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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, March 04, 1852, Image 1

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•.. n ailovmAm^otlbo^vhym^^^^^^^^m yellow, a ' f* mP f e pSbrnafy\' i ''* t '» SpEN S En A * LEK > tl,e ? res - r^Tmilled the meeting to order, and Willljiiii L nl motion or J . P. Beall.s.Esq,, the Commit- \n Resolutions appointed at a pro.vi.ona niccjt * e0 \ orted the following, which, att«r-h:ivinp ?, iblv and eloquently discussed'by Rev. Mo;. lM ™? of Sachets Harbor, Rev. Mr. Hul.nesrol 'Srille.niid Q. W. .Northrop,.Esq., uf .Writ- loivn, wore ttminimously adopted, 'uiji.'rtrfs.The friends \of Tdi'npertmce ,lhroH 'it the* stllt 0 °'\ NuW Y!lri < \' inV '\' u ' itl ' \'''\'\ I tinimity, appealed to the Lc'gistii'tiii'e' fur pro-1 .Hon against the evils of Int-oniOoritnce, by lLit- > '^otineiit of a' law-similar 'in'its provisions, tn j '\' l-nv of Maine, and whefeas, there |ias been. m'troduccd into our.', Legislative l.tn.Us a,bill. [ hiiih allows liquor, to lie ke'pt'on hand in qijnii t of, 30 gallons en - aver, iipd vvlipreus wo bo- j pj-fliirirs'nnrrhtw-woiildjbe. utijtnU nnJiJinpur-1 U in- its apat^ipjrSiJU^P^^ .»nt without producing any material good, und j' iticress-w* tava •palieii%.jJelUioJuuLiiflru-jaia.|: vMr r f ( ,r an effective la\«' .jvilliont 'having the f iver of our petition's aiiHwered.'and whereas! •••-•\• of\our refusal is the j ultcir, that we'will nil on ^ . L . ; , •-- ---- . - streak, tntrth-rrdsrufnts -feirgtrr rtnerO were nlsTTstufF lured over the body dark spots. -On exam'ning the skin l,n? fotmd, to bis surprise, tbnt tho body •vas covered with ttiMer, Hrco.,thatpTrtlio whale, hut it was only IVini- inches thick. The oil w.-i.s .•lenras water, and burned nearly as f.isths .'.pir- its ot tuipentiiic. Them wore'91 teeth in the .laivju very sharp, nil pruning back; mid u.s!.trge 'is the thultibat-tlie irunl, ba t very firmly set.— ' It had two \spout holes,\ aiid breathed •• very much likoji whale.\ \ | Large \ FirciutJtiOclcjio.it.' • •! -•' . - , A.N Aiimuss will bo delivered u&fqru-thij AJclphic Union by DAVID I- I'AP.ME-LEE. A.B.. un \Friday Afternoon, March 6th. Bij Order of CUn.,, . . EE.BURLINSAME.Sea'y. A (Ire broke out 'about 1-i) past 1 this ing in d wooden biuliUiitr on Cumit street jnnrn- w-hieh in ' Special Carporaticn Hleotinf. . At a meeting of the Bonrd of Trustees-of the vfl-\ lage ut: Wnteitown, ontholBl du\ of March, IS.\ ii, the ibilowing urdurjunl resolution wlis udopted : . licsulvud, Tftat a meeting of the electors of tbevil ' lui/e of WatdrToTvn be Killed and held at the, (Joint llounji, on Thursday, the Uth day of March lust-,, ah I two-o*«lc«k r IV-M., for the purpose of considering and u'-centmg, rejecting or modi)) ing UuYeliaiter proposed for ihe village bv'tlie committee 'appointed at tbe'an- -nmd election in April, 1852. . ' • ^_ ., • .FRED. EMERSON, Chjric, _ --. NOW ARRIVAX. OP BOOKS 1 AT .' RTBRLWG of- RrDbjet.L&Feb, 19,1852 M ACKAY'S.I'cjnilar Delusion*',' Sorcery and Jhigic, by Tlioniim Wright, M. A. • toy aril's Hineveli—<.'lii)(iji Edit ion-c75 eentii. LceturcM on the History of i'-runco, \by ?'ir J, Ste- phen. ' - . Church's Calculus. < Epidemics of the MlddlP Acc9, . , V-. • Idn Pfciil'er's Voja'go oTottnu the.WajiV^Vj .Kohle's 1-yra lunocentiiim.r A.! s . do iyra. Ajjostolicu>- Steps to.tlio'Altar. N /, ZlvZ comiimninitetlto nilumbcr^of small shnnti.-s thejvar nf Jud.l's l,h,ck. From thence the lire spi-ead.to llu>'Commercial Hotel, Stct-1 Aicu's livery s1nbU>,-P\. Miu-pliv's grocery store nud'f'lark's cai'iientcr -slaip, nil-of which Were destrnvi-if. ~Xi5ss UlarrUD. ;lu», Mr, JOHN nil' of VVutei-- sUnutted at§lu,UUU., T^'^nclioirol'liTjniuiaTehTte'iiirarjrV' On the lstiiift., \.v tlw.ltuv. A. J. I'l It. FOSHA, to'Miss il.uiv A, GcitN-Kv, .Jowik, ' ' \.' , : . The parties JHIVC our liia'ny thanks for the cash com r |ilimciit uec'ouipanvin!; the ubove nutice.'• . }JiUTN'A.JL> SEMl-ilOtNTniA- LI BKA.fi Y-No. JX 2,.\\VljiirSiicnlitie» Hood. A stiliplv of tliis- i Vfilnablcscries kept constantly for salo by &.& R.. M ifiKs\!.\\if iii5TxATjics\sK5tu'fe BO&K- a ncw.suiiply rtcoivott this 16th Felinmry. 1^32. '•JDub., H UNHAHVASU iK0§SBTIi^-Ily .])'. F.'^Vrt, D, P., j'rcnidcntgf flo'neseej3ollegy ! K.y, 1 .Syitii Th. ' J.DV'ISVII.LF., Feb' U7. Indian IVniteiitiary, at .Icll'cr.soinillc, i,p posit this city, was entirely (h-stiiwcd by fire this evening. No particulars have hcon received, at lOo'el-oc.k-1'. M.—I t is iiiipeissrblu-lo obtain full particulars ol'tlie fire to ni^ht.. It. is sup* pusul In liavcoi-iu\'n in the -.vnrltsliup ,,[' tin Penitentiary. The cells of tu uuiiLJurcjl^. lu>p prisoners L\bclievQ that the reason Xir'of the loss of.voters, thcrcfuru r In remedy the ovil and secure attttitior [•reafterMite Tor no man for ehil offlec, wl'io we o have reason to believe,, would not give his iprso'mtl and .official influence,, in favor of the ihssao-o of a law wjikd/shall not only prohibit lie sale, of intoxicating liquors as_ a'beverage, jit which\ would nuthoriztrntld require tlio Seizr Ire and destruction of the\ same, when so kept j -p| sale. . - I Resolved, That our experience, and the sue^ Ls which has attended our efforts for the past' |v(i years, have fully convinced us of the import-' V& .of adhering faithfully to our constitution , tdpicdge,tovotofor no candidate For any office, i pay $-20 a monlirand board-.for ft duties of which are m any way connected \ J- —' — _ i the cnactmunfcor execution of kyvsin rofur-j HUDSON RIVEK Kyir,uoAB—QUICK TIME. j to the liquor traffic, who is not unequivocal- ; Two now locomotives—tlio Putnam and W'cst- ..i favor of prohibiting the-'traffic in intoxica-, Chester— have lately been placed upon this read, li» liquors as a beverage;, to seek to form iib,«li' ' '' ' \ •' \\\\ •'• Cw party, but urge toijipemilca men of all p; (esto. make all ordinary party issues and party ' bind in America. The first-named'of tiiem h:: 's'tn^ttsirr^nSo^ir-ToT^hTol., __li_ _ _! STISR1JK6 & KIPPKIiL: B I^JEJfiiTrS'A^rariSfltodTQrfTAiniif^ lnetieiil-lnvestigiito'r, ; by JonN\W. BEUFOIID, for sale wholesale and retail ny \\ •>\.'• STJiRLINft & EIPPEU-,. D io emigration to California is having a dis- astrous cllbct, upon Ihe Western (armors, in the prices of labor. In Jacksyn uounty, Michigan, live lumdred young me.n, it is stated, lire going to the gold-coitiitry. Th e excitement is similar 111 the surioiiaidinVcouiitics, and lVinuors ba,ve to working bauds. I In this village, oil the morning of the -Sithrinst., 11. L AKI-SIi KICK, 2d, Printei-, son of KANJJ.IU. D. KICK, ; in the litst year of liisa^o. 'i'lie ih-eeased was a victim to Hint most nilt;Om|iior- , nhlo '•(' inuital iuc.-. -Coiisunijilioii. lie soughl relief nhout niie yciirnsro in a 'sen -ynyiiijc, but iritlwiit avnil. Ho sillily into a in-inltinl di|eline, roimuned sumo six iinonlUshi >,V\v York city, stnigirlinf? v in vtiinii<ruuist I the foe that lie It-It wns biisottliijf .him, but iiually i-nliie tn tlie invl'ul eouelu^ioil that ho iiiitnl die, and ^ ( U-turned to his own hyinc- just four weeks\ before his ' eidli:1:t Wo'infrn, introduction 'by Pr. Sitrastio, 9s .dealli, to enjoy tlio Miotlmu: sympatj'iies oftVieuds in I Wnt.