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woVoij*wi wo EAST,! mo WEST: BIT* Ji '*'-*•' '* «*il^#P#l**w^i€#!fc, ^iSL 5511* /• VOL. 1. LOWVILLE, LEWIS CO. N. ¥., WEDNESDAY, DEC. £,.18561 HOUSE ANI>FAR>I. Jltov* as a Mauare. There is a manufactory in London where animal blood is made into fer- tilizing mixtures. Bone dust and crushed foesil manures are -placed in a longrtub, alopg the central axle of whicEis the. shaft*of arevol Jns agi- tator-r-so inaity. ca^s.,of blovd axe- poured in over the bones, and well mixed by the arms upon th6 working shaft. SypfeSic aWis adfted to the mixture, which bouVand effervesces under the: action of the vitriol on the bones and bloody .and after thorough commixture for about ten minutes, the liquid inasg' is allowed to escape tlvrough the opened end of the vessel, and it runs iir a- heap upon an earthr fl h i l i hd POETRY. tya tkttt »re Past. BY We. TsiU.not,depJore i them,, the d»yS:th»t«re,p»3t The gloom of misfortune is over them cast; They are lengthened by sorrow and sullied by care; : Their griefs were too many, their joys were too rare; . . • • • • • . Yet, now that-, their shadows are. on U3,no more, Let us welcome the prospect that brightens be- fore! \ . \ • * 5 •*-'-•- l ; ; We have cherished faii'-hopes i we have 1 plotted tbraye.schemes,. -. . »••• •• We have lived till we tiud them illusive as dreams; Wealth has, melted like snow that is graspM in the'Tiand,' j And'the steps we have climb'd have departed MISCELLANY. (From the Knickerbocker, for Decenber John PluBiiix's Fourth of July Oration 1 in Oregon. Our readers have known, John ,Phcpnix as. a Surveyor, .Topographical .Engineer, a Humorist; ;but they.have to listen, for the. first time to him as.a Eourth-of-July Orator., matter is ^explained, by. the follow- en floor, where, as it cools, it hardens and dries. In^a day or two this is | y etcSlli ;a» e T 8 pbnd while of health wbdreft, turned over wjtli the spade and oro-{ And , hoilor bright<hoivOP , andifrcedomare Iett? ken small, and 4s found'Slieaaj dry . - enongh fpr drilling. This is what-is J 0! shall we despond, while the pages of time Used as tUTIlip manure. Some sixteen ' Yet open before us their records sublime! or eighteen large vessels full of tllis-l V\\hile ennobled by treasures more precious than manure are poured oht in the course j s old > Ot f he day, 'fermfng a mass of forty Or j w& ca ^ walk with the martyrs and heroes of old ; tbrtV-five funs of manure. For wheat \ Whilujrainanity whispe rs such truth in the ear, manure thesame materials are used in j As k softens th e heart !ikc swcct raus!o t 0 hear? different proporffoins, anj milch more , o , sha]I wt . d d wh blood being used, -artificial heat, is.. VVe can O11 the , needed to dry the resulting compound. ing ' Fq?T VANCOCVJEB^ W, T. June 15th 185fi. ' JOHN PBCESIX, Esp. Sergt.Majorj etc., DEAR SIR : I am requested by a num- ber' of your brother officers and other gen- tlemen, to solicit you to deliver the ovation at the celebration of the approaching Fouth of July, at t' is post. Very respectfully, j. . v . .Your, i'rieud and obit; ses.va.hti ' H. C H. 1st Lieut. 4th Infantry,' , Oh.! Tea, 1 1 June, 1856 of onr nation's independence, every «n)izen has got up, put on his pantaloons, taken a cock-tail, and commenced the celebration of the day in good earnest Throughout oui whole \ast extent of ; Maine, where thpy, pry the. sun nplin the molining, to FojlYuma pa.the Cpliado River where. tb;e thermonjeter stajids £12 ° the,shade,, and,the hens Jay ^ eggs, this day will be. at.day of hilarity, o| frolicking and rejoicing. ... , . .