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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, July 31, 1819, Image 1

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TTSBURGH REPUBLICAN. VTTSBUKGH, CLINTON COUNTY, If. Y. SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1819. No. II. e. rh.aaa. lijii xiiii CON'DtllONS. ,', To Village subscribers, S 2 a year. e WHEREAS NATHANIEL MAR- and ZEPHAWIAH EHUMMIT, ruihe town of Pittsburgh in the tpunty of Clinton and M»ie oi New- Tork, for feturiug to WilJiam VI \I- fon of the county of Columbia and JU« aforefaid, ihe fum of one thou- fjind three hundred and fevemy one \ollats the lawful intereft there- , Oil), on the firfl day of Novem- in ihe year of onr Lord one thou- fcnd eight hundred and feventeen, Mortgage unto the faid William tyilfoo. ALL that certain traQ or J \ufiel of land Otuate, lying and be- jjtg in Beekman Tovrr.fhip and coun- •j'ol Clinton, on the tycll Ode of L 'jf Champlain, known by the divi- i Hinap of hid townfhip by i Sine of !..huit)l)ar one hundred and Cxtecn beginning at the 6outh-weft corner of lot.number one hundred and fifteen \):i ftake five links weft from a black Jh tree cornered and marked Ic2> '|>5, 115, ji6~thence north ioitj jljtutchaii.a fifty fjven links to a Uke nineteen links fouih eatt from a tcech tree cornered and marked i 1$, |ljj,—thence weft forty (even chai s tag eight liulca to a cedar tree, 116, $7 —••htnee fouth forty eight chains .iffy teven Holes to a flake ten links 'outh weft from an iron wood faplin tpa'iked 101, Ic2, 116, 117—thence |ift to the place of beginning, con jBiing two tnwrfred & iwen'y eight ere* and'a half. — And whereas dc- 'rinit has bten made iu '.he payment if'the faid fum of o->e ihoufand te^-rijuKlrrd and fevtmy one daU. ttji, and the lawtul inured on the fane—NOTICE is hereby given, that tiV faid mortgaged premises will be fold ac public vciulue, to the high li .adder, »j the 1 ffice of Palmer a d %?alwor;h, in the village of P.a'ts Jiurgb) tK lh<i fouith day of Decem- ber tiext, a< one o'cios k in the aftcr- poon of thai dav—t ?ared Ma> 29, Uig. .WILLIAM WILSOJ*. *iv. tfalmtf and Wjiwori.it, hit Au'ys. , ; NOl'U'K is ht-i-vby given, that VHKKKAS, U.f.-.uU Las hetn uude In the p.iymenl ot the u'.mi,! ii.it rest <Kl a moi'tg i{<e given by JOHN KUVK, 'to the New Loan Officers of ihe COIIII- .'!' ol'.CIin'on, dalid ilic twenty seventh Bay of June, 1792, fur si-curing tlie iH'icip'il, and mtu'ist unmi-ily, o( i'our- tMi pounds time shilling anil Uirce pence, of one quarter of l.nt number is, in tile Location ol 17..83 »cres in .^eru, in Situ)- county of Clinton, con- joining one lunulred and six acres, as |ie' s.imt is particularly detail) d in flliid montage, the same lyir,^ acj'iin- fcg to the south cast corner oi Lot lumber ten iu said Locaiiun. ''; And whereas, also, di fault has been •Rail* in the puymeitt of the inttrrtst )lie on another mortgage, excruiid by jiiTHAM BEKMAN, to llie New Loan .\i>Ifictis of Clinton County, uaied the Si'cnty seventh ihiy ol June, 1782 for pcu-in^ the pvinupal and minual i»- of tltirty seven potirtds w\\ siiil- fg, on lot \number iwe»iy luur, of (the one hundred iicre Iocs in the grlii.