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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, March 20, 1851, Image 1

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But' the;•reader may-say, \enough\ of\your' brain, we understand tjutt: Tell a s whether this organ-^-tliis br«in4s^i8-y^u-*eeiii Co iiitirnate the £orfcho JJew Yori^Itofoiinior. \Mr Bophistrf it is, that n^thave Bberitnisled, : -• gb^c^'belibvp, tocaus^:they were so-brad,'? f^iefihg fi that h?^ 'and 'tHfcoauses which 'aecftreftftl. niBifa%iSX;|pftisViMj : correct deftoi- •tiott$ak%ee,ngiveffito; afs^|eii(jorffie/tr)ie:aggri-- ,ei«Sdtfcn induce it- «gh.tly rihder*^bd^a*nd wm^'MM-. MmMmft hW» bf 'disi ML feTOeKprpinidte jft*eluitiS- i»%errpnebus Ipeftpfrtfth% aMfe|d:itife^s£rymha. wa if& theseTptoMiVamh ferih;#aamWrsI and cause of-disease a$ -well as the cau^e 0/ JleaMt ?' v The question demands, and .is: etitjitJea to'\a di-- roetanswpr;\. • • < -: ..••-•.-',. lJM» tU« ntediate cause, the impressible source\ of all; disease. By rnkiitit^ cause orimpressible Source, is meant the brain in its eo-oriinaip eapi- v city, eirfbracinf the \.little brain ,! 'ana tae'spHiat column, which thus unitedly-considered- consti- tute the on/^ofgUh uppn whichimpreasionsfrbm 'any sourceor. surrplndihg' media, can possibly, be. maiae^ho; agent, no excitiiigpp.^ef, w'lili ex.. feS^'i?.? Jhtehial^r'einpte 'Jot' jtro&nkfes^^te' fluence^djsturbj change, aiterjOr-modify-any. ppr- -tipm-efr4he-^nstituont^nrts-^^ e|tc?pt,thrpugh:t!iiM^|tu?rt of the brairi^bri in other wprds, •ihroughlKe express interposition nndpreVioaSreco^nitidhof ii / 'rl The Braiht the\n dej-iW^oni the Ner- i'pift<powcr^or,-whatever other name we may g_iye it—considered in this duplex sense, primi- tive and elongatiye, is the exclusive organ upon wnicIiranyhij'd'aZ^impfc'ssibiis. liiust first be ihado -•^ittiertp susUin health 'or produce disease, and cpnscqueritly, ?i:in fibttheCouse of iJisekse, Per|iaps thisfearfujly thrown die—this afesurd postulateimay• bp disaped pf its'glaring tena lty in some measure, .and tlie hazardoiiiass'ertL--,. fehdefed niore explicit if not acceptable, by'sta-\ -•*mw few'days sij^e, a gentlemati, wheuh hts-oifficial' •station lias' often seoiv the effects; v pf ajdonteSpirils in:eaii sing'crime, ip be : cqm.TOtte<3^ wtielisli'utsup tho ctjiseraljle='yldtltft in -fpltr 'stone'.walls, did; {whether maliciously \or thoughtlesslyf it is .not' fpr m.eib'!aay.V ante n pri»HaiitLjMnJt3^tlLn£ ^«Vdo,.;-f6'r , their untiring 4.^»uocc*sful efforts fo'a'isiri& h'unlaftity;p.f' its iiHjirehfrills, and'^eSr gen dr |emoVDtb?6 ejiuises' wjiieh* menace health, fjk \ir0ri4 pwesjintiah 6( jgjratitude, ktid no one *aq»fil<5 of l^breciHtmg tlife. taearis arid guaran- ties of\ health fcoula ^Hhhbltl from thorn the ^w|r« of ShilMhrdpv. * iBdtte^err'igliOnWn^'aila. though we. tr^int f ltlrWoi' WW axioinjuw bfliSrilic'eh made bon- iuVus by Jiibli^4hbdtic'g dtThe Ficulty.} • yetWditelafih thoW^ bf,SH,'thfi; groyfejlfiig %JSH opaiditigin. ihe'JcMttbVftrijig' rej'cffacji iind pblbqiiyiippn any of its meinbel*;; for fiulures, 'e*rrors, inistakesj or oorelictions,\in their 'atSa'mpts to improve afid elevate the stand- aWtff.Sledicinb:. fiut, •\vhllc willing to accede tiiis';;ffid Mbipif Tne'ceSsiiry.i'o are. still of opin- iojn,5thai Sfe'dleil Scieiico litis not yet reached the,\half-way hcuse'' of its destination: and' tha'tlt-m* Still bb iaclllta.tcd and accelerated % ifebSov v mg;mahy '6^ its jfel^ble Impediments. .Some bf thbsb have' *>lrci>3y been hiiilod at—: ^Uiersin.iiirhYnaylieiftotfe^ • \ '/: We' atb -taugbt that the causes of disease\ i' shpuld bo classed under two heads or kinds,— \Jlejupte. and Proximate.'* , By the first was ffl'ealft tho'te of the biderqal iinUuences—delete- Hh'iiV'eiiftmations from^tlte enrth-^-miasmatic ex- Halatiop'*' ffpathjg^fi^Jt'm6sphcre--<!hanges in ^mp^rattre^fronl heat tb cold or from \Hry to humid, wiith'S/ftrious others. By tho second was, meant accidents, external Pr interiial,.as wpunda, iaTls,-p:oiWnsr, aicT, \ louT storaach^vitittteprse- cretions, or„exccss or paucity of them; acrimony, in the circuVating fluids, \morbid secrotions,\ &c,&c. ThobeigiVc tlio outline; Wo dissent Croin.tlio alleged accuracy o f tlieriii becabse, vir- tually, e^ecJissubstited for cause and cause for effect,': ' \ l '\ Tlie\brn'm iswtvor^iini The heart, stomach, liver. «Wd the moiitifiih'ute tissue br filnmeht of ,. points tp the inffuchee/pf exciting cfflgbfoisthe\focal recjpierit' of^'tfl'iriipfe&sibnae-- thttopnsulhrhgentTor receiving arid impartirtg intelligence to the- superio'r^Uie. ,\ Wirb*'leading to the gjreat \eicctrfe battery' J'*— ;Ana^thattbrough, or by any dbange,iitterahbii, :'br!i}ipaifig5tipri of this'nejTibo* yo&eryh'iealth and a»l(iise_cah Mike be atfectbd, fliitj-what impels: the? brnin^the .common censorium—the organ of the mind—tp its mandatory exactipris .uppn its inferior' tributaries ? It can only bp ascribed to * \ highfef la\v>Jjbwbr—to the mscrutabjo Ar> tificer bf niys6e'ripti8« Nature inhtt its ntecnanism. Darkness and conscious inability to solvb the- question, mtfBt still pall upon tho Medical mind. .