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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, October 10, 1850, Image 2

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^>ljM ifflJffljbjUiii;^ -your, t!i(ib.e\r: ,the , ;ti|i)o.r\Vh«n it may please, QoA to take i.ne %|ii' tiiis h wo.rW of sare, vylien.,1 trust, we 8l;!ijll)b. reiumtcdiipieftych,\ t, •% TlnyFelfeh Stiifca jtliat the, pagers ftad Noticed' tlie/decease .p£ : oneJi&hcisJDetetiYrIt cojijd-br ;p,-W-vP.Ml^«iw)ffi«ii!i|Jk!*8*''.'' /y '. '. V 'V:?* \\ ;.\^fu .remenifws^do^bjtlesa,', dear\ Agues*.the, ^eninffi.when after receiving a lei£erAvitli i a fifr- : •A<lVi)rtyomohf«iotherthari.lo<»nf, inserted ,at.$1, par ' Ufne* .^|is tri|6rto,efl-.of thofatai news winch Ihave just told.you.'V... > ' •\•••• •..' ••. . • ' 'Milftroi (9J,twp|ye'J>aM')'fortfiolrst f throb TOOICBJ wia \' ' \On\ my rcWvery I put on mourning, which I': ~ 2 ^^feiM»^S^£ISif'' ? ' fH®**®^. afivW^nfeud-fo weT^-and^eTinwl \splicite. fyii)d,many. .efforts, ^obtained gthe place of- %*hi tin'sBelip_oJ, r i^rkiipwing'tlnifcmy dgath par iiW3trB0;F[iv:E-p» ; -goairwK, to.«ccurcW<mtion. i,» vuld leave you and your sistpr orphans, I fpund iA41io^,'*^j^/)*^.ifeC&,j''Wolortowji) Jeffer- strerigth,<l]rouffli'(idtf's ; !iei^,'t;() lieariliis heavy sont^mity,^.-**,- . . ' .„,..__ afflteti^n ^ b'uH couipTn!? lorigcrrTcmain in the. ' I Yi%gq ; where,li had'formerly passed so njhriy j happy-days,. When tije.spulis|}jed_\vith-sor- J'fP'-jv, -wliieli.no earthly cons6Mipn,can;alleviate, i,t is Imriasshig to ireM.thogroluid where -every «MH .'.'Areyou'Wnirtiy'eof thjS placed 'askcaiS' IftnOsDelsart; when she saw .thatf-bis hunger-was pnjrtiallyrsiiitisne.d.'' '\' \ ' '' '\\'-' ' ' .«-I\ot 6& \ eo;uritry;:»hd*re^rn^ Mfefii lphg!n)d's't6rmy.voyage>- Then, after a moment's slta^htTiaddr^l^oSvvkroeris\ the-air of our,jaative-land;. wheVwe>haVe hot\ breathed it,for apmariy years* A vvTvn?y¥ , - i Vvv yvi^ u *°!t .^4^JfWf•;«? *fc»,WeW : y^|i-.Kefoihi|Bf. »**.. . From tho NioWfork Organ; sJmpte.History of a Fnraily. •. - - SHE^OTHEil'AND 'DAUGHTER. ,.- . tree,andeveryflpwer'rccallfcto the^memury the recoiPeetipn of bygone Happiness:-' »Ife : ref-you\ my tfear.childj.your steW ai)d tiio -dutiesrof the .school claim my; th^ughts.'ana althouglicLnever -Wfeeniitelyv.forget my \Own sorrows, still I have of*m' ^* Ypu had no fiimily or;relatives*continued Madame Delsart; \prypuwouldiimrdiy have left thumtfoM.oyong.TW .-tlnns?:;: ;-•' -.-'- -T ; •'^ , \JVfdpiilmef rc^jied thq beggar,\\ when I quitted my'liome, I-parted frpmTny^lo'ved.wife and little-cluldren,jvith^tiie' hppo'pf sopjiteturn. ing to th'em a .wealthy- mam Kp^Ifindlniy cot- tage- -leveled'io the ground;' my^family all-dead; andl.va'n old man7ahi left here^ alone, while\ all that! can dois to begmy brgad umti| that happy day-Wlien I shal^c^g^jted-iptlio^tlratTISCC •cd'-sp-dcjifly^''.\ '. -;— .»'_ \J\ ' ,'•• \•' '•'••'• • -' #Oh mamma,'' Pried Agnes andBerths in one ,vp? c P>. 1 let this popr,.fije.ndleas,beggar ,repa|iln. Welcdmei thrice' trdcome\! ye'comb; re'eome 1 W^^- i !^9w\W(pye.ftei^tlie:iv«e»aw''.th1n«il x ' ^WTSlrtlieswwtclJL Q.racasurewftwolwmio tbei lidm*r Thy war»in»i itpjjcod, pndJhy blc'ssihm,to ftid;. .In the dark reign pt t«rr<5rtliou coiii'gt'.to illume \ \ \4 e ^^* uu 'P f -^ 0 ^ , '^4Wt>n<adadea : Sw^ ^>th?W*cii^^eg«»tthQo^t»ko,the;ftirpluffi-o„ Asparp miU> ti&ture; a» the bright morning dow, ' Ori'thy sripir-v'lut&piiiiphgfly,'fly to the lioiiie '<\ — . OX*the^r«wcaE'ih6bH»te*lio«e,pMBi(faW^,h^ -InthodJirlc: hourpfjjoublo; yfeootiieL VeetthtPi Stjll* JLpiil'wil!. w» Will«knitand.embroid«-Spealcfsp««ttoIho-tfrutaUf whoseieovctdaSriiaw cr aurfiig recess, instead, of playing, and Marga- ' Ur -- K ' «>^ •»•» ii„i-«,it.:„„ *..«**, »..«. ret caniseltour work at'tHe Pfty, the prpduee :C of Yc^j dare to'iiie battlejdl!*ioee«h»ri»y,r : ' .XJrtuo willbless .thee, thegraoeg \will smile,, T«o Biorn of tUeodmbiitis the d«*nirigo« ; day, which will suffice fpr v #e, support dt this.good mail,\. A» they sal&.ihis, t&e ttvo children fell iy oii tliclrJaieeshefpreJIjeir iiiptlieriWiiiting:her id,.- reply with evidentv$hxtet\v ' ''.\-':... • Pardp.u>£, £ Pjejwnnt yilagacontamg,aTiput. one sppttess.and iimpecnt, to the thfoiieof God, en- f .Madame Delsart. however could \not 'anawp't y^f?^ 'M'*$g™^P$W$^&fflb- ur..ij^,^,^i„ a li;nrt« »ihiritofl'iir<lin H,.ii,^mh.>(„c 4 5„„» .i..i. J ...-..I.»i...^.4 tj-.^rLi-x. ,' . ! .. ^*\WWV \nuun iinwever, eouiQ not answer.-^adM:hrb*imerT)fj=<W^omflrmi-.flnnto tKem»t, ™.feh w . 1 .m„t,„ nm .K,. m al,„ A „„»..„!.> lettheBtan:ffii^,tfieU-«dUne*outPhth¥*i TOo soldiers of tempenmoe will »t»h(l to the liwt, AridtliCBpoU^f the victor '\'* ' -••'-••• hni^d.dWin«^«hiaU?d in (ho^^ department of treat thaHour mother maj> be enabled to bear i theS.forhVemp'tionove^me'hen Amies who tliePepgewe^betoeniytKena^he^ld^d- w th resignation and_fortitude, the trial lHtTT^& ^tflrt-ttlpnawtpY\-^^^ _„ j.^ tim „.,:;..„,, - ^\^.^fr'Ahmghty in; 1m wisdom has^een-fitJteeS^^ m to afflic,t,her.. -• • - . ,. . ,; tjier^.con»ent (ir a- refusal. atteT^ a-fcrjnnf igri ^.