-; . Processions will,-be formed, churches will be thrpnged,,orations will, be>delivered' (many of them possibly, of asuperaorchar: ae,ter to this of mine,) |he ,gatla,nt militia, the right arm of pur .national, defence, will pervade the streets in, astouiidinj^ainiforiri, whereof, it may be,.sai<>ly.that : Spio.man in fathers and eight grandfathers 'come over and settled in the Jand. They planted coil), And' built houses, 1 they kilh d the Indiahs,hung the Quaker^, and Babtigts, burned the \witches alivejand were very happyaM r c6n^rtibfe indeed. $ii||th*e co)b> any man may become rich, provided lie will make money * and any man may be well educated, it he will learn and lias money to pay for his board and school ing,, and, any jnay becomeJgreat, and of .vjthen, a slight ch,ange.i took. .place»i .arrangements.-' -TheKngof^reat-Brifianyj ^Dutchman ^by^'tne 'naml! ~pf\ ^eoigei 4Jp of iM^ ^ ^.atalii inclined that .way, naturajjy>begiii to give w, ay .to ill-temper rand'obsiinacy, became' of-a sudden very- ovefb6ynn'ff : atid HUflis-' posed toward the.'colpnist?.' \He[ had*\of-' fendrs sent 'iq Jljgglaiul'to bel trie^i'^^he/ Itja; the fpur|bX.pjJglyt5 ;f lg, f % Indepen- dence* day—a day dear to every freeman, an anniversary \rwMchpt is' : gobd-'to / <;ele- p all his glory was, Jio/.jarrajied 1 - like, one of [fenders sent 'iq Jljgglaiul'.to • bel t h Sll b ill fi i ] i bak tl teti DEAU SIR tte the these. Small boys .will ,fire pistols and burn their. fingurs ;1 large boys will, -fire I have the honor to.ac-, cannons and blow, oij; their arms; men v, r _. . ... -. _ 1'^ . ' of vour becom. g^^ i° wn on a baftk antl protective'tariff, ^ with v!sionS st m ^ and th e eanh . and the I A s i The turnip manure contains about two or three per cent, of nitrogen along with sixteen per cent, of soluble phos- phate of lime. The wheat manure contains about seven per cent, of nir trogen, and the phosphate is reduced to ten per cent. We find in the Boston Journal the foregoing information as to fhe mode of employing blood for .manurial pur- poses, and we snbmit it to,«mr read-i\ L ers simply .as a sugeestintf. Bes'des j' IK> b * r the manner of usine blood adopted bv j T ,' u ' t ' „, T , <Z. - J . Lot us look the I ondon m nniactory, there are others, whichlittie ineennitv or chem- ical know edge would readily snsror It is time that more attention should j be paid to the subject of tne advan- tages er value of blood for fertilizing j purposes; for certainly if is not- verv ' creditable that large sums should be j paid for foreign manm-ps. while liun- j \dreds of t v onsar.ds of dollars nvVlit, be saved by preventing blood and: some other sources of fer+ili+v from ! -any longer gomg to -vra^to. ! On a recent occn?on ; wo ?rn*ed <*•*>' money value of blood. a*- fh l rices of guano, ro he s per gallon, for its us':•'\•.•; According to rlip?-:-*em- that occasion -'soe O^vm+rv of June nth. 1856^ *lie blood at fl gle ox or a flow erly composted matters, be fully eqnal in vsi-np as T '. fertilizer, to half a tun of ba-m-ynrd; manure. At this rate, tlie amor.n+ ; wasted every year in villasres aril ?•-1 ~ land cities, where there is no d^r^a^d < for blood for sugar refining or other purposes, may he re- dilv ortessod s>t. and will be found to l>e orei'er ^ i '' 1 \ 1 - out such an estimate. FV»T» .A-P-OIV. - gle farms ory>lan+aHnns. ^» V'v A nf animals slaughtered in ^ie course of 3 . •year would, if made to -flow into a re- ceptaele of some kind, and well mix- ed with muck, sawdust, or other ab- sorbing material, yield an amount; of valuable mannfe* too \*«sf eat to be thrown away for the want of a little care in saving it To those who wish f» 9 empjpy;blooji in the.manufacture While the st^shine can waken a burst of delight, And the stars are a joy and a glory by night; While each harmony, runnins through nature, can raise In our spirits the impulse of gladness and praise ? 