 'to,represent. The times 'demand sUch a man in siiili ft place; fe'nd the IVomocratic masses will cheerfully fee'eord their vote With'fe Unanimity like that \Which dis- tinguished the two Conventions that nominated 1 hini—to one who thus presents himself,: in thohour* of danger, in defeiico of the liberty of the Citizen menaced by fahaticismi and in defiance of ft dj^Ufes- ty that seeks to perpetuate its evil rule, by fenUn- prmcipicd and hypoCritie combination.'' • • .; The 'following is Mr, Porter's letter Of fecce$. tfeWCS; addi'esscd to ft committee appointed by the two 'Conventions to ihfornl him of his nomination. We may confidenUy believe that iiheto are thou- sands -of pattio'tiC Whigs in the State who will, on the grouiiicls presented by J^r. POMer, follow his' xsxample, and from this tinie feet With the i>emef 'cracy as tlio'Oinl^Wfetionalparty nOw left for tliei*, 'as3oeiation;-4- , 'GJEXTi.WMfcS: Your 'Communiica'tion informing mo of my unanimous 'election by both the Demo- cratic 'ConvciYtions as their candidate'for the office of/State-Senator, imposes the duty of either'feC'cep- ting a nomination whicli I have neither sought nor expected, or of tcjecting j most.gratifying,ex- torcssion of their confidence and regard, t feel, in villftgcs—embviyo eitios—hftve lieen springing up in fell dh'Sctionsi AhvoiVg those whoso prospects are the best, may be mentioned FonteneilOi the county sent of Dotlgo county-. It is located olv the plkhorn river, some twenty'teight miles 'from its junction with the Pluttei and in the midst of the best part of the territory* Its site is upon a biufi^high awd dryland it has been laid but WftlkreferciVcetO its future 'growth fes the eoiltW of a large trade, ilere the territorial University is located and from its centrai position it is -not impvo'batelo that Fonteneilo w)ft be the future capital of the State; It is oh almost ft direc't line oiithe 'great throughfivre from New York via 'Chicago, to the most favorable pass through the Bocky Mountfeing, it i 8 . about f>o miles from jSCoUncii Blufl8„and 500 frohl QliicagOi on the\iBe of the railroad fi-om PaveUport vvest. Itt Wili soon be in connection with Cliicago by two liUeSj .probabiyj the one from PfevenpoYt>,ahd*the i OtllW from Puvlihgton^bo'th of which roads will open, to ofer business aii imm^nsej rich fend fertile coiib> made judieiaily, with gkat doiiberfetloii audVfter hill arpmeiit. They call for the exercise of ilrm- oess; courage and Indopendbnce, They demand nlithoaldroflearning, experience fend intelligence. Neither to hope of aUuinihg a moral good bu the one hand, 1 iwr ft disapp*ovai!of thrmeuhs Wy which it is sought to be ivceomplished on the oto t*6lis8ielf common with you, a deep intei'est.involved ill. the present electiom Thejevents of the last few years have impressed me Witii a strong conviction that the aseendattcy Of the pemocJrfetic ; party will best promote tile periflfe'ne'ntiuterests and prosperity'o'f the State as well as the N/fetion, fend Will furnish the.-s ' '*\ ipubl: absolv- •surejit;gua'i'a'ntee to* the maintenaUce «'f TO;-; .,... ilicatinprinciples aiid 'coUstitUtiOnal righ'ts, Tj see -that the patty With which t was 'fortfeerly a*; sociftted, hftsbeen openly disbanded by the com- 1 current action 'of the two 'ColiVeUtions at Syra- cuse, lUCld On the 26th i'Ustant,^ keft'no'one:%ysurptise,^nt is;il*eresult of eflotts steadily mfede to .produce lt^y^WSto^ crs 01''the party since, 'thifi!