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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, November 22, 1869, Image 1

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I- 1/ 1 i I i* Br ^WrlTWArS ./ ipiuimuiiwvvi ;NO: 4 COURT STREET! TVATEKTOWN. The Double Warp t' ./V ,|, !-tiflinf n i; s 3 o, Xi o fi Ck< *-• CD W ** o 1* * CD & tf u <D & s « ° o o P o bJD © e3 W G> 2 o <tj ^ w » •a © 0 O «) *9 TTA «*.« 4c BGKOEfi, Are adding to their large stock the latest styles of Fashionable Jewelry, Silver & Pla- ted Ware, Tea Setts, lee Pitchers, Castors, Forks & Spoons, Table Knives, Clocks, Spec- tacles <Scc Also, an en- tire New Assortment of WALTHAM, EL- GIN & SWISS Watch- esinGOLD&SILVER Cases, They keep tite aM^llt^TERY LOWEST PRICES & Warrant their G-oods. No. 2 Washington Place. WATERTOM GEISfERAl E We'dmite attention of Buyers to these Alpacas. They are of Superior Weight, Texture and Color. We are now oven-ing for Kail Urade, EKPJRESS CLOTHS, VELOURS, POPLIN^ Australia CRAPE and a General Assortment of Fine DP ESS GOODS. In Carpets, we offer New Styles of English Tapestry, Uncssels, Three Ply, W7id Ingrains, at Very Lout Prices. crddwtf Do You Want A HOYAL STANDARD, DOUBLE WART ALPACA, Go to DAVIS & UAETLETT'S. D you want a Grand Dutchess Ahar-a, go to DAVIS ^iiAETLETT'S Do you want a \Lyon\ AJpiicu, go t<» DAVIS & BA.RTLE'fT'S. Do jo-u want a Dra-on Alpaca, goto DAVIS & BAHTLETT ? S. Do yo-o waDt a Gla^o Cord .Alpaca, go to DATI6 *fe UAETLETTS. Do TOO want anything in tho line of DRY QGQIXS, OAJIPETS aao* QII^&h&HlS, rem Caa always find the best the market affords, and t priew ri^ht, at No. 12 00 UBr STREET Remember Our Platform : 1st. Always to give oar customers the worth ti tisir money. 6d. Itever to misrepresent an nrticls sold. 3d- Short Credit and Long Friend*. DAVIS 86 F3 AFRTL • BEPARB FOR WINTER- IB UNI STOBfi ? | ESTABLISHED 1S44 1 HAVE »0W ON HAND THS CUOICKST STOCK OF FURS I JBVSB OFTKBKDIN THIS .MiLRKBT Wholesale and Betail. AB I buy my own Tun ttoxa (he Trappcrp. Imp>or1 my own i'oreiKTi Fnr«, and Snporinl«i]1 thtlr Mannlactart. a Superior Quality and Styles .IS 8EOURED. MUFFS, CUFFS, CAPE.o. TALMAS. )[ITJESS, 0LOVES. ,h In all etjk'B and vaj-lely of Yv A fir.c ftock of JBiaffalo ZRobes, A^'D 07HEK STYLES OK KANCY HOUBS 1 : Alao-A Flno Aseortmci.l cl HATS AND CAPS. OF THB LATBST STYLB, U. SIGJIAN, Wo. 10 Court Slreol, Watfrtoira.N.T. OctldwSm -> ST1M F1BST CUSSI FALL CAMPAiaM. Boots & Shoes for the Million Webb 8c Chidestet WE WILL (i!VE YO' 9 2S COUBT STREET, WATERTOWy, X. Y Y o ii • * C .- -. c > i e PBOMO-rtLAKuI AND rCMFLBTS Can. ccMcat.HartiorJ Seen • >v NewYorS:.. . Internal JonftI, New Vt.rli UNITKB STATED, tie-nr Gnsland, L.lfi),l'*uaon diaardlan, Life New \^:k. Natloual \ .... mmON BZEBEE, Again, Old Har'tforiL-Uartrora S9yuars snccessrolbn*- ineea . ..2,347,309 rbooutx, Hartford. 1,467,835 •'•• V Fire, Hartford.. .500,000 ~ - .fl8S,06O .344,013 .1,700,011 1,177,492 460,000 T,6OO,0O0 .1,500,000 .1,000,000 3^ These arc Old, stroiia rompanlet. Dnreliln^s oad Coateuli insnred Injinucc to Ave yuars, at ilio lowont tates Life laaurancejln reliable Compaal(g. Call on m« belong laaurir? or rcnewinc your pol- lc'es. at Ua^er JfcBo<ibe«'s Jowelry.Store.