-Agne^adcjlO-replyrbuther-sjMwkhigcouiite^ ror; fof She,perceived thatiheold be«ffar had ria'ice refleetcd so truly the emotiop oriiSy-lieart.Jainted. .. • . . that.Madame. Delsart feltnk^ •ior^akcn.for shekncwtInitsiieliadf^uiidatrT^''\\\ i ^ j \''''<' rt —•..:..-. t.r._ .? *.« i, ••*;•; friend-inJier-daughter. - .--; f •* .• - At this nidineiit, the old elook of'thb village ^jsujg fi;pni the hplftmi oF.a valley, surrohn?}?- c3 by wpVd|-^nd;li1jl.s- Wis^jpieturP^tiervillage; h^seone'eiale¥-iirtdor : a tHiejc vault Of linden and el.def trees.' - .Suplt. aii.-Jair otqp.iptness. and pejwefuliiesSjreigfiSj-pv^r thp^urrputfdiijg couJi.. try^tlnit ajpwtator.might .thiiik '.that^Gpd ,had choso'ii'tlii's humble, corner pi the earth-there to aprcattfitOrei tlmn 5 ui.anyiothpr^plaeei.the rays of his love. The gppd-inhabjj^nts of Saintl'arftr doiix, simple as the d;usy ,>vliicii* grows JU tlieir' -mehdpwl, had^,ncyer, iuought-Pf striving to ob- fAfnfth'et benefiis'ofiudncation, whPIo treasures at tfie, prweut:d;iy are free tolhe lowest cliisses 9 not sent to-this \place a leariicd.nian, and one whb.'siiie'erelyjwishcd.fdrJ^ improvement-of his fejlpw-erejitiiires,, - . P-;; *. -. ,- _ _*j; \TnTiGSuiitd'e Ta\Sfarlieie who ha(lheen npr pointed jJaypr' of S'linti.i'ardbiix, icsplvcd ;on entering Aipon the duties of his office, td devote himself entirely -ip' the.happiness .of inhabitants pfithut village. • With the, assistance of the cu> ~Wte| a~-_kiija-aiKl-beueyblent ; nian, iCde-laMar- assistimce. On- raisittg hiinlo batbeithe pale fore- head, the long ; bjeardiwhieh\aimostTe\ntircljr'con- cealedliis face fell off. For a dipmfeiit,.Jtadntn' liere succeeded in spreading the benlficdKt'.Iightg' ^oLm&toi4ioii-4hro«gh the—wluilerVillager-HBy- his, exertions: twb primary schools, ,onfi.n>r.boys gn4 (He other\for^girls wpro rsuceesslvely cstab-, lis'hod. Itjg^tiie female department that wo \'are'about to ebnctUCt'Qiir.rcrtdcra. \ —^T'we^WSmlolfedrin^tlic. commcricenieiit of thi*reeital-,.tliu iday was drawing to a close.. \rt was in the month of may, ' A cool breeze shook the leaves of tlie lilacs and suriiigues, \yhdsd \ 'pleasani shade served to protect the little cottage from the heatof Sumnicr. Th'escho'ol had been . dismissed for some hours and the teacher, Mad- ame itelsyrt, \yas seated between her'two daiigh- \ ters; the one ten years of-rnge, the other seven, caressui'\ alternately,Uicvglos»-.l)lackjMHiLp.f - the elder. ana' T the silken blond curls of the youiigeiu Silence reigned ift: the village, not a sPuud dis- turbed thp.calm of this:,beautiful spring evening. .Madame i)elsart watched with thpughtfuj. glance the twinkling stars as'one by one. they appeared Bright in the blue vault of hcavelTaiitl piiice seenit'd to have descendedinto her sonl thtough tlikhcnutiful.piuturcLQf nature. Shewho had wept so many and such bittpr tearg,fhis evening appeared to be resigned, or, at least, noiie of her sumTings were visihlcJivlicrcoiiiitenaiiec; Wl --^hn^aniclHvInTr'f^JifigTiwglitTrat hare boeTr cojiecalcaiiithedepthsof lier/hpsomr. I - '. A eacessfrpiu? Agnes, her elder daughter,.call- she ^catpd herself ata'tableto-patfaikpiis usual TSfTT irugaTreiiast. To Tier surprise, Bertha^ who was ahvaysso pniietual,riind whom it was never necessary tpsummon twiceiivkrnbsent from the 'fiuqily- c.ircl.0; \-•-' \- \ Where has your, sister gone, ijC ss Agnes I'*\ asked Margaret, the .foster mother of the two children, tt-moadow, mi- fll^xnwawyrBii: ,1', Slip pashtaj gently back-the- jtrfroit-whiclr-^Vfia |jlanted a beautiful weeping / hair that \covered the foroheatls of her children, who \{*e'ro leaning on her knees, and gazed iit them lot- a longtime with a look wjiich oxprcss- . ed her deep feeling of motherly loie, '. :; \ ' \ Jlammii, Jlprtha is asleep,\ wliisj»ered Agnes, pointing to her young sister, wliose ' \ ~\ resting onlier ttother'S-hand; • ',' Do not wake her,\ replied Madame Pclssrt, \for 1 Iiavewishcd for some tiine to S|*ak Svith y° tt -'9D a.serious.»ubj6ct. ^Bertha.i3 too yoittig to ..Loaf ourlsojiveSsatfon/iio I will take this op- portumty, and let her slecp'pn arid -dream those pleasant dreams; wliieh visit scroften thesluinbers of innocence and-youth,\ \1 know the tenderness ofyenr benrtjiny sw.ect Agnesji' eontinlied Madame Delsart, in a trembltng tofie,'' nria^RijowBigo tliaf vfliitl I am about to revferilto' volt' will wound that heart; but it willinot \Veakcn your courage; This ,is tho rwison why 1 fenve wished to inform you of tliat, .wJiiph; fpE plany y«ai3 must be hidden from your sister'* knowledge. The \simplest evcjits •oflife* 6ftpii : 'leave ; tb.*trOhg-hu3 impression t'6 justify IhO in-tevealing to her, nt-her tender age, aseeret whiehj lias caused- me great sorrow.—. Your miiid,,my deaE*Agne«;,i3 much matured for a child of yourye^a,.lliJ$Tshalt'-love to make \yoii a'cbnfidaht Of '\t1ic : cauSe of my tears, for it sceiiiS'lomo thntthey-will.then flow less blttcf- ¥\ ~ -,.-• ' ' .- v . ' Agnea sank on h-er knejef before Sradame DoU . 8art iind clasping her hand in hers, said,. \Reveal the sorrows of your hoitrt to .the. hpart of your cliildf dear Jupthcr, ftfr^without knovlflt^tlienf she sjready ,sliafcs lliem with you.