%feth Of \C'nvyClay.^ By the^termination of ft$^x%te^n(!e^'<fefete,te'Mid ; -National/orgatii«ation, .those oflts- : members Wtho tcgard the Dfmiocratifc ^tirtyfti the 'safest.! an?, of'out ipn'bliCirigliteaUd interests, ate i t cdf««m their fotme^lfWlitiOal viatic* •••,-... '\'T^eDemoerfecy of NewTo'rlc.in m^Jud|fnfen't, bceupjthetrttcliepfebiieau^lat'fOfm, While they ifere Opposed to fenyiwiitiCal ae'tibn. foir the c'xten- sion Of -slaver}', theyrmedita'te no 'aggression upon the constitutional righ'te of the Soutlf,. and will submit toftOne Upon their own. They abide Ijy the compact of the Federal fftifd State Constitu- tions, and oppose a firm te^sistfehee to the extreme opinions engendered %y occasional pOpulfet eXOite- j ment, «nd leading to encroachments *pon public j and private rights, secured alike to citizens and States by the sapremelaWsof the land. J%atin the*OiifiiCt of parties, ipemocracy will regain its ascendency, and these principles finally preyfeil, can hardly :admit'pf doubt.. we fere top near the era of the men Of the tevolution—^we have 'been too prosperous uUder the.sj'stem of government they framed,, to be prepare^ at'once to discard the iFedprai'Co'nstitutiOn, fend enter wpon a career Of sectional, aggressive and deadly hostility against any Of the States of the tlnion. .The citfeens of Now York'appreciafetooliig'hly the vfeltteoftheir personal rights, fend feel too deep a sense olf the importance Of -their own 'COn#titutionalguarain- l i i •tm, to/coiisent tottfeKC them %z subject ;of Wtbi-i trary legislative invasion.; The combinations Of the hour may possibly iretWd,, buft thejr'cannot prevent the tHUmph Of Democratic principles. ! If.intheapproachingcotitesVyou'thmk my ac- ceptance, of itheproposed'aoto'iofetion mayinfeny way \tend te advance the common cause, I 'do ftot- feel at liberty to decliiK! it, though pcrsonalcODside- :rati0h3! Would have induced me to prefer the se- lection of another candidate. . Permit-me to return myacknowledgcmenta !to the Conventions you represent, torthls signal mark of their confidence, atijai to ^OU for the kind terms in Which tltc request is communicated. Very respectfully,yours, mm K. PO»TI;R< Xfesars. ®ias tifenderlfe alidlffittim i&c1%J!,^<«|i. '©eteber-lst^isSiS, ' • ' '.'•;•';•;'.. \ 'ijfemi mp\'of Mftg a.*- White is slowly 'coUsummatiUg the eohqttest ot the little peninsula of the erimeft at a cost^of huBdreds of millions of trefesUjre anjd hundireds of thoUstwids of lives, the United- States through other artd Vety 'diffetent meaus, are being surely put in \the way Of>ii acquisition more eXteUsiVe, more fertile, and molrO important to them than the acquisition of the drimeft is likely to pirtive, te IPjrftnce \ond Sngiawd j—';ve •allude to the faCtof Col.K,ihney>s establishing himself at aftd obteitimg th'ecotitroi of the local government at SaU Juaftdel Norte in Nicaragua. In his inaugural address 'GOV. KiUViey declares, '\ Contrary .to the malicious tU- 'moi's which preceded niy fefifiVfel '.you ivow see that I b'aye come not to \rob fend destroy, but to build up yo'ur 'city and yout fortunes, feud by peaceful emigration to assist hi the deVelopitteUt of yoxir entire 'cOim'tty-.'