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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, October 17, 1850, Image 4

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it't*:. very 'cell sbe. and 'per How • •-( „\ a. \ ^ -r ;nd< eneo Itioh \va» .; unit- l\pf juW, '?'\*' des. • will ghty/. ' f°!S port- *b if upol- mpr- have . tt-ex—u>_ eol>- j. cncr- «• leeta-- - • xtent, . dulg-/s hu>i i. ' r iends-^ : hfte-' •\ I ror C. head, o mid $? mutt other . yhoso =ia]|y eeihg dot*, la'pa. ist 50 ill let r T not. tor, ho n ;tli«\' ile cit- raoro 150. iiustSr iation, f, and rid by rd to dioola *%? inlho rJDis- t$the osecd, litops, r next >rean- <)no 10 \at- toa* loiithi Bfit Of every- -but I r. Re. mover, on thp for the uinent >ols.-~ . No, troub- should srnado ontain point idl Vir-, fission sent-jjfcr heard shools; to the eks pY ot>ody •ousin htwxi bettor* ig ev- 6t. rynnd mirth, CuiusTiitK*i^y:UBV!vipiNi-siiE3pAST. By H. G. K Q. JJ^KiHTj lilisHipnary i^theAmericaiiBoiifd v *\ \ ' o|f • Commissioners w Fdreigh iVIissid'ris:— i • \ \I'Hitoiahedby BAKER & ^CRlBNEit,145»Nassau' ^trcet^cvv'-Vofls.- 18&U • \\\-' — ^p|ifc-a.u*tli,6\f of ! this-.wprk-dms bceivconnected with the. 'inissioji to the AtmeHians of 'Turkey •S* Binc&its^cstiiblialimoiiti There isa map of Ar^ ' m.ema,' Asia iM/ihpr,\ andjtfeSsbpotaiiiia, enib'ru, • • _ cingvihi) whole fielfl'of^tjp mjssipiiary enteiipriso -'• ' ••;amftrjHho.Ari})Miian|^ ,,'*-'.•.''<' • ..' \ 4 '• -. . ''J|ie~bo6k Java journalised history of the mi.a- mQjiiiryiriterprise'iri this regipiijrecounting with 'grisat fidelity-tho progress of the reforms, tho « ;. • i,i3tCTWcnta'lities'einp!oyedi uhd,t,he obstacles tol \• .'*;•'\ be e 6yer<i6mp; *'\' • •' \ ' ,. ^.\ -•'• \ •\ • ' T^oi those wjtph'ave'glven the subject1S\chris. , \. . ' ; ' t/ianizirjig;a;semfcgivllkcdijeolile But little iiften- ' - •'-V- •:' tloji,;Jt4qej£^^ lflinv ,i' •' ''^i^snriB : to-'BB^Mt0r^'th*6 i 'previ^g : |ib3e^ \\^ - \-~of thinkirigPnnd'l'beiings ol\'th\e |Tobplo to be as-'.' / ' . cer.tajnedj^ind tlio best niethpds^pf gaining ac* ''-'• cesS tojjjein to bo stu3i(id. -Inimcnsp, iiibriese& guperstUioilj hoary \vith-iige , are tp'be-Pvettg|j6. .' ' -^ rphb.artl(ice of grlesta .and the 'Jealousy (Hpf ; , *• ^qy>T>F'politiearch|e!f8are^p be'encouritfered atid- b^fljed;.; Ignorance niust' be biilightened; Lan^ \ . gtonges-traiislated,- Sohaols^jtablished'; Book's - ^riiite4'an(i:eirculHtcdjallby strangers whos ean * - , 15v0 but a^slight,hpld'|ippn^ the confidence .of'aii tgnp^arit, jealg.ua':and , sup*erstitipus peopled Ad- . ded to thpf e dMcjdties, not unfrequently epmes .the:pcistiienccf• Ayalkirig forth at. nppfi-day, the. chplera,.the\ phiguei and e'ven civil war,' which *i^i^^^,,.jK*iliMi*^5! T * : 'P'' '•I 10 great-work of «jgenera- ti6nr The book before us •laysTBhre^Io difficult tfes^affd .*01 r e6nviiiceariyireader that the 'station of a faitiiful missionary isfiiP aineenre. ~~ '. V A J>pru8aj,pt' the WorlrwIlRiipvy\ tfio Iroii-^p- . minipniOyeV the hearts'and consciences of inen, possessed % the. Armenian hierarchy, which, for rf ' centuries has. been i* history pf ambition, avarice, . cruelty 'and bjppd; * '• _ • • One pj i\yp \instances; cited from this bookj will serve tp'-Bhp\v itaiyraniiQuKcrnolty.' . ««in-thT5 latle/partof August,\1843 aTslnall ' \\body-of pplicegjiard wa^ seen cenducting,-.with- !iUrried:steps,-.'thr.pugh. the,streets of Cohst^nti- nople,- a. young nwiiiij, European di-ess. His 0 arms (ye>e- piSJoneStteiiind\ Win -aiid his thcc'iwas, pate and iiixious; ATfjyed.'it a place \of' public \concourse : i.n ibecinidst'of the business quarter of the-.'city,.they suddenly halted 'y the prisoner ' wasmado toi kneel upon the pavement; -an ath- . TeWTffk\-®itfefoTvrardrnnd-wi\tK ono*\uTd\w o f Ki» yatigliivsevered^ttehend fremj, tlie^bfidy--^- • The ^superscription- of his accusation;\ stuck ; - Mpncar-mfcsiiaic^fxg sucb is still the custpm pf :.._*.. tlieEast--speciticd that he was 'taken in (lie? dress (if an'ojibstate.'\ ' TheyVting man who suflered this pcnitlty was aripbscure individual ef tlio Armcilian natien and pnee of that rcligio'n. His crime was the renunciation of his religion. Th e penalty of appstepy is death. .-' • - Such bloody scenes at Constantinople aroused the ministers o f Bnglaud, Franco and even Bus-' '.'•'•/••;'• ••' • ..-, ... ... ,,,.-, ventures pf the tftird'.pf Dyrnock, Ciistlc are' vvove^'yrith.iin.underplot of Gyps'ey!eunnmg—: the rcguit boing just What the reader delights to. ascei-taih at the end'pf the story—the {inravpl- ling of the (Jypsey's wcb^aiid tliphUppiriess of the priiicipal. actors;. Shanty's piety .and -expe- rience are of 4ejg grcirtVscryiee 'fo his friends, and are aleadifig featurc',in the talo v wjiich!e.a|s ^ho reader to pursue it to'the end when^once bp T gut}. For sale by J v Q, SterUpg, • . \ • THEAtjF>raEGr.'i3E J Srap.ER.' By W; B. BitADi BUKV. New-VprlrrMAnK' H.: .NEWMAN 4& j . Ca,;i9,9,Brpadway.:; .1850.--* 1 '-,*' ''•; •\\' 'Tliisrw^irkiipwh' wpi'k has. been jssued in a cheaper formj-aiid contains arqompletq callection' pi ;^e,ularjjkslc,_ of tlio liigbest, pir;pj5r1 s --Glee CVn'te^Musscal' Sociptiee.aM^li'ers\ }y'i\\ bp gmfr' ifled with the present* arrangement of this d.e- 'Mr. tobto, his .lid-. •See. ser^edly\po'pu)iir miisieal virp.rk^' »Thai)k'st6* .SlEKXiji'p.ffiEffjg^yJjjnJl^lai^ gpoti 0)fc. to as also for like: riiimerpus favowi\ .v.eitis'enrent^ in Qliier columns. Tan? COOIMON. ALMANAC FOR 18&1V •• KNOU^TOJJ, R|CE'. & Co. lite, fornished us with cer^s pf theit Alhianac .for tlio*coining. .year.,, _ I^s \jjo^iip \. in-!gpod.. taste\ 8pnta(nsr much valuable infojinatian. and of eoiirsejplla vis all, about the weather, that \ fickle.damoJW Ga'lcailatipns by. <3eo. BirPerkih's. \ '\ 32 iniles.. 14 * '18 - '\ 18. » 82 ^Sneketts Harbor to Garthago' pOarthage^6. ; Dayansy;ille • • Diiyaiisvale to High-Falls High..Fafl^to Woj'f. Liike .. /Total- ' '••••*'.•.' • ,iy cj?ivoit>My acres ijjfroyiam, ijiint wuorevoi' anyoma ..•Mr;-.TildcUgayc.!i^ory , satisfactory acc'punt'pf cor.or\soMcf ivas iwriofnuly ilisbbiVgod>iu ,coii'i»!4be,W)Ute*its to its'Ieaallality, al^ft as to-the reft quoniJOQf flisnliil[tyintho sur\-ifii \liofoi;>j ,4 tho expira, •- »-...- ..... nr- --.•\-•.. ^ —t )doh ot';14s pejioil,ot sprvi'c6,„14' sliiill jcjoivollio aniopn't joVliteltljttwbnl'dOinw^ou^atitteffW^^jgdlWtvcitf .bTio-JulI ^ortoA- for^wllieli lii' h«a^eiigfgii' *s soJv&Y' Iiriiahttitfj:- J ho piivsonsb. Juiving\ Ijeen m.sSrvi-oo shaU \fV*-™** . Hei«tE,sfEAD EXEMPTION m MAINE.