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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, January 08, 1852, Image 1

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W£j[j£5W^4\pJ<^$'% : i* f ', '' jSwUwa** wrr'lUp^l^^ons'titutioi.. : tell on flour and wheat haying been .reduced 35 WrapMtte^rJ;:*cij6u}i*S —\\ \ thf\ —~\ iSMH mmmmmmmesa-mm ^v,,'^.*:..,^ •ii5i?jjj^i^lw2*i^iij^^23 im »»li«Jl.i|-»l*M!»liai'>i'««l»i'i.|iiil>ltVli«8»» '»e4i- ._..,„..-,,,..- ..,„,.. l$n iffieiFSfifyor&ontton^d.in niylast ppiwlmbssngp, $eycf$i;%B» ?r4ol!efejva|d'.;th^ of the act passed July 10,1851, \for the.coin- ^pt^h,^ »»c^|rffl|tM|ei%6j l er|smgn,fe _._ itul l^|rMrJ^||^pti|;ol£ yrj juiiHltf i din^cuWcsswh^-iiOUid for; tfca « fW for . . BUM dstWU »orl - r3r ^- TiataUUfttsvcniri Hi, Malory hat tto<M tj|bjsp Urtio* of «• fffllipll polidedOuor)!] ?&^^;%e|li|!e4.:,' '^.:p^ifMon.of flic.proeeodsluis^ K#Q/rMvltM »nct>#i^6Xlnbitod:;tn#aVi|aatvann!Qa>^)w °» p^|S^^p^^n|II^r;M^f. J N#o: Can*l r iiBbarftjh'ivingjnr'sigiyeri ifg^la16«&»^ ion|r^»»wr)KC3«ieu^ Wtira$C8%J>niVviil^ ll'Sili i^f'\».2.K'iY#''Vi!Ai«sS.l\ t -\•-»« ill .\•'jr..:.- -_-• •.experiehc8 ; ,\mnny4i... .,., jill jtspniciighj ojie$itiprSfia!| J811I ineto bncf inpphiliftrto^ _* \\ i^6^»1BMiB^,^1SitfeS^Blf! ^B#^^«^^w^^^ & K>Moiit:8npinl < d'. * Qur charitable. Institutions continue to fulfil >o¥Ame«6«aulJJ : ett* fdon of the State the benefit, of i j the consequent advancement .WW 2-.'i-.!''*/..4''.£**£-.-»-.£''' :+.-'.wi'.^wi^i: :e>;awt.;tliL, ,,,..,. ,. fnv'blJKit yejt; fiiijofodil^^ubliu/bQ^tyVMhent;- 3trong;i?lHiiijsrtjr enepMt&enysnt,.. wd it'would ieiB.mjMitjiista.n^.,rorisp,iiable„tlia( tlicy should be iadinitW&toiaiivS^ in the patron* iige i of_tlifl#iter; TJ10 Unwcrsi'tyiOf Albany has i be'e»*'0rg«nMc4 I nnw if ihc^psign Of its.pntrpns.aiidprofessors t 8liallbe realized, it will u,ltjuiatc!y be made, equal .{v the busttJniversities-p'f'Brirope. .'• .-' ;i»MHcJ,ijn,!$j^^^^^ ; ^Qiir^,pasiinfnvorof<fr^1in^aniii.8titH%n'> > Qrtliv ii.dvartecincnt pi' j^c^)tut9l^encp\ai&d;o.t!knpwr )cdse i»i tlVo\ faeejianje VtS. The. views hi 4 1 \' 01 ' b1fflnB%teas;^ muhicfttfoh,rcrnnirtUBe|>9nged.,-My impressjipns, arcstjlj frtvpriiblo tdthepiftn,of coinbining in G bne %ollcgij;t>yadisl;inctdflpartme'n.ts for instruction In i|rjcut^irhfiinamcdw^ but.many, \ \yhog ?! opiiiio.ns/'are criwtjqd .{o weiglit, eonte|id ''tl)iit a \Sbpiirate clliibJialimcnt;' for .each ..branch\ VVpuiai)e™jbst^\advaiit(.igeou.s;to both. Before ^Qpting:a^.frn.al;acti | pjtiia th.e.subj.ect, the m'ert M,i>i the sev.eraf svsWins'* !of .oj-^nization^liat' I)u¥e'b9en prfl.iijofj'ua'i should be nijiturely cpnfjid- ftcfli': •J^'Mild? resjfctfotly recommend-thiit ji 'suiBefeftCpo^i^* 1 ^'fe proece'ds of iho next sale TpMaadj^r^fflK^'jtpfewpriatsd to tlio erection ; o|„ aMnstltutipn >v^icfi^niar-staodirs\- a lasting\ ,nioniprial of ow nfunificence, and contribute .to !tl|6 diffusjof of 1 the useful sciences and the cle- fwV»^i^^^\--^?^^'ftWH^H8 f j>v£tiir>h-'cMr't)io V^diiolng 1 classes, during all future lefliiviiilitihe^ Srtiits0oyid#^ ytf^'Kstibj^^^ Hirei<6^8ure|ad;op^'jrt|Si«4^ d|b\p6; ic^rflun1caWo>fe^iM-- i,! ' !i,; \ 3M: ' isI ~-^' !i \ !,,! -— r|;:n5iWei^ ; 10 geforkeejSintl ot^«-^h>}t^'^eWsM& ^ iofi'tKejaS^ycatnp^aFjtpffiKVW^H^^^ „^ s . .^-a^, : gSoiific'Cibrt'i^li^jitthlic.^Mtl^^e^ii'l^opt- ich%Sp^r|itioMtJf)*&; ^edjii* iioin)psfe;ft»s(b.csiifta: }Mdicjci!BS:?:tlw!k could ... ^:Mmrrntg4fe:;|fi\riafie»^^^^ Elitist- '\-• •i^vir.^i^.;t':ii;.-*':'i.-ijC.i^_ij:.2j:,# i.. it ».:^u A. $k -ytijy$iaetf£i\&Q~^^ntiwu&ftQm the,strife, i>{ ^jp&^*ic^^.it^^:^^«WjW'''-iti-:^|!«^4day (msn^|ip$b!^iit^t?pw^^e^ fayo^bies^n^c4en%^ ™ SiWp^fft'Wnj^i^iiand wit&each other in a spirit of generous einuU- jp,,Maiii>d;i.:filiod>vlrh i gr«titudo^ r j|*M!ap|^lill^j&.^|fc!^tamp ^taiurj|! information re«pe«ting ^C^;S^#.yKO^J*«fi»pnv|tc; |toth» (Htiiation of rtc fiaa^c m 6,389,693 33 m% R l t-S,?^^ ,-«« ofprincipal in Uw past year ^reported bv th« finaotUl depart- \ \\li^^r'.^-^frcrcatipij; (:^l»^Pi\a|t^ii0ii : -.^>f ; ^h»v ; v|*;ifcf r 'K.i'^'fev,;;4;.\ .'; '-- J ilyi^eSuiMi,;«^'cfprt:ibjr«':; ,„. iprcinrt^rpiMiei' i-TheiSb. in beta part'of the public g, and Uie'LegUlature after- i«ipWi»Eeh»rgealjlft uppiy^o !ut ,a« tie ainouut duo ^l^uid^^boiiMicerJ: ;ftsnfby^sC»)t!»llApl i«lod«uiiheorigin»l or subw reducing the; dentin Apparent arnount.-is the. beneficent purpose? for wliich.they were de signed^.\ \jriio particular condition of these cstab- liBhments will be presented in the annual reports of their officers.. We may contemplate with in- tense' satisfaction the': blessing^ that have been conferred oC 'the ^clflldreiv .of\adversity by th e luitnnnc spirit of ourpas.t legislation. Tltp State : liHs'giVpn^its pbwerfiil aid to every plan of prac- tical philanthropliy calculated to ameliorate the condition of the unfortunate. So far as human skill can supply the-faculties of which they have boon'deprived-by. tlicir Creator, the blind are nwdojft i soc,_|.lip deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak, TCiberal provision-has been made for the iufirnumd d_estitute4JJie parental guardianship :^urfcli|i! Oip ..cirdersitbKltop^ppafpt iff.,.. t their provoiifion iaThot now jfccerciss.d. \ A largi), proportion 6 h f those- oalamiti??, rnight liiiye been avoided by duo cnfein..tlio eojistrnctipp,. junnage- iiient and serviup of, the roads.a.ud thejr, moj;iii« oquipmojiit, bThc obligation of tlrclState'Goy'- urniheilttp BXtond itis protection to. tho lives of\ mil-r^ad passengers is\ mijipr»t've,4imd rests p,n* liigb'mdral grounds, • Jwould, tUorefore|invpl&. the Legislature tp enact such. JiiW8,-as JW !nay,,,.pin # niatucB'Cqpsidera.iijun,.seeui inpstprppcr and eliir oicnt for-presenting the-rcccurrciice of these la T mentable disasters. .