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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, July 17, 1819, Image 1

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Vh\ Tl'SUH Ht.ll, CLINTON COUNTY, N. Y. S.VTl UDAY. .11 I.V IT, IM'J. W HV JIZJIUMH V. FUKlfS, JTOI1 TU B rliOPIUKTOHS. CONDITIONS. To Viltape subscribers, S 2 a year. To those whorecetve Iticir papersby gS Ii WHEREAS NATHANIEL MAR. ||H«].L and '/iliFHAISlAH bRTJMLIiY, of the town ot Pittsburgh in the county ol Clinton and Matt of New- York, for feturiog to William Vf'il- fon of the couoty of Columbia and ftate aforefaid, the fum of one thou- fand three hundred >ntl feventy one doi!ais,wifh the lawful intered there- in, DID, on the firftday nf Novem- ibcr in the year of our Lord one thou- fani^ tight hundred and fevcnteen, mrrtgage u'.:ta the Ui.l V/illiam Wilfon, ALL that ccruin tra£t or parcel of land fituate, lying and be- ing in Bcekman Tcwnfhip And coun- ty of Clinton, on. the wdt fide of Lake Champlajn, known by the divi- ] fion rrtapol fatd 'ownfhip by t.?meof lot nuuibsr One hundred and fixteen \begmi'iinir a: the iiouth-wcft corner of lot number one hundred and fifteen at a Hike live links writ from a black •»(h tree cornered and marked Ic2, 105, 115, itti -thence north forty right (hait.s tilty ftven lii'ks to a ' (take nineteen links foulh ea(l from a 'beech tree cornered and marked 115, 116—rlunce wtlt forty fevi-n clni\S jnd eight linki to a ceJ.ir rrce, 116, ,,117 —thence foulli iony ci^ht chains fifty f;venr links to a (take ten finks Jouth well\ from an iron wood faplin marked 101; 162, 116, II\—thence ealt toihe place nf beginnir.i;, con . laming two hundred & twen'y eiijht scfc^ and a. ha-f-— And wh»r:<i de- fault 1 Ins bvc-n made in :he pvymnt ^f ,Uie fatd f'Jni of o.* e ih.iuUnd ihrte hun('ri-d a!i<! ftv.nty one dol- lat?, ii:'iil l!ie l.t'i-ful inicr.lt on the Xuito; ' '• '-* ; ^'*'•'- ' s hen by g'ven, that t'»e f^vi ITn''^ :^Plj pVcUllhCS Will bt ; fold at pub HI vvii'iue, to ihe ligh I t rni.'icr.'a! ii\ 1(1-1- • \I l'jl-.icr a..d • \i'a!vi-i-ir '< -i '•n- vii ; -\ge i' f P.atti tf.'vii, .'i . ' . < 1 'vhi'.iv -i f Decem- bc .-•••it . '. • • 1''. .),!. ,1 i.'i! • -,i*rtr • \ii» •'. 11 7.9, Ihs to*n of M alone ml'd rtni^pr fi*. an I br irga p'irt of let nuinLur forty, as furv.yed I'y Juf ph IJiMun, bounded .is M!nw: to wit — D.