\' / / ' Z. \ \. Smiling through her tears, Madame Delsart •continue*—,'---. - \ \Oftcn;wheniypu.h»yc seen a father etnbra- *irtghis.cLildrcn,yb{i have asked \ where is my fiither.i Where dbes he stay ? Why is he not 'here tb• ; k^8l^s : a»^^ , • \ TK))tWeppliiidiik«i questions I eould only re^ 5 Pto>jP>iKfafte^siil..atdiSttmt^QMutry,„yi^ hint; 'b«{\ne w ;wiH' 1 retnrh if Agnes aiid Bertha ' nWUlie good^ehildreii'V. My dear child it Was but a vamie hope whicli indncccriiio to Speak thtis.\ * You were sonipvvhai ftiore than -three ydars old, AgneS, and. Bertha an infant in the JUTOS, when -yourlather,desiringtp increase our snfall fortune/undertook' a, lojiglanddaiigerous voyage. Vil|o\v, whose thick foliage served to shejt£r_jt completely fronvthe heat Of tho sun. ' ' Madame Delsart knew that Bertha loved to- resort to this shady mound ; 'for, often, contrary to her wishes, the Jittljf drejuncr w.miia. wander head jStEfthcre to muse nnd sleep. It Wtis towards this quarter, then, thatethe inotlter directed her Steps, nndsho was not deceived; \maternal instindt sel church struck nine. 'Apes awoke BeftiaT-who;, Delsart could hardly believe her oyes. • the hus:- seemed like one\ roused out of a sound slpepr—-Hinnd whom she had longmourned as dead was That evening as-Madame Delsart kneejed by the befpre'her.. _ ' ' '•/\.\ bed-side of tho two sisters, and gazed Avitli-looks' When : he first recovered from, his faintingfife, of alfeetion puthose dear beings which were still M. Delsart had not strength toutter a'wprd ; all left to her, she thought herself happy, compared- that hecould do was ^to .presshfi wifeHsifd cT.jl- ^i^pttjauJjKisifcifien. sth^H-^rtft^ffRTflifuTJiir eyes wcr& raL iwTovliest flowers droop and } wards hwivetartd hisjips moye'd in,prayer. _ Whjin he qfcamo af liftle- mbre-cpllecltedV^and- wasabout'-tp, recount; tp themthe history'of Ins' adverifuresjias -tho churcli .bells- • commenced io; riimrat this moinent,he:del'erred-tl)o;Tclation .of his^ujirjatiMiiintii the afterftpon,, and.all wp'nt WitRThappy htfarfetp tliankGod, who had shown' fheni such bountiful proofs of his goodness. Oir^etm^nngjtann^i'itQSnrDelsart conducted Rrffiitruvonej r -,--- die; and althoughr she wept, the tears which she shed were not \those of unniittigated sorrow alone; CHAPTEB n. THE. TOMB. \ The following'day, after Madame Delsart had imiftsyd;,her..scholiirSi to their scveral-homcsr and (piiet liad succeeded to tjie hum of busy voices, • •; --XSlcS th« T Bi5a ££&& '6f friendihip wiion danger is '.•-•nigh'.f' ':•'.*•;; _-••••-,•- „*._.'•• '.,;•\.'.' B|ngi r1.ng4in.gwat thUhdcr FOlilift no thy voief ' „Ppmt; ; p6int tp!tb>dahger,:Oli spare.notthffirod,'' . WOTrtU[•ing;thee\«mi»t' prais)*,. wb^^caii'bat.rejbioe,,' Farewejl'tomaclitl^^towelltomiiehWoo, , Let:pe«cP and glad ti'dmgti siprewl but o'er the land ;• 61adrmother»<wUr^rtettliee,' and oKild'reniwiljj know •; W hon thy lwuntio»«ro given with imp^nfrciVliaud. Would rob,.thA.l«tifttrthiny that toil h»thbegot; Eipo«e the bAsorohbor who fears not the law^- The tyrant, the niurJerer,,the inisonibla.sot. ' \ f stt-W- hac.;walkin£ tpwatda-the-moadi mediately after the\'selinfril-* wits-nismiifa svvered Agnes,.\I will run and look for her, tnam- ma-, if you Wish it.\ • • - \N'o Margaret'wilfgo,\ replied her mother, \and I shall rejrove B^rtha T fpr\Ieavin» the house without my perniissiou, just at tho dinner lioiir,'nndexj)osing herself to the btirriing rays of the suit.'* • Margaret returned saying* that she had search- ed through the meadow', the garden and a por- tion of the grove of poplar trees,., without hav- ing succeeded .in discoveriiig the little runaway. \\Good heavens?\ cried Madame- DeTsiirt, turning pale, \wherejs my child? Wlia.t-b.ns fieepmc'of ; her?\ . : • - . ' - .Hastily recovering.herself, ,shc ran with all speed through the places whcreMargaret had be- fore iinsut'ccssfiilly sought for the little Bertha; At tmr e^weinmy ot Tiieadow, which.extended behind the gftrden, frpm which it, was seiviratcd by a green hedge v6f elm trees, rose a little her :husband.to the tomb which hi*dear children hadjntod4e-his^meinoryTind^enhtd\tKeWluI7et ated'to -thfein along account of ten years, of suf- -fering-, •'•\.' '*.._.• !_• Twill hot dessribo minutely 'this recital; all Jhat is necessary to bp told is; tiial one;day wlien he was exploring the island, MvJDelsart had been taken prisoner by •& tribei\pf barbarians, With let the Btan fling their ndiaince out oh the wind; BS ^l^ii,~ «'-»-™™-TOC«*wiU8t^dtp , : t^Clil8t, yl(^^.^Jtt:bei«Jie|ffliind. • The B*l-he*rt«d mother, bqwod down in grctt grief, \ . The wife «iidtlie v hu8b«nd, the child iind the sire, All, «J1 will hjulitliee in.the greatest relief; \\, ~~~ Aff,66\nie8 tlie s*eet ; sEdwer» when the airig on dre. The bliick 8h»dee of »orrPw bid darkened our hearth; ?250i!ri]!i?% ! llt<terJlajji.hadJi^^ Till thy echoing voice riingkmain thonortir' t' Tlmtmen shall live ftec, «rid tyrants shall die. Ye-nood not the sword-; thy weapons Are smileB, And ble«8irjg» thy miuio; nor need ye tlie gun To hooni'outlto thunder, and ««the foe fills, Slaving oft thounandj.to aggrahdiie bneV'' -'-\-' Then nil hail to tliy presence thou bright nc We greet• tlico \yh/Xi' northern star, goi „ „ ^ume'th^horiiton'AiAr, >hre»kg the clear morning when the midnight is one.; \ ,-•'-'.'