—AJ tiie recent sessieh.of'the Legislature of the State of Maine, a Heineste.-ld-Exemplipn bill was passed, exempting from levy, aud sale on execution \ a dwelling house and put buildings thprepiij or.so m^Mhereof «s 'shall not exfed*-five Kindred dpliars in viduc, the property pf ;a hpnsehplder in actual pos^essieivT- . ' '.. ' ~~ TTffr>^ Braytph^Scrnion.\ *\ • By the ppliteness of A. BUST, Esq,, p£ the JerTerspiiian, w e hayd/becn .furijished with\ Rev Mr. BRAYTPN'S -Disceurse in type, after having been eprrected.and-re-publjshed in thiit pa'per.^- Wo [invite the attehtibn pf the reader to a clese examinatien pf its- greTfCnipral, and practical teachings. It, Tyin exerra salutary, influence' up- pn society winch is much needed at the 'presehj, THE HEIRS op GAUNTRT.—We\' iire under re* npwed obligatiphstp flip Edifer of 'tlioToilerse-\ niati fer several\ cplumns pf this thrilling and pppuliir narrativo'-in type. 'Th^sueciccdiijg'chap; tprs will bprcoad Witlrinoroasinginterest. • GUB NEW YPRK CORTI.ESPONDEMCE.—An in- teresting letter frem pur New-yprk Editpr, de- signed for this ^yeek'3 paper,. cairie' tp hand just as we were gpirig-ijj press.. It will, appear next week,' as alse an original articlo from thesamo SPUrce intended' for tlio first page Onr first side' gpes, to pfcss.always on Saturday morningj aiid the inside on Wjednesday morning. Corresppn- dents and businessjnen will please bear Uiisfact in mind. Delays .are dangerous. » , liuunty Xaiul Hill. , TJiisaotbefilgojift in-wliitu. n prout miuiv porsops nrotatorostpd; wclnsortracopy It 1ans iollows ,Jit it <w<tettih3>irJli«;8oiiatt and Hoim rf ltoa/ twtjt 1 Meet uf t!w Unifctlxbiiftw iif ^IfnQiiul inLo/ujffliJt attaint*. Mc(/,\Tliat eackpf tliftBUrvlv^hg,, or tlio wi'ilw'91 mi- ner t'UUdron of (iBocasp'tf coinm|ssioii(jd-ttni;l|h(>n com- mio^ioncdofllccrsjiiiusiejaiiai or privates,i^U^tliorof regulars,, volimtiiorp, rjjngqmor.iuilitia, - >vJiopeiwinncd military sor.vicp ju auy reghnent,- company,, or dotnoh- nicnt ia.tlvd 'Service of thq Uiijfcd Stntes.iiv tliuwar witli Great Britain, dralniM hy tlio \UnitoiFStafM 811' Hip 18bli <BVy rtf HunOi\a812| or' in 41'iiy of the Indiana wars ainco XTtiOj and, .icaph of tlio voinmissioacd;oln,- cors who was on»igfljl in4he.'jiu|ilai')< -Boryleo of. Uio .JiTnUqcfcStirtcaun^e littc -i\'iir WitiiMexibo, sliiill Wen-' titlfld to, luii!l!i,MiJ.'fi>UPW'>: .Tlioso wl[o.oiigugo'd to sm<-tf twoko jharttliB, or daviiigJlio Wn&'nTl.ivbfvliiUj^orVcd iViii6Uibntlis,Rliftll'iV(ioivfe oiio htiiKU-ed ariatetyiiores;, imd'those wljo'erig^Vgcd Jo.nei'yp six-,m.QTitli»i sui'd'iit ually aefved four moijthB, tiliall vfiepive' ^iglity.noiqi imcl-tlio3c-ivlKtcnga(^i(] t»-sorive»tbu ari'y, oraa •inde...-a nitoiperiod, aiid; aQtu.nfo\ J 6Qi:ved olio !montlmsliiil| •ris^ cpivo forty' acres:, tfroyidviL yhnt wl)or©vor any off not receh'O, said lands,'or 'iiiiy nn.i't tlioffeof, if Itsjiali by. 'flie'niuster 'rolln of JiiR^rteimout ojt-cqijjK tfiitt ljo i|e»ertpdi pr lyii^disUoponiUlyuiac'iinrgeuiVoiu.' servisc, of, ii'-fcluia roi'tsivoaf oi is-cutitl'ed IWahv\lail- i.thry land bounty iindP.L',„ffiiy.ai't t of €oagi^33>lirptp. fbr.P passod':'.'' \* : . •••-.- ••• .. •• -• Stiv. S; jh'ul'lieit.fitrtner enaek'tl\ ^ tO<!.,~' Tliiiti^$lio pe- riod d.urinjj : v!nelj,-nny pfllcor .<?!> soldier jim'y -liaVo-re-' mitipod in captivity With''the enemy stioll Wc^t.unnted and'added to tlio period of his iiA^ual Bscvliia, •vtsA tbo' .pcrjjou-^o.dotiuneil^iu caplivity, Bhallmcelvo land un- der the provisions. Qf ! tli^ai!.t.'i.ntiib, ; auine'ii^iiir4Ci',tliat. ho jyoultl be uuti'tJodV iii ensb- Iml'md oiitprod: fho Bor^\ vieo.fprtlip wliolp term liindti'ira Iiy'trioac'ld.ltioii'of tlio time ofluB captivity^ aad linil sserve3\during eacli tprtn. ' •• - • . „•;.; - ' •- •• . SEO, 8. Aful Sd. it further fiiiaefM, .(fee., That .each 'coinniiHsionedand'iiou-coniiniSsipiiodomcc^roiusicliap, and-private, for, whom provision js niaclo' by 'tli'o'firgt sogtioii lipi'Hpf, ihall recbiVO a coi'tifltutft, or warrant, from thp'Dcpa'rtjnoiit of flip IntoriSr for tlio quiratity of lnnd to vfldoU hoiinay tip gntitled, and ffhi.oli may' bo-Jpcatod Jjy tlio .ivafrantco, or lii's hoirs at-lavtr, ut any. laud offleo of tho tfnited ^.tateiVjfl-omilwiiS^-niid-iu. eonlbojiity tp.tho Ipjjirt Biibdiyisions pf the niililicjinvdA, upo(iany of-the-pub.lio..lan.d8iii.flU£lidistrict.th«ii8ul> jcotto private entry; arid upon tho'retiira. of snoli certifleatp orwurmiit, -witll-cvidohc'o-CFr 1 tho—Ibciifcion.' thpreof having bcpn. lcmilfy niitdc, to t)ip General Lurid Ofliee, a patent' .shall be issued therofor; ;iuthe •'evjout of' tlip. dpiitli pf any comniiasioiie-4 or (\KMi-com?' uiisfiionod. offlcpr, miisieiaifpr privatp. pripr or suljso- qiiont' to the pos3a<rp of tliiiact; wlrojsliaU luive aorved as. aforesaid, and who .8I111II not h'avo recprspct bounty. landfor s1iidierviepaV.alil<eepjtit!.toteor'#lirraiit Bhull bo issued w favor ami enuco to the hunefit- of his \\id- •ow,-who fthail jecblvo one hundred and sixty rtocP^.pf ,|nnd,'in ciuse lierliiisbandvas ljilledjn battle,, but riot \fb her. hoirs.' PwijWf^'Sheis unmnrriod ntrtlio.dnhr -of hor application. Provided furtUhr, that no land jyaraiy; issued .undor tlio provisions of this act shall', 5ptad-ui>on.any land pf tho Ujiit¥u&tatt>s tfi.whjch there slum, ho a nroomptiou rialit, or upon whiehthero Suckets Harbor mid Saratoga Kail Itoiid. At a'hai.etin\ held at Dodge's Hall, CarUnge, pntlic2Cth*Sqit, 1850, on mption L II LYON \v aa't-hohen.Cliiiiiinaii, and F . W . NoitTundP. and Hs W , Wjpowiuf f, Seerehiries. % B- TildpiV addressed the niectin^ giving\.Vliistdry of the roijtos sp far • as -'the survey; had prpgr'cssed,- at pres.e'jjt from Sackets Hairlioif tp+\V'e!f--Lakci yp'wnSiii|).;No; 1. Ele-yufei fr^m Sackette,jijar : , bat Tp Ciirtbagi'-^J80 feet, nnd in the whole dis- tance to Wolf Lake-, 700 foot.' Distance lis fob' sources, pf jtlip.fQrp8{s ; ia4umb,er,mirieral,8i.!&<;. flpf-WttS', i«ihj,\ved. by CflkJEtiBsBifc\ of §»ekets Hiirbpi;, •tJrteb Lyji'ii ofcXyonsJiiip, B. A. -Bro.wm Of Lewis Motility,. 1>. C: West, of eiirthago; arid pthers,_.who ably riral -fully'diaejissed 'the 'merits pi? tlip question; aiid Warnily. lirged iipoiy fll pje^- entto. engage vigorously hi- pfosjjeiiting. the »sur-' vpy'-and hi taking- 'such preliminnfy 1 sfeps A&. are deeiiiod^xpedlerit;to 'sePure'the success-p'fc\the' eriteKprise. ' ,' '•• T'.