\ '•- MEDICUS. thebodyiareiilso organs.. ,They have eachspe- eific vocations assimied them—each h'Junctiotml d.uty'tp. J n'prforai,'; flow, wluitis thtprimuin mo- bile, or^first liioViiig briiidipi?, or exciting action df esch bf theSet It inust bo something nnd solnswhcrc. \Nothing 1 saysdphilosophbr, ^Ui- keth beginning from itself, hut from the notion of .»Qmb.immc.diate agent iriihoul i^elf-.\. Apply this*to the boiifplexily of machinerj'm nyarnnlics. TWfriBs't perfbutly titiislica and piolished spindio - or shuttle could not perform its required inove- ( raent* without thoageiioy' of an uapulsivo or higher -power Hvtithimt itself.\ This .power is svejl knowh'—the great\ watcr-wliccL\ Tlie'cdiriplexity Of hiiiliatn cxistciicc needs no elaborate disquisition. By comparison, what-is the tbrain tb other, organs i What relative posi- Uondoes.it lipid tp them 1 Is it ah adjunct merely Afith them, and of equal grade oniylrf th!b work* of shstoiiiin^ and eontiiiifingtife\?— Or, iHtHlio great ffiotiv.e'-)o^er of nil Others,?— Ti»e'.' -water-wheel'* fit fnniillar latiguag^^ Is it not, ie^militafy, parlance, the Generalissimo of all;the.?estt There- can be no doubt of this fiict. EyerVfitfier organ, in (lie hitman system ft'kulJo*rain'4tb td.'Bnd Uiider the supervisory di- rebtifea'tidcintrdibf, tho brain^ No. one can act, o'rdbes act, ihdepoiidenit of it. In.its dual characjiec it is emphatically tho \ great Pacifica- \ tbTanOgttator\^Sf alHh'irxitrrersr-^n'fiiierit' INFLUENCE. * .. ^ What a world of weight rests on that simple word, and how'ncarly it.nil.es the destiny of 6v- r ery IhoU^MtiaL, We 'may pridb ou*r»elVo«- Of uncommon strongth and firmness of mind,,but how,often we behold with surprise the stropgth of. tile mind that appClirs firm as the Rock.-of Ages, shaken by surrounding cireuhistahc^«,\-r- Every thought, word and act has an influence. If tho*8 proceed', frjjny the promptings of .pure motives, deliberate decision, and'dliSritoretiiodltei. nev.blence, they can not fail of throtylngTffDuTTa. the darkest -inina a hallowed radiance that ere long will cause that mind tp beam forth with-the same bright sunshine of character. If, on the: other hand, they are guided by opposite prompt- ings, they will bb likely to draw the purest mind Tnto^thelcpoTsbneci sharS and thns'lead thpia 6 to ruin, while a word fitly spoken or a truly noble act, may bestrew tho dark futur6 *ith golden principles that will call back soine;benighted,.de- graded wapdbrer to the standard of virtue which Heaven has assigned for its prcaturcs. How Sopn the deportment pf one 1 becomes that of an. otheri-^our acts aro not forgotten by the world as soon as we may suppose:; they wllriiye on, long aftclrwe may have passed from -the *lage of action. Look at tho influence .of a Washington; an Irving, a Franklin, and many other bright and illUstriousa-baracters, whoso images have-long since faded from •tho/earth-fyet thoy li^j and speak to uS'tb-day, ana have no doubt been tho means of guiding many a youth on to true great- ness. '* V . k * '*' ' •*' If such immortiil-dcstinicsliang on bur looks,, words and nets, what yast responsibilities'rest o|j each pne pf Us. Let us Pprisider a moment, ask ourselves whether our teachings will reveal in the future true\ wisdom; whether, tficy will pre- pare the rising generation fpirthe work of use- fulness that i s before thchi. This work docs not devolve pn pne, two, orthreo; nil are instructing, fronitho wisest §age, down to the unlettered pauper. Example is a loud teacher; He who ,raise8 the ruby wine* to Tiis lips and drinfcsthere- of, drinks deep responsibilities of which he may be unconsciousi If he extends tlio pPisOriea gin to one of tliajouhty poor, whiSh setoff fire tho stiuii)be>riilg appetito-fpr the liquid pbispu' in ^onewanVthrput rand asa; sadco.n$equencepRe'a> : sph's thrbhewas bVeriiirnedi: arid the glitterihg Knife ih tlie iriianiac'a hand piit sacrediiife iii dan- ger. - Had hot sjujncient Help nrrivcd,<more than pne pireoiouB life might bave befehsa'crificea, ana in; MiaS ensew at whose hand vyould the blood of, abro^herbe required^-the tempter or the tempt- '. ®4, \. ' . • « - JUSTICE. Watcrtown, March 9; 1851. A G^od Example. V.T?- MESSRS; EDITOBS :—Haying been a constant rei(der of-your paper since its commencement, alio* hie t o egress ray unqualified approval of itscdntelits. Yjoiir airb is noble, ana you have, nay'tirdent wishes that ypur cpur'se\Siay be likb tl»e'*path of the jiist, which .shinbth more and more «nto the perfect day.