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The Lewis County banner. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1856-1864, April 29, 1857, Image 1

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NO IfORTII1 NO SOUTH* SO EAITI »O WEST! BUT THE ,4 : ,^a&fe.4«;:,-i ss-t>s ••v-.-s: ...f J .v. • ; . ,,.,.-•-.. JT .; Jf>^>- • TITCTIOH, WOW Altl) FOREYCB. f _... .-•'.:? >rr & A. T LQWVILLE, LEWIS CO... A ; Y., WEBNESDAY^ ^PML '{isr'i, w ss'ai iM^ ing Slow, Eowvllle, LewW eoant>, S. Y., u«- H«r ib« KilltorUl t f - N. B JL T2ALL, PuWiA« Mi »ropri»tor, To wl«j>.» -ijh owtett tad communications *f «5r«l!*.—l>»« DolU* per annum If paid «ttktly in it<taui«*i ln«U etiMrciwea, *1,5«> per nurnsn wilt tn> eti«?SfcUi i RJkflS W AUVMtttlSO. I\ !\ Week *',«•» i \ \ S \ '.\ \ 3 months S,W «.<« • 'CO. _, i Inn, Stove* and e«*y dlwription of WBoTtkCMIM ACoiT™ M»nuf«cturur* of Hoot* and Shoo*, and dualera In Uatlier, finding*, *c, *'o. nl Lowvllte, Lewis Co., N. Y. W. Hudson Stephens, Attorucf) *«•*» LOWVlLt.8, LEWIS CO.. S. Y., 2il storv ot'DolgV (Hunk) Block. l \ r, ** 1 I\ 1 year O.ieiFourth Column 3 mouths, 7, () 0 (>.ur ;Fi>:irth Column 6 mouths, lt',in» •• j \ \ \1 year \ i Third \ \ 6 inonths 12,'*' \ 1 year, * \ Half \ 6 months \> \ 1 year 25,00 \ Column ,1 * \ *>,\« Legal advertisen*5«te inserted at the rates prescribed by law. BUSINESS CARDS. JJ. B. SXTUVESTJER, Attorney and Counsellor at taw, Lowville,Lewis County N- Y. . 1? Sh. tv. S. Y. STtPBESS, & COCSSKLLOB, Lowville, Lewis coun- M. M. SMITH, Hardware Merchant, Lowville, Lewis Co., X. Y. THE BOSTW1CE HOUSK, E C. POTTER, PioPBiETOK, Lowville, Lewis 1» •.. C. DAVEKPORT, Attorney an<i CounseUor at Law, opposite the B.>st«ick House, Lowville. - Will attend to all business in the line of his profession. ul _._ the highest price for Land Warrants, and attends to all Bounty Laud Claims, at his Oiiiee in Lowville.. Attorney .S. V. vilU-. CHJLS. ». ADAMS, au<l Counsellor al Lan, Lowville, Oiiite directly over the Bankoi Low- Particular attention paid to collections, and eouvevaiicHig. nl ALBERT BIELL, Jostiee of the Peace, Lowville, will give his ear- nest attention to collecting debts, taking ani- davits acuiio»leUgments ic-, ill E. S.MLKUE1, Attorney and Counsellor at law, and Solicitor and Couucelior in Kquity. ul C'opcuhagen, Lewis County X. Y. EBOWH , Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Mariinsburgh, Lewis County X. Y. At the Uiiice formerly occupied by A. U. Barnes. GKO. L. BROWS, nl HARRISON BARSKS. CiEOKCiE CilLBERT, Attornev aiid Counsellor at Law, Gallagher'* Biock, (up »;airs; Carthage, Jefiersou County X Y l X Y . nl JTCUTf DOIO, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye- Stuffs, Window Glass, &e. Also every vari- ety of Family Groceries, and Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal pur|ioses. Lowville, Lewis Co., K. Y. A. FOOT JR., Dealer in Boow, Shoes, Lsather, of all Kinds, aud Shoemaker's Findings in great variety. Cash Paid at all times for Hides and Skins. Slartinshurgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. BAKER'S BOTEIi, LKYI>KN, Lewis vomuy, K. Y. The Public may rert aseun-ij that the Subscriber will spare no pittas for the avronin odation and eoinfort of liiH guests. Call end we me. TUOJUS BAKER, 34 Proprietor. tEONARl> € . lilLIIAlM, Attornev and Counsclior at Law, Martinsburgh, Lew's Co., S. Y. Pension aud Bounty Land Agency. Lnnrf Warrauis procured lor applicants upon rea- sonable terms Highest priee .paid for Lam! Warrants. All business entrusted to his c;ir<- in the line of his profession, will be attended to with proinptnes-*Hud fidelity. Office north •>•*.-' >f Rr'- ! B'ocV, opposite Atwood's Hotel. Martinsburgh, Kov. h, 183fi. nl o THE WONDER OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY ! Important and of Gresit Consideiaaon to the Suffering. THOS A. HURLEY'S SARSAPARILLA. o ,F all the remedies that h»ve heen discover- ed during the present ape for the \ thov.