•ThpLegi8Wu.r6,.at its last session, provided by law for'tho erection of a building'fdrtli'ebeU ter preservation of the State,. Library.: JThai- building is now under contract, and will be com- pleted with all the dispatch which may. be doomed consistent vflth the permanency and 'sceiiritjf of the-ed'ifiee,. iWarncd by tl'ie late aostructlbn of the Congfessio.hal Library of the nCecssity of adopting-every prociuttion against a similur ciijamr ity nV oun own case, I deem it prober to recom- mend to your special considoraation the isugges- tions' tp|bp_submitipd in thereport of tlip Triis. tecs, iii .relation to* the internal arrangement; of the building, witli a view to the greater .security 150iip'valuab{crcQUectionto-be—depositjSd-i'nit- The increase of corrupt praeticcs in our elec- t|(ms has become a subject of general aftd' just complaint. It is represented that in soinp ldcalU ties, the suffrages of considerable > numbprs' of votes have been^openly purchased witli'nibnv. r — We owe it to ourselves aitd to ppstority, and to tiie free institution which we have inherited, to crush this hateful cxil in its infancy, before, it attains sufficient growth to endanger our politi- cal system. Tlip. honest and independent exer- cise of the right'pf suffrage, is a vital principle in the theory of representative government. It is the only enduring foundationer \a 'republiCj-T- Not only should the law punish every violation of this principle as a crime against, the integrity of tiie State,- but any person concerned in giv- ing or receiving any pecuniary consideration for a vote, should; upon challenge, be deprived of the privilege of votingj I submit thesubjectto your consideration, in ^liejiopejhat__«dd|tional dpbrnpti for, tip ... ,. ,npeople,, |»f liberty thrpii*oii.t|lie gl|b.P, alio only sure w - -•«-. X*WBnti| Illness of tlnxA^M j will bo'ttt^wi tWfti| 'd'eracy, whole Jpn f *$t our politiciif condition, \vo*perceivo thafliic federal nutliority was created for purposes of a general and national character; fur. Jthe ,cojjser- r &m>m!:&*t* of,tho..Legislature- has been .extended to_thc rcpiedies may.bo prescribed and,,enforced, iutherless, tjie iijsanp, lind. even to the. idiotic— [ It is now'several years since suits were com- Ifiannpt too strongly commpnd the agencies by \\\' \' \ Itisiafetoaaaumo A inpBniw adi^tion of ;_e*MUtuUon,Wiilbe ; diiihargedby \^0^0^^ the jratialreycnii* J|und,Wthin »everitecn years. tof moiwyiiith^TreiWurybh tho . . iAer.beloriiriBg to all the funds, i:rS^ltl^d»y.WM»15,7iS3 87., Itis \ that tiie curreiit revenues of-the Gen- ^MnjthepreMntMatywirw jfacaMtl^JordWryexpet^ ']>W^^-'f«»»\''»pM^\\. r wi^^tibris, -jMi4^'^I^B^latuie». ? ^ii^imate latW* thrinoneya to be derired from lpi*Bal^»hichittobe h»ld'bef»rothp .^ftjrthfr aoibuntdui'thetreaaury <d tana minil on mutpa) inaurane'e li^?e«rUI« Wum-re^rvaUbns ftbm •flW.OOObugKttobereiliredintlie tor*«Mo{ U>«M Uiea have been lon^ to a final deeUion; In cohsid. ' ^kaOibiW'that will cbme. be; ^ot money in aid of public en^ ijii^li'fcike% ; MivSe^itoi*c:' v«!^l;tr^rfr^iaha v; ^)ip4it^ .. withm .Unreliable ;,roi«nu6\*fof. f#Sj|;T|p^n.d«k ? fatly;*u^ejit by correct view* of economy, „ ^^^jSisiMjf^s^^ >)tot9':ii*K^»^.^jiBoMbp:Sie! 1 vi regarded prt-all liapds as fo :;pur$iw^ 5i^^W^I?^^*«^\i^^^\-^i*«l*ii^«P^ i^^i^au^.'i^iylal^nB - ;fi)gb«6r)>.'liei ; iu8.'C'p^ inutuidcphfidcuce, and unite pur en'orU to guiird 'aii^p|oj^!|,t|b'publie;in^ o( ^M^ya^^i^jx^ii^w^ikt mi^t.arifeirpfl) time ;to^m.p'in.\iTte^prb*gic^^^ In :ih'i^,4s'|]i]jl|lib?)mah:iifiem ajl.outpubjic.corf .corn's.;;; especially .tlioso eij %, prncticai buamcsg character, partyjpiritslioiild 1M ^^^^j^l^n4mj^OJli?'i^'o^e^-,-.-: ••' .-^~ &^;i|$rp|u.S^^^ itBlepifSitutibn^ fthlii^e^^'tl\b;^u$o^Jifri r ,o^f^.iA.!.e|fe!B^ r^^ten'i^r-6f-^tii!B^ iii antieipa- ;ti6C;p*f'ffiefryeceip^wlfcput4nY obligation or § \'\'i^fcw^i8^ttji.:!itii3S.5girk i ''jbTi'die- '(StntSrfoc^fi.^^.'jfer crnptipn of thoccrtificrtcsfromniiy otUerfuhd. ''I.t:w^eyiaerit 'ftpm- th^' ;first i)iai tho auccpas bf the plan must depend upon the degreo of conii- i4bncfl .entbrjfaihpd;by ! tliepubliciiitiio'futu'rcsuf- ^i^lMy t 'ot'^-.eana(.i^'v$'nu.^.,''. ... . . ' .. VThfesteady;ira)riBasp pi ilie^VVostprnfrade, as Sxliibftea^by^ipibturw to disipato,>jrapprehcn»ion» concerning tho fu- ture productivchoss -of the source frpra *hiph Iho certificates nf<j to be redbemed. li has.locpii showntliatthoannual contributions to Die Sinlc- jhg Fund (being #1,650,000 until 1855, and af- :tcrvvarda #3,050,000 per annum) will discharge tiie bntire State debt in about BevontcoiV year*. VVIion that result shall llavo been reJiched, inas- 'iiwch^^6V.iiew'36bV^'ii;b^ : chargbd upon v tho Bur'pluB canal revenues, tlioy will bp released and ^eijn)S : 'iJfclttsively'applicable, byjexjpro^cpn- stitutioiwl Toquirernout, to ^ay the cprtificatcs'i* isu'ecl ^)ToV^p^rtplAtliij^-€h^'<^iinl^^aBilciM' the 'sur-, !pltlB»>iaU'l»vfe'pr<>ySd; aufBcitet io hiive cstiq-' guiahcdtliem at Kn earlier day.' w ~ .It past; reaulta furnish a safe indication of the future .business of tho canal, it can hardly be doubted thnt the annual aorplui' will discharge the certifieatea in a shorter period than i» required for the payment of the present debt; but if this anticipation should be disappointed, they will be japidly extinguished after the existingBtock: shall haydVlkett.pajdi , , The extent of the annual surplus must depend S^tBe^mde1nTre^lamrai^eX;iml^1li« That important reapo^naibilityjias been devolved up3Driithr0«n»lrBcw,v»Ubjpctto Uib.cbn^olbf theljegilflaturc.: ^ «•'\>»•« thfelr duty bjFdili' 11 tli section of the act of tiie iast session to ad. juitijiew^al'jn aUoh^;m ment will prcJuco the grMtest amount of trade and revenue,'': Tlib_whbie, comniuttity' are con- corned in mi wi»c* and faithful performarice' of mi s.pbligitibri; It itiofsvitil importance to ;thf;righ&bf:pnWfe:ci^ offlafgp^^ptibf-otifcurrency. Wfiiltegood fi^tlnuicVtfl liianj' ppiyaiiing intbreBtaicohcnr in d/omaiiding *&bihty^,there can bohOnKbod causb fo^PWenainjpJl^ repircaentafiyes of the ipedplp: will tynture lipoa ra«h or doubtful ek- pcrinicntB* ReducUoni^^r^ M&% reaultfid ^nrwf^reMe of trado and reve- nue; and; tiie aamo, ^policy; inayabubtl^e, be exteitdcd: \jath.iadvahUgp to : some additional b.ranclics;eft^niiage,8uchas cotton, tobiicco,&e., front tho States in tiie Southwest.' 'But coii- i.wliicli.'thbse generous aims aro accomplished to yo.nr'fos'tcrin'giMre^Mid.attentioii. • We.omit, ilmt portion of the Message refer- inenced by the Attorney' general, Under thedU rcction of tiie 'Legislature, to test the .validity of the title to Certain manpriaM*nd9-^9e^piea- T liy- tcnants holding.perpetual lejises. * li is of great iniportance that these suits shpu'ldbc brQiiglitto a final decision as early as practicable. It is due to the riglits of both parties.. While the.ques- tion is suspended in \„tlie Courts,, kptii landlord and tenant are in a state of uncertainty; iho im- an abridgement of the rcpo7t'7f \thoVoicers'of J Pavement of the country is retarded; voluntary- -, .*.,..