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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, October 30, 1851, Image 1

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mMtiSttM im mi ••$&,<&••. itmrn^ jinenfM.hi* III muHt reptl* tli ;np$,-pjf;jh1 w-< liil^llirli'plrt' \ W$M \l^|i \ \\ T \ r \\ r \'\\\ \ * - \ 1 \ mmmmmmmmtmmmm mtgmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmtM^mtMMs^mMmttssttMm How we »all Vote v »*<••«• «*««»•»• . ,A t,ew 8me er||iff^i|fr»|ft^|^ Sp*jitie«J^te^^ ;b>t^t^aej^ tiwill be remembered, garM\«pP\ • The. great aim jnow should be B*S^wm* the pnr^Teeling that had prevailed upon the ^ij^ajfofen^fvpflav^ V_'li^.v. lJi j „* r ;i^ri:'—i.j:ii*-. i _._* 'tttnt-'fla if: urtio *irir»f» '.few fe^as • Saltan'has take* eogoiznnco MM4M)Mk^4i^,iMi^oftl>e ' (Mjr/tha.tihsrg* d'Affaira* lw» :in.iy.Me»«Lmirj;]lj.B'f# . of. ii|l< ; -j'pjjurora, pljW#.:brc3k^ ;pf ( pujr.c^ r ., _..„ &lja^9g*i t'^.i^vtr^tUi^SabliaMJ'orU^ \*\\ %r4^VC«*a'a^KuV> liBepUmUwbtiiirieHlie. _ .pfifeacMipav ..... r l-for:«e»biriii between the' g*^;*p«m;th* «ro»*^ '- KiwirtJhfil*4wMrt:orbothSt)itw '-JiM-^.wl-WhAbeSuWbBePorU* > higH«rt.v«]ti«i Ithw »lw»vi» \•ot^iiU1tlwfcori|i^rmt4b»» lima* *rj|J (fealty **«to*l»<lg«,1hd id honesty whieh haianiformly cliari t,paiacaiifcgi ittiUikwuUaftfand will TitMWtirHNrttnittawupMiiamjwhK'l; ,«Mi ^tM-iao^niMUMHiB tof Jul; l^gaMtjMilM^ifiAMttirMMei —**-* J -n<JP«sto fiwMf Mioofcaat* f£ v,t»lta*i»yi!.taav SaUaa'a raisin** *» u .-•ui ;'tibhirSv»aicoliimn , v ».(*4^-.'t;!j'*iWffrt!-- : ••» »w.ani *''^Hh'elibf wayjof contempt, otfor-the strength, SfMioWf* ^pd^t*^ afiBrd^Mwyl*; (Ms, the JtubliB *ha.ve jbJ!cn„,.tol4 P7$g,«R» rn SJ> b*ihiAyi|iagejan4 its •kinsman; in. tfiwis'county, thattheKefoflheP isa^ticntnilrfwet^aiiidbrth ruwp; jdjuVfgcSptip \of xt§ editb?*, Mr. Ingiuls, of using the influence of jiis,position to, farther the election of the •'nominees of the koeofocp par- %P .... /''Th.6ugV4nejf cohccrtcd 'attac.k¥aVid misVepre- .s^^ioiiWp,iiftpB%nt to{ effect,. t(jomwchjef 4esigne4,yiett,.a»««iilence;<ojf~o.ur! ( pa^SSJghTQ&y * ^pry^eiw^lwtafcen «» araduiissioh ofithfttfntlC faf the 'iliar^^tid WnHe \goda^UjaJt p.ar paper may'^eoinpli|h 3«pi>p3? iff a great nieh*«r6 upon jthfcionYietkin,. in itie mind of our -;renders, of dursincerity irt^hat we«adviwr «e deem itdue to ourselves to mitke knownj in plain and brief terms, our position on, qu%stiohs.'now before the,. *pe6plejVV>th!<tur. rcanona for, the votes we saliall cast \•> • i- •< • • - • •• • . , • -*.-.•! <• -\ 'And; first and-fofemost; we deny ivny such leiinnwjVrayilirt-^ tr»l on no question of public interest, and.lmv;c, and ever ahull maintain jtlic right^oespeak,inde- pendently opoh'aUi c thouBh ,w* ? dc*«fi itrpf more -tmRortiincis io devote our attention to so'nje than ,^9^ersi.M4^v^n^^^e^nj;1x,. ^ . ,,. ; :,.^wt,th^n,Wie.*h^U<v«tei»f ^qi!man,Whig;or Pcmocra^Ko WehaVereliM^r tb ibelieve%ill ox- ^H > eTt^rTi1ii'p^r^oivit6r(»fllm^^ ; thtt-torap^rancc causej or against (lie paMogeand flXcentionof K *.^VW ptphibi^ng tlw manufacture and sale of intoxicating drinks as a beverage, and thitshali authorize and require;tlieproperofli. cera, on .competent, evidence, to sicze, cpnfiscate and destroy.«v«e^J^^it^wJwii~>itO)^.farin).e/aaa' : fcoVerage-. Our reason's for this course cah be found in t}ie cplumnaof the Rcformer v fr6m the- |pmme.nco5i«;r|t,'pf i^.pabl.katipp.to the present nun»ber,,wlt!< Uie'fuirj|ier one, if it J>e necewry that wo have never fPund that any \measure' was' afv'ailcedhy Wting for.iWoppn^tsj'theVefore we.Jihall yoto for no man whom we^ueii^ve' op- posed to the ennctmont and c,xe«,ii|ion p'f ,-quoh' f M ^-.., i - .: !,;-. •'• • ' l V-\ :; ' '' • *- : -, L • H Woshail vote'for M<> mnn\ryrXttgl?ia'tiyVs office whom welieliuv'e unwilling to use his in- ,nuencc,in perfectingrja xuore.,iilK;ral.Scliop1-8ys- tera,oim inore<9)ii/a!>i!nn<l more free, embr.iciii'g Sn op\p^HS^^Wp^i^1^Tptfito^ WllbWio^^biid'e^piesspd it ,faypr«i% to ihe passage pf the^wi;j«nd, tljat. 0<*W a equally np. jparont tha^*%| weight of Jegal,opinion as ex- pressed thronghlN 1$^ joiitaah ^as in,favor of its eori'sfittttionaiayVaitd tl>at.tfie«e' s things being so'.ivS' belieyil' it should be regarded as; the settled policv of Ihe 'Stato io complete tho csn'aU ini ttejojaftner proyided-by fii'ia .get, ,that vacilatingiromeneiextremepf policy toiinpther>. as one or the Wherpolitical party happened Co be inthe aseerfdency, was more ruinous 1 to' the p\ub^ lie interests, thaw the steady pursuit .off even a faulty poliey.'\'- '' •' •^i) allay mi8abprjp,enii|n, t in7^he|j|Bl)lifc n0d| J^wgard to the\pi>|ica#« of tffe.gpdH ^M*: lough's lceture#h6^ommittee ^pul^g to \t*\,, that after pa|ing|Jr. Gqugh. W»»* *e cpnj. mittce deem to be a reasoijable comrJensation, «pd what they gave hiin, tp understand at his en. g^gement might, prpbably he realised ftpin Jife m% mm^it^ut^ w ji %i -aevoiod, first to the paying of incidental'eitpehses, and if rn :^,M*,xIij?'1'si » &,ni i,„. .«»r<ii»- a A^n. »*-ir* WeThaye^ceip th|(*.c4mL,,, ! 1 Deer Riv^# i|t*e|peranc|iJoumal, con- tainirigjan!app»i tl|iesi|ordini|| \Unions. Tho lourn*^!