- sand ills that flesh is heir to,\ none equal this wonderful preparation. Only three years have Tlwlxeiie liU, M PftSMd by the ftgie- lfttore. AS ACT TO SOPPRKSH lmMPKHASC* ASDTORlMl- 1'I.ATK Tint SAI.J: OV INTOXICATING LIQUORS. Tht Penph of tht State of A>IP Y< r\; represented in Senate and Amembly, d end as follow.: SXOHUN 1. Thoru ahull be appointed on the Nscotiil Thursday of Mny iuxt, by th the names of tlw «acuj'itius to the bond le- q lireil in such case. The Raid.book oi minutes shall be deposited in the office of tlio County Clerk. No fee or reward shall bj token by any Board of Excise, oi' by any metulcr thereof, for any license to keep AU inn, tavern or. hotol, or to sell strong or spiri o:is Kq iors, or for any ser- Connty Jndjje and the two Justices of the, vice nq >irod 1o such Board, nor shall any •Session*, cr a majority of which the Conn- j compensation bo rtstaiiued by any such ty Judge shall be onej in each of the Conn-j '-\'\''I. °>' l >y »\y member thereof, or by ties of this State (except tho City and: »>v ! '-k-vk thereof, out of the excise money, County of New York, whoroiu the Chief i li «' tlio whole nmount theivof shall be Justice of the.SuperiorCN.mrt, tho presiding I P liul ovor to tll u bounty I reasnrer, for (the Judge of the Court of Common l'lvax ami j »«•' of the poor iji the suvml .counties; but the Kecorder of the city, or any two ot i th^ per on« to.nps.iy siuh Boar.l o \ I ,.'....: . . l. .'i I .... .1 ..1 1. . . . • .i them shall appoint^ at the place where the Contitv Courts are required to be held, three reputable freeholders; residents ol the county, who shall bo the Commissioners' <»f Excise for their respective counties, sin >!uill ba entitled each to receive the that such license shall not be deemed- to authorize the sale of any strong or spiri- tons liquor, or wine, to be drank in the house or shop of the person receiving such license, or in any outhouse, yard or garden appertaining thereto, or connected there- with. r SEC. 12. Such licenses shall not be gran- ted, unless the Commissioners are satisfied that the applicant is of good moral char- acter,noruiit.l such applicant shall have executed a bond to tlu people of this State in the penal sum of 500 dollars with suf- ficient sureties, who shall duly justify in the mm ot 10)0 dollar, to he approved by the Commissioners, and to b: deliver, d to tho Commissioners, conditioned that sum of three dollars pur day for services i diiring t le term for which his license shall actually peribnuwl, to l« al owed and paid Ib^grautud he willn >t suffer his p'ace of bns- ly» lie shall 4i?ect said officer t in some jail, lock-up or other safe and con* venient place, until he shall become sober, and thereupon forthwith to bring him be- fore any magistrate, as provided in this sec tion, it shall be the duty of such magis- trate to administer .to sneh person an oath or affirmation, and~examine him as to the ca-.ise of such intoxication and to ascertain thu person or persons who sold or gave the liquor to such person ; such intoxica- tion being hereby deelaired to be an offense against the provisions oV this act, punish- able, upon conviction, by a fine of ten dollars, and costs at the same rate as in Courts of Special Sessions, and imprison-1 liquors or wines, for any violation of the lmnt in the County Jail, Workhouse or j provisions of this act, either in a suit for^a ClerkVOlfieer Sec. 2*. Whenever ^\bfellli^f tie con-^ dition bf such-bond,^giventipon^the'ffrtlB^ ting of any license isfiail: }ra^pen^4t stall te the duty 'of the Commissidnetsrof^rcHie/- the Snpervisbr of the town,Mayof •city, or Trustees ;ofthe village iir ^hiclt the person who shall incur the 'penalty shall reside, to prosecute the *ame-antf-re- cover the penalty therefor. Sec. 25. Whenever any conviction oi» indgment shall be obtained against any 1 person