\ To thpsp of ypur f^inale readers whb are desirous pf doing some- thing to* exterminate the demon of Intemperance from,ouriahd, I wouldsuggest the propriety pf lejiding (heir temperance papers to some family, who,, otherwise, would not ge;t access tb them, I 'have* for souietirae pursued this course, and *T < ? m i3^ 0 '^\\lllS^wh^Jgj^h^aittiie flupib^r.s \of my i r lSforBier' r 'rive individuals have recently tekgn^M# ; -pledge bf fhe Spns of Temperance. .wilh^air prospects of honoring their professions. Wi;pweittotlic thousands of oiir s,ex who are srtijfertngih^jljreadfai' train of balmnities induced By'tliet 'fe of ardent spirits, tb exert^whatinnu- ence-we-poisess in spreading temperancefarand vyMe,.,, • . SJUIAI. We feel very 1 much obliged for the expression of approval of the course of bur paper, by pur fellow- laborer* \iSarai:\ • ' ' Witlijlie aid \of kueh c6uftsellPrs,.ana thelp- proving smile .of ,our female readers generally, we shaljhojpe!djat our path mot) be Me iha(<f (Kejust, \ whloh'ishfneth more and more unto the perfect day,?'as it will certainly be sweeterahd pleasaxitelr;;- - - . •. l > The experimentof conducting apaper.de'vo- ted to rne reform of existing ana popular : evih, was irndortaken vvjth many misgivings; And it i^'tralygrati'fymg to bo assured frpm' time to tanft tbat our oflb'rti are appreciated, and that any benefitsi have accrued. A.'knowledge of • this fact will tend to stimulate us hi further;efferts lo ameliorate the condition of our fellow man by mafeiiig our humble sheet the medium through whifeh ttrnth may be Bowri -broadcast, through every iieighb'ornood. , . lilVnlVmay plant, .Apollos (or Sarai) water, and G<jd, in. flis mercy, \yill give the increase.. .-y \ ' • . i '.., * ajrointhoisren; York Organ. -i ; _ PROGRESS. .'- ' \Tho \vprld doci •mbve!'^-iaid Galileo,after: *h**ih'p-va, m .*..-.^_j,- r ..v«.ij. »v4-;'jjf3f : .SIMVIMM/. then ciomldetea a heresy \at war 1 with the test- ings o f the Bible, and the ''common aenae\ o f mankind, and \the experience of ages—but jn spito b«f all tlitee, said he,' \it does inove.\ Yes,, aridtheiVotld of Kiind moves too—tiicclouds of d»rknc»s aiid error that have so long obscured it, are' slowly but'certainly dissolving, There a,re, notwithstanding, those .whoBe eyes arc ever turnecl Hckwaro!\ with, fond Vegret to th'e^burjea past, who, cannot discern Truth unless she ap- pears 3n the drapery of Antiquity, -who believe UintaB Wisdom and 'Virtue died wiihthbirFath- ers-^vho are shocked at Novelty only because itisfi«§Wi. t •• But ihese f dwellers among the tomW' txo- comparatively few; The spirit of the age is es- |?Wil fartr^l • ' '*Folrthe%et-y«rki{efo*rnior; MEssBSi-EbrtoM^The following piece is a seho/pl if;| oomponiiApn of quite a'^ ypung4ttdy, Biuig-p ' With if iriyself, I offer it fo>\ pubiicatiph; ^ If you are favorably impressed with ita merito and thinic It we.uld interest your readers, I shto'iild bo pleased to see it ifl print. •-.•-. ; - .\. .'''.\'.• '•' Ji. ,r . The SpInUBirtl'g Mission. F>. is'ttib g'rShUfo'ruhi of siinsofial adjudidntioi^s It••» the u, br|jm pf the friind\—the architect pf . Jt-rtUo^instrunleittof it\ . It is the grand de- pqtof \qcrvbus centre\: flhd from it is' eon- staiitly radiated every excitingimpul.se to mptory power. Besides its'iiimiaatftryTOld cpntroling influence over\ the aotiphs o f intisolbs,fibrcs,'aha all othef.cpnatitnentpatts.iiis toe aokn,owledged ° apuree of all the faculties—sensations o? thought, will, &«., aiid of all our passions. K, theiiiit Is infa8%aHa^*i3iisii!# «e1Jf!fECTi»f*btain, we ntfer that its-'mipervisdrychttract* must ana dp«,trart«cendin .magnitude, ar, a ?f coutse is paramount tp thaWf all ptlicrs. Of cpurse,for theendovymclit of this character and possession wHnirdMtinguiShea^ attribute, the J fdeblc,Inqulsi- firb'iniWi of;every mah *nti oiily ^ldok thro' Mature lip,to,Nature's Qod,\ as thbunse.archublO' Author of thU ibysterlous, cptoplpxi and ;hope- lessly Wscfutible maihrsfirlng\ tball the actions St iuoo-romM'blrgitriSl * '- > ?PferhabsrttiU Mb less flllfienlbforhuninn inves. se^jl&lly progressive. In every department: .of 'thpu^ht^in eyerjf sphere of actibn^-we, bphoia constantly increasing activity \ana ebbrty.\ Old dogmas, creeds and formulas',are subjected to thorough and fearless scrutiny and analysis.,\ , - Science is constantly making discoveries of neWfonics, and \Hew arid: mbre powerful combi- r nations of old ones, throughout her wide domain. With.Diognetlc.'*wirti, We \girdle the.earth'i\ in less time than Shakspejaro's tricksy spirit required to \ac'compllsii it.^ With (ire, water and iron,' we pertdrm' Such 'feats, as render insignificant the' &bl'ed exploits of the Genii of ! 