•* \'?•.-' -Aa.,w,e,^t,tc:thy f »OQyy^contiiiiiaiiee4trthls , , tabor of wcM-rtoing. - €Siti9t;icti €br|:e0})oribrif« : -E*PQlftTAIfT HEPORM. . \aoTra'UDCTisdg'.' AMO \jtiaaiox lABXAin Kitoou.\ Niw YOBK, October l,'J850i Orieof the most important Toformatoryinnvai. tliatMteWis tlie Snljf one wliieli I liaVp ever re- ceived. 'Thl^continu'ed silence on his prt filled liiy hrttr%itH^dcspair. \For a long time i at- triboted jit to tiio distance which separated us, lint'aftpr twonyeiirs lifta pasied'iji anxltfus iincor- hi|rity,I determined tp'lcar.11 the i'ullextent pfiny misfortune.\ ' • '~^~ . 11 1 waa perspnally Rcqnairtted with some sea captains, who 'took many stci*and made a tliou^ --sand iiiiquiries to discover what had -beeome of your fittl^ibUtitllrtheir exhrUflns Were useless. Some of tlipuihiibitantsof the Island where'he , Jijid ijitend.cd to rcmaiii, WnjeinbereA having seen him; hiit, lie disappeared otic diro UP 011P kne\V wln'tlier. Npt^ithsiSnding. all these accounts; I still nourished a secret hope. I prayed to God( NO fervently to restore mc niy hnsbiuid, that it seemcil to mo, that sonietliingvi'his]liered in my heart--\your prayerwiU bo griintedi\ But J Was dece'ived by mer'e illulfohs which all disap- -ixsirEdbeCire- » tcrriblplreklity. ~Z2 * \ Si\ rnonihs ago: I reeci^cd \v fcttpr frojh ft incnd H Inch, conViiiecil me that I will never see THE BEGGAK. ' , . Three years passed fimsj during which tuile the personal beauty and. mental knowledge of thet\VP sisters had greatly increased,\ and to those charins they added the still j^eatejrpnej^jiristinii piety, \ '\ . . One Saturday before chuVeh, when Madame meats of the present day of reforms;, and moral enterprises is now becoming '.infused witlu the breath Of life—his. Indeed • already becbnie strong limbed child, and is giving promise of » firm and. vigorous, nisnhood. - Unostentatious which the country' that ho inhabited was i-.at.wor , »nd almpgt.nnnoticed, itis going oit^srd widenr and during teji long years of'captivity, lie had inc and dcepeningjtafoundation.i, until-it^iecms py.fiite. A man of_thp sanuLname asjnniself, .«>.-• although ho relation to him, haddiedduririgtins time, oh tho islands and it was-tho notice of-Lis death wjiich' so cruelly deceived. Medame Del- sart.'. • • . *••.'•'• .'•-.'\ : Pouring\ his iuiprisOhment, M, Delsart had not entirely despaired, for he still hoped by some means to obtainJiisirecdoun, His- -patient cen- duct, aiid his great taleuts, had made hinl a friend of tlie.whoje tribe. He WJis a good painter, a good musician, and well .versed in litej3rtti're,and he arotised.in flielicarts of these lavage people\ A desire tp acquire knowledge, nnd manyof them became his.pupile.. ; \-- -.- — By \economy\ lie had amassed quite a consider- able-sum. Money overcame all- obstacles, and by means of largebribcs M. Delsart surmounted- .many dangers, and at last reached tlie coas.Lof France'. • . Upon arrivihgat thevillaire. where hp ven* hprp tudoshe had Submitted tothe will of Godr. • When hc-icarned that; she \yas in'Suint Par- donx, tpaelfing a sltool of young' ladies,- the idea entered his-mind to present-hflnsclf-thereydis- guised as a LegfflU-, that, withtiut discovering himeelfi-lie^miglit be enabled toenjoy thedclight dpin is; Jujr daughter Was Uiere under the shade» -wliichHa-ifather feels after so \long a separation of fhctrce, But this, tinie Bertha was not asleep. * \ \\ ..._i-.._._ .... s . ..She was kneeling on the' most elevated part of the hill; her little hands were clasped to- gethcr;- she Seemed to be praying fervpntjy, and the tears wens streaming fromher eyes. An ex- clamation from, jladame PelsaUirtterrupted,.her. She jitnrtcd^ turned ^euibljngly_towa\rds^ her m'ptlierfTjnt wifhpnt rising from hcrknecsr'and sobbed asif she had committee}-some great fault \Forgiveme r .mamma,\iaidshe am pray= ing for jKipa who is in heaven'; Yesterday eve- ning wheh you talked to Agnes,. T was not asleep, and I heiird.idl that,y.p.u_t.o.ld.he/i_JPeii i . haps'it wasnotright in rue to listen to a-cohVer- satipnVhichyotl did not wish me to hear, but the temptation was so great to learn something of my dear father, that I could not resist it, and yoti will forgive, me, willy oft not, dear mother!\' \Almighty Father,\ cjjed Madame Delsart; has she iilaspcd heraaugfiter to her heart, and Bankiipphhcr.knpcs % her side,\niy cup has cpntaiiied much -bittern^, but \blessed be thou, for tiio'liappiness pf this moment effaces, all.\ —Ar month after a' stone rotnilily^eflgrav^d with the name of Francis:Doisnr4.\%asJrcitedtpjithis spot .every cvelung.tfie-goud inother accomparued hy hor da'u|liters, -went there to\ pray, and to wreath the toino With- hiyrtre. BilO-also planted some of those flowers which seem asrif-they- were oply intchdedto\ grow oyer graves, and ty0 whito rose bushes symbolical of the mnocehce of the ehildrcn. of tho deceased spread their perfume \around. . ., . CHAMBR nti from those most deaf fp~hint, affd likewise to ( spare to the motlicpahd children that tbo sudden emotibp of liappineaa which .his unexpected; re- turn wduld occasion, Tho reader has seen how unsuceessful-he was in controlling' his oWnefio-' tioii. *. ' • A few days after the happy family set\ ourfor the city of Niort., The small fortune whieh jro> mainedtoM. Delsart was suflicient to. enable him to found,a boarding Selrool, whara many, of iiie yoitiig girls of^\tfie p\rp\njice^wiinrwTfh _ deligiit to profit by the ihsiruction of the mother of Agnes and : Bertha.