0' let us no longer then vainly lament Over scenes that are faded and days that are spent: But, by faith uni'orsaken, nnawed'by mischance, I On hope's wavin r still iix'i prove cri • future aii.l no; :o UH- past' the coming-glorious anniversary, at Van- i shout -will go up from the land, which, if : .he amusement, prevented the protection couver ° .'.-'• |the wind^^ happens to be.in, the right.direc-j ° r ' cattle against flies, ancl l ihtti%ea with 0 and began to • be considered litjtle better. than an abolitionist. He also put.in erfect a certain, ordinance called the Stamp'Act, h sement prevented the protection rightdirec In the words, of a celebrated llonian : tion, : will. cause the Emperor Alexander to i*\\o'lowing linos ate jnsi h:'.:, we thvov.\ tlT*:n inro ^l Old Wi in tiim- So lie I'-T Hl'litl MIM.'RE. Oid Winter is cofiiing—;'.l:ick! How icy and cold is he! He cares not a p?n fora shivering back.. He's a saucy o'd chap to -.vhite and black, He «inst!es his chilli -.vith a wonderful knack, FnrJie copies fro>: ;: :-old comitry ' A wic:y old felio-.- !hi- Whiter is; A -i'.'i^Ut- o'.-' fcllo.v for s:'ee! i^ 1 ',-r.-:' s !:i> jo *-s on ho JMV iv .^-V'.--'.'. ;!{??, T';c •.-. rinklci' olil .nahi'T, >:n!i' to k-iss, ATH\ iV'jcs the 'lew of t'si'ir lip^—for this with «v.ch fefina-s as ho! Emperor, when asked to take a drink, I reply, 'I will do so with the greatest pleas- nre,' and shall immediately prepare myself for-the discharge of the agreeable duty thus devolving upon me. ; ' Your invstatioL, Sir, arrived upon the. most opportune occasion. Eighty years (or thereabouts,) ago, this day, our respected anccsters marched up the side of Breed's Hill by a flank, to. the following spirit-srir- ring tune: ' Oh ! twecdle dum twee, 'Ob! tweertlo dum twee. Oh! tweedle-tweedle, tweedle diim twe.' Ainl after jn-ttingtln;R',fi.i'ling sick at their stomachs from fatigue, threw np a line of breastworks and/ trenches, that- took the British vi»rv particularly by surprise. Be- hind those li-cMPtworks, Si:- in>r irnllant an- trcmble in Ins boots, and the young Napo- leon to howl in bis silver cradle. . For on this day the great American Eagle flaps her wings and soars aloft, until it -makes your eyes sore to look, at her y and looking j Onr ancestors were patient and lohg-suf down upon her miriads of tree-.and enlight-1 ering, but they could not stand every- g % the lhanuf'acture'of butter;' &0 hie finally capped the ! climar of his audacious impo- sitions by placing such a treine.ridous auty on ter, that onr female ancestors could not afford to drink that exhilarating beverage. ened children, with a flashing eye, she screams, ' E Pluribus Unumf which may be freely interpreted, ' Aiut I some ?' and myriads of freeiiie-.i answer back, ' You arc punkins!' Ou this glorious day, joy, good feeling, ahe good nature aniniateeach breast; bnb.es don't cry,ladsi s don't sto' ', all is amiability ; and I hesitate not to say tit.-it were thu commander of this Division HI tin's day to ask the Uovemorof Oregon thing. Souchong and Yonng Hison cost twelve and-a^half cents a cup; and our grandmothers were weeping with vexation and would not be comforted with herp-tea decoctions of sassafras.' They annoy- ed, our grandfathers to that extent that they rebelled, (rot up a Vigilence commit- tee in Boston, and destroyed two cargoes ot English tea, and were fired on by the. Is the Old Winter's i r-am- h!