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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, December 18, 1813, Image 4

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Gr:.ili>7 < fl.:&. '*« ; f IW :\er. ,4f th' 1 , .•©';\Ci.rt!<;i!t •.•pava>ef v .:, ot tbp ftM -I «^;itvr,- fe.iren • <l\fJ'ls4.M ^it'h istlerc.it. •ijtiiJ. :-J •'d.itt • ihe • ,thir4-;; day ''iea!-.. ptourlioM t \tiy of llarwriirvk'i'i ,\ for' .••i^frlir.Stif' t^C 1 three'l'.Otkirfd a.id and :: ,'fofty,,,\s'i!E.'cents. : vJAdeinf.uK^ 1 .; bearing. f. 11 tiOT^cnjtjstj'i'in 'the\ ;o:ici ttwufifal' J?;*en'' hun- /j.-jj' J5c nir^y-!fe«ea ?! '.;iT«|prt^*g\: i X '-;i*laj.!:,-' tifrn 'oi the 'ito'i'n ;f]ot , \'!-At<Sn'.' : tit. t'h» ft\«t ,<»t^NcW>*S' «w4f'»: : »U' «** .ciaiiin:: iratt' : tH'p'i:ce-jrifiiiir|d i; fi«o«^:>\i'-C!iriton' {county 1 ,- ''o'awtVi« rt.'e. c^uotf of Fraiifeiin) iti tUe ft»re of.;Nfsryw'4 a^bteiiiid^'benj^ .pant lot l'Qt\t>6. : -ff{jy-fiy *n ,, »n '(the. gcjte r.jj' t'.iyifiou i if Tt'o.w n. Chip rtumtelr lWe», \|o;t<iM-<Fjy apprt>pr ; st«:ii .,«* tv*s»nf ? : S*,»% to./iise';Otricti*». »iu) Soldiers ; 'pf:jj!f ;<Ss*e'^tf ;Newy<wk»- L ;6w '/afterwards : 'gt »•»•' ;•:} tkj'[tffim. : pKp»' : to JamesjCaldweil; ' w*iWl*\f : J4 ,i^tt;:begiii'<-»t:t.h!:';rif^!h i | i 1 .. i _!weR i :.c<it?.fe'oi\ 1.44 _-'k»t. m»ltiib--:F:;: -ififty-'(e»e.n • aad •. y»tw tS»i«fiiW'kf 'm'f chain*'i-; thqnte ,aijt - \ fp«ty '>-haisfct: T**e«%; -ws«li;-; ! forty : cbsinj' s : : '^.M>.f,;,,c<i^ki»g.,;iW;.:'i»of^red; ; an«i,'fii:ty. — the above courles run 3i thc 'jw&ed'^.ip. the^if: ,1787. '•••••' •••'-•'in trie .t t:;r.. hc-jCc £, KJ w;-.: P. or:: u-.utgii. BEKJ. GRAvrs. :;I-.-.T ov, 10, ir!-, \MLi'JSFlTl^Ji!^ V< 10 1 CBLSC LAW . R.-v ry vf Ui Me A'. ,iT!T Shciiil.'s sales. irto \bc tf fi PY tisSiif nf'J of li - court « f < oni-uli i for t*if CJU tt of C i - i a-iii I'I.MIIS, 1M.''I si i itan Si tF*rd t) me . ( ir:t I hiw* i7i(*an«l tak.rn • pcrtr t> r IUP fi.d Jcmjt'.u that certain p.ece ir ii I.'.II J {\'* s hill a J i ,i 0 f <_ . s ' | -a vr d, t a- !\[>\ 0 1 f'V'-i < r ' .1 •, (l>v ? r oo-i iiict<. •:y v;i> nv< r J n> ft _r a. ;ii ! neatly •! 1. uau, lars, in i the 1 weft lyiilg and beirg in the town of Peru, and COttt>ty asoriffsid, *ytz-.) p*t! of lot :to. tur.e:- ; teen in a tracl oi Und giametl ta Zerbaui- ahPta?t and others, and boupded as iulJQWs, ; bef i^uing at ihe foath e*it coriier of iaii lot oe. 59 6a tie highway ieading Jrosu the •- Unioo Vulage to Elitb* Atnot(''s, stnd tun- ning theocfe tkntt Sionf; the iri^'.vftf to the Little Sat»!em«. thence BO a.or-: : ihrlaid . •n.-c,sbUvH\v;-- K Eu'ifcriptipns itccivcil at tlitf ciTice of «••,-;!'i i i- y ti,r fiir— i; < .'n i.ii...f.i: i'ocuiiii'ins :i.