-- JbU division of I'latis'iui'^ti, in the lraci jlrf.l.tlld set Hp-irc and so.t! clicap i'ov tl^e i!q<ouragement ot scttlirs, containing ^%'hunored acres of land. Tlitreiore, the said si.veralj>remises fbove mtnuont-d, wllbe svvcrally s>oid ,p public vendue, at the Court House, K Ibe town of Plattiuurj.;!), in said Wiy, 011 the third I Utstlay ol 5>tp ilicr.ntxt, at two o'clock, in the a£- ttfnoon, to tile liiglicst bUlder, to saiis- iy the *aicl principal ami interest on •eS-jid ;r.o:t^ageb res[j>.ctively. UalfclJ P)»tlsi>urnl), Mjy 26, 16i?. ,;\\ ' JOHN 1 fALMKH, ; AARON I'AIKCHILD *' A'cn Loan Officers. $ mi 1 m H , ERE SS J \ Hl * CA *O«N. of the town of Miivni,m 'the ,:inu*f q( Fraiklin, on the ti^fc- l*eofh day of March, in the yea one 'lorfind eigbt. hundred and kven- DID ^nangjge uaio Daniel LL ttut certain piece ot i laudiiuiai.c-.ui (tat part of ihe town of Mjl.ine cal'ed ntrnber fix, ami bti' g i p^rt of lot ntwibcr forty, as furveyed by Jof pli Benin, bouiKlcl as follow* t<i wit :—Bi-^iii ni ig fi >. ciui s ind fi <ty lin.-.s t'ae ealt of i heml ck (lump ft»r diiij! I iutli w It iroi> tht iuuth weft cor ner i.f ihe Tavern houfc, la'ely occu- pied by J In II Huff.l, i Vtlie -vil- lage ot Uia'ute ; Ibtore running north one chain und fjventy five links i thci.ee call one chain and fif- ty links ; thence f u'h one chain and feventy five lint\! ; thence weft one chain and fiffy links to thf piacc of | beginning. And ul.ereas default has been made in ihe payment f three hun- dred and feventy five dodare with i,i- j tereft, fccureU by the faid mor g.ige— And wher.-as the (*iu moitgage has beta duly aligned to John F. Dim- ak—Now therefore NO i ICE is hereby given that by virtue of a pow- er contained in (he faid morrgagr,the faid m rtgaged p emilcs will be fold at public auction at ihe houfe of Joel Amsden in the town ot Malune, on. the feventh day of January next, at one o'clock in the afternoon. Dated July 3-1, 16:0. JOHN F. BI.MICK. By A. H.fvall, Att y. hereby y;'u;n that by virtue of a power cont.iiiieil 111 the a.iiO mortgage the <t- hove dcsi-ri'ieil premise* will be void \<• public ctucuon di llie hou»e of J^ I Anis I.11. in llie to«d of Mjlone, in the •mil! co.111.r ol l'unkiiri, on the i>evenu>enth d.<y of irtitniry next, at O»P o'clock in she afternoon. U,.Ud July 12, 1819. ai Dy A. l), hit Att'y- D EFAULT having been made in the payment of five hundred and thirty fix dollars, with interelt, fecu- red by a certain indenture of mort- gage, executed by Smith Purdy, late ot ivlaton: in the county ol Franklin., to Richard Harnfon of the city of •New-Yoik, beating di.e the fecond day of April in tlie year one thou- fand eight hundred and five— • NOTICE is therefore hereby gi»- et), that by virtue of a pnwer Contain. eJ in the laid motigagc, a!l. tho to,lowing mentioned and delcribcd lauds which were conveyed by the f.iid mortgage, will be fold at public auction aitlie houfe ot Joel Amidcnin the to0 n of iv.iu nc in the faid coun- ty on ihe frventcenth day ot January ncxi,.t one o'clock in the jher«oon,ro wit :—ALL tliat certain piece or par- cei of land, fuuaie 111 Ma'.uifc, a. or a li.cl, Deing pan of lot nun.ber ihirty live and i.t;, lour, as lurveyed by J 'fcpli lieeman, and 13 biu.ided is Ki 0*0, begitiamg at the loutlt rait corner 01 onehundied acres ot laud h.rttotorc toviv. yed to l.u her U inf- low, and .in the