- BUfflOJi IIEEBEK, ABCDI. WateriowB Aoirost 59. isfi7 nev Cross &: \Wilson. IFnttcry ^quasrc^ ir, addition tothoir large elors of GROCERIES & PROVISIONS, have added aijeaerfllaasortmenlol !330TS JL2TO QGOK i$ v t .i\i *ioy p.'i>,^>0( ¥ ''' pe.! i! v. r- • ~v prices, (or cash. Tl. - ock cow'f'.su •'..i0!f>' SaiJcrs,. .'ippers, Rsbbfs s «5tc A„i>u, '1 . i,o Siou iclii-f. i o ;nc!r jtocir » .irvH aKOOEEI :• H, (uclia? Toas of all iindn, Sugars lijucdB, &Iu^tardj, Raiainw. Pruncr., ates, PiRB, Candies and Fruit of all kinds STov'r NEW TEAS AND COFFJES AT Wca.«o harea lii-\f &ii80rtxiu!ii.;u SHOE MUSBES, HORSE I;RUSH!. • WEI 7 E- WASH JiRUSAES r... CURRY-COHns, together with a beauti/ul ttt- tortment of STONE WAEE, and everytnlogBBoaUy tept In a flrsrtcia»» Grocerj and Provision Store, BTcryt-rjirif: In tiio \.'.no ol FKK83 MKAT and KLSH maj bo looudat Uiel: \Unioffl Meat Market.\ ~ TbPy haicai-toredthfiiffrT.ctii, of Mr. Li.H FBH KXN8, whmc practical HJITIITCS lr. tbo (itpccrj bnaLncs* If cm 6crpa»#c'l. Thann.'nMor :•.<• 'v^-n J.JTVLSKJ hc-e«ji|oro «• tendec io tr.-tn *,v '.n.i ' u .t o«tomer«, tli( y w( n.^ rtwpectfn y ROIT'I t r ): , i.r.rire o< rh^ ~nm-- .: .1 a 1 II'JC, f w.,i> miy iiv-,r ia.1.1 witb n ,»' Cri.ySN <t WIL.so>. Proprietors. *'.rn. r' \II v\ T 'i' 1 K3'',-r' ^•.r•• ' •Va:. rt-.'Wt. Ja-ti 3^. l-^-r ,. t f .:o«xi*-»- i: ji Have the Largest Asnortraont of BOOTS and SHOES fur Fall Trade iiTtne Stat«. They call spociaJ altontion to their Kip and Calf Boots, OF THEIR OWN MANUFACTURE, ALL HAIOD MADE AND WABEAJ3TED. p^\ Don't fni' fen Call and Examine them. 1869. FALL 1869. The Great Alpaca of tie age and the Cheapest Alpaca for the money. Tie Celebrated Double Warp STCCK OF FURNITURE! AT TUB LOWBST Market Price r or Cash. Call once, and yqu -will come n«arri to tho CITY FURNITURE STORE, 19 Conn St. Viterlnwn, N, ¥• S. B. VANDCZSE&Oo. Red These Goods are superior to any in the mar- ket as regards priifi or color and duratjility: Also the best arid most complete Stock of Dry Ms mffBr *sm?. C CIAI.ES, Wo have on harxl tor sale an nssortmeutjol 8 C A.LE S, ' ^ From the . 1W*»«»ui|«a-*hc«p. «*Bry8«al»wimBtea „ 8ARGBST A BPEATT. Hife T>CY YOlEt BOOTS. SHOES £ RUBBERS At the Clljr Boot and Shoe store of PENNTHMiUNST & SO. AT 58 WaahintooB Hall Rlock. The largest and best selected stock of Boots, Shoes & Eubbers to be found in Northern N.Y. —which -will be sold at the lowest living pric- es. Having ni rangements wr eralof the largest,. best maaufaotufiefe-nre prepared to furnish soods equal to the Best Custom Work, & at prices that will bear inspection Don't fail to call and examine A n /^4-K -r^i , iff 1 ? st ocb and learn -A.11 Other IPlantS Pnees. N\o Trouble to Slurw Goods. PBN3WIMAW Bl CO.'s Boot A Shoo Btoro SO Washington Hall JBlock. OAFFBON I UPVEto.f 1 W«»t«d,eo twrelsof Saffron, tor which the hlgheit price wJJl In paid, hy NS dwtw ULX06f * CONGER. H<1» t»- i -'.I l'r. ^.'l, . « ••••- l - t 'n •: .• Mi. •», w . - • ' •' v\ « .n - i- t , nim'-j ki;.daof r'L\l I! . .