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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, December 11, 1813, Image 1

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VOL. S. m;jr, CUNTON COI STY. N. V. <t.vnmm. 51.i. ICAN. flo is inoro t'iJii compvnf.iiri i in vivid h.. CONDITIONS.: The RE PITH L,- C A N sh.ill be prititcl weekly, on gooc| paper, with a hmd- in type. The price to sitbscribers.wil! U- TIVO per annum, payable half yeqrly, w advancfi. 'Post-riders »Vill be fu inslied on icisi/ terms, by jj;Jvin£ good s^-nniy *„• No papers difcondnued m.ttl a.Ttar- paid. PROPOSALS. By T: C Fay an!d Co. of New-York, FOR PJJBI.TSHIXG BY nCBSCKIPTtOAf, THE HIGHLY IfcTEKES TUNG- AND INSTRUCTIVE ills accoui't of the .mcicrt am 1*1: rare Co.i- facivs oi ih t Don, ;. highly imcrritir.jf. He rus rrsctit.l that lingular nation from th« chatgt\ «f inpiiorarcf, n;u! Uv^^e crbeUT. ui.dt'r whk'h nicy have been viewed : ami , iruk-ad of mak-rig them the rm.-ft b.irb.ir'nit, has inconteflibly fh.-wir that they :s.rc !!.;• n Cartarp, anfc BV KET. EDWARD BAJflE^ OtAKXE, T.. I.. D. ,?rqfe$3dr of A'atiiral HrMonj in I he Vni- vevitty of Ccufrbridet, England. iur<i;:'J t ;iun ; i.f Grccc, ct -ciidarKS oi f'l.i- rnrr ami Xefjr.ph.in, , wlule thff bruraiity Turkifti oppreffnr*, f T j THE Travels iioW ofltn'd to the public daim fuperior attdnt'O'., The Tra-V; tr, Mmfelf, poffUTes high r ( iebrity for framing sindfeience ; geniusj and taitc ; for i'.cepen- Jcncsof mind, and for accuracy of rcewrch. To-years, of ftudy, In the retirement of ore jf the tnoft illuftrious seats of fcience in liu- «>pe, ana receiving! her highcll honors and Confidence, he added ten years, in vilfcing 'oreign nations, arid conversing with per- 'oos eminent in office, andin literary repu- tation. | THB people, especially tfcie Ruffians, and ,hsi scenes which he describes, become, at his period peculiarly important. Kuffii 136 begun to emergi from her impenetrable tpiefts > and from her long night of igno- linpeandbarbiriftn^ and to perform a fplen- 3id.parton the theatre of the world. LATELY, we have feen her country inva- 3edr-^a new fpecia.de to the nations of Eu- rope 1 and powerful armies, led by miii.ary enius, penetrating to the heart of her em- we, breaking through her brave forces, and net ancient and venerable metropolis, Uid a afhts. We have! alfo feen. 1 her re covering herlelf ; and, aided by the elements, rtpti- ;iag her ^conqueror, and almoft annihilating bis imtnenfe armics.i and their vaft appara- tus. Again her title oi iuccess has ebbed, nd like 1 the ttor.iiy ocean, (he has fubfkicd ilto a temporary Calm. On htr, the ar.x- IOUS eye 1 of the world is a? prefent fixed 5 nd political philofophers feerii ta enfider jeri future conduct^ as involving the delti- liesof the natiohs.! ^ACQtjAiNTdNCE with a people, and •with hejrrefources, in this fituation, muft bean n oi\ pnlifherf, :md befl i;ii \. z K;;t1un Empire. \i\ ! U (r.iv.\!s thrcjfh T'j-\kr] r I'' the p'oi'in-u! C : -i'!uk •• K:s t'e'TipafT: in (';;,' II.L 1 tc »\d An:i. 4 .M ; .-it tlr •:i»e creJit to his IK-SU auc tyranny .if their roufc !he indignant impaScs of thu impar- tial and independent author. Mahomet, with his Knrin arid Mosques, lure convert- ed the ancient feat 1 of fciencc and rcfiic- ment into : the abodes of luft •, and turned the fong of the Mutes, into the fighl »nd groans of female degradation. CONDITIONS. Tiie \work in now in press, sat! will he ready for delivery in 35 days. It wili consist of about ibO |>»£C?