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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, April 29, 1852, Image 1

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-m^mt &»v rmr M^, ifli stout**,'* s a«taIe,.aiMl T ,**™wW^^* .^BJ#.*\*Wv WWWB|«JBWI fteirtebani. „_. -_ „ $#$* -J&m **> *§*&>»• a.bnd .wtoMatedao • away;! Aii^L«r«Mwr rafc A aneay'- a*Wbrte*»B*< tlta*sb» waa *•*- |et M alow when aha deij^^o furnish iMNHtfj*. rMi bar »WW*ife*l* Willi at*0> iod beaabfal in **»*«tideiiUy _., 4M***^i : Si(Sb^*. ,! Ourille^eV mtSuntry.and. Jortmbly and re 1 matwwf the house en 'UwriMWr^hMdoiw r*while, \beneath our _„ bit PMafeil oyer, lieisafel. uwnrunr •» ,%!«>*\ \ * ^Hl^li&a^r of the ftrai made • military inriiicreet «p«rb«pv bat la* towtwiMd to in- quire.your .tan*. il*MiBtr>4fc*Vf$?-f \*\ -f\*i;*aiijjfAS8Wimn. ttealdemce aiidOHkaat Friehd-S.Boyuton's, nourthe FiHt'eonitromtioiiiu Church., on tUo Middle Koad, ttntbtrxd. AT M, SM^IJTOato -^ I SWtW).% 8, Sjfforl J\ , BloWftn vita the' attention oHheJiadelo Ids large aud vdrfoa\ stock of Goods', whiotf lie offcWat,tb.e lowost.njtog. for cosh or approvod credits. The follow- M/mm IU*d/foq^UoAftiiLay, Adorns, N..Y. own nmt.tiim ram BAT. * -*P7 ^EUHONT HOUSE, ' •>--,<-- •,»gifB\lIAQGET Proprietor. EJ^* G»rruge* will So In readiness at the Bull Koad Depot and Stoumboiit landing to convoy PasBongors ajid Baggage ta »ud from this House Tree of ^^ S. HiDULEV. -,-j „_ f « »._, -,„ t U„ „Y FasuloiatfhBrtaliar,, on. MoinBtrcot, three doors oust ..„_». „ ..... . ,M«ttteB8tPhll«deiplii»-Fashionsjust received.— O-TOra garni Mtltingdone toorder.and warranted to ttt. inir artWoH constitute » part of his stock: Pruga an d BfcdicIno*r , \ <)nel >> J 5n ? ,i »h, G «r- inaiiandAmoricaii Ohomicaln r vizt Sulpliute Quinine, SulpU»W7\AoBtat«i aridMufciate oMtorphine,Stryeh- nino, VotatlAtiOiHydriodatoof Pota»h,lodini,,loaino of Iron.' • i' OU«iF«liBt*««4y«»«l»ll^-I'\>8eod t Currier's, Nciits' Foot, Sponn, Wlinle, (reflnod) Wophiuit, Olivo ~ orXJil: White Lead, Zinc Wlilto, China Gloss, and Castor 1 •MS, ! .__, .„ Ifor the libsr- ., „..,_. aooml^vww.mes, wAuldasuin otUl tlio attention-of purphuiers^to-tlie SraWpl6nma«t6^ror^-'~^'^-^ \«-• rm*itur«, »r»*»ri»« an d 0pholrt«ry Oood« wlildli ho is this woiSkreoeiving at IUB now luid-cxten^ tfve Waro^Kooms, Excelsior Baildiiigfl, Oourt-»tv(noxt door to /Ayes' Block,) where he IB now prepared to show up Larger assortments, Latoi 1 Styte and Lower prices ttianovcr before ottered in Nnrthorn Now York OABINBT WARS. ,„,-- Sofu», Divans, Ottomans, Rosewood t nd Mahogany Tete-c-Tetcs, Marble-top and Mahogany bureaus and Conter-Tabics, Secretary Book flises,. Mahogany, French, Cottojfo and tfemiiion Bedstoa B, Tablus, Bod I^ead, IpdiaBod, Litharge, Titrkoy Umbor, Lamp Bluek, Ivory'Blaohv Boso fink, Branswick (Jreen,, Chrorao.Orcen, Verdigris, (dry ftl >d in oil) Chrome Yollow, Yellow Ochre, O)iio fire-proof PaintjJChoco- latc, Drab and Ash,) Spirits Turpentjiio, tyffm, Fur- nituro and Dciiiar Varifish, Japan, etc. Alar^SsunJily of Stmdpivpor. Py« Btufl».—Madder, Log-wood, Fustic, Cam- wood, Nic-wood, Quercitrou, Copperas, Blue Vitriol, Anmitto, Ooohjho^', Crbain-farter, L»eJ> FwEoubw Dreas-ltakcr, J<o. 10, . -1ECA.DE . ~_flfJB.wKi^ies»J«Wrtit«ntio»;W|ll bopaidtooutting mndftxting. ' .83 i'?^wp^^^fl^^tJ^PBH» only qtHUM'tkrtiiaOtWtwet -> fit iroild be easy fo> n ni*hJji«e^^fcyir1vrti ? youa f«l«en«o»e, tia<t*. irAw# Bo^ftow (o % «6W Uuya h*ve refuted toJell jwi i»y aute.I.do iioLwuttire to detnHHlYMl^-r ^ i=-' * •-'• -• fflW jfflitlt # the IrottM 4i* not rtpjy.* **• K 4ai. tM ySL ^ wuh to k«.p y«nr \ Yet, ur,^th»t wUwal bt*(via tbia >»nntry.if Uid« acauaiui ,•> why Aofl»%«u dcun to U -'(,> « JOHN B.iGOODBNUUGH, ^J«ntrof'ttie Now fork Protection, Union Mutual, Fo/rt„f*lilri, and Vistdiigton Mutu|>l Insurance Oom- J^awi-iuxlarttrisaU \kjridB pf property on stock or nji)tui»l nysUimt. .fl,BtHTT\y-ELL, *tjinrrftotur«iror_Sth»'»*--t^tt(ir8, Dor-PdworsandBut- St-1^orkoW.'JfSjvMeobaaid'a Kow.ouo door below 4|l f :!^l6wi4lll8 )b WatettPwp 1 N. Y, . HT* Abo, gtw-giittora repaired, and all jobs in tii«||n»pr<>«)ptly>ttciid>)d to. T »ayl ^^^»\J^txt %lf K < 7 nw »fiiM)ftit<y^> nordt, hw im»tt iM^t^^aaaMaai fttrwiiy brotgtrt the«. billitpaitijipi'to niifawlMtoii. The'wXdlwraea»l . lM^twf«rfe_fc#r«>»r' < were'-'hum^M IFlMMMMMiMll ••Chi llWl imspWflU jN i QfW^t» PC lia'ifaiR Mitawttoa, and wufc anfw baraibs In MFI«% »»*a »6fc* ofthundtr, ba^teUrM his ywaoafrtaateOaM^tWKKun^f' ' \' S\ ^^tlmiii^ittwtinii^f U*» trwr^jftaa grejikw yMtakiwSMw.- 71M itfiaient,>«oto«M«V h» the kintelrAMtf aamBl4m*tUli<HW tallarat^to im- riawiijailaaiiwfy. ^**r« .ahdjabidian awiye HJiiXiif'\ t» tba firat battle, b»u»alb'|h> «#aao|lh«aH|Mr«r. Munt WM for aMong wbila bil»]rJWe,ta appearance at loaat, at Uuft a* atfiaWila*^ by lhair aanrniiikw..,, Jiat Uw fiuilt waa aa-'^wat, hia^erajip P!*M«ory, that a* daaaiMW that lbr»k 'wldtorhi faboWR ffom a. rnong tbSJtearajajlaa^iab^jajf^iHi tfiwr-l HTM fbf.mt tAm ,« »b» w^pii^'nTIi* three TicUawwareaoiB deaTgiuited, tbey'wWe put in iroM,a^l^jraaaeWUea 'awio«acad r ^.tr* fol. iowiaf dtyv/Tba regtateat still remained confin- aliiriBw\»iraiki;p p * s '} > , i M ?*.- «Ia taa auddw «f the rufht^ Joathim directed tbethra. «*Wto be 'brooght btfore hubV- .•ergWttAltwiwfe ptjodence he eoafd cchftde, led thw^bia-pMajnee ' x »»«-*« k Von will be abot to-morrow J' uudijtutaf.— The aoUbanrbantieto tear*, ipreparafordanth, aad WiHkfr'W«Te J ihen, itiathBoflly'way to wipaaat all memory it your, tritne. * 1 charge sq*a)f witb the duty of traaamitting your last Stita&iXMir m~mnt*,y> yow iathm-wd aiiiiin; 'y»itf JuiiMtM dtd not awnt «bild|en a^wr yd*.''•«•»».y*« tbougat^f your moth- '^lieUr 8ok.ii8*d llwr vi*/*.-, 'l^os* ts.«_,*_^_._ ^QUU luiy^Hie^proadBnAeven Ijdifttian w j^la^^bthe_Ajia. . ¥*mli J^aSbari «th» ganlitnan , -not tajigtte taatawr; aoo neid-kUubfor-Uw ^l^pl^CTf*^°, Tby are^raMKSii aaiWjwWo^aaJSwhuritor, H\ r jtaaw oMjr to 4hoaa who de»er»«. ttt;iie«r \\\ \' * Tthfnk ydu worthy of \ ,4!«n|be»oBol JVe..9 WanlrafaMeck, Watartowa, K. T.. WhofeBMle-JUidStiUil Dealer in lints, Caps, Furs, and SttlW (litodi, ,.M»uoi»cturor of Cups, Furs, &o. Wrn.U. IfctbeifeSCoV: FineHata. Genin's Stylo g,»t». -;»\ * ' • ' r ^ ' soyl Cudbear, Madder and Inditto'Compoiliid. Sruahes^^Hair, Cloth, Tooth, Flesh, Crumb, Paint-,Sembbingf; V»mish, 81utving,--Homer«to,-etc-., in great variety. , r*rflun«rw,OaBil>a, *c^Lubm's£.Sl»UK«not & Coudray's and Patey's P.crfiuaery; Fuie I<ory Combs, 8 SS SSS, Dressing Combs, plumBuflalo, Shell and Horn. i , ajoapa^-Wliite and Rrown Winflfor, Bose, Al mond, tlonpy, also Low\ dtbols, Lounges, Pillows, Matts, Cashiona, &o.. to- gether with Sinost evory stylo of \ Useful and Orna- mental\ Fnrnitiiro to bo found iu t'ity Furivjialilng aagaaaaaaai _Ba^gyi.