licensed to Bell strong or spirituous and no other or greater compensation shall shall l« known a* the Board of Commit j illJ al!l>Wwl - Tl ' ° expenses of procuring sioners of Excise. The said County Judge j necessary book* for minutes and necessary blanks, when actually incurred, shall be II 'Penitentiary until paid, not, however, to ; penalty or in a suit upon a bond giVen% >- 1 exceed ten clays. It shall be the duty of i such person, it shall be the duty of tlie u lixemaiiiwr as otl.er county changes, J inv si to he ,n.e disorderly ; that he will not such officers to arrest, or cause to be\ ar-j justice or court oefore whom the aame '\*\'\' ' \ \ or si.ffjf to be sold, any strong or spir- rested, all such persons when so intoxica- shall be had, to transmit to the next is iiquois or wines to be drank in his tu), and ot the magistrate to entertain Court of Sessions of the county, a : stifle* and Justices, and in thu City of New York, the Chief Justice of the Superior Court, the presiding Judire of the Court oi Common fleas and the Uecoider of the citv, shall.meet at tllii lime ami place, afore- said, and divid the s-aid Commissioiieis» sell itotis sl.op or house, or in any out house, yard SUt; h co.nplaints and make such or garden appertaining thereto, and when- cxamina- coiii.tv >S;:c. 0. Licenses shall not h-i granted to sjll sti'o \g aud sp.rituous iiquors and wines to bj drank th into three classes by lot. T)w. O>mni>- j premises ()i ' *be porson licer.sed, unless such sioner assigned to the first class shall hol.l j person propose to keep an inn, tavein or his office until the fii-st day, of January, i'''\H nor unless th a Commissioners are 1S59, and the Commissioner in the secon.l | satisfied that the. applicant is of good elapsed since the discoverer (who spoilt a di'i'nde c ! ass until the first d'W of J-muarv 1831 j moral character, thiit he has sufficient loS^SirJSicr'i JThll'S andihe Co. U .«».io,H..r\in the thin! class \ aWlity to keep an inn, tavern orho.e., a,:d ready recognised by the most eminent phy=- until the first dav ofjannarv 1803 and • the noees.-ary accommodations to entertain icians in all parts of the country to be the most ii d i d i di audited aiul paid in like manner as other ever any person is seen to drink in such shop oi 1 house, outhouse, yard or garden, ing thereto, any spirituous liquors or wiiiHS,\forbidden to ba drank there in, it shall be priina facie evidence that such spi.itous liquors or wines were S:old by tne occupant ot such premises, or his agent, with the intent that the same should lie drank therein. On any trial for the of- fense last aforesaid, such occupai t or agent may be allowed to testify respecting such lcians mall parts ot me countrv io oe me most r , . . , ,,lil,., ,-, ;,,,. , ^., n , 1 » surprising and oftVciive rvwdy lor certain dis- ouc Commissioner m every t.v* years here- tuuc.e.s, Mid that a., inn, tavern or lx.te •i> leqiiiix-iMou the actual accommodat oft oi ir ivelers, at t-lic place where S'.ieh :ip- r compounds of syrups oi the root have , ileil to coinii'.iind the sanction ot the I liti \PP\ 1 pg y eases of which they have knowledge All other hitherto failed faculty, because on being tested, they have been found to contain r.oxious ingredients, which neutralise the good effects of the Sarsaparilla and oftentimes injure the health of the patient. It is not so with Hurley's preparation. This is the pure and genuine exfractofthe root, and will, on trial, be found to effect a cer- tain and perfect cure of the following eonsplaiuts and diseases : Affectinn* of the &<m$s, Debility, JJi.ieases of the Kidney*, li after, as the term of office shall expire, shall on the second Tius.lav and place >\ R'siUes or to k eep the May, in such year, in the the authorities above piovided, v\ ho shall ^nie ; ; < :i ( ' : ' « hii-h shall be expressly stated t:on miJer the penalty ot fifty dollars, with full costs ot