- . . - - ^iny-this'story serve as another proof to show any renders that-jf God seems to take pleasure in testing noble.hearts, he knows, also, sooner or later, how to recompense them jrrpropprtioil to their trials. , ' - Itclaxntioa nnd Amusement. . , Every one_needs_sohxe. relaxation or amuse- ment, and cxperienee has fpund'that the.best re- lief fortheTmipdls - not:idleness, butignjUigWicf peenpatipn. Let your relaxation be intellectual engagements, and your amusements tlie enter- taining- 'developments of triith; TiioU^fi per- haps \veariapmejiyirst , such-A-hnoit pf study Swll^oxiflJiecome a second and higher n»ture— Vpii will'find no rjjfreshme.nl like communion^ wltKgTUcefiit or exalted minds, and instead of a toil fo be feared, you wcidbme. release from other toil, that you may\ turn, tp the\ conversation of philosophy;.a friend, eycrteftdy' and ever faith- ful. Ile^who b}i8 tejhnbit vs never alone, and nevef ^fthoutypleasiirej If L'e Walks abroad, the heaventy obdfes aiiljey wheel along their\ pt- bits, the \\intl% and the stor'nwjTpuds, wiiose laws', seemed inscrutable, tlie countless.triBes of living things, With their varied anatpihy andimbits and usages, the plants of the field, and tho trees' of the \vobd , the rock, the very soil on which he boys,4isked if he miglitibo pfirmitted to resUiim- self a few minutes, ^__ .\Uerjainly old^man,\ replied Agnes iind Bertha in one breath, a but you^eern to be very tifed; wcAvill go arid ask mamma fbf.\a bowl of fresh milk-toitsviv'cyou.\ ., '' . •* Do-notgivec-ypursch'es so much trouble;my 'goodcliildrem forT-dp not feel very much fatign- fed,\ answered the heggar, as ho Wiped the sweat from his forehead with a coarsp hliio handker- chief J butjieforo he had finished spoakmg the two sisters had disappeared. ^ Matifune Delsart waS'seJiiippyatscBing the cagofn 4 eSB % -\yith. which her ehilden asked her to give the-beggar sofeis food, that she instantly complied With tlieir roquets, and before five min- utes had elapsed; the p'odrnnm: was seated a^the (iWe, partaking\ of ft, plentiful though frugal re- rpast, More than once when ho seemed\ solely aampied-^UUlieJfepiLJ^ ^rvor might hsve noticed that ho pften directed iSideHglhrtces (pwitfds41i6 iwosistersjaiid that his eyes were filled with tciirSi '' _ -\•' ,;-\. bears him back to past ages, acquaints hiin with the experience of men, individual and social re- ^^M^t^r^StiBil^aea , and lofty usefulness. There are in this city scores of thousands, of youth and children, who, from the associations which surround them; early throw oflf.the moral 'restraints which they may have enjoyed,,whil* there are : tenspX thousands of\ poor,-; wretched, 'unclothed children, the offspring of yicipus; ih- temperate,'\and irreligious parents, wh*o.i sretfeft; in the -wild license of aHprecocibus \jvi$i0S ! ^: pravity, to ^he vices, profaiiity '»nd;|aivMj«itie»s of-unrestrafnedself-wilL .Thtsluljjsnd hideoks picture of-Uus early abandonment is seen on the Sabbath^iji.y, when those_who_ haVe_blejrtem-. .ingTOu»j!i to advjitice the mpViiJJiitace^tS^pifithe | yauiig; '^liey^Wveli^-w^Qd^ej)! .bf'.'oppp.si. f^p^SJ}^'^ 'fwfipojf '-'fit '^e'ai^%Af^iS^ ~$$' ffiP^-Vty -\*'rs m \'P W^.ng^.'.'.^lbiiio'€(uie\s;- thcy'gaVe tjie l)6y v s promises to 1 ; gp fltid-buy eanr dies^nd mBrLl,ej,a;nd~of|en Jeamigap th'e'hooks and papers which tiie'%oy^wiil|^iefr'l)anS^-3r- 5Phat pppp.8iJion has. now : ceasc , d^ and the eflort is Tccpjcring its fprmer UsefuinessV\ llessrs.' S^lTifi'S^UNBiBRS,' the school ifook-author^and Pthe^rsar^engagiEidhcre. ' ••• ~^ ,-•, * ' — . '^.. . MISSION SABB'ABH Sciioow. In another-part f£ i(ne: city, \at the corner pf 13th skeet'aiid 5th AvPhue, Messrs. Tousley am Fowler have for a fisw months been conducting; *:MisstonH^Bbath Scho'ol; Iti,this itistiiution; girls as wcll : as bpy^are'inlmittejl^ind there :is.a large^and e%iehlbpily. flfjemalp teaehers, as weij, as niales, '. Wiih a self-sacrifice vycLrthyLd.f praise' and encouragenignt, tlicSe' iitithfiil fpltl)6.;prefen^ ipf jtli^npsf ilniportiVut WpiaiV.Snd.spcud^^vi^ 1 '' meifeof^pjii^iaiid! 'V\\^ . '\.'W' r '\C^^u^'- Tne, fiTends of reform may rest asurcd that Mr. all PA.SE JS fully wPrthyandaipibje?of;W»,r«»pon r ., sibiutyv *\3Io hasdempnstr/iWtliiaby'fiis eher^y;f;, ! lu> eptejrnrize.aiid fei^ee^^'d^^iSlB^^iT ' • , vieid. anyjbedyi feuy1«^h^; : t^8J^|b^^n^,i|e. confidence;; of\ the Lri^h.t,'>'p4Ch A ^{|?K.Pliliditti * among Ayhom-^ has made^his hqpipj - k messen-' • ger of iPpacc and love andTnpmhi their egrJy aiid; _ beclouqcd'years'. , JTiiat liei .njay receive the con- ..! icpTind- coiitributioTiTafcVpj-y, Ipypr; pjliis\. ^:kvi!i Iraee'iS'the'iiliicere jjniyer,'Df' *pyer friends-devote^elr^BabbathTto^alwr tbTthe best ihtejesls of .the ^cglej]tc<l children pf (that.) towards Vicuiitv.