-sv- , v Ki' ^-' .p^'Ojfi, A~ R. * \. would'call tntfittehJkiAn of the mam n $%jfc tta<P»rTfo(yM 1$*¥PH of ^V«ry deslrmblo slie and tone\ ThoKe^'rMbnjHo^'rn/li^os'-Driasing-rooui, Ckerjueatrfioctttt, aad. Oporatiug Boom, are all 8ep«- rete,T»ad-i^r»iBhed-io4lie-mo^t-ek«ant«tyle r - - - 1 - Oamaraa, of the largest size, of German arid Amer- ican manufacture-! Apparatus of all kinds; Columns, Pedostala, etc., etc., to suit ull taatos and positions.— Tho Operating Xiight was constructed on sci- on tiilo principle*, expressly for this purpose, and is 80 ttiritllged that it can bo used as a sky-light, or side- light, to suit tho fancies and wishosor his patrons. Single Miuiiitivrcs, or groups of any number, from ie smallest sizodjploturc to tlio Lirgost-pvor-mnde, ta- ken by it in from 2 to 6 sooonds, so quick that ull can w.»i,d better rAne Hour and ahW oths «« hours by tho ordinary.nrooosn, SiJz m J n Six . loundini lioavier nusiug and boiling. Tho clothos look beS or<ii, \ Iong.erthau whon washed in the u»,i,,i or lu,a '• warmntod not to injure the finest fubri\ wand .„ , . w »y. it most delicate color.\ For \ ^ —»«i»\i'n»«.- two thirds of the labor. This Soap is unequalled by any thin,, n . , been offoroS in the markat.aa aHhaviL'^ 1 ' 08 uinonnest rubric or ol,„; J \ » for house cl eumillg> r «'*|e 6 tk : beautiful cases, uud :y Stores, all of which be will plodge himself to toll fron 2u to 5d nor cent below former iiricoa iu this.placc. DRAPEUUiS' &.m»HOL>JTERY GOODS, consisting of rich Frcnoh.EtubroUlcr,edLuec and Mus- lin Cnrtiiins, Silk and Worstcd*Brocatcllcs, Brocudi Satin, Koyal and Worsted ,Unmasks, Moreens of all colorte Plain and Fgured TiirkeyRods, /fiiir Cloths, (?rtfftsonPltish;^rrrrkoyBoTderingn,Tablo 6bverings, Towellings, Shade Fixtures, Gimps, Loops, Tussols, GUt <3»rniee», Bands and Pins, Picture //angings, Dustore, Toilette liojtcs, ^ to, an endless and rich vari- ety at tho lowest prices. J3fr Particular uttention paid to the manufacture of .. , 'Mattraasos and Bods, of/mir, 7/usfc, Frill, Feathonj onpy, Tablet, Military, HuU'tJ assorted Soaps, ; and Straw, from host matorials constantly on hand. '»,• Jonea', Gorard'a and I|itcj*cook'». ! E^\M»uttfacturing and ropairi life of Ciibinot or Up rotuin a good, exprewion^. DAOVBiraEOTYPSB KBTAatBMmid Portraits copied with comploto accuracy, by appara- tus made ox^rossly for the purpoio. All Daguerroo- typos put up in substantial ana aoonrod with prcsenxsrs.. Pearl, Junmj: Lind, lind Morocco Cttm, of all ekes, arid Uwlwst finish. OOIJS LOCKETS, of ull sizes, for urtr, £«>i», or four Miniatures ; also Gilt Locketri of ail sizes ; Chains, Pius and Kings furnish- ed at unparalleled low prices. Mr. Wostcott is prepurod to furnish correct Likcnos- tics of persons put up iu substantial CUSCB, at rutcs ranging from OM tojjj'tetn dollars. To AitTOts.—A large assortment of Daguerreotype ___ =i Stock,consisting of French and Auieriean platos, eases : distant tivulut or stroani, even hutnunlty'itllp * tssSl ' <• of different descriptions, ohomioals.ete., etc., will bo to require that there should, in thisu/e 0 f' ^ D,( 'i kept constantly on hand, and sold atnuusually low ' inont, befound aoinatliing to -' ••• • •* • nmK '~ irfcc ' \ '\' \\\'*\ . OMcariea, Jfraiit, &c, Oolong,8ouchong,Uyson aud otliorTeas; Cotteo.Sugar, .Lemons, Oranges, Tigs, Primes, Kaisins, Sar- accaroni, Auohovlos, Catsup; Spices, dmesa VermiceUi, etc., etc. Also a largo assortment of Glass W»ro. Oampheae and Buraia* Vlnid,StareliPolUh, and W^whini Powders. - 87 hoTstery work done on short notice and warranted to please. ; t3§r//o1oIs, Churches and Saloons furnished at bet- ' tcr rates than can bo obtained at any other cstublii-h- I mont. ' Mr. O. has taken particular pains in selecting u stock ) of Goods fitted for this Market, nnd, with the adop- l tion of ' Quick Sales and Small Profits' as his motto, ; ho invites the attention of the publio at large, and j hopes to be Bustainod in his otfortt to please. j J3y\ Excelsior Buildings, 6onrt Street, (next door to I ^uyes' Block,) WatortoWn. I October 20, 1861. 9v8 \»S So,,, eve, it, us toilette, aud for tho romoval of oii\\wlS °?\J>>*br the black, paint, &c, from silks, sadns wo^S and turntmre. It will hold alMmiuoi, „„,\ 8«eJs warts, pimplos, freckles, moth, tun ^„ i rem ° v e and whitening the skin in a roiiuu kako n,'™„ 01 ' si «S AllthoSonps.Wash Mixtures, andBleaoff 0 ?, of unciont;or modern tiinen combined tb™ 8 l \ i,l « mont against, or comparison, to the ('Tn\ l l«- ErasivoSoap. This8oaphaBmetwitiiu'ii^.i.2?\»l and fumilics that have nsod it liTivo novil Jt ,,ie . contiunbd its user and all declare that it L <!> ' - wonderful in saving time and much hard lnh!!°i. t < \ 1 'j goes BO much further thmusounnou son,, tSb < a{ * a saving iu ttrst cost < ' ' l \»'\ciriY:» The design of tho inventor is full. ^ prices. C. P. WESTCOTT, Nos. 18 and 15 Arcade. \Watortown Jan. 1,1852. 21m8 culty. Those that \ go those about to embark for Califorui 1 WiproK ngtool>vn,tothi s ; r 72 dowBtothoTOinsC,?* for California, ^ ?'P»' \w West, will Audit to theUadvuntagetepurcll,; \' supply of this superior article, ft wishes r.ff salt or hard water as common sortp will in v£ _)''\ This Soap is ottered to the market in tho nX? tw ' ohantablo stylo, and can bo shipped to anv J* • 1'\ IT.,;,„.I at.. t L „...„, t„... .. _„.t u y Port rati. GEORGK EARNHAM. JuKl«e 0 -tlw£awa and Conveyancer. Ollloo over O. C>. Uttey'i Stow, JPaddook Building.. nr v, s. KUBBARD; lo?ln^«ta*d Dry Groceries. Provisions, Fruit, * -\'-isrlii a TOy», Fancy Articles, Wooden Ware, ..,, ... Aft 'Since tho tiro at No. 1, Basement, A'QMFXSOAn* ~\ 'C^lWaGroootlosoxchaiigcdforEgga, llama, Fruit f-ai^B^» , g|igte. „.„. WX«aXWl aATM.» r ST.S. R,EBkA^lCE HOUSE AttU*So«ih«ad of Bonier VillagoXk>rtlandCo. ia1Al»OIt«aBOK, I^HOntUTOKS. N.Y. M . . K\nt. NEWCX)MB, TOtJ^rlfitnyitclxiii. ClovtS, Jewelry of overy varioty, SUve* aB^',P«« Patted Ware, No. 8 American BlocK,' Royalrlng done to order. 1 t. u. nouraaos. DUR, M. BINGHAM, OfSco Sell. Arcado 2d. ftoor.' motbar fell wjtfcti!air iJlPWA^ 4ciii«n.4f i th»T7nlv ed StatW,-awing tbem weep, couki .npi, ..jjoaipre. bar^i this exeeaa of amotion, a>liW» Jhey afiatued ynxVle.io coi%ot N6 toouer had Cl»tid« over'. and ba Mid to the »on - ^'4 beta ta your- glorwnn ^ •»; - m . waa-u,-? v «\tbw*J»l» <ha_qut«ter and «a«»it of thi? d>a|8flgl UJa to bjnl^at I owe all 0ne. &y wbea 1 waaln danger pf deatti, your f»|h^aa^ wyHrfWr* J~ r ~^v -n -«ta.«,--.' - Upon^ ^A^f Jjpnor^^id .A|hiHfc Mtf \ H^u«po>,.w*««Wi^,w^r.,..Am tot- rayaclf; Juybraiii. waian 6ra;. J t dei«»iKl yftMf. eo'iMbietwi'Bie to tha portof Leg-: bo^*}i»'t*o'bf > myVeo'»r»a«rai--w^bi*«'f*.