*'» t@»nd^t|lilhe next day after the letter referring to it, and too late, for the insertion of the appeal It this-paper. . It will tcmpe'rlr/ciS ladies of Deer TRi'ver;;,for |p| Iwtiirigfsiljlylemain^it^ll bo sacredly devo- tJBnjpe,i?incfl causeiJn this ,cq«[jty, M bills ^will. \^^fpje.'.he.p^en^d f ^ thej^Opmitt'ce.^ .ba- ^uditcdjaftd-a^raft. w)ii, 1 ,be.draW<jp rtip treas- uycrfqr the amount.- : . . Py Order ofttlammiUeg, -. *• Ijjjp^&li'oiirof going'to pre,ssi,Wednesday, at7..J-^ AVM., we lyivp received'no answe^k to jiiD interrogatories of the -several,candidates 'of tiio fvyo parties, published in 6 w last paper. . Alliances. , And we arc firmly of thjs. opihijn nowi- and being so, we j»haij;.,y,ote;fpr np,,m^n.. wjigui \vp believe \yUUend his pprsppaUor pfRciaMnnuenco to retard or prevent the executjPn. of this law t ordihg toils.design; much less would wo e for a man whom we thought wpwld wan- tonly prostitute tne powers of his office to ar rest its ofieratiohs. And we shall exercise that much of care and prudence on this, subject as not to yoSTfor bite vrtip has threatened tp'do so. re not of the opinion^that because thfere are>so\ne men on the Democratic ticket of vowedKostility to, the canal bill, and for whom wo do not expect to vote, that therefore if is not advisable to have some of that ticket eleotcd.— We believe that the Canal Board should not be compose^.of men entirely from one; party.-^ There ai'e millions of money to ho expended; the inducements tp fay^pr p^rjy.frie,nds-.in the let- ting of jobs, at the expense of the. Treasury, are •very greats and.though we would give the exe- cution of this law into the hands of thoso whose friendship tot its execution At unquestioned,.yet we would not have them all of one political par- ty. We have not unbounded confidence in the purity and integrity <^f \either—arid : belicv*e,tliat neither, in their preseni state of corruption,* ai'cl T|iTJieie^1rfle«ioMog.TolHng, shonld\have -entire possiiiion ofjuiyjotie branch: of the gbvemment. It needs, theI jealous eye pf an opponent, to pre- vept the corruptions that would most certainly grpw 5 out of conipieto success to cither. For which reason, weTiavo come to the conclusion to vote, and have recommend our readers to vote fprflW-oestOTm on either ticket. We all have pur ideas of thojWnes* of; a man when perspii- nlly acquainted, 'orby reputation for a certain oflico—siad oor opimbns woiild'not materially difrerw^reiinpt fpr the party Viands ' tliat bind us to vote,against our honest convictions.- W o have deemed it necessary to say thus' much *o sifehco' the^slandert, that jealous partisan^ heap upon us, to.compass their own selfish ends with,aa little regard to our rights^w they manifest' fotthepobrte good; If it is deemed meddling witfi i*1ty< politic?, it\ is not our fault, wte have .be*ervdiWen!:\S| 'tnisi;eplresPnVion, and iqiscon. striiqtaon'•6? our language, which was of gener- fdnppiicability,^ adapt ihis'defiiiite and plain mariner. ' ' . * ,, Organizations l}y..teniperance men, are being .effecte4Jr»-various partspf tlie State,.to bring tp iieiirthe temperance .jnflucnge inthe .election, of teniperftncejipen.tp the legislature. This is all -wpll. andshoujd bp., effectqal.ljs.pcrfpriiied, An^ jt d,e.ve!ppos in, a strong light' the necessity; of * State organization, for,tbe same, purpose, ,.iyg, entirely, impossible in a state like, thjs for \tiie pcopte of differenf-localities tp knpw^the Character and, sentiments pf every man on the State ticKets, respecting this subject. Vet to •miskcpujr influence felt, we.nee.d.to reach the of- ficers of state more than any other. The'y have a controlling influence at Albany, and generally whajt they dictate is done, and what they forbid is left undone. They are the leaders, and minor politicians look to them as \guides to^thoir feet and light to their paths.\ Had temperance people throughout .the state accurate information, as they might haveUhrough tho medium of a state organization format pur- pose, of the character of each man on the State ticket, those favorable to temperance principles,, could he\ triumphantly elected, while th'oseop.' josed coujd be politically sunk,' to know no res- lirrectipn. Unless' our demands are answered at the CPniing session\ o f the Legislature; another year should not he suffered to\ pass without per- fecting a State Alliance. ted' tempi prudence and wisdpm they have inaniCcsfedJu devising and maturing a j|an,p|&u1i)rauons resuU in great! ^o^ 1 %^.-t9IPJP«S:P\*S.^^' > .- s , r-f^- : --^^il^i^i^-'-••;-••'- •• •'• .Itjvili be seeniy'^reference, tp, our ad,vort»J(ig cplMWS*. that M?ssBSitR4G.fe&,,9Wy»!^ J5 0 -. 4,,Arc8.d6,;pr.oppXe Jp^^^^ style-of- frame, irom.the.ricliiest.ajia jn<»s|beau. tiful lopking-gla.ss, .dpwn to the cheapest frame ever, spid. WP .liavc..,ex s ainiiicd ?ouip of tboir specimens, both plain'and omninentfll \ their o^ namentiil fnimes surpass, in tho richness of their style, anything we have ever seonu -. \ —:—j\ \—\^ '.' • ' . The. yelipw fever has.broken put.at S^oWIe AJabania.' \ '\ ,• ,i Kossuth had rfotarrived at Sflurthnmpton when the last steamer left; hut was hifurly expected; He'was denied 'permisjiWn 'to'p^ass'through France. How strange that tlie griSat leader^of Republicanism in Europe, and a s pure a patriot as lives, should be denied the\ fight'to piss over the soil of Republican Prance I • SSrsBMHG (SI^RWDEI,^ have laid upon ou r ta- ble two Primary,Schopl.Bppks, the like of which has been greatly needed in the juvenile depart- ment of our' schools.' The first is a Primer of History, for beginners at home und school, and is illustrated wHh,'maps aad engravings. Also, the primer of Geography, with plates represent- ing scenes in various countries and climates, thickly interspersed with maps, colored, of vari- ous portions of the globe, together with ques- tions, and explanations, so simplified that,tf>,9 merest child eannot fail to become interested and instfuct'i'd: •\ Tlie 'above; little works are both written by $..G, GoPdrichVthe' Pete* Parloy of w^r.