- \Much tiiiio on theiweek'\'Sliif''i9 invnn Free Scl Free Schools trnjiist to Property.~A Snb«ti> - •- J ' \*\ -/tnteProgoiea\. ......^V.-.-; ;;• . Co'^j^(je«C5'-d{\ifte^4.|t f yriJ^^^;..^rt ? , . \'WAtEB.tWSi;^K5K§P5tWifti<>-'' ... ,. „ ^Tn^ing^Ei^w \ is:.as- dew ^ivitlijeTg'^^T^eur 'forbSironce' . ,.. , tpWards'a'iatef^pmmunicrtt^ vicuiity.-. -Much time on thetweck'\dayls given J Free School' Act, emboldens ine to tryr-my iiand \ uignt-b&-giv^ ^S» : .\'.- /,. /t-'-r ; feU-'^'.^;;j ; ?life.\. as well, and many interesting facts mi^it be giv- en, showing the pjjpratipn o f thisschopL Glean- IA. ydiir hints : to. voluhtiwy: jBpriresn ^ . , you advise siieii,iftfiey. wpuidjke^pth^Keotv lness, ordeiv Wlf-£,espe?t. \^ehcojftgej-i-tlie f tribiitipns frpmuiider tfoj>iomi\&iK*Mm&. P°°r, raggedT and^dirty\ 'children: are wiished,' pitch into' the subject, aiid not perpetrate flattery cleaned, dressed and.then taiiihU^their' physlcail' <\• ] feV ^¥ 1 9^T^ : ^^*fel^»U as^ell^piritualwants^W^b^^ ^^^!?^? # ^ U ^^? t ^% ? t^' , spiritual wants-being zcalounly attend cd' to'^and HolS-thtt^hMreh. \yiio afew'wWek's : agp might be heard and-scen quarrellipg, fightr ing, and. Waspheining in_the.Jifreei3,-4irtyl*nd foul, ragged and wretphed,.ai : e clean,,tidy r prder T ly, and attentive, arid-give ample reward to their ' friends • and teachers-iii- their Smilingf, happy eountcriancc'si' and- pla/uiure^b«iniing, eyes.' A blessing is doubtless awaiting al persevering Bnt^flite most'compreliensive and important effort\ pfthe; kind' v is that which is. beephiing knowii, as\the: movementpf_^?_l^i_v !^f^~.\ y-^——TTpJVE,iPp^KTr^EFORSIEKS,\ • \! '\•„\ ; Tlie\ FIVE POINTS;\ a locality known almost as widely as the. city of! NeW .York',itii6lf,4'or many years past has been- the vast sewer in winch everything abominable'and^vile arid Ipath^' some has found a congenial at'me^pliere. It is latter is for filling: the belly- and -cuv^rihg r tb«. -back. at' tlie 'expense' <6f the; Tax-l^aypr.'. TFhi ^ro^r-for-toiiferrm^ih iux^npJi?litr(^iU-r* : isef_ . -iulonir,-tb\b^- 7 8fre^ffie„-drivi.i^ iiito' . th'plieadj .\ ''.*••-.••'• .\.;;;/ •\ - : ;', '•\' ,' Gpnimon hiim^iiy-^in^ce3v<pnyenicne^ quires that we should^^npt.ljet'Ntfie''staging and' the naked die.and rot above ^uiid,,for : thewahi the spot;where]feveh^ncphgrcgated thousands, of thieves and -desperadoes, where sin -andJi4J purity, the most degrading and indescribablk is centered i n all its'strength and 'magpitndei '^t was- the spot where \the miserable, wretched, for- saken and polluted victims of intemperance and vice ^generally went—the last earthly stepping ployedTdnring the\ »\cek in fiictorics are added to. -the number of those who are left uncontrolled . „ , ... , .. . durmg-every^ay-o^th^w^ ^^^K^^^^' congreirated i'n riotous and disorderly groups at tiieeornerof tlie streetsi-on' the wharves, a(id.in- decd almost everywhere inthcir rcspectivoTieigh- borho'odB,- Many have \been.the plans devised and thet efforts mipe by sbmo \devoted-friends pf* the religious and mora!' training of ttafyoiing, to grapple with this monster-of juvenile immo- rality, and to Msepre^the. yputh. frohi-thdr-desr tractive paths. But all;havq been comparatively' withput effect. ,It was found almost impossible '.tp'induce.the pppr children to.unite with Sabbatli Schools where the bcttc i: clad'iycre. instructed, •.while[their : p^h'ts7'*regaidlc^s- l and reckless of' the happiness of their children, could not be pre- vailed upon to give any attention to their Clean- linesr prtlieir .pBhciuality;^-,.^, J .- _ ^ ; _' - Xbout two year* -since Messrs, j. (D.\ WEEKS,/ artd A,J).F. \Rixttnxn 'pt-tbe-Sui^ySchool-* Depository in this^cityj witn.Slxi A^MJ^wjiti^ determiried to make an effort to draw) seme of these children into the c'u-cle of at least ono hour's religious instructlOn-dUrihg the week,! 51iey ae-; cerdihgly '\''ed 'a pub'«c roo 1 \ \a* *f>e comerpif Hudson and Grove streets, and with tho aid of several friends opened the first of whit are called \ BOYS' MEETINGS * A handbill was printed and circulated during the week, invitingthe Boyatocome to Uie u Boy's Meeting\ at the room I have named, and on the Sabbath, afternoon, wijinriarge hundle of The •» Yfluui's Penny Gaiettc,\ Tracts, Children's Books, &c, the zealous laborers met at their hall. Several of them went out to hunt up re- cruits, and send the boys who were playing and rioting in the streets to the \ Meeting \ About 75 or 100 were got in—a cage of wild, disorder- ly and unclean Sabbath breakers. To sing or to speak in such an audience was a burlesque upon tlieridiculous^—but tlie Workers had prepared tlicmsek cs for all, and if possible more than they encountered Something of qtnetwas obtained, veajsto', him in, an hour secrets which others toiled years to discover, makes hiin a companion of the best hiinds, -wlnjnf acting best; the best minds in their best actings; Pr if he close his\ senses fpr quiet meditation, he has within4-world of pieiisaiH and exalted thought Npr let it lp said that tlicsp pursuits unfit a man, fpr his ordi- nary occupationis unfit for him; .Theydpfitih deed, refine and elevatejjsiidjp^mayidisgustihiin with the lucre, lucre of .'gain and thopetty.objects of common ambition;, but for this very 'reason they should be cherished;: You .will need all their influence to keep ydti Apm sordidiiiess, Self- ishritiss,. «'nd,Wprl&incS8.