-him; Spirits, \Mm. \Eliot (,'iltj 18s.;- Fifteen -beci- j ihe struggle unit was belbro biiii. lis rotniucd his aieo liiittles of the uld World,,8s; Woman In huf faculties with reniarkiiUo keenuess until iiuilohUlust vm-ious Itelutiona, Os; Nijo Boat, lihwthitlicL hy'BarU •eouM-rsed freely with his frieiuls in rogurd ' III ; K condor on I-'liilipiiinns; Uoby-Uick ; or, \the -'•\ ! * •—--'-'•-\••• - - 'Whale, i.ytileliillo; forsuloby , FALL AXWWMTER'aOOpWr /^ Si J. MAR!>HAM . .bought- in September \J» g^d»onou^liwlii^t. a soiiinibttBtpro one year battho'copstaht'raBh* attlioifce^bliSJuhont.fiidHcia: the stqjk $0 lovf in cine month tliut, they woro' iiudir tho necessity 1 ' of nmklnj? » second piireliiwo, ana tlioj uronow oponing thqir«ii('»M/y/^ 1 -whicli°l'orqhfttitity i qiwlitv arid ohoapridjis far sjtrtasses niiiytliinK ever be' tore oilbrcd in this inavket. wjS-'Sylih to eiUl jmrticu lat'iittintjou^o onr.liettvy stock of Zfrms Goods, Shawls, Millinery Goods and Car- \ ... • JIgliljgS;. • Wo havo 1G0O y3 * of^Mnslih de Lathes and Ons'n- nioros, from U to. Jl per yd; '8,000 yds Calico, from 4d tolOd p ryd,; l^jro^i^cnniWKalJicolpni.aiidprices; 310 Lor/t SbawlSi\. frimt;SOsi,>jp j.TjfflitMniYBjjuargllro- oho'anjA'uslimtsre BhawK'new stylo Cur|>«th*ig«hd Floor'.On^b^''Bi«\Bibl^i^\]Mnbotr.Sittii%>ii1)!s, twiil all.kinffs'OTlmery ^ijotls;;;\illao 'eviSff'otKer artU cleiisimllykoptin allfstTolassDry fioodsStora. Those who have piWjnizo^Kknojy'ouit'^^ Koss, andalsoknov that,they obtain'moro goods of ! >s for. *3 f 50. thiiiutltoy. foVmoriy, Tooeiyod for *5j'0o>', but thostfivho liSyttinbtiyoti m*do,fdui^,,iioqiiaiiitan(;t f oftj)iilioiirfr6iat.',the llgs of, olir. kind neighbdrs stories QKOtI>Qfollowiiie i •'•'.' '.••-.' .-: \ The Miirshulls don't uoll |5 worth of goods for *3,- , •VTUmUXi COURTJt J i '\iiaBpSJ WiLtebX A • .1 , i-K',CA. -%v<-- ( ''' ' '\i 4\ NATHANirj, J{. BOYCK. . )' . Tn rfailwniel R. Bm/ct, DffimlqgH > At STEKUSO & lhnOKti.'s, Decemlin- 22,1851. .REAM LIFE, lit. MurVeVs last, ils: Captains of — tho Old WopM r Her-tefMSiV;Tlie.-.OId Guard ol Nuiioleon, J. T. llcadlov, ils;' Itural Homeii, W heeler, ln.s; Momoir of Mm-f \Lyon 10s ;v Golden' legend, I.ongl'ellow, »s; WOJKICF Ilook, Jtowtkonip, Us; Ex moments to bis critical situation, submitted to tho pangs ofitis- tross ubel mot lib) fate with a tirnuiess and courago truly Siiartali.' Aiid when the fatal struggle oitiue, he look a lit&t fond look at the mourning friends around his bedside, and sank into tho embrace of death as j though only \ lying down to sleep and pleasant' dreams.\ \ The thinness of CLAHEX BIOB in nieotinsr death STERLtNQ <t BlDimt,. T XXo , r .^ <! ^, D °ff 8 ' Hens, Chickens, fee, 't£c, llili following Works nn tlio above and kindred subjects for sale at tlio Cheap Cash Bookatoro, No 10 Wushington street: '* • .- - Yonatt on tho Horse, l'rico $1 fin do do Pog-, • l 26 equally excmpl'ilio.d in his .conduct through life, and , On-mn-ii.ni.,1 m„|. f»^.„ nc »;.. p„..i.„- i„. TI;...™ t. Hirti. ulu, ly in his attuclnnent to Oioso principles of 0m 'f a n • DomcstU! PouIt ^ • hy r>>Kaa & . honor aud probity DO ! w hieli nremdiievinj/a |ierfccttrium.pii'in the world' j av <\ trusted'and respected, uc was uovor guuiy oi • Amorii-an Ponltcfer's Co'uinanion nr- , o f speed, and promise to oufoo nnvthin\ -of the i \ ' llsl , lone ' s \- '\•''> aud never.mauiiestod a dislionest. A,„ n i-i«,n v„V„, K^V ' •' .....-l-;,^ :., A™.,..:... .PI.. «_..* ±.....'.^ .P. . , i tUouglit, He. was generous -,llmt the protection of Life, Projiorty.nnd the jfeuit of Happiness, ought to be fully guuran- ]to every individual, by law ; and that jiain- fjfacts, arid astounding though faithful statis- ts- too fully show, that the operation of the fesont excise, laws of this State, instead of uf- Itjiiig us protection in tho enjoyment of these Ml and vital interests, are annually destroying toiisands of the precious lives of our cilftens, fiisting millions of property, and prOilueing un- i -suffering and misery throughout; the \*\ \\Jle$olced That while we solemnly protest ii/ist partial, unjust, and inadequate Icglsla-1 • only three kuurx und eight minutes. The who! time, including stuiijiages, wi,s only four hours '. This locomotive Jeatcs New York every, othex day.— Alhamj-jmmiat- which umko the cluu-aeter that is AmcrIulin ,.„„„ Y „ nl , 6 - 1 i c ..\. il3 ..\ ov . or ,? , !.' 1 l i ' o r American PqultereiVT ' . American Farm Kook, 'Hio Fufuiei-s' I'riictieal Farrier, , Mind's Farrier and Stud Book, Johnston's Lectin VK on Pmctical Agricnltiirq, do AgrieiiltaiiirCliemistry (complete), •do * do ' do (uuiTdgcOO, I Norton's Kleinents of Scientific Agriedlture, Bnist's loudly Kitchen tturdener,. ^^LATJEST NEWS.\ '_ THE BLACK SWAN.—Thi s songstress has ar- rived at Cleveland, where she is (juartored in the gilt. lie. was generous and open-hoiirtcd to a limit, and no being that, \yiis honored Ijyliiscontidcnee r. lie wus as. frank as he ho know him, but would uses as his word. His syu'i- open for the relief ol' ity courted not the ntleu- hmcc uf public displ. y. Possessing iino talents and gielit energy uf character, he would, hud ho lived, have made lipthiug. lHitti\iiscfut-nnd-prominent citizen I Ttithe comniuinty i.n which i east. Oat of the -circle of li leaves many sorrowing lricnds- him in those qualities that endear ono being to anoth- 1- OQ 0 li 1 OS t) 5(1 0 7li 0 76 1 Sfi 6 m O.fiO ... » 03. STERLING' & BinPEI.L. Feb, 8, 183B. _ lis lot might have been \C'Xt'OlJKPEP and- IllaStiiitcd, aecordiiig.'tp tho is family; CI-AIICT: Rier. I *?* \\\'J 1 margmal raforciiees, in (Iw * m&Kjl ds—those who had tried \\'9 ^ei-ijiture, toffetlior with Kotcs alio 'iransljitlous, dear ono being to anoth- \J ,a „j l eoinplwo-Jllarejnnl llvmony of tlio Gospel,, or, and-had\heyer found him v/anting.\ Iu a word, ; u >' ^lenient MootlyJU. A., Jlufxclaleti Hall, Oxiord; noni;Jciie\v liim but to lov,o ltim, no&o name him but tu praise.\ [COM. Ai g un-: same apartments lately occupied by Jenny Lind, 1 e btate. i Qfeo-v. Kossuth, and other distinguished strangers f „ ,, „„ r , „„- -.- „ -.-, , 0 .„ protest «BO h.ue leceutly vmted the Forest City. , T>I ERUK liiisjustrceeiN'ed atbial'cri^dioal Depot by MUSEUM —AW 'MurdockVTniiishiUotioftlioSVRlACTJISTAMKNT, , A literal tmuslation Iroin the Syriao A'tirsion, By I James Mnnloek, 1). ]), ,- I The above works for salo by . ' I Feb. S, ISM. STKRLiNG *. BIDDETX: - . ,, -„. . , | , w,. —•• Jenny hind Unldschmidt.TTie Boston ^WMveplavorof nnp:ortunalelyrieniandmg,E>ostsays, has purchased a farm.iu Nortmimp- our Legislature, tho enactment ol a law to ton Mass. ' '\' ns from.tho evils flowing from the traffic ' ' waay D.xpvcss, Maurice Tiornay, by Lever, i intoxicating liquors as a beverage; which shall ljust in its provisions, impartial in ils ,'ipplica- t», and cqiiifl in its operatiotis. 