suit, for an}' neglect to inent of such conviction of judgment, of the offence for which it, was obtaiftedi '• SEC. 26. The said court'ishall cause the sale. SEC. 13. Whoever shall sell any s'rong or spirituous liquors or wines in quantities less than five gallons at a time, without having a license there far, granted as herein •provided, shall forfeit fifty dollars for each offense. comply with the provisions ot this section.' person or persons against whom such con* SEC. 18. Whoever shall sell or give; viction.or judgment was obtainad, to-be a-vay any strong or spirituous liquors or, notified to appear on such day as the court wines, or shall suffer any such liquors or shall appoint, to show cause why any wines to be sold or given away under his t such license that may have been granted direction or authority, to any intoxicat d j to him or them should not be revoked; ier O! s, shall forfeit not less than $10 or At the day appointed, and on such other more than $2\) for each offense. <iays as the court shall appoint it shaft Sec. 19. It shall l« the duty of magis-; proceed to inqirre into the circumstances, trates aud overseers of the Poor in any . and shall revoke the license granted to the town or city, on complaint and satisfactory ' person or persons violating the provisions proof by a wife that her husband is an j of this act. ^ 7 habitual drinke: of intoxicating liqnors, f oj 27. The person whose license'shall g q j issue written notices to all dealers jn in-\ 1>e revoked shall be incapable of receiving toxicating liquors against whom sncl? , an . v sutl1 licens-Jtosell stronger spirituous ' i f h complaint is made, forbidding the sale or wines for the. space of three p g j giving of such, liquor to such husband for! vears ^oni the time of such revocatioHi dav of January Uillowing hisappoiiitmeui. In (rise of a vnca;u-y in tint oiiice of Conn- • ty Judip, the appointment ot ConiiiiisMon-'' Hsttilu, And all Skin Diseases. Habitual Cosllvcncss, Indigcxtitit, Live.- Coat plaint, hold his oiliee for six years from the fir.-t ! i\ siu-ii li< er.se; ai.d i:o sucli shall l« granted except on the petition oi j SEC. 14. Whoever shall sell any strong j t l ! e term of six inonths from the date of | SEC. 28. Any person who shall sell any not U-ss thai, iweiity rtspei-table free-hol-1 or jspirions liquors or wines to be drank I the notice, uinier the jienaltv of§.50, with ] stron g orspiritnoas liquors or wines to any rs of the State, resiuinjj i:*. the election I in his house \or shop, or any outhouse, yard Lfets for each and every sale or giving of | one of the individuals to whom it is ers shall !>e m, Sessions. In . » - - - - ^ or otherwise in thejloard of Commission- , aikl vei-ilUl-by the <».-.th of a siibscribing j sold by him or under his direction or an- j name and for 1 or own use. It shall be j damages which may be sustained in' con- es, such vacancy shall be filled by the i witness, Mid nut tLeii unless in the opinion j thority, to be drank in his house or shop, the duty of such magistrates and Over-1 sequence of such sale, and the parties so said Ji-.iljje and Justice, • or by tl.e of the C<>m:u.s>i<>neis : nueh inn, tavern or j or in any oiithonses, yard or garden there- seers of the Poor to iorbid the sale in like j offending may be sued in any of the courts said Chiei Justice of the Siriciior Court.; !'°tei i.- uveessary or pr.jper, and not moie j to l*longing, without having obtained a manner in all cases when a husband shall • ot tm ' s ^ tate ty an y individual sustaining !>y ,lhe Justice of t!.e ili-trii t.where sn. h inn, tavern or hotel is ! or ;garden appertaining thereto, or shall such liquor, after such notice shall have ! declared by this act to be unlawful to of • vacancy by death ' proposo.l to be kept, bv them duly signed ' suffer or permit any such liquors or wines | been fiven, to be issued for in her ownj m:lkc sncn sale > s! 