- ;. • if: for b!;wle, I wot— . 3.!vl free! r-pivi-rl fhe ml coated minions of the TJrit- i<h moTisirrh with -x uallintr and ilL>tni'-tivc. fire, that ca'.aed.thi'in to retreat. Hi confu- sion. Three successive times was the at- tack repeat-'d, an>! threi- successive t-iines were the l»r : tish mercenaries repnlsed. At the fonrth attcmpt,Sir, our ancestors snd- denlv rfmomhered- certain business ensjaff- ments in the co'.intrv which could nolono;- i or-bo WAP -;torl, mid the.v hn-;l not time to «(^.T t'i<-m^tt-'i- t'l^n-wfb. The'-.left; and o m'li.f'rtd moe- o'' r Awhidf hoots on ^ shirt- *<••'$ '-.-{; ,-njr in the -!stan™> ; was «J' th \^r^^h -o.'Id -,'escrv, wl]i»n, ont of breath, r>er*5»f!t!v ex'ia.'ist^r!, tliev fin-ivpd on the s\'tnin : t of Tireed's. This grieat \•en f , ^ir wa= \amed the. Katt-!o of TT'll on account- of it not having ocenred on a hill of that name, arid a monument, two hrnidred ff>et high, has been erected for a chew of tobacco, he would hand o j British troups in consequence. Then the 1 r the whole plug without a moment's j whole country flew to arms; the-battles ' Concord and Lexington followed, an'd'our : grand fathers went marching to the tune :lie .v.mt of his thoutrht^' A--': -s.-t :]!; inf. v.srsath of our fijrs at naught, Ann ruffle t'.f- !B-PS hv pretty girls bonght; For a froliesoni\ ieltow i^'be ! f v: ^ V>'iri''^r :s Vi!ov;in^ bis mists a-iong, inrt pierrily sbaViitg the tree! on! i-'omir.!; till night he willsin«rhis song: •tf : o:i:i!i!.?and s'tort-—TIOM-I'owHngland long— is ' 0 -• :~ o'ci :• w -:i' In !o.\ is he.' i: 13 are strong— Old Winter's a wicked old chajp, I ween— As v.icked as ever yotfll see! He withers the flowers, so fresh and green— And bites the pert nose of the Miss of sixteen, As she trippingly walks, in maidenly sheen! A wicked old fellow is he! ' of manures on a larger scale, the method adopted by the manufactrir- ersi&^ILoridon may serve as.a nsefnl suggestion. •-<— [Gonntry Geitlemah, Suito % Farmer P & t THE CfcpVl!» ?— f %£'% iii&yk number f PVoiijoe ati arriclfe in whTch is ffieqtie^oi, \Where have tlie clo- ver come? fionr?\ - andv the- «rnes^on seems to^ibe, yet, open, for disctissjon Bidbtbt that this.ha? .the >n pf;cl6j6r. .^ our yfe yielded ; fwp^er6t)s this sea- ^igis a gpodgrpwth'stapd Biere.i&ptd been' jaii extrM)rdinara:, _vear for p'ro9uc%>n ; pf;cl6vj6r. .^6\me..o Old.Winter's a tongh old fellow for blows, As.tongh as ev^r youUlsee! g He will trip up our trotters, and rend our clothes. And stiffen our limbs from our fingers to toes— He minds not the cries of liis friends or his foes. - A tougb oldSttUoW is ne J A conning old fellow is Winter, they say— A cunning old- fellow is he! He peeps in the crevices day by day, To see how we're passing our time away, And marks all our'Soirigsi from graf % to gay. Tin afraid he ig peeping at me. •• - OI>I>S> AM© ENDS* whicl seldom produced clover; this ' \\i a,$n •diyete^^^p^i^ipi^i^ &$eh An exchange is trying to' Smposfr the following likely story upon candid people: \An \old Tatty in_Qhio, .while recentlv in the -woods, was'bi'tten on the end of the nose by a rattlesnake. The old\ lady re- covered, but\ the: sTialce died; Coroner's by snnft!'