(d\vid^' repu^lion, \\ t ' '\ Sterling fe Ktddell are constantly supplied with these and other new and -valuable works. Jefferson County^^audilitsiiFa-r^^-.--. ?.PJE»?,\¥<^* ^A«-|rf.'quite. riire, that m „ see an article in the. RUKIAL rr'pul :m Jeftumon publish, ri.Mi present time is a i.K-mofi b M 'oiS for Jefferson' county~tne; 'last' f,.# $'\ 0 ^ witnessed the compK'tipn P^th«\rVilte\•d>ffNMi 'Rpw>e ^p W#\rt»M#«> t d; M$v .^ye MO the\Sfa 1 . ;horse puffing and bmwiijg^ith '\S-Ini\\!^!!' of Butter, Cheese, Grain, mid live stiicfet^kS. pjybiirWsf^^igHbprs, Mdih V *ctu«tS r iir; ing -bjiek .%^ommMitie# oi the Wefel^nt <JK mapulfac^ur^r,,; AiW'dy. dois^hp;fii|tefr%i:i,, ;beneficial,efft^W^or,thpiigh 1 w;cc^nnpt*V^^ multitude of people. The; a<Bn>a.W.lon 'exKik tion nomb(Bred• 6lfe«f'*hieh«#9*.were^oysS .193.eattle Jt lJ4 J *.0PRjja<«? ^ M mine*,ai)dlJ'^ quality'would, do credit to^iiny ebuntv in tt,. i : Binpire.Stiite^,, Otber nrjticles, were exjjiliite'dfj^* the number 6i '446, as fp!I.6Ws:-^d6in.E§i'!cj®£ nfauturit 92, ngrhjulturai iinpleiiientu 43,.v«ge't». • bla 84, dairy 97,sug:.r % honey ,4,\ fnrmert.sM.,'. ,1, hardwarp 1-3, fancy.nrticl.es 47> inlscelinj^-J..: 2^,—making a sun); total of 9§5 en!ries,(.iMki of the articles were, p.f superipr qua|itj\rf. workmanship. - '. •• :',, • r ' l ».fe^i? Iftif the riPWS-Pfl Ljngr.n the sut>3* L'u-ruis-pt the: L.;Li(|ui.r l»w- Liirc rcp.re»eijt< * „itl»o»it proseci jf the o01ig»fi« |.».few'l<>'Wi' n -» ri liy.aiid tht-ynjc * Iisli4 \ \ „•\ stfinvcnseiiofi Liia'ltebe|*M justice Tyler, ol LlitcBCvdto P* Em wi''*s! Iched'of t0 . M \ e \' f|iom«sM««<»!'-^ ! fiiquo-r-tiW.oni kj, \HU honor, al 1'iittMttef, decide; IgjiliarMagai •iirs and costs, t iun,»ildgiviS»ne , •^aftlieMael TheJ3.ir Was held, ^pon-a' field (.f **&»; .MmSffi&ffij •whiclvhasTieer, P urcliawd%'-ftw«whft®£!^KsSa2SBK onelmilP frpm ? the,ficn]tre. ^W^J^^ifc^^^BW^rfS fftr ; a show gVound, ^L^j^^vfmi around it%etlier with. ?> hal :fprlf«i| ^«*M!Sl : fe doWsWYft^s^ place for the^hnflsl gatherings Jof.th«,56- \ .' Leonard J. Farvreil,_ • The Democratic nominee for Governor of the teeming State of.Wisconsinj Was born in this county, which he left some thirteen years ago for the west. Mr. Parwell was known and is still remembered by very many of our citizens, lie was at one time a clerk in the store of Esq. Hoyt, of this village, afterwards learincd the tin- ners trade, worked for tho Hon. \Vm, A^ Gilbert in his tin shop, at Adams. Was ever a,faithful trusty, and energetic hand. Ho 'left, this, county in 1838, with only 820 in money, whnicjp^hing he could tie np in a pocket handkerchief, and OLIVE DIVISION.—Notice of the Installation of the officers oE this Division, was received in the first communication of the worthy Deputy of that District, and was laid in the compositor's drawor with other notices, kit being a narrow slip, it slid in with other manuscript for which there was not room, and escaped insertion. The omission was .purely accidental, We are much obliged* to tho. brother for sending tlie notice, qnd for calling our attention to the omission. . Olive Division, Ifco. 214.° Georg«;A. Jtchkins, D. G. W. P. District No'. in futurp'ycara'wheMbeyt get>4t wnm^^gr -; beautjfM aMNy »\>«*#$..tp dp Mpre:ifaS\ ;i Fair, T6.e address was .dcliverejl\ ijie »S|:. ; ; day of the fair by tfiepresident^nj'pKPi^riijffi'H; ahd was an able document, but not1s>ali;»|i spects suited' to |ho occasion^—at le»stio,I tljii ; —but as the Major is more »6cus.tpme^it««hj«| h \ ling the sword than to.thejelivw of t «jncSy>.; ral addresses, lie is excusable. Taking thelSfV: as * whole it was certainly credltabk;fajt^; ~\ ferson County.^Yours respectfuly,. ,^,, Jy ;* i; Watertown,N. Y. 1851. *«M - . '-fiV^iH^'' - The above communication wo find,inlh»Sjf ral New-Yorker, of October 9th. ; ( Th«'iS^|; of fucts in regard to the. Fair docs crSj jipSit: County, and as a citizen of the Coni\tyf?|»:;^ i glad thatjSpmo one took ^occasion, fp^ebjEjnp^^. catp tliem,to.thiB^^w-YpT^rj]^t\_^;.^«f^^. cuja^ion of tnem'migiili^.obliAiW.'^f^p^ otherwise have hoen g^yeri.\ ' .. ^ ;*\!' ; But we must be allowed to kke'eifi4ji!ii\;;l to the auihors. ppinion of the nppr6pnWi«li jl of the Pre°sidcnt 1 s Address, lt'i»\d)i^il!|^\ very summarjly by the correspondi!|^'|g ;[ \ Address,\he says,\ was delivered'o'n' ? tti^*|l r H i ond day of the Fair by its Presldenl^l^P^; RICK ; and was an able document, b^t^'fite respects suited tp the o«ia«ion^-«t''Jji*yii {. think—j»utas the-Major is more ; »c^|i|ij[f* : '; handling the;pword'tIian to the de^firiirjf^f' ricnUural addresses, ho is cxtu8llble.''