-v)j, •'..', No. 1 Wr>. Bgpocially for tho City Hotail Trade, and warrant it O\ I_'0,K1 a« 1.1, very !)(•»•, a.,r»y« n: Wholesale and Hta:.Mj;itt rateo. Keeps cw^tiC. ly en hand al kii,d§ of Feed, deal, Oats, Shorts &c, an-i will do a'STOM CiRINniNG In the best potst blernanncr. V3T OasJi Paid for Grain. _^ Ooods promptly dellTercd In aony part o f tic d» free of carta9o. K. H. Thompson keevt onr dlfftrcnt brands »f Fionrcon»uanilyt)rj bind. A:l ordori loft with him for Feed, Heal, Oats, Hhorls «Sc will receive proratjt attcnlloo. CllAS. k JONSS, Proprietor.\ „. f'HAS. SIMMONS, Mlljei WaUirtow-n, Ane. 26,1 -m. ,] w -j y r^AlHPULLION C3JA3E1,3F S '3E2 > OP Z .H'e IJave N'nw on Hand A LIMITED SUPPLY 0/thi8 Celebrated Coocfs in the City, KERSBURGr & PRIM:EAU. Floor Covering I MOFTflE IG BOO!\ • FOR SALE BY HANFOBD & WOOD, MDflrWflfAMlI 'T5LUE HOLLA? Ko. 3 Washington Street. We hawj-u&trecewedby tht Pacific Mail SUcm .SAip 'Company INVOICE OF TEAS OFJTHJ JpmTo2SSni^7a^^ to these Teas as they art ofsuperior i and bought dnce the recent great reduction in prices, ^tyj Now is the time to get a year's Supply, PBIOB E.I6T OF TEAS. HYSON TKA. !>5cts. Herotofort sold foi BLACK URKKN . JAPAN (;L\N}'O\VI.>KH Ki<- V. 1 ucu H'«istc] .. . 85ets %\ 00 . . . . _.$1.0o $1.26 raicE I.I3T OP corraas. 40c. Ileretolore8cld for. .45 c. 30c- 30c -•Hi —114' •--ti!i --$Ui •-•8m ..45cti • 50cd .85cti ..40cU 35cti H't (/(.»,•) hup an assortment oj Sp'u-ns, Canned Eruitx, Sauces of d\ kinds, bli'/r/i, &iter«ti/s, Cream Tartar, Tobacco's o/nU kinds, Broo ' Matc/u*, /{atsuts, /i\iv, ('/-ackers, Ortutge* and Lemons-, Jfnts CanA - ' Ca,,d/<s. Print Emits, dbc.dtc. ' * W ' APPLES BY THE BARREL OH BUSHEL, 11\/ <in mnr j'T'-jHtml to funiish (tysttr&in la/ye ur ttniall ou<intUiek of Scytz-wr (Juiiltti/and at Pottvm Pricts to all yho mil favor uswith\ cod. C. A. ZfOTT. <U»i& E •STAULIMHKO 1837. Tf8T A MOJlENTl As a Friend of Humanity I WISH TO SPEAK T0?00 Sly IntfillBcnt ICwiteri-'li Whole?ale & Retail Grocers I nijr •u m i, li eui «M«seri-Ii jrtJn would bm DEtLKR'i IN I iTiotco Orocerleu »ud prormlon*, niUoal u » « I tioso w/ ™ Provisions, Wines & Liquors, No. 3, Iron Block, Watoitown, Are now rccen ;n< in »t.>rc a v.Ty :jr_-o a:. 11 x'r, | they 11II.T f-r M ^ v. S1R>KT TlVgu sWAKI* * 3&iOJri ADULTERATIONS Tho '•!'.»• • r t 0 •'. fN'I'O was recount rnctfd wbiTi the Juriuir 1'artni-r »>• a 'ra11*i-d, and tin- MIOUT TIMS »rd READYOASHl'ioii aa^nraled To The Wholesale Buyer, We say fo me »tid exani'.ne goods and prices, ami wo will try aii'1 do TOH irood. Oar 33 reari among itae ToaChotta, enables a s to select ; tho BUST THA8 for tbe Least Honey. I Tbia t-ximnt-nce aipo app'lei* to othur (:o.»de In o«r line, ana w,- w . «carc <i:h vim tbe b-Diil'« •..« • jpoei-d uy ite Nw Vo H r aild,go«o 2>t>. 23 COURT ST. Whcro ron w'U find a FSS8U STOCK OJ/ildl UKOt-^ltlKS TBS BBBT TX3A TO TUB BBTAIL TSAOS Wo rs.n Bay. of PIIX-I: m ncv oml'rar.i..' i) a.h'A' 1 K> n^.l lr>>m ail |M:LP •' \> roi.J ad w nor*- coninr'f. 1 t^TAN/lAL.