-- '\ '-'','»' -On irjp'tipn, fte iiieetmg. a])poiii(ed tbo fp|Jpw- ing, gen.t)cni,en a coimnittee. of thirtpon, to J;.I;Q- eurc th6* ? siibscriptioii of-'funds -necessary tp cpii- ti,iiuet\h survey.-\- ' .' ' • \ -• '<••-.' \fcCot-sIS. Samp, nndOi N. Cole.pf S. Harbor,. Oaleb>-%on of'Ly'onsdalo, D.-,G.'West, H.i'Mfc. - Nrw Yomc Oct U Asnn—Lonor fpr Pcirls Snips 30 bbli r > 71a 81 Pots linn and in-Ian demands IjjUes 50 bbla. 6,U. • 5 ^Coi*»'^t#ulfafIdTin'iBtTTrnl(^Bb6V IWun-^BctWr for co.uimon,~.and luodium gradss- Btato and wes. torn ^ demand iter, exportreatrietcd,, but thatfor oust is aptivojmid tlibra \is'Jjttlp to W had be, low our iniotarjons,. .Tho demand an* siipply.bi' Gu^ lmdiatrhotli irtbdoWito., Smnll sales g6W''t.75;'salpa i.1^N».< :!f'iiiir(or: *«2ntvfl8- . and- r-T.-., -.,--.--,,- 1 — ~ , -.,- -...,,.. ^,.,.^4,,, sinatf aales 3.231115,25., Cprn Meal dul.Lbut searco :,.sides-10& 1)bls,.jeis'py-\4ia \>\\-' '>..'- ?-„'--. ^.-.'IS GiiAi.N—jg3ie»t liiarkot—well supplied i Biites li,M0 mir;to prime white Snoli.-1,0? l ; BiiMp.2SoO,rniiiio-es- noseo t,t,i. ;-„i SjdOO-.eimvfliiii 0Q.n1,o2 TPIJ aiid l,ot S<\r. white;. iWO Roiitlibriiipd ut|iri\viite tonns.\ Ryo fir- mer;\ sale's loOiV™riu; 69*1-'2itf0: Barloy,' SPBrcoari'd wantuig, J5»82'. • Oi|HBteUdy f -S9ailibr-nort|iern;.'and aTiSrSflJpilcy. Cornsteacjy.j sales lfyOU^iiiuwestbriS.' -vcl'low.«'51^2, iwirid (10:. •• , \.\ -V;',. 1I . Biittcr l,4a».Mui> statp^ : C3icose.-^J-8«8- l-2i. . . . •Gollum \and\ I^.^r^ew»rM8f: Carthage,-* -W, Nprthrop, •Lowvilla, John' Felt, Felts jlills;3p'; JB,lpdget, 'Peniiiark, p.»Stp\yart, pliynnsviUd, H7 W. Wpodriiiff,.\vtatoit<>wif , 1 Prarteis Segar,. Turin, ' M. CpburnvlFelts^lilla. ' ,.\ ' . '. I - ^±^ > »• The,.fpllowliig, \vero- chosen a cpinmittce pf corrospprideacfl.^__ ~_ [. •?.,. B^anipi-Si^^oiT^r^r-Stwvart^a^hage,. L. It./Lypii, Higlr Falls. t It is under^tppd (hat all moneys pnld pn s'ub- 1 iption-fpr^tlieA sur-weyp^hhli-be-repaid in4hc-Ltion r -81ii»JviiR-6iideatpa i .toJL lurfro cirelBof friends. 1 right, or upon \ entt-anoi'piifeVnt stock, of. the road, OiLinptiph, Resolved, Thatthoproceediiigsof -tliiS meeting be ilnblished.in tjip papers of -joffpr-; s'pn, Lewis, aiid - Saratoga cpurrties, and also iii the, Albany and TroVpnpers. --. ; » — •'•'••• L. ft.^YON,\ Chairman. _ - H. \-W. 'Wmis3ivft^fs i '^-~ i ^'. •\ ' - F. W. NVTHROP , |-S<«feSne S . _ _ . FLOGCING IN -Tfie. NAVV.—The officers pf thp Navy say ttll, discipline is at an end as so6n as floggiftgjs. '.abolished,* .They had better thpni- \settcs'iiptf go ta-\V0rk and geHlio-cause pf ; the NSW! TORlt IHARlCfiT. •iiTtttrnfo A'.'T. ; In Wnfgrfpwii, on .tlio- lpth-iiist., by l{ev Phelps,-Mr, jpiiN I.. BHKA^O of t ! haumbiit;'tbMif\s MjunA.Md(jii.Ljfl,-\of Watoriowifc.\ •-•'<_. • > . k ' Alsofon.tlio 18rti-,hiEif:,.;-t(v fclie-snine; Wn Otjna'T;. Poitr^Kto MISLBETSKY H'..J,lEititi(J5{,,'liytl),of dieRay.' /,M'iyiviffe;.8cpt.''-1.8«j,'by tjw S'jrtv % ''-llp'liutd, Ju^kiN\Ejatuupsox 3Caq; v tp'^liss''XtAKY.-J.'GiiKB- KII1K, •-.- \- • ,' ' i- •,-•.:-' >*.>:\ ' •- --..,;•. -Aitldtaiaine; Sent. 24-thf-b.v. tha'-lloy.-)?.^'Beb.ard, Mr. HiiESKzat B.vTbiiEtrSit Jr. of AVoodville, to ijiss. 'Aitvu^'MijItS.of-tlrirffOTn.ier place:-^*';. •'''.'- ..• ,.; At the ftiglo Hp.tol) on the 15th iiist,, by Bev. J t JT. $te,5Viirt, jtr. IIKSKI* D> PAINB- tb'-Aljss Sowiiiojiu, Cnosi;;.bo,th,ot''Cbai.ripion.r ' ' ' . \••:'.\' MOItTOAOB SAX.B. D > SAl/1 X hailncn niado in tin, payment o f moa- (.ysspuncd to lit ]«ud b\v a certain mdenturo of mortf, ij,o dated the 6tli fl»y ot February, 1S48, execu ted by A liih II, 1 eckjSma Mx)rs)lvi».luVjufc, ol the ^'Mf-Wpwiiviller'JpflirspiL-l^tmt&jaiid;-'-gjitte' o f • «« w MKi'-to UoUrySr^rphip, ofr;th8,tbjnh.cottnty, and State aibrcaud, aiid rdcordodin the ClprkV O'ffifcpi'«' pi-JPiforson county^ on.tho: ISth day of ^priilJ848,,itf Book ^37. ofTOprtgaKcSj.pacp 892j-'&e^up6nvvdiipli- therc is .claimed to-bo due at tho tiniobt ;tlio'ftwt<pubr ; iJioat!oii,of,il»is-notfco,4he..8um.o^oU6^h»ndrcd-awi. t!Mtt^ti()idplli!(ii'(irid<:8i^-<iM!<«hta,.#l'ai 61; WliioU mortgage .wasdu.ly«s8igned;by said'Jlpniys: Xroliiptw Aluiison:Skiimpi':and AbPlDavi9;:bii'thPiith;dif'..of Mui-oli' lSfSiaiidHh'o'ris'siCTniphttliprbfAfens'dnlyre- .eordctl'on the latluday-'of '.ajHrif.-aaSisl'in' Book m.af said. , lliPpreni^eg,mentioned'jn, aUd'tnprtgagCi^.nd. , nppft ^?hiph-Ra,i r d>iiiortgags'is now iVieri^rP.d&criKcW in s'ai'4.inb|tgaao-# folldws-:'.:'* All-.0i'fttbcWairi-piepp of' \land ^ohiity-. of Pereli,K\'vflr,..in ^.lWUftviiiinfoi-esaid,, apd bpuudPd as follows',! to wit i-^ ,fBogumiu<rat-tthb.aoutliHiast. eorncrkot^kntts^aol'd.liy Jluuipmy, Mmpson,;tp Solprupn^alklris,-iri> thoBVest lnin-gmiot ,feo. vpafl lohdiilg 'from :&itioi'* 'to-Sroai'S .Pridge^aorossP^hSiyeTj'titKfQtntAy&oTOlheiiouth usst.poi'iiBli.pt'iibJack-^iiiitliJl^opforrnPrly.si^^^ ' bitby :A,daisonjM«rin^llo;.tlipiiPo.™^ *<Ld 'Jinc;tw.eiity' ;JStwfto' Uwprawfi^aieiriff^brhor P«3t of fpiicp, -ttud;>«id l^ihoricor^'ertli.ailpheima 1 linpouiout bighty, Ms,-to;tlis i cdrner^,'ai«on.c''(?aUr, : WBHf^. •- to-.W-riHdviilp t on \Friday thp Ilth hist.. Mra..fi i-SKiK S.. ,'wife ofWson SiriitTi, qriddanglupr of W jiovt- htSKIRf and Mercy\ Gray, aSed SQyemWancI , County'papprs pieoso-eppy. r io,aiauiUji.,.i,uj:^ s.Ksnsfis^ss: -~ Salitli of AVutflltpwiv'uged\SS^isarli- MS. SMITH wn* 11 lady of great mnianlonom. and, killdnoss of disppsl. ; by hor .blu'istifia'.cpu'rtcsy and Mildness wliipli. BIIO ' -qviriced hi alFtlio Tblafions of life, i As a' wifei riibtlicr,. .npigUbbr^aTidtHcnd^her loss k.dpoply deplored, anjl vlicr ine'hiorv altpetibiiatcl.V eiilbalriied, 'Slipdied tis£hp liatt'lived iH tins \enjoyment of an iniwaylirino; fnith in Cod's UniVoi-sal arid impartial, grace arid in tltb'fliijil tculirtph (if tlib Saviour's-uiission,. \'Ifo- slirillis'eb'-df.- tlinlraynjl of his.soiil-anjl, shall J&satlstied.*'- A dis- potoso^nsidclivercdat'her fufipraCbjfeflie \writer *™^ ' ' •JjH.,9,v« sholl.be on aetuat sPtUenientfc-aiia\piilr*vntion oxcbpC _^ T ,.., 0 . -^ „,„„,... _ „ ..._ with tlie^oiiscrit-pf-eaeh-BetQpr^-be^satlijfiictorilj^ ^flogging'dono aw.<ayv\yitli, and then thcr'o_\yitt be riino. fPmU. tfiloro . itJtif iching sdtirce. any of*' alities J ..oyer Won •est of ylbeki OiigM' could lerpld •cting done ', M bir libs: entof ation, which #Q14 iftJiis rtaty 1 ' fiho' ii:'th« prbjW . .