\ It matters little \Whethe'r 'Gov. %. is really as jyeacefully iivcliiied ashepro- fesses to be or toot; -the facts that it is a promi- nent olijOCt, Vith him to at'tract emigration, fend'this that he has with a port at liis.;c'ommaiid, the im- mense grants of land iii his possession, and fen able press iViliis intctcst', teuder it ttoxt'to cetteiin, • that he will .succeed in establishing in Nicaragua ft large, adventurous AmeWcaft popuhVtion, 'wliich Will, with :Or wjiliou't -Gov^ K.'s 'aid) eventually throw the countiy itt'tothehfeYids'of the United States. The greatest dihlcnlty UoW apparent in inducing Northern emigration appears to be the climate^the. cfect of that ^>U large numbets of ncW-QOmere..froto\?a ^isttece,'employed In' fegticultute^temaiuing to be tested. . Smgijig-' Schodl.n^J^t two o'clock, this fefter- UOO'nj Jlr.; '0'wifis'tptfs school iter ^b'oys 'ami girls jiotxmdeir/9 yeat3»f.]a^,,^ill® ft!iSlP'WO ( V**lie iSetcfcutiie Bafekv in thisViltage rpto ^ic^'plaCe.pa'ftmfe nrie; tespee'tfully req^cs- ited:to«ecompahy %d\i children, iwhere ill info*- matiOn'as tetheMialiiner of tea'ehing,terms, &c.> Will'be.'given. ' ;. , - Mt.-S.is.a'comp^'te'iit'tefecher,, and aralfc op^ portuBity is*iOw'tifered'fot \JUVeWief\ 'toacquire a knowledge of \ the concord of sweet 'SOuUds?' should'.jib freedom, bias and prejudieo> and inde- indent of. popttiilr clftmoifi Open fend repeated .violfetiphs Of ft slfttuto ferb ft gtefet evih dohioVfeiizing itt its 'c'ohseqiite'nc'es fend cftleuifetei)'gteatiy to weaken ,0ur psptect for the law generally) and to impair its infinelvce. But a disi*gai|J' of a • constitutional' tequiremeht is ft still higher offence and just as muiSh more perni- cious in its results^ as the cbUstitutl'oli is stlperibr to ft leiislfetiyo enfectmeut. The .(Constitution is tho 'great charter of personal rights; feftd we .Could he visited with iio greater politieal misfor- tune than to be depriy#;b'f i^protectioh. in regard to live Pfoijiiiito^ fciquo*fefet> whiuh hoi been the suhject of so much discussion fend the cause of so much excitemeut, the rec;eUt deeU sjoh'of theSttpwmiei tJourt. tftade in tho Seeoud Judicial Pistrjfct, is CotttMlihg UpOtt thd point of its cOttstittttioBfelityv tititil it shfeH he reversed by the fourt of Appeals, f he «Jou*t of Oyer and fermittet is suborditifete to the .^pteme Court and' governed -by its dccislonsi The ClrV^if3 Of the fdttifelf tt*o (corrected in the latter as the appellate' tribunal'. It makes no diiteifence that (hat deei* ten has been made itt the Second Pislric't. There is >Ut pnoiSupremo 'GOUtt in tlve State;, The m\y stitution, has estftbhshed tout one. it is ft unity' ftivd its adjttdieatiote are binding aiid conclusive upon fell inferiorvvouVtii Uo matter iii what part of the Btftte ifs judgments ore pronounced, if it wfete Otherwise, the ftime IfeW mi^ht be constftu- tloUat ill 006 disttlte't and tiUconstitUtiolVftl hife- uo'tlier. SUch fen idea could not for a moment be loletated. The binding obl5g«tiOii Of fe.