-ft aied two yea^ 9 ag«^ 5 Sei^roi^J[;ML-U»«. and tbia life I owtnti* ,yoar, pobbj father., J;bave labored, a&H Samao^ in eWfcnrUbleoiratiioaun. cea. _My;inotneK-tO wh'oaia certrfieitei^f my daatK-hitf^aaii^^tViidaofeie yeiralater» ietterfrom (ier living§6n Wfitirij ber to e«ne to WBW irosa. Tba Place to Bay Ctooda Obaap. T HE BUbscribor having ranted tho large and spa- cious 8tore in the Amorican Block, No 6. next, ________i_— ——- —„___- j door to S. Wittgenstein, would respectfully call tie «t- Watcn, Olock an d Jewelrw Bitablishnient terrtion of tho people ot Jefferson comity to astock ol rpHE subscriber having lately)oturned from Now new and fresh Goods, constating of Grocorioa »nd Pro- X York, is nowrocemng, at No. 2 AatEnwAN visions, Crockery, Wooden Ware, Flour and Salt, all BLOC*, New Goods in this lino, which for olegancc ol of which was bought for cash, and will positively be style, beauty of finish, and extensive varioty, have sold as low as at auy other establishment in Jefferson never bcou equallod m this town, county This ologhilt Btook of Jowolryand Watches has ^•Butter, Choeso, Ham, Eggs, Lard and Pota- , bcon selected by tho'subscribor with great c»ro, in or- tocs, wanted in exchange forGoods. S^\No Liquors . dcr.to give entire satisfnotiou to his patrons in«u* sold at this cstablishmont.^1 - 1 '\' \~ M r \~ *\\ '\•* '' '\ \'\ ' DON'T mistake tho placo—No 6 American Build inga, opposite Fairbauk s Now Block. Watortown,\Jnub 24. U H, D.TOWNEK. u,ark»r. He thcrcforo invites his friends and the public to examine his bountiful and varied assortment coiisistingniqpurt, Q£ the ih)lowiiig_articles : i Gold anil Sliver Watches, Lever, Anchor Esca|>c tiient,- Lopinet, Ac. Gold and, Silver Chains, Js'vck , Vostand\*9^'CJtwn.»„;..Lftdi«sBnicelots Breast Pin.-- JBWILSX STOXUB. WATCHES, CLOCKS,?} JEWELRY! T HE subscribers would invite tho special attention of the publio to their oxtensive assortment of Umted Smia orBOnt . tottu „ '' tof i h ~'f»\»tk Goods in the above Imp which they are prepared to | ^ j atagocouoh steamer, or packet ihir^i yr * jeU at lower rates than horetofore offered. ^Their stock amg \ D \$ e laut i' to superior qualities P ^' tll0lltl »- is varied and handsmne, conamtiugm part of The proprietors have secured the.ervicosof, GoldUv„r,Go!!lLe*piut« o r Kb - to supply the market with tho above deseffi r ? Chemical Erasivo Soap, stamped with the invent p ^ ..„. . »- — -- — — -? - . « ..-r ,_ name, and warranted to do tlio work l» •v. n ^._. tor * Gold Chains pf every pattern and variety, Gold Look- ets,- Pencil*, Buokle Keys, Slictes. Gold Thimbles, Kings, Seals, Bracelets, Broaches, Gold Maiden Lane Ptjus; also a good articloof Bagley'B oolebrated 1'eus; Gent's Soorf Pins, l»oek«t Compasses, and other arti- cles too nnmorous to mention. OZ.OOX •: Gothio, 8 Day,and Alarm, Mantle Swiss, 00. Clocks, Office Clocks of ull descriptions. * SPECTACLES. ing-caso; Silver Anchor Escapement, -Cylinder Es caperaont.Phiin Ceso Watohes of .all d.u»criptions. TIVBLBZ GRAND DRY GOODS ANO MILLINERY | J^ffi^tte^ ' Sugar do., &c. Ac.: Gold Pencil Casss and Pons. \i- siXVEl'i- I'tATED VYARE. iKroaiun, ANGEL'S BLOCK, COVKT-8T. M K.&^IUS. WELCH respectfully Inform their In ihi» department tho subscriber uffers a fine di.« old customers and tho public gonomlly thntlhcy , p | a y „f Q^ 0 Baskets, Castors, tlniiillo Sticks, Snuff- have juatroturtml from Now York with al»;/f, mil- \ J^, and Trays, Table uud Tea Spoons, Mustard and BiMfoHMate ¥«F~T3oyT tattoaXbrd yoa the Udteltc Amerlea. - ACy poor mother, after having wept ap T»|ichiJbirtn*;lOBir1iearty lv dl0d ttt joyOtt'aaeiiig enactor needs tpy irjin, my weiljtfi; mf W&iflrtn hi/tVii'w- . »- ': \ ^ \-'f 'fec(*nixe hirrt in your narr»IW«-^niy gene. roiiifYatbwr' aald-AobJIle Mu«t;*!ih tears in hU eyea.,-,,., • . r . ... ,, , , ~\J[\ ''' \He baaDardooed many otbor»beiidei, \id GaraW; .••.-•.--•• 7 ^H^fetft^n6n* to«ardt»n lilnff-replleil-hb 'kn'Ji? .-••'Mi .v....*...,, A .» .Jtt.ii . ,;.-,r..*- .- i , '•. :;-.OiiAR*B St CALVIN, AttdiHtys- and^CSqiiniiellora »t law, office over O. t -GiffoBrd'liatero, Hi.12, IPaslnmrtonatrcot. ^Jl 'CLASKE. . D. C. CALVIN. ••:••-• J, WOGRE,Jn., CoilnrMlloEat Law. Office over Hayes' Store, Court st. ne«rt j opposite thf American. 1 L. 1NGALLS, wv^rv -^-wi—-^e?feraila.w. OtL . Coart^lroet, Wt^ttown, pppoaita the American. AtWrneya^ndCouiiftelloratXaw. OlBceln Ilayes' block T, CALDWELL, FubJonible Upholstery and Cabinet \Ware Roe Eioelalor BuadJi^noifcidoor to.llaycs' Block, 6 utrect. oon», Court «tkcttd, and tuperb aaortnuiit of Dry Goods and Mil- linery. Having been iu their respective business for a groat many years, and being well auquaiiiled with tho market, thuir customers may rely upon purcha- sing from them a good article, and at as cheap a rate as can bo bought \many other house, and may coiiti ,.„„„„„„„, „„ ,,„„ OT W „„„,.„„ „»^„ „, ..„„. deirtty rely upon being unifrAmly hiwatlf dcidt with., subscribor assurel-thom tjiut prices will bo of th To •gHliner«.--MilHnurs wlirrlndittotlioirad- , w u«factory chumcter. It. K. NEWCOM salt do. ^-ALSl)—. Gilt Wnro, Koys, Chains, Steol Keys, Steel Chains, &e.,- ^C'^nd a goneru^ assortment of till artic/cs to be found in s,ijch cstal)lihhnH-nl.'*- In inviting the , attention Of tlie-rtubHo toHiistinuaUwk of Goods, the c most :t)MB. j satistactory vantage Wcall-at-this Btero, aA-tliey will bo able to-1 Wiitertown, SevKT. 2v2\ No. 3 Aniericon Block. purchasesnohartlcleBas thoy msy requireata duaper •mX*jrTii***vnm~ Zt»** rale than they can at Now York. _. . „„D»TT^i*^DiStvS!S?™\ *\?*• . . Dross CW and Head-dresses for 2s 6dand up- P,^ M1BEL ^ *3 KA I T0 , N ^ S™ n \^ ia S « wards. Silver wreaths and Flowers and all such aV- j V ^S\ aasortrnolitof «anlea«£ Jancy tides as may bo required for wuddings and parties.— N. B. Particular attention paid to Utting Glass in Gold and.s'iher Bows in the ueitutt possible manner. Likewiaua large ussortmentof Cold, SilveraudCom- mon Specs, at reduced prices. SILVER WARE. In this nrtlcleospocia! care is taken to havo the silver tiiifi, and nothing is used for malting but half dollars, and the public may fuel ussurud that they can got no bettor article at a lower price. Silver Ten Setts made to order. Table, Dinner, and Toa Spoons of nil pri- ces, according to wuight. Butter Kuivcs,SiigarTougs, Sugar Scoops, Pickle Korks, etc. Kj£~ Watch Kopairing done on short notice aud warranted. Uvs Jv. H. SIGOUKNJSV & Co., No. 1 Satt'urd Block, Court-st., Watortown. Luxury and~Civili»atiou go Hand in Sand TEMPLE OF FANCY! NO.«, ABOADB, WAT1KTOWK, K. T. ''•\'liE Bubsoriber haviiig removed to tho above fitsh- X. iouablo and luagulficont Arcade, begs most re- name, and warranted to do tlio work iu tho mosUM'' faotory manner. The money will be refunded inm ease whore the Soap fails, when the directiomuetf \the proprietors aro propared to roeeivo md snml orders to any extent tho market demands TnS and the public generally are solicited to test for £ selves theC.S.Chemical EnisivoSoap. ' t^* None isgeimiuo but that which comtainki, of about ono pound, stampod John N,gto»' UP nuu utai nun,— Bonnets, Ac., made to ordor on tho shortest notice. N. Mi Mr. W. has assumed his business in consc quence of tho death of hissouKobort. Watortown, Oct. 5,1851. 7v3yl CAMPBELL & BRAYTON, T»Tt<>l««Ie andB«U*il Dealers inPryGoods,Grocorio8 -Cttp^ulig-OIICIotlni^PiitjftrILmguigii, Window-shades *\ ~\ ^--;^-- r ri'f^JJaaiiflgijjii American. ~''*' aa ^)iAa. AXJXIICKX &aitraaat,. \• \ !