\*\ r , 'ff 1 Before reiiding this we had heard^Sit-fe I opinion of the President's nddrcis, «i^'tlrt«i I of tho highest commendation. And*#?'&w| heard it particularly eommoridod jfntfti^ffn; I gliding eljpi L(ify/two article! ij/jtljeimomcnt. |]ed wittf j^ipta C* pf^rry Bram |[',r;4i*e«p?ridonce-i LMW.UW for th Ulu first rate whi itojl^ 'the T M.'up°n*no A 46, installed the officers of this Division oil prialenesg, though, in subject and tnalterVfiifc Tuesday evening, October % Daniel H. Jenkins ing from nearly all of its predecessbrit*lr'ii customary, wo know, on'sntfh «tSsi6ns,<Sf'it orator to enlarge hpori this besl'ine&'bf'iiifSi' vinghorses,cattle,sheopand 8\vinc,-iadtlti**< : . • J '*t,^a. * t. A . Ki ^UMI '•Miatti11-' aNNf^ttUte t^arpwlutibR i»A thk *fm*V****** sntend intowwchthe |o-ttef<f»hfrc««t YourBxeelloncv MiM^th^tlM n»lo *t JalyUieasth, MMmtitMntiwiaad akMr to ttt**nt- *#?M hf MM BOUn to Ms JWesty 4m iktm atl^M.^Jtot IHswiptrrli- t*Vt mvfWntMUtkta Utos^old Its* aoaiiexplUtdsoIintiMvtlwvtr mmWU MM inxwrU Onnif to- la tWilwu^nniBmb •were M tmi IMC'MMUMtWn. ,„A» to MftiMat,, to!j|lM r Mp«K»r, iteom AtM^>thi> MMMMMtt'kahtha.Krai \?£ 'lEUD—TiMMSIUSCB I be wignaiimm ihahMM n«t.b« tMiiRisii ttMtwfydw^rof m |*<MN«M to lto*pitita MMWMMI^ U I* ftWUtayotia MWHMC^I Bhaliy , 0»U»>»il—3in tin awatMprMtf in li^iiTf ijrir aabHaM'PN^atatcs «BVMattirtlM«r-«M«iiAii«ai«it; aaiiamNtOM-'HaVi^r tttagtt* at -lafch* th* A«Mrto «W«n«uimt 6f '«•* enasawr t«fpf«*<»re ttt sanc- >m.X-K*m; IraltquiNty haa long tMbafcln Htmaary; •land. If there are 4MM%oeswpi«l with prtjjeiu of disor- thty are not, Iff tl»«expr%»«1i&ril»i\o*rt J IMMMW |na aHaatkm in exeil* an in- ^4aM«tyotw ari*fit ! waKIn vain for Mk Ha> Mjjwaa hi ifirngary; eoold rea- »saiai*tad'of iVH aXfecU, tinea in all ... w*a«tn>ait)Mr« exiat weto -. B^t, l\. mtmh**?*** m forW'hwg'time ' tB***trt.t4fttMW thfertrVgwimitit: ^Ha-aa^MM'l* h»H not renwed, v\%n UaaauMe mM,to pvatrsct aomm hat of'*Hf #rtBHttbrt( ( * proor of the |Magi«1ate'<A<^iihHtewardrAu^ MMMdM I M Hablhnp Forte Under-' riMtrta with ! An«Wa-itd iatck *«•'&*« Stat^'aa long an of MaHrtaittaift ''Was-lo The *L«M _WiM i vm i i\»(o^4m^ l * friendly M-tMdtfMha aJMIaWthAt^neroiM Pp*ia «x|cbis M Aether * iratiun of auch seltabn««a& yafrujW!iif,«fill,iioi claim im laanplwiuuitsUteoftliiiTgiT , ' W awlWrawiaienta'and inga an to be apprelieiidejd. If k OMjnbliraa P«vt«,\hfi f. it luwlt %i»tf tiio *J«(.w aTthe begint A ami'tbal the Portu h* ljtP t ^%Mp?? J1 '*M 01 ' lnt , ... 5A«P)»wa jWv^tJaTlarBhiblline \£fflT X*7Z£}^Z£ *& n .T,'c;f $»'$$% AlHue\* vTMcalled l&£^%$ff$ *^Ch ? ,r 'S,,P.. pah E«q ^drejaed thr -•• faceting on t)ie lmiiortinm of united effort, sfter donatituUon, aa recommended by the Cthtral Afluuice.wiia re^datid unanimoualyndnp- |ed. The following gentlemen w*re ckcted aa ortcara. ^rwident, Thomas Smith, V^o-Presi- 6>ot»yPpctflrT jL iSurraaundJphnPettie, Co^ rcfpoiriiagSecretary, Eugtn* Cunningham, Re- cording Svejetary, Burton, Wood , Treasurer, Solomon eVrre. Tho follpvying geutlenum were appointed an ^.watlje Cpirintittep | Alexander Lung, George Riaimiagtajj, A V L. Pt>k, Robert Burg**, Joan; Wilson, Jajmn T Rt\pn« and M>, tyw*<±,, ^^aJclfnar.Teaci, bj-mgcalled for, a&jaKaaed. % nweUiy. .-Rev. Mr.Poaw, of th* M'WVVm W May m tlie ^/#! h»a AldBnunn^tnd lk»t they t wer«> determined to so- <'lr» TilianaltctiaB.., \itasara A¥»«*\J »\* Nasli WW l»rt*|n», audi, fungi«9m* *f their pppular odea— Trtbunt ^ ,] r ^ «•*% i»* i i ' i i J , f it Sl.ya*T»VVAllO'T*l«M*«0K.^O\'EM»'«TS.— At a meeting at tho Friends of TempemiKe in ;'ie Seventh Ward, held at the Consistory rooms of ReA- B r Ptrn'« Church, on Monday evening Oct 20, tho W*\! Temperance Alliance was for- med, aad (ha allowing officsra worn elected PresWenMoal Bl»- liincr i Vice-PresIdenU.Tho. waaRittor,». 6v.*il! Wm f C Bennett, Cores- ponding Secretarv, H »& Gilbert, Recording Secretary,' Jacob ilAy , Executive Committee, Wm. Gurney, M L Hewitt, Wm Stiles, Ira Backmia, Jr» T. McCaHy, D. II iLMt, and A Flanagm. After tylnch ionic \ ery ,iutc»e»tiiuj Vtmnrka' \wre' riiodt byiMeaars. Blackuier ana Baqkmtn ThefollowingprtiHlutioa wasthen oflferod, juid, afteraomB>very approprwtpremaiks, waWannnurtotinly «d6pfcd * ' , i R^tttA, tTliut iii aoevent whatever slut! the Temper mcc prlnciplts of t|in Seventh Ward al- liance be in ide to subserve the interests of ei- ther the \Ylu.£ (ir\T)oinocr ttic partv, unless the> advance tip objectsVlilch tlilt Alliance has in an Agricultar.iUand Mechanical Colloge,-whero tne'sb'na of%pfaTtriciana'rhechT.nic i l can receive' a more ample cihicit\qn—scientific and practical portmning to those great.branchps qf hqman Indnstry, and on the sacoeaa of which the whole body politic depends foTa livelihood andTtrrtsitsr tcntO k - J . i t ** r ** • -; P r i^j »t) l il r . *•* '. Wo should be -unwilling to vote for any rpan for a LegMlatht.offica whom we Itelieveduh- wrlling td carry atill further the reform m- the A*scssoivniXaW«T ^o favorjbly commenced Inst year, and dropped, as it were, on the very thresh- hold of improvement \ . • These questions are all, naturally,\ as much political ones ns tho Canal question, and the first 1 one mueh more so Indeed, since the public'good ffiao are Liable to pay a^chool tax foe , -,- . ^uitipn, . „ Inquiries l]aVe_b]een inado of .us so often and from so many different quartcra, respecting tho ity-of those sending to •school, to pay Tor 1 the tuition, that'wet conclude the JICW law is not gc'nerajly, uhd.erstopd'iri this particular, 'Many 'seem U suppose that they 1 , are still enjoying* free School system—rand continue to send to School under.this mistaken notion till tlie col- 'footer corricsjfor the pay; when they withdraw their children from school—^pay the bill, and, call ita**-queer free School.Law.