1/itfokQ^TIiaLAVo Jook_ upon the. provision jiWi allows the sale of liquor in qit-autities of Itty gallons ns contained in the. bill introduced lout .Senate by Mr. Mttnroe, as a virtual relin- pJimcnt ol\ the cardinal doctrine of protection. I only another futile attempt to regulate Unit, |ich in its very nature defies all l-i'giihtttritt,— suhtilo device of our enemies to embarrass 1 weaken all attempts to suppress Hie low lail trade. absolved. That the cumplct\ success which is lending the operation of the \ Maine Law,\ in lit State, proves it to be n safe and glorious (cedent for this State, which ought to lie fob fed bv our Legislature without the thirty gal- iand Foreign Iuiportatiyn clogs, when all the fetices of the U. y. Supreme (\unit so hnruio- Iiisly affirmed and so ably maintained Ihe ritrht leach S'tato in tlie Union, to entirely prohibit Js.ileof intoxicating liquors within its turritu- Innd to destroy the article that would injure [morals and destroy the happiness of the pen- j ttsnluedy That those members of tho hoard Wise in this town and the members of As- flily from this district, who will (irmly and tlossly give their influence and their votes [protect this town and the State against the Is of Intemperance, and in favor of tho'p.is- lo-of a law by\ our Legislature, containing Un- let irencral provisions of the \ Maine .Law,\ |l deserve and shall receive our conltal sup- KrWrfrf, That, in view of 'the extensive and pverful settlements in tile Onh.ii ) of Sobriety. sltie duty of-the inhabit mts In w.igo n tvir ; esterniiuulioti atrainst the hordes of Rum .' infesting the country, and to retaliate in the 1st decisive manner, every abduction of one pun our number .into that vjilderness of woes iikeimoss,. npd to keep in the field well dh'ei- i'ed troops, furnished with the (lints of/ral tlie powder of public opinion, that tliet; may £ti \B with the rifle of Republicanisni, to M-nd b Jlots of Freemen to the hearts of tint Itiiii tiplcd bund, who, for the spoils of office, 1 let ..loose upon a defenceless community fco fie nds in human shape, who destroy,bod) lUoul With their poisonous draughts and liquid ' them to burv the t,<* cents CuimUMiintn-TdaauIjatf-theJSpy in Society, .'HI ceiits'*By J. U \ veusclill'e, by Mrs. Mursl: . . . A. 8PI.EMPID WOL .__ SC1KXCE, ZITJEEATWM MSMKT, a. HECK. Now-boU.nd-ih-Bi.v^^ohiiiueii. JF \WjunitsuToSf March 1. The report t|tut Oyn. Btitjei- had tvritten a let- ; U'r repudiating free Soil principles, or declining : the i>rc-seut,ition.of liis name, is contradicted.— | brissirhito hMhe-rnte-nt-tofr-of wtat&niiHnbew-j to introduce into the House of Representatives the compromise resolutions at the earliest op|ior-' U'initv - Judge Allen of Mass. is very-low. 11U fntni-1 Iy have been scut for,, . • \ Mr. John M. llernhisel, delegate froin I't.di, publishes a card this P. M., pruliutilicing lhc_ n.Uh liiniight by the steamer Pi olactlietis regar- ding the Miiituiiu revoltitj-m a fabrication orinis- understandiiig growing out of the all'iir of last. nutuiiiii. | v Piili.APU'iUA, Feb. ail. i One linn was jioisi.iicd, and then hurribl) I luiriil by vitriol, .ti l t«o st;ibl-ed, in our i-it) lo--i dav. ' • ' - ' -, , . „ .. s 'cents \oluines of iMates and four of Text, Brieofi0,,forj8ol4 1'eroiMd Koouo, by Capt. Miirryatt, f>o cents by ^ „ S'TEHEllf'fl. *'HIDDEIX. ' Lady's Book \ ' \\ \ \~ ••••-- . . • - >t. Miirryatt, .for- lliireb,prri (Jrab.un s jtuguziiic, SarUuu's Union Magazine, \ Peterson's Ladies' National Mag. \ Tho Amcriean Tomperulice ling., ~ llirrTrcTB 1 Mngoiiiinij^br Feb., price International Magazine \ lIyperion\ by, Longfellow, tlutro-^rer, \ Kuviinugb, t l K.-u'i, by Caroline Lee Ilcntz. The liefbor, Pr. M»)u, lioiniince lhist, *'* Stullllrlil Hall, complete. The Year iluok't.f FIJI ts, I \. l.owu Arundel, ie..)iiplele-i 'fin t'i.i.iiu-iof t»ali^l.-ir.i, \J. pneo 20 cents. 25 \ 2f) IS is Again, at : Sterling: & Biddoll'a 1 /^ARLYLK/SLitiB of John, StcjJiny, 8s;. Logondii. 1 no 1 un 7r. 60. ' 1 25 75 1 no 1 On 'J- TJMI CUjj«fy(-liift','Koyfii»urt: t l I.' Krc-ll IriflUlM'lf<,-l»y lk..Mrtl\cl, Tl.o binrm-ito, (comnkt«1 *f . «j,rm tulte-oriptions received fi»r nil magazines and newsph- An atteti-.jit IM.S nirde Maiket,Saturday night. .New V.. UoslllN. M.llvll 1. to lire the Williams .K. M.-rvbl— 7 P. M. ii^ii/.ilius .urn nurtfi in- — ^ fTVrnV C!frti>i? A J i |.ers, nml most of them .supplied free of postage. Ke- V\ I oi ii<?-o •«• * • Arca * 10, iiuiiibi-r /'iems, a t ii.0. It., Arcade, next door to the ceo. -l,18o». 'p.»«tom;-... . scpnuHin cotrxtT: \ ofDiitos, do; SwTittoiv\ Bjirli, nhairruKcfrj Dreitni laanl; Ik Marvel—new supply; \.(Jueeiis-of Enaliind, 28Por r I traits on BiaeV-r^aijii^ieeiiUu toimdyilm Moiuoriiil, i u Tribute to Mrs. Kraiieca, Osgood.: Ltngonds of -tli'o. , Flowers; Life of GnintTliorburu,*Todd; Eifc iu viu I ried Phases, Butler; Don.Quixoto, Wttli-pliitcH| t.oli->, I don Edition: Edith Mny's Poems,, eloguiitty bound; Women of Early Christianity. N.B.—\V(i would re«peot)\tlly> iirtjite, all ivho lovo , the bountiful iti Litorutvire-and Art,-to call aiulexata« . j ine our stock of lijcgnn.t Oift.Bopks,-piiblishcd thia season; whicji w'oronotieoci it} oiireatiilogueof.jes. tcrday.\ Thcyarenowopraifor-iuspiierion. I • STEltLlNG.fe HI1>PEL.L.;: BPHINQ EOiffiWeV, •\*- _ '/siuiwa'FMUWKAULKRomans jn»fj«L^l fe 5i!!*^Ki)\/York»tMtii. - HUaiUSS' 2T\-2tf JSji. As&dy ivontJut\ thejr atoro the gtjieyjdjiy .mid inquired, Jbr BimiVls. TlioysUow.cu nor Sue at tS^uT) 1 Wlaolt was tho saino price that.others charged for Gttoni. \Silo \.\cojulteit ovnr JS^aitoVotfered thtan ^tbr tho shawl, arid they-liaeked 9iit; rt - .''.\;• -'V\ .. Every, purfe aiid the wl^iolo of tlio abovq story is a willftil and malicious fillsolioodj ariie] tlio iiwtntori-rioim it; and yet ir is caitghM'p by nearly every.morotiatit in town, and jioiired ihto'thtt'oiiraiof their eus'toiftors «a if it were truth., Wo tyill piiy.#500. toany one wJia. \vi|l produce tlio japraqn vy.ith whom tho aboy.ooo'uyor- stitioo was hold.' •••••• • • No iidvcrtisenieiit of oiirsover did us liulf so much ijood as tlieuboTO atory,fiir wo-liave made the acqtiuiu- UIIIOO of stmiigers who otherwise would not have call- ed upoiius, aiid-ofTionTSO. Oil oxaiiiinatidn of our pri- ces has convinced Qioiii.tiii>t.>o a'ell as-\v,o advertise. One more-personal mutter and wo close. When liliy one frorii tlio country asks^yowwheroMarshalls'storo is, tell thoni you, dou*t \know.- that there isiipsuoli store in town, etc.,—ooiirioous a)id,gentloiiuiiily isn't! iti KeiiKnribcr onb thing, tfiU is tuTJiraitch,Stepe, aid bur goods arc liotTtwugUt atJi<)»j«i HciVVy Bro,\yn dhoeting, Oil; oxtra quulity BroW'h'SpKal', 8d ;.Culieo;, Id; BattHi(f,,8o;;a'iekiug,Cd,,&(;. , . ' October28,,1851;a-C^\ *Q.&- ^MARSHALL. • IBTrBRMOM OO. XSTTUO JtrTORXirT i\p,,8> , WO;Q^/4^F...//P^.S£..',; . . T HE subscriber rcupcetfully iuiiouneoa to tlie iiiu- Bicalpublio that h« has tukcii tho .above Store mid had it fitted e-JCcluitrvoly lbr.tHe Music U-ado. Tho best and 'most varied awidrtiiiont'of 1'iiino Fortes, Me- lodconsj Guitars, VJoiiiw, Fliitos, AceordtoiWi Sheet Music, and Musicol.MerohandtiHi of every doscrijition will always bo found.«t this establishment, at the Nevv York auuJJuston prlcos.'i The\ ' * ' TlAMtMFOILtllU cttlercd aro* frbiii the Faetojicg W ClliiekoriDg, ltbstoii, SmniR atid Cliirkp, and johii'll. Prinhiim, of Now York, from which jnakerstliesubserlhcr has theoxolfl- si vp and nolo agency for Joft'clfSon and adjoiniiig coun- fiea, ' nuiosioNi, from the Faetery ; of> .Carhiirt * Sqedhiim, Uttw York. ilistruotioie)!