61d-^and we Hie scarcely Started from our equanimity, when We are told that from water alone, we shall obtain light, bent and power, almost sufficient to create a new world. As edueatibn is rribre widely dittused, Chfe ; thoughts \of origiiisl nmf profound minds find more aiid-more extended audience, receive more andniore, thorough ex-aminiition and discussion; axe againand again analyse'd.'sifted and compared, — <lehatcd,derlieaana atlirmed, tijl the error they contain lieing leftto perish, as is the inevitable ul- tiniute fate of WI error—whatever of truth thby may possess, is silently and gradually, but surely appropriated by the general mind. In yich>iait;o\f such an rictivo \ana bustling bowl to his associate, points the finger of scorn wpria^ylioevcr would not he leftbehind^in the .. . ... V i •'! - _~ J i-- • onward march poy£nt8,Jia8jieedioexett.eyety- 'f he will not brink, urges or P«'^sdeB-lnnM.r-^ u ^ a . di:lllt j ]e - e|] .^qrgypf liis nature. Thought, tigition/to asccrtflin tlio true sources or. agen- cies *which ^m desjgncd and' adapted to • vitalize^ ferHlizOiapataustJuathis * aeejaextraordinary\ M4repje'luslrthe'cea5bl6ss afaftstip'oh'it, ffbnP .!&'cfaTmb'F6uy Snaih'hum'erabk. aepefiabneies.--- All, ! to poor^ ifinjtc sagacity and comprehension, mtiat remain^ an jnsojuble^ problem. But, 'hat •iicli gpurce.sbr-a|6nc'e8 eiiisfi and are designed Jbr'su'cti specific purpose, iio doiibt can reasbna- %f b^«yt&ruunea. T -*•; ; \- - •\ - Ink inpt igitomst of the fact, that life Why e*- kt ih: thoi inferior grw}e.a bf animal existence \\ utabri'm-Mi dirQitivgbrain, Bat net so any \wayHptpartoke pf its cohtbhts, who can tell iiis responsibilities? Such influence hasblbtt'ed' the fair page ef many a ndble youth; it ha» caused many a fond parent's heart to bieed over a ruined>oh. One step from the path of virtue! often results in another, another, and •nothcr,un- til the tnifortupatc victim, awaked to conscibns- ness, finds himself on the last round of thefatal ladder, then, perliaps; he Will cite you back to his first error, caused by tlie thbugntlcss porsua- sioh'bf his associates. Some imagiiip that We must conform tp what- everSbciety fdrtiine sbbms te place usin. If we- ars itfibng Roitfans, db as Ronttna do, their, with the same propriety, if we happen amongtbieves, do as thieves do, Undbr ahy such cireatoatah'bc^ We'Biibuld rouse all pur pbWers of thought to .resist'the first apppai-ahce bf evil e^o We are eii- : gulfed in ils destroying waVcS. We ahodld cbrtAider well before we actjfor^vhat appears like a harmless thing, may prove a aestruoUve reptile. If we havba pttropfiiiciple in us, in the hour of te^nptntiottit should' shlnb iprtlvwtfh thebrigfit-: ness pf tlie:ttb8«r8ay Brfn. \ * * Awoy up yonder in;thp skies; ... / • Of deepest, heavenly blue, '. .'f Sees? thpUfyoh spirit-bird tHatflibB, ' . JCraekingtiio. concave through? .Aye,- mark.its-flight; it neare, tlie earth, Ahdrsprcads i^,,)vings;abrpa\d As\-tfi6ugh to'pro've its angel birth, - And the \mission of it* God. Say, spirit-bird, what sookestthon ?' \Why rpanvirbniHeavoi) so Cir 1\. Brfng'st tlipu glad tidings to us now, -Ofthose pur hopes tfill mar? '*. Oh, Hcavanl iny heart njw t^aoh, I pray, To love and know thywill. Thy'rniflsion,. bird, whatis't, I.aay ? Peace, peace, my heart—be still. Thus spake ^mother to «he %ep\ Beside hgrinfantchia^^ # And gaied upon him »r-he'alep.t » With feelings strange and wild. ' She knew MB breath came feebly up,. / She. saw his f^-prish Mow, And feared ho soon musiTtasto.that cup_ Prepared for all bplow. _ 1 - And^phen slip saWuVat spiriVblrd 'Aroundhim'hpveririglieiu-,- \ A sigh her gentle bosom Btirrcd, ' So filled with hope and fear. Again Blip raised her voice on high, Ai^a apoke witb-aocentswild, As still the spirit-bird drefrnigh, ' God lave my precious \child 1 \* -' And then ajgiun with.pleading tongue 5 Bfie asked to be forgiven,' • As to'her-cliild she fondly clbng, And riuBed her oyei to henveri, Thou knowejt, she cried, \a-mothei* heart, Its weaknesses aod ftira, Thou knoweittlio bitter, bitter amart Of agSnyindteara. . Thou knowett too, a mother's loTe, , *JV\hich:round:hcr cbildis twined, Tlie rule which all her action* move, Her feeling* undefined, ' Theiyny eiolt wioiigly eherishea^hoiiglit,-' Qh, lither, nowforgive, Tlionlenat this child but gave him not, - HU ipiritthon receive.. Yea, Father-take him jw>w,'*h*e\ cried, If ifca^yibethy-jjilij' * ].. Theu in thy boapm let me hide i ' ~<—-^^t'lV I't'Viniiviri .-irtiiij,- ',, u,.,, I,...,.. - She \knelt—her heart wiw almoet crdahed, \While bitter te»r» nhe »hed, ' Hironly ehild'a laat breath w\aa htuhed— ' : Shek n eH.b*ai,ae-the:de»d. - . Th\6spirlt^iraUieh\quicklyapike, _—?IaJone«iotJnU»ls4o»^—' -:'— \Which did her oVery feeling +r»ke— ''Twaa thia he bade h'ir }tam. i- maash-the* tear-drop from thy eye,' .Young mother, and, wkteU The rove of Jlim who sits on high, 45^ ! &^B-'»*<Mngi'^ilt»'' Ho.g»ve thy child, a pKerah fidr, Uc-gia« thes for »tim«^-— hard to resist the gflniul seblhetio'ns ; of 'hiS-gifted' -coiiipanionja'ndashewasobligedtopayforboth, •bis p^rseAVa^lie|ieyed;tp;b^^ ,tiran:hi8^h.ead'inid livet; ,\'.-'.'. :.•.,.••\ ; _ ^B^lm^4t4nayjBelka^ii had. tlie \^f havings made' a drniikard of ?fblndk ; ^lanpy^fprbytlibi, cpgnpuien, 'was Jti gui8hqd;,,ana' ^hil.