\ WhiloTrustee* seem but little better informed, and make ontn rate bill tax against aUnch and poor that luivt started for,tho boundless .west, lie first stopped i w. P., AbiahM, Jenkins, W. A., George A. icn- in the interior of Miehiff.in, where. Jiq hu-cd put, Vins t R. S., C. C. Clark, I?. W.P. f l as a-trnismith, for 81.4^ .jier mojnth, where he j i — -..,-.. ,1...-. -,;. -- worked one year with .untiring industry,, wlien | UEVI LAMISOS, Esq., has been appointed Post he went-to Chicago, I1L He there worked six. Master at Appling, Jeff. Co, N. Y. There has weeks, arid removed to Mil«raukie, Wisconsin in ( been some irregularity in the arrangemnnta of the winter-ofj 1839J For two years he worked [ that office for the past few weeks, which we hope at the tinning business, and then opened a hard-, is now so effectually rcmldled that ouf'subscri. warp store. At this jie. accumulated a fortuno bers will be able to get their papers with more rapidly. After several years of successful bu- j regularity, siness, he visited Cuba, England, Ireland, Scot- land, and.some of the continental kingdoms, and ' \' .\\ T \Z'' \\\ \'^ \\\ u * \\\\\• UK I nitv wcrc re li e vod from par'fakingfif thV* r^medto his home in Milwaukie^, enlarg- ^^Z^™1 ^^%1!^ 1 HZZ It.tool a little U# -ed and liberal views of mcn.ond. things, & mind improved by reading, correspondence and obser- vation. • After he returned from Europe, he olo- aed up his business at Milwaukie, and removed ' froni levy and iale, tor rnto bill, that is exempt from execution, by the laWs*'6f\ the State! The exemption' laws arc generally well understood— all necessary ^household furniture, and clothing, a cow, ten sheep, two swino, provisions and fuel for sixty days, arid tools necessary 'for carrying on business either as a farmer or mechanic, with »« ,* ' .1-',(- ..- -. - - . • ...,'. :ateajn,.proyidedthe tools and team do not exceed low, \jz'the suppression of thelsqilorTr.iffic -The^ww*'\!!} *^ 1 (vfeH-iitlCjIitled-BfidLamongthcj -teller audience could be ace,!! many of the J first men in t the v Wani, '\A|l pi'nent see'MCd determined to art^, and w« Jstioufd judge that something will be iup«e.--The— meeting -admutrjed to meet again next Mondwo'vening—itW o'Hock'r-dneTretice i ij ill l« |iven.of thofykc- 'AlKiut aeA'drity-fivo S Mitletni n a We ^ ltl r n l( nea ns' iricinbcra 'of the TOP\ lty™\ dv «y. and ts|MV>^,4V !Cpi{aU«4, WtfcAkf* %vernmentof hi* -~-*m of whiM. must ofivrtfiaty; f ;'^«ub% PBTU.: t„ put an rjtaaJrfalilMtW IriUrattala to tlie »^.te^aatfMRa*t«Mpartfr>m the !%«*» \*»•» ' ' V i 'r '\ ' mtojr #* / ^ ALfc PACHA.' l«Ma1a> A«|*st 1«I * I .- ., ? toA«a^fa^mt*^aa«ioA>rward. ^Bteartif HSiPlrTa >.Javaaaai TBT: TSTS , Locft^ou^Toa.TaK^-rVVe ure inforrtfd from A vcrv «roditi)bl,e. source, that the rum eipi- taiiata of )k»ftoii,l)iiv* nisidtho sum of onr hun- dred thousand dollar*, with wlueli to operate on our ^cinltture next wmtcrrto cflcet tlie repeal Vif ^heiiqrfor liiiv, ai)d ImVe pledged four hundred triou»»nd''rB«ir>to Ixs ifsed if iieeessary We JtrtTe*thisbtity second handed from one \Who was |«t,lntr> their secret and solicited to' subscribe There is no d6ubt tliatamoVtment of this Mild is off foot, and rVb?c<>niii« ohrteglalitors to liioti out thjt th^/'Hre'nttt chiight lu thesnlire of the v*ieked,im*We' would resp^tfally remind the Boston 'rumwMers bf the snec*i,l*« r of a-atmi)ir rapv«<tneiit 1 ill» inter, by their brethren, Mia N Y. Gamblers—TAS C-We) Fauntam $ Journal A'PORTLAKD CtfitftiyAME,—On, Saturday,a \ Saloon\ in 1'ortlimi wiis scarciied.and aaeeret paa*V iag»it|«iialy ^bntnvld, .*aa taken out by tha^»«wn» > aodJ.lii«i s «mi)tly»t«w<'djpn shelves, wwafbuad the tJotllw of liquor*.- T(ie»e Worfc Ul apillur wliKh appeartd to b« intended to »up- part |h« S«oralM)v<e, but it was in fact Mio* aajit,!,,^ jdM ^r - \\^ f\\\*** twith*Mva€r,Thapillar* of fn- mmmmW**Pm tampaantaamiall'taitiat hollow,and atjll c«n*-, *(*r ca-ld-iH^validUr rim\* *Hkto«5S2tfS2. dapendaa hundred ilimes more upon th* sup- pression'of intemptranoe than it does upon the 1 completion df tRe~En'ferged\Canal. t How soon these political questions, will be- eorns party ones, i\fc areumble to say, but some ^nneof thdiri, oradmo Ptio^noyir in the womb of the ,futore, » v ill, when the parties have no other oaer-«Aick to- ihrputf thetr daunt to.ftffiee. Should that* time arrive, while wo are edndncting the 'jZ^mir, 1 We should be under just ns much ob- ligation toiabandon their advocacy, and sitoneo our talk upon them, as wo i.re now, to reiffilin arl«nt on the canal question-; with »s much truth and consistency then, as now, could our contom- ponrie* accuse ono of our number of favoring tboclevstion of ono sit of nominees at the ex- pense of the other, through tlie columns of this paper, forrecohimendingits rcadcrsto vole for the belt men But ar vro should not abandon the subjects of temperance, educ ition, and the as- sessment laws, or any other question of public wul, simply because, It became- involvedin^tlie incshes or pirty politics, so now, we shall not remain silent upon the canal question, simply be- cause tlie parlies liavo taken issue upon it. We hate not deemed it of the most vital importnnce- and MiereTore have not said mueh about it. But' \\(iat wahitie said We arc willing to abide, by.. When the Cnnfcl bill was under discussion we gave our views of its constitutionality, expres- sing ourselves of the conviction that the bill-was pronstrtutioqal, when tried by the .