-pn. mug fi < cliait s Ji.d fury iniit risi* I'JII of i lieriiU>ck (tump (im.dii.g fmrh wd t (rom the fnuth welt cor ntr of the tavern houfe, la' ,• cccu- pied by J< hn H. Rufl'el, in ihe vil- Ufje of Maloite; titmice running north one chain and feventy five links; theticc cart one chain and fif- ty links ; thence (uuih one chain and feventy rive links 1 thence welt one chain and.fifty links to the place of beginning. And 11 hereaa default has been made in Ihe payment nf three hun- dr.ed a'ld ftventy five dollars aitliii- terelt, ftcurcd by the faid mor'grtRe— And whcr.as the faid moitgag; 1 has been duly alfi^ned to John F. Dim- itk—Now therefore NOllCt is hereby given that by virluc of a pow- er contained in the faid mortgage,the faid mortgaged pieniilea will be fold at pub/ic auction at (he houfc of Joel Amsdcn in the town of fVUIone, on the fevsnth day of January n«xt, at one o'clock in the afternoon. Dated July 3d, 1819. JOHN F. DIMICK. By A. Haivall, Atty. Tty virfiio of a writ ofFii'ti Fa- ciiiu issm-d ou( (if the Court ol\Com- mon l'lcits nf the count; ol' Clinlun anil slulo of New-York, In me di- ri'Hi'd and drlivcicil, n^uinsi (ho I ginxls and liiallcls, liml-i unit Icm.'- iiitiitt ol' MAKTIX AIICATK. I h»ve sci/.cd and taken Lot 'iiiinhci- fen, of one hundred <icn-s, in ;i tract (if 211T. UIMTS of I11111I liRictnloi'u j^t'iuilt'il to Mtillhevv .V(lf»iile—Al^o l<;t number I'liiwlveti, cml,lining out; hundred acres, in I ho alVncs:ii(l li'act —:iUi( lot number sixteen, eonhun- i!)g 0:1c liiiudrct! '.iciTS, in tin- v.unc trin'l—which HIIMVC (Irn r ln<l hits o.t'liitid 1 shall sell at pn'ilic auction ut III\ !i(iiis<' ol'.Jdseph I. (jeei-n, in the village of l'latlib':rj;h. in said iiHHl'v. on I In- (mill dny ol' July lie\t,4tt <IIK; o'clock in I!K' .illcriKiutl of s>iid d i.v HM Ih:' IJHV iliicets. * i)u(od jlay 'is. IMU. i nrrrox. lale >hi-iim IS . V, iN-' \.• ••' i - • .iij i\u'i-n, tint I^V'Hl.tfr '••,-• •< 'au!: ]..i\.; niniJt . !!i t 1 L \: •••[ • •' < i in., ju •• ,i ,. : i ; ,-vt Oil ) V:-,'-, :•• j'iv '1 ' v .) if !1<.>»-K, to tin- l\- w \.iii:\ >' l!lir-. r« .. -:-.i. CI;I:M- ly oi (^'m 1 in, •!.'• ' ' in iviLiitt 'J, T tuii day ct Jun=, 1792, for fcunviun t'>i- ' princtp.il; I'IIJ v.iwt• i\ ur.niuiy- 01 tou 1 - tetti poii'ujs o'.e siiil!''!)^ aril tur.c pence- of orr qu.r'ler of I-. it number six, in lilt; Locition nl 17;• B3 , ci-cs in I'-iu, in said cou'ity of t;.inton, cun- WinsBff oni.* lmn'in.d RIIO six .icns , iis tlie s>m-.-is pai'ticulaily rl< scrilvil in said mortgage, t^c sa'ne iymj atijuin- ing to uic souih CASt corner d Lot bomber ten in s-ii-1 Lormiii.ii And wlii.r.-.s, n'so, di f.uilt lias hern made in tliu p.tvmunt of id - interest due on another moii^j^-, utmini \,y NATHAN 11KKM\N, In tie N-'\v Lo ,n Olu.-.LTij ot Clinlon ('ciiiiuy. '':i'ed t:ie twenty sr--tTh day r.f h\uf, 179J, l')r i>\-curing tde pi In ip.\l m,'I . .nual in- turtist of il.irtj\ s v.