-; fi! i Oi*i:!..: wiii, c<ir.:£t;u?ntly coiitti:ti:e ;'. nron ICA::':C in if.;: liiiioiy c<f tar ;i:.-k'M it b'lu.vt^ r.v^'ry ir.\n t j ti'./min puUif. tiii< ('-(<ii, ..lii'.'-.i of ii;iT.f'.ar.t tinl c!i: t!;:;!)tn,4Hr I fi.ct;, \vjt frw c f v, !u,;l, 11f11 • -ri -i !,:-r;: is:.:l .lx:f.-irs the i-.ii'.ili,:. , rn'.nJ 0,c , an.i inent war o.i of 'iy ai:^ h. 1Vc tli til U' ; c e i '• (iClj SUV <i- ia ,n. in u .11 f ,,b r r a ••d tai ice ;'• I« i.- ninig ii dilCMt !.'a c; tin ,lv: in. d li 'ft •r-/*;. : ;t mst®**: j*T&ife« wui,:;: wetter ««*«&• :t« C^Mav' :-'tf,'li>&l»6r:e» - th^/ai*--«f,;' tieviijati-ij.ma.v'tt;!!--:, iitifth line • v.F'o* vr'u «rith liae- ; of Iw'.v.o. 2O, to the place of i»eg««otr.g f cttnt^juing a- bout <o aeicis oiHnd.ce the fsur.e more or !•'.:»- By •^iiM^t^'^«* 4| p | ?'«# t ^.' 1 1 :^i^^ ; :^;o?\Pi^n^ : : ito;'!*«s.'y*a 1 ; 1 . 1 : of osr Lord one thou g o g, y dftd and etevea mortgage to Reuben State of Newyork, fiill i.ot num C Hyde the equal undivided east half the Patent of Platuburyh, being at 'oll that ccrtaiA piece parcel awl \'* crrnerof «»«,,y fi« acres .-'all 1 tbi^'c^Jiiiicpiet^^^stt^ei .jtptf' : tptel'.,id4:.la^-^itu'^_ Ifing^'eni.''being': .' itt : tlie\^»e bjf'Cb'sif,, \known'aM;<S'is*'. ; I i0Vip\vu.fe^r.4iiW StsV 'jpf a-'. : tratt« 1 f1a»iilrgr3ntt'(|;i{>y' L tli!5 i ley; v <L£. thtjsuh f, of Ncw;;^'. 1 \\ k-l fra-i 8i« ; relk f 1$ . •. -t?»^.-,;CaiJit<i!iin''.' ; ijn'lfiv j'^a : \ ^wtk>-kclp.^tcs«' !l -'_j^ati : ^;<b i »- i 4K^tej;'' •• J*tt}t:has--ik«r.;ni?tfe;iiB:'jli«:? : '|i.»yrtte'nf ; Ql\' :$*., '.'&&& Ul>yil« k-ow niorr».ice, the s .id es vwMbc *. li « f j cou-i housjc in t ie .nd Vv ^ J »:nf- ; ^ii>ttf i -b»irg.H. :;U*ti-nt>>6^<;-'-; dtt l«fs~wMcJi perfo-iaii'jin'ncrly togt iber with ; the above <JestHbeil kt cf iand wilt be fold ..at p»b:k yeedtie on thp'hird day of Janua- ry ntxt, at one e'eteck !'. M. at the houie ; '«€bllas'CovIw*::,'i^'Pe,io. : '.. J . •\ •.\•\\\-•-\'.\ ••• •V••, : '\.\:;..\ BS-K-J. i-R \vm, (kerm. • .• ,_-. ; 'KyriTU'ai^.; ;; :: : ';y. _,;:_,, .J '/',\'.- : ; ••' ;' -'; &f .Vintte',>f 4 wsit«f Fi. Fi.jflticd out of the S-.pj etu'e Coatt of Judicature of the State of Xe*?yuAi to me tfircSed and dc!t*« efed, iajgaiuft the g i-ittsif d ctaueie s lands & t?tte»t»eii$s ofDa»i(f •-) H>iliwd,Obid Hiiyasd & Jyis Bvand, L'.bave seized andtuksn (hc»e two tots of '* ! ' < lt 6\ lQ 3»e, Ifirtg aiid beirjg in the town»f : 'Pkttsbarghj; ; Cojantf^prCRi»ton-&-\ nttjalier 27, iu then<jrth w y lire acres of Land owBeii t»y! H-ary Purdy, theoce ronning well about 63 ro/Js, thence south s 26 rods, thence eajl 63: r.'ds, thence north to ilie jiace of ; begioijing, cootaminet ^c acres.