^irtV of that Instrument, but not so when tried only by its -What we did-say, ean-berfpuhd-jn the- R former under the date of April M ahd numi btra immediately, following^ t 1 * u , . > TWat wa were t otmnchmmisajn the opinion wprcised, wg 'taught pfore' from' reliiVblo whig papers, though tlie bill is iliumed as a measure of .thitpartj^^, __^ , ' THo Aew*ForlHViow7ie,Df last Saturday s in tlie leading cdiforiid soys ''The loco foco party Jatttmiujion our State CoiiUituUcn a davit tat KwbzD/o prfteat Iheeompktton <f our Erie en- largement and lateralc<intt}*,ixcept** : the mrplus (Ms AouUpay (he enti \ Any c»rld!^< niind! will sec nt once tliat this admits all that vt?e attempt- ed to prove or e\er clnimed,tl»uttlio j>il[;was not ih conformity to the spirit and intentipf .thje'eon itifutlon. Botus if Written expreialyifkour jiiatifieatinn, tho Tri&une f\irther sa|s|that **Gori Unor Hunt aid Kia udvisera devxsed a^plan <f pronecutifig thnte works vtgormisli/tto complttimt, without i*fringvig . he 1 Th$H4 off the. Constitu- tional e]og^ There is no pretence hnt that it did infringe upon„the s|Hnt pf ,tlie ^opst'itu'- ittonrbatthal it did not infringe uport.ita fUerm*,'' But beforo this plnn was adopted,43 Senator* re- signed theirWts'ui prevent its passage. ; Thlaf act we strongly reprobatai^aa'reVoldtiohary and unwarrantable inaay *en*«. \ i v , s ^ A *pX*l election waa held.^aaw Senators else, ted, In pin lhoi*aj»n|ra.aii agak taken sent to schppl, .Thclaw, thongh. a.yery. lame one for a ''free School net,\ does, nevertheless, nitike spmo pro- visions, favoring those in indigent circumstances, phd which trustees, in its administation ought to regard.. If the public money received by a dit triet,i»1riot sufficient to\ pay the teacher for the term taught, the balance necessary for tlut pur By the late treaty with tlie Sioux Indi/ns, the aited States obtains over twenty-one millions of acres of land lying ca3t of a lino drawn from rious grains and grass that thd farmer raiaii^ .But instead of handling this threadAjrellljjSt instead of travelling this famillaraWharq&t- en read, the President took occasion 5 to ku it; farmers of lefTcrspn f?o. lio« to imjirotoa* sehes, their otcn happiness, amdiKalif~Quxr']*r Hies, which we thought well \ suited' tftfji*, casion.\ We were glad indeed thatthe'eM iulnuucnts to put . •? Yours ™ «o » ' mini lying-ixrat CM a lino urawn iniin | . A ,- .,.y the hcfld.waters of tho Red River of tho north M > from bl ' ln S so ^ ,( l aen % f 0 \**^. to intersect the north-western cornerof the State P «\»S nnd tlUlt „ lhe , y T '5 °r* W The Indians receive for this cession M™* re P aat > of the ob ^ te !* \^ SS of Iowa; \ 191,665,000,and are permitted to \rem« r fto^n\th\e! i \ lU,lli e en,!e nnd domcsti(i \ \ tlie %? ,efs - ' 'when men nnd^-omen' shnll erwiscimprpved tho placeby prcmipt'mgngriculU '»™ und t ••«»lje«rt-w a i«*. of the DesMoines and' ure, the mechanic arts, and schools of learning. ewr3 _ 1 ^ CM *.. f r He is now the nomfnce,of the Ilcmpcmtic par- |gp- The nddition to the Capitol, at'Wasli- ty forGovernor, and very sure of an clccticn. [ingtpn is progressing rapidly^ The north wing happincs «BoaaJ *• to Madison, the cnpitol of the Stale; has im proveda water-power there, and b H ilt ilourmg]\\' u ™\ *™- ™««»««i«-«.pa«of «., m il,safter the most improved models, and'oth-!^-^^^^ ncss becomes of less consequence ttia So* bCMrwofM some horse, or a fat swine, tlicrt ^illl dent's nddress, in' our jurfgernclltVM' theoccasiPrl. But, while trian and'hoiuli\«f - x>'% This is an example of what industry, honesty, j was commenced op Thursday tot,and tho soutir. piness maintain their present pre-cnn'n&i' This excellent' er n ; 8 a | rea dy ten feet high/ There are upwards | four footed beasts, nti'd their oxcellbV.cl^ andsenterprisc will accomplish. example should not be lost upon the young men of Jefferson. The American Art Unioa* - •The AMERICA*-A^TUaioK, in its promises j ^ for \t 0 **. and ^P 0 •»«% over $800 df 256 workmen employed upon it. The Dc'r^it Tribune says the conspiracy trials in Mifchigari, have cost every daily paper in that each 1 shall wo deem this address well ,»tti*j*8'il I occasion. : *'* ) What appears to in as entirely 1 the occasion, ns anything well conk correspondent to select a distant jonrSai* aflnounjeaiaijjw and performances for 1851, seems to be reaping |\\\\ . ^^_. \ ! which to make such an the harvest of its'previous success, ir enlarged i There has boon one hundred nnd fifty-one' brief