^Ianpy had aisp,;thb rfeputa-; tion'ofhaving^iaaap •the-sexJbni. if •pnssihl^- •* bigger bliggnrd'Vthnn* pysr. \Undbrihbse\*cir- Ciimstahces, the accpuhts-.bf'th,e concern opposite thejtunipik'pljecnmb sorhewhatven'tahgled;' and. it caTne to paflsonedrowsysuiiinier mprning. the -wentiier Ijeiiri^ \at pnee stutry and,:,clpuay, tjiat PhirSliiieywent in^.dVn&fhJ^fi^^i'o^'W.nere-: he kept his bo(>k's,andwhiehcbmmandedi through -iW'.djrty.syiipdbV-'PSi^v^-f^^i^w- of adead wa|i,,and haying. ftolted the ;dbprj;-hi ;tpbk ; a lbaaeftpjstpi.'and \clapping the; muzzjp'in |iis, hiouthi.lSlew the upper part b£ his scull through, theeeiliiigj .—^- ..'• '•\.'- \\ ; i-.::'\'' i This horrid catastrophe shocked^ fibb Martin extremely ;\ f and partly- on this.;, account,,riand pattljr because, /haying, bjje'n, p seyeraj late pcca8ibn|i, fpuWa : atnlghtin'a,^%fe of tibstriic- tibnf\borderihg .on, inSeiisifeiillyj, upbh the iii|li roaa, he-Kaa ; bebn threatened with dismissal; and,,oa«ome. said, -partly also because of the difficulty, pf finajng any bpay to.'f-treat\ him as poor PhilSlaney usedtpdp.he.ibr'a\time fpr- stobre^alcohol in all its comhi|ations,'ai)a her came^h eminent example qfiaempefanbfl'-ana aobrieTy; <. . : '•-\• ^ - '. - \ T \ Bob pbseryeahi8goodre8olntipns^rently to the cpnifort of his wtfet aria the edification of y the Then wished to fake it to Hioi there, t -- • In .thatmort gonial clime. _ ' . 1 hast* rho no*-to*be#r'thtsiprlte: .- \ .. 6t cirtb, tife brighfc'at'gein • I'll act it, when I've reached the •kies, In tho Saviour's diadem. . Qhi how those woimthrill9\d:thro''the abul, And woke each a'tring to love, - . '\ \Which died in muslo'a upward rolla 'Till tho «ong was,he»rd»bovo: She qniokly Hlsed her bowed heaa— The'»pu3t-tjfrdiwas gbha, Thea%ith a heart subdued she liaid,- Thy will, Oh, God, b» done.— . . '••..•••• .\Ttl-.l^ •able-ire tM-.-amjfertW&'il'-•>* i : r: K, ! • CjvA • ;'>'f * : *#'^¥^^w^%|^pil§p^ , \ItojdyoubejEbroj^saTd '§$>i(mci%. aabotfc »ngfy.andt frighjenedi,- :«ith*M- t ; m^j^iM/i it,, ijftd; tpf s en'o'iiglv ;/I ; ^pp^t- MM^-^t anything |b say .t^yb^or^ut\\i)9wb;f,5il|acM God's •nameV'vljB' ^ddejlj: mtsM-^|i|miinil^r3pbi. -serving; that ;}io' •^a>^*pproac!i^hfea ; tilK;cJ^ ! ? falj;,ba«fc, • ajridc'dfint..Mv;ftrj^e^ ! wfty;\•-.:.. - -.•..;.-•. -v> ^-:-, ; -'^-^,-;sH^»i* • -.. -JPhejae. word|,-..'--aa- ^,:»eeufe.':it^eii»|aStlik strangeriifor*;Ke^opfc-,::th^ meiiaee at Bob Martin; but; n'otwitlistawlinglhii gestufetof '.aefiajicejjhe ;-s.uffere|fth^':;'djuit|ii^es}i|.'\ tw;een thenr tbinere'oae; A \ Bbbi.^ofPV«|:lifeWd hirri v4pgg1ng-him;atill:jwrtl« Bheda^hjiaerfjlr^tglotjlkhic^ ateaiiisi cfttiit||uile(:')iltb a*^IflJlpl'a'tmciiphert-i* • metc'br.. ', - '.\ .; i-r.\)^ ;' c .-'..UC--^\^-.^!;^.. ,. ; ^t., wisj|-:th(5;^S^li'Jiadbi*=p^^^ ! 'tptedtlie cjtcitM seiton, *!mdlIlu»bjy:^j«n\otigih:, \yhej-e yp^'dleil';,. ., ._V\;.f - .., :,.,\-' yd.-Aj,^ The ncxtti.nieluliflo'kbribye.r!hiaslijiuiaie^j^ hi^dism^yjhje.bb^typd^hp.W M^|.o^^'>«^eriip^i(£h'$S:tl»cl(^ **' •' •-'•' neighhbrhPpd,-with tolerjible. punctuality.. Hb was seldom tipsy, and never drunk, aha'was greet-. ed by tiie.fotter.pbrt pfspciiefy ^ith;all tho honors of tliepreaignl;sen;. - - * * ''•,., Jlo^jit.happenod.nboiit a year after the gris'ly event we bavemenf,ieneajthattlie~cur!»tehaying! rcceiyba,bytlio post, due notice of a funeral to be; cotisummated in tliexhurch-yard of Cliapelizod,' with certain instructions respecting the site of the grave, dispatched a summons fpr Bob Martin, with a view, te communicate \to that functionary these bflicial details., „ .'.:.''.'.;•'•• It was a lowering autumn night: piles oflu'f id thutiaeMlbuds, slowly ri«Sng^hi,tne«an^,drika loaded the sky with a wfenw arW bc^yf'canbPy ef atprni. The...gtftWpofclteAdMtant tfuwler was heard afar off upprt.^f.^ulUt4lL air, and all nature s,eemed, at, it w^»e', hU»n*ed ana.cowering under the oppressive influence bf the apprcach- Ih^;'tejm|eat'\ \' . \ r .^' ' : ' '-'.'.'i'ftr^ • Itvtaspait nine o'clock^ when ftojr^pfittirijf'bii his official coat of seedy black, prepared tb attaod his professional soperior. • \.-'''J' .. .~ s> , .\ Bobby, darlinYaaidljis^i^ before^ ered the hat she Iield in her hand to hia keeping, \•ure y^u y6n'tBpbby,'uarlip*r^you:Wpn't4%bu lenpwiivaat*', ' ;., -t&tfJL'• - ••' U J'don't know what,'' J^lffittteo, smartly,' grasbing a't-PrJiSV r '' ' ! '~?mmr- i ''\ . * '.\: * Ybut w^on't bb.thrbwlhg up the litttefinger 'Bpbb'y, icuihla ?\ the said, evading hii grasp, • H\Arrah why would I, womanl there, gi»e- me;: my.hat,M?illyQuf,;\ 1 ','.. .', .,.-. ' :• '{.--' ''But Wpn't youjpr6mi»e me, Bobby darlin'— ^Ayvay.toX'suTfe^TwuPMrn^ Inemy ha% arid let jiiegp.\- -•'/- \. \ Ayivbut'ypu'rc-nQt'prbmisin'i Bpbb ma.vour- ajji l.Hiyhtitis'iPyOU'^i \TJrestMrTgbrSiij' w«^ihg-4is4i'eii . .„ . tetfe^^-STaiilin^hea^ .. . . Ipr^olrSfi^aMkept' .lid-extehdiHg^ojh^daiaWand- h'eon^ -ynuire itbt proinisin' all the time.\ ,''*Woll,ae$t eaWnrpIf 1 arinkk drop jni|.'f: jBOihb back • againi'f said the sexton, aijgrilyy ^jlt^tS^fb^H^a^Pto'wHi yonjgiveme myhat-n ? \ ..,\'..' v '* ,'\'. -.