— A!co, ose oilier Lot of Lanajiyiat; iiiPiittf- borgh »$ altjfefaidj tehig. the eait end of lot ^Bnit-er 2f in the tjeretaitjivifion 6f the faucet ofi; PIatt^>urgh, r beginning : at the iie«h eaftVccrner of Lbt ntimber 2f, thence tsor.b jt chains and ii^linki, thence weft '4^'..chaius'' and: 58 --Hn.fejt, thence\ footh • 31 chains and i S Siuks, thtriereaft 4? chains & j 8 !mks to the place of tsegiaainjf* contaia- ing 142 xtttt oe the sa'o« more cr kfs. The mbove described land ti'pether'WcH its ap- parti«anee)S I fiuiiexpofsio fyft a^ ptbiic .vendjoc- at th? lioufe : of:Ji>fepJi -\V. G> •«;'.\in P!*ttsbargh, ontbe fftlilHy i»t J *.:\iiiy next, at une-u'ebe': : V.' hi. of fsud be- fold, a.f toe Unie,,ti»e f i: ! projicrtv ot the laid L-ai , jl t> «'ill .^fjil the f. rli'-ard. STATE OF COMPTRC'.I.KR'S -,-SfH'ICii; is hereby given that ilfts ot certain Utnis ii.b c to be fold lior arrears of taxes htvi been forw-jrocU to cacti of the C«*«myTre*furers and i r.wi. C:<fiks rcspectivsly, for tiie inWmation ot a'l || »r- {otii eoncernrd, and that th«i iaid limits njuy be examined at eiilier of the faid elTux't at alii realbriablelibers:: A:)d T^JIJCC is hi*r?by alfo given, tiwt on 1\erslai» ti e 8th day uf ,Febtu?ryiie3tt,-:at ten .o'clsrck '. Vv fere-\. ; nsxni, at the Capjto! ic the • i«v -;f Vi!tn;,T, and on the next fucceedi'g dap. iwiiliVli ak pttWic auction, u the; higheft bidcie'r so tKuch of each iot, pi* cc or'parcel of land mentioned and described in tie fcid Hflis ss will be nftorfiiaty to pay all tai;s, insereft and charges floyr due «r that may be due iiereoo atthe tiiic^f fak. - \' ,.- • '.'._••: -:,\.. ihe Conc?tti<it!s of hit will be that; the •p;urdbifers wthin f<>rty eight hours alter the Me j>^t|ie pnr-h^«f n.eiiks and reC'-ive certificates of thetr purchases ; aad tiui at ter the expiiation of two years from the date of their eertififcases, tiu-j >cci:i»e «n- tfeyances^or the lands purcliafed 'by.then respectirely, uoiefs the oornrrs; or thofe claiming to be futh qf the jancb fo purchas- , ed, (hail previous to the expiration of the fiiii two years, pay tlie; Comptroller tor the \\ufe cf the faidpurch'afers rhcrhcus 'an$ as- aighsj the amooWt ;of th»: purcliKfe monies -H»'ii'i.inrerefl: at the rire of iweuty per t.- nt- iifii per annum* Jibe SaiiHs fj-id to be fu»- Ject to all 1 claims of tti« .tUte'there-on.'* ;; ARCHB;lW!I>,rtRE > Comptrolkr. Alfeaoy,:Sept, SS, i8f j. \ •;,'_. (C5\Perf-Jiis whoota^haveaiaUepaynjents : iatb the; TJreafary: tor 'faces', and o«itted to bare their receipts preserited .at the Comptroller's efioe, ;6 ha«e them: entered •.