}. 1 freiu ;beceming the^ sjaveiollftrs and cents, of truckling exjped,ie|i9y ( of popn1ar;prejudiee, or worse, of sense arid ap- petite. .,:\\'•- •fmm:„wiikh.^eXJlcj$^rriedJi -aJprrible spectacle .of moral Jand physicSrw^^edness,' 'either tp a HTshohoredand nameless grave,tor.to' the public hpspitabHo \die.. But * flew day has dawned upon'tlu) Five Points, and at the^risk of prolonging this-letter bcybmt reasonable limits,\ I ffiust ask our readersJp b^jarwitKajrecifeilfuf the en Bethel ^tre from wiiichis r^iatingJn|p„many^'carJa- : 'broken, heart and darkened mind the sunlight, of I / ccfntielp.ic .. ... ....... , .--,..-. • My theory, as heretofore expressod,\i9:tb as- _ similnte schools, and. their, support, to our other ' Sffiewil-reiatioiis^to^thoJlvPliii^ .- The nearer we-.f£in.app.r^^\^(i^h6\-;b9iejvv T6 its'abs'ence^rmi'dtp |be actcr of- pur J Sc,hopl Iaws,'over since tbe-org»ii- ization of the Stite, may be charged tlie dissatis, faction Pf..fex-payeirs, \..J- \/. v ..:.;T.i,/'i-\':-:j.f.'. ,. Wliatisa Frep^SeiiooF -Jtaw ?•' Allow' me-ito _|_ .anuwen it is. in 'one paticUlaKail^ftRLaW^Tr^\- differs a littlp ftpni'pUr.C)rdioaryT^r:Ii^-rT^ 'Pthcr. thing, W.iiero: is ; tho.'St're-:naci,««/yf~»nd •where may it stop? Or.if-the principle be'sjdi;- mittedihoVftrhiayitnotgpf y¥fc know:that . -native fndoleUce is atamped oUth'e whole linman * :hi^ : ;: and'^rmpre^nienjcani,l^-rah^^ looking out for tliein»olves the g^eiiter^illHbe ^teir~improvioleiice.'\ Tins might be illustrated fa a thousind ways..; If tlie iudustrioua, terripe- '' rate'and more proyidcht man' is /now'ciilled : 011;' to teaclL reading, writing, arithmetic and.geognii Wioindrgciit, 'np- matter-from what cauae their Dbverty^hyhayeariseni besidb \being 2btugiittp> orcak tlie CommandmontB, in coveting that which is thjir neigfibor'sj DCgih to think it theirsejevoa cation to beget children for other people.t6;Uke eare-'pf'J--' .„*^^,:2.. 4i,„t ;•^ •„^.;^\.-i^srst i'i»A ^-ti^daeatitig, the'children- of the indigent ,i« no* 1.. - interpri/je that,js turning «^ofaiop ; intp »ti ^ of:r*c*„ky; it. -is. ohly.tLollkt.te of J: ! . ' eland* temple\-of mfainy into* moral ccri-' ,,<,«„(? jw/icy. -AndtothU doctrine I wou|d-apt \-._-:. demur; -VVe^profess^to hiiv* Fiiee' Institutiotis • and,judgihgfrtm.ihei»st,wekriowthatif any- _ beaubful Md^unlq.tto eyes of %de8pondmg,^ to Sit tiieni with its cheering, tirits-^* stream of ; to fill up tlie details, in such a. manneF^tM^ lenirouTIoveTf om the fountain oMwliness an I '< Government inLeiiig^iiJiprcifW sliallalsp beijnst.*' On thc'firwt of June of. the present year, Rev. Li M.'PEASE, ofthe Methodist connection, im- pressed with the conviction thnttlicro. was such a thjrig ^.'reclaiming this part pf.the city _ from spmo pprtio7roiT T itsdegradaddn,andsiavihg.somfe frpm ruiiij temp'oral and eternal, opened In 'the faco of opposition and objection with about all who'ryfie'eo.riyCTsed, iTrbpm' whjch Lndbc^ii-pcV ciipied tea;grpg-shpp. Secttring the'Si^istaiice^ of a few friends,, he wept boldly, to work without funds, and resting his enterprise altogether upon its merits, , life hired a house, adopr'or two ft^WgfMh'gotrpOnii wLich\ had been pecupied for far ditferent purposes, and here ho removed with his family. Having opened the doors, the, next effort waste get'Scholars—and about ^fifty or sixty, of-the most neglected children made their appearance. Water a nd soap werejgut in requisitioh, so that, as l»e tpld tlicm,\ the Udies and gentlemen-might have a chance to. see their' fiices.'' k As soon as possible, clean, plain . clothes were .provided,- premiums, wett disfrl- butcd; and the wild 11 prow of shouting, whUtlc- ing, wrestling and mirth were hushed in the pleasurable sensations and scIf-satwfnctioU of clean faces and bodies, and better clothes. , After S,ibbath School, religious cxcaises fo r adults were held—Mr Pease preaching. Horn- ing, afternoon and evening passed away, and the; experiment, doubtfnPand discouraging, was part- defective, . • ., »;.'-, •\•••.- .'.,,•••'..;-.v't• lam not weddedttf '^y:-j$eMte'Jit-'';piWQ(itiai^ and only, suggest^ by 'way o f approxim:ition y : Wluitrwpuldhfive, -* >• '•';. .\- - if Fwerp* jKi^ablsplutej'andLeldjny'-cro'Wn.\. Ly the grace,-ot my snbjOcts, arid wereiiiiiprjeSSctl'' Witlitlie belief thati-my^ovRii Mgn'-aridr.itljaiVpf. my family depeiided upon Certain intellectual aii tainments, -if would have schools; and etery;Hew generation should'receive iiistructioni^tiS-iSf^ sueh as hiid i\n</uj/ry enougli to t:dte it in. Ami wo to those who had not, if Uiey did not behave' themselves!- \•.'-.«-.- -;''.'\.•\'.-*•.•.•.. ; .-' -''v>. If JC Were a <fem«^ngi(p^born amidpop»ilarrn| stUjStions, 'fwpuld\not care a vfjiifc what becmie -.; of lhe£pcbple,,rich -far!