\. -I .\Here itis,dariin , , > '.«he sjud,HairidCfoa! send yWMfebae'k.•'• ; ' ~ ' '.'• ''\- v -t ^Andjvith thlalpartln^ blessing sfie eloifed the dooruponhia retreating figure; for it Was now quit* dark, and resumedT.hV'knitUnjr. tijl his rc- turD,'vcry mush relieved; foriahethbughthehad of late &en oftenerfipay thim'WM conai»t^nt ,'itrt \tlTbhigller inteli«tuiil'grades, , fitan is pre- fc'tn1nbntfy , t1ifehi|H&t. Wifh'an intellectsupc, iriortokil ethert-^one caphble of progressive anfllendlessllmprovement-Mlreatcd in the image «fi hi»JIak«f» he stands forth fa living Soul.\ . In speaking \bf the braiA, and in attributing^ it such primary and important agency in tKbp'ortr iUiutiott and;cohfihrianpe of human oxlstencb,it meWnMllyitii^ :«s'tbe'«!d^iiri^ rt : , an«'tfiiB' ipltfalmiijrtows TKese,in thisttnitea or feon- ^ed capacity, constitute the. Afdinrr%e Un'puU iSJyej.^ainljthp 4irmhgi brain—^th* source bf all «ensafiqh,'.irrit«tipn, Volition, &b. It tain f^ti'if; th^'expreision k> adml^iWe, titineMi- whence all ncryoua and niutKuInr-rM>wera.are dc-: ; ABurniBg Shame I Returningiatelyfrem a visit to a Cpuiity Poor House, not 100 m'ilesfrp^ here,rfouWdthy heart ; glbwing with gratitttd'e to God; tortbp dbntihtia. 4ipn of my reaAJit arid thb\ comforts of » homo cihilfe. Alas! how many hontes; as irhaiaiitof btessihga as fhme, hive'been desoiated ny'thp ty. raiit Alcbhbl, and it* tonee cherished inmatoS turned adrift to ^Briilte^r beeoine the recipients of the eharity bf 'the county. Thanks to out wise andltuhiah^. law* jthbr® 1» * comforttble home prOTidbd 'Voir tke'pul^lloM frip^ virtue,asdeuberately - ......_,,..... - the mi&tVfliirlast resort ol'iHb hntoMitb'},: vl \ V.!.: ~<dFJ&Ll. »i± i!'A^i, J ^liiirKfA' knrt'-Mtei&': &le\ and by kindling »n..unquencimuio u™,» .Mutt jitiie so^ of'eom^;fcmhij^ :|r.^ and work art the wdrld's masters-Hand he who hopes, to sucpued without effort—untiring, un- ceasing exertion of: all his powers of mind and body, is inevitably doomed to disappointment, As with'lndivfddals'.sowith associatipiis/ ^BfetH-; rbii W* cantibt Shlely stand idle; 'Because Ve have dbllb something, nay much, tp free the werld from the incubus of Alcohol, we must not there- fore us,8till doniands unceasing action. The past foTb remit our esdrtionsv Thb field ;thatiies bc- is full bfencouragemont-^wphave done .muph, cemparcd with the means employed, but we have., done -nothing coniparea with whiit is yet to \e dene s -- i W%%veeSrrie8ihe' outworks pf'tKb en-- SPiy'j*- Jaurpi let us on- with inefcased Vigor, till woskiili'have possessed ourselves of his citadel. Giur resources were nbver, greater than ,ripw-^ never were greater nUmbbi*Pf acjivejintelligeht rtlori and women enlisted iii Our cause. Lbt us' animateioneanother, to tenewed* energetic »c- tion. Action—intelligent, earnest action, is all thatis-needed to.render this year memorablo in our tfnilnls. Let iis be 'earnfest in thVvvoffc be- foren8,let us omit no opportunity, neglect -ftp niearis to 'bring tlio Truth which wo advocate, home'tp the heaffs and. consciences.pf pur fel- ipw Tnbii. . Every newbamethat vye add tb our list, every ferly cp-wbrVerwatjpih's Surranksj, add* Wore than his whgloiirm. tb thb power pf oureausp- Evjery Temperanceserinoni • or -lee- ture that Is delivered, every Temperance paper, 1triict^flrrT&bPlc^distribute3, every Tcrapbrance njeefingheld, pvery -earnest word of-adpibnitibn,! bxhoxtiilion or warning, has its prbper inflnbhee, and will indue time produce abundant fruit. ,Let ns not then be«' weary in well doing.''-- Havfaig battled llius far successfully with the powers of dlirkbcsa, let usnpt fitlter «PW, wheii com'pletb tietbry is almost- within our' grasp.^ AWtatp, agitater-riii motion is life.hcaltli aiid dc- . vclopniont-ifrom inaction, aUd stagnStion coriio disease tuftd death. ... .•:»\-\ Letthe thttndertoftes of bin^entfnciatipnS'i>f evil, \of^dur advocafey-of trhth, liever cease till their roverbcrating echocsshall pbnetratc the ear* bfe?vbry ninn, woman ahd/cWW;r not willfbllj dcafi throughout our land. , Aa pur-fiauae is one of the noblest that can engage mahklndrao should it prfrtake most fully of tfce *e$iye SAtSrgefid- 'Spirit of, tlie mjfe&# ajbwjdjltiinbst epnfpletely »|einpl|iy^aiitrir«] iffinityu-tiie inaeparabH ymon-oi^ffl^ilk'aBa -pROtfRESS; SktUfjes of SmMb (Sljaracttr. •JVbm tlissTjrjubun Uni\ = prsi^ ^a^aiihV. TriHE SIEtTOlC'S Ai>VfJfTlfitE. Those who remember Ghapelissod a_iquarter of a century ago, or mbre, may ppMibly ; recpl|ect the parish sextb'ii. Bob Martin was held much in.'awe by'-truant.bbya \who Sauntered into the ; church-yhra on Sundays, tbTeaa thetembstones, orplay leap-frog over them, or climb the ivy in search of baits or spKriowS 1 .hosts; brpeep ibtp' thjjjmy^ferfousaperturetihdejrthe eaBter'b Tvin- _d;ow, Which opened q v dim;perspectfve of descend- ing steps losing themselves among profounder darkneSs, where Hdless coffins gaped horribly, \ erea velvet, bones, ahajust,whicli time ity \ tin-heard the hbh>e *ridrtint£*»-if;- fo Ibwld^if th%-\ dark...' -,-••• :.'