(ioks for every kind of iiuttrument, al- so, a first-rate*article of Strings\ for Violins, tiifltars, Bass Viols, and Double Bijss .eonstautly on. blind, The best price's itllowed'for sbeond-hihid Pianos in exohaiige. For fnvtlior piirtieuhtrs' tho'pablio in-c in-\ vited UJ call and examine foftliemkclven, • • ,_ '.',.••• --, ,' J. ADAMS\ SMITH.- \Vutertowiii \Jfibv.jtO JSjitl. , . . ' •:',<' 16v2 *^mmm LIST OFrLETT*eRS, SuipR _ . . Wed in the Clerk's pttioe ortfoflrCo., Jan. SI, 'SB, and to wrve a «6py ofr'yohr imswpr on mq at my oillco iti .the-vlllage ojr Adatoaj. within twenty dilysiifterservieo. Of this summons, .exclusive of the day of service, or the Pinint-itl' will tak.o indgment against, yoti in srnid Cotirt; lor tlie'snm of Two Jumdrodand Forty-Might Dollars iinfl-Fifty Cents, and interest, from tho 14th duvof Jaiuiarv, A. D. ls.'>2, besides costs and disburse, ments of this suit. -; T. P, S AUISPERS, .- 22wC - . Plt'U'^-AltorjiQy. .NSW FUJ3t.I0ATI0KS, FOR SALKRY if. & W.,SCRIBN,ER, Tho' Fruit .Garden, by ]>. Biirryi ' Hurry Graphs Or Seeuory Celobritles ottd. Society, by , N . P . VVillis.\.' ' Tho Glonns, a Family Hiatory, by J\. X. M. Gonhol, 'Life and Writings of .'Algernon 'Sidhoy,. by G. 'Van •,'SaiitvOord. ' •> ' •'•>' Life of John C. Calhoun, by J.S. Jonk.ips, Women of (s'iael,S vols, by Grace..Aitu'dar..' - ' • Reyorios of 11 Batqliolor, by Ik. Marvel.- .' Di^on JSorr^s (jrn'niiHMitii) and Pomostio Poultry. jTiucl?\fEgligl6ix8\\^noc!e5tp^ ;~*\*:—;——— \A Grandmother's Recollections, bv'\EHa*R^dmat^... ; , ElliottFtoilyoi^ho.trialsot-Ne^v^VorltSeainstteBSesj- ' byehtisBiirdett.' \ \' -.. » * ' ' , David (Jopjiortlold.JthcvyoithgWfby Oharfes \Diekons MissiHsippi.scpncs,by.,l680p|il3.\'Cobb • '\' Annals ot Queens ftf-Spain, '1 vols, by Anita George; The Fathers of tho I>os W t., 2 vols, b y .Ueiiry Buffn^f: Jleroine,* pt the'MiBsionnt'y KnWrpriso, pr s'koiches of . prominent female Missionaries, by Prin't C. Eddy. Midsiiimnor Rays t .or Holid,.y at Wdodlelgh by Susan Pinde*. ' -\»''''' ^Ina'dditlOti-tQ thoaboyol havo on hnnd on oxten- sivp assortment of Miscellaneous works winch I am oiRiriiigat reduced jti'ices. . • - •„ District Libraries furnished on the most liber- al terms. •'- ... . '., . 22.V2 fleroniuing i n tin Ytnlcrtoun i : MVUCII x ill - etfBi.isjiED ny AtTnoniTT r t TW» NrW HVM wrotaaai T ffli^taV--MiKK-JLlFK4NSUl{ANCEC l <>MPA- ,NY, No. 100, BroiidWiiy; CiipiUiPfSOO (KM>, arill'iiisnro tholivoaof ^xsrsona wishing t^ yisit Ciili- 'tbruiav-on the iito9t-reasouable^iorniiMthd-w4thJihej:uL^| M |., privileges, ' MQItiUS FRAKKblNy Prcsiilent. ' T, l!ia«yFKKtMAN,Aciiuiry. . ''-,..»,.. ;i., - \. -l\^'n^»os^¥LLi8^go).t Clayton, Jeff qo, N Y, January, 1852., , 2Bv2 - Xaargo and Extensive' Arrival o f Ziainpa! C OMPRlSlNGtlio greatest variiity of FluufLaiijps ovcrqllbr.y.d..m this.pluco; also;?8ome p-ilWefeiit patterns 'of Cunipbeno Liiihp^, togethot \rit)i BoVar Oil of ovory acsoriptibti. ' . '' ' '• '• ' • •'• \''•> The-public are rcspoctfiilly feqtiesteil*'to call imd .cxaminc.asiunny ,ot tho Itbovo.Laiiips.:are':erit(iiely nowpidtiirjisand tiirsuperior i'n\ s.t^i toany h.oforf offorcd iu tliisuiarkct. For sale, by\. 22vs IS. Ik W,. SCRIBNEP', _. inidor the'\Baptist Ohurohv Sugars Cheaper than fiver. . \T| ptibl'to are vospeo,tfu|ly, .iulahiiotT. itlmt,'.wirig. X, to the exceeding lovrprices- o'CSugai'S Bi.isJilH;.ili Mow York,, uiid tlio oxtqpHtyo sides;W,o ,hiive.;i(iwlo within a few inonths of this article, Vo have been'iii-' dueed to hiy in-a1arg*ti supply, whieli''\ve'ii'ro-iio.w of\ fering lbwor tlum aver, and ait. vvBitratiOt-d.bpttndeh.t ripon. tho prolits. of .our. Grocery .trad.o ibr asHpnort',. having other, business, jn, coiineetioii .ivith it, vvutltiiik wo uin cmdid'eutly iiilh'ifi Unit.wo cuii. and will sell Groceries lower thiuj inly other stoTe\m tovVii. 'Our\ stock comprises in piu't-the following: • • - 20.000 lb* Brown sugar,.. ' . • 8000 do Ooll'ae-.pr yliirlllod' Sugar, .. 8000 do .(Jr.iished flnd Powdwcd, \StMwnrt'a host\. 20UU' do Tciisjinoliiding, llysOii.SkbijOld and Yotjng; .lryson,*Bliicki.ele-. \ -,l. -\ - • do Collbo—Old Jiiva, Imiguuyra, \Rio. . do. TobiiecOt-t;ayond,i»h,,'Sinqk!ng and CJiow- in ,p . ' - - -. 800. gals Muhfisca^tewiiH's SyriVp; St. CtjOix; C'nbn:- wo ha\;o jilso on baud a linage supply ,of Rice, Clod llsh, Ruisiiis\ (Jitroii, Cnrrelits, Nuts ot jdlkiuds.Spk ccJi^ltl^lle>s r ^dl|jli3c^^)l-^^o^t^weryt^li.ug^tl!ll^\^- 1000 1000 I ARliK bIZE Window Glass,at tlierr..,>lo-ry j Store. '• 45 - MANN &. I-pJUTON'. FOR SALE HUFUS VAN- Wonjtiai. ur/s NATIIANIEI/R. BOYC IKK. -] > County of Jefferson: 1TE . ) • ' - \ 1 To Nnlhnniel.R. lioyce., Defendant: The lri.il of Willi.-, vs. Forrest, was eoin-jl vnejifl'Lot mi Stoiii- -t., 1 ilm.n Cuurt si:, 1 lluiisr meiiewi tliisinoiniii.r in tin- Supremo Court and and la,t...n Mei-hmiic-t., 1 ilo.mWVstt%.iirt*t.,2dV> . • , ., -ir .. ii, . ,.i,;., ion (Vurt and ltmr-sts^, 'J do on bninkhn-Ht., I on -.e ef.,1 \utm„-vs ueic i-N..lllimd lor the plum- , Mur|m>r . < .,, „„ .Vcade,nj-st,, So „Slale st„ 1 .mi'c. tu'. • _ , t. r st., IVm, U.i, a on Ai-siiial-sjt^ 1 vac The \Hudson River is ilosed as\ far'dnwn a s -;., B l»nit 1\\ Hu'ililiug Lots in North Sill\-Siior I Fnnnof ahmit lsil-ncrcs in tlio town of Rutland, 11 flic JhrnConsuai-iive of Huston, ashore at I lj....*e tm.I lo.l in tl.o xJlh.^o «f Tt.rc*.'-ili!«n.i> r a ... . , , • ..1 .1 1 * « -. I harm ol iibiait 1 lit uurc.s, witn (i-v^« aiiet other stock. 1'ire rshimi, uoi.tto l.u-i-es uitli the g.de, oil . at- (11 „. lll j llli: „i, out ton fcdieup, ucur the village «!' Ant,- nnlay. Fifteen nn-ii who were on board, were. weip. Al««>, a Farm of 70acres, ouvvlwcli'miilloiisc saved with dillleultv. and t we Parns, and a Lot'oflrtiierea,ifiVltgiinrl House I'miil tiivluud, in the town of t liamphui. Also, f..r side IT In rent, a Form ••!' IIIMIIIHOO acres, with spu k, v. in the tuwn.of llounsticlil. Also-forsalelO Hnr-ii., s, <i HngitjH, 4 iJuttei'u, ihiiue.sses, Bnft'ah) R.ihes, ,i v urn -ns other articles of Personal Property. Enquire or J AS. G JA'NDli, General Rcjif Estaio A-rent. YVatortown, Feb. 27, 15oi. 2Sv»tf copy or yohr sv.tr mi me, at my oitiee, in the village of Adams, within twenty days after service of thistainninoMt, ox- illusive of the day of service, or thopliiilitVtt'will take E AIL ROAD DIVJDKNBSGRIP taken at pur.al tho Top df.tiio Trco^OlothinU Storo, by . ' ' ' , '\'• • HORKiTEEAT.V *»* !Nc»Gc4>6foMlyaCTiviiBr.~ .,•- ' H'ivi - - iTOTas'rirrdTBS u I tHK fifth lot of ToKCst Queen Air-Tight CooMii? . Stoves just received iittlio Cheap Stovo Stbro, Evans'Mills. ' :-• 1 ••..-'-• • , •,• ' •l'his Stove,ipatou(od: in 185Q,,lias,n..dccided -prplbrr. fliiee. ov.or tho.eiititon-StoyOj .being onfciroly-froO from tusidoworfi or platcitjhii.stw'p flrc-plaecuj-nhd anoveii Ciipublo of bakfngnlxlargeloiives at-Onco; .is so coji- stractcd'tuatalargo dairy kettle cini boitscd npOnit, which eonvoulcnce cannot' lie foutid -witU-iihy other Stovo, aud is wurrajttcd to give good siifisfuetioir.— Also,,iustrccDivod,.Cho.