'all be liable- for all ' '\ \• ' •—-'•'••••'- ?1 - I - ! --' : '------' •• ' ' ; |,_»^i.^..i^.-^- J ,- •.:-. the presiding Judge, of the Court of Com- ; i'i:::i o:ie license >l.a\{ be granted on the | licer.se theivfor as all ihn, tavern or hotel nion l'leas, iiniF the lleeordur of the C.ty \ nu-n.onai of of New York ; (for the unexpired term <>. \ ' such Cuniiiii.-sicmcr;) every Commission-' '' Palm'-nom Disease* | Srrofula, j or Kinf**.* Kril, \ Sjrphilis, j shall taUe and subscrilw tiie oat! the same pet.tioiieis, or any j keeper,shall forfeit €50 for each offense. ; all p.titioi;s i.j on .vvhicli such j Sac. 15. ND inn, tavern or hotel keop- shall be granted shll lie filed with or, or anv other person licensed to sell or ing an EUROPEAN REFUTATIOV. a. sitRAro, Hait-dn>s«elf and Shaftnpooner.— Will put Razors in order,anci keeps the best quality for sale. Perfumeries of all kinds. Shop over Bene&ct 4c Buker's Store. nl Lovville, K. Y. The instances of euros it has effected are daily coming to the proprietor's knowledge, and he has no hesitation in recommending it to one and all who desire to procure relief from suffer- ing. One bottle being tried, its effects will be too apparent to admit of further doubt. g3^ Recollect Hurley's Sareaparilla is the only ennine article in the market. JAMES B. REED, Watch Maker «od Jeweler, Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry. *c, kd Saop two Doors South of the Baptist Church ilKNY For sale at the manufactory, corner Seventh and Green streets, Louisville, Ky., and by all whofeHile houses throughout the United itatcs and Canada. 81 y 1 SCHEtFFEUN BROTHERS & CO., Who'cmle Agents, New York city. LowrilKN.Y. S. B. Particnlar attention paid to Watch and Cloefe Repairinjf. ^ WI. H. HELMEK, Uaaafacmrer and dealer in Cabinet Ware and Chairs of Durability and Finisn. All orders for W«i executed in the neatest and quickest -r. Shop a few rods below the Red nl WOOLWOBTH'S HOTEL, TUEIX, te^*«eoanty, K. Y. The Suti-<criber is jjetenn»ed tfiia fion«s «hall be second to «eue in the comity, and all whp&vorhira with ^iU b J-j^* ^ Kolt* :tor Porte* in'attcndtaiee i-eoariyed. to an<| from, tution. SEC. 2 . The Commissioners of Excise tiie Cor.j.ty C.erk within eight days, give away any strong or spiritons liquors pivsm-- 1 !-^-'i 1 in casi the Coiumi so iei-s shall grant i or wines shall sell or giveaway such Besides cKrins the aiiovo,.it i* also CKOWH to j 1^,1 i,.. scctHn , i art i v i 0 12 o f thy Coi!.s:-U\v liceiisj contrary to the prowssioiis oil Honors or wines to anv Indian or apprmi- • n rrfi\**t nun nnirnnn l Trtnif nnnirin w ii\& I\ I t * i-il ™ this act, tk>y s!i:i!l bj Jj.iiuJ !j«»ty of a • tice, knowing or having reason to -Iwlieve iiii:>iioiuc:iiior. him to be such, without the consent of his shall meet in their respective counties at] >ioC 7. Nor shall s-.ich license to keep master or mistioss, nor to any mil o.- under the place afo csaid, on the t'.iird Tuesday ofjan iiiajtavern orhote! lie granted until the the age of eighteen years, without the con- May ili each year, and on such other days ; applic^iit shall have executed aud deliver- | 8en t of his father pr moihjr, or guardian, as a majority of the Commissioners shall i e- ' t( * l '' - Hoard of Coinininsioneirsof Kxcu-e ; Whoever shall offend against either of appoint,, not exceeding ten days in any I herein prov ided, :i loud to the people of j thesa provisions shall foiieit ten dollars, to one vear, and in the citv of New Yor!:, i *l'i s State, in the pensi! sun) of Jj2oU, with ! bj recovered by the uiHSter of such appreu- ex<-eedi!:<x fiftv days, for the puiporc ! s-.iiiicient surtrties, who shall duly jus-tit} in | tiie or servant, or by the parent or gmir- be a great and powerful Tonic, purifying the Wood and invigorating the system. In short, it is, without exception, in the cases mentioned, and i:s peneral effect on the system, the n-.ost efficacious as it