amanner, giving no-ldea*wl ... . , resources and consequent advantages to Sub- charters granted for railroads, by the Legislature' character of the addre**, but onlyiMal'i' ppse„is,t0 be «rinsed by rate bill on those send- j MTMTS. Its Works cof Art for distribution of this State. But thirty of the roads have been ' rt nnsuited tP the occasion, and 4W » ing tp School,\ *ut the law exempts, all properly next December, as appears by the Bulletin, show .constructed. I was excusably being more acvtoato^W' asteady advance in number in the collections of r ^ Sy ~^SE RESCUE CAS^^TIIO individ-' \\ B th& 8W0td ' tha \ '° the *® m $* [ previous years, and in saerit ol«p,. if we may judge by the New-York papers. The best Ar- tists are represented 1 in it, and in some Pf their best works. The list of 279 works.alrPady an- _ npnnccd, includes new and favorite productions bonds of all of them 6f. DtTRAXD, LETJTZE, HWCKWY, Mrs. Sl'ESCEK, MOCBT, CHAPMAN, WooDvn,i.E, CitintcH, Rosst- 1 tural addresaca. n ;aihii\ ahundredand fifty dollara in value, and a home- - IEE) GMKOIJX, RESSETT, Htcss, RANITET, Ap- steadvrorthnottoexceedathousanddbllar^pro- BT , B0 », PEELE, and others well known to the \ state of advancement, ao that soon our beauU- vided the proper notice has-been filed in the Gantry, and identified with its reputation in the ful.village will be lit by gasliriit, Tho mam walls, of the Universalist Church are now up and the'roof will soon be on. This church, in the minds of most people, will be the most beautiful one, viewed from tho front, of any yet built here, as fine and tasty as they all are. O. L. WHELOCK is tho architect cpunty,Clc5jt*s office, are exempt from levy nnd sale on execution. . This property is also exempt from levy nnd sale, to pay rate bills for tuition. Trustees are authorized, and it was designed as a duty, to ex- empt all indigent persons from paying tuition Arts. Other works to be added to the list will doubtless, make it at least equal in number, and surpass in interest, the collections of the most prosperous years of the Institution. The certain return to each* Member will be a scries of sir Line Engratings, in the highest ,..,,., . ,. , style of tho art-rail the subjects of Which, it \^rJSf t UP ° n Pr<>1H! ' ty | wmbo ***** M0 cnar!lcteria «o Araerjcan sub- m/ ;'\ j ' . . ., . . » .„., Meets, various, and apparently of great interest. The law does not go^to tha extreme of iB*-.^.,,^ A , a lfae Bngravin „ b y JoltE8 i prahtywhich would shut the school house against afte r WooDwlE . s 6 clebratcd |alnti«g ofllEX.- bills; and for the amount thus exempted, they ' the indigent poor in requiring every man to pay tiAion. Trristees Can mako outthe rate bill nnd their cpilectorl!an^c«!nTii;,1)dt jio payineSt can be compelled where there la no property liable to execution ; and it was not the design of the law, that-billa shojild bii made pntngains* sneh. persops, but that hey should be exempt, and 0LD ^ Am y ovm , 48 > b WooDVILtE . that what-BtaaJflgt by their exemption shtvuld be CAK NEWS, representing a group listening to an account of one of the battles of the late Mexi- can War: 2. MARIOS CBdssnrG.TiajPEDgE, by RANNET ; 3. MOOKT WASHIKGTOW, FROM THE I VALLEY OJF COSWAT, by KENSETT ; 4. AMEKI- |4tan- HARVESTWQ—SeatiE-RST—by—CROBSEV;-6, 6. levied upon the taxable properly of the district. TrusteeSjby.pursititTg.an iilibcralcourse in thjs rjespect,.'tpay, by harrassing duns, through their collcctor,do much to deprive the children of the indigent of participating in tho benefits of our irimes. Poor men wilt hot aeiid to school, cvon*l tlipugnHhey inay know they have«/righttb, with-' H out e\xpeiisB when they are conscious of an ina- bility to pay the tuition—and-know frphijaad ex- pwleoci), that tbey will bedunnedday after day fortuition. They'are quite tpbapt t o cohelude thihf it \is much easier to keep their tshiiarep at ;hpmej..The lavv is none to liberat ; .thpugh trus- tees execute it in the fullness of its spirit and mtcnt. %!. •'<'•'• j •' • •• i iJit^H. l£ N*w:coJiii?rias ju*t received from Netfyork alaage assortment of Sihcr Ware, among which are Threaded Spoons, Tea Pots, ^reamers, &c.j *«n mote than we, can mention, ( of the nehcat style,, and laUtt.fashion, A It de- lifcfti theTeye to' sea.tho 4 Wautlfulj ricfa goods ^vcAkwayVm-s'lhop >•*\' *»<» '- * BjHtcAwmff ^en A HonsE, 4y- JIIPIFMT.. •-- Each member, after subscribing, receives the Society'* Bulletin, a fine Art-Journal of origi Criticism, Bipgrarihy, History^ News, &o., Jfcc, Feinting to the Arts, illustrated by ehgravidgs on schools, iireh fts they are, but they will Poly iin- l-**>W«f and atone, etchings, &c. The Bui pose a heavier burden of taction ; upph th* oom-! f ftn has *^Jf ^n a high rank with the pub- muuity (o pay the expenses of pauperism and 1 ' c . a ™ on K f**^* <>n the Fine Art* Wo r ' hail it monthly as one of our most\ interesting periodicals, No other Institution of the kind publishes a journal..pf equal resources and claims. >«> - - /The^o valvabio returns tp Members can be ensured only by tho combination of % large number of Subscribers and efficient busihesa cr< ganization. Indeed, if we did not know what the Institution has done—'what promises it has made and kbpt^wo should think 'it incredible that so small an, investment cnuld be made to yicldaueliextraordiuajyreturns, largo'a*-their list of Subscribers is at tho end of the year, we wprider that it is not mueh* larger uals that re nnwHd at BynVuse for nidir.g ^ the escape of the fugitive Jerry, have been held From \ ,r wh ' ch ' R *™<k& , ^S», to bail by Judge Conklin for a iiiisdemcarior. It t!iilt ,ne PrMident of <htf Jr « IK ^^l is said that Ex-Govemor Seward signed the bail I tura1 ^e^tv, was a mere' miHtarji' ' \ - - - |j gracing rather than adorning tlie f v -^-~ ~~- — —~-- cupied; wanting in judgernent, inl. .. . VILLAGE ImrBPVEMEBis.