^j - . : .. Fortablo Oron t and X*u«l Vsvor Cooking ,' •tore. TlioOvencanbajromb'vddatpleiisiire/loavuig'ttvery liniidsotiio.Sfoye of throO boiling plaoeS, and for small families it is' tlio? 8tovo. . • \' ',' \ Together with th« above \may he-fptlnd tho-difTer- ontpattonis manufactured in this county^ .Also,:.ft iouend assoYtment of Jlca^vy Plate, Parlor andFancy Stoves, StovbPipej Hollow Ware, Shoot Zuic, SJiect Brass, Brass Kettles, Lcad-'Pipo, etc, etc. Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper; WurojKcn'orally onliand ormadoto.brderonthe'shortostinotice.\- PapcrEags, oia-irop',«6rpcT,iJcw:f»^tj!i^^ J AS. E, 35f>Y;ERi- Evmis' Mills. January 15,1852. -..\ •jjivi rtAIS. of Caraphene? *br;iMiJ« hytlioVbiirref .'•:- '•-.• &MMMV $'jfi&]^y.rti_& A KYixum rocoiyina ftopi OJiio a'tttrgc-ipiiuitlty of Fresh Urtiuud. Flour,. n(aiiufiic{.ttr.ed frorii.tho choicest White WJicat qxprcsslylor thtini, 'wTiiehtufiy' offcr'i'dr ttiiloiu Biivfolsaiitl Ibilf-Bierrtl»t6 thcirftlioridil- aiid public lit prices tliiit cimiiob fail io aatisiy.. • • w^holrlflbilc-vrillibedelivo^AiujyyifhorjMnih^- vilhigo,'if desired,, without o,'tfraobargc._4P ; ,, Their Fi/rtm WAiuiiiqusu A«ij Qitfiois opposite.\ P, S^. lloSrlc'H Mills, Mill street,- Wiitertowii; wliowtlitSy. vvillbo happy to wait upon imywlid liiay favw.th'cui: with a calf. G./L;M'ASSKYJ ' ; : <®vi.^ : — C.L..ltQ.WKy M., inn 111 jujinnont against yoir for. tlio sum of Ninoty-Five w , ,\ I'ullurs and interest from tlio r.th, day -of July. 1851. 1 \v storiovt 11, a u„o:,i, w „„ cf „ „„,T ,if.i,„^m.-,»,i,» a „r n??-j.-i.«n,; besides costs and disbursements of thfUfetion. 2iiwit ' T. V. SAUNDERS,- Pl'tifTs Atf y. IIALTLMUIII., March 1. The mail from Mi-iouri tn I»v* •' hr.s been rub- bed of a lnr«e ani.-iiiit of nii.uey. The st,ige tlrher has been arrested and is boiiiS- examined. • RosTos, Feb. 20. A collision ocenred this morning between the • teatniM' State of Maine and Day State, in New-, port Harbor. Boatli bouts were disabled. 1 NEW STYLE Or CAR HAST MBLODBONS. PATKXT. M ANl'FACTVRKD 1.) Caihart & Norillia.ni , New York. J. AduTus Smith, sole ii^'cnt fur \Water- SUPREME COTTHT : All.lMl.1 P. CL'SIISIAN, j atfd ' > 'Couttlf/of e/tfrr&oit: DAHWIV Jj. f'uau.MAN.' 1 ). ' ' ' • 7n D-utein El Cushman, Jfefemlant: \V. r Ol' arc .hereby sunimoued to ansiver tlio coin- , > I. plaint of Ainaiulii 1',-Cuslnuiili, a copy of which'' v»us tiled 111 the otlkoof tho (Murk of the Comity ot .U'tl'ersou un tlio loth day of February, 1S52, niid'to serve n cope, - of ycsir nuswer on 1110, ill th'U vlllagO ot Wiitcrtnwn, County aforesaid, within twcfitydayBiifr ter service uf thi.s summons, Uxohiiiivo ol\ tlio day of service. And'youitro notified tfiatif yoa,full-to'im- swer the eoinpluint us abovo rcqtlir»jd, tlio plaiulitT will apply to the said Couit for tlto rellof dcimindod i in said complaint.—February lo, 185a. I 20wf. T . 0, Cm'rTKNDEN,. 1'1'ff's Att'y, A MERICAN POCKET CliTLERY-;E«r salb b>«1 Feb. 14,1852. 2ilva .T.S.VAN BUKKK.. ': j - Moi'tgag e Salo. \\T|TilIliREAS donialt-lius been, liiiido'.ht tliopay-- VV m ' '\'' \ \~ \\ \\' tain tin tovVn,. ,„,. ._., . -....-, . M^Coiniiw; of thosamo.placo, toHoOurptho payinoiit r.r.lV.1.,. l,h,,rlri..1-ib.ll,lr>l^nllrlhe]trtlllrilii|-nt.lil\iilit)L.d>LV. orsiuglo gallon at the sign of OioUoodSa- latritm under the Bapd»t»Clmroli. ' • » »»•- GAl^i -of Burning Fluid of-tiur own maim .factdro, warranted.equal to tho best,J'orsale . '•;-' if. & W.^SCEIBNER. • A f\(\J!QXES of Window Glass, 6f yutiouscsizses, lUu from ?•-$ to 30-40, for wdc at 20 per cent be- luwFactory Prices. > ' If. AW.SCKD3NER. QCJ/pd7. JWdJCS-rEmbnpiag i(ilthi|tarosfaii'diird O usw'Clliisthoalitluttjirfiliot.iiiayWiftiuhaat'*\ b UIU llUltaJilll,!' UUJUUIIUUU '.II. & AV,.,gCimiNKR!S.\ r , i)/\v Bbls. of Nova Scotia jir Piaster,,Paris, at the ii\) sign, of the (ieod'ijaraaritan uudc'r tlio Baptist Church. \ ••''\ •\' -' '• ''•' -' '\. \Gills of lilusjeil Oil.of .Anierlcan ntamrfue- turc, vyiirruhtod pure, forSttlo-by tile biifrcr ' .' .'.I' ': li'«fe VVjSClllByjiB;' , -aud straightway compel -juter a '»d toddy-stick by the side, of the torn- ^^| 1 U | U raknnd seal ping-knife—never more to curse ; land wi th the shrieks of widows mid orphans, ilthe moi irning of friends for those who have lien bene.ttli the blood-thiisty cruelty of n is of being s,' who have been stimulated to linn by an u npr'mcipled dynasty, which should made * to sttunp upon our countcnahecs the un- j^-;—^!, periicVe^:' JofForsoh County Institute. A I'VBLIC EXAMINATION of the classes will be held at tho Cha)*l of the Institute during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of tho present week. , Tin. Srmso Tiara commences Miuvji ?M. - A elass j will be iirgiuiiicd'duriiig tho first week of the Term for tho instruction of Teachers of Common Schools .^^ ..,•,. T nmmo—r^^Ti r Kuch town in tho County may send one pupil to this I rWfERN A.N1) WliLL PUM1S-Anotlicr large ill recoivo gni-uitons instruction for a i VJ r lot jast recoivod and tor salo cheap b y W niTK-Lca*l; I£cdicad,\^eiiil!cd,8pan. Brown Ohroiiiu Yellow, Fisbueh.Yellow.^-elloivOoro,, ill.ln fii.^ta.. .....1\ IT^t.l.r^.lkM .O.l.tra T..ll...^...#n.-Tikp The Double Swell; WATEHTOWN & HOME RAILROAD. ,-T. S. VAN BUUEN, next door East of Kcclar's. Feb. 14, 1862. . M'yp ) <>ERtJ NAlLS-iAltsizesiiiid jii aft)' imnillity^-al- . soi)iK)R-TRlMMlNGSiusrmitvttrJ«tynt Fob. 14,1883, Sllva VA7< BtTKEN'3, ECOWSES \XO^LB*. ~~ rpUE subscriber has Threo or Font Dvyolliner lloii- JL sos to rent on rousoOablo tcrnts th.rulielvillo. In- ipiirc of 2«w3 ROSELLB TUOKNTON. i.nvn and vicinity.' Among the many inipn-vemeuts J ,.i„ W i w j, 0 w -,|j recoivo\ gra'iiitons instriiefiou for a | which tboy aru now applying to this.beautiful 111st.ru- , turtu Vnf four inonths. Cnudidalcs for this class, it\ ' ! the 1 malts, mtibt bo eighteen years of ago or upwards; if India-Hnbbor Hollows, itumlus, sixteen, nndtniwt 'havo a eortiflcate of tholr' Tp\ which for tjgjitness, durability and boaiily, far excel ,1,,1,,,'mtincnt thjin thoTuwn Superintondoiit. ' Jf so DOOR-TRIMMINGS hi grmij Wititynji thoie ineoiiuiiou use. It is so arranged Hint none of l{ tT . P.SVYDKK will instnietaclassiltirinirtbeTci\ \ \ \\ \ it is seen in front of the InsU-nment, mid the perform- j - m t M ( , rll i piiilosonhy. D. M. L1NSLEY, I'riiicfpul. er is not iticoiiVoniciRvd in l.lowmg. ThcriunoForte Watertown, ilareli 1, ls,\>2. aswil Pedals, for blowing, are 11 valuable siihstitiitc fir the ! -- - - - r - iilil-fushioned pedals and \trap formerly used, and ie to'au)tnowledge our independence,^and , greuUy iinprove the appearance of tho Instrument.; miim$£gimmLmg&Fm to stump upon our countcnaikes the un- h, 1 ™ 11 ' 0 ' 1 ' f,na \ A'\™«_«!>'nM«>»iJ'« I«B«' takable miyks of iiifamy, or to im|ioso upon I ^^\JX\greatly 'to tin etl'ect of the lnstrttfln nt, tlie farther tixa-tiou without a representation ..— •.