*4' ma, resident there who, backed b y their respec- tive governments, have driven tho Suttnn to pledge himself to idlow Protestants tbpfreo on- jpyraent o f thcij religien. In Turkey tlio,great battlP for rcligipus froo- - dprn-^vag-fought over thcJhlapdy remiuiia jif Armenian, reiicgades—tlie extreme of cruelty has worked its o^vn unre, by.arousTiig~cTiristian i • mtipTrrtoTTBewe of its- nwfnHvick^tlness.— Thoy liaveinsisted by the majesty of their names t id arms that thcGrjuidTiirksliPuld desist from ose-enormities. \. '• .- Numerous instances o f colOl.oedcdatrpcity- which. chill the christian heart arc recorded of tho , Armenian priests to prevent the spread* of chris- \ iianftyj but still its course is onward.^ i; _ >-m _ ; __ . The bbek is-pnc of deepjpterest, especially to •aft who take an interest in the spread of the chris- tian rcligipn in Armenian nr Mohamednn coun- tries* _A^*niMeJiktexyiaUa full of ^luable V*ltlWW»j«Wfi\>' i information^, .Tp.tlip profosspr it has_anj.ntc.rcst far deeper, aid rndTc: lasting.. It ist&ic hadat SCJUBNEK'S,under the Baptist Churchi Two YEAR'S tu U?PKB InnrA. . By Jptrs C. Lo.w- .. RIE, Ne w York • Robert Ciiiter &• Brpthers, 1285 Brpndwnyj 1850. ,Tho volume of which, the nbnve is the title is from the pen, of onp.of the Secretaries of the Presbyterian Beard\ Pf SlissipnsT and is n fresh and interesting narrative of a jpurnoy tp the. Up- per Provinces oMndia oh an ox'plpring tour with a vidivjo mjS|ionary residenco t n that-\part» of Hindpstan. A leading Object \\ias to, dotermine ^10 lpcatipn-«f-«»e=.Qr-more missionary atatiiuis, indMr. Lpwrio lias given the result of his pb- ~ aorvntTons in ah attractive and picking style,— Tliet.beok is^fllled with valuable facts and inci- dents gleaned nu his way, with, ndtes o\n the cpuntry, poP'nle>ptPductipnsi and the mernl and swW-coudjtbrL pi^ calcnlated-tp b e serviceable to the cause of, mis- siprfs, wbilethe informatluii it cpntains jendors it vduablp tii the general J \reudof.- Wtt shall eu- dcavertd.riiake.an interestingjextract from its- pages at an early day. Fo r sale by J. C. SXER- ' UBG, No^ l|) Washington street. ' • , THE WAAL K AND HIS CATTOHS. ByRov . HEN- ' , RY T i CHEEVER. . Ne w York: Harper & \Brothers.- i85TJ, ~'~ This elegantly printed and embellished little volume.isfhe,productiohpf ncloso.observt-wmd _„» polished ahdabK Writer. Th e autlwr haying . apent some months at \the Sandwiclijslands for the recgyery of : hig-healthit6ol^pngi<age pn b'pard FRONTIER BANK.—This is a new Banking In- stitution, ppencd in our' rillage. IIENRY KEEP,' Esq., President. Its place pf business is.at the Jeflbrgnn County Bank. . Its bills,TUw nil other nipnev, lpdk exceedingly handsuihei 'We -sna\i\b«f in exelningeifer the Refermer— dollar for dollar! proven to tlib proper land officer, Sue. '4-. AndIte.nrfurthr enaclal, ite.\Tfitit idl BaTcsj- OT'ortgagcs., letters of attorneyv of other instruments .tit-. Writing goiii^ to ajpct.tho title or elaiijvtp any wnrraut orcorrinoahrissueaf.orto^ie Ssup3j(ir ^fiiy^htnd gran- ted, pr to hognintodj'undpr T ^Ii.o provisioiiBofThis aott\ miulc or e'xpeutcd:pnor to the issno, shaiFhp ililll and' Void 16 all intents and .purposeswhatsoever; iiorBhall, suoh cortifleato or warraut.-or tiro land obtained there- by,, bo hi any way nflebtodby, 'or cliarjred with, or-snb- jodt.-to tlie.p'ayuicnt pf any. debtorcUumuicnrrod-by such»oflleer or .soldier prior to the Issuing of the par, tent: -7 J TO^A-iElinfefho-l«>nof!ts-*of-tJiis^ , nPt-shiuLnot aeeruo to any person wheis-a member pf the. present' Coiigi-ess: I'fov'uUd, further, That'it sliiill be the du- ty ot tho Commissioner of the General Land Office, uuder such regulations «s jnay bp prescribed by thp Seerctary of tho lntorior to eaiiso to-be located, free of cxpon8o,'nny-war>antwlH0h thp hplderlnay transmit to tlib General JialM _ 01Bpp -forthnt-ptirppse, in such State and land district as tlio said holder or •wiirraiitpo may designate, and upon (roodiiinninglniia, so far 09 the saiiip~aijn)e\aseprtaTnt1rifpin tho.naupB, pints, ancT field notcsfibf flic surveyor, or from any other informa- tion in the possession of tlio- local pulce*; tmd uiHiri thp location'.bbiu^rnade, as nforesnid, the Scercta,iy\ishall cause a patent to bo tKCiismittP^ to siieh -»-arranteo\t. AhtljirovUlMfvrther, That no\patent issued under fhls.not sliall bo doliverod uppnttny)>o>-wor of attorney orntmioment dated before tho poMrttrP orihis net; ^^ ^otidtrcll^^^^nmb^^^^ UP lartherirpuulfi; Gapt^ SliUbrick, (jng\ p^ the l>(ifit.' officer^ and severest discipliiiariiiris ill ,tlie \Navy* in sperikitig of using the Cat, and the pf- feTtces^it'p^slgi^l^THnisli^Js^^ the majpriiy. ,pf-tlicse ofl^nce^Tnay Jie tfaccaj, either directly pr~ indirc£tly^tb_t1ie uisa o£ linpior •T—little pf np'puhislirhe'nt be.iiigfoufid^iecessary -Nvhil^at seo,-whefp-tlio men coujd npt obtain it. — Oswego Dqify journal.,~ .\.- .. , • . .., . • •_. . ' Bounty; Lands I- ^- f\ T nE undoMigned is'propnred to fp^ivcapplications ffoinpcrsonViontitled to B^nnty-iiinds under the setof-iXrigreBS Sopt; !!8j 1850, laid forward tho Bftmo to-the proper department at Washiiigtpri. His fafcili- tieS'Uro such »s tp enable liinito'pbtaintliu-Liind'Vynr riaiits4»wi^ld^,<(uid^^haujLtliW vox'atious delays. • lisu'ally nttoiidant Upon Bupli-applicatioiis, haviiift mi agent at\WJishiilgtoh. - fitf \ J..H. BU'n'ON. • j Ay^tartow?irQg| r 45,-lSa9;- - _ '•..-i^,—U Disturbance* at -Jcuay limd's Goaccrt.' Great disturbane'e-arose-at Jenny^ Lin^s*Cpn-i cert in Boston o n Saturday evening. The- H»U w.pnld not liolSl jili thp persons tp whom itiokets had been issued\; great, noise was' created,- wiri- dp\vs wore brokpii,.and ladies fainted. \ ,_ ; ' _ _ Mr. Barnum 'is severely ceiidomned by\ nimiyTTwirieh ^n-st.li'oTbld day of N Hp pTibirstieTaTcard on Monday, dMaru!S~tliair ybmber iiextj at a grcntTiai^ce^-JQHjf^EiKgSr iplfl i?l>bglnhiiig;. I andliu?rc..pnnUpHto?;ly.db8oribeain''.aidPcdbff:tlii8,d»to., pTsiifdfl^'i.ifcll^^l^.isiiB'IiCeii^^Arplii^ -Zd)F«h:>iI : w Peo)!.:' ^Alsp-- nlHhat certain Ptll.pr'-pipeo.of' laiid-ittch'plning.'thoc.tvbo-t'o deseribediptepUSPS on the-. So,t!t,li, 1 'dp,ode\d.by Siloii AVul5b*itria }5etSy I'll* wifp;\Ttp ithe'-PBid irpiiryS, Afbhicvon'thbXoBr.davofMuy 18-i-I androegrtled lii.tlio0erk.!s'OlliCo.-,of^Je\aerson-couiity • .and:8totc-of Now KorK^p'ri thb;ist\ day;gf'A.ugptjj.s-fl. Fbrahfloitf ;pardcular : dil&^ jng, .liad,4lie.,prcinises above, •(lescribod.aro-thoi&amo thisdiWdce-dpiriiy said Hcnry-'g;-Afahioilbi'tho-said- Zefali H'.'Peet., Nb\propee(lirigs i at--lii^iu.ve' been 'in- BtitiitoditoTecovor tlieinpnpys.dup-u^™^ by said mortgage) oruny parc i tlliri^tr^^KidIi^brfc- , notico-iSdiPMiby givpli trultb-^vii^i^^ J\5ftbrsia'r{ : aTnl'T^r^f%b)v-¥br^ Jnnuary-uextfntift^clo^kiQtlie'foreSoiiv;' . * > ,5 * [ ' Bnta-OptrteiSso.. '^ '. \At^iim^ : Sxi^mt s & • '.