\.bio)4kr*- if'^tf-Vs^ii^sSgJfififW ends could-WjJeTOfflpIishcd To Teach-' my obi jet-t, it miglit be necessary to affectthephihut- ^ftlrrppist; to Income a \second Jereniiah. iaMaeSi- claim with the crying prophet, f fJli.: JUiat> \my Lead were watew.aiidmiHe^eyesj^fountamJoff iHlfjjihai. t^*igLfc«ocp^4iy;aadnigu^or4i^i~ —-deiir p^ojife.f If exerijptiort;from\tlie.; jayment\' of honest debts—tlte privilege-of voting themi- ly reducedto a moral demonstration of saccess. exhibit bis manhood by coiitnbnUng his mile? Not stopping here, Mr iW invited thesc,ho Jft S^^t^^S£iR wanted work to come to him Jfor advice Men came, and he obtained situations for them—wo- men came, and he obtained servjee to such an extent that he has furnished one hundred and ttanttf-Jitt women with slmost steady employ- ment at needlework, at good prices—the work being furnished by FEKGUSO*, of the 8hirt De- pot, who entered into the spirit of tho move- ment Thus Las tins social, educational, and moral reform gone on under the efficient man- In regard to vice, -he only is safe who keeps vvVsMrpip temptatUtm ltl»0.«e W'htS. venture neiir are often upset and.desttpyedi anoTMr Weeks addressed the audience, after Which papers and tracts were distriLntcd, and tLey Were invited to bo present on the next Sab. bath, Ovora hundred and fifty assembled—and in a few weeks the number of regular attendants .h:id:increased-to-about tw o Jmndred, JKhielf.it has., since .held undiminished For two years these friends hn\e been l.ibonng with a mass of Jhe most impracticable and stubborn material, but great good has been accomplished—« healthful moral influence has-gonfroutrwhich~ra\\ felt _ ih~ -many families, and it may yet be the delightful reward o f theafe gentlemen^ tp^find in after years some t< stlmony t6 their tabors in the honor and nsefulneas of some (Pf these, who have here learned their firsi lessons of moral and religious truth. „ < ,. \ So* In tho morn thy seed And not at eve withhold \ (-Following the example thus set, some other gentlemen and ladies,a few months since, organ- ixed a similar effort in Elm street, in a school house opposite (he \^Tombs where thevarcdo- sgcnicnt of this earnest reformer, until he now hires three of these Large houses, which Here formerly dens of crime and sin, -affotding em- ployment to the needy, and* instructing the ig- norant Sunday School is Held twicc^ and , , jchuroh.s$faiceJlwieJimt»s>-jrbi^SuadaySchool-[ jgyj, 1 ?^ 1 now numbers 160 children and a number of a- dolts, an effective body of about 85 male and J5 female teachers and visitors being engaged The school is a model of excellent discipline, of good orderrand \of\coKstam p«|grcss.^ 'J'hxTchildrur behave tlietnselves with an order, quietness and respect which I hare never seen surpassed in any Sunday Schoolrand-are ready and correct in their answers to the questions pot to them A temperance meeting is held etery Friday evening, and there have hitnfite kundrtd and jyiy signatures to the pledge, both young and old, already. A singing school on Wednesday evc-v mug, whice is attended by about 80 pf the chil- dren, who procure admission byjtiekcw given out on Sunday to the most deserving, iS lending these young minds to alotc of iiarmony and an j»c- lookiiKT on the bright \side of liumarircharAuU'r, but still hiving my misgivings ns to the cause of three-fourths tlie misery there is in tins world, I would not, becauwa man is poor, take away what little mdepondence he-might have Jeff I would not teach him to covet his neighbor's goods, butliavc him learn that he should at least try to shoulder the private burthen he has in most inst-inccs imposed oji bimselfo and further exhibit his manhood by eontnbnting his stilt? cypher. I would have a school law, seeing law we- must have, sometliing\like the following, being' tlie same funnslied a local print, which repub^ lulled my former communication to The>Tri- bune, and called for \details.\ ' t J CIARKE RICK Mr. RICE'S nlaiiibllows, whieli we have befbttt ' published, andjaiay be seen in tlie 2d number of the Reformer * * .J- asxAsuLBT sn? XDITOK or-Tiic nmrvav rr T Any man may make out a ease if yon let htm assume his own premises. Mr. Rice eooty lakes it for grantedliiat every pool\ man is a drunkard, a prodigal intent on living off his wetghbors, while every rich or well-off ciiisen is necessarily imliistnous. frugal, temperate and*exe*npkry^ He will please nnsVrsYand, once for alUthat we deny the-jtistico of this representation. On the contrary, we mamaiun that * Isnge portion of the poorer heads of ! families are bsfdsr wetkwjr, more frugal and diligent, and that Fortune, or a getuHS for making money esT the labor of others,— has yery much to do with the actual disirmstion of wealth in the community. There«are atfores of poor men, who lune large, dependent ftml> Les, who «W pertonatty weak ordiSaWed Lyons- case or infirmity, and there are handreds of will* ows, with three or more ystfnff ehildrsit, wm/csn- not, by the most nntarmf mdmtryjsarn three .shillings a day for the support of them ill s' Y*t these children ongtit to be edswated, *«t«nty/fcr their own sskes, but for that of ths eossmsnlty —for the sake of their richer nsighhors whsfce i«rmsJtojiolUure.ftr_buy 4 ji:ho«« Jnilta f\ jL chinery tftey will run, whose property wfl be enhanced in value h>* their indnstoy, if the»m- I {See Fourth-Page) —*W , <«• .;-.,..-..j..-.

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