•aiiii' coonterfigoed as requited by law, ar« ad*ifed to prefent theflR, 10 crder : to be so enfeted-and counserfigaed before the day of iale i or .diat in fcafc of die ir failing so ip do, ; their lands will be fold, and they thereafter, be deprived of the benefits of aii fuch pay- \-inents..\ \-' •; :; z.; 1 .\ •: .• '\. •.'.••' '-!- •\' « rrp-rrul ihnt ~,uu b'ttn Ji'ugci 6« (!„; '!'t>;it th?y hrv.; co a;i thr tdtmioiiv i>tt coulil »f ih;». !:.r;e be moriy is iubniiitf! to the .Kouie, 3i'nr;, ht-j.(!s : , \ Jr'iritj BaJ ire ected a'>d a ii=s lu'i ji.c\ whi bt Th's n con-irieration of -;l unticr the following ito Amrrican w\$. •in cfi'AmericaT prif ( > n - rsa' Britifh furjrc.ts, en!:)><: p;e.< ci ii.t't»- i> in ihe domiiiioiii oi Jilr.;aiii,ur ut tutdc- iliz-i-'ion-: • - \ ,;, , ,• 1 'i Siirti. Dttenlitrn of ir,znin*rs a< p:ison- crsof war, Who were in 'Etigliii/d when ysar was' (ierlared. 1 : -.\ ; i . • ' Fcurih Cirnpulfory service of irnpr:;:cd American tieanien on board British tiuysof war-: -• - \ . •' '!!'•'; -••''.- F'fth.'' Violation of Flag«'hf truce •: Six;!). R-jhlom of Amerhan prifonerr from Indians hi rhc B;iti^h ferrice : Sjve;i:h. Pillage and dtftruclicn of pri- vate properly on the Chfi^pcaks bay, arid the ritighboii- g country ,: .:• Fighrh.,, MvifsSai aiidiiy^nii'gof Articr- Jcin, prison?Vs ltTrebd«j\fii \Ho- c!|ic-t5 iri fTrsat Britsin, tyJr.dkii^m'rh-,' Biitilh ;i.-t- •vice. 1 Aijarmo'r.mii'-t <:f |'(h::ic'tn:if>s c'i\ A- meric.tns. 1 killed-1:1 B^ide ;«• raardeffd I.:S-.T the furrendtr to the Drltftb.- The j/illvirr: ft (hooting oi /• r,>ci ic^n rijj;-.enr, an J i !.e bi'r- nmf; o! their iiju;:i:S, r ait^ s'ifrtijdtr to ;5is Kitifii unc'er tlie; jirti-iiar^i' cit.protect'<>n : Ni.'itri. OuiTigc.\ at Mimpti/o, i« Vhrgt-; \rt'.i. .'•\' \ : . - -. '-'j 5 !\.• ;.,\•• The Carnr>M:i<e wcii Fwfythe, Wright, Caftofl, Gtaite,. I kt'e \\ '•• about 20c ^es,, ssil|;irake a volume cf ^,«'i'.Si; price to fubferi-; bers will be 75'cjnti- >;i a p3rni>h'et furm or §7 i-a cei>ts in bi>ar 's.j; | Non fuUfciibcis h A>''v-.. .WlxveaSr%aa]$~Mixh^,on, 18J3,.; ,Gi 1 1 es Hhv tbe shut i 1 v < f ^fa.^_h l -ih:.ihc : :><?iru)f ; ; i«ht hu: t!n 4, ;n;;{- 1 twi- UMir jnit i c'ol ; BY virtue of I«b Sued out of the court of the county of CTi .good's a;id ciiaittls, jrtills 'of'iJ.itn^'i, P|..i'- and :ik«n•-*)! 'hat; c-.-r;,i. : hrt'i !itu>tt, i', :iig r.-.; |: pzir of .lie. if-wi; u<.ii. j; | will have to pay «ore. i, | ; Tror, O«..2, ffi^\ Swbfcripti^i.s of the Pi^ttahuijjh J^ -. -' *Tiii\ 1 i-fi.\»i-( wat, hi^t'c at tlio the session •,-»£ May, IS i 3. ;: at the Oiiks 1 <n un or-J ori;,-1! t(.\h •-, vno iha-:dJoh b'iL- i'1 tU'f. prrrt of 'IK t- T f-art 01 i cUvificni and b«o : ru- y ( it Btrv- ilaiijs ami ;Tt,iv.vpiece or parcel .,f :.