•: ,':-.- ! •'- -'.•••' '• t ABE'E.^A'VJ-J,: •-.••' '•*->» . DKwfrr Q; V,iimt\ of •Bro-ii'iiyjJlp^^V, iAtfyi-i \ iftATiT)'ty^lJT> fe'SMmA-r^Sebiivo'tlils diwtffnio=- Blppk)\v,iierotlicj«-wi1isBooii;b^reparftd-!ta^ 'teriHiyp'ai|tVdcsiiublj'-#t^^ Bounty XMUCU. _ •. - E JTEjintleniigncitbndortlioirsbrvipes to rill jiersons orititlbd tblibunty. lands bythe late act of Cori- rcss,- They will.obUi%Hand.tyamirite on theinoat favbrablo terms, oriiippliciitlon.oithor inperspnor by- letfdr.uttheirXa^OmcpSri^Vdtb'rtbwrii. '.-•''. .1 '•• • ••• ; ' • T. G. CIfITT£)S]?EN &..SOK. . - pctober-ij, 18g6i^- - - -.,'-' J.\.. .. .. •FlrstiirbmiimvJSfatriisspsi.iGusliibris'imd Olairshl- \yay.s p;i lungjf^^iitpftp^i^rpVt^ -js^s-h. '. THB FBOFUD'S •TORS: : ••lling' oft «t Oojt! T HErsnba?fiber willSellathilCftlnM-sjaroRppm, onbdoorwest ofllewoft'-j bldjovorii-staiid-, liispii- tirostoek of Cabinet \VVaro eo'nsisling of Centre, CJord^ iDiuing, und-Breakfiist Tublus, Burcausi- Work, Mm,, and Xiglit Sttiiuh, Bedsteads, Ghaifs, *c. &c,,.airof atWatertown;' tad : tlie , pnblib'-(SJn&--, ••«,?«— - :Stbro'-in;CftlhoniwBlobi^-Crorirt»fc ) \.(n*n'^ ,ilmnbs,of,?Miiy1»; -18*9, .'4effiPli»h'cdrhimh!Br;8to«!j> wlioro ho would be pleimcd to set his fonnpE^patrtxw Undiillotherssvlib^wdl 'fcvprJdujjiy-iiih-ji-caUiJiOpili'r:. to bb able to Vireei.tlip.d™aiVil« mid jlcnso; tfio .timtcoC _ all wlio are %c6kibit :Silk,M'arivy- mbxct StaplPtDRY, >GOOI)Si\jG-fQCcfiC8 JUs^stoY'kot'GPPd'i; is nil SsVf, arid Jib tnists iycl} adapjed' tb'.tlio\vfHiti 8ftlibS§wopi. I'Priristaiicc, »lHi-£-is»prtincri£o'rBfo»d- ,clotlis,..frbm:.tlito\(l8 ppr yard'. .'Cu»simere3>*ftom - '4s.1o. lih. jpryard,. SatTiiptU, ftojri ;8s>ad.,\ttt-«s^ he did riot acll, by oho tliousarid, as many tickets as the IlaU wOTild liPlJ y atid.pUts~t!,ie blaTne ph the umniinricrlvr eondnctof those whpTaiQ^-spciire gopd stats.'- He offers t o retufn the money \to all who diet not\ ge'tin, \ ' .. , i'heap Lodgings. / MESSRS. EDWORS:—We are taught In the Scriptures that if an ox of an ass fiill into a pit,, it is lawful tp pull him put pii the Sabbath day; we learn nlsp that a man: is pf much mpre yalnii. thrtiunrbeast. .„ - - -' • . As'Twas returning hornefromchurch one; Sab- bath evening not long since, my attctitinn was attrrietedby a slight^tioise, souietvhat rescuibimg the^noring of a man. Tblic night being \quite dark, it was with spine -difficulty that I cpnld as- certain frpm-wherice the noise caine. At lentrtli I saw an ebject in tire gutter, and on approaching it found i t to he a man, and thinking, it to be hb riplatipn-pf—tho-sabbatlrr-^I laid lipid pf him The llounty OLand Bill. . BEr-umtEst or THE TkTEmoB^t!fti'8^TS5i(r. ' Th e Cpngfo^s pf the tJjiited Sfates, at its last sessien, havihg- in aApirit of justice aud llberaiify pissed nn act \grantinghounty- lafid to cortainnf- Jiceraand seldiors who. have beoij ciigagciin the military service of the United States,\ the Presi- dent has esteemed i t no. Jew_a privilege, than a .duty-tfr adopt all the means iri-iiis. iiower (P gtvd\ prpn^pt and eflicieiitpperation to tliis- beneficeni measure. - Idcenvft W2$or, tliert-fora, to, mttrotitiee-fe^ 1 ^ms^ x msi.mr,- ^Thot-wo.mourniritii'docp'sor fhpso cntlitcd tp ihobonefits o f the law,\thnt With his sanction I have caused fill the necessary forms and for sanction x iai\u uuusi^i uu wiu .n«y«oo«ujr *.viuio instructions te guide chiiuumts itt applying: niidobtiuning-tittsir lights t o he. prepared, ana -nuiuiiQii-ur—uns-simuacirr^r una noiu pi linn i lur aiKKiOtauung-Uiuir l-iguis xo pe.prepareu, aiiu jjjfofatf Thnt..W. deoi Straightway, and .pulled him Put of the ditch, and, thaV ate now iii the batids pf flip prriiter. At_tlux. „j ay ed Borctits-and-ftipii] after considerable \etrprt succeeded in getting earliest.practicable monientcopies ef'thespapers arid wotlmsiondprto tht dm on lus feet. IIo> rempristfatcd agiunst the ceurse I pursued, saying he had as gupd a right to lay in the, ditch as I had. I ngre.cd with IriV jierfuctiy on that.point,\buthad no relish for sneh. a night's lodging.'or for the strong drink which mudp-iiimpfetfet St to a gppA-nifdit's rest- a t home. After leading him some ways, l'lef^ hiin, perhaps, to-gohomo and abuse an innpeent family, Or fall again into the ditch. The nbeve is no uncpmmon pcejiji-erice. In- stances pf this kind happen almost everyday, all over the laud,-and-yyt- the people sleep pinuid let the advocates for license have it all their own way.. When shall wc-havc a ? lir\y,prohibitinrr the sale pf strong drink? . ij,, • 13 PAVEUA rtoiisEiis, Oot. 11, 1R50, MESSRS. INGAIIS; BtrRmcK & Co.-^You\ have undertaken a huge «'prk, and should have* the snpportr—both money and kind wnrds—of all our citizens,. Certainly UIQSD Who afe decided moral or tempernnce_rri.cn are in, gepd faith bound to sustain you. ~ \ - '* ' ' I served a regular apprenticeship in a Javcrn- hetisfc, sellipg liiiupr, whpii young, under the old system, oftcii..times a squarti bottio of rum to the dcacen pn Baturdaj 1 , to treat thopreachor on Sunday. __ ,'j ' ... , Such times have been, but remain not. Sp jot us ge forward, and .if every'terriperance triaVi weuld say,.arid-™ck tp it, \I will^uppOrt a.tem^ poranco paper- nnd a tcmperaiice tayerri, when such can_be'fennd, and npne^othcr,\ Delavan jliloiiscs 'would sonn be plenty, and rumaellcrs '(dpn't say papers) would ( bb scarce. . . Tempcfanco men do 'riot give propo.r Weight to ihoirlinflucnce. They possess vast resjourccs in tho way >Pf repufeitipn. Put, this moral- ppw- er in forde, and bring it tp bear where it belongs. Wb^-NwHritrnot nc^oiiiplishT L ,&o' ,l GjBmmpdpro PrcbTo,\ on Ilia lipmewafd voy age,*ajidjui the varied and stirring scenes pf a cniise'in ,^'Wlmlc ship fpuiid incidents and ^ thftoghts which liav& amplified theniselv.es into . an jiistriiotivb arid\ very readable bpok. Tho WJialeSBiOgraphyj and a thousand incidents^pf whaling life, are racily «nd agreeably told, while -the reflections of the 'Moralist and Christian voyager are unobtrusively thrown into the text A n Appendix centaihsmany valuable suggestiens • inrcgnrd'tp tlio moral and ToiigibuS interests of seamen Ifnd Whalemen; Wp know of fowrbooks which would bo. njdro eagerly seught after in —rflfeBrfetdyfirBrterthnn^nsrr^-bi'^ STEftiiriw!.' ' TIIE LitY pp. TIIE VAtt.EY,by3Irs..Shenvpp4, - BOURNE,, \yhose eontributioiistp the cblumiis of iNew York,; John L. Taylnr,'143, .Nassau St, this paper arc so well arid favprably know'o, Snd .