-n j . innds tin shil- lings, ot» lot nirnUcr uv r,iy four, of . Ihe one humlrxl jrre lots in llje tjtiu- Tal divi-ien nf Plalis'.nir^li, in the IILICI of liitid s U : p ut and Suit! cheap for 1L0 cncoura^eiuMH of vttk'ci , i.oiHaiiiin^ one liunirct! acres t,( land. TlRTeiors, Uic s»i-l scvcivil prcmist's above mvnlimu'd, ni:_l'ba s-verjlly sulil •t public vemlu\ ut the (\uuri House, in the town of J'Uuslniwh, in suij county, vr. Die third Turvla y nf 5*c()- Jeniutr next, at ur o r.Vlix-k, in the ;•('- Urnoon. to the highest bi.-.'d' r, to 5mii.- fy tiic s«td piiiMifKil .'JIHI inifrts'. on the suid nipt't^aj-es re sp^ciiv^fcr. Dated Plnlli'b';!^!], M?y 'jr., 1819. JH*' I'L AARON l'AlHCIIILD .•'1 c\.t> J.oun OJ/i- crs. 1JY virtue jf a writ of litti facias iffued out of the Court of Corra n PICJS ot thi county i,f Cii'ton and it.iitf oi Ne>.v Yotk, to me dircfK'd & d<jlivoritl v ai;ai':ll the (roods and rliat- t I:, D:I!S aiiJ te.iemciiiE of ABS n 1-CMIUI.^Y, 1 have suizid and uken all tlv.it cjr'uiu pi ce or parcrl of land in Pianfburgh, part of lot nu;r,- b^r Fifty one in ihe geiv ra! diviCon of (ht I'ovv-'fhip ofPUtifliargh.iyiii); on 'ht cali and smtth (ijes ot the laid lot anrl is (\my acres or. the rail fiJe of said lot, ami fixt hre acres cfTof the fouth tnd ol the rtfidue of the said lor i.umbi-i iilty one, containing in the whole, oi.e hundred and twen- ty five acres of land.— \l?o, all that certain puce or parcjl of lard in the town of l'latiiburgh,ai'd is fifty acits in the north eall corner of lot num- ber lifty, bounded as follows ; begin- ning at 'he norili eaft corner of (aid lot number filty, a( a beech tiee mar- ked No. 50, j t, ifi ; thence running weft thirty fiic chains and one link to a beech tree flam'ing at the north ealt corner of a lot of land, part of faid lot No. 50, lately belonging to No.ih Broadwcl! j thence south fourteen chaiTis to 3 flake 1 thence ealt thirty G'; chaitiB and one litik to a ltake by the ro;:d; th:nee north fourteen cha'ms ti> the place of beginning,con- taining fifty acu-s of land. The a- bove dcrcrihed lots ot land I fliali sell at public auction, at ihe house of Jiseph 1. Gre^n, in the vHlage of Pli'.t(burgh, on thr. twenty fmcth day ol July next, at one o'clo.k 111 the afternoon. Dated June 10, t'ciltj. Ll.lnlA iiU 1 ic>\, Lite Sl.tiifl. bv the highway j ort the l«» ii by Oi\>crt Jhew j on the oil bv Piviil H '»g, cor.tinning fetei.ty live ;tt:ei of 1<I. ilj m ire or lei,* —— fin.- above Helcrbfd (reinifes, together wnh A\\ 'he perl'tul property of the fairt' Crnt I'h-w, I thall fcit at pubic auction, at ih- h. ufe of ?<..«epli I. Gnrn, in the vilU^e ot Plattiliurgh, on ih:- twrnty four'h d^y ot July nc\t, at one o'clock in the afternoon, .is the law dir-.cU\. DateU June 10, 18 9. ELISHABUITOV, Sales of Lands for TAXES. 8ru r. VKW-YIUIK. \J I ti-'t OJjla: J P.Y arder 'FonrM H. WAI.