~|r8-\VAN BURK1 , WJiolciilo «ftljBtdil dcidorlnliardwaro, Cutlory, and Fancry Goodi. Iron, StooL Nails, &o. <feo., No. 8 Wood- ruff ilook» —\Hi H3\tf3l!f J ]LBiunt MHSGllijm 'fbaik apon France and your mt&Smrm awMfttyo. beloo»«0»Of*.to IliaaSaihir ,_ A *i • h «ui H -?Jl^»aaldW»<C*at'jbwa»el»«a at Joachim's 4,bVmt&.«a*.«rty. but for hk-pardon, be- JBaaWKMKasn' bat yam yeot l)*oa,woa»d,yo« lire be**. .baieataieiir -• \j.i > ~ A {•m wa* to?4V lapHad oh* of 'the iol. WdetV^d deatb; lrt, fim abjot. a* . . • f* ».i y.* Mi . jiff. . aTl«lai»^wi*Iftha«ioaJ*Ot!eried •\JpMMaV ?Mfaarefc« would yoa dM whert 1< -««M'am»a yoa Hre' I tar. a^.r given ihc aaa^ifaifai awapt-at ibe enaaiyraiidrcannot t* »atali Inilbba, .wat M*£ Woo»aa>4ic;l the b«»Mat..0f ana 1 Was he aot, Heaaturif* -' *JM** wept alaa aroand thearm^.lr of the fe'l6*I*c«.<^-6t), world of : my«tery that eve- tywVian Wa»|».iA^t»»« andW^th'ttiti •'Who-tnti, ever?. l#jr^*llop,AparrfO»to Jo |he;deptba of tt|*c«D}BjpoMt .fit ,Uie j: ,i>fce.aofDfna.^<;.oBr ^ally .llfcl^i.Talce, ,for.lu»tau«e,i oaa gf .thoae.po^U of JPf«w vati -ou>^M-»!yi«f!»j*y,«^n|i^^^^ »leepl(tor;\:«r» n*ea hardly tall.our- r*»d«rir4l>»t 'plant* (k. :iM*0-tb«^«MH, foll-aireaai ot fa graaci,-',-.LLBvar. ilwilf dooa not JMtav.Kt < Weaerte more absolutely it»*t*Hhi,wbita -aaoUilbarally di«p^lrltigit-!^'l%i*'fragta«*ahM . TBNEYCK & FUAZELL, Deal*r« l a Bodta. Shoos, Leather and Findings. Cus- tom- Tyork mado to^ordor, at tho old stand of Fisk & H»te*5, oppotltaTtlio. Ainoricsn. . HCTJMTINGTON-dTRUSS, tforefttotTites^eoTors in Ready Mado Clothing. Tai- lors' 'TtlraiilluifS.dio. Shop and Store in the stone Bloo'k a'fewrrjooisiloitllof tlio Brownvillo Hotel, Brownvillc , v \c.«; WBJOHT';\ M»irnfcctTi*i*«i5ni113*'Kli*\ , ih^Co'rmciri Tin, Sheet Iron and Bras*},Wnro, Staves and Stove Pipe, Showor, JMUefy^,ffNttonery,SirWu ! fi raad ; Tub ltt(Ji*f •\ Jo*blilgr worK promi«lyexednJed bfgbod workmen. .IS v Factory Squaro, Watortown. JAiLES H. BOWENr - \ Notasty Pxxrjllo -aiid Colleeting Attorney, Evanavllle, Jon*, tk,-N, V\.- will execute witli promptness and sa- tUftetion amy buslnas* outwitted to him 18 ,„ , . 8UKRUGATE'?S-dFEIcX ft trx«T»*dook'BniIdihga,''t>ver Sterling & Kiddoll's .TiootJito're- oiitraiice Arcade. - • , »M\- ' - '\J. B. A. PERKIN8, Surrogate. the formation of even'a.jingla wat, aait-were, of this'«i»i«e iowar^braath*;' Mtldagoaauin, StaSS 51 * 5 * • b ^> ot HKa?WfcS Tl tf f- fAJaara fnufaba t)oatfaaoibar hawalwagfe ^f-'Xtataa. tosw^aaHh loaebiai,»fna \' t^Kt. • Toa are giraitea^rUa, . r . ^ w ,. ,. t ml that yoa bare waargy^ebafaatar^ jraaiwill; K&^M&^'-I .» V.J.9W WioU •».„«, \ ' *\ * T ~ \\ ** ,PaoFofai,-**2rV'ffietrd»- -•aaigBiay/ptabwtn-wallj -lpraili*o»Txy«Brlirea. bat Mi aaniaaty tbaiywtf abaaW to-morrow be jgiagbt'jiilbyalltae worldj.aboya aUTby wuf ._, 'lMMKNW<ajaw.a^ajU haJasVaat >f the ftm gafa, appa; L J, DOR WIN'S , Liw- Omci In tin Paddock Buildings, ovor Sterling - • A KJdd«lP« Boototore, sntrsnoe Arcade. 22v2 tala. Where, then^fes.U^vBttS^(w«a b 4hlii, uiM*«billiuiliancMajninaka^^»nay,wa look to,find stored't»p : \It f tlwae inexliaaatibia wrpplie..?^: „ .„ ^_.._ - % .,Jemmm^%/k^- M^JWU* woo^arfoi J ;W^t» : tb»t'.«ny'. <*i%aoutd •«bWos : thi'-Satire''artd-fluod'es' of npahttion of ^b talra^ 0 ;ui ^mWry.-^/^*'//^r^«r.. SOLAS CLARK. DfcJerlh XMagaaiklMedtctnes, Paints, Oils, Dyowoods »nd<3rooeTlw, No, H^eciuuilca'JiXohsiigo. THOMAS fe DOW, ijrjoneso)8X»lP,'«Jnd!OTi»rn«ntal-Pointars, Gramers, Pa- S 'r-\H»ngors *o., over Goo. Porter's Storo, Woodruff oekn. .. - ' Praaar |to<yti IH*!' Shaaa* J OHN NEVILLE 4 SON, No.'7 Mechanic's Lr- elunge, havo constantly on hand, a largo assort- ment of Gonts Dress Boots and shoes of evory de- vr I'tiuu, made in the moot laahlonablo manner and • i- \.nm-Tior workmanship. * Tho article^ thoy soil. Doing manufiictnrod by the beat workiun in Nortnoni New York, we can war- rant them to i.i ifthc first quality and t o give satis- faction to the Uiyor. Wo aro ooi>t«nlly manufacturing tho nicest .and • t of Xia-ie* Ctaitars, Baaklas aitfllip- paiSa- - retail kindB of Ladios wear. We keep me<4ojdyosr Patent Rubbers, which is tbe best m»n- ufaclureei AU kinds o f Children's Wear, also, the DEtOOOD1 suited to the fall trade, which thoy respectfully invite the publio to oxamiue. Their stock embraces a rich assortment of the latest stylus of DBESS GOODS, consisting In part of Silks, •Merinos, Cashmeres, Cotton and Wool-«nd all Wool DeLaincB, Porsian Cloths, French and English Priata. •HAwXaJin grcst variety,Kxnbroiderics, Mus- lins, Sliwvo»,^QUna, aud\ Collars, Yolvets and Volvot Ribbons, A good assortment of Kid Gloves and Jiosiery, Carjet* and Oil A largo supply of Gttrpebs, of new patterns— (Kir Cloths of different widths, cheap for Cash. Our stook is now ready for Fall trade and will be Bold at as low pricos as goods of the same quality and Stylo can bo purchased in Jcif. Co. A. r . BBAYTON, «>• 5V2 A_. CAirPBKU.. Oonnecticot 7ire Insurance Ooxnpany. No. 8 State street, Hartford, Conn. I'apitiuf 300,000. Insure roal and personal property of all kinds, on th Di ' .---. spcctfuTly to aflsuTothc citizens of Watortown aud the adjoining country, that nothing shall b<5 wanting on his nart to render-this fashlomtble resort in reality u TBMUPXdu Ol\ TJkMVY* Our motto shall bo to tiutttfa '/huit and J'liate the Bye. lUviiig received 5 Mphma* and several first Preiniunis. inSilvor Waro,»ud a Diploma was award- ed him at tho Fair of tho American Institute, city of New-York, for tho .several specimens of Coufuotiou- eroy manu.facturediby himself. Tho public may rely on all articles made at this establishment, to be made i of the best materials. Orders in town and country attended to with punctuality, neatness and dispatch. Handsomely oruameutod Wedding Cakos,Tcmplcs, Pyramids, Cakes, Pastry, Fruit, Nuts, Ico Creams iu fonjis, togethor with an ondloss varioty of Confection- ery, Pertumory, Fancy articles, Toys, Wedding Cake Boxes, <$so. Ice Creams, Oyst*:ra and othor refrcsh- tnicutM served up at tho shortest notice. Best import 8d Cigars. WM. RAUG, 11 No. 4, Arcado. J OB WORK in Copper, Brass, Zinc, «hcotironand tin promply and well executed by^ good y 0.0. Chemical Brasire loan, on the bur DIRECTIONS FOKlisE. Mcosuro into a tub tho quantity of warm water r quired to soak your clothos. To evory tougrflorari water, tako half a potiud (or more in protiortiontnil!. hardness of the water) ot the C. S. rhonilealEmk oap—slice it up and put it in your wash buin, ud p ir upon it one quart of boiling wutor, aud thescan i wii. eudily dinsolvo; thoiitiiruthemixturotunspre- , iiurei. 