\ , ',.',' .,, I arrangements for a: change of the tenure are nr- those inatitUtions^nd which will appear more at I rustc J. an dthp\p;iblic mind is kept in a state.of '.riiigto the Lunatic Asylum, The N. Y.. Institu- tion to* the \Blind tW:Asylum for Idiots, f li ttouse<of Refngbi the b^nditipn of tho Auburn Sing Sing, and Clinton Prisons, being generally length in the published reports themselves. An extraordinary number of capital offences, and n.considerable increase in other crimes, have made thpriast a memorable year in the judicial annals of tlio* Stated. This melancholy fact must ;bo:attributed in a la^gg degree to*the jjrpvalencc 'Of |nfeiiij)irahce in blir -cities' and. larger towns —agro'wjng..evil which has become tho most proline sourcei of ^Vreteucdness, pauperism » d crime. . ., . .. . 'Daring tlip year, seventeen person's wcre'fo H'l guilty ot nnirder^irid three of arson in the fuat» degree j andseveral more are\in prison «waiting trial. Qf tho. number thus convicted, six-have been executed; the sentence of five have been commuted to imprisonment, for life, and nine await tho timo fixed or t o bo fixed for their cxe- agitiition most unfavorable to tiie peace_ of socie- ty syjd the regular adpiinistration orjustico.— Measures should be adopted to compel an early anddefinitive adjudicationin tiie Court of last resort. Complaints cpntiniw to be made of delays in. the administration of justice irf the \city'of ITew ; Vork» Spine of thp Courts are overwhelmed with an. accumulation <>f caspSyjiativlUistanding. tho- arduous and efficient, efforts pf the Judges. It is bolieydd thatiin increase of business in the com- mercial emporium will ultimately require an ad- ditional number pf.Justices. The pressure upon sorao.of the courts may bo attributpcT in part, to the chancery duties imposed upon the common law tribunals, The law should bo. so amended as tp rpUevcthe Judge from tlio labor of taking, miitiorn—The duty, pf the Executive in rolation-1 testimony Jn-cquitylpjgceeding; arid I woitM ily res- rpCommend that nuthority be to.crimes punishable with death is higli . ponBibleand painful. Inmost cases strong ap- peals are tnado by the friends and relatives of the convict for an exercise of the pardonihg power-; iOthis\. effort. should prove luisuceessfiil, the Courts are applied to fer relief, frequently upon points having littio'Connectipn with the guilt or mndcouee of the accused, but involving merely Sbme question of forrruind. regularity in the pro, ccedings. In prosecutions wlioro humnn life is at stake, tlip greatest care should be, observed, to see not only that the coiiVictToh is intrinsical- ly just,'but in accordance with 'established prin given to th,b courts to refer such .eases, whenever, intlieir discretion, they shall'dc'em the examination bf witnesses before, a reforPe coihpatible with tlio .rights of parties. ' , \ The statue in relation, to thp proof* of wills and'tliojidministratipn bf estates, needs such amondurenfeas.will pxpedltp iho discharge of debts against the estate of tho deceased, incases where tho administration is suspended by, a con- tost in r.espcctto tho probate of an alleged will; ' a litigation which often pjiiupics many years be- ... fere its final determinntiiHi, and subjects credit-1 gradual. ya.tipq.of cpnimmi.flg)!ts.flp.d^he^rpMgbiY.oj, lntpfests hi- which, nil the SUites;uidw.cvcfaiver-' sifijsd their internal condition, have a joint and en«|ilaConc(3ra.| 'The Cqnstitutiou having wisely ibiVtlfo StJitesffrec. to regulltejiioir dpinestic af- laii'3,aho,nls4ii.uikrity...iii^.U,ieirJflft^ furjiishcsjio just,groiind, (pr ,ii!Utual cpuiplajiits aiid rispronches.'' These differbiices ot 'social and mnnicipnl organizations existed aihtfiilftlwAnier- Icaii colonies;-they wjjro produced by causes oy.pr w[iich thp fpiindprs of Jlip Coiistitiitio!! lia\d no.control, and for Xvfiich wo, fhpir deiceudijijis, cannot bo deemed responsible, They -were not sufficient to pro vent \WASI!ISGTON and'his bbm'.. peers from blendihg'.diverse intcresta % mutual concession's, and.'rearjiig. the. nobles^ pdiliee .Of fi;cp goverunipnt .wjiieh the world ljii8's.ee;ii. ( i ; ' Why lliclj should they bb permitted tp emblt, tor bw'CDuivciis-, aiid weaken \the;' pobtleaTties which cphstitute us one'peoplP 1 In thb'^onauct of our Natjomil epneerns, why should, the.-pr« gre§? of- thg coiintry be r.etarde4 andjitsbpstiU' Teresta fofgotten i.ii vain dispute^uppn questions' \ivhich each State must decide for itself, and over Which wo have no rightful control •? - ' ' Ip my'reflections upon this subject, I have not 'permitted myself tp doubt that the spirit p,f dis^ union which hu coiiccssions v can appease, l6\d the- fanaticism which gees evil continually aiid:iuj;u4 riates in factious strife, will exhaust.themselves in the madness of their manifestations, without seriously endangering tljo stability of our Nation- al'institutions. I adhere to tho conviction ex- pressed in my hist annual communica{ibn, thiit the great body of the people, as well in pur own State as in every portion of our widely extendpd confederacy, continue to cherish an iirdcnlTat- tachment to the Uijion; that tliey desire to see the Constitution administered- iii a spirit of mode- ration and equal justice towards the rights s of all sections; arid that they will \ indignantly frown upon every attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest, or to enfeeble the- sacred ties which now link together tho various \parish ' - • • :.- \• \ The position andWUmtitedestfriv of the Afr'i can race oii this continent, is a supjeet eminent, ly worthy to engage the attention bif the humane ^ind-bencTOlent. The: highest iiiptiifcs of patribU ism and:rcligi\On prompt us iocVaperatoinhllra-, tional myasures'inteijdc'd to improve their' unfor- tunate condition.'' But it is of the first impor- tance in considering a question of this magnitude, surrounded by so liiaiiy embarrassments, that we shbUld discard the passions i\iid prejudices which, aro too ready to usurp the place of common sense; that-the spirit bf faction should yield to the higher sentiments bf a pure and generbus-phi- lanthrophy: and that in tliis, asin the ordinary coifr cerns of lif|i, we seek forn plan having soirieprac tical connection withthebbject of ourefforts. We. arelEo. inquire, not merely wJiatmay bpdesirable, but,in view Of the rcnlitiesjirouiid lis\ liowmupli' is attainable and what coursb* of action will; produce the ftvostrberrofleiitl results*? \\The nbgre race was brought to this continent almostas car W as the wliitc. aiid continued to bo imported for^ nearly two hundred years. It k one of'tho moat, revolting fejituresjn tiie