-' ';^;*;^v rf i' : ;^fe^ft> ^ ; Keep;ltto\:youriie!f , i» neithei-grflbe ;njai IdeVibout ^oilj\ trieil;9oo*' • Martin fteczingwit^ Willyptti'. 1 '•\'• .-•--•,• .,,-• 4 ':••••:• ;„^}.&>fcVi-\ .Andhommbledinvauiamoilgt«e»eewilSgcdnS ; fusion o f bias idek».firVttjDr»ycr:or ah;^ He^^^ qu.icl&nedlils. pK« : $mfaii&>iy^fti&§jiii*. iibWcloMtp hiiowhdcH>r,-Hrider-ilie;inti bank by tlie river side. -.*•:.- ••<\ '*••* '-vt^-'T ^\• ! I^tnl'eirl',let:'nienin:^Pf.«b^*-^«k%5^^ open the door l\ hePriediaa-hemnio-'tliethTe*'- 1 oii'and leant hlib^Pk*g»i'r»t the plank.; -^ purauer confronted, him upon the road; th*prbet was noIbii'ger in Kiambutih^'bitij* dirtcyiM glow still lingered rtnndUm. He PttoiWao'lbei- inarticulate cmvernoTis tounda, Which were wolaah and indcscribflble, whila he aetiaed t«ipioy*a-ih\ p>uMngoUt*,,-gtai*..f(bim;.tbi;hj|ttJ«i'\...! : i U'. i,-:f '' ThpBextPn.klckedwIthallhUfortea^ivBtthe . abbr,abdcriedUtheaame.Urne>ynthadeapairin£ • \In the\ * \-^ «'->-L----^ *••-« « leave me •• 'HiV'puffuer,-,, v -_-_.-., ,..,_... T ,_._ 7 _ , bptUeatfipVMiirtm;baVinateo'd ofnuid^tlaatiejl' obtina |tream of'rhune, which eipand^-'aoid,.; whirled rpuud therja,and for a moment tHey ^r'»ri» - 5 both enveloped in a famfblaie;; at the r ib|D« , instant aiudde^gTistwhlakedpfr the-atran^a\- :hat,infttHe,»ex]pal)eh«aatha,t^ lesa.: For an ttsUpf [.e^rMldtlibiiraring :bp^ ture, black' and •haitered,and then'.he fell'aaniiuL .l^teto;hW. ;9 m *tffyf.W&l*ir** s * ->Vlft':h>d.giiS^rSn,bkrretti. : •••'-*• le name of Gotl Alxnighty,opc«,for.»jli-' (.ilbne'-'.l;' \* ,„-; -',j-f^' \i/'j--Vf-r^ iriucrfyrioAiilyffungthe.cpntentao^lba'f . I n6edthirdly pv'e\ fair.. wiaSr m \kit to' _ most intelligible and autBeritlo -narratitt.. tife traTele* waa aeltDodedged )>f•mllM'Mfe'i&t the apectre of the auicido, called, ^p b y tha Eril*. ^nrtoT-tonjpt^he^c^Hflal aeiU» into a -*iela--- tiohbf 'WJ;prbmlae, aealed, aajtitrai,:by.aa 1_-_ precatfoii., thi v he';-aiic?e«ae«v-«b dbttbSm^ daaky steed,' yhich x^b-l^!aew •aicMWfe'. attendance,;*iras destined- fa1*T« canrrW*bick? \ a do^Wb^burden .^; ib^ p^ i^n^-^l|e|^)ia ( Cam&--».^-'-' -;-i '.'••-'-:-.'/.' \'-.' -,' ?\''X-** \ AS' »ti ! |tte»tatibnbr'tK8;««flty plf UVyWL. ticm, the ^l^-^thtsiitttMe'i^iirfiiie :«ASr3i(t|iaptti'- - doorway jvaafoimd in thimotnirigtb-hw^twa'' bla«U^f|t»i:t^ ioftnwal firei w*ieh.haa ia«»AH ftom ,j^» ;M%|iMt r a<-Jt!,||,^|)pd«^B^|-. t • '*m '\•jL^i'i »i' 'Tfflrtyfee chkr|eS-' i baTe- ; l^n.'«frtt^^- ^Mvi»te\|. ^^^ejr*'^*J^i&} ., , . liapgalyT, ceasity of-diacii|»ing it;tog»the ^e»toiraai«*'V«r»|r 'among tattered velyet, bones, ahdaus^wliicli tim and mortality had strbwu there. OYsucJrjibrribJ; _, .. _, . ^Jt. culiOu^.aTd^h^rwisprenterpristng.j u venileajBob' •WaSjOf course, the Special scourge 'of te.fror.-^; But terrible as was the official taapect of the sep toUj arid repugnant as hi* lank form, clothed in ruSty, sable vesture,his small, frosty visagc.'sus- picious igrey eyes, anirJb»ty^;brbwn-Krttch-iyig,; might appptir tb »U*n\otipnS'Of genial fr|ilty| it Was jettrue,that Bob Martinis severe morality sometimes nodded arid that Bacchus did not ul- w'ay«.solibit;fiimirrvain;-'- - ' : -' ;' '--'-' 'Bob had a curious ihtrid, a memory well stored with ^merry tales,\ andtalcsfbfpterror.^-- Sis profession fanuiarized. him with; graves ana goblins, and his, tastes with, weddings, wassail, aridsiy frbiibsbf allsprtsr A'nd hi hiSpeWbriaTre^ bdllectiori ran Mbk tieariy threb score yairtiritp' the Derspective'bfthe village ftmtery', -m fdijdi of local aueedptes, was copibus, accurate and 1 , edifying. .•-•\\' ' *' ',-,., As his ecclesiastical reveifues were by npmeatis cbn«iderab1[e,1ie was not unfrbb,UehtlySBIiged,, fpr. thb'tadulgbhce-oF his tastes, to *rt»; whfch wiare, atbest, undlghified.\ - . • . ,\ • >• • -. •• - Hb frequently invited himself wbeii b» enter- tainers nad fe'rgotten tp dp SP ; The dropjpe^.Tir accidentally u|)*pri Small annkingparfies of Irtf. ^innWhce^n-*pttWic--h6u^-*t>a.eh^ them, with steruss; qdeer or terriWejifro*^!!* exhaiiitabie ;rbscrybir, never^rtpling^ \\-^ aii acknbwi?4genient,inthe snape<*lwN punchjor WhateverblSe \yas»gbMg f i^-*\;' . There was at that time a certa*atrlbnib«|«b^ hewi SeirtbBatlthaPA, -The). uary Q.uartei'ly Season, 1 inthb\\\\' •*'••\' \ inalled , Ittgi'eek.' _ MO'''KvMbfl*-aaKere-%;^«a'^ ! Hef--Tfol_. Th«;li&]*e»t nttmbirvbf*. ehirfceria. -Am'iiEtUi;i deduct 40&a ; it wiir !*«; mmMii^m: :^«eM.'Ke*lr:Yo*V;'^t'V'pL^fe>VW^\ ^hsftCTlherBrjr^ the'whole State; It is- ral«bfe ~ia'ttMraBiew m , ,ilolHUWWfci :ld:ltAAUnl,«B»JlSW!-i ylth lib thuiuugh iwforirBaUon.al'ld^^l^ared ihxr allurementapf the half dozen\ public*!! which he had attJiat Ume^topaa* onbi* way to the other efld of the town..' . \ '..