>, to match vrtih the I *ino. edition of (he Author's Travels in (he Holy l.ami ; nceonnpanipd with an elegant Map and a very heaatifuJ engra- ved 1'ly.n of the Island ami Town of Thr.hcrcliabkoy. the capital of Ihp Don Cnssticks.. Price Si.50 in boards, to sub- seribera. To Non Subscribers, fci. f£J a ', The first America*, edition sold for 83 in boards. SKPTKMBEK 'ZO. 1S13. seize! .mil t.il.c:' ••'' liurs; OTUIM p;r- cc^ Ami paTv^> vl S .PJ, it'i'-Uc -<''••:'» ivsrg ui tlir town of P!;'.(tf!»uii;ii, rruiuy rf (.' mien, viz. one tr;ii!t ol' si_vcn hutidr: d :ii ris \f 1-ind formerly convcytdto Na.l.ai ;cl I'.'-.iit 1-y l.is hnnlicr /,c;i!>;inu!i ' i.fi ,:;.i]:'ii:iti); rfir n lis'i'i lot and hin oi S. K* ; vc's !<;t : rij'brr ii'iiy C:;'!'i, on the rorth, ami K-? siml-ir pn t I\ uircd and let mmiKr ni'Uty vvt.lt, and l.cvi Plait's l.inn o ami FriiwcH's patent on the c.\ Ai\{ jl^o or'c other lot of lavil :d by the name of second divifion r.f us r en t|;e ;ir>: fculh . *tul somh, known ;>iul at number WANTED. Several good workmen will meet with liberal en- couragement, by applying to B. STEAD, MLITARY TAILOR. ;uu. u bounded by the b<(aiemtiviutied land on the tuft, iir.d by Charles Platt s lot num- ber yy on the south, r.rvl by lots i umber twelve and eleven en the welt, and by lot number iifty eight and the school lot on the north; containirg oi.e bundled and^orty acres. And also one lot known and dillin- guiflied by the name of lot number eleven, in the General Dsvifion of Platifourgh, and is bounded »J foilows i on the ealt by the bdbremefitioned lot number one hundred, on the souih by lot number twelve, on the weft by fbe r»\.iler ! lot number fourteen, & on tiie mirth by lot number filly tight, con- taining two hundred acres. And also one tillage li,t s in jhe village oi Piatlfburj>h, bounded' as follow? ; on the weft by John Ki'ciiot's lot, on the fouth and eall by lands b?!onging to the heirs of Peter Roberfs, de- ceased, and on the north hy the highway, said to contain one acre of land, be the fame more or lefs. All which at.ore del - cribed pren-.ifett will be fold at public ven- <!ue, on the fourteenth day of January next nt one o'clock P. M. at the house of Jof-ph 1. Green, in Plattlburgh. Dec. 3, rHi;. BEM. GKAVES, SUitc of V\ liiirM; 1 . thf petitioner hi liUd ia tin* of )HC i/t the fj.iid s tirr«^,i(c tin* .uxnunt in the s.iid petition mcniintR'd. It is therefore or- ilerfil liy the said surrof.itc, tl*-it all ptTtona iiucreftcd ii\ the ol'iati: of OK «;iid Biiin J !i,ncher, who may II.LV>; nny cau*'C f> fticw v. liy the whole, or 10 mui:h of his real eltaie fhoiild not be sold an will be rvillicitrit to puy his rem-iining debts, do appear before ihc said surrogate, ;tt his office in Platts- burjjh aforesaid on the twenty ninth day o£ January next, at 10 o'tloi'riu the forenooa ot th.it day, and exhibit the same. TllihM.ls TRKDUELL* NEW STOHE\. BAILEY &\DEL0RD 9 OFbl-n FOH SALK At thnr Store in Pfntlsfturg/i, and at the Store 0/ VLA xT Nr.'wcoMB, E>ij. fattendedbif him,) a- ivut six milrs west of this village, A general assortment of GROCE R. Consisting of the following artichs viz. West-India U JVcio J GROUJfl) PUP- H.UJiLbijtlielihd.\ I'fJi, in smalt or gitUim. J[ K'sn. Coxniae and Span- s Spriiivh and JVVw. ixh tiJUA'm: ; Orlran* HbUiJlUS Vl l Tijf l ; Orlran* HbUiJlUS Vorl nwl Ttitcrijfi Plus; mid Cut TO. '••'.