- J86Qi^lianty, the Blacksmith, b y Mrs. Sher- \ ' -—*-'••-•- ' — •--»'-'s >--> wood,-JS(ew. Yorkj Jjoiiii L. Taylor, 1850, Ttie\ riame pf Jfa Shetwobd has, been too 1 v. iS(:,v- •£M Jong known to the public to\rc(|uiro any intrOi '\duetiofi; *Tlio t-ily of the..Valley is one of the, sweetest tales that eaii Ije p\it.into the haitds?pf chlidreji.' Its bCautiiVil mbiial, and tbo lpYeliufess- npf^he^pHm;ip^phnrncteraHvithr4lip-.*i^ v »!!d tffliehingisswptipiiB which run through the' narrative, open .their way t o the heart, and ieavo * long., iiqpresaioni It is woll \yprthy 6f h'piib- Jieatipiiv Ppr sateJiy J. C; Sterijng, . Jito'i0s'Hh:nttrae;0v^ the nd- wilt With niany kind wishes for yeur. success, • ' t am, genUciricn; truly yerirs. . •',-'• . C. G. II. Tiie \ NE\V-Y6RK REFORMER\ is the title of a very tastefully printed, tveekly iournak recently started at Watcrtpwri, Jefferson Co., in ttiis State. It i s devoted to Temperariee, Educationi Litora- turc, the Family Circle, arid an independent dis- cussion of the topics^-pf-this stirring ago. Its seleetioris, which are varied and \IfifiSreStlrifi fire innde with -great taste, andhnVe a high, moral and rcligipus witliput a sectarian tone; w'liile its edi- torials Shew a lact.aiid ability' whicji should eoitfr \ i t to tlii> favof pf a very wide circlo ef read- MESSRS. TEmToraP-Jft » WgaeSTmSteat^itmiBm BuribctUittficctSon, ,2ro. 202, €rbf T., held at tlieif lioom on tho 3d day pf Oot., inst. , \ * . On motion it xx^is Kemlitd, Triatacpmriitt1pQ\bO'ap-\= pointed'tb*drttft; s rosomtions expressive of tho sbnsi) of this Section, relativo to tho 4path; of Brother GIOROE Husnxoirpi?..-•- ' • • ••-••. JJrs.David.Bobopok;, Oscar If. \Wood imdSothN. Khriboll, wpfo-apJpintcj said ppmnntteo. . a*n. • . Thocomhiittceafter eonsullktiohi reportcdtho^fol,-;. lowingjtrcaniblo--aiid res6hitions r whioli -wefe-uniuiir moiisly adopted b^ tlte SocHon. WherCus7wo have lipardt p.f tho dcathjof Brother' GEonoElfarstiNe-rOKi who was 16stptf his' passaftcho'ino from Oawcfro, on board thp Sohr.JNoptuna, orit1ie28th day of Sept., Itsfc; Zadic* r ~'Ckip»,4htij^lJ!l<>wir»i of bybry. description; Puttprn Hats froni \thorhos't fashiojifiblo shopsjn tbo- above cities; ahdjjf tlio iibWcst design. Artiflcud IliUr,^ Tjdies ; ttiid-gbrriUciiier^'wiianiade.tO-ord(ir.—-A**? 4 WatortPM'hi\\)etob<:rflri850. ; . \ will be fprwardtp e=ucli McmljorbfCongress, and .to the Clerk of the Court of every County iji the United States. „ -• • » ' , . It will Bo his \purpose to ndmiuistor the law in such amarincnuii'to make it what Congress-, 'des- igned it t e bo,a bpunty totliespldier^jaiul aot to agents and spcculatprs'. v ' . ; '•' Theiorms and .the modes of proof have tberc- forc- been in.ade ns simple tin pdssiblo, ail j'eyerV facility \v>ll-J*ri aflbrde(ia6 appflcaiitstoi.. establish their just'demands.. Clerks-are now engaged in preparing from the rpllgon fiieceriiliea.ts.ofaeri vice in oKler that those who!havenoCfe.cioveddisi charges',- or have udeidentiy lost\ thetn, may 110't do dkappointed in obtainiugthclr jtisttfc'ivitrd.' !Ilid-polic.y ofthial'aw inall iteprei-isipiis is to diseeurage speculation in the claims of soldiers. •Trie.nct>'j)cpvides\tl uit all snles.morlgagcs, letters pf attorney, or-pther instrumcts of writing gpihg to cflcet tho title er ciiiim. of any warrant hereia-r be'fpro provided fpr, made or \wdented prior to the isstte,SlialibB null ffihd void to all intents and purposes whatsoever, nor shall such c.ertilicate or -ivarrant,ortltelan<i^)btnined tliercby bo : rin!inyv wise affected by er: charged with, Of subject t o file paymeiit of any debt or plaiiuineiirred by such .pflieer-or-soldlet.priQi^ti^ieJsauing. of the .raik. ent.\ . ,.• : - y • -\ . In his jugment the istmi cpnteinplated i n the •\bndy pf\ thp abpve recited clause of th e law is the issue of the patent. Cousenueiitiy allsdlcs transi- fers, assignments and incumbrances ofsoldicrs? Jahd olaims,'atQ vpicl) and.will be d(sregarded_J>y the (jpvcrmeivt Spcfiulafors are thereferc admo- nished that thoy can '-'acquire no ( right by pjuxluise ivhich will be recognised by tills Iloparfment I feel it to bp m y duty tP-Avarn tiro frank and- qpiitiding'Boldicr agailSt tho actB and- idoviecs of agents who will seek-to csnggeratc1 thedifficulties; ef obtaining the laud in order fe.\cnBqnce their ^w7rUs'\wit^^^ ilfnot be taken as iritrriding ortrTublesopie. among the arelm^othe^coui^y, lu.mneca. rpw tho loss pf jpur beloved.Brbther. who TsWthus by nistroltc of Divirio Providence, early iuiiforomoved from our midst aj f calleil to pass through thp dark valle j of death from- -whence no traveller roturns. Jienelml, Thnt^o*- deeply sj-mpatbisc .wifrf-tho-bc* ' \ ipiia^or_onrJuSSaM4.Bf^her, thorn our.lipnrtfelt'flyriiprithieS in this, tli'eiraffliction,.,,,.. . .=- .^„ — '-. j5Wm«; That ire -will AttonU with tho rolntird* „^ ; --;«—r „ - ;. -5. ,.» • when the tiineis aiipomtcd^io-fiiiieralacrvicc&ofpur' -<?.epgrapli}'^einK WMIlection. of platpsprcparei deceased Brotheiwithniferjppnatp badges of .mourn- bripatni^iai&pf thbjvorld^ and countrioa firmi In*. \ * , —i=5c— '^- ' jB«»Jiy<i, That n copy'of tlio* above Eesolrifiohs,\ bo ^ L , ^ MKHoinwpWlMHleceiBed;' On motion, it vtaJiitolrfd, That tlicso Resolutions bopiiblishoditt-thoKbwYort'Eofo-nier. *-.' • JOHK BUUKE, W. A. ;.'Osp..ui ST. \ \ta6v ,, Seojty. ,'*.-. Vchool Convention l TWeTVlon , 2El)f^o^aTrEd^ aro respect- fully'rcqu'estjid. tb irieet at the Court Hoiise' in \the village <jf Wdtertowni ott'.Tuesday the 23d inst, at onop'islQckl?. M. jo fake iiito.censidpra-.. tien the. wisest-\and best .coursie to b e pursued at the * coming election; in' relation to the- School Ljftv-now-:j»ndiiig4)efbre--the-pepplo. \ < • A Convention of the Town Superintendents will be held, i n the-villagp on' the': sa-ne;.day, hha 1 they \vill 3j)uTjtlossl.y participate i n the delibera- tions pf iho geheraT'cbhycritipn. % A* least three dcl'egntes from'eachtowti would-bedpsirable?«nd- as tnimy tore jis MrieenveriferfllyattenpU Tri the \midst of couhsdl there is safety. I * IKGALL^, J;:RU,1|,'jE^ERKHiS, IoHk J'iiKv.J.R., , , JoHNrWlNStOWt- WatertrJ\«aj Octpber-i4i 185Q. ors in flfoftherii New-York, The last ririmlier announces that Wit, OLANB seaout pf ten the only proof required \Vill bo o f the identity of the\ applicant, or -oi marriagp and. \viddwhoPd , or helrsjiip. Thcseairc facts rpadity proved, arid, the difl|oulties'wi!