|ud'i'cifei decisioU is.no't 'confined tothe Judicial Pi|tri'ct itt which it happens toliave beett ttlftdc. But if it be \the judgment of the Sttpl'cme COurt at 'Genets aiTei'mv it must be tagawicd \thi-oughout the State as decisive of the question until teversedyfet leat, so far as the fectiOn . of inferior ttibuwals is .'con'CeiJied; most 'cer'tftinly, so,. Wh'etti,as iii this caSe, theV* lifes been no conflicting, Opinion :expres- sedelsewklrelvy tlse Supreme Court inGenei-al Term. \ Whatever, %etefoire, Way be the oplhioh of 'Court/ort the 'qUcstiott of the constitution- ality of theprOhiVitOty ftCt,t thinkWe fere boUVid \>y the'decisiou to Which I haVe-Jrefefred | and I advise you to suspend all action Under that stat- ute until the questiovi shall have beeu 'finally pas- sed Upon by the Goutt of Appefek My sugges- tion-, however, is merely advisory* feud \if iiklici- merits should be preseUtedby yoU),. tlvejf will be Respectfully tecciv^d and dispo&d of aCcordibglte law-. . 'A mmk MM tisuAyiaii N««v«i Tho Pacific hm aftired With Emjli»h date* to tiio'22dul't fliljUWi (iocs no4fcpp«r to btt Very important, litspatchisa front 6eni SimpioDi * from the scat of war hM been received by the Government of England* detcribtog the assault and capture of the Malnkoill lie' says t At IS o'clock oh tike morhihg of the 8th of Bcptembei'i the French eolumhs f under Generals BoiqiMt, McMahon and Do La Motterenge entered fend carried the Jtalakoif with the most impetuous valor, The British columns stormed the lledttfc but after a bloody combat, could hot hold it. A sccoivd assault could hot be orgahiKed until the following moi'iiingi when the Bedau was found to. be ovaeimtcd. The loss of life has been fearful particularly among officers. General PeliBslfcr's dispatch has not arrived. Four thousand cannon; fifty thousaud bfellsi andtamehse stortssbf gun^ powder wei'b taken posscssioh of by the Allies at Scbnstopol. The retreat of tile ltussiahs to 1»er> kop Was bont)«ttdiieteti. It Was bxpbfcM tklfjr would lie unable to hold the North of SobastOpol for Want of provisions. Nothing decisive Wat known inVcgard to thohcxtmovc of the Ailiei. 'tile Turksjtill-hoft KarBi having repulsed ihi Bttsslfels oh thVftlv bf August; \ Czar Alexander in an address to his army, says: I rely bbtifidbntij; Upon you* cWogt to repel fell fitturo attacks, fend itt a tetter to thi King of Prussia, states that ho will accept ttb coivditionof pence dcrogfelory to llilssife. The Czar, in company with, the three Grand Duke*, has signified Ids intCiitiou of proeeeding to %• Cfimea, Weill- Th* K«w* rireto Nifc*n»«tift^C<>tl*nit* '\. tmtAm«etl«a; , »; . . '.{*Voifevilft-if«*V#k-B»lrBl^j\ •'• i The news from Central America, brought by th» Star of the Weit, gives ft new febibtihjtte thepree Cceilihgs of CoioM Kinney, Colonel Walker, and the other American citizens whose names have been so often coupled bf late With the (epithet bf mtbiisierc. It is not to be denied that the tttrrfe- tive of the evente of the ilirst Mttifht of Septem* ber, is calculated to leav-c ah impression Ott the mind very diiferent from that Whtth the haniei of icinuey %m Walker hav>been*ceustewed toprth duce. the former has folhiiod his promises thus far to the letter; He has purslied his pUrpOia In Farming Implements, there were 'but few ex- hibitors. There was a good show of plows, by Mr. Moore of Charaplairt fend Mr. Roy of Be*k- mantown, and the mowing fend raking machine by John Raae attracted attention. , On tile whole, we can safely say that the Fair Was well attended and has given general satisfac- tion, and we may certainly