is the,most desirable remedy of the apre. It ii alrer.dy extensively used throughout the country, and is fast obtain- make like satisfactory proof concerning! sllch »\jnries or by the Overseers of Pobr the wife, and all the provisions of this; of llie town where the injured party \may section shall apply in either case. It shall j reside, and the sum recovered shall be for be tlie duty of magistrates and Overseers the benefit of the of the Poor, when like proof is made by a parent concerning a child who id a minor under the age oi twenty-one years, or by a SEC. 29. It shall bs the duty of Courts to instruct Grand Jurors to inquire into all offenses against the provisions of this act, child concerning a parent, to forbid the! antl to V TCSent a H offenders under this act, sale in like manner; and ail the provisions j an<1 also all-persons who may be charged of this act shall apply as in other eases j w!th adulterating imported or other intox- named above. SLC. 20. It shall n. t bo lawful, under the provisions of this act, to sell intoxica- ting liquors to any person gui ty of habitual drunken ness, nor to any person against whom the seller may have been notified by of granting licenses as hereinafter priscr:- \ the sum of £5 JO, to be approved by the j dian of such minor ; and any person vv ho j parent, guardian, husband or wife from h dii i lii iii l i d bed. r lh.-v shall have power priscr: \ , pp y j ; y p j p g to urant i Board oi Commissioners, with a condition : -hall ^H O r give away any strong or spir- s-jliing intoxicating liquors; and every ?TPriw• *i n pex bottle?o'r sis bottles for $.\. licenses to keepers of inns, tavci i;s or l.oiels j that such applicant, during the time that j j t ous liquor to any lud.an in this St; being residents of tl.e town or city whoie j he shaJLkeep any inn, tavern or hotel, will suclM!.!-,, tavern or hotel is procured to he ! not si.ffer it to be disorderly, or suffer_any kept, to sell strong and spiritous liquor | gambling, or keep a gambling table of any LEWIS COUNTY, Irraaad Stove Depot at The Subsi rihers are now receiving tlieir fall stool; of Coofc- in;r. Parlor and Plate Stoves of Twenty Five different styles and patterns, in all one hundred and ten Stoves. Trimminjtand pipeforSlovea, Jappaned and Tin Warp, &c, Sic. As usual we have on hand and are receiving a full and complete assortment of Iron, Steel. Xail Rods, Cutter Shoes, Nails, Gla.83, Springs, Mill, Circulur and Cross Cut Saws, Table and Pocket Cut- lery, Carpenters and Join -rs Tools, Shelf Hardware to nn ; merous to mention, Homes? \ and Carriage Trimmings, Floor Oil Cloth. Pumps, Lead Pipes, Axes Shov- el*, &c, &c. As our purchases are made di- roetly fronAhc manufaeturera and importers, we are enabled to give our customers the benefit of RIGGS 4 CO. description, within the iitn, tavern or ho- tel so kept by him, or in any outhouse, yard or garden belonging thereto. SEC. 8. Every keeper of an inn, tav- ern; or hotel, in any of the towns or villa- ges of this State, shall keep in his house at least three spare beds for his guests with good and sufficient bedding aud shall pro- vide and keep good and sufficient stabling, , aud provender of-hay in the winter, and hav or pasturage in the summer, and $100, and in cities not less than 130 nor i grain for four horses or other cattle more more than 8250 ; no license shall 1* gran- than his own stock, for the accommoda- ted to any person or firm to sell in more ; ti<>n of tvaveluis; and every keeper of an and vitits to be drank in their houses respectively; and to store keepers, lieilig such residents, a license to sell such liquors and wines in quantities less than five gal- lons, but i.ot to be drank in their shops, houses or out houses, yards or gardens, aud they shall ha'.e power to determine the stun to be paid for a license by eaih person applying, which si.m shall bens follows: In towns and incor lages, not less than *3J rpo rSu •rated vil- than than one place. inn, lavern or hotel in the cities of this SEC. 3. They slmll keep a book o! min- State, s-hall keep at least three spare l>eds iites of all their p; o .