|, in most cases, be ineroly nominal, Aftd, to\ rctriQvp;.^vcii these slight obstacles, and t o give ijioret'ul| and coui- pleto effect to the niuninceiicci pf, tBe Crbvcrn.-; ;hriiit, 1 bog leave respectfully t o rcc'pmmend to the proper authoritfes of eacli county and tpWfi- sjiip. to-etuployji suitable' agent, at the exporisc. ef the opunty;tnsuporVisc thcpTr^pfinitjon of the applications and, pfilofs pfi clainiiuits; ^T'e'g- riorantand unwary would thus J>e protected. frOiu irripositlpn, thepppr soldier* from bunions they are unable te.,bcar, and the (Sbveriiment frem iiriany cinbarrasshierits which may result from of \vhose reputation as a poet, a s weil 1 a a scliol- arly pfPse^vriteriri gonbril} Hteriitujro w'6- need not sppa'it, is identified with the RefomeT «s As* socinteEHUor. ' Wwire assured tliat such anac^ .epssibn will bo of iio small value to tho press, arid we heartily wish- for it tho abunHgnt siicccss whifeh its wkte iind importarit sphere,, tfS Well: JIS jts own merits, Plight. to irlsufe.^-2V(Sio York Christian Tnielligciicer. It isateted, that pn tho kh hist. Mr. P:T. Mt- niim, giivo Jlicjoo, (the aceoiid thpiisimd hp 1ms given them) to tho. religiphs spcioiy whoso church wtis buriled in April -l«s^ at (Bridgopprf, Corip.j.fdr the purpose of rfibtiildiiiigiti \ tlio n\v.k\vardriess of irieompetc.iit agents. In porictusien, I desire to siiy that great care vHllhc usedteguard againstUTtHueTSfefefWega pfpno class pf hpplicajitif over\ ||Wftthef.' Witii tliis view, at, tiie proper tliixo a s'riftiefent nj.tmber of elerks wiUbe oinptoycd. to isstto the certifi- cates with the least possiHiiq delay,-so that idl tiiay hovp ah, equal.phaiiee of iiiiiking adVanta-- gcoius iocatipns. - * \ , - •••• ALEX.H. II.pTUAR?r, 4; Secretary pi the t Jiiteripr. -, ^-flleavy Itafik Kobliery. Tiie Albairy JEvoriing, \Jotininl \of Sattrrdajr, Says that throe ppllce fllHcefs arfiin tliat pity jri pursuit pf nn oflicer of prte of the QripBetS: Bunks; who i s said t o liavc^idtesnilied \vith some'; £lO;000 Of the.,mpne^pf-tlio.idiinfo He \y«s- seen in-Trpy on Siinday: eyefjliig. JEDEDliRvWlKSSOwT HEKRSTORVIS. \MOSES\ EANES , SpfcpN MASSEIT K. E.Bicosr, JLTSND'R H. BBOWH, A. P..SIGODRSI r. '^-' MfiS.' MORGAN'S ~ raihionable HUlin»rT •ataUUhmeat J \> %tJl£MOJlbAN would'hivito.fhp ftfjentipriflf her JJlfoiTOPrnafrous'tol'ipr stock of thp riPlicstMiUinbry ever brought to \WotortpWn which lias bbcri selected —herfVomthTFlirtcst imputations to*0»r^oi*«lid-t Zflji-^/yi SW' <\><* nlctti pcr.vard. - TivopdH,\ irpm is/fld.to 6».'pcr3rittd. -J6»r- i,u- pets\ iroiii Js, to fa ,por^j ! arp\ Shoptu^, frQiri;8 i i-2 . f*r ^ •as^aoT^^t^r-yard^Blcached^o^^toih S 1-2-cte.. '-^-- tols.p«r t yard. Tn)Kiug, froni KbteytoH,pcfViipl, ' MuslindeslaihcS; from (Sd.'tP 2s.?pbryardj, Mcri- .npoStflflnvSs. B3.to43, pcr.yardi \\.,'• \. \* Aliwpj^Ve*'' 00 \!' 01 !\ otlibf. tlun^-Inprppwttbii. MWTJTBtJLOArLOnU. - -.-- : - - H«w Killiniry OoocU. . . - \ M ESi KEWCOMB, would inform the tndiosof . Watertown and vicinity, Unit she lias just return- ed front New Yprk, with all tho-varieties of Fashions : in BONNETS.and.OAI'Sifdc tho seflson.ipgetherwitlt alorirostQcltof Ihllinery 6oods. $* - WatertoTCii; OeTbberlirffiSO.:- '.'.';. 8 \ Th e Alpine Glee Singer! A Complete collection of sppidar'llnsfo infljarf vocal part8,.for choirs, MnRing classes, and musical sp- -ciaties,Jjy yf- B. Bradbury, clioap^cdittdn.\ scliwls, K u\n!f. _ 1^»£^f5te*prathor^M^ JIul0S,jg£L~ '..•'• v- \\ . '- ' - jVC<v5*« Mrppina, Plata, dcKljrnod Ar lcnrii«™ Jn- .bbgrapliy^einK ajpalloctioiv of plates prcpired^do- lmPtttui(Mna]W of thb world; and, cburitries lormuijits p'rincipol divisions;';~ ' \ - \ ' .: . •' ' \ .Sptelqelu} i.theif-usea'and abuscs.innong;aiid.Jbaft _Jh-additiba to-tho-above,.I aiivconstautly.'rccpirijie'- - now works, all of which jihttl£ub'soliat'tlib,loVsiii -CttShp;ncci. 1L SCKlB^j-nliaertl^P^eliUrCh. 0i* MtrbtTfOt flio Jtauhtainecr or UioAtl»,.by II' SiMityo, M'if. . •! \ - .-,'' .- , .''*'?\.:-'• rf^fium^sf Artists and AtnttUvhyin OUPdintmg) %;ruj.ojiiiupiit Artist - • ' MbnWlfof :0a.ty*j£ WtoAkWtoE , Kbnnpav.. ,'*hc dbbve-psf siilo by J. CI gT^SIirJSrG^ T o , Np.Xp'jPaddoplt'sBlppk.'; '.\.- . ;' •;.',. •hall Wm. I- OUn^m^ XiWikM \SI. SlitPliolanahy-ndpiiKinfewiU speslc in referenco to \tliis Pntornfiao «nd inJt8-boh«If »s foll6»;s\ Atisftri^ville-JtPrioirEvordnijOct. 'HtX-. DepauviUe, TaeMity; Evo'niirig October H3L\ ThTCb,niaeBay>\ctoc%d»y Everiirig' October 2»d, Limorick, ThurguWEvprinig October 2«b s lrat«rtowri,Fridui«Evonirig October 2oth, \. feiii^ylivciJnfz^oteber-ag^—-—r-i— A goiiernl meeting for thonprthpartof thoiconnty will bo liold at tho Stpno Mills Oct, Z2d at! o'cl ocV I* M;. Fpr tho\ Sbnthpart of fhb county itt Adiuris Octo- 4»r SOth, «tioiclppk^Jtt,^T.hcjUallifea afeensi thp lato-action-of Cpneress smrrossion and yiblntipr of the CWustitiitioii, JpsucGiau&Xiborty. LrtaU aUciut • . .-,-- - •- . . v ' H-:SM1TII tUtinot an^ Two«a MinnftetoryT • ;L -r- J C< DiaREAV'liS, J..EIJDifeR, &3: KIlitMKB, ©• hajfiiig fonnod-n^co^parhicrsliip in tho Mraiufap- fiirinir business, undof tlipflrin of S. U. GUEAYES & CO- and birodthb building and machinery, wlu'ch tbey luive bccW bt-greiit Ckpense in jittmg up,-), lately bceupipd by Mcssre. Stillftnj fe^aiv'yor. bad door west of F'aifb'nnW Tiiimefc imTkno\™ds tho \Wiltiains' Woolen Stills, -where, will he found ab-«ll-tiiii»a Bood- andextensive asSortuient.of v • ' V- arWTBBDH AND »ATXXBT», -, wnTcli will \bb Jbldwl'iolcsTdSTmi joteil;. B^SEgemoly , lpyvpricos. Froin apracU«il:knowlc!l^\Pf;trr^ ; bnsir -nosSi.andUa\rsW^attcnUon^ta#vWfl«ttox:ou^^ 'tliatwpcantiianufiibtdfaclothsa» gboU-iuidiis cheap as can.-bo purcTi%edin,Nowyork. - » \ - w—~- Sorcbante^ aiidircrbliarit J-TailOrs^ would find, itto their int<;rc*t to coll arid examine'bur\ stock sfgpods and prices before purtiiosing clsowbcro , Farmers mid othcrspvhomaj ha\c-wool thoy Wbuld hko manutictuTCd, would mttko 25 ptr ttrtt yby leltinit usmanulaetiuo it on shares or by tho y«rd Peddjcrr will nlw avs find n cash innrRctTor their broken wool Woof wonted, for which we will pay tho caeh. \\ ' S*D (?KldviS&C o Watertowfi, Otttikri, 1850 The Dulcimer, A Now collection of Church Music by J. B. Wood bury, A new supply J-^ffa&MjM. VtM BHWOtMMW, ~ TUST rccoiv«dk I'ncc *(t 75,£iisli,J»r doicn —Kc^ #J uulJifijis^: KN0A\I?