ea(t bounds of the 10! number thirty live, and tuns i thence welt thirty nine chains and eighty iwo links 10 a lUke and ltonca j tlitnce* f. u.h twenty eight chaiii* to a hemlock Iree marked ; the ice eait lixty one chains and nine- ty hvc links i thence nonh iorty chain ; thence welt twenty two chains and thirteen In ki ; thence fuu.'h twelve chains to the place of beginning, containing two hundred acres uf iatid. Duxd July la, 1S19. KiCtiAKD HARRISON. By A. HafxaS;, hia iitt'y. W iiEKhAi on Uie hltccinii day ol Uciobcr, in tnt ycurot our Lord one thousand 11,-,bt Hundred and three, S&IUUL SiLaiiE men of the' : town ol oijorclidnj,!!! llie blate of Vc.r- 'I nvoni, DI D nion^ige u.iio Kicliard Harrisciii ol the (_ity ol New York, KsuuiiL-, AL L thobc two etrtain pieces or piritK ol land, :>itu.:(e in V.\c town* ship ot iVljioue, ihun in tile county of C!l:.ii>ii, uciug now 111 llie county oi 1'raoklin, paiu of >ois numher s.vei. £>nd cigin, ol tue said towuaiiip as sur- v- /cd ay Juscoli Uiciiioii—line liist of UMCII Uc^uis ul !i>c souUi cist coiner ol tnc s^id lot I.UIH!) r seven, and runs irom thence uortii unr.y ^wn ciiuina Biiu lily links ; tliciicc weal forty elfins; Luciict suiufl tliirty stver. cliains anil tiity links; thence east lor- ly cumins to ihe pl.icc of ncgiiramj;, coutjitmi^ one hundred and h'ny acres ol lain!— l'lit SCLOIII! ol'tlie s;nd piece- es or Ujiccis ^1 land, nc-gins ai the north tjjit coinci'ol tnc Suid lot number ei^ht,aud runs from ihcticc south iwcii- ly live chains; tlitnce w<.st tweniy ci.alns ; thence north iwuuy five chains ; liieuce tail iwc-nly chains to tile\ place of bc^inmii^, containing filiy actcs of lailfl, for si-uning tti« pay- incut ol tlie sum of four tiuridred and ttiirty doiljii wun the inti rest accoi- Cling to tlit condition of tbe said moil- jj-ogc deed And whereas default h*» been made in the pay mem of the said sum ui lour honored and thirty dolUrs mill the iiilcrcst, KU11CL it Uiretore srJrs OF A'KIV' YOKK, IN CHASCtRY. ' IN pursuance of an order of thii Il.nor .'.>lt CouU, btiiln>; date the 11. <\ y oi Juiu last p u tt. will be txild a. (iiibi'lc ruction, at tile 'f inline Coffee fiouir in ihe Viiy ••/ tt-W- Yurk, on the Jii'vl iluy 0/' Sc/tlenitttr next at twelve o'ciwk ut noon oi that day, under the direction of We subscriber, one of ihe Misters of this Couu, all those eight certain lo.s of land, siiu.ic, lyiutr and btiiij; in tlie town ol Champlain in the county of Clinton and stale of New- York, being juris of a larger tract gr*nud oy the people of tlie State of N< w-York and «t opart by the law» of said state for the Canadian and Nova- Scotia Refugees, known and dUtin- guisned on u map and return of the s >id larg. r tratt tiled by life Sumcyor. General in Hit Secretary's ufiice of the Sidle ol New York, as the IOM^ranted 10 Jjteft/i I'/iar ier, Pierre Lahjniy, Jran ltajuixtc Ltibomy, Anlonio Lavvltc, J.JUIB ttuize, fiancU Mtrtin, and l>y Iocs uuniuer 12J, 111,135, 11. com:.111- mg lour nuiidied, <aiij iwciily acres cici,, a,,d loia number 77. t!4, 238, iU containing cacn iigi.ty acres, and WHICH s..i! loi 123 is oouDded by lu't nuinoer U2, 144 124, U8,ai,ii w Suid lot iitiuiUer 111 is linuitUed vy liuniijcr 110, 105, 113, 130, and lot nuni.jti 13S i!