--We notice that the I possessed of that discretion anil'&i** 1 ] gas-works of Messrs. Story & Co., are in a rapid] propriety which has woh the denc'o of the intelligent and Wo'rllrrfW which he Is the present head. * 1^\'. We should like well to see thfPrw*' dress v published in the Rural 'WP the readers of that excellent p their Own judgements as to'ita we think it would stifficle'iitly-'&tf^ false impressidn produced iriififwrift ing the communication of \Je#eri»v\ THE IscEKDiARrEs AT tJiio*^l^ pert of tho last weelc are fnltW'j*,^ incendaries at tjtfca, FrPiltW?|S£ pears that'the Phly inconttveiltorlwjl? the city, were tho rivialry orj^« ?^^l^l panics stimulated by strortjjarM^.^*^ is added to the evils of saloo»^H«I|j lar freqwriting by yoiihg mfni »||W e* testify that, they Went in *)™MS prisoner Trom saloon t o «^?;^§|A each place. Contentions »&t 1 i .„ M - members of rival Cbmpanici ^J^K ted to renew the strife,. tlio ^^^{Ji thrust the blaziii .4-The Secretary for this place, T. C ,CnrrTE*. MR, )r, will soon send on a list of Subscribers, MA will giVo an) mformhtlori' «hich inay bo de- sired in relation tp Cho^fnstltntion. t •* , The Right Move. MESSRS INOALLS St STOWELL;. Sirs :—Enclosed you will find two,dollars; for.which plcaso-fpriyard two numbers pfihe Reformef one year.' In yotir ^aper f observed the requfcst that each subsetlber would endeavor to obtain an additional snbsoriber. ' I concluded tliat if 1 sent for two numbers on the start it would he just as acceptable. Vours, &c., P. BARROWS. CatrtSff, Oct-21,1851. Sb it is Brbj, and w^ahall b« quite as willing tliat our friends follow your example, as \Wm what we suggested, Proceedings of Ihe LiWrtir tarty Mass Coal TCtttion of Jen. Co. The Convention met at Watortown, pursuant to appointment, and appointed J. ft. BARTLET President, and T. B. WELCH, Secretary. After discussion, it was , . Resolved, That we make no county nomina- tiPns. Nevertheless it was unanimously.. Resolved, That wc'will riot votoforhientp fill Civil offices,in this county^ by whataoover party homihatcd, unless we know them to be genuine Abtilitionists; but will content ourselves nt pfeserit by giving piir votes for the State ticket dominated by the Liberty PitWy State ConVen. tion, at Syracuse. The County Committee fpr the ensuing year aro Hugh Smith, Perch R|ycr j J. P; Mann, Ad- ams; Joseph Osoorne, Three Mile Bay; Erastns Wright\ Depauville, Samuel Haddock, Wafer-- town. ••''Tficfcdunty CommHteearei to publiah an ad- dffess to the Efecfdrs oiF the cPaiity. ' : i* .\• '• '• %M «A&T]rjEiTt,=Pres'^ ' T, B. WELCH, Secretary,': H<*J«' Sn '^'\ liihg torldi into;t%wW ^ *o—Orcutt and Cb%«y*lj m zens. Two—Orcutt d guilty, and oho Senicnced; scaffold. There afe'otheri^awi We hlso see that large apdfcsj ^ are being hold to petition iiW> ,^S^ commutation of the. '^'Rt8B^ : !TS> bthcr large arid' respectafetl*ni*^f^; held\ : to battiSh Stttftdestroy'^||jK rowdy celiarsi it wbtiibVhave b«aWj|g saved th6 necessity tit ^^W^d Orcuit?s sontenoe hasbb'eh agalii'|*^, thobthof.Deceihpbr. ' 'IJ*^' J Wo have often been ind«ce4^sjy riesrof Messrs. Hprr & T«at^ ^jSffl operandi of their doing busjnjf»{^, happened that they cPuld ^^LjU than any one else irctheir Jipftil^Wi attribute it to advertising l)*??g^ifeS I cheap. Their fttote is in tho itigs',,N6.4. J TM effects of tl from the followinj At a Temporal! had,» committee allien relative t law, Theysonti aenin all parts ol One letter, add tbecily of Portli ru; Qms. l. Docst cWn the uii.iiii Mli,aSddoesitc btttt inactive? Axs.TheLaw interest, (even c laO has brougl aid has induced \that's right, no\ •i'Docs it crea WifTerent peraoi ,fiteproperty 1 Ass. There is L»w,txceptuwo WTAW operate! -atjon. before it. |B,J.Is there, or lU execution v uosornublie o Wlti * •\ ' • 'AnkThela^ if;y6uMve*trjri l afraid, one gooc ifiod Constable any be provide t ., 4, Are there i ;*; Ass. No ln< U nothing to itaffic.. : • \S.Dodcalen «mly- hppear to . spca'-of laodij .. Ass. Dealen | ** shops, except« very secretly ; to time. ' 6. Has the 1 . political paity •fccurt Aas. No po the law; dcat 1, Does nol the seizure ai '^'qiiors? ,: Aits.Confii with .t i penalties 8. Would i aotjRcablo to itbecstiiblia Ass, It wt 'lawshould I I am crow fully answer REV.T, 1 5JEW.BR Senatorial I dependent i did not ret wkieh reasc hi* district, ternary usa liscoastitt '•aewUohJ] agninat the putty. James ] • ment pf a thoHudso ' of fivothd gift, while aes inita 't vesting of cmplpyeei by accidei families o CSood Iff oft TUia V Haven, w determini ded the i olutions 1. JJei intempei eroasp ol .,; cdntsesgi

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