'nto your tub and stir the water, and younill , havo h JO suds. Then put in your white cloties and 1 let them soak half an hour, after which wring them I out and rinse in cold water. Then make a bollhi&snds ' of oloan water with a very little soup; boll them jh a | minutes; rinse onco or more, as usual, blue, andiW , out to dry. I Fon COLOUXD CLOTHES, add a very littlo chernlcul iHoaptotlio old suds in which your white elotnes»ero I soaked; put in tho colored clothes and soak hah* «n | hour, uiW- which wring out and rinse as usual, and I hung them out to dry. Woolen clothes should soak bull an hour, and be rinsod iu wra. *ttoV. The tho shop of •Myl ;ood workmen 1UOUT, best Calf, Kip and Coarse Boots ofl'cred In this mar- ket, leather an d Pindinn for BaUe. Kcmembor tho place No. 7 Mcchauics Ebrehange. NEVTLLE A SON. \WHAlTOAjrX AMSBZOAKM D O t , 8000 Dollars tvorlhof Piano fortes enmingand' Banco, Edson Fcssendcu on the way for Mann.** Music Rooms, I for w \ a . t , 0 £<»™•„„ .„ „.,„ „ ' No'fc 39 and 87, Arcado. | BENJAMIN W. GREENE, President. ^B/mm 6EO. D.MANN ia consUintlv recoiv-1 _ _ JO? 1 *.. 8 , ELDREDGE, Secretary. |H^^flW|ing addition,\ «» hn>-«tooV uf Husteal I Farm for Sale or HxchVnee. Il« • II Iiiatnimouta from the first Mnnntacto- I rpiIK Kidweribcra hereby offer to son tholr ing two miles trotn most favorable terms. Directors—Joseph Trim,bull Benjamin W. Greene, J nines B. Plosmcr, Pnvid F. Robinson, Julius Cutliu, Harvey Seymour, Edwin D Morgan, N. Y. City, James Dixun, lulutund G. Howe. Tcrtias Wardsworth, Timotliy M. Allen, John L. \ \ J. II. Dl'TTON, Agent Iustnimouta from the first Mnnnfaoto- I ryvjiK sutworibers hereby offer to soil tmjii- Farn rios in tho Union* A tino asaortinont of tho Dulct\ JL iai acres of valuable laml, 1\ ing two miles tr Oampatta Ak4cSkMiit Piano* farms, 'mauuiaiiturcd by I the Bepot of th* W. itnd Jt. A'. 11. at Chumnoiit, nnd Mtsxr*. Bdurdman db Oral, of Albany, to wliou* have J oi the lioau of soliooner navigation on Ohanmont Buy. been awarded six firBt-cuass premiums at different' Said Fnrm is av& w>it*red by dumMe Springs, hv~ State Fairs in this Union, for the U*t Piano Forte, and sides fronting on the Bay. About >io acres arc cleared W^m»^m^V^^om deaeribee a , _._„„, ill JWttg^aMiiWtedipyytha Mi|ife'J4ftftJf«ijK hc^' 'a guicU: thaw the encloaure of the Irish Sea, by break. 7irtnhiV| ; low:.«6ttnttiir^i(W'r^ i^ySrwiU,tw«>^teib^^ ,p§, of •MaMaUty I aaw asaured, will plr po^o^WKitebWeiit ald'othl^ii .f.h^-|>b^ad':beyo^itl»e,rB*«4}^ nee\vo*u upon Wh^b^ <tlra-ahoUrritr^Out> af tba t eertpar oent, of corn how \imporied „..^_ \wi«lia^)as^oatlo;ea^Vyonr|iB«S^ \fm-wmwt^^m^l^^^^^jgitttin the Dnrl^toseU^a^ojiil.l^^eolway, «„. fsilatj^MiiarirUWpa^ ^ Jaai «at«a AaMrbMu M*US&XW for Nev^ mffl Wl'lfr IforihWth ^brntrleted, «o is • \t* , W(JW|Jfta boiteat n^-doyoVnkrf Yotf ^^^^ of Larw»-| '-^Ww.lrtaa «o bfia^jirapon aa^lwi wiiid%f»i»t»Mra;* *«\ •••'• « '= £v*.- - • .a > -. , •^L!.«-U«« ^.^^y^r*»yrl^4*.V«^vA eorres. •^of'ArTpeasedaa Joeeluin hail arwur«| 4!i A )' asjaasa natapla waa girea totha »gtaint;i;bu.t j^atassaiaT) ^MsaMa'-to wivvu ««IIP«» an« in« bmnvori nap. thanked Moral for h.vi™ iacrulcrd • the d«inWs of d«cinT.ba f ,frb* jSWef, (nforaied, of tb». c gtoerou wbith tny kusbaad ^raaorttd \ !ri#d:*-iriaaeittin i-tridedf.a block ot _.„ B „ _ f „ v „_ T .. i ^^ift marked him at iowards bin, I I'OUH not belp nojOcing tfie cool ; iaaai»MlinifbjeH:b^-!a^X«|ttvin« < mm. taking » lh-lo the ^andaofo^UJI^frtillW^' aibalarrtawerbBfrayedlt. There'la hW rfo II- .&*®m*l'*te** Ift-ndl^lg^nherei' •-^-^ydawaakaa.' \ ^ ry J rU£ narrate Moral's »idow,too dee; -*^W^1t5555iaM ^ Brfpr psf WM **?#\$$ mlM$^m*WMW fe»'W«n\ from portrait, v pajnt«d 1 by I*>Btoi.v ,EogJaa,*Wh6 «l|na tip from Miraeillea to tee Slaratin » atriknur ?***•-**'»«v*^-^-^-* - >-' ^rftaa} tba aajypeaat <* ^iMaaacatssialCuig ^uiat^i atrjkiitg|i|ttitud; e ,! m xwi fs&gai&EW' •^'ft^'^ftte fSS^W^^^^^f^ SSSSSr *••••- GEN1TET & OSBORNE, Dealers in Watohss, .Cloaks, Jewalry, Silver snd Pis • t&dW»Tfc«aakna8uvet Spectacles, Mu- a}oaI Imtrupuonts, Fancy Goods, _. ''ti '^Toy s i <*o.j.4iO. ' \Kb. 6 Woodruff Ilouso, Watertown, N. Y. K«v„1851. ; Jg,.8.-rT-l?artiou!»ratUiriKon pnfd to Repairing Fine WaBolns. and Jewelry^ JOHN MDCKLE; MareluatTallorv No. S», Arcade, keeps constantly on hand an arawrtnietit of Boy's Clothing. Cutting done toosnUr. 15 RODNEir CASE; •tsnuflofcnror and Dealer hi Galvanised Chain and Cis- torrtpnuipe,atSniith's MitohineShop. Bcpairingot sllrtauils'of Prjanpe done on short notice. 15 tho beat Attachment. This .Attachment la forsuporior to any other that has yet beoli added to tho Piano Forte, »nd while it does not injur* the Piano or put it out ot tone in any wav, is roally wonderful in the bosntyanj variety It enablos- the performer to prodneo. Jt is sufficioirttv powerful to nil the largest parlors, and can bs reduced w moans of tlio pedals to a mere whisper, resembling tne-aoftfareathiiirtof tha^fiolinn Burp. Also; a fins assortment or Prince a* Oe'almprorv'a *Pataat Kaleaaoaa, Kmbracing all tho lata iinprovemente. Those Inatru- uionts aro far-superior-to-an^tliing of the-kind-boforc offered for tslo in this vicinity, snd are the beat sub- atitutefor an Organ iu Church mnsie yot.orlcredto the publio. N.B. Those Instruments Will be sold;at-\M»niifsctii- rorti prieos, and a written guaranty of their durability will be given if required. Baals of prices: for Piano fortes, from $200 to $500: for Molodeons, from $*5,- 00 to $100,00. Second-hand Pianos for ithv-or-to-rent. VI •W.n'av*filL ,. \1»' fleet, djdaL.watsr, J. LORD, rlaaai ! 4la9nr,it^tU••81grt•<H• tlio BIG PLANE, « few dobiW'Weist'of -tlio Bniou Mills, Wntoriown, N. Y., InwJMcoaslarirlyon littnd, and will mniiufacturo to ordssr, nil -WndB«f ; Tools ht his lino of business, such BB-'JPojIltra'iOafbinetaiid Coach linkers'Tools; also, PaisSAf rynllet- \Vleos a, superior article Bench and ill sell wholesale or retail With a-l^yaflkea,^.,/,;.^ 4 K :.;^, \ -'.,' . •l^BhsWto&Wft o^MaWupg, tfcs top ,of Veauri- tu ome. put, pplwi.u^ofliofci: ^ou !Sov „W,pt chaeir^Hspliofl', fYtmh •T-fMi ?PPKHU or ^«%!rf.B!;WW,\.w»J» in i wr£ annoyed;... ^titthSw.!* 1 TO *? ft W** r?SfSIS^ ^-\ o,,reolvo8: but »r*«% 1 W* Urn.*, m UMatarbM Mmabwng and cultivated,. un<l the balanco vroll timbered. A Bmull stream crossos the Farm, atfordinr' sntlicieut waUr^potpfr for machinery for tour Tunnthstn tho year, which could bo turned to\ good account, as It has asuf- ncient fall whore it discharges into tlio Bay to furnish a SO feet overshot whcol with abundant power. There Is Pine Timber enough on tho Farm for all nccosaary buildings, besides an inexhaustible QPAltltr Of SUPERIOR HirjLIHyO ST0XR But, «»it is proBumcd that poraons wishing to pur- chase would examine for themselves, we forbear fur- ther.doscription. ... • _ ._ If desired,, wo will oxchango for IP\. <t R. R. R. Stocks fsrorablo terms, or for/anorablv located prop- ertginthuviUai/t. JAMES B 11QYD. Goneva, SOLON MASSEY, Watertown. Watertown, Sept. 24,1851. SvJtf — -vssMXsrmmsjsx, \TVJO oxtsnsivoly known, as- a Witty and humorous J, AuctSonofit, and a purveyor fbr'Yaiikeo Peddlers of Boston Notions, to gather additional popularity at our bands, requests tho Editor of the Rolonnor to pre- pare him an advertisement, as hid attention to his nu- , nierous customofa occupies so umch of hia valuable | time that he utnnot do it unless ho steals time out of \ his sloop nllor twelve o'clock at night to prdjiaro one for himself. Mr. KEELAR admits that it's not of i JiZi3«r\T^™~\S»\' , 'i\a i j 8 'S\i \•r™\\\ \ much use to advertise when ho has daily more, cus- , d T,dl P H.