world's history, that dn-l ring this entire period the mok of t|io civilized! nations participated fn the'slave trade. All of] the thirteen colonies tolerated slavery? in their, borders. ' - ' , The people of this State havo furnished; con- uiusive proofs of their aversion to slavery\and of thefrabuling conviction that it is a morjiLand-po-, litical cviTTby abolishing it at home, and by their uniform opposition to its extension over free ter- ritory acquired'by the arms and treasure of the nation. In \the Ssuthcrn States of tho Union where the slaves form so large a part( of the population, we cannot expect that tho institution will disappear in a day or a generation. It has become too deeply rooted and top closely interwoven with so- cial and pecuniary interests to yield to sudden or violent measures of reform. Tho progress of amelioration must, in the nature of things, bo It must be loft to thovoluntary action lull cot si the si s(iiqvres»w||lpiiMovura^ liujuli and fcokwsibBp t f ^- sett!] pate thiuf'defesfSblo traffip s that this great work of humanity may chiim the lonble -ijierit of redeeming another continent - ^ JWtMaH* SPrtdi, no propnetic victim to pulationof whomamn- ry.? By tlieef- 'P trade has been milosof coast, iCiits will extii- iius wo \perceive Ir^ltefK oppressed al'te.rii;ciUiJrips»pf^bpudag6. A cause ,so boqpljjjla!,, identified with, the Jast- iiig\welfare bf 'twb'pf the'gr^ij !<1 r,ac.eB of mankind, rises high tibovo the party <|outes.ts pf the .any, and appliils With Resistless fprce to tlip justiceand I'lumamty pr^hp' vvhble Anjcr'ie:ii) pi/opjei I hope to'see ft austiunijdi by. ,^IMJ l.ibb.ral action. p,f the i;fitibri(il' goy'qrnraeut, seeppded iy, eoiitribu t tipns from tho'scy'eVid Btatqs'- The omployment' bf goverinn'ent stqaihera to t.ruhspo'rt colprcd-emi- Arapts fVbin thi^piintry', \vbiild s4°n obyii\te' t|ie n^p'eWs^ for a navjfsqimdron on the coasj. pf AfripiCwhieli. is' riow m iintiuifed tliere by tho_U^j- 'ted States uf great expense'and wasto of life, for , . , . B , w the •obbr^*jj l ^fJ B ^^ .bo wo**«ton* usi-and. men oftheartwd-raig^ ^jee&Tafo^aim| pTtlfo C.o^oni/.atipn Soci- aro wanted.' to,tnke hold,and/move h\ %&; oty that lis orSSfltibhs iire ,r gmilu*al, and'that the \-We hope to see' in 'fttiehdance at' tuo'nieeil consummation ofitepurposes will rpquire-n long tll e oldvptermisirt tKccausa who m't^t% series of vears. But we should reflect that it is liitsj .. . , , .. wt «PI*eej)f possible to remove atfovil of stielrhiagnitudo byVv^* w«w counsel; also the^ourtg.raen^.^ any human means within the period allotted to a vigor ot whose-arms the great work M'to^. single, generation. It is hot to be denied that tho complislicd.'' Let every • part of the : grea'i''tik :! €! aWI^NmA^EWl^tort' . ,4 Af*.p';o»s#jf.j|5»it'o»v • . In prder.to lay before bW'ireod^rs^a^\ ornor'sMessagenve hiiveto oaita large ambft » ,of oilier ihat.ter', '._ ;> lh , •-,,'•'-'' *' Wo would' call the attention of nii»'*i\''«' , vm.flWMwawWJw^^fl^etekw^ftA'4^V..i*if l iKJfilDll*t aiicc friends tp,t|ie notice of the annual-Mew ' of t'hb County : TemperancisWciy;HV\o^-t'If on Friday .the. 16th ins,t;„ntthe jFirst '^IBBIWS. an Session Iloi^se. We., are deeply inipS with thelnipprtanSe. !bf a s l»rge^nd ; buffiji^ :. attendanao at this 4 meeting..' There\: •ui-a^t efforts of the association have secured the libera-, tiori of several thousand- slaves, a result more practical and beneficial' than has been produced by any other organization. ' Until Some portion of this continent or the West India Islands shall ho sot apart forthc exclusive habitation of \the colored race, African colonization must \be re-\ garded as tho only effective auxiliary of volunta- ry . emancipation' _ A growing desire to bmigrate is manifestcd.by the black population, and iniinyJiiasters iinvodc- clarcdtheir readiness to free their slaves when means can be 1 found for their removal. Some of the States have made considerable appropriations to promote the object, nnd an increasing interest has bjeen evinced by others, New York ought not to be behind her neighbors in the performance of a duty so important toJier own welfare, nnd ao beneficial to'a largo portion of the human fami- ly/now held in melftncholy debasement. . It is a work in which christians and patriots of all pnfties'arid'in'iili'' sections can unite their ef- forts, without involvingthe country in political or geographical disscntioiis. I siibminhe whole subject to your-enlightened consideration, iii the firm belief thatupou a full examination of its meritsyoij^viHdeem itiiiaccordancpwith^ustic' and .policy, and t an 'enlightened public sentiment, 1 ' to nmnifcsjt your approval of the cause by a liberal appropriation for tho furtherance of its benevolent design. Having fully determined to rotire from office at the close of my term, I trust I may bo permit- ted to avail myself of tho present opportunity to renew to my follow cituens an expression, of my profound gratitude for the honors conferred upon me by thoir confidence, assuring them of my continual aspirations forthTradvaTtcehverrtrof my native State in virtue, prosperity and happi- peraneb army be. fully reprpjjented,' Ttaiotj \00111100111018 the. well disciplined and>ff„ ' ^Xe^.regular«,^'..the .new reerHita'of'sVeryjrl ganization are wanted in attendance at'thf'jjjj,\ al ineeting *>f thelspciety. t May weliip^eip^t, such a meeting as Will give character.to;oJ*S5.- ceediugs,a new impulse to the cauae and prove offi-'ctive in its cousumation,' - - ••»,• - - - HAKPE-R'S MAOAZINE.'—Harper'slVb^lJojij. ly enters upon the new year with. Xe.n^jsdienefi gy, and re-invigorated health, winch giveiijfo^ ise of long life and n successful Career: !-THeir : persoverance nnd energy bf the pSblljifoii -evineed by the exjonsivoness of itstiluiu^^ is evidejiceiCmtcliisive of the gratificationof that' desire to \ bear the-banner,\ in the peiiiijlaf. enterprise: The historical contribUUonji?o'f^. Messrs. Abbott, are lilep all the works' pjf\ifboae' gentlemen profoundly interesting, spannimra they all do, interesting: and important evwliio the world's history. Franklin's atbry bf;hji'oift', t life, so beautifully illustrated, assuni'eg'a'jj^jjJL tion that dein:mds the attention of there«4H,_ Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt, andthedMtme- tion of his fleet by the English under Lord Ntl. son, through the trepidity'of Hie\'nnfcrttjiit. Admiral Brueys, is not without inierjesfc';^- .'{l.- For sale-at-L. A^PiK^Gj^s.