- roRTH, Kfq. a «. jnimifTniner. &c. i\Ol'iCK is hereby given to all th.i creditors ol \)HN .S I'KVIiN'S, of the town ol l',aii?bur}!h,m the c»u» ly of Clintoi>,j»n ir.lolrcnt <!ehtnr,that they (hew caule if any they have, be- fore l!ie faid commi(ri>ner at hi» of- fice in PUitiburuh, in faid county, on ihe 4th d.iy i-f S' ptembe 1 next, at (en o'clock in the forenoon, why an alignment of the faid infolveuts es- tate ihould not be made and his pjx- fon exempted liom imprisonment purfua'itto the a u entitled \an act to aboli111 inpiikonrnent for debt in certaincas.s.\— I).iied »pr'l 7, 18I9. JOHN STIiVEN'S, Infolvent. IIY order of litubeii II. Wulwortli, r'*>fj. a coiiinussiotu-i', &c Nt) lU'L*. is hereby r^iv'-'ti to dH tiie. cre^i'ors <if JIK.VIHAN UAYMUND, of Peru, in the o.uiity ol C.intuit, .in Inaohmt iKIitnr, thai theysli' iv c.use, ll any they li.ivs, before the aiiJ rommi'.sioiii-r, ut hi* office in riat'»iiurj;h, in sii<l cuu<iiy,on tlie twttity Ionrth day of July next, »l ten n'ciock in ihe forenoon, w! y in as- si;.;nm nl ol llie sold insoiv^iu f r> i s.ate bhnuld i»,l he in itte, '.:ml hii persun he cxi.nipteil fiuin imprisoiiniciii, puisu- BIV m the ui.t, cutiikd \an ,ict to a- ho'isti impribunniciu for rteui in cer- tain easts.\ pissed Apiii 7, 1319. D^ieil Jon<- i 1819. JONATHAN RAYMOND, liY order of Keuhen II. \V,ilwoi\.h. lv;t| u commiiiionti'i &c. No 1 H'.K is h* j re: y ^Ivcit u> all 'Jit c.'c:'.ilais ot DA- v/i) I) U-'UGL^ss ol l J i:iltsltu.|:l'in til'.- ciiuii.y ol'C'inlon. an insolvent liihtir, V at iliey i!u« ' cause, it ;iny they have, bilore the said coinmisMoner, at iiis oifi''' in I'littshui'K\ in s;ii<l rouiity,nn li t 32 1 day ol Sipt. in x T . at len o'- eUv:k in l!ie i'ureiu.'in. \rUy an assign- ment (if the s.ii.i itisolvtnt^ estate sh'iuM not lie mule , and his person lie exempted !Va:n iinprisnimieii;, pursn- ;un io the act, eifit'ed \ JII act iu nlml- ish iihirisnnmenl for dv'a in certain cises. \ pi s r.| A[)iil 7, 1019, D.iled July? I«10. UAX D D.DOUGI ASS,ln»ol>fnt. Cl.lNfON CofV'IV. S.ulc oj jVtxs )'>;#, ^ 1'UisLlC NOTICE is hereby j,>iv;n to the rrctlitois of CHAIU.V.S KliYNOLDS, Ue of Pl.ilis!iui' t :h, i;t the s.iid county, yt:o- ui-m, tleceiisttl, thjt the monies arising from '.he fcnlr 1 of hirt riril estutc, have been lirou^i.t into my office, and 'hit the iippoi'tiuitnieiit and distritnitioii of Oie s.n'e Mill he insnlc on the Jir&t TurHitay in Sr/ucrnbcr rifcr, at the house of Simon Nevvconib, in lite vil- lage ol l'l:ittslniri;li '1 HtJMAS TUKDWKIX, Pl-illsbui'^ii, Miy I5-Ii, 1819. \ 6'V postponement im,If, \(>TI(T. is h(>r.-l»v RIVCIl. Illlll llSlS Ol'<•(•!