—Dbn ? t be- ^p word of it I A wrought iron cannijn Kas been rnari- actnrea^in-Bivel'p'ojoli = ISiigldTid, : -which v'^tvf 6 hiftrdred- tohsi andssends on the spot, from the top of which a man once, fell, and lenocVed the whole top oif of bis derned eternal head. Sir. From the top of this monument now \on.ts the spang-dangled stanner of our po'intrv, arid long mav- it wave. Please, Sir, to accept the renewed assu- rances of my most distinguished consider- ation. Curry and Stevens! With singular respeet'T remain^ Tour most ob't servant, ' Lieut. H. Sea. H., JOHN PH<ENIX. ist Lieut, 4th : U.- T. Foot, \ •- - • Vancouver, W. Tea. Oration : DELIVERED AT FOJtT VANCOITVER, W. T., ON THE J-OURTH OF JULV 1856 , HV JOHN PH(ESTX, £. S. D. SERGENT, MAJOR EIGHTT-THIB1> REGIMENT, 0R- REGON TERRITORT LIGHT MULES. BROTHER SOLDIERS AND FEitow- Grrr- I feel honored by the call that I have received and.accepted, to deliver on this great occasion, the glorious anniversa- ry of bur nation^-independence, the cus- tomarv oration. The woid oration signi- fying a public address, T have reason to be- lieve has ; a military origin. It originated in a custom- once prevalent among com- manding officers and chaplains, of making long and verbose addresses to the troops, which wei-e stigmatized as fc a!l tallr and no rations;'- whence the 'word noration, : moderhis!ed iritooratibn. The^term address' has also a similar origin.ithaving DeeivTCS\ nal for the tvoops to be drcssed to the right before tbe^ oration • was i deliverfed, * prom the word noration is derived^tbe- common in the sweet arid clas- sic vales of'Pike—'to norate.' -Thus we hear an individual wishing to- refer to an -anecdote related to him 'in-early life, bv bis jjrahdmbth'er-j'say,.' T'htitPti'her norrat,e i.ieiav or he&itJition. And what is the cause of this general -rejoicing, this universal hi- lariUv this amiable state of feeling, this love and veneration for this particular day of all days of the year—a day when the native. Atnuriuan forgets all the predjucices, a*, though losing his country better than a^-lit else, feels well disposed towards ev- ery thing beside a day which our Ger- man population respect, and speak of as ' more better as good'—a day which Pat; - | who believes that one man is as good as another, ami a mighty .sight.iHstter^reyjpr,- e iices as he does St. Patrick's in:the morn- ing'—a day when aught unpleasant isfor- weight in a community, if\% will' late\ bYateVVasr'iifci shall s 'ceaie,.aW -,v*iMi.Y;: if • :'.'.•' it.; hr -HT • Every boy in these United States-knows the origin, of' this glotioui dtfyi 1 Small sunis of money' ; varyingfrbrh twelve and a half cents to a'ctolla'r aid a half/ accor- ding to -the •financikrprQspcrity of-their parents, have beeiva.nniuia.lly 'giy'fin: them to gotten, and inirth,and jolity,and fire-crack- ers abound. I will- endeavor to inform you. Many years ago, before Vancouver was ever born or thought of, when, the present magnificent city of Portland was but a forest of fir timber, .and the waters' of these mighty .rivers, now daily plowed by the splendid steamer Eagle, were navi- gated by the Lpdian chiei Mtiltnomah in his dug-out, provisioned with salmon and whortle-berries, there dwelt in the far-off city of Genoa, a worthy .merchant named Daniel Lumbns, who prosecuted his busi- ness as a dealer in velvets, under the name and style of Lumbus & Co., This merchant, at a s.omewhat advanced age, was blest with ,a. son of great promise, whom, ont.of compliment'to his partners,- he named ^Christopher. Co, Lumbus. From his earliest infancy,..this, youth! showed, anj ardent desire for a maratime }ife; ; and ,old.] Lumbus gratified hjs inclinations by send- 'ing him to sea, ... •In those days, popular _opinion turned to the belief, that the world.onwhich,we live was. a large square. table or-plane s snj'-. face, supported by columns of rocks.w-hic.h ; extended