predict a great show next year, as 'the spirit is rising.' The ground and buildings, of the United States Barracks, which were granted to the Society by the Hon. Secretary of War, proved admirably adapted to tbt parposeas aod it ii very desirable that the SoeWy be allowed to occupy thw tor the IWwe. We arc infaVMd by th* Piwld«tit, Jo#w W. BAILCT, E«j., J ths«dr«w« havo been signod for itt mmmm »wmM*m omMfmm teititied 1o tlfem sMfMMMIal to««a O««K mmmm> BS-. *#- 0ac Of the animalsijfrom *'0old Sprlftig Fam,''^t Champla'ilii, Which took *W«ft't premium,otoUrWteFairjis'o'jferedfotsale. 'See Pr. ! tv')iA«!s advertisement. WenO'Wee in the Mtontrefel papers, .'that the 'first premium fot the 'bcStyatiety of apples exhi- ibited at the late #aw licld -ift ibfet *i^!, Wfes a- •Watded to •Jons W, '.Hkmm Of this yilifege,^- Also.apremlum on pears.: .'.'•: JJadtiA-Et feuiA's horse - \ tilfeck )$M,\ took •the SrS't premium 'ftt tbc ''cOUhty Fair held at Hunterdon, !(Oanadfe),Ifest week. MieOdobtt State ^Sfciftfiwis:—Five State -elec- tions occnr during the first- part of the present moiith, v»r : Georgia, Oct. 1; !Looiidatta Oct. 5; Maryland, Oct. 7 ; Ohio, Oct »; P*smrylyaoia ; Oct 9. In the three SUtet first ' c^Congress lire elected tt well 'OS'SiaHe tn the twoihs't, ^4o olleetifonly. In nowo'or thcmlK'there^ly Whig ticket la nomination 1 file DftMenrt* arc Opposed in all txrt Ohio by \Know N<rthtefs, and hi that State by FusiooisU so balled, the Stale ticket eon«k«- tingof 8al»oa P. Ck«, aodeigbtafliban ig the secret preaerlpUo* : «r*«r-^tte •\•ite|*^hli- caw*' ai^ KooW-K«ii^ bt^UdM they werelnMslloe. Sot»e4iiM •«fo'dl«Mi'i Mtada claimed for hha 100,600 majority. TWb »ort- lafthe fVrti««ad«MiW.cba*»* «»«*kitiki btrtaTerypoor ooc. If Ha FsMo«ii*i«r«tjtl««i \\\ ~\ In ngwd to <*lo, wtat w»*t MUH A'PiOnl 6/ Etitjuettc %fed.^;Sonie'daysyincosian iifenerfeliScOtt addressedftletto* t'0tWaecWitary ; , i rf War, in Which Ire insisted that the phtWseol^ Of the orders from the department should be so fat modified as to. present the appearance of hav- ing the express direction of the President. The Correspondence has called forth the: fOlloWinig aemi^ofiicial ahnOunCemcn't in'the I/;t/'on .• •' MomerQenerSs '^Ue^R<H0H» iifltki '>«»«» ilMef f (he'Vmt<&&titt*WM Exmitwt Depart- ments.—!. As a general rule, the direction of the President is to bfe presumed in all instructions art orders issuing Worn the wmipctent depart- ':' 2. Official instructions issued by the heads of the several executive depattBeflts; civil «r Willi- tary, Within their respective juriadlotioiis, iW valid and lawful without corftainimt«xpresi .wifcr- eiicwtoth^dirtctioosOf tuePtwrtdebt, : i»Sctmatopol It T»kenl\ ^ .'[Frtrti't'licA'lbiiWyA'lto.] , Again the news has circulated through the cap- itals of^Wcstetn Europe that *' Sfebostepol is : Hk- kefel\ There is great joyeveryWhere. Thelioiises of allloyfel Englishmen itt London are illuminated. 'The Wiimte scene steps at tbe,;thefett»es for the att? nomveement'of tbis closing'feet in the more real drama, which is received With cheers of s»Vage !; joy, and the music of '\'GaaA SajVeAbe Qfeeen.