(,lill J AttllU Ii. HIIII- in IM> ii.lil I'ur tiiM-i, have lin'n I'm naisliil 10 tin- m-vxriil couniH't in lltit htiiti-, iu (irihr to ho il^posiioil in tin- SI'MM-.II t'liuiily Iti'iiHiiirri' and (ow n cl<-iks' ollii'C-, i'i'«;ii'ct- nr\\. i\,, tin- inl'oi itiiilittlt ul nil jMisons vunrcrni d ; and tlisil thr siiid hs(, ma y In: I'vaiiiincil :i( oi . llirr ol'lh e iibovi; ullin-H, at ;ill I'ra- siinahh' liiinrs : An d nolicc is hrrr- l>> also pm-n. llivil o'i 'I'liurnilitij. I/if M'rriiifi 'li'U 11/' Drlnlirr licvl. ut It'll <i\ili.ik in Ilir foivtiuiiii. in l!ii' capitol it> 1 In- city of Alh.itiv. anil on the net! siKci-iuiii^; 'l.m. I will sill ;il public anclion, In tin- lii-li- i-t hiihlct', SII inucli of (\.tell lul, ptcfi- in- parcrl «f lunil riuiiiioitcil and d.-Mribrd in Ihe siiiil lists, as will IM % necitK^arv to paj all |«f«, inlricst timl «'har;;t's IMIW ilnr. or thai may gvosv and be due llim-oii at Ihe lime, ol salt.-. Tliu eundilioni ol' (lie nilo will he, Iliitl (In- p 11 tcilasers «itliin I'or- ly «'i^ht IKMII'S iiCii^t- the salt-, p.iv I ho puri.liaHi- nmniiH ami i'<-pi'iv« ci'i'lilidHti-s of llirir purclimcs ; and tlin' al'liT thr t-xpiratinn of tun yeais fi-iini lilt- IIIIIL- ul' iheir ct-rlili- I'HI'-H, IIHV i-i'crivc ruiivcyitni'i'it for lli» l.nul pinvhascd liy llu'iu rcupi-p- lively, unless tlu> owners, or those claiiniii^ In bi-. i-ueh, of the lands so puichiised. shall, prcvimn to lite c\piraiinu of (he said (wo vars. psi) to tlie Oomptrollci- fur tin- uv of I ho said pui cliasitM, llirir hrirs ami assigns. Ihc amount of lilt; pur- ch iso iiiiiuii'M. with inlfti'sl, at the rati- of Iwciily per t:i nt 11111 |icr an- num. Tim land* snh! to ho suhj'-et In all claims ni' (ho stale t'lnvuu.-- .Vnd in case any land tu lir pmelia- srd at I hu Msiiii sale, anil Unit may In- convoyed in pursuance ihrrrnl. Khiill at the time ol'cinni-yanec be in the actual possession am) orcn- |>ain-y of any prrsiunor prrsons.ilie ti'V of tin; purchaser shall llni, M in !hal i-ii!\!- Iii- subject 10 tin- >!ip- nlalioiiH a;i(! pto\ision» of the til\- It seetitin of (he ac(, cnlitl.-d •• au act (u iijii-.ii in pan 1I10 ar-i enliil.-il •- an ai'l providi'i}; more rlR-Hunity tu asfcrlaiuand deli itiiinc tin? li-u« vtiliiu ol tval cvlitti'S uiliiiu lliiH slate, and lor oilier l>urpii\c« < ** atu) further to anti-mlUm .ici fur llu*as- si'ssinc!:! anil <\ill>'ciiun of taxes\—- I>iib»vtl April t.'.. isl'i. AliCli'll M'lNTYRE, Ciiin/if rolfer. Alhany, May '-'rih. I si a. fy^lVpsims vvhu may h:\ve nv.idu pay iuc-iit^ inlo the Ircasury fur lav- es, anil omilIril Io have their re- cci(iis prc-'iiicd at Ihc Ci.inptroll- ci's ollitn lu !ia»i; Ihein cntrnd anil t-oiiiiti-rsi^m-tl ai ri-ijuirril l»v law, aio ailvis>-(l to present ilieiu inor- iler Io he 30 entered and rountcr- sij;iicil hclore Ihe day of sale ; or (hat in cmeof fuiliu^ In ilosu, (heir lands will be sold, and they llicre- after be (It-piived of lliu bRiit-ftt of all such (i.ijniriits. 