\v-\ s n.wvo. Vhm-y HlUA\HVs lGLV ; COZ FEE. unoc >HT a Surrogate's court held tit 1'lalls- bwxhj i;i Iht ciiitnly of CUittun and of JS't'k h sim , U ul /lasoit ; HkU>. TEA. FEE. \HUTTE1L iiL.iTE, i.,j s ttnriuva li - ''•\ tlle IHuUtlwrgh, JS'nv. IS, 1813. SCHOOL f w re ; and, in the opinion uf competent jjejs, has faithfollj executed his tssk : Hidj^their decision has been confirmed by he! tapid faie of an expenfive quarto in his •wn.^Stintry, and by the fule ot a less cuta- jetforiie; edition in America. WITH the eye and ear of a philofopher, ever vigilant and discriminating, he has ex- imined the minute and magnificent, in na- tire ; the rude and the finilhed, in the pro- luctiens of art ; the grofi and the refined, • kuman manners} the fupcrftitipus and he; rational, in religion ; the oppression and iegradation, of the fubject; the abuie and \he tyranny, of the ruler, from the husband- nan up to the Emperor. His picture of Rufsian and Turkifli man- \icrs and police, is not drawn with flattering eatures ; but from his happy talent in ma- ing prince and peaferit fpealc and act be- )re us j and, from his known candor and ove of truth, we cannot sufpect that they re diftorted: With a few ftrekes cf his raphicpen, he makes us acquainted with 'ie Emperor's character, in pagei S and 4 ; nd in thi fame mafterly manner, he de- cribes the cabin and manner of life, in which the peafant indulges himfelf, in pa- es27 and 28. His g«ographical defcriptions are in a fu- perior ftyle of excellence. His view of -V.rc-J ark, on Ihe twenty se- cond davof *VWm&«\ in I lie year of our ho:-:l one thousand eight h&n&red and Hit) t?n, —]»resuut, 'I'UOMAH TKKD- VKI.L, I.sijuitx', Suwogate of the said coun'y. HEREAS Kinncr Newcomb and Mary Reynolds, adminifti^Jors of CHARLES RETKOLDS, late of Platrfburgh aforesaid, yeoman, deceased, h;ive by their petition presented to the said Surrogate, set forth that the said Charles Keynotrfj v.-as at the time or his death seized of real eftate ; that the petitioners had made a juft and true account of the personal cftale and debts of the said deceased, ro far us they hnd been abe to ascertain the same, and that thereby ... L-J reason tosuspeil that .his perfon- was infufficient to pay his debts, of the faid furrogate in the premises under the (latutc in fuch cafe rnade and provided. / :;d whereas the pe titioners have filed in the office of the (aid Surrogate, the account in the faid petition mentioned. It is therefore ordered by the said Surrogate, that all persons interefled in the eftate of the faid Charles Reynolds, who may have any cause to fliew why the whole or so much of his real eftate fhould not be sold as will be sufficient to pay his debts, do appear be/ore the said Surrogate, at his office in Plattfburgh aforesaid, on the twenry ninth Hay of January next, at 10 o'- clock in the forenoon of that day, and ex- hibit the same. TIIOM, ISJ'll KJ) WELL. •54 11 Surrogate's cohil, held a't i'lathi- burzh, in the county of Clinton uvd Mali* of lYcK-Fork, an the twenty ei- eond day of .Vor«iifrtr, in the yeuv if our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Ihirlrrn —Present, THOMAS TKEL.'