-.:• |: l-e'i.ig in the l..u;h ) of Pia! titi'argry in Chn- l fti'etf New York, ard.J's t.i, in,the, general d;vifion cf • ;ic part oiict to, 99, in 2d . tki*a-.«dj-.-ii.iug each otLtr, !\< a', tlie :icrth well: corner of lot and'i'J-tS. tiicnce iVuth on the weft nid lot utitii tttoincs to the land far- owned l-y Z-phanbh Plait,, thence ::;i line of.fiid lind- forn^cily own- -j.iisriiih Plattj acrefs lets no. la &. py,.tri n tinr.ic! Piit^'j Uuth welt corner, t<^ncc\i'crth on the caft bounds of 99 on Xa- 1 \tiianit-l I'ljit's line \tilt ir.conies to the imrih ra\ tomt-rvt 90, near Salmon river, thence \id v cn thc.niTth lir.a.o'\laid lot, tiii if tomes to a p'ece 0! UIHI forniti'y folil by Charles Jtit: tc- Cli^cliS Collins, of 17 acres, thence i'iHi f ; ece of bud up to the oait fide ^j ';•\*• hifhwsy, tfeence north en th: •line -Wf«flB«a'99 and lot no. t2,toapicce of i«i d••\ivri'.etif fo'.d tf Charlet Platt to D«iii«; '.r»i!in*, 01 6 acres of ktid, t!;;nce •i-efi r-./1-.h ?nU%rft,cn she'ioe of i-t 1.0. ii, to -iic'pi.i.e fi l- : ^i. tiin^,. toii.iiuwg 50; arrts if'»iiw, \>e the fi-'iic .rueieet i:?t, .''.:'•-; I v.l;, ; c!i r(k'i![\exro(f to fs!e e n ;ie £rft cay of January licit, *> o:c o'tittk l'« Have juft receked, in addititou to 'their former aiT^rtment, alsrg* and general as- j^rm-ei'tcf GROCERIES, CROCKERY .HJ H -iRDWARE, suitable for the enfu- I'jg f 3ton, v:Z:: ••\..•• - ;' . • • St. R Windward Island, de r Calima, da. London partieidar Tena- rijf wine, Cognidc JBrancty) Holland Gin, : Spxinish & American \se~ gars, : Sole and Upper Leather; Cordage of all kinds, Glass tvare, ;•''•• II. &JIS.Tea r •;-• Cotton Wool, : Lump & -Brown sugar, Window Glass.) *7 by 9 r -• Tog«;)icr with a General Afscrtment of DRY GOODS. . Pia'.tsburgh, Nov. 4,' ;lf:%RS. tfRSIN, tifRS ler,v- to Infcrw tne public, that she waboui setdirip heifs'f in ihe houfc where Cong<len Dinigiafs now, lives in B^fkrar.n's patent ; and tfet i!is pfpoks tocure D>?afiic!p, Jaundice, Rheii- • infctifm,• Whoopiog C;:s:g!i, J>curvy, 0>J Sores, Bad Coughs, l)jfs?«ntary, Cancers and Coni«inptioo ; and that er?ry prrfra v?ho may put themselves tindor hrr ,\\• m~&- tucnt and care may dep«nd upon hrvl:n;c- ery atreution and csre paid to tht-.r d-iTi'inc cafes. 1 , : : fPlattsbargb, Nov. 20th, 18:3. CASH paid for Rags, at the Bisokftar* of Low & Clark, wed'.end of the bridgr across the Sanimx. JHutlsbur^h, ,\'ov. 27th, 1S1J. Nine Serfnons. : —- ! HOSE jwrsons who subsrriheil h ^'hic Sermons, by IV'tii, R. Week';, ar* requested to call at the 1 Office of tlie.lt* 1 .publican, and ruccir8 their; books. - , WOTr 27. , '' J

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