1'aynienis for taxes cannot l»e re- reivcil on thr days nl' sale, nor for Iwo days prior Io Ihc sale. iiniai'ilr—»|to K'««i| iprinst witicr in 1 tif\ b.irn—liki'wUi' H Imrn US i 1 • 1 1 4i|o.ti<'. (^uiil slii!ilr«, und U %e- p:ir;U»- i!.ihl>' ioi' H(II^<' IKII-SP«-—f% v,i,m( stii-il '.toil itUicr ciiil^civruci(*^«. nil in (jonil rcpiiir. 'I n • i|.y{i- \lups :i( «aid IKMIM- (HCI- ni^'i't nod iiif (liiiiier u'i'1 hroiiKI'nl. AUo fi'l- ial\'..'il) iicri'i nrp^pU lent wind IHMII lliivr ffiiirliiiof• mill- IVoiii lli'\ :I!»IIVP »( nil—nil 'ha way ilrnrrmliiip; urimtid in tin' »il- lii^c. Tlir >i!>'ivr» pr<n)<-riv wjl In- '.i!iM»1u(i-lv vfiVI f*>i* (irtf* (ourlii \ft% tliiiti I'M- real vul »•. For l\nr« Ilirr |)iirli<-tilti'!>i-ni|>iir>< nCllic mil>» Hcrilict\ on tin' iiri'tiu-r*. MdttlllS I'.OSWOKTH. Chnmplnht, ./line S. isl'l. A List of Lttiers **•> the town of Mdlont.iu the county of Franklin, on me cigh- teeoth day of March, io the year one fhoufind eight hundred and feven- t DID -mortgage unto Daniel e«j)<j, >'.LL tha. certain piece or laud fituatt ui tiiat put ot r bY virtue of 1 wr'tcf I-if ri Facias ifpied cut uf the'• upreme Ciur' of therfiatc of v ew-York, to me direc- ted and delivered, agaiult the goods aid chattels, landa and teiifmerits of CARHET I HEW, I havr Seized and take : a certain piece of \Und on which the taitl Gariet N./W lirts, bounded as i611ow>t V'Xt un tlie uurth and well The stile of the ptopct'ty j\.\n\ SUITII. atlvei lisod on the last pn^i\. of this paper, is poNlpon- id to the ('.vctily siilh ol June IICX/, (hen (0 IK: sold ai I In; hour 11ml |tliii;f menlinniti in lh>; saij advi-r- tiscmi'nf. Daccil M;iy-21. 1819. B'-usvniM-'H SWARTWOI'T. Jr. A. J . & G. Sperij, Att^s. mi Tiie Sale of the property of lienja- inin ^pii'.h a'.! vei tiscd on tlie I. si p.i^e oi thi 1 , popi.r, is (uither pos;poncd to tl e twenty fourth day ol July ntxr., th 11 10 he bold at the hour and place n*ii .ioiittl in ti.e taifj udveitistnicnt. Uaiec! June2tJ.- 1819. BAHKAHLIUS SlHAHTWlLT, Jr. \. i. U G. Spetry, Att'y*. 230 Acres of excel- lent LAND, In (lip town of (;hatnplain. one milo. e««t of (In- Village. 1 oil cl'vthirh is improved in cxocllciil nnliM 1 —may h>- cut (hiii'on HIU Ions »f ^imil h iv —plough and (insdire land «-i|ual (o any in 1)10 tsnwi. Wiih a ^ulliuirtit (jimulity of fire-wood and fVucinjy tiuihfr—Iwo orehaids with tints liuntlreil lii-ariiiK Itris—two^lious- cs and iwo barn\. t~aii! land nmy li« so divided as io make two supe- rior Farms. ALSO, FOR SALE, or io I,KT, Vor otic, two, (line or more years, a very excellent TAV KttN STAND, i'n Ihc Village of Chump'l'ain—ant* acre of ground un the hank ofIhc Kivcr ChaV.v—a new Slotic. House. iH fuel squinu and well finished, ihe water is brought from Ihe river in- lu the cellar kittlien, aud runs vol- g at tlie 1'iit Orti' « in I'Utts* -h.Jiiiy I. |rt l'J B I l»'jc who 1 Miuirs for them will plejac say they u i!vcili-.ed. J UYNDIi, P. M. A. Veal All n J.me Alwood. II John budge, William Brdlr, Jr. I\;\ir lioiworth, Willium lJjlchti.!er| U lllijm lll'.