all the • ay down.. Cohimbu^i Yankee Doodle, to the top of Bunker's Hill, whence they did not march down until! they had Given the British tro.ops a most fearful and ever-to-be-remembered j.whipping. ^By.this. itimedfc suddenly oc- cuicd to s<me of the smartest of our re- spectable ancestor's that it was a long way to the little island of England, that there was a good many people in the prov- inces, and that perhaps they were now'| quite as able to govern 'themselves as George Gu'lep No; 3 was to govern them. They adeordingly appoihted'deiegatesfirom- the various Provinces or States, who inefet- ,ing together in Philadalphia on the fourth day of July, 1776, deckled to'troubTchim the King- no' longer, and gav# to the world that glbribus'Declaration of Independence^ to the suppdri of whifeh' they pledged their lives, their fortunes*ahd'-their saejed hon- or.\\ This was the b1rth5lay of Freedom-^ thebirth^bay of the United Stites, now expend on this occasion, which indellibly impress the fact upon their memories, and lead them to look forward with pleasure to its return., ,. . ,.-. ; , . .- .„• One of my earliest and .most cherished recollections is of my exploits on the,first Fourth of July that I can remember, when with patriotic fervor i purchased a. leaden .cannon, which, <e;x{>Lodjng prematureiyj burned off my liair and eyebrows, and put an end to the-existenee to a cat of my aunt's that peaccfa'Tly 'reclined watching, my operations. It is .considered by many a duty to becocne intoxicated on the Fourth of July. 1 remember hearing a distmguishtd senator-express'his opinion, \that any man who did hot get. drunk on tlie Fourth of Jiily was a.'dani.ned rascal.\ Without coackling in this novel Jiypothe- sis, I can truly,say, that I consider it the duty of every freeman to enjoy liimSelf to the full limits of his capacity oh tliis glo- rious occasion;, and if there ar.e, as I dare say there are, individuals to -whom get- ting .dr.ujik, : is the acme of human- felicity, whyyif' they ;do not allow themselves' to be carried away oii this.'day,t\hereiis more excuse for them tlian.there' woul'd be. on any less joyous occasion. . An anecdote that went the i;o,unds;of-.the. papers a few unable to hear \s 1 word that was This supper was afiei ward alluded to as Braddock's defeat, and the r 8imile,^fde^|as a Braddoek,\ su*bsegneBtIy v,ujganzed in to deaf as a haSdock, ha5 its rise^m Wa/h'towbvwhere, &>mmg'»tip6n-tii.e Ba thein'A'iflj a wall of 'cottjjn \vh'ic'h ; he bperied a destruVfiye a'ii3 rnusket\ bal ! s, were\ i m'uctf' irfci ;weight and expression pPayfiilly ? price of cotton,\'\v'a% Tfia8h''m' ; vogue : af^'r the battle. •<i •••• 1 tlie attbh' Washingloii.. miglit have been seen driving up apd \dbyip Vi 8re Hires exposed'to'a \deadly Qi% in it small Concord wagon, drawn\ By a' boB-tailed gi'ey ' Ti'orse. His \ celebrated dispaich^. \ Veni, vidi, vici\ or, I caiiic and saw iii aCbircord ; ivagoii,' has' reference.to'\th*is circuiristahce. \\\ ' \*\' Washington has been ealfed the Father of his 'Country'; '(an unapt''titTe more properly belonging to'the late \Jir.TVffeCTusr 1 key, parent-of the celebrated pffg^]ist';)'ihe* child; has grown, however,\ to that extent, that its own father would' not Itnow itl General Watker (William WaikeirJ'i's als'o\ •however, dissented .'fr(|pi this opinion, and \believing fhe earth to'te a globe or ball, •decided in his own 'mind' $hat it miglii bV feasiblee too start'\- a gjyep. direction'' andd eighty years of age; an'd as there are few' of iis feel some inclination to celebrate our own birthday, there, can be 'little\wonder