„ M ., J ,j„ bVmg more ani.hial and pwloet. • j Uome . watertown. Ctuie Vincent, Kinsston . in upon tho first efforts of those tyrants to im-1 The abovo Iiistnnuents are for saleat the .Tolferson 1 V ome » \awriown «-»V« »««•»•»»» •\ « »» » S3 into their service ono who is not a subject County Music Store, at tho maniif,icturer»', >nco. ^ ^ mf MQ Fcb _ 28Ji Tnim m r%m ^ Alcohol, it i s the duty ot the friends ot L, »- ! - ^-™«fflr,™ w awa aiia™-' .tween Wutcrtown and Chaumont.is follows: v to renow lit stilities, and to prosecute tlio' THE FHEMIUWI PLOWS ASAIN. I IEA VK WATKIITOWN- IJIAT* CIIAUMONT .yvo renew iiGsuuuto, '„i„,.;,„ 0 .,,- 1 \17URMKK1A made h.v bold &, ll.iii.soin, now uinn-, » T 10 40 A M. If 40A.M. 1 with such vigor as t o secure a glorious ter- 1 jj nlU ,., lllv ,i 1>y j. tORD, ttiitortown, N. Y. I ,1 ,. j, ;,,, lination, and compel the enemy to surrender Ins t , llI> p „ frw a, m , B w -,.st of l:niou Mills- Itevuig got I, '„„„(,,.,;„„ w ith both Trains tn ami from Rome, tlie jiitol and acknowledge ibo light of temper- 1 up several now and, improvoil ) Putuu-ns KIUCO^hist! timo of loiivhig Komo and Watcrtown being to encoinii 1SS the Spring, he iecls confident that he has better Plows ; than is made in any other estabhsbnicutln tlio United I ' ^' J.States. Having had loriir exporicuco in the business Resolved, That the proceedings of this meet- j, e i s .leteruiiiied not to bo outdone. Pis Plows are (V he published in The New York Reformer. . made of the hest ot materials and by the bi-Rtoi work- pi ue punusncQ in »\»-''\• m . „ u , tl , mul will wammt them to bo eipud to unj other Resolved, That tins mee-tmg adjourn to meet JUIU1(J in , )u ) l i uit( , t l StlUci; . It the polls at Limerick, nn Tuesday morning. Tnese Plows were exhibited at the. last Jeffurson • - • •\ •-•- -- c 0 , ln tj. li'nir, and iboCoiniuittecsoiiPlowsaiall'liiw- ' in\- awarded t\ ibem *HE PI3BT 3?HEJHIUia. They wore also exhibited nt the Town-lair at Cape Yiiicont, and the Cunniiiltce oil Plowing awarded to then! the l'ii'^t. Premium. And again, flioy were ev- 1 liiliilcdatthu Provincial Fail .a Prue.KMlle, and took 'be First Premium'there, \b\. 1 Straw-Cutters, Cultivators St Horserakes inaouiil this ostubtl.-hui! lit id- Sice principles unmolested brld. fcevt, for the purpose of electing a temperance licltet,* to be prepared by the Executive Commit-' noMB WATKnniWN 7 A. M. 0 3l> A. XT. ° 2 3iU>. M. Ir, a. I'pon the oponiug of navigation, Trains wi OnoOross of tbeOelohrated7emtiau LIQUID HAIR-DYE, P REPARED only by A. 1. MATHER, Chemist Mia Druggist, 221 Main Rtfo6t, BulTiilo, N. Y. The article msmufuStiircd tiii'dcr tBo itbpyo title luis charaetetistics of excellence not known to any other Hair Dye In'use, Viz: Variety of Color . Anv SHADE can bo obtained, from a ligltt Brown to a beautiful Jot Black. Boauty o f Color. Whatever shadc.is produced, tho H»ir -will bo soft, and tho color and nppoaran'co prr/ecUi/ natural. \V. G. Williams, SPENCER Secretary. Hrownvillc, feb . Ulb, 1&>2. l*Thev did it. Kd. ALLEN, President. For Tho Kcformor. rnlley Seminary. .Mtssos. Eniioiib.—-In answer to numerntiii inquirers, permit inn t o state through tho col linins of the Reformer, that, the summer term of ihe above-Institution will commence on the 25th py of March. Fot Cutulooiies or further information, nd- fress tlio-Pvincipal—Rev. B. E. ft. Braadnn^Pul- |on New York. A STUDENT. The Sen Serpent Cnptnrod at littst! |rf^° Fannois, please give its a call before purchas- ing elsewhere. Watin town, Feb. 23, 1SSS. J 2-sv2 HUHRAH 1 HDRRAH!! HtTHSAa:!!! tVJ, iJiiu-in^ Ha-'t Dim ami fj- iihjiit the . MUSEUM, v„ o Mtc A n n. -. r.NP.VBAM.Kl.r.I> ATTRACTION ! BXAS1CK JStACtAZINBS A I li E AH Y It 1- <•' VI 1' H u • ' .ihea 1 of rvcryihin - .' in uf fuv.'es, eti-., and iri'iug mil or v 011 lu-ie tbVt GRAHAM'S. MAtiAZINK Einbulhsliiiienis, uiitiilu r off like hot i-.iki-. rail ••-..- , , GODEY'S LAU VV ' H\ OK T'viny tirulimu a hard' •vmi. Miiroh.N'Oiveiysupcrinr, SARTAIN'S UNION\.MAGAZINE—March No. tn 1 immhant. 8'i orlsinal articles, 2\ Embelllshmciits. 1 PETEUSDN'S LADIES' NA'nONAL—Only super vein:. Call ijinV look at tho March K01 N. B. I'hango of poi foi-iuaiieo every diiyoTad evening all thfe week. \ . ^STvU ra NEW BOOT AW» SBfOETBIOKB. rr'HEsuliscril\. r wnuld iulonntho cittonsof Jelfar 1 son und the ndioining eounlies, that ho has just- doene.1 a BUuT AN I>siiOE ST<JKK,at 3^No,14 skinned and cut up, and his bead mid bones W„ s |,(„gt..., sueet, »ne .Iwr W '/'^/'^\oi * Bank, where he is pr.-paieil to tnTUinii every sryio 01 OoiilV imd Ladies' On'nrio and the River St. Ijiwrcnee. l-\b. 17, ls'«., R. B. DOXTATER, Snpt. EAGLF/MLLS, (XKiti rrnc n.Mt noAfl m:vor s ) WATEHTOWN, N. Y. T HE subscribers wolild return their llinntts to their numerous putton!i,for the last two veur», mid would infoiiu them and the public gonprnllyj that this extensive atid well kiiowii, l-'amrlng und Oilntlntr V* tiiblisluiient bus, dm-ingthb jmst KHIHOU, undergone a ' thniimch mid complete-ropuir.flud been furnished wilh .Yfic Murh inert/, Rolling Apparatus, <f<:,«f thp , filial imprivtnnenli. \ From their viiin-ity to tlio Rail R.wd Depot-, mid ; f heir suporior gang of Merchant llotts, we can offer 1 superior inducements to Fuimers who may wish to I have- their Wheat Floured for the Eastern Market, I rut In-r than to sell it. ! Messrs. JACOB C. and PETER LEl'PER-arc tin- ; prartieal Xftllors of the establishment, who are M> f.- , \ oiublv known throaghoitt tho county its thoroughly up to ihe nit of making for the Fanner the LargcU Quantity if Flour frmn it given Qumv- lit.]) ef Wheal. . CoNVKSjKN0B.i-iThis Dye is put iiji Tn.erie. 'bottle, j and in this way tlio inconvenienco avoided offhaying- • ' two and sohiQtamos three sopariiid liquids, to apply \ \' y °.nd a s.lisliVraiMko us t b tier oho bf these soparato li- t thefcnd desired, tho cheapest Liquid Rdfr-Dye ... use, the bottlo eontniniug double that of any otliar I innnufaotitror, besides being sOld at half tlio prieoe. -^ For sulo Wliolcsnleand Rotailby I SILAS CLARK, No, 3 MeolianW ExolmnRe, I Watcrtpwn,. Jail. 18,1852.' . 21^5.; Iiiumii uuu, iivoii pent'mo, Oils, etc. „ Tho iiboveio-tieloa, togotltcr witli Paint? of every deseriptioii.uitiy bo found for fsalont, . 1 ' ' II. & W.SCRmNl; R'S, PtidertliiBiiptis.tvj 'ilvrcli. Austin, Goo'rao A. very, Daniel Allen\ John V Autlionv, (,'lmrl s 15 Barton, U ' Ball, J B Blake, Thniuns Ballard, Samin-I Bariies. S W Bffloy, Thomas T BIhss, AiRtrew\ Burlinfls, \l'm S Brnniiies, Pfedo 1 Boottic, Ainb.rosi. ' ',' 0 ' .Camp, Frodericl S C'avaiiaVigh, Thou as Cimtlald, • F'P ' Clinton, Geo De\\ tt Clark,-William .Ctinip,\\VR\'.'. \nweaitTiliiliTejr Chilligher; Jajrt'ef. -eaOTceHriiyhpid V \Gh • Carcan. A -\V .Chnpliii„ t roliu \Crowther It Or'ossei*'! 1 ' ' ' -Oolo, Jniives Collins, Joseph 1 Connlly, Thomas Cook. Wm-'J eibyde, R & Co Gottcon,N , athmi Crcrngti William Co.rnwell, John Crowlio, William D' Dickorson; D'Est ng. -Dufort, Mnarico Davis, l)Ij_ • E -I'd; Ellisoiij Stcphon \J Eagan, Mic'iil t lNHIMPNS LIST Holt C rao- Uull Fli orhoir* ' Hunt JTooitrO i I I I tn Ti Ine s E , r * lol ikon I P lolniot 111 lacks n Homy f flors Anso 1 lol sOi.sS Jones Mnrt nil \ Iveolcv I >l n i Ivnilt , r B I w rence Tfines W 1 1 ate Edwar&DD 1 ov\ ts Ismol if M Milepcnce, rihott Mnsviell.'i I l Mu cl i 6 ScCa ~\\ llei M reus —*- Mel rt ie Tola —M v 1 John MoDon ill \W lhara MeMan n ee Tohn -J- \Vloi ison William AI «phv James \\fal Jona fho na» , MeConnell Owon f McDoiiclh ^-- * M 1110 Times f MeJ\l 1 on 1 1 omas ^ 1 \N cl el on Tohn Tsott Reiljen iw N cl oW Tohn J 0 * Ovi s IN f OCo net XI P H PI oh i Boni 1 nm t J 11 Her, Albert f, IciUns HJI 1 ov ere Arnasil EngihoCoNol,lioieman P Imer S A - r\f. ' ^l/i O rl , l*rtrtt \ir.ll.n . do do CIJ do i Frazcll, O.P Fanning, E Iv Fowler, Luther Fox',Stiint» • Funwoll, \Win 0 Pcrd William . leek.Monroo, R Rlllov J 1110s jteuedy,. rarrioK,, <*,,. -PayiHotmi^pnti*^ •s. -* -;i;-%.ls>-.;K-ijT»'':4. .'