-nklcy, Aired Hrownmn, Jowp.i tl.nuorih, Arno <l llrown,M«r« tin B rkwii'', Amirtis HuiMiaui, t!. P. Ilto.-ilw<il,Oav>'! liroulw. II, Ah-i l!nr. iiell.l'hilip llunli irt. Mix nder Dr gft» ti> Uiulcr, Win (• ll> Iknup Jot. pl\ itriinhjll. Abel Mmuell, Jo*'pfi N. lirjill y, John liltrtker, Oarlrii bur- in iilije. C. C harlr-i CMirch 3. Dr. \Y- P»M* w.,11, M. M«Ljit> r, jMudmn C' i.ds.jr. ^»yl»*i-u» C'diificld, Cheney , Co'iunif S«n-tul W Cljik '1, i.KlU Cha»e, Lucius Cot.kcy, I'airirk Cuimy, ClijiUs Cl..r>son, Kobeit t'ohigc, Mi- C'.UIKX Couney, Jov.pli ComsKiCk, A'el i'liaiiibcriin, Kutjeit Cocliran, Roger Collir.s, l'rancit Culver, Mids Clay Hurvy CtO' '*• 1. Klihl a Dei'iois, Congdon OouRlm«» Marii'U» I-'. Diirand, l-'.li.s Doiy, Uich* inl Dem's I' inn Iij Dunliuni. l\hom- is D<\is, B.n.ict [Justin. CorneUu* DIVIS, II Dy re, John D'uktnson, Muijrarct Dui.'n. K I(ich.,rdsuii Era •>, Zeouloix S'u.imjn. J\. ltlchard Fkn.Int;. D:\Ul V \usi.'. XVillinm Kulltr, Jo'-n i-'ufiiswo't 1 \ r.-li I-*oid, J in '/. 1 - iTswart > Jnliii I''1J fi. Iii, llmiitl 1 . Fitch, A ,r«>n Krost) t.eorRc I'rtliK'i, ,\',ii ; jn 1'ifitld, Lu- m-ii t'rcncl' I'hil' 1 I'.irntwmt 1 '. (i. Tbrm ^1 <JIIVI.I,|). , A'SriV nt ^l(»«lric!', Az I C.i'.. v M<ii'<!.i' .torri-, l.itir. 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Jo C Murshi i'amucl Morse, Jjr McCrteily 2, Thomas Mc(x-i-', C»thc- 1 ine Minor, Sf Ivanus Miller 2, Gama- liel MrCretrfy, Harvey Mctcutp, Josh- \:i Moon:, Clwucy Munull, John Mil* lei. N. lisse Nichols. (). Eliemr.-i-Orn, OnitSley. I'. Al'tur I'onieroy 2, Djvid Par* '0:1^, Hid,aid Powers, Willian Pitt 1'latt, Charl s I'urily, Miry I'jnoai Jostpli l'arkei-3, Mr. N. Z. Platt. H. John Hu«ar, Sjmucl liawujr, John Kodgcm, Hrnry Keynolds, Pd*.r J Ko'iei'ts, Hetty l?and, Israel Rui'J, I'bilondcr J. Heail.li. A. ltoberts.Wiil- i.itn Ueeil. S. M. \V. Smith 2, Mr. Shtp;iril, Jijsfph A. Sioddard, Kpliraim Shack- ley, Wm. Sivetknd '.'. Daniel O Sulli- v-m. Holers Smith, Matthew Smiih, Mary Slocum, Orlin SpafTord, Jfu^li Njicrry, 'I'lieroii \V. Smith, Divid Smith, Jonathan Strickland, Kptir.iim Shackley, J.mies, Smith, John Stcvrns, Cicorge Sayr, JoiidthBii Smith, Abel Stone, Oritt Houthwick, Lewis Steven- son, Avery Sun . n Spuliiing, T. MeUi.cton U r : vis ; John Tobias. U. Ed*jr' '.\iiham Sale at this r • r' >>•

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