\^' Tim MaV*. of I»ndon anifeesmws the news, robed in his dress''of state ; and tb* civic matadferin is this WmO UeferW tight. Tlie church-bells pfcaWthO bonfires ligbtihe'ci'ty—the artSlcry tepeats salvos of 'Congratulation, in Paris the same ; and fe Dam is sung, and the pions Emperor is present to ;giVeptfetaeyiV>'t^,d'0c4'l\ ; •; 'Tis a Sea* since the Allies landed at Pcrekop, '(September 14th,) *udJbey;liaVe %W^4' lW,^ men before the Walls of the cityj'Wblch' they claim *obove token. Posterity will judge of the .justice of a war, Which combines. French and English, and SardiniaU fend Turks,In tlie alliaUce against tne 'Colosstis of the North, and Will be able to measure the consequences of ^the 'events W»W>^8». .liig,yibij6'foe'oye.'of'jtbeWottd.' Wsfe'can- tit* -but' little else than the spectacle;;, *M surely no more briiliaUt panorama of Wat ever passed before the wottdeting eyes <of men. J ' f. : WJhatevet maybe said ot tjie patties to the Con- tes't, there is a savage grandeur in the,power of - resistanec Which the Hosstfens haye developed, Which all Wiil admit, t*e defence of the Royal City has been Wfetked by heroism fend Sacrifice, •fend by acts Of'graticiejir which fere only inspired El»*r%wb*roas people, by tehighctsentittienfe of' pfttHotistn and,religion. TbcBinking of the Rirt- ships lU%ch«rbot 3Wtt'» piec%.of M*rfeteg>. that d«Wyed fell the usefnlw« of the Allied ifleet. The destruction of tiie clh, wben it cOUld «o!)on- gerbemamteihed.iswotberoftbo^ lite^Wle burJiStog w '.WMtmrZ&^Wmm^. blo Will, asserting itself tn tbe midst Of gclwral tfein. '\ \ ,' • ..' '•• \'-•••.' - •'•\• ! - '•• \ Sebastopol -is'tokenf / A ,ye*r^agO the city Was nearly defencelees c^ iU soatbetn side. The Molako* and the Redan Were built in the face of ^e^ieg«(g«femy; 'TJai^ificatosoVtlSeiiesw ride were impt^feble to tlK! ft^ct* of the alHes; tt..^ / cify.'Was'>eoiM^ ~ itehctfancneinyiBtiwIa^te^. Tlw .. n that the cilpt«*«c<.tl*'Makkoff kasben, the coast, feudevettiiie^iCMfegUfeTrfelisitCb^^^^ patty. He lias organised fe goverhmcUt on a sensi- ble praetical basisi fend issued ftb inaugural that wiltcompiarefaVbrfeW^ from mucb higher ftUthotities In this counttyv-t- One of his followers has already given a nfew and startling stimulus to the agriculture, whyo anoth- er has broUghtihajt great eiviU«felfrr-the pfUitiBg press^to befer on the intelligence of the coUtttly, From all sidesi.thetstery iB that the Kiuhey putty arcsfeUguino of the success of their coloiiisation scheme, and that the natives are nothing loath to see them prospet. Colonel Walker; Wefenwhile,,hfes ft'Cceptedfe com- mission from the Lieott rovbltttlbnalfy party ih NU caM'gttfe,ttUdfelrefedy^•,db»u good servrcein.theiliil'di Oil the 3d of Beptembcr he crossed over from San JUfertdelSUlf to: the ijake* Willi some one hundred and fifty men; Gen. (juardiola immediately march- cd dowu from Rivas, gm him battle with amuck superior 'force, attd was defeated with loss. Of the consequences of the defeat we Cfeunot speak with certaihty. OheftnthoVi'tystfttes thatWftlkerr*tUt'. j ned to SaiV JuandelSur, and was expected to me- nace Rivas. Put another—from CostaRM^ift* serts that RiVas had 'already ffeliett into the hands of the Leon party with whom Walker is aflilmted: that the latter Was daily expected to attack Or«- lifedft, and that grcat.consteniation prevailed on the Lake.. Whatever be the true version of the facts, it ^eenis certain that Walker's cblistnient in the service of the rcvolutionftty party has been of