-ceding-;, in which shall i anil the necessary bedding, for the accoiu- l>e entered every resolution parsed by them • mid.it'o l ot travelers: For every neglect from Wa- frora the on'short •* ill low figures. Turin, Sept. 6,1856. SHRATO, AT WOOD'S H,, Xcwi^Go^S^Y.- Fjrom W» ex in th«? Jwwf* W^ iT ble to supply travelers and th M P 6 O fe ILL be found always on hand at his.«a 8.\.WiNCHELL'S Shoe Hinlr CitMint, r.ShaJKfng,. *keepa' « 'superior 'trucle^df B[ii|«; Veep* « superior aRy fer^i He will put razors ia order, and! keeps razors of C l aKty f fp?.sale * \ J857. graiit'tig a license to any jwrson, with' the sum required'to be paid, which minutes shall be verified by their signatures, aud filed with the Town Clerk of the town, for which sueh license si ail be granted,- aud in the several cities ofthe State, with City Clerk, within eighty days there- r\. SEC. 4. All licenses shall' ba signed by the Commissioners granting the name, lifey ghnll not be i;-siied until the requirements fixed by \he Board shall hjire been compli- ed, with; when issued, they shall be in v orc#, iinless revoked, until ten days afte. the 1 third-Triiesday hi'May next .succeeding, riib grafting of such license, and in- the ^t or default in having either of tho articles herein required, such, keeper shall for'eit SljO; to be recovered by the -Ove:saera o the 1'oor for the llse.of the poor. «.. Bso. 9. Every in •, tavern or hotel keeper licensed under the\ provisions of this act shall, within thirty days' after obtaining h>.s licons;, p it up a propsr sitrh on.-or ad- jacent to the Iront- of his house, with his name tlieieon, indicating tltat.be keeps an inn, tavern or hotel, and Be sljall'jseep np such sign dnijng thetime^hat Iie^ps an inn, tavern or hvStel.'., ^^f month'* neglect >ol keep up suclj'sign he shall for- fiil feitilO. shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall bo liable to a line of twenty-five dollars for each and every offence. Sac. 16. It sha'l bo the duty of every Sheriff, under Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Constable, Marshal, Policeman, Officer o, Police, to arrest all persons found actual- ly engaged in the commission of any of- fence in violation of this act, and forth- with cany such perspn. before any mag- istrate of the same city or town, to be dealt with according to the provisions of this act; and it shall be Vie duly of such masjistrato, on sufficient proof that such oftVnce has been committed, unless such person s-hwli ouct to be tried before such magistrate, to require a- bond to be executed by such offender, in tho sum of $100, with sureties who shall justi- fy in doable, the. amount so verbally, con- ditioned that such offeuder will appear and answer to the charge af the next term of ihe Court of Over and Tenniner or. Sessions to be held in swid comity, apd abide the order and j .d^mant of the SEC. 5yiikelis8p8aid Board of jCommis- ^% r siiatl ha;«etl»e iighttoap- ponrt.ni clerk for the time they may ba ncti': provisions of this act, such clerk to receive the same :COTBpen8atioi»y »* is'allowed t y Ibis act to vacb of the Coimnissioners. fWV* _. • -• ^l^ It . .LflAM .A . 'W^iih.1* —. ^ J^iM-j-i.,\.