^..riS' ^ ' !} d °' S °n' kaB P en 'i\ n ?: ^ counter thnn he\ can aco.mnodate. and »« gj, ^^ ^ilroad' Lanterns, etc, together CHINA BALZ.I MANS-AVEOMON, P IPORTEKS snd DEALERS In CKOOKIBY, GLASS- wAnB, rrc, havo purchased tho stock in trade of Y. T. Story, and aro now receiving largo additions to that stook, which will comprise in part tho following: Patout Stono China, of extra quality and finish, which for durability, surpasses anything In uso; Flowed Blue, Flowed Mulberry, Brunswick Ware, a new anil vory boautiftil article; White Granito, Light Blue and common ware in irront variety. OX.A88 WABES, From different manufactories in good style nnd at ro W^stbandB andeollara niaynee6VOTllghtjn#Siig7* Foii FLOORS, PAINT, BIIASS Wonx^LABS^o&jnu^t a sudsbf Oicsoap and apply with a sponge orSroofs; plotli, and, after a few minutes, rinse wiuicoldwater D. W.K1CKER80N, Watertown, Agcntfor Jofttr. son Cbunly, N. Y. All orders for thi«»Soap, post paid and addrcstdl him, will met with prompt attention. ' For sale at tho iroeory Stores generally, at retail; and Wholesale audfEetail by D. W. Rickonson, fie tory Square, Watortown. 8v5yl, ZsAKTO BBOXBBAaS ANll Oenaral Xeal Batata Agency OSes, J AMES G. LYNDE wishes to inform hisfritudi aud the public, that he has taken rooms in th building lately occupied as the Citizens' Bunk.neri door to Lansing & Sherman's otlicc, and the office of the Watertown Bank and Loan Company; wherepei- sons having roal estate to sell or to lease, may fon the samo ontored in tho books of tho office, with description of its location, buildings, terms of waiter i leasing, otc, aud whoro thoso wishing to nurchaeia lease auywh.iro in this or adjoining Counties,mayu- i amino the sumo ; saving timo and expense of trard, i uud in overy way affording fucilities for traiiBactioti j iu Real Estate of every kind, never befure otlertdu Jotfurson t'ouuty. IIr be tl ROOT OF THE TREE OLOTEINS ITOBI. A 8 tlio Trees of tho Forest aro noarly stripped ol thoir eettmtiiU, and the chill blasts of autumn uro whistling through their open arm-pita, STREET EK thinks the ntedU most proper to gather public at- tention, is tho ono that points towards No. 4 Mechanics' Exchange. The Ti'p oj the Trve is tho position from whirl, one of Dr. Johnson's heroes took his departuro, and was soon after rescued frouiu bad fix ' half dead with fear and vexation.' kiTHKISTKli «ommanced-at tlio Hoot of the Tree, and bus felt his way all along up, evormindbig tokeop a. good ibob-huld, never vonturing uponJUyhl* Mhicii incrcuMO tbo txpoturv tho higher they' aro taken. He ia within culling distance, and ready to extend u liand to his frionds without danger to himself orthom. It they would climb for tho purpose of making a respect- able show—go to Streeter's. If thoy would mount only to bo laugbod at—go to tlio Top of tho True— Stroetcr offers tho most magnificent stock of BBAOT-BIA9B OXOTBXNO to bo found in Jctferson County, und at prices that • town slndl remind the wearer dnyaftor dny aud for months Watortown, Deo. 22, 1851 that he has got for once ' value rocoivod.' j Now Is the timo to think of these things. Don't ' stop, then, until ymi have fitted yoursolf from the IMMENSE STOCK which-literally fllla-iho-upwtment*, at No. i Mschan ica' Exchsngo, Watertown. 18v3 The sumo wii be tho case in regard to llicpurtta and sale of Personal Property; separate books T8 be kept, in which will bo entered descriptionsofltj Kind of Porsonal Property for sale or to exchaDB, with tbe name of tho persons with wlmm it mayH found; or, if desired, most kinds ot pejMHinl prowt- ty will be rccei\ed iu stfire, or otherwiMijiindsolaK c-<itnmis.-.Kin, and in that cast adVIIIKH-S ,n cash,mi; in somo instances be made, if requested. . A book will also bo kept, in -which will hocratral tho nnnics and locations of persons wishing tQj)ibik situations, ur cmplov nient of uny kuut, anu ticniar branches or descriptions of business 1 they wish to ongage, and tho uuiountof couipenatjoT rcqjiirud. Titles to land investigated an<l state<l, andalliMi of conveyancing done on short notice, and atraupa- able ratos. Particular attention will bo given to tlio pruta und salo of Houses and Lots in the village of Wjla- JAS. 0. LYME 19riyl J. F. WOODRUFF, with a beautiful assortment of Zfooking-Olasses. We aim to keep at all times a very goncral and va- ried assortment of' the above wares, to sell at prices that will insure us tho exclusive trade. We imrmrt ourGoodsand buy for cash.and can sell to Merchant (SaecossorloBakor-4fc.VCoodrnir,) Wholesalo and 1,'c- Ull Dealer Iff Groceries and Provisions; which cau befaadCHoapforCaahatKoil and 2 PaddockBuild- uiwaj-WaWrfowin N. Y. II'ISSB. All kinds of Country I>ro(lneo taken in ox chaaigo for (looda or Gash. ui iv-2 tomora at his counter than ho' ram ucoininodato and conscnto to appear in our colunnm as an ndvor*isor of his infinite assortment of everything valuablo and de- sirable, only to kocp on good tonus with noigboriug merchants, who tnink a traitor ia iu want of customers In proportion as he putt's his Wares. But not BO with KttLAii. Ho otily speaks of his >\or th!b^\t**f S*pu%lioT < Il^pa*^ will not permit himllO look oti'nnd see tnen trading all N n n..ll\L. « m • , j n, 1 5 r high-prieostore, when, If thoy but knewwhen l.c ' ^uh \ P ^T' ' a ?\ rl 'T g0 22«- a iras.tVwonldbo snre to trade tlroroand. uyeheap. I ?\ h rf' d '%1? ^ J 'J? a \ ufi,cturod - m fc,to ™'-. r ! Tbompaon'a Vashing Compound, !\ ' Htt 5' os Blook ' c v u «*-«'- *'«! The best Soap as tt phjraloal und mOroj purifier over ' sold ill tills market, is manufactured for, «nd for aide 1 by Jiitn at Wholesalo snd Retail, nnd the excitement Jtf M. KOTBBLajr * XAXOXSYT, ECLECTIC PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. O FFICE No. 2. Arcade, latfloor^WatertownN. Y. | -Br»r N* It aro graduates of the reformed School of Medicine, and have had tho exporieuco of an oxtenBivc practice. Thoy offer their medical ser- vices to all who profai Botaulc Medicines and wnttr, believing them to be the most otlicieut and ssni ' ag^onts in tho curative proeoss. Particular att< will be paid to cronie drsoaacs. Thoso most diliivu/v, as disoasus of tho lungs, li Vor, stomach aud bloooMiud female complaints, can bo treated most successful at thoir residence, whoro thoy will be accommodated with board, and other conveniences for comfort. Fe- male invalids will be under the care of a cvmpeU-nl femah Physician' All BoUinic Medicines J/* family uses kept constant- ly on hand, labelled with directions. Physicians supplied with concentrated rem-edic* at^priccs the samo ' as at bond quarters. Advice at the Offlcr free. \ All culls in the Village and County promptly utten- \ ded to. 2vl0inS XOUUTX HA» Sr/XBII AND UPHAM d> LAWYER H AVE just received their Third and Largi tt Fall and Winter Poods. , - trr consoqusiico of tli6tr~r»pldry liicraolng uk; ,— they have made frequent and largo additions to to : hundreds in th crushed by the steeds envelop noww rxx.aa or ooosa, of every dooci iption, much loss than those who kin mode earlier puruluwes. Wo solicit a call from U)ON who would buy cheap, snd wo will stock, snd, from tho fact that we buy our Goodifa CASH and at this Lite suuon of the yctir, we are in- pared to sell from 15 to SO por cont lets than eier.vi have no a ouraeha to offoryousuoh inducements as will smp!yp«7'\ i fblo of examining oumtock. Wo willnottr; the trorib to tell just how many yards of Calico, DoLainet).