setvicutto them; fend' that their pro^ieet of oVcr- turniivg the established government is promising. It is likewise obvious that Walker's acceptance of a commission from the Leon chiefs divests his moVcmeYits of the^ (eqUlyocd character they lately bote. He is now a soldier of fortune, serviiig, like Lafayette, Koskiusko, Pvlifeski, Steuben, Lord Co- chrane, Lord Byron, Admiral Slode, and our own r countrymen whosareilii -tie isfftftfctf the Idiat, itt the ranks of a foreign army; ami When ho asswU that be is there because Ire sympathizes with the objects sought by the LeOnparty, be is entitled te be belief. - • . ., ., ? « . - • Without exprewiug an opinion favorable orbUi- erWise With regard to tbese persoiis and their en- terprises, it is impossible to dimiss them from tha mind without dwelling for femomcttt on the prob- able future of Central America, Attentteu hat already been drawn in these «olur«*s to the WUiMr- eby whtck has tfeen tb^ fte^id Cotiffltlon bl th* livo Ceuttal American> States etersiftceltkeiiriep. fetation from each other, ft is notetioUs that feci- tber in moral nor material Warfare has there been tb« slightest progress mode inany of them fottbfe k«t thirty years: that tky h*W gone back Wferd, inftict, while the rest j>f the world Was advancing. At the same.time, it is Well knowTl that no part of ; the globe c«ers greater ttfetutal advatttages to the agriculturist, ar^ none is better suited ifcr 'purposes of commerce. That the ph^omenOn it directly arid wWlly due tetlieindotaice aud-iil- capacity of. the half-breed races which inhabit theMStates,is«lsOtok^blycertain. Wbefetfea things are vottsidctcd, it May seem Wow prafMtly a matter of woUoVjr that so n^ *'cOUUtiy Should have been left to decay for a quarter of a w^itm?. than that efforU should now be made by L ' 4iT The whole number of applieatlOM fot'iBoi«i^'')ted,wiid»vtiito.^ ' have bee* »n?w«(rd of two btrndrtilfelil strrtmteen .$HMiirit.'«'n1^^ ty-four thbusaiid thm Irtndrel.' During Mt WMth Beariy elcvim tbotiia^ wew^^l^ \ ;'•: <m* '•-•-.' ' ' tioo of tk- opvo«fli»i«f *e \ Ma4o* Uw,\ of oporeartve toiw^ L*«MatiOn, wffl be k«*l '.fJkj^^'W'MW^ ' t^FcTaWWwyN1to*otafsO**» JU»»« wiMofboMttsNfeajlaMMtalAvtoMfSJ^ a*r^iliw>ayt«Ae_ tin **f«ll*'Oif Wat, ''' ' )u«wbt ie j^^A;' I* ' If in*»d. H b# ttie,. as said, that tn cOn- km 'Of wchatwilt t^ north side bttlsee* w^*>rtrid«*ledetBneea,it* of *setfe, a^l t^ttegi^l^ adl<C44taitioMie Wen to reclaim it. It has beefettiid by MacOUlay th^ trfttondiRon of the cxistenM cf tbe-lWitisa empire in Asia was MOquest-4m*«8aut ^Uest. Out Witio«al ptosperity depends on »B«oh con- dition ^bfet Use exteUei« of the Ang)e-B*lton .-race, and ^ abeoiption or^bjec^ •* riorta^ar^topW*^«^ a new SUte in iWomia: tbo time for »ew h»l- ment of the hidden law *m&teMmmMli t«idy;<^A«ri<^raih«Ml, ; ^ Americans, ooa«eete ^ oceans it Ae fstttttii; «^ a telograpb )Me aW owned by Amerteaiis, Ii' *bo«t te be wonstnicted k 'die same region.' Mt- tbor north, Hoodie W ataady a«£ated had, priyilegeB,'a»d.ri^#w«»:1*A«i^^ 5k,|^%-tasiidH^, bas ed|etW-lKon w a^<« wVoc»KK«topv^»h*ia. Mc*t««u it traversed frost end toai by«* AMrka«i':tfaa- 'BIwVVIHppmj TfWWBVWVklHMINt>'MklOTnM*\ > VIMn«iw»»' ' alteAaty)f*e»iat«. ' ^ms»|b *e«owi- -:». •/• '\ ' '•'\'• •

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