. .-Sunpsi> w Chujlosfe^,,, '. iSpoa.ccirJEbsltii; A , r-i'iiillcumiii, Joseph <4iidhnw, John , Kali). Simeon C-iooils, Abraham Groon, Tylot- (iatos,' Silaa •* Grantj.Oziiis • Ooodwin, 11S Hoisfor; (i, —- florton, Jonathan Hardy,. C vC,o,. . iT«u,§mfl'l\W \« lIo.v(,EF-., •']: Hull, Mortoii'** Uatt.Gcorgo 'ec A MkfristS\Mrs v B •- .- - Pest, Ell.cn . \ . j^oals, Sivbfinn A - . \Bigiial MatiUla,-,A :w OunttniiuiJ.Misiv „ Scott, Pufus'\'i: SrohetOMrfOr! heirs . U ;vi-T4-i^-i!;»-jJ^j': : ''• ,-. ; Terry,.Patrick ,..,} .V ; .TIl0mpS'6ii,.-^-T-;^'>,;.- 1 , . Ttitfle,.TBeadoro^-.;/: •• •Mrftfar -••fftf;,::;;,;. \• • V....- ••i-,l--:•••• \, , -','.\ • , • Yand6rco6k, % jr'lp..:ST ' \ ;• \JV:. ';*'.\>.- '!yto|aVj^ftC'v%.:..'•.-•'. , .;•:!.•--5y.'-'- -*-.---ivj •>--•¥••.-•,•-••..;.-.,- • Yt,nrig^E.gSS?2 f?*.:. : y% •Iliigli6,<JaW. < a ..KiiighferJUCOTy'~\. — ' ^\\' ' '^dytiaSi^'^i^ T • • . \'\- . JMrfi. s V* : -\* .„• Milj»i,LueiiiMa.' i '... ^. 5 m^^^^m, . -,«, k-9^*, Brown, Melissa.,, ,,.-. ,SInssoyi.^nh> f c •<>\ Brown, UaffloEA *'...„. ..MeTwi^&sriy;,\*\\• . -B«9h r Mins -Hcloii 2- -_-witMiJjl^'%^-—,\ \.-.'. ''J?' ,'',.. x Bofttiiiss-Eiivuy- t '<:*'< '•\f!-^ 7 !>:'*&*%*$$&, Si-ir«M,: ;.-•., BifrgesSiJ\- ' :, --- x, » \- ..mj~iii,..o-.i_te.^..t-^..L^.»A—: ;C--... CJouyoyrMafei CroMWiiWaj. GoIdi-iCrs-MaryfJ- ,-.^«Uaie4d,^mBl^:.4f«fl.^i of \Watertowh boiiriuea ttS- follovvsj viz: Bcgiu- hingat tlw .:adiit1j*wctt 'Wrnar•• of tho lot deeded,tb. Thoinasifosierby.John Foster,,Nay. 19,18^5,011 tlio north margin of Fiidtory-st^andrjihiiing from tlienco. easterly and al'orig'said.ma.rgiyi W deg.:45min.'ea«fe oiie -olutin and two links^ thence north. !$• (leg. Iti. inlri, : wdBt lo thCr margin, of Blaek: Eivciythohco south- :we\»t*rlyilovcn'iiie niwcalu,9C»»id,mv.«t!.to fcpoSnt froin whiqli, turuirig and rmihing'BOiith 13 dog. 15 iiili'i. east, iv-ill strike tlio \place bf-Mginuiug on itlib north-niiirgln-oT said Kietoo'-stj O'xcoptiiig litid. i ; o- HorVingiherofrom th'Q rods on tlip-ctatorly iiide, by a lino ruiiiilns from the iiorth margin pf-Fuetpry-st., parallel with tlio said easterly line to tho margin of Haid riV.er;\ Aiid whereas, tho siiidiilortgiigo was duly,\ Rcbrdcd in\ tho County Clerks Oillco of J\crro'rsom Coiinty, Octolier'&r,-184!), at-a-I-aih..--Pi, M'. hi book: No.*) of. Mortgages on pugfe421* &e.>t anildjiit tltetO- is notv claimed 40 bft duo plitsald mortgagaat tljo Jirjit publieatioti bf this uotieaj.nMlutorcstonsai^niorjfcage, -thesiiih 6('ia7,!l4, aiid that \no sult'nt lavyhas'bcetf- eoiniiichcwl or instituted 1 foi; tho'-'collbdtiOn of \tile/ whdlo-or.iiiiy-Taftiheffcdl'.f..', '• •.,-,..\..--; i h-'-.j a Nflt'iiio istlfpycfbro lieroby given tluttby.JVirtuo of, the stutute insueh cjise made and provided and »-pow- or of salo eoiitiuncd'hi 8|itil mort^nj{o,.tli6 8aid;*in'ortr\ gage'willbeforelosedhyaftiflo of tn'oBaidimOrtgngod' premiitr~~'*\ '•'\' 1! \~'\''''\~ k ^' , '''\\\\\ , ~ il \\\\\\ , '~\'' tiy-Sihi! tlVStidav-uiL^nwiVM »v^v»: Wiiuirtoivn, Nov. 19,a851. L.TN(}ALLS, Ati'j% \•;;' •\ : \'' - -3*wlU KAWSON M. COMTOSyMortmgeK i'h'o saioof tlm,abbye: dKibribcd.uiipirtgi^edTrbini-. sesjs hereby postponed till tlio sixth day-<jfrMarph noxt.-iitlt o'clock A. it., at the saiito placo. ..\•>'. l \-\ .- . \ M.NQa'fjLSiAttVi .CQn'ueu\i.Mi'Ss=MiifiaItt COiirifrBid.ilyi'.'.t, - , Collihs |; Xiiuta.-.w,* , Coiiifdll, llisti'Mnry'' Church, UmilyG . -• •D-Kv-ft--'-'\-'*: Dav'is,iCtirbIind a OOD BROWN SUOAR for vtl CM \ ft cents pur lb., ut J.MARSHAlii'8 «». 9r. SQUaZA J-. WSXTX, ANALYTIC!*!. FflySICJAN, CAN bo coiiitBitcdathik .Offices aifibHowB5r=4. - . • Watortown, AiuoricMiHotoLMonday.ahd Tuesday,. the 0 and 10 of . , . \ - - ' . February Adams, Pomoroys Hotel, T and 8 of do Eome, Sfimwix Hall, the 5 and 0 or , do Utica, Bngg'»Ilotel,8ana*«f do Syracuse,Jirintiiall'BlIo.tol, the 13,Hand 15 do Fultou,tiosper's'Hoilab,.thel2pf, . , . do Abbiirii,Amerlcannitei;th:opaac5n;of ' do „„.. „ll Jls^aAa iHAUInnl-J *n f-liin'fiftntnn tavafit ne-ye. bpleen, _. - . .-,„. ... „*,-„, Asthiiui.JBronehitls, Scwtuks Dyspepsia, Scald orSore Head, Ilip diseist!| ttleors, ParalyBls, Erysipdns,, Mer^ eurialdiscaiicsi Impurities of the Blopd,'eto.^ etc. Special attention given totho diseases of-women and cliildrca.- W6 wllfeitfiUin tlieiymptoniSehBracteH-, ring all chroniodliieaecs, and VriUslioWby deinooBtra- hoiis (hat tlie present mode of treating tboMi diseases aro -wrong mid not calcub»t«d_t6 prove beneficial, and explain the prmolplei«'bjM»hieh eurtaVrthese dlsea- ses can be otrccted. taTAdvie* Traa.^1 Tho succtiit*fidjnoa>.ofi treatment followed in t h curability of dise»sc,.aria tlicauti-poUononsclrarnete: of bis modicinycomposed entirely of articles froir. tho V^etablo Kingdom,-(hiariy of which ara-knowi only to himsclfi) UiequidiUo«^d:pWp#ratiottbl*unii<i from original rcclpciuiiJuit*csiKi«!»iOii,liaVfebeehtlif - '-• \ 1h'on«l'iin*r*td > ,their.lost',he»lth, liadioa'Pr«MBi---y Uitj»r f ashion*. H AS just recoivod UioIiatosfeNos: YorkahdT*on- doti FashibiiSji'or 3jadleS'.Dr,c((3,cs. Sli^-hajS !V ; largo varictjrof'pattofiis-for *, .\ \ ,. PleaSo pivolicr^calVat the fOOtbf Franklin-strcetf' iioarThttroaiia:Scov1l?88hbp. . ' Watcjrtown i Pccu i 8,lv6L, ' ; ,,- ,- ,':i0|n4, Carpantara' Toola and Oooda. .. TGINER!S)Carpohtor?s;an4 CaBlnct linker's Planes;. tl SiTvi-^liolid^Piuior, RIp,Ba%indTV<il)'; Arig* ; 11 rs, M'ailithcH;flatehett,Ivrttee*, Bttts,ChiselStiAxcii J Snutfrcs, SliaVcs, Rnles, Bovcj8i\ete.'fcte. >-•'.*.-• \ •• These goods arcjnllof tho: jnosticolobriited stamps; foroignmnd domestic, exceeding any irtinarkotHand will Be sold accordiuif to oiir usual balfiprieo sysfem . S H. JO1INS0K & SOU, ,iiv 2 C«lhbnnBl^k,^ ! CeVftSjtaet.''^ OOKB1 OtJllBt RBTU3S! GrinnarifCBntlgot i81ioMu1^iry*ra.f M0*- ;>,- Sh^;AbIi^*i';S.,'i?| i i«.«':. , ; btone^lmrlqtis;--^^!^,- -.' . -. ---Wi-'f- ^Mfc%?*$. \ .. - Wttjrrthf..AlHWiiat.'.- :f i j;.'^' - ' 'Wtighft : iaicu;y7^::,<>-%-4«'''- ,' W.|ll»xfE.«lM ,.?. , ;' i \^ l t«'». /' - WiiiavHIrattMrtf ^'fe^W • ——— k—••-••- -;%;- Weaver' 3Bitii§f f ,\\ v -tk«f^? Fdgcr|o{ Harric S M, . \XtnUy. MisI jSavah, s \r'^F..-. ',\-\ . ForriA-MiitR'Aim'-' Fiirral)',- Mi'ssTiuey Fiski,MijB MellsSa* 1 . ... FrJwo'r.lirRryJE:; ~. .. c .-Will6y,%ilKi»m • •^:/t Flsk,',-I.b«nda»3I '• • .''\M , rM|t'ai : «'''.';'.\^. J ?^^ IliinUnejon^Jeanotto- -.. Wiidleyi\. i ifn%e»'^:-^'^N''^i plea«.*ny \ AdyortisodiUi „,. „... ,>'.«i,.;;. 4,-.-,«', vSa- ' !STTkLli.t.oP'Lottors wif ,be-ifcail^o*rn#w|*. N'o^VYd/kReferniejr'ioW^MivVvi'ow^W 1 ^ - \''\''-'' \•'''' ''•\'\• T^'Sriow^oitiklm^ • ROClI>J8HAW!L8^1,50.-ilJ0ng \' ' '\\'\\ ' •»!%JEl _ _ JJfe^toeM-ShaWlfc'^ ?ojoi-ei}-<*ijtoi»i-tli^ day>ieMMtop*JlbJ(i • '-\Idt%#|»ii^y^vJ^4e ft ' : *« i \'• s '''''•' M good#i»«»wmo%?