- ivEM,, Estjuirc, Sumigaiu of the said eonntv : W HEREAS John M. Grant, adrm'ms- trator de bonis non of BLISS THATCHER, late of Chazy, in the said county of Clinton, yeoman, deceased, hath by his petition presented to the said surro- gate, set forth that the said Bliss Thatcher was at the time of his death Beized of real eftwte ; that the petitioner had made a jult and true account of the personal eftate which was unadminiftcred and of the debts <ti!l unpaid of the said deceased, so far as he had BY Virtue of a Writ of Fi. Fa. iflued ' Jec n aD ' e to discover the same, and (bit out of the Supreme Court of Judicature, of thereby he had reason to suspeft that ihe And a great variety of oth- er articles. Platlslnir'h. Dec. ?, it: 11. M R. EDGERTON, would inform the inh»bitant§ of PlattstiBrjh, and it* vicinity, that he has again opened hit SCHOOL ia the Academy, for the recep- tion pf fchollar», and folicits the patronage of the I public. No exertion* on hia part, iha!l be wanting to merit the approbation ot those who may sec fit to commit their cbiidreri t«! his cire and inftru&iou. Past favors are thankfully acknowledged by the publick'i obedient servant, B.EDGERTON. Pittsburgh, Nov. ia. 33 e P'f flattsburg Jburnacc in blast, _1_ HE Subscriber gWes notice that hit Furnace is now in Blast, where HOLLOW WARS and S 1 OVES, Double ind Single, of different sizes, c*n be had. Also, differ-ut Caftingi, if «ppli- Said Ftuiace will htreafter be csrricd on by the Subicriber. Lirnisn DUURY. PUtttbur-jfli, Nov. 18.1S13. TAKE NOTICE. llE Battalion cf Detached MiliiFa of J theSwie ofN-w.Yort, commanded by Major John Roberts, 3d, lately called mto the wvice of the United States under a requ.fit.on of his excellency Governor lompkins, are requeficd to meet the sub- scr.ber at the following places and receive •rt7' , V1Z - C 'P ta '\> Fillnu-re's and Cap- tain Baker s companies at Skinner's Hotel .in the Village of Pittsburgh, on Mpnda/ and Tuesday,he , 7 , h and ,8ih of Jwuari next. Ihe Caval.jr ,t Chazy will meet on Monday the j 7 th at ihe above place. Op. tain Blift s- company at the dwelling | ;O uU ofUptam Blifl, inj,,, on Thursday the 20th and Captam W.ahan.'s and Captain Willcox s orapanies at Newal & .Son's Ho- tel, in the Villase of Pleasant.Valley, on Friday and Satoitfaj the 21ft and 22d of the sarr.e mor.th. 'I he Ofliters of tiie Staff will please to meet the I'aynufter at Plattfburgh, early on Monday the 17th. 7 , V- M.LAUGHUY. II. The Militia in Fra.,Hi W , who have not been paid, will |,» -,\ (n on tiiiW «r (j le days ai awficat i'iaitsbtirgh. TOR !AI1, •At the Ojicc of I'm llepuMican, Regimental ar.d Company morning Reports, Subsistence Accounts, Muster Rolls &c. *** Most kinds of Military Blanks, of all sizes, executed on good paper at the shortest notice. Nov. 27. Hour GlusseD in Pulpits.—An hour pass S3 sfill placed ou some of the pulpits* 111 the provinces.—Daniel UurgeM, of MUiaisieal mcniorjr, tievct- j.roap.hed with- out one, and ho frequently mw Haul three times ilunng on» vrmon. In a discourse \Inch he onco delirercMl at (h» conyenti- «le ,„ Kusspii J(reBt , jnst dnmk p some ol |,« hearers began to yawn at'ihe cod of (he ^QOIMI KlaM-l,,,t I) anie i wus not to fe i ,k,, l; ,,H,y a y awn: , Je turnod his tinic krt-i.er and allerin.- t h« lone of whiI. longer, for he had In , lc h to P ^ L ' on he «« ol jlfunk«:nes s> .. Therefore, («d- llion with Gibbon'* well known defcript . , »f Constantinople ; and, wtat it wanting in tenants, &c. «f ftaac S. Plan, deceafed, iu such case made and uroviJed : And to lotf>

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