-^., «x ' . . - - :M>;W< The qanse liiJSt. TAwrettce, ''' cipies of law. • . , ors to serious cmbarrassmoiit_aiidinjusJico. I of tho people more immediately concerned, expo- _ My rellcotioits on the subject havo produced a, In iny last annual commuriication, I deemed it rfence hnving shown that we have more to hone belief that the ends of justice would bo promo- my duty to recommend suitable legislation fori ftomtheirown inherontsenseof juatiuoand policy tod by submitting every capital conviction to a encouraging tho settlement of tho uhsold lands than from any interference which may be pro- rbyiewby tiie Judges of the Supremo Court, be- of the State; for a revision and condensation of • posed by misdirected philanthrophy, operating at foro fixing* a day for the execution of the sen-1 our statutes; fprdofining thopowor of oitios to jagreat distance frdm its object. . ;rho anomalous tence. • It ahouTdhe the duty of the presiding, contract [dobls;, and for the punishmbntof em- ( position of the free colored population.undoubt- Judge of the Oybr and Terminer, in which the -bezzlement by public officers as. a crime. Re- edly forms one of the most serious obstacles to trial is hold, to report the evidence and all the ferringto the views then expressed, I would I the gradual liberation of the slaves. Wo cannot proeeedingsHo the Sjiprelne Court of tho Dist- jripti and that tribunal should bo required at its tnextannuatterin.-to examine the-oase-and-decido Hasing-now-adverJ upon tho legality of this conviction. If they con' firm the sentence, they should' fix n day for its again invito your attcntion»to these several to- j close our eyes to the fact, that although the free pies, WASHINGTON HUNT, ALBANY, January 6,1862. The extent to which' gaming is carried at Horn burg, tho german bathing place, may be under stood from tho fact that the cards used last sea son cost 6,000 florins, nnd the removal from the town of persons who had lost cvory thing by. play, cosUB&QMorjns. : Historical Notices of the Printing Art. The first paper mill in America was erected in Boston, 1730, the legislature of Massachusetts granting aid. Thefirst typo-foundry was estab- lished nt Germantown,. Pjinnsytvania, several years before the revolution, from whichtho Bible and other works were printed in the Gorman language. As Into as 1810 there were but three type foundaries in the United States. _ The first printing press in the colonies,- and for twe'nty years the only one in North America, between the Gulf of Mexico and tho. frozen ocean, was established at Cambridge, in 1638. It was,noarly a century later,(H27) before the Virginia colo- mats»permlttod a press to bo set Up. .llev. Jesse Glover procured the press used nt Cambridge by contributions offriunds of learning and re- ligion in Amsterdam and iit England, but 'died on his passage to tho New World. Stephen Day was tho first printer, and as such, received a \rant of 300 acres of laud. Tho third book . people of color enjoy a certain degree of liberty, i^tlujy-jire^onnnonlyJijmtcd^tli-in-'the^rceflnd questions of domestic policy which will engage' slave States, as an inferior race, and deprived of your doliberations^ean^hardly bo deemed huj the social.and political rights without which free- Mu^!»t0^ ^jnffOitlrt; jfitidlacriminatibn, independent of all _ ..... 4p^lMie\¥'0ft.>'|^»fe«^'m6.!l^uM6n'r ,.afcy#:a^^tn6fit^ scr- w p>^«i islature, intend. „JtMiaiii.'h>i^l^^Wige' 8lft.Ui»'k.»A^iV. 1 »-ia»w.'Ji-^jg S jjjgj|& i*|pl«^HprMia^t;p' \fe^te^u^r^mfteiid 1 MKaf[eMnjent|popte^-;by ..jyMfep^ihe^esf i aonie'ftrther mo^ificatiori for * a^urirtg a mbrb t^uilable d ^tahtcarpandanciilightciied discrimination will to' f rbgujreij..tp.^pid |ll Tbductlons W|iich are calbulatpii. tb:effect tiie revenue unfavorably,- un- tuithc obliffation* resting upon tho canal incomes slmlfhaypTbcen katisfiei It shouid-beconstant. ;ly bbrno in niind that inasmuch:as tiip revenues '.lijtito t)8oh \plod|c;d: for tlib'spccifio payniont of. iJdaebtiMd'tlioj^fetBptibh bif tlni ceriific^t^, 1**b j*b .lnn^Fpssrcjsll^Ui^ hibi-jil or constitution. 'jfl %ht1tbinak4 T chahges wiiiph shall impair their jsuffiijehcy! 'fpr the>o purposes, •', ' : ^Ehefunds j3pSbted:tb;8cl!bbi.purposes are bo' libVedtobblna^safe^^^andhealthycpudiVlon. On pkiwutidn and report iheir decision to tho Exec- appropriate briefly W consider the relations of' dom is but an empty name. .Even in our oWn utlre. Sudi a ; review, as is now suggested,' the State to tho Federal Union, in connection | state they are excluded from the most essential would ataur'e to~ every convict, however friend- wifh those subjects of national legislation which j privileges of citizenship. -Debarredfrom all par- less, tiie Substantial benefits\ ofnn appeal in tnost intimately affect bur prosperity. Although ticipation in public employments, rejected from which hii rights yroUld receive deliberate qnd im- your legislative powers aro limited to the inter-, most jpf the institutions of learning ahd religion, pariial cbhlnderation : It Would relievo the par- nal concerns of tho State, and^its welfare depends governed by laws which thev have no share In doning-ppwer from im oppressive portion of Jts peculiarly upon tlio wise exereiso of those powers, framing, having been denied the right of suffrage responsibility; and J cannot doubt that in maityJ wo cannot forget that some of pur most cherish- by a vast popular majority, shut out from social cases which give ..riso to. differences of opinion ped interests are involved in the action of thp gen- ( intercourse, and condemned to a life of servility 1U the community, a judicial proceeding of the \ eral government. The exeliiaive authority to andi drndgery, their condition amongst us is de- cliarapter proposed would strpfigthen public con- levy duties upon imports and to regulate com- plorable in the extreme. Any great improvement fid«mca in tho justice of the sontchco, and induce, merce has been delegated io Congress. . Unfor- of their condition under circumstances so ealcu. more general acquiescence in the propriety of its tunately for the country, these important func-' latcd to crush the spirit of manhood, acems mor- execuuonv -• . » . . • (Qons have not been exercised with, that' onhght-, ally impossible. :-It aflbrdamomuchBatisfnotibn to rofcr to the oned regard for the welfare of our citizens which ; »,!,„,»,»„.,. . , ,. . . . ., , ... •gool management and excellent condition of the, they have a right to demand from a government ..'