&w^ 1 • -'f'1B-W(ITr > TT- :i ' l, f\ i * 1 ff* , ''fflrifffTMIit 1 B ; ' J S:'t;'':J:* • .ccvthaWefy^lnMihou,... ,v „, -^.jt. .,,-„-- * - -• Pt , opteln^;th»tM8;ottJiJd;U;0.^ tliwugnthodibtiral mtrbnag& ofptir h6it,otow' v \ »opliii.b''ffie'flcf^ktd«M a — ,--,-^.—- r - -.r-\- ^m Wfl Woliuv;db<!ett'oHnblod;:thus,,r»Fw.'< •Bryvto^Wln^'tiii'fl^'Iffias . ^ ,_,. ,pri<^bfr«dady>Mia6 : ; Clotliing il»Vifa*liSai*_,.., and lmvc thu-gfutitleatioh :of knowing .tlMttwalwaf b^eniin8t|bnionb%I^*^ ah'il'\6itf'iS compel lis tb selbthdhi. [ W*a»ie.|B'yiBp . „ i ill i 11 itj-bi rail nti'd ii-i'iiinTnfrilfTf. litnnk\\riit)i1fl'iiiii)iui|- iliata|tox^bhaUo,%sl, I i^ n *l n ^^S'i^^ 6tit,-luimte;scJlJlig,KMs-,BS,chcaKW*an* JOHNSON; & SON have'aliraxaonhatitU'hciivy' n|?v)Vj-6 : xtcnsiVely1lrBpivh .'»r*:i«v!WIityiandl3iia j^-....^ ,. , „,.__,.^,.,,, ,—7.r,-,.,,—-,,--,-l.tif, ; B*w*ffl*T EIa»)u«,BcltsyMoimting9.eQhjcs t B^ es,\.efe. etc, oTtlio most beaiitifuitihd apprdWd pttt- abiek of Double; and, ,SShjiloW'.ir|;f ; Stiib:andi,i..AiAuoti6Se^,'-»na^^^^ fc <Jomm6ii-(ln;ns,1^8toltiiJ7«rrds f; I^sy;^ TwisM Cap»>Fl terns, which, por dozen or singly, * e Sen a t balf%io : usualTO'tcs. • fit^Ca|]ioUh'BR>6k{Conrtrgt.:. 4 JS iuilreeiP ;-' ^Bleleto\ Bj!Ur*B4-,Bk«teU t . . ^, LAllGE'B0X^^tTeceiv:ed:»bato;bbB\6W bneoat'low ' \ \ \ ..—..- stofeof V.vx^-jiasc:reet3iYei.i,:niiu iu uu HUIU at* r cdnimBatohipricc»i attho Halt\ jiriecr • >5.yfe ^^PimSQNi&^QN.^ Altfe tBJ^liScabnbedi'ii^MisB* ilifesledp\4ifteri-Wfcly<iOo?ao*kiM^^^ fOrliimsolE Mfc KEELARa'dmits .that.ltJ, «i)n\^^3ojtiv^^ LUMBER AND PLANING. T HE subscribers, owning tho Woodwortli'i* Paierit for Pliimu'tt himibur for tho County-of .TtiBbrsoll, berchv givo notii-o tb4 their oogag<!nwnt'Wlth.Miftsi%.. Uowiufe SroAThuS ceased, itod that lh,ey bW^pro- eiti-ed a Muelillio ot oistriiOtdmars capiicife wich'ibcy •have iirl-amiod with MoSsrs. GORY. & HATrHEWtJ. to opeiiitii.for thoiuin the ho.vy bttildlng ojjiposlto'tHe, (.'hcckoi'od Mills, in \Wuter'town. ' ,,'„ Mr. Matthew's Is it practical mechanic, nad'exptiri- enctwlin Uie dronming of Luniher r and atiy vvOi'K en- 1 trusted to. hint, will bo plaiiiediSficaitioiailyandin a wi.rkmanliko maimer. , »,,,,.- They also Inland to koop on hand ut thpir Jmnmg MiV-1 iit Dexteri and Watertown, idl kinds eif Iiiliiibor required for bitildiiigpurposcitf , *^-.,.., '• ? KlRBVSsIOOW*. Fcbruwy 1<5,180S. .. . •C33ui?.V Capt. CbnrlcB Se.tbury, or tho whalesliip Mo- otiguhck, of New Bedford,in a letter to Ine ^ ^ew York Tribune, dated at sen, Feb. 0) declares lhat he has captured tho sea serpent. He was fiiken in latitude 3 deg. 10 mill, south, and lon- Kititdo 131 deg-v.50 nin. west, withtlieharpoon. Ii\ftcr being struck with tho iron ho doseended Vme fi.OOO baet, where the monster remained ' en hours, but atlaet came to the surface and hi/'rod. lie wns then taken alongside the ves- pa-ps^rved. Thi Captain state«r'tiint the se\rpent wns nflbe masenline gender ; 103 feet 7 iiielies'in length : |lt»feet7ineliesaroiihdtlii' neck ; 2-1 feet ti inches (\round the shoulders; and the largest part of the H\'dy which appeared somewhat distended, to pet' 11 inches. The head wns long and flat, with fidgts: the bones of the lower jaw separate; Boots, Bhbos,Baiters, Busltinftft Slippors, adapted to the Summer Trade, which will-bo sold very low for-C.WA- tfii assortment if cinmpleto. and 'the il'.lienrelhviteiVt'x-nlliiinlc'i.iiiiinehiikti'ckiindpri-- !18 .It UIN HCLL,.'it. luaiv- -i-> 4 iss(>r J lJl1C)M.--Tlio CoL'attnershlp h«reto- „ \j fore cx-istiiigi ami earned 'bit by tlje.flrm.^of Particular attuutioif.piiid to grinding Bi.vei: rciiAiu,K« & JAMI«CHUUCHin thotbViiof Alexaiiclria,, SKA WiikAT. ; W Their work WAHHAMED togivcsutisfiictioii. ldotir. Meal, Buek'wlicat Flour, Feed, Shorts, Brorj, kept constantly- on hand tuT roiisonable prices. %3f N. 15. Tho highest cash prices paid for Grain. Superior Seed Spring Wheat for sale, l;u nvn us the Uinta or Ten WlWat. LEl'PEIt & PATTRIDGI!. , Watortown, Feb. 28,1S52. t S8v2 ._ -p- ,. L ofab, '• ^ Plim6»Mnkflr, at Uie Sign of the BIO PLANE, a few doom vvclit of the Union.Mills, Watoriowri, N.Y. , keeps constantly on hand, and will matinfaoturo to Order, a|l kind*pf Tools in liis lino of business, siiOb as Joiners', CabiHpt and Couoii MaEers' ToolB;. nlsb, Paiont Parallel Vicesi n snpenor article Bench-and ecs before .purehaslhtr elsoWUero. WaterlowniMii.v_15,,ls5L notice tho Stnto, will favor » call. All .Kinds--.pi xnrtung upneionjsuort Having as good, wownon a« CA^ be foui)d4n 1, ho fools erfufldenttliathe? eah plciwohll that' ir-him with aicall.- ,. „\ % — .. - -.-28V2 o, - - '--- -; - - -. --, .. - . \ . j ol «„i ' MJF\K a \lie iiiiiiiiiuit-iuii, uuu-wi- nuw imu uwui.u..... ..v he tonguo. and its tmd HKO the liondot ** \? l 3 T r 1 Bikn With white aud oolijroa eenitors.for snlo very olicap. KhetniTrnnn«flrlyto»poitititheendof winch 4DXM8 $ Go:^ \j ply of thoso Cheap Family Blhle«. ,. VPJ • 4 . 1 .; ri; &;w,-|pR^N; is^y mutuid consent, this ^|^^ |ltnl011; | Alexandria, Jtit. aO;Tg§3, MH& CHUHOH, Mi? ~— rancy DTMS Ball. ;.'- Jf-?; f ADU&'and Geiitleiuenii While. Kl|'* \\ LJ evei7 size. ] ^y^io.sak,Glov^^w,h|t|;Sg(.pji5 ; bet and Cotton 'Hosiery, 1 ArfiRtiioJ. lil^iriiisV^lii.inei, Ribbons, ^^to9ft$$$j^%&< Alllottow.mmt^«i^r?l-&.^fiWMtp g i3.j|ktlb Carriifij*,' Wj^»,-W^fJ^V«»kir*,. AV.ING pnr«»nA#Mi«;iintert>tji>f Noycs Tuttle,, ^-Kitilatei »ttnii'ji¥ilK l ol»tin|tB tlmhimfiwB;itir*H; it«acpr«iVSht»;itttfi#aiJ;Mrid^^^ Pt'ttoic-sdwar*j;.»iia bftFi(et!t>ryJ»{je«it> l^dc^rijcast' ofthb-Ceuwf;nouie«f*;''itji!*' A ,S '; : C'orr:/<^C5i-|l>i^|(lr:|Mj^}i!jg'fe inunufactillYd »adrop«ircd,to order »ad bo the short- est iiotice..,t»W'rr deeejdpttpn.'of gaW»rt ; l>jnt|n2 iindTrim*ingdraolatheriehest»lylc»ndto»uittho atste;6f-iiitfch»!»r»f -'*'•'>'\ -*i \•-=--..'\,\ 'LI*** •?'' Pif^roprtttorhavliig .been engajted jn thhi bt»l- nciSif Over 1*«BWT*V«'je«»j jaiia;uavin#:»mtol6yie4*s foreman in hi* iSiop 6» Factoiy Wreet Mt to %!», who for tlie U»t nv» )'«•\ b\ been euiploye<i an forof liecMitgiigHrf'flii^e**cu«onof Wi^^worWfcgrcatau niiibthllfir ex^rian**•^«J*ieaerf..iklll-'f»s!*ijii- : l*; ' The best of ir^*rt.l^> b» ni^ l a Mldln g and IRON. iTHinr., *c. , L n\ J0I1NSON -.teSONhaVe tho^^nViosUilUgrtak' ,,Ww^nd^ ? ht,andidlwbrk ,FobrU«ry,.l8SiS«*«^t«4§|jf| ,.,±-^ ,,£*<& rep«iHi^l-- ; . . Goods of burwureeoiitinip^tiitfevnn^ VoinMi Articles 1 niado to our, order by Amodeau iniWfiietttre^'alLof *hieh, will' t^^pfiltestto. tb6 VWirJdfderii'i #Sircm»itt>TYour obddioi taon'unts, *- \ UtrtlXMa WVnr-mnt>r/i/-Jeferton , JitaiajiAii Giuswou) - ,)y'- • -- -. • i T .-- .- • ;i..'.'-\.N.'^*«f.'-'^s\ >-•„ • •\•- -'-\'• M- NATOXlflEBR.BotOE.) •So MtkanielM.. Mo^WmariU., , X'oMepiitiK.OrW^^ Tin rf TTt'tM fj«li« ' A DKINS & CO:oWltorJ^tKayi^ty^Mitts' andCol\lD.ottea«W!^,»«rii«ca,-Kiqi|lM Silk TiSim<»i^MWW>Wil^ iiiH,Cliina',Si%,,,qjtc,.liu f jti>blb jtof ; jEydtflflgl^iWW* • liPlAMFO'TlilMA'tff* ttenroa tit the lojwcitiraltoit V\#?SW •-• ; i*: ' ttv*r-iP v MttiiilyT|8tcfi,l -WttttK^pVebrWrV'lSj-ct!!^.'!. v/i*M5t# ifes%i«fe.!«Mclivtovare-/all*r »y . •. fi-.Ts-SBiSl!

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