«A Id we havo, for it would bo an ondloss job; sufficjentto say that onf stock is woll selected, snd as largessonr offered to tho inhabitants of Jefferson county. Wo BOII good boavy Brown Sheeting at 6J, andill othor i-inds of Dry Goods nnd Groceries JUWXHWB- IUCIV low. Rocolloot, No. 1 Paddock Buildings, neu 17v2tf . low. Rocolloot, No. 7 Paddock Buildings, nu the Arcade. 17v2tf UPRAla &. LA'WYEK. XBON. tVBBX., kc. 77 R JOHNSON & SON havo tho hcaviCTtandsTO- 1 « est assortment, consistiii; and Amrrican Iron and Ste D. NOTEHAN, U. a. i>. nANonBrr, M*n. Hand Sorsws, wliich ho will sell wholesale ohele^lbVtaih. Those deairiiig topurebaso will ploase glv^iu a call, ._._ __ o notsoii, Hsvin^as good workmen as can bo found in tl>6 jState, lio fccl» confident that he can please all that «miyjtvo»rJj|rn wibja sail. _ 28v2 qS^BbtoTof Nov* Scotia or\Plasto7Piirrs7Tit\tlic £t\J v «lgn-0f the Good Suniuritan under the Baptist Chtrroli, to ptircdinso it ia oonstantly inercssiitg. it is incredible to- what extent- his clienp sales at- tract purchasers, and yet ho hasoflou paid $10 for a much poorer notice than this. His keen sight into business taught him how to establish a reputation by telling people of his whereabouts, and b y his cheap. i cashh safes,too keepp theirr memoriess freshh with a \ I tlon of No. 3, WoonmiKF BLOCK, CABINET & UPHOLSTERY. 300 X.OOKXXVa-aX.AS8Xltf, I o A tvs- ., , ,r\ LASS-PLATES, Gilt, Rosewood and Mahogany S ,i\ jiff. Has always | fjr Framos and MouUings for Pictures and Looking £ U^'? f Store, No , G | tt , lacS) CurIcn HlJr i Mog » i Cott011 ) Ht)sk) und g tra ^ I «« MauuKa ~ saw Bovsiitmwwwnuom. ~~~ \„ MA T TR A SS E S. WHOLESALE AND 1CETA1L. , U upholstering of nil kinds oxoeutod in tho best style. AT NO. 2, SAFFORD BLOCK. . L , ,BISOO0 •( VAWNAJWllB rpUE SUBSCRIBERS nro now receiving and havo, AUo eo ^'<\\ ! to nianufactiire all kinds of cabinet rating of Swede's, E«H i>cl, of every size,'tB»I«ind stamp, Anvils, Vices, Bollows, Kilos, cto., In fodta variety, which they sell at e\ou more tliantheirasuil heavy dfs'count. &- Storo on North sido of Court street,sbontH Kirhy Hotel, opposito Otis Block. \ . Mifl,\«\cut, and Circular. Hcasoofil rent stomps just rccehcil andftfrwe\ :turcr»' prices, at tho half prlceHVd»» B K. J01TN80N &S0S, Calhoun Block, CourUmrt, in tit <Term* ii r fcr theinatt To Vi|lag,o thoir doors^ A.dvorti»pi iicentsforo v IBgalnotic jjl totters or mustb«i r Address, i (tfsrion Cot distort BAT1 Cairo iao jfoiirad Bej part, or the- number, for powerful ho fourthbusai fhpoleon wi 0nthe2l8t was. near tb( thebroako* those cloud lofty minare ibjr»y 8 >' lnu the desert, mountains u The whole a awe-Bttioken uity. The free asm. \SoU along tho rar times contei the soldiers Animated by the gleam ol with irupetm whole plain 1 maids, was fi inj. weapons utmost splei pluuics, the i presented ni Bayed, the F vincible aqua rently no alt* Napoleon i menls bohind wire statJone toaweophis thmiMad nor in steeds, aw own the slj pffihge with 1 • spire upon hii Kmuath'ave Bnts»:Napol of oqe of the with his teles no one could euineas. Hi His keenn guns of the e riages and thi from tbe diret No oilier offic ly good glassi He immediate his army to th his squares rr guns, and thai dank. The n evolution he d military sagac \You shall \cut thoso do It was indci Band horseiuei fleetest steeds with bloodyspi with their one beneath the th adamantine ho more furious I horsemen in at inured to dang Itseetued impc Tap most pro) up e nerves o f utmost tonsier the most tnsrv soldiers held t pscts stood ah shock. Tho motnen shot, the artill oons of muaki fectly uninten pilless temi rraersy^trtrck-l cas safes,t kee thei memorie fres All kinds of\Turning dono on'aliort' ., ,. ^nn.i wmirmn.. ...««r. K., «,.,.,.!:.. many customers from tho regions witharecollee- We might add that KEIUAR'S reputation attracted so any customers from tho regions or Cape -Vincent, that ho was obliged to open a store at that place for thoir QfWjr<3*l».;«]f LinaoedOil of Amorican maiiufuc- CH?V tnre,'warrarifcd purfi, for salo by tho barrel. H. dV W. SCR1BNER. VATXOB'I TEMPERANCE HOT E L «8--G«urt»andt fltraot, Now Tork. ffl\ Transiont Board, $i,S5 por day. 47 ELDAD TAYLOR. A XKS, varmiitcd, for sale by &*••.*-*• ; *0yl C. H, WMorrr. ^rat aat4 l^*t UTO Olotbing Store. express benefit—whereby ho is tho hotter enabled to wait Uponthose who call upon biiius ore. 45tf A. BAOBtBUlBR, A GENT for the Now York, Union, and United States Mutual Insurouco Co's. will insure on a Mutual or Cash system any kind of property, goods, wares nnd morchandizo, upon terms which cannot fail to suit suoh as wish to msnro. Household furniture, Mechanic's tools, Miller's stock, and Livery proporty, ho will insure to remain insured from the dato to the oxpirution of tho policy, without regard to its loca- tion. It remains Insured although removing from to plneo, as tho owner's business may reqniro.— is, Center Ilouso —Wntertown Aug. 20. Iv2tf placo to ] Rooms, ~ >& ABlWrBiaXtSTXOXOr TAJPB! f'l^BUiOBOR tho loudness of our creditors in N w ,JL YorbXalid Boston, we. linvo^ boon enabled to i / «iv«>t«l«ta«ks Of Tatoeya few Collars, aud ;;.: ^ '_•.\. ^BtiohBI OOODB • Mtto«ha^of\Bea^r«ICIoths.OaS8imoro9 i«0Ha»'Fa«ilguing«Io»ds, .fee., than any house in Nor- - .tkern^a-W Yvorkiesnlr brought at one tiuid. These fOo*Uw» »rd!ummif>tcturinit into < BtBABT-^BsABB OXOSlf XNO> l»l*6»Hdfet'wc«kilBju-liko-iuanner' and selling at pri- One Oroaa of the Celebrated Venetian LIQUID HAIR-DYE, P REPARED only by A. 1. MATIIXWB, Chemist and Druggist, 221 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y. Tho article manufactured undor tho nbovo title has characteristics of excellence not known to any other Hair Dvo in use, vizi ety of Color. \ Any SHADK can be obtained, from a Light Brown to a beautiful Jot Elnek '\^OT-iCTi *™T.PS ,r \ n \8° °| mi1 ' im * of custoinors »mWli«n«>naiaBd tlius fad? to continue business. IfT We Wktti>ttite«i,»1leld with adetormination that ^\J^r^l^fe^W* should, eorao down, iW^ite* 1 * «t»ttft<«tton or Knowing that we havo \I^^WinbrtlDgliUjf it about. There is no W WWW! ?jffi!°fe t ri«'id;wBare bound -^StfM'Wi WibttvaMrusWiioods c^fe'fe,. ¥ft.*A»»'#W*hlatoir com- laJ]de^iheourstoTk-re»tiugus»ured lnajajfe,^lllJr*aVihoi»«IthyM^ Beanty of Color. • Wkiftovcr shade is produced, tho Hair will bo soft, and tile color and appearance perfectly natural. COOT*MJKNCT.