-'• :'' - Tbejwere (till open,and exhaled,* deliciou* Vcak of tvhiskey, .rtJSpb-lgrliaeo: wiitfull^By them; but ho stuck his h»ha*ia'nfe'p^ lobketfth'p other • Wayi ¥hwtnng reaolutely, and filling hU mind with the imaga of ,th« curate aiid anticipatibna -of; hu>; .ceuiing: fee; .T^ua^b^ steered bis nibrality. safety tSrpugh theSb- rocks of bffertie, aiid rtachefflhe;curate's iboglngfin. safety.''•\ * -/ 4 - ^» ••\»•; '.\•'x'V..;'- ••' 1 - '\ He had, hbwever, ah unexpected sick call to MtCQa.and was not at home, aouMt Bob Martin hba; tcjsitin the lull and anjuae himself with ijiV. deWs •'lattbb unlit' hw ,¥etUrk,:;Th'u^ Uhfoftu- nntcly, was very lbft^delayediand it tnnat'h'ave- beenfully.'twetve o'clock when Bob .Martin *ei out upon his homeward Way. By. thisf^inethe storm had gathered to apitchy darkness; tho bel- lwYln^'tliuiiderwas^eardamong therobks and, hollows bf tbe^^-lOimin; \moTirntam^irid thb^pilei blue lightning shone upon thestaring fronts bf the. house's, * ;.< . ,;' - -.' ,.;,-, , f.-Tf^-' J3y this time, too,every door waaclosed; but as,Bobfrudgedhomeward;^^liia'eyb mechanically'' well-knbfrh that acjbe^vJsJbnaaWiliaifiU'oT^ sbughTtne^pubIic:hbu l M_^fcli had bnccibe- -hesitatldnlieiwSen: lffe-an'a\^esfe'retrinti» 1 fllir c rlohged tb Phil. Slaney. A faint light Was •chaitera'ita'dl i$\. \aianking•'in'*'r«M»fto.':iasa-;'«*f/ making its^way tbtp«gh the': »huttefs kridtKe 1 \\ \'•• '\ ^la**qpanes-pvier-thbr5,bpr-jyay, wlifchjiiade,.* sort,of dull, foggy halo about the frbrit of t jie- •house; •'•\• ', '\•''•/' • •'.;''\-' i •' ,.\'• \ •A ; s'Bph'*yesh\ae]il)ecome:a^ scurlty by this time,the IqrhV in.qiieStion wa_» qultev siulcibiittb'eftabl^lnra;v^ loose riding-coat seated Upon, a bchbh which, at that time, .was fiied uhd^r' tliW.^iiaoWstffib house. He*brehis:hM*eryiii\ubhb*erhi»eyes anu was smbkiiig a long ptp*! - The hutlilfb 6f a 'glaas-and a quart-bottle wereiidM'dilnlvitwce* nblc beside hini; and a largo horse »:iddled, but faintly, discerniible,Avaa. patiently awaiting his 'mastertleisurfe..'.\';' '•'•'\Tf/' ; ' -''*• ; !i -\' TJibrb%aS sbmethitig^^^ appearance »pf a traveler* refri^i^^taa^f jat; such aij hour in the open »trMt; ; but the »exton accounted for it easily; by supposing that^ on the elbsing of the'hbuie for the night, he had taken wlut remairiedof his refection to the blaee where he ?vas howaia«n*airigii'b^yn«»cA*V.V '-',i-~i ».;•'.-' At nnotlver t^nie: Bob night have aatuted the strongbr.iut hep^iiedfy!^ biit^iMmenofe^ geriml'rapba;andw«*»boutpas»Wgw . 'reporU. B|y*t\ 7ire Divisiorw report Uaema J^wMM^^ba^f^jpea.. th|t,eoiBid«rahlc. l«aa : ; thah'.^6.I)iH«bna'hawr»p^le^^tJ^ .adntriog\wiftVI^t^r«^«r^brfc^•t6»^ ever, conjectairt, butmoitpwcSWy trte,^tfrie* ; > codrteSjr^''tn*;sc1rt,.'wb^»\th#^s«»n'ge^wiL- T . Ukiaf'the pipe from his month, raised the tie, aod-with.it beekoaid bka fiuullarl. . itl^*i#-*^brt;^tju»r^ ^pWe'^Maf'tlSet bak^U»;«Kare hi* scat and: ^^ V tb°hS^ ;.'i4ia* 'Men-are oftenfeatedftlir*&uri«llfc ? ^^ap%, bnc*-»topd'B'p,iirrf;the; fdlt*f^:iiid:dfol , i i f^ iJ '' •XiHdjnel^ l ltkfe'.^hl ? ~i^|iffl^l!^ \ melts thcicy -hbalrtj\\~--;•.-*-•»•\.•-\' \;'4V--».j\'w-_ '-J \«-.t . - TOrAdaniVParakllse\ waa home; to^^ 1 ^^ - among Ii|sdc»ecrKknt*vhomei*p«»di»»;* »:'i!;».., ; Betterbyfirnor^'anor^tifIt«»^^ iajtp :hje'iib»fld.pii|e4^'. i thfl&lJlidSI&i^i^^jj^^j, 01\ taoat the be™a*m- wam.and l'ica'n, called Philip Slangy,, iiearly bppp;sitb; tho Pld turnpike,, THis-^,*!* ribtwlienlfett tbnim^lf^lffifto^^^^ driiikirfglotttibeirig^^fi*fiPrFdf4«u^iSB^: plexion,arid his'i^tsconsUntiy requirint* «11- no : see»Mtblb«eihi«cbhStittttfoh*lrncn»i^ in taeJnu^b«tibB of hi* »lyjoktaWdmarreloua istbrlei.''' ' .;,'i-)?!i;!'AW tfvThis intimacy did;»o$j^bu^ itybSrepuiaiJbS.0f»cb^^^ tindrarrk a good deal more punch than waspoc-l for>h1*h«al#,.Qr ^ abeccle«ia.tjc»l luMtibnary;; ;I^lk.81ju«.t^. was drayvn into similar t induHjienf.es , fbfiitwss ;•«& .and Bo>:.i(iau^ir«iIeiife^V.m^ be^ hU pro mUe just« he b^gan to waver, and -<jjh,l thank »o^air;I.e*a , t*4^JMI«ht^ *ec'6|r4M';^''' X -'''--r-''^ -*i~^>yl-3$%$to- : ^f wS:aii-riot^nterit^lth^ch'i&i^ a^ ;have,srt'.t1u*il%#?^ ., Akinf wbri>rtll;»CUh ^ ^.ertatMpttaiiAiaiad^.aiih'rofjlQ 'deeprt'-ffiweiiii'-''^ '\--'-•—' ----^-=-'--— . ;J -0pis#-y«iiir;li diSpon^le^. tlai^^n^ theaew^shutaagainst rauw >.:\ t^l^'-t^^ilMi^^tt-'-ltrlKii inboo*er«»tioo'fetr««h; i ';U»na^ \' ;tll'•.Jpinm•»o^ali1i»BP^Jil'''\\\'''\ , \\\ iri«^»httfly:;qttii»>; ^^theirlatoppjili^^^ g^nd^^fe^ T« •trang^,plpelnmbuth,Tp* th*/b^ahoBsaand,aB4^^^ ^;^'^%tjftai«^|e^^ kebi > How ntieh more nigkt p*op(e aeaMmati*,' * they woald batnwk*itV|»oWto»H^»«t4rik*% •^•M^MnprtM*''• ;•\-\ •; - i.> y;•;<-.v»il*^6/*k >:: . Th* influence which womm .i^'fesu*.* and .til V felt mtker tlun a^n, mmSmSiK iMiKM.bat wgratolnyoar »ftlo>i>aby^Hs»|h>W .„^.jm^mmm W&SU^^P'•%&&?& v .. ...... v - - . ' Winter, wr^h«trrr^'«« ; li-W^''«««l u^inakea-usKa-the'disimtis^^ Iy«Mtc»*Mi:): ; a*:dba«pk|MS^.^*l «L|Wlf- '\\ jsL * i*

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