> bounded by lots uuinotf 134, Ui, 158 »uu 136, and w..icli SJIU .UI !.u:i.u<.r 11 13 uounded by uuiDucr 1, iO, -J .,id lj,.indwhich sain iui i.unijc 7 7 it boiiiidail by luts uuuiOv:! 7o 78, io and 104, and which s.ld lot nuuioer oi is uou.ickll 11) tots itumoer 4tf, Hi, bj, and 107, and wit'cli lot nuni -. 2JJ is boui'iOcil by luts IIU.H'JUI 13&,Jl\>, I m,u 3>0 jud oy jj.a,.c.j..i'i.'j lot, me suiu ci^lii >uu of Ittilu LOlKal .lll£, lOgLtUC )IW(* (U ucies ol land, u- llic Mt.iie moro or ltj,», iii^iuaiu^ >oi nuuiocr 33B wiiitti is UOU.IVKJ oj iota uuiuocl 3U9 311, 337 ana J.jO, lo u cuier »itli u u anu alii^u- iar Loc |il>*iicgcs, iicrudltaiiiviils atiii u^^iUUe.taiiccs luciCuiito uciuil|^lii^ it in »i>y. ,v isj appcrlultnu^. iNuw-ktM'k, JUI, 1>:, 1819. W.Vl. V A.N UO\J&, 6 A 17 Man cr in Lhancery. shall sell at public suction, at tl'« tiou.-.c ol J >ssph I. Oreen, in the vil- lage of Pljl'sburfch, on the tweivy eighth day of August next, at one o'- c'uck in i'ie nfurnoon, as the law di- rects U.tcdJuiy 15, 1819. LEB LU1 CAL , 1 IILK, Sheriff Ity virtue of a wcit of Fieri V: eiits i.i>ufci5 out »rilicCi>vi-4 of Cain- mon VU'M uf the cuuiKy of Clini~,i ant) Mate nC .\>w-Y«rk, lo me <li- iccleil ami delivered, against (tie Kmils and chaltt'la, l.iods mid lene- inmis of .Mnirii AUUATB, I have sei/.cil and taken Lots number (•linn, Iwi-lm, ihiiUfii am) lil'icen, of one hundred acres each, a< laid •lowII oti a nmp »f Ihe tlivi-ioii <ifu trad of two thousund one hun- ilird anil (liirleen teres of Intid heretofore grariletl to MatthfW A'l[^:ik - , iinil (lica li ing tttul bein^ in iho county of ( iinlon, In llie state ul'uri-SHiil. now partly in the ennnl v of Km«x—-which above des- triOed loisof land I nhitll sell at puulio auction at llie hmijo of JiiiHph 1. Ureen, in the vill.ign of I'(;i(lal)uif;li, in snid county, on 'the -28 Ih clay of August next, •( t o'clock in the afternoon of Mid day •a llie law directs. Dated July 16.1819. ELISHA BUrTOV,late Sheriff. BY order of RKOBBK H. WAL- ITORTH, £fq. a Commiffianer, Sec. NOi'iCEis hereby given to all tha creditors of JOHN STEVENS, of the town of Piatt!.burgh,ia the court- ly ot Clinton,an infolvent debtor,that they Ihe* caufe if any they have, be- fore the faid commtflloncr, at his of- fice in Plattabnrgh, in faid county, on the 4th day of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, why an affignment of the hid infolvents es- tate Ihould not be n ade and his per- fgn exempted fiom imprisonment , purfuantto the act entitled \an act f to >!>oli{fa impTttwjmtnt for debt in ' certain eases.\—Dated April 7,1819. JOHN STEVENS, lofolveat. B Y virtue of a writ oi TcsUlum l'i- cri 1'acia.s issued oul ol luc su- picnic Lour, ol JuulCaluic ol llic ftiatc of i\cw-Vork. io mo u.r>cieu a.ia de- livered against Uic ^oods and cnaads, loiius ana lenciiieiilsot oihLii^Hl d. liU 1 LillAo.