—This Dye Is put up Iff ono bottle, atthenriccs »'> a ih tliis^way the inconvenience nvoided of having i'ot lioaiLitail two aui 8 0l'>ettn1ie» three Heparate liquids, to upply InffsZX, whiqlil8^r|»fe''i?, nu/a slight misuiko a«{0 ??e»her one of those separate II- efishytlio end desired. ThiStttlJO'cheUjiest Liquid Ilsir-DVe in tuo, the ubHIo<^t»i!V«i#.a6ublMhM of any othor manufacturer, beside* Isoiug scWfeEalMfoe prico. Por sole Wl.oJ#are ana Ret.il by 1 T- •' *«• ' -.., S ' L AS CLARK, Nr>. t Moohanlcs' Exoiange. WstOTtowiK, Jan. 18,ISM. ' J ' \ * si..-# the time Of applying ipuids, will mlmpdt CinsAtofanv*' \jfiyt No.«, Court^st *?£^yZ n T??2Zg¥?tw>tl£&F>*J' wfflm&& •iouHjajt,,, ^U ' JL oil hand, innnnrlictiired by themselves, expressly lor theSummcrTrado, one of the l>c»t and lan;cst as- sortments of Boots and Shoos cvir before offered in Watortown, consisting, in piu-t, of tlicloll owing arti- cles. OtNT'S WEAK- LAXlbs' WKAB. Coarse Boots, Welt liuakins, Eip do Cheap Slippers, Frenohaud American Calf, Enamelled,Patent Leather Peggod and Sewod Boota, and tid Buskins, Slip- Kip and Calf Brogons, pers, Excelsiors, Jenny fcnainollodandPat.Lcathor Linds, Clay Ties, and Roots, Union Polkas, Youths' and Boys' Boots, Morocco Bootoos, Congress Gaiters, Enamolled do Monterey Tics, Kid do. Taylor \ Congress Gaiters, \> English \ Francois do Grained Sippors. Misses', of al kinds and dc- Pat. Leather and enamelled ' sori ptions. Ties. Caeka, of all prices, A c Wo havo also al! styles of RUBBEB8 r mannfaetured by the oolebrated Newark India Itubbot Manufactu- ring Company, which are warranted to do good service —all of which aro offered\ cheaper than over. tar - Measures taken, and Ordcas filled, with prompt- ness and despatch. Poraons wishing to buy nt wholesalo will do woll to cxnmino our stock before purchasing olsowhcre. N. B. Our manufacture warranted todo good service. Thankful for the liberal patronage during tholast yoar a continuance is soicited. TENEYCK & FRAZELL, At the 6d stand of Fisk <fe Rates, Sept. 1851. 4v2 Opposito American. ware and chairs of every description and of tile best materials inn superior style and workmanship. Those wishing io purchase at tho lowest possible rate that a good article can ho sold at, will do well to call. Our Waro Rooms aro iu tho Woodruff Block, on the north sido of tho Publio Square, over Koolar's Cheap Yankee Notion Store, and VanBurco's Cheap Subetan- tial Hardware Store. N. B. Koady-Mado Coffins and Grave-Cloths. <8 BLOOD dr. VANNAM EE. STOVBB, tTOVBI I A LARGE assortment of Cooking, Parlor and Plato Stovos, among which ore tho Lion Cooking' Stove, 8* sizes Phoenix do 8 do Now England,do 8 do Wostern, do 4 do Empire, do 8do Forest Qucon, with splendid clovated^oven, Jefferson, Pockman s Air-tight Cooking stovo, Pockman's Air-tight Parlor stove, &c, Ac. Stovo Pino of all kinds, nt pricos that oannot fail pleaso. No. 8, Otis Blook. 4v2 OTIS & YALE. Store of _ 15 __________g-- THE NEW HARDWARE HOUSB0F R. JOHNSON * SON,--- I MPORTERS, Wholesale and IlcuiU Doalonvfi»» 1 politely call the attention of thotrodato,tt«/r«' tensivo stook of HABDWABE, Cinxwiv, Eiiv, a:f;.„ on hand n honvy amount of Englbh^ \\fj. Goods of our own roeont >mportati*i»M* ,to <* Domestic Articles mado to our ortarDt.Amcr*?\ mnuufaetnrors, all of which will bo supplied.to w tradoatNew Y'ork's lowest jobbingjirices. Soliaunj your orders, we remain Your obodiont servnms, Watortown, Doe 1,1851. R. JOHNSONJiS\ w ' P APER HANGINGS ANlfiiOKDEftS-In groat variety of pattern, for sale by JCNOWXTON. BIOK & Co., Otis Blook, Court-st. mxtjuiftsmt ooosa, \ A NYTlnNG from a Millindr's ncodloTo nsplcndid Bonnet, can bo obtained at a small advance from •Now York post. C. <feJ. MARSHALL. R EMEMBER that our stock of LOOKING-GLAS- SES is tho largest in town, direct from tho man- ufacturers, on commission. 17 UPHAJI & LAWYER. N • Bhawle andBUatilUa. UW jtylosand latest patternslat C. oVJiMAESHALL'S, ,, 8 ^ , .. .,* i Court Stroot. DOZEN Heavy Wool Wraj>pors' ! «nd Draw- NBW mxXXXXBRT BTOBB, MRS. M. A. HUGHES, No. 8 Arcade, R ESPECTFULLY informs tho Lndles of B^uter- town and vicinity that she has just oponod a MILLINERY STORE at tho above place, where sho will constantly keep ou hnnd a largo assortment of Bonnets, Dress Gaps and of evory article in hor lino of business, which, AV cording to quality and stylo, will bo sold as ehoap as tho cheapest. Mrs. II. has just returned from Now York with a superior assortment of\Millilu)ry and tho most Fash- ionable Stylos of Bonnets, otc, and warrants that thoy will be eemalto any made in, Sew York Oity. MoimmSo BONNETS always on hand. CAP(£S and CLOAKS out. Nowcst patterns just reo'd. •IST\ STRAW BONNXTS fashionably altered, bloaohye or colored black ou tho shortest uotioo. 7v2d $100 ARRETS, Matting, and Oil Cl»U%»£K r iW pities aad stylos, at C. *^*^^t, A RBSX. IN A BOTTUD OB, AGKISTITS DOLSnUUS. fi. T. CHEEVER. Pneo IvodMarohlO, 1858,by „\__ STERLING * RIDDEN* mtions, translated literally by wjfj !5 Rnvid'CobpoTfleld, illustrsted, new edljorf,^ ' , 5 History ofPalestino, (illustratfld,) by KittO, X^-new supply of— i (0 Pastor's Sketches, by Rev. J. Sponcer, oii t ' Isabol'—Amoriosn Tract Sooioty, ._.« J 0 ». , Sunnysido; or, Tho Country MinntorJ ^\f&M Putnam's Somi-Monthly library, No.. » >Jjr and Talks of an American Fanner in MffijR, jpa Readings for Evory Dny in Lent, compU^\!^ ti^m, ^f^^sf• 'PA r mT.i \b^ M ANPFACTDRED by Carhart AWjS&Sef York. J. Adams Smith, solo t*q n V«LI\ n tt town and vicinity. Among tho many \ m ffiihafnV whioh thoy aro now applying to this heautiiui\' mont, is tho _,.,••'•'' -'• Zndia-Btabbar BeUowr»« ^^ which for tightness, durability and beauty, r« f thoso in common uso, „tt* Is so arranged » S„,. it is soon in front of the instrument, and tnog-jg 0Jt) or is not inconvenienced in blowing. TnOW fe .,j, Pedals, for blowing, arcs valuable aubshttt»| ^ DKCN'L tfSioent andtall new styW, at \ \.•\' H-\ L UBIN'S PERFUMERY.-Toa-HoBO, Now Mown Hsy, Floworof Italy, Moss Roso, Swoot Poa.Spring Flower, West End, Jenny lind, Patohouly, Mousso- ine, Ronquot do Caroline, at SMITH'S. BABtBT'B TBIOOVBCBBOVI. W E nro.still ogonts for thts Hair Tonle. Its salo isednstantty Increasing. Put up in Urge bot- tles. Price per singlo bottle, 25 cents. 1? «,. • « « . «PHAM & LAWYER. ,,,Watortown, .Dec, IS, 1881. - old-fashionod pedals and Strap fcrmorly JJJf\^ \ greatly Improvo the appcaranoo of thei W\ . Jfo By this method, snudl eblldren <^^°Z^im Instrument with perfect ease. Tlio ww»*jy ^othecifeotof Uielnstruu ,(!n ,'' K K •TOTBBi ITOTIISI \LARGE Supply of Cooking, Hall, . and shop Stoves for sale by. I $ , i. • «}. II. WRIGlfiP, Facto Parlor, Piste Factory Square,, craeendo being more gradual abef P«Aj«t. - ^ The above Instrumonta srVftr »lj»'*S County Music Store, at the \y^gg\ gSlp. piBTERN AND WELL WW*\*\** [jlor juat received and fbtsjle «¥»*? °/ Koc i w 'j, ^. 8„ VAN BCBEN, next door East of *«='« rob; li, MM; ... fck . K«oh W. Wv2tf . f .8' ?£\ P

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