\W effect of the inferiority to which Albany Ponitontiary,: in which thp convicU for, deriving its existence and support from the pco- Z^,,h^lTi i ,s « ee . n ,. m . th e fact . that whllo minor bfienoos in this and several adjacent coun- pie. f ho protection of our industry in those e JJf/ <> lh ™ « Iass ^a rapidly increased, the CTI- Uesartilmprisoned,' A personal examination of branches of production which are least able to' ^ a E°P n „ t J« n • »i'«L-- \\s a «'' ndled - from the cstablishtBent enables me tospejjk of its ad- withstand foreign competition, and the improve-1 ou >\-; in 1840 to 47,937 in 185B. A result so fittrbTtltPSO sever- die^nptiOTta-'iist #frads wss:hs^fJUbW's':-— CbirilrnotfScJfdbJiF'uria,\ ( §2 ( 32o,449 72 ^niM^Stitc^PeBOBitFund,. \ 4,013,520 71 *MtofatUro;Pund,\ / ,. . \ 27^,980 12 -Mafe'iiitf /inJggragA^bf $j5,eia,8,Mto5 invested ihp1r^uetive'sebUi;ities'fbr the advkneomentof ;eMMHftni2c T i-j-; > , '..'.;-,,,(\' X . • ; s .Thp.^iuiiibbr of children .'tntight;,during tho fy&it wnkfj-iefipi ••} the wU6le*rio,uni exfeended |#tfeaeJierV l Wige8, iricluding books for school -lib'ritrfesiwns'lll,432,6§iS. TJttdcr iho present law i^Sttte^mgliM^iaOiOOO pf tlioamoutlt pqmrcdjnntwlly 'fbitlie 8'u|ppri of tlib district ^hb6l9ivi« i, $|O0,dO,d\ from, iho incoino of ihe l^hedl^und, fend IjSbQ.tlulJliequlredtbboraiscd ^•f'r^yr'Sjate ,fixi. \iris ^ti'inafcd'tlikttho *ni*Xhus^fi|rni8jliea;'frbm the treasury will bo ^^^tV'tnino.s^TB^j^'iiittlto ihb|icliPbis free f6r;f x tobntBrlh.'cacfi ycar}\lbavihg.ijt lor eaeli ^If'CE'R^ 1 ^'^\! 8 HJm ,bi»*.'fpr such'additohul: ,pbl«6d as tlib sehpol may & 'tanghtf.- *;^*V>y'''\' t • . - ;. ' •••--•- ;;:jr|||^^|iy'ilic'jiMit Legislature was l«Wjbd W:^bm|rpto&p.<)f cohSictingopihioM, Mf#Mtt^l«yk % received jyijh ,gpn«r«l M^;^,Js|,«Ji^.m^.pyi,. I(r haa put an cad to |n«<!bnttP.Viej®elpTbai^sd bythe.nifequeidpcra- . t out laws, should be reach. wM\ ^ple/of uniformity, except irt^xeniptioXratax. 1 frorithe canal revere. I^W81over tho m-elpU 2 SI applied ^*l\S-<.'v , .i ,;i,w \ 1 V \' cu n?*»erinK,:any i.urtner ^^.VfJia'Stty^jperiin^nfe 1 ^ rep-' ICpOPMiiw, repro- but ,... ,$ast,.As.. ndallaCbm- eta common i^C^M^^^'y 4*^^ win aauot. mMm&-•*$& elnlighieneil'zeal in ttbcMflsebf #lpr^^i^:oipe!Un.tM PV.U Fund r. inch a. to juitify a mod^ f ' A Brother .-writing us from Maiirid.^'.L»». Tence~€o^-foHho-general purpose ofTreitltUng\ - money for subscriptions taken, concludet hu letter as follows: ,. \ The common cause in which we.,aM WbGjy. ing is prospering in our midst We are Sistrt.' mined to make ourselves heard in the Lepg!«. turo this winter, and if we, fail of accomplitti^ our object by means of petitions, Ave shall earij our full strength to the ballot-box next-fall^JL law similar,, to tho Maine Law w'e must and will have in the Stnte of Now York. ; '\ Yours &c. E. P. H* This is the right spirit, and wo believe iipret- ty generally prevails among *11 well inform«i tcmperiinco mon. Let us work with petition this year, but if without avail, let us'btuVjtt.. bear the protest influoncc of the ballot-box. '.\ NEwsPArEus IN CALIEORKIA—At the present. time, there are twunty-ono newspapers pubMed in California, of which six are dailies, two tri- weeklies, three semi-weeklies, and tenweekliei; soven are published in San Francisco, fpur^dai lies and throo wcoklies; two nt Sacramento boll dailies; two at Marysville, tri-weekIy;twoat Stockton,' semi-weekly; onoat Colom», week- ly ; ono at Benecia, weekly; one at Sin Jose? weekly; ono atMokclumno Hill, weekly;«M at Sim Angelosj weekly; undone at.SanlNip, weekly^ making a- weekly isstte«o^'l-te'^dpf two of tho dailies being published on Sanity. Stnte Normal School-As»oclntio» of Gnrt- imteB—Grcat Call for First Cl»»sTe«d*n —Good Salaries. ministaation, and especially of the approvement nient of navigation on our lakes-and rivers, both r e ma ™ablc n? 4 \'-\^ exc'tcs apprehensions that in diaciplino and economy, in tonus of'sincere objects as the most vital importance to the ' tno £ ,riw > n ' I'™ the Indian race, cannot permn- approbation. public prosperity, have failed to receive the friend- ™™£ ' °- exi8t on . l \ e Ba,ne B <>il with the whites, It appears from the information furnished by • ly attention of tho federal government for some »\/{thntasoparationia^ec^essary to prevent their ka .„,„,, nn H „,.„,. _,..., <lF , vri , inn . mn ,. r . ™ D , . „ ,.. ,. . the Commissioners of Emigration that nearlv yearspa.st. ultimate extinction. However ujmist tho per- be prmted on a whole sheet ot writing paper, The Reformer, every true reformer.MM 300,000 emigranM Were'landed \attnt P% , * Unler the ruinous opomUon of the revenues' aira^S 11 ^ t '*P uWie . f S0 \ ti - tTrs'mUt £S \ ' °\ ^ ° f ^ uUt edu - tiori - \ i s «»»fc* New York during, the Iastycfc The most grat-! system of 18-16, some of our most valuable manu-, ^tHflSlrH appe«r, ita ex- t ^'^^X\'v ofnewspaperenterprizc tIia t n &» words concerning the OnVRcvl published,jWa»,\The Psalms in Metro.\ In 1661, the New Teatament and-Baxter's Call, trans- lateTby/Erofinto\ the\ Tiidian Tangiiage, were printed at a cost of some J83.300. The title reads thus :—rr-\Wusku Wuttesthmentum Yul Lordumun Jesus Christ NuppoquhWussuaenen- iliun.\ The whole Bible was printed in 3603.— The nationspoaking.tho language is now t<x-\ tinct. ' I . The first newspaper printed in the North A- merica ncolonies was called \ Tho Boston News Letter,\;and was issued iq 1764, by John Camp- bell, a Scotchman, who was postmaster and a bookseller in Boston. Sometimes it had one advertisement and often n»ne. After fourteen years when 300 copies were sold, the publisher announced that his weekly half-sheet being in- sufficient to keep up with the foreign news, he should issue an extra sheet each fortnight.-which expediont he announces, aftor a year, hasjjnabled' adjourn>d session of the Grand Division »CA1- the News-Letter,' 1 to retrieve eight months of ba It i s , 0 bo , ^ t g , % ^ the thirteen.that it was behind in the news from i ,-.•., ,, , , •• Europe; so that those who would hold on till e 7 \\\nctshonld be represented. the next January, (five months,) might expect to | — • • a^ . • -• have all the arrearages of intelligance from the ' f° r the Now York Kcformef. old world \ needful for to be known in these parts.\ After sixteonycare, the publisher gives notico that copies of tho \ News-Letter\ would be printed on a whole sheet of writing paper, one-half of which wouldbeblank7on which let- ters might be written,\ &c. Such was the infancy of nowspaperenterprize OLTI ALIIANY ConRESronDENT.