—1 hate 6ti2td and ta- k.n AL L l.iai evruin picou or parcel ol land, ocin^ l.ic uuuiwdid inoicy or half pai'l oi me Loi disuiigaisntd by loi JNo. ouc liuiiiircu and ten, contain, ing lour hundred uuj ti,iuy acres in lovvnsnip i\o. iour,beiug part ol alract ui' land set apart tor uic military as laid do-.vn on a map of saiu township made fy itoDeit Cochran survoyoc daUd SSin bepl. 17J5 situated und Uciiijj in tin. lowuslilji ol I'talisburgli or l'^ru. ln e undivided hail ol me above ueaCiiacu iul ul luncl, 1 s.iult ml: at pUDUC auction, at the house ot J j- sepli 1. Grecu, in the village of Huiis- bHt^ii on tile 4th day ot September ncxi, ai one o'clock in ihe aacrtiouu. Dated. July 24, 1819. CALLb Lu lilEK, Sheriff. B Y Virtue ol ^n txecuiion issuul out of ihe Ckrk's oflice, of v i, e touiity of Cli\t°\> to me dircc:ed and delivered against the goods, chattels, lands and tenements of ISAAC T. ^HEUWOID, agreeable to the ttatute in su.ch case uiude and provided, 1 have seised and taken all tliat Certain tract of land, lying and being in tlie cuuniy of Clinton aforesaid, and is pan of lot number ten, in the general di. vision of the township of Piausburgh, and begins at the south east corner of lot number nine, thence south eighty nine degrees and thiity minutes west, folly M:; chains and tniuy three links, to a beech tree marked on three sides ; '.hence south twenty one cUains and thirty three links ; thence cast fony six ciiukis and thirty three liuka J thence north twenty one chains ' & thirty three links to the pUcc of beginning, con- taining one. hundred. acr«s of land, more or less. X'ie abo\e described tract of land, together with alf the personal proper- ty of the sutdj l»»at l\ bU 1 BY order of Keuben H. M iorth, Esq. a commissioner, Sec. N< ' Id\ is hereby given to all the creditor : : 1)\ VID DOUGLASS, of Plattsbti gh county ol Clinton, an insolvent L that they shew cause, if any thef before the said commissioner, at h.. office in PktibbUrgli, in said county,on liic 33 i day of Sept. next, at ten o'- clock in the forenoon, why an assign- ment of the said insolvent's estate\ should not I.e made, »nd bis person be exempted front imprisonment, pursu- ant to the act. emitted \ an act to abol- ish imprisonment for debt in certain cases,\ pissed April 7, 1819. Dated July 2, 1819. DAVID DOUGLASS, In«olvrnt. JDootponmicnt. Tho salo ul llie properly of BEIT- JVMI.V SMITU, advertised on the lust pugu uf this paper, in postpon- ed lo thu twenty sixth of Juuencxt, tlieit to bit sold at the hour and place iiiuittioucd in the gaiil adver- tisement. Dated May 2V, 1819. U WINAKUl's SWARTWOCT. Jr. A. J. U ii. Sitcrry, Alt'ys. The Sale of the property of Benja- min bmKti advertised on the last page ol ihio puper, is further postponed 10 ii.c iwciuy luurih day 01 July next, t.'i.n to be sold ut the hour and place mentioned in the said advertisement. Dated June 36, 1819. bAHNAHUUS SWAHTWOUT, Jr. A. J. U G-. bpcrry, Att'ys. Sales of Lands for TAXES. STATE OF NKW-VOUK, ) CuiaplrolUr't Ujjicc. J LHL1C -MITICJB is lierebv given, lliat lists ol' certain JLuntU li- aults (u his suld for luxes, have been iuiwuidcd loth several uounticsiu this state, tu utdei- (o Iw in the nefti.il county und lo»n clerks* olliees, respeut- ively, lor the infuriualiou uf ull persons cuueerned } and Hint the said lists muy be examined at ei- ther of I lie abuve oliicea, ut all i-ea- l Uuuri; And JwUue it U«re- hv also ctvpti, that on ThHmdift the nrrcnlh tUiy of Ortobrr nrxt. at (fit oVIiM'k in tin* fureni'ici, at th# oapitol in the city nf Alb -nv, »n«f on the nnul »iMceriliiij» d*\>> I will sell ill public auction. Iu Iti-- bkti* rsl bidder* »o iinub of eitrli 1«»> (lirct* or pared of I ami mention- <f and d'-dcriln-il in tho <a(d \U<*. a* will be »)c*e»«ary to pay all taxt-4» ' in 1 crest Bad fbarif^* now d<i«-. of ih;ii may nnnv and be due tli -ri\>« at the time nf mli'i Thr rondiliimii uf the •»)» wilt he. (hat (be |iur<>hn«vr« •ttliin for- ty ei^Ul bourn after llir ml»> \mf the |iureh««e fnoni<** ltn«l rve**i\S crrlificateiof (heir (inr-han-p 1 »n& tint after llie pxpirntiun of tutt year* from Ilir date (if (heir cprtifl* fiiten. Iliey reei'ivo c.mu^ane. * f«p the land piueliiiied liy tlnin re»p.