\ • •'• f* »*d ft^ ( tl fft . PllP<> G-oo(.l> OZ.BAMBST B\ UtOST DBI.ro AlffB SSBATB, EvoroOerrdln Northern New Tort Goedl dt> llrered wtlhoit Bxtrs Cbajju. Teas Ten Per Cent Siieaper! Thau an; Ntojclti tbeCrtf. COME AJND TEST \:v s x A. T iiiwi +JM rxa. .ii .-: .- ro>:. V\a;c-tjwn..V. Y. f2«4tU. lu Traa, wo 0 1 :. .: •', • . ; .-•..- T. i'. -•. iv . • - ; . fwr, \ a ;.'l ii'o 1 cira.* Green & Japan $1 & upwards, '>Velr.v:te comparison Onr Wine lloorn, in always well stock- , Ml with Kinc i\nrc Wines ind Llqnora o f Foreign , and Natlro production, lnclndlng Chajnpaitnea. ' Scotch Ales, A_lsop« do.. Brans do. London Porter. Brown Stont, Ciinllals. California Wlno, Bitters, &C., sailed fi>r IJotolf. Medicinal or Social parposes. Tbe Pork Parking Warehouse, Is wen supplied with 1'ork, Hams, Shoulders, Lard and Dried Bocf-a'I of onr own caring-and wlU bosold ss low as thomjarkQl v?i!l warraat. s3y~ Old and Mow Cnstomerp, are rospoctfiilly In vitedtoca<:. .Iunu2. 1S69, d 1 v THE LAHOBST r,IMT3 O r WRAPPERS, ANE DRAWEES! i P. i .4 AMP •nfi I I IIJINTS ADDCCX P&01HSBS. I have now rot o n hand 1 In llnret assortment ; of cHin-i's.NTJIEMI'M.S.comiTris mlo blmm, iver onend lor ea!e in this citj sud-aiincaseorlmuat of I All Yornig and Healtbj, I shall also bave'on hand throneli tlxe winter all Wnd»flf GUV FLOWBHS, Ibr Tuiora.1 and other occasion!, wreaths, Crosses, aaad all other dbBteos made to order. I haTealso » huge sirppiyof CTSTLEItr. for fall and WhUtr DM, wbicb can be bui a' all time*. OetlSdka J. G. BJa&GQBX, No, 8 High St, STORES AND OFFICES : V<- R 84XB BY STERLING&MQSHER Call the attention of thei^ublic to their well selected stock of Jewelry, Silver and Silver PJated Ware, Clocks, Vas- es, Spectacles &c. which are now ar- riving, comprising the latest styles <&c. American 8c Swiss \Watches at reduced prices. Mo. 1 Court Street / ^ 9 _ : Ac*., now or the most approved •• HOI'MIKR BrtAtKh, 'I'HfssBS, St' I'l'ORTB/tfl, l-ACt STOCKINGS SVKKNOR *,S CIIMCA 1. ANT) l)JN'. TALI.NSTKL'MKNTH. tcr., constantly on bar.ri, f,'£H~ T-riasce proycrl) ndnr>f,'d i»t ail honrn 11 T1IEO. A. PBCK'a, •IpoiAnearv and nrnutait- Wwsrurwrrf. OABDIfiAN JACKETS In this City AT SMITH A STREETEES, Wo. 14 Woo&tvffRot—, Watotio-vra, W- •*• >'t>T. n, I.VIJ— dwlvr _ |)A1«TI\VG CLAZ.'iKs AND t ' i AIMilK IIArs T (TlN\G i couneiulon H-ith our JAP^OS TUNED •AND REPAIRED On ebort notice. Satisfaction ensranteod, at ats-itr T. w. rluutris. PAUJT.OIL.AND GLASS TRAD* Wo hiv>- C'DMPBTBMT MSNIodo too aboH workPATI.Sr'Ai'TOHILV. mat/ SBZ.XiOOd & OONOBSs 4!Sliili-tli'ison Uomtj, New Yort.im t*«J^,S-- the Horn,', WaUirte»»and Ogaenslilltyn m\™?* tflmiVi-frotillio cltj of Water-town, flnd ,°JKS rroTn('a),e Vincent, and near the villajfO or i' 1 *^ MIJoDay; and embracingabont 0^^' r//^ USAND A CRES^ cm« .,__ , r ._ *We«nM* rnKWfDal^\PBrm\''Tho'8nb?crtborI ^\.JJf'Jfjr rensronablo ] deai*«W ^WfcrWCto.!!^**' This tract *a CWMI»W adapted 'ro gra»s>, and wonld mako a ptpflttow of vorjr prodnctivo land. and enbdaod It, and offers It fo BffJL* . I mblo price, and on «asy terms, for pa\ 1 \™* *»,: J s WM.I)BVT^1[I- . pi,§ ^MjJfea§»M^?^aig^feQ !• C 1 F;

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