that we celebrate the birth-day of our country in sojbyouSj earnest and enthusi- astic a manner.. pve.'df country •• is. .strongly impressed on my mindj but, as Ameri]Bans*!we should- and in fact do have this r ^Iing ; inbK.: strongly developed' than any other citizens of the world. : For; put t country • -is a- free country ; t ,the in8titu^on } s.are:veise..and lit* I eraljiandour advantages as; its natives are? greater thansthosebf any thiitii^ called the father bf Nicarragua, 'arid^ AV<V have no doubt in case of liis demise, his* children, the native Nida'ragiians, woiiffi'* erect a suitable riionnreent'b'veT'his remains with the inscripion, \go- father and Tare\ worse.\ • - WasMngton was anKrolfer of flidlviionr-* 'Nothing order, and directed that' Tibne : -- : but, Attericans should; be piit oii~ gna'r.3j Ji . \^hilli 'greatly annoyed tlie' Jtmericahk, tjieiv comfort being 'entirely ' dcstT'oyed. by _ years since, •is amusrna-'and'-ihfcresting asi .perpetual turns of'guarded duty.\. showing independent feeling engendered in the minds of all classses,. by the arrival .of the .glorious-Forth.., ii He was twice elected President of the' United States by the combined Whig arid a .Know-Nothing parties, the'Democrats A paisinioniotis, merchant,, whom J re-' Abolitionists\ voting against hiin— : gret to say, flourished in Boston.kept his. served out his time with great eridjt .counting room open on Independence day,; wherb he sat with liis clerk, a boy bf ten. or twelve years of age, busy over his ac- counts; while the. noise and uproar of the •himself.and the country^-^drawing ary with a regularity and.'precision worthy all commendation. --.-•- Although for tlie time in. which h.e\ unfortunate youjirperched upon liis, high' jStoqi,, engaged in pickinghds.nose a prac- tice:-tbat:the-mcrchant had frequently rep- robated, 1 andtakeh-him-to task-foiv' \fWilliam- he exclaimed, \ wliy will presis't iri that dii-ty practice ? I am as- tonished at you.' ueversaw a'railroad-6'r a locbmbtive 1 -e'l giiie, was perfectly ignorant of the ppnicir ^ i f th gti tlh hi pie of the magnetic telegraphy never a dagnensotype, (Salt's.^pistol,- Sharp^s^ir-- f I fle, or-used : a= fractibn-mateh. .Hie-ea'f Irisi - boy-, care,\ whimpered the uuhapy i y own'-iiose^an^itslndepen-1 in S ' about application, of 'den'c / c' : 'DaT,.and [ Tir.pick''thuhder oiit of it.\; _.\.;....\. • '•-..' \ r -.;..\ '\ . An excel lent (Custom prevails ,in jmany cities of-the United: States to celebrate the filose of the dayNinth\* : grand \6xiiibti6n o ^_.-.^:^>;: W,--:K^. -tAivJ^ pitiful es are four v . and a hiilf 'per cent .o,n the .^mpunt-.ofour: property.; v .jt is';aj>\ct ; that :^ :...J:<K»,,l4, +„,»„«., o/.,.; t -. TVnJrI.*- fil»BM»'a nr> |iin,d,*presents a-refined plp^sujS' .m- the,; .ajialpgy that is- suggested ; thinktta/iimself' that,, as-the da?r-ends;-s6; ^i it is>difficub to : .get scrip feasibl t start'\ a gjyep direction, an sail clear a'YbuncV'it,'rettirnipg'{b fhe .Doirit. of departure.\ ' 'Efayfng•communicated^ til* views to Isafeija, ' the Qc<3n '. of Arragori, that larly, was somewhat-of an entlijisiast, butlTiiese 'are 1 ' Ci'fbi-s not'' arisirig'frbm the r^L- A Ml -yp j^ilf!i;_dk^ J l^'kilrur'\ weihstetv a balL'pf- thjee;h*jMlted ppnndB. weight a- otbeseeii on^ otter drops? 'rgBMT, if- is & very, ryifernSed ; 6ut ofthe Gadsr tfiehed- iateof Tljis expla^iatfoji mav'appe'afirfevaletif and nnJntei*;St.ing.,;<l>iit.T.ne\;«5rlose.an op?, portntiity ftf impart;aJfctle-valuable;Tnfftr-\ \--'•' -T)'' ]i / \\\''•:'' /!' and had a Strong cbnviction\ th bns 1 was' * o'ne ; of ; thehi;