-o- tivlv. iinlrKi.tltv owner*, or HUM*) claiming lo !>•• »ueh, of 1 lie l«nd« »9 purrliiiied. HIIHII, iirt'tliiim In tho expiration of the nnid t«i> M'Hrt* |iat lo Hie Cnmplii.llHP fur til<- 11 Ml of the said purrlmtrrii Illeir lirir* und uisit;ni, the amnnnl of 1 lie pur* chafe monies, with inlrrlaU Kt rli« rate of twenty per eciitiiin pur an» num. i'b« land* sold io bn *nbj««t tn all etaiiiM nf the ilate Oirrrcm.— And in case any land lo h* pni-ebs* n-d at thr sail I sale, and Ibul nn* be ei>iivri«-d In punuannit IhprcoG •ball at iho liiuu of runtnyftnoe b» in I bo avtuol posirstian and oe.ru* punry of any person or persdmt, lli# ••lie of ihe puicliMS'i- slittll then tt in thai o«se bv nubji.-t 1 lo thr- slip* •ulatinnv and prc '-IPIM t,l\ the flf'll section of the act entitled •' an act lo repeal in 'i '. nid vntitlril \ an ui • nrt. i. , more iffielually to a»cei .in and delerillim* thr tru* . value of real estates wilbin tbt*-. slate, and for other pur|Mnr»,\ anil fui'iher to ameniKlte ad for the u«- sessoirnl aiideollcLlum of laies\— poktcd April IS. 1819. AUCJii) M'ljNTTRE. Comptroller. Albany, May srib* 1«19. gJ^Pwvwrt wlio mi.y hmf* mate •ii} -ueuls into tbe. Ireusury for tax* ex. and omiiied lo buve thvir re* eripti (iresenled at lh« Camptroll* cr'a offlee lo hate thr in mined and ! juntersi(;ned at t .^ttlrrd by law* are advl* tl to ps fwnt Ihcni'ia or- der 10 IM SO enlcrid and rounlrr- rnril l>efore thr- day of tale ; of iiial in case of foiling lo do »o, tltelc ' 'ills will be sold, nod limy Ilirrc- nfler be deprived of tbe brnrfit of aH sueli [iHjmenls. Payment* fur taxes cannot bf re« eeivrd on the dnys of tale, nor fof two days prior lo the «alr. Auction Sale. By JOnN W.\LW0Rtff~at hit Store in the tl'Iagttof Plait** burgh, on Saturday ibe 71b of Au« gust uexl, twenty four belt HO- KUM HATS, made by «jipro>e4 woitmrn andofibe brit nmlerial*. ALSO, one cluganl yellow muun* led SABRE SU OHO. one 8All* DLE, three Jars JMACCABA SNLFF. together with several, other articles. Sale at 11 o'clock, A.M. 1 FlatUburgh, Julv 23. 1819. JOHN WALWORTrT, Auctioneer. E- j MliSES & C COK. received, and offer jot sale, In adlition to their otber MIL* L1NEUV, an assortment of STRAW HATS, of the newest Cushion ar.d of a su- perior quality. ALL kinds of work appertain* ing to thu millinery & manttiAina* > king bujtiuess, will be done in (h« best muuner aud in fashionabl* »ljle. i'tatlsburgh, July 15, 1819. ; : The sa!c of me property of Uenja* min Smith advertised on the lust piga of this p'iper, is further **>c»tpoin.<J to the twenty first day of August ncxt» ilien to be sold at ihe I.O'JI- »nd pUcs) meniioncu 11; v v s ii<l •• tcrlist menu U..I..I Ju y 24 1819. BAKI^R. vs SWA»TW«UT Jr« A. J St G Spcrry, A i'y»> ttikit F

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