£0N7KIOEa&T:0^ \Watertown Ott 8,18o0 ' ' p-T-r T>BOXV Medical Jumprudoncc, 8d Editien, Vol JLll^UStt^aycdby 5 J C STOJIJNG —' Election Notice. . ,•,. 1 , i)jsrieicT.No?l*3,Sv,orT Tliescvpral Divisions of the Order coinprisirig Dist ITS. nro hcrobj: notified thiit an Election will bo lleld at tho Division !8obin..bt tho Wiatprtown Divisions, on Monday evening, the Stat mstCj at 6 1-2 o'clock, for tbo sclpotion of a & <3. ^. ^- for Said district, the tonri of Bcrvinp o 1 'H'\ f\*\*:J5«iKn«»aiB«iai»ciii g -jY- pired by limitation. A general attendance of oil bntitled to vote, Is do- sired; fapLON MASSEY, B,G-.W.E.,of Distim.. . •WatPrtownLOft; V> J850. \ tgr Thp I)istrictis cbmpoipd ofMormng SUr Div., 166, JIcridiiiii-Div:, 80S; Kodumt Star: VH , 081, ..i ... —. ih yj tho.soyenuvW; Ps »nd BrPwnvulo IHvi, 860^ al IK Wilts nro entitlcd;tb « vbtp. >Vatertow» Market. \tg-oOporpwt .-$8 QOpcrbbI -Hour, siniortixtraf . . , - .'Kebroiiipij> '•; , -MB- • •\ Spriii|.\Wlicdt_ S -50 Spring IVhpJiiiporbiSKo^;' Winter'Wuw^orbush.- \ ;Corn.' .- : i**-i '- Oatslpbr bilsUoh 25 BnttcrT' , . 18 ClieesP, I . 5 ?M • s • • I iggs^pordpwsii, 9 Apples pP(1>tMiholj 18* -.Beiiriepcrbiiehol. 75 Barley per Basliel, • -60 Pork, pb* barrel.' ; a a . a, ' *(* a «• a a , a .5 50 ..6_0L 80 \1 00 «t 35 • 8 lo 50 81 \ 58 12 00 cte , eiirVs«4h%'fev7dft^te •the Worksi'of God iuiiohgUneArtrienlaris'df Turlce}', ^-by-H. G. OVDtright^ajMiouaVy, * f ui<^ Al*eric«o 1 TBoordi-,'-' •-..,. '-- . t-;.', ••?-'. : ---.-- ''.>-.'-'•• •'•» Milton's Parodisp Lost, with notes, by B«v. J . K< Boyd ho Mly. aiid tho Toturri,. by-W. 0iSlififfibiii,-«iitbbr . - of Ycmnsscp, Mfeof ifcoriorii-Ae.:' • :V J .'.\ -.*'\ -i, IFbmaii's Fripndship, by : Grjseb Agnilor^ suUior'of • r.-nmnojiinucnot^*e.— --^J- — --i i_.:- : j'»«);b';' -•*»'.,. xxowxiroHytnoara I.:,\\VK.NOW*TO*„. ClARiOB iiia^fpii^$£'<»• awrttriimfM.Oirppif^ok^Hersri^^ TcliftlU^.Js placed on u.cbritiiiuanccxifw ^ld^eml8JThn^%b3c^itoir'c^d^d^^ \•fTS .SiiFiv' 'SSF *... ••^.^.. .ijsqaali-itkiicel . , •»•«--'••' I^rof mp^dcscf]^ti6r».bmhtea;'» -J •FiaSoBitraiia^mtioTiwy^ T~' rH|wrJ[Iaumifr,_Fniioy Article*!, Ac- Ac., «\l'ull supply. They l'udalmoetncgkctpd to s»y clwtip.W^e-eteViv- 'cstj-iCnotplicaper, X*; -*$% HwGpdcyifi JisSy's BookiSfor Octorj*r,- pricoifr*!*! . -. Grid'tain's:Maig(udrie,-^if>«—i-i-+;*i^s» '>-25ii{ ! !V* _ SiurtiHtfJitMoii.Mogazuio, , httcWtipiiaiafputlily Slujsaa \'rpejpiasii'g J#jcs-Knti l ' i '- T » IKiit's StbrblidntSi.Moj «; A Irtirfe r*rm in SzcaaBr* for • anull Om, T hp subscriber wishing to reduce the amount pf Ms, farming capital, now oifors to sell his farm of one hundredandsuity sixacro Pf oxcollont land lying on the Watertown Central Blank Boad onoindo and n half from tho village of Watcrtowntlbrnicrly owned ond occupied by JadgoToiiEjcK TJiofann is well supplied with,fnnttreses pf \urioiw kinds, it bos afirst *mto » opd lot, is w ell snpphpd with living opting* milieu -aftord^buiidaiiPe^f-watcnrt'tho dryt\it abbeons, w ith out making any w aato land. 1 will sell with tho farm, if wanted oj_tke purcliaser, mv entire stock of cattle, horses, sheen and hoes, with rail sets pf tanning im- plements and dairy utensils, mth a house and appara- tus for making gngnr Tho wholo will bo sold oa very onsy terms, and but a email part of tho purchase mo-, noy required in advance ,-thb balance \can remain on a long credit 1 will take irt part payment- a small jhrm pf from tuonty to nfty acres, situated' in any good neighborhood in this county. i ' CD MORGAN. Watertown, Sept. 27,1850. 6 \Toto Touraelf a rarna.*' T IIE law of Congress, just passed, entitles all pcr- spiwwho senbd ono mputh pr tnoto^ in any of tho wars of tho tlnlfod States since 1709 (oxcopttho »Pl- dionr of the Moxican war,) t« BQUJuTY 1VND. By csllmg on mo at my ofHeo,3-'»dl seeuro promptly and m a satisfactory manner, Th> Land H arrariu for nil the lucky men, thpirwidpws Pr minor chddren 1 hav o o\tra ajli antages, and a largo number of ea- ses, and mil elieoilolly oxplnin the Ian, and the pro- cess of coiilpbing With it, to all those that will fi\or moiMtli a call, orapplv by letter or otherwise, Njp ico unless tho farm n soeurcd — JAMES HvBOWEN, Assist V S Marshal E\unB' Mills, OctobcrlOtb 18M0 1 fP®& $-' - IteirtoprntioRovIbWi— ' '\**'_' ! ' Moldcii's-TDollarMag.- ' : > , \\ —todies'-Wrbathi,-: .,.; •> -v<-. : -,,„ — ,, -BlOTrioliJgJeal'JbUniaV '•»-'---JV:>;i-r , -iilO-i.K \Water Ciire Journal, • \ '\ 10 '** Itai-per's Monthly Magnjuie, \ -\ —-2V- M v National Temperance Oltlringfor 1851, $3 00; t , Sons of TotnponmaiOlTPriiig 1 \ if 60, The Crystal Fpunt for 1851, , $S 00 Tho Moss-Ro'e, for all seasons, * 00 Kaloolah, by Mayo , 50 TboScamstrcau, bi Bojnolda, * JS IlSacinth, Mrs Grcy's-lnst U , Subscriptions i«cei\ed for all magazines nnd newspa- pers, and most of them supplied free, of postage Re- member JPterctt, next doorXost of the Iron Block, \tt stfcrtown. q»oa» for rail Traoa. JCAMPBKTT. feJRAYTjl \Vfo. •} Court-stroct, are now in receipt pf a large ±\\stoek-uf Dry,-Oooda,-smted to the season, which they invite their customers and tho public generally to call and examine. ^ They would particularly sol icitutc atlantlon of those wishing tppurclioso to their etPpk of •• < 'a CarjHit, Oil Ghtit, J)rvgfttt, <M atdJPaptr Wmim Stedto, P/ipir JJim</iitf*,itt »fe, li 1 In pnees andquahty of goods,-they\are prepared lo onVrPVorymducoimiit to purchasers. , - j AttzA>DKk. CAMtaux, A.r BBATTOS, J».' W OOL Long 8bawls, of late stylo and eTiponorool?- orx Alsb a flill assortment of Caahmere and Brooha Shawls, just received by _ ' f 1- ;;;-! ioa Barrels of .Salt for tale by C p.JW)RG^N., Wool I OUUl) iminodiatetywttted, and the nlgheM i ill be paid for them M J. A H. SJEtTGMAN 1 WaUrtown Sept, S«, 18»0. < ' l » TSINBk^,T<)pl^Ae Bal*'bjr' , manu&cturod one door st Pf the Union Milk, Stevens' Block, and jbr ', (1\ LOKKNZQ^ASlCy TTTTEMH WJSMtKl^Warranted'wt'-to-rtinnlJ, -yV &r»aloby ^ Sept 16, ISA) liKEAIIONT. >1 jl P OST 01F1QE-S1TNDAV ABBANGIttaENT.4- This Office will ho opon oa 8,undayafroo» a la • A M.anifromStoaP.JTi * , Oillco hours from 7\ A M to 8 K, M*—Sundays •*• oepteil. ——(l) —P, 8. JtHtNSOJfirKM'r-- •yrac-a Vrmtkimm Wfcillfaili >«i atotaafe S ODA Crackers by the box. 'Wafer andCrtttnta Crapbra by the bbl., of a wnMriornnaHMand*)** atantlypnhiuidby i C. K JBDRGAW „ irat«rtown,Ocl.2 r 1850 « 1.*: ;' '% r •?:•:. X »•.-.-' IV ,. '-..-. -. . ., ,•- •*»/ «*g^«— *w-t» v*^^ 1.

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