\! Toey- shalb dteep^jk^beok of of procwdirigi, on wJiicb shall. % eatemA they ri«H »l«o ci** ; on whibook ikli- ddV \ for any sortioJgtvongiOP ^ mn, a u ••;. :,4- . sectinties, ton, sliali p-irty so selling or retailing intoxicating l.quors, shall, on proof thereoti liefore any court of competent j urisdiction, be deprived of his license to sell, and shall not be allowed a renewal of said license, and in addition, on conviction, shall bo punished by a fine of not less than twenty dollars, uor more than fifty dollars, for each and every violation of the provisions herein set foith. If any inn, tavern or hotel keeper, or any other person or persons whatsoever, knowingly (outside of any poor honse), shall sell or give to any pauper or inmate of any poor house di alms honse, strong or spirituous liquors or wines, such person or persons so offending shall ba fined twenty five dollars and be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be imprisoned,not less than_twenty nor more than sixty, days. *...,, j icating liqnoi-s with poisonous or deleter- ious drugs or mixtures, or selling the same, or with knowingly importing or selling intoxicating liquors or wines adulterated with poisonous or deleterous drngs o'r mixtures; which offenses are hereby de dared to be misdemeanors, to be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiarj, workhou-H; or jail, for a period' of three months, and by a fine of $100;, • - : SEC-30. In case the parties or persons wbote duty it is, by the provisions' ef this act, to prosecute for any penalty provided by this act, for the period of tew days-after •complaint to them thj.t any provisiofcof this act has been violated, accompanied with reasonable proof of the same, any other person may prosecute therefore in the name of the Board of Commissioners of Excise. .-•'. ; - SEC. 31...Allincorporated^Companies'br persons in this State,-, engaged'ia-conve'p passengers, including especially, all rai!- Conitther.m, or to commit such offenderIstich geh»ral or special election or tow to the Comity JaU/uvtiyncli jfid^nent --* : - : - rf; - H »> 6 foia \> »™ nf •*«•«*••*\ of s lid court, or ijnt*il.J)e btj dischai'gfed ac-. cording!, to law.' ' An?d it shall lie 'tiie duty of the Magistrate to^ ehteijai'n'any ' com-\ plmnt of a violation,'qf liis:'aet. iria'de.bv any person,undef iwlHj.aJid'\foftifwitfi |to issitc. a war'rajit itn'd i'a|fse sneii^ offender t*», be brought befofS the. -provisions of tins section-.; arid such •magi!trateljdiaO, ydtbin. jten. days, caiise; *uchii'ond}?,togatherv witlv.all papers and affidaviiti^wijtb h Ji^ -$»fothe-gerspii8 and .residences ; of coniplain;»njts5,a.ud X s;J!igitness<;s the? fipu tlie wieeeidntyi: jt.shali.be' ft>j ; tliw;itli to pros-. :mf sucir/secutethesame. or person licensed to!sell:liquor?,.ghall sell or give-away a\ny intoxicatingHiq'nors-or wines on Sunday, or' upon aiiyday on which a general or special election or town meeting shall : be.held, and within one qnarter of a mile ftonr-.tbg place where: siich general 1 -of special electiun or town meeting shall'beheld, in any of the villages or'.towiis.of; t.his State, to' any p; rson whatever, as a beverage. It^ .case >the;election; a* town meeting «lmll not be general throughout the^tate, the provis on> '••' ili: - ~U&J? ^ snc j v cag^ s j ia ].j ^,1^ of th is MtHiotf, totheit apply tothe»cit^, countj, Milage ortown in which .siwh, election oi to\vn j sliali beiJield... AVhoc\er shall ngainfet'the pf%i it»ns«t tins section eii »H Be' gSilt^^f^tnJ^denieanDr, aiid oif eon- road-, steam'bdat ! an'& nd all kinds of corpoifa'ttons conveying for hire, persons or property, shall be and here- by aw required to; refuse employment to all persons wlio, : on good- arid siifBoietot proof,\ shall { be ^Hpwnto indulge jn tlp'i'n. oniiriate\' iise of infosical t 3n.gT'4nnts, l .»9d >any such company wjhich shall; retain^n its employ-any person. 5©r persons -frliich shall on- competent>precf, v be -shown to be intoxicated at any'period p^' ri a^w-^J- tive sei-yice^otjaid coppa switch-tender,, - comiijandei;, pilots ?mate-or foreman, or be '4n*S ot !yictio.M 5 sli^||M:fe,i!»pMboiKsd f i m the cpnnj;y jaifowosk house or pem.tenturvnot >i^ than-toenty days %§£iki0&*' pe«»fee» pto^de*-**^ would human life, imjb or progfrt^ thereto, and ioaipmrfy&OT tia tban iiftv mitted and proved, before any couttzof M ahj g WIJ towi to

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