—1V« woili call the attention of teachers and all others, tlut feel an interest in the great cause of populw «i ucation, to the letter of our correspondent Albany, in nnother column. Wo might say ja connection thnt we have made arrangement for a continued weekly correspondence from Alfiuj during the session of the Legislature. SESSION OF THE GRAND DIVISION ATAtiAjf. The 27th and 28th days of tile present monti have been fixed upon as the time for hokjif M =M S* de^itutes^rs^mare c^ j ^^££T^%Z?Z^ ' S!^!^^^^ \\\STI $3Z? of^^op^^E otfZ j tU \ ° f ° Ur , ^ f ^ ^^ Tiijramonffst lis n snnh nTti-nnSlin,.^ nnmU. .. ^„. 1...1. „• „f *..J ,!..„. JI J... . Sr 9\ x c omn S w™ their bordors. The pebplc its cUition ot l-0,uuu tojnes roiling on iroui not j, e .. . R(1itn „. ni ,„. ! not be unwelcome either to its Editors ori!»»«' mgampngsUisin such cxtmordinary .numbers, jei-normous balance' of trade against the country. - of ,„,,„- -^VZ>l&™rtitoa££& • «.o press, or step into the office of ~one of the the nron™,! M«6tM ' ' ' xtraordiharv majorihv-IH8TV4^«»ies,\ with a four cylin-lcr press^iung jts • ma ™\* readers, forjl.e professed desuM^ - \•• • -- -- '8,000 or 10;000 sheets an hour, what would be : institution,is to aid m the noble-worlfOOjIW his emotions ? How would our mercantile conir | to all tho children of the State a gb6|t5SH» miinity, who can hardly wait for (he lightning . S( ., lool education,—an education that wille* that thcv may ffet the lews, like the promise „ . . ,,' . , : ....i.,. of instalmentof Kuropean intelligence thirteen ' H '™ 1 to nct wc \ «»\ P=\'' «« Ahieri«n» months old ? Should wo not bo grateful to God \he institution is maintained at aijTiWW «•- through their friendly agency: many t were forwarded to the interior at the e.> the emigrant fund: and effectual measures wore , edly exists in favor for tho elevation of the equality and full citizen- thousands I subjects of such paramount importance to its j JSJ\ n.^^SSJ^T 0 fn*™ T\' 1 expense of; welfare: and the public opinion, which imdoubt- ! If/taStlTE^ ' h - VS )° ,\ >» of a'liboral nationalI policy,. I !».«?? ^ \i h L h lTl l ^ J 1°™^ Poltey I of nature employed to protect the wholo body of umi- t rants from those\ nefarious frauds which have pen practiced for years with comparative impu ptyi By tho. establishment of the.present sys-, TO „„ „ luu ,„ „,,„„,„ ,„„.„ ,„„,.,„ „„„„ c „,, teto, and its faithful administration, an import, • indifferent to the attainment of objects which tho , C Amcr \\'\ ( ' \Ionization Society presents the ant scrvlfco has been rendered to the public inter, .national compact was intended to secure, n.,H , only organizr-djigency which liitB-Cofttrifarted-tir est and to the cause of Immaniry. Thcsuggos-, which are caTTcd Tor by the nwsTurgeniconside-, a(, wwi'^«ns7eparalion or produce practical rc- Jioris of the CbmmissipHors in favor of some. rations of policy and patriotism. It is a source • . ' s lie ' l<; ' lc » l l to the African nice. This asgo- itfther legislation topromototlie objects of thoif i of sincere salisfaction that IheExceutivo bra.ich ( '! il 5 10n was formed marny.yearsagobybenevolont labbrt, aroBonimendedtoyourfav'orabloatlen. t of tho government, actuated-by-statesmanlike F iliz ® ns . in differonf sections of the country and t,0 »\, *' ',\. , . - ! vioWs and !K.j.atriotic desire to promote tho gen-'''fsw \^ objects to rescue the free colored peo- * oftlie prespnt cbndilibri.pf our militia cstab- oral prosper itv, has reeomraended 'to Con- j! ? °' tlle United Stiites from their social nnd po- government; to actory tho Ht'ttlnd policy of tho Slab intinaiHl, 'or* them a fact or two that may, perh*p»l<*' ! 1, ''\' , l l to think .more favorably of it, . i ;', The first of these is, thatit has, byfonwlii^ each ejsunty a number of well qualifl#Wcfi?P' ffte&j^J^^ ** r ! C ? iSkl T ° f ^\Se^antt^ *A™J i,i„ivi?uS'r ri^1i P :.S ,slon3 ;'?. vo Congress on measures Ot practical importance , t .;n; h „ ,„ ,, , A ,T. A! ,\ prdved highly beneficial.\ new law, I appointed an arrest and destroy the afford such Owners is are Inlurslaneeofth ^Icen serio^^e^Sec=\S ^^ ^^J^ ^T,^ .Jhg-fe General, Ii8bns which h J Q too P lonff disturbed the repose • ITS^I^^Sft^^ persons emigrating voluntarily from this country, whaBP^e^rtibn^tovepTbycdm . 7Z^^r^^y^a^Z^Z'> h]a «™2 na >. a colony,comjosod of free colored jtyinpromottngjan;efficient; prgiinizatioiiliid in- ,., ? nff from our f ' ^ nlrovert<! ? 9 uestl o n snns- nprsftnsl „„,;„,,„,!„„„„,„.,,.„.;,.,,_„. „., _,... d im- fuBiKgaheallhM military Spirit.\ TSffiny brfcade f K and rbsimental districts, which had failed tbrcpfti- L, Wylyith the la* of 1847, liiivobeen siiccessful* ly Wganized, nrid'iiunibrbtis\ Vplunteer Compan* ie» have bpbn formed, which promise to refleet credit'Uhdn:th6 8ervi(!ci. The importance of mainWningllilrcll trained militia force ought not to be Undei-^stiniatedl, and it is gratifying to i^^i 4 '!^,^*^ IntercsHs manifested in ' S PR^jffibanks and the state of SsSate ^Sa^lSihfS 1 5 5*F * *? t *P***\ ****mii&l5$ n theannu. $g^^^^o^mro%fho^ZTi^JL^^S^ W* 0 ^ of ,? oU ?- conservative policy. Letusalso indulge the hope .«™ fc\?W 1 ? fttf ^ l ^ c ^'?fi! cx \ &pt with tho removal of its most promh.cnt cause, I moZi'K\.'^/ 1 ',? ° f *f° ffS^T^T, «,te,Bpirit of sectional contention so pernicious to' ^ l,il \ i ? M ° f tl,e und »rtakmg, and of its purposes of tho federal compact, mov Toeodi v P rc - C , min ent chums upon our BtipporE Undertl.e &4W' *olL pditicaEo^It fftimo' ZE* li\\ s 0f et y.^ly »».000 free colored ihaVanlystrifeandunworthy jealousies between | S^m^ It / m, ^ k ; d ' n, W of l &* J&* t)i« nnShB^, « n A «m,ti,„r„ J!*L„* „f *I.„TT\-J:„\ | wi»ves liberated on that condition. They haVe the euitencyAvijI1)e fully exhibited in tho onnu *«pbrt b(tthVSuperintc«aent of the Bankinf JiS\^^t^^nSce aT nTtacL^nt ty> em ^S 206,OOffpebplp a ahd iiboUndingin Dep^rtmettr, The Circulating,, medium of the J^^Lf^vl^^Tl^ .attachment, t f lfi clemcntsof acrieiilturtl knd Commercial nv nft . roceni ftilurei . demonstrate the ibjrlaw, instead ^. .. The »ccurltie» dtposited iii the Bank ««P«to»bnt>. IBbder'the preMiitreBtHcHbns, must tonrttate thebestrelianciB fpr the prbtedtibnof tempered by tolbratipij apd forbearance, and* . just regard for Jlie, cpn»titutional right* ,pf all sections, of tho country, ^,'f ,}^^ v . ^,WhB|),w^ir^ur4p4hft.o.rig>ti»l}4 tliebry of pur fe4eia]j|iy|j;emi ^yjeryje^^IUd lttjyi.8>.'aP:kiiow1ed|iB;* tljajtf.-'JIierei; -'yfim t\*«l«ut v ahd the people Of tliis lrifiint* eplony, Carrying with them the knowledgeacqmiredin tli* scene of their former humiliation, arAsbrcadingxhris- :«snUy!a^yill»tibn;'d:^^^^^ '>whiShlhiVbeettWmV fbt:#8 ; felieathetfMrl* rism, Thevaind of ibis cbnsitferatKff m\m 'l'he«' .llainc Law\ supervisors of Erie Co. i lnnoaf |„ ,i„„i,t itD „iii: f „ i J„.I^ *« l«i A great change has been going ou in the ' lone8 \y doubt its utility, I desire to la] public mind. The following resolutions were apopted by the Board of Supervisors of Erie Co., at i^s recent session: Whorcns,intlie' , opinion of the Board of Su-1 ..,„.. ..- . , , „ .|.i-.w«A««iajtt(a pervisors of Erie county, the sale of alcoholic I ohva ™ ^° stodard of ^. lfc ^M?& liquors asa beverage is fearfully on tho increase requisite for teachers of\Common sjnooi^ • \\ ~ • - ~ all other teachors» who hope for deaiMbl|W»>- tions, and good salarioSi are comietld^^ theiiixehes uptotho Normal fltandaisil.,' . -i Tho second fact is, that it has caused, W- every county of tho State, tin. increai throughont the, in this County and the State at large, increasing A citizen of Wilmington having gns for the first time in his hpuse, upon retiring to taaUblew it out. He next morning stated thuonly objee- fion thiit he had to the g«s was that it smelt so strong When it Was \not burning. Sirs, Bloomer, the mother of all tiie Bloomers, who conducts u The-Lily,\-a New York paper, .^bXi#fM$S&Sifr|!*!l9»rwy8' tiial «*. Ito.-.the high- eat irtiBtWrJSste the human form is inpst gracefp.l 1 -whblljf'undrapfea and tinadbrned;'' 1 ; ' , ''\ ourcrimirinl and poor expenses to an uirprccc dented amount, seven-eighths of whieh.it is be- lieved grow either directly or indirectly out of the sale and use of such alcoholic drinks—there- fore, ' j -j ,. — , ,,., ,,. Resolved. That the several members of tho ;/„,• well qualified teachers,- Ever-since 4MM' Legislature and Senator of the County of Erie, j of tho flrs t term of thi ^ i} be, and are-respectfully requested to use their '•' influoutio to, obtain the passage of a law similar in ifs 'nature aiid provisions to tho law recently enacted by the Legislature of tho State of Maine, for the more effectual prohibition of the sale and use of such alcoholic liquors. Resojved. That the Clork be required to dp* liver fp the members of the Legislature and the Soiitttbi of this County, n copy of the forego- ing preamble and resolution. been made to it, steadily terea»ingiM»K^ for goodje4ch<m. -TJiWs-de'mMi'ihe qffi«|fi w'l* school have, till recently, been able ; **?^T? a general thing, though riot alwayi -* I f^X teachora ns thoy could havo preferred!.^/R' ;«» understood, the best workmen camipt|i good article out of poor timber. Bufcitw$f» perceived that while the teacher's I#3$* highly appreciated and well rewarded teW\ counties, in others the Normal * l *?\ li v^L nbandoiiing their choson profesaibtt 't 0l *f%Z ments moi-o Ukely to afford them M^**'^ pensation for their toil. These l*™*''*^ whom were excellent teachers, conld h»» ^J fnrnlBhed with situations had ^• l M??SiA VhTlreabtthtB'beenitnbwnx To remedrtH^; *i l d.«frib < ef'aame,Jjri^',^HP^f%^SS(i? ^hei»c*»!W'W^4 e *^^'*^ : \^ S»'' ey «^ : on of Graduated ^w«i **\-•**? J |- aVO ryl»rgog»t« e -\ D « If the'State conver C dicationofthone« Since that time the teachershnsbeenjn^ L Over two.hun ^ n furnished f« teSc6M8 ,bytlnsABs B tt„.ri^' n0 * th ? f V ei. been, henrA»M^ J a i, 0 discharged then • *t the present tun cle „t teachers, is so | , snppIy-«./ \BP^ |. h undredtopnethoui Now,'even on the. I gchpol has had little anexanipleil. yet mo iliui'I believe >t to mont —still it seems? order to supply this, But, lest I be thp.i the reader to the foil S«rotary of the said »nd to the young m< ftr my authority and the sun?' ' Members of this A members, and Norni respectfully informed „Jersignod.-fo |; well ^oriisjo. great at tin i ppssible to supply it. i ,,ow awaiting candid ! (wubfeharacter—n« 1 \ 5 &i«y,tothoJV , if there are any ot I they will confer a fa upon the cause of po] aiid upon tliemselyes, I at their earliest convi L_.AndJn.t.his.cpnne( , cr to any to the frieni State Normal School men of character an • shout for a prpfessie [ ™rioa in the educati f vtlutn their services \ I or were promised a present. By an exti only over the length I hiitovertlie.whole I ; sured, in an uumistal I fession of tiie teach( ['ij/y; that his service j jnpre appreciated, a • : \wrded . The toache I. Atroted teaehec, -is att T'siiion. The dlgqity, ! fancepf thiacallingj fflo^.tobetfeilinil.ai men, V'These are not |rM«nt times, but tl in'gaugeriesfor the fi jiLtalent ands-flbility, nimlyhearls, may w tiie educational arm; \strife against ignprs pression .and wrong We need, a higher gr mon schools; doman rewjrd more adequal ciraiarly, but socially The harvest truly is j faithful, en(igtoned la a'tively few. Younginen of No' tarnation; thcse-iirc ness:\ words prompi ery passing day but Turn then, your thot ward this high and r aration of mind and periously demands ; concerning your row and rewards pecuniui deem to you. To every real frie truly \ glad tidinps mo to risk how it is i a VKRV loud call for Enough is heard of thriving villages an can be said of the c in ilurenuse of edui ftngressing in this lMrJs. . One word to her; and virtue. You w of labor, than Jiliatt Qualify yourselves! against ignorance a though your own wealth and enterp) to drive her sons ai horders in search of fads to afford, othei their duty. Sure < iteration arc pledge Albany Jan. 1st, (Sb'ttorial Ni Another year lis it could not have ( it did yesterday i week was very col ing. On Saturdaj but tlip sky becan of heavy, lowering ing we awoke to i streets Hooded, a vanishodr- -Tliere pees in the temp tho days were dar Wednesday nighl • yesterday was a n • was improved by in giving and cxe been along and v In an epistolary ~m\aTTnppy New of gladness nnd ifold and rich ni all-wiso and glor The latest nr which has doubt readers, is the r IW.E0N. This c nnt so soon, so i so far one of the the history of ] proclamation by and iniprisonmc ties, the inenrec military officers suppression of.' or expedients, s sal suffrage, ace March 1849, m the people by wildercd. Yet, tentous quiotnc that the fire ha and probably tl telligonce of nt between power tion and deiuoc been subject, a until popular rij ' afo erected on i In the apnea . shown himself iWtf WW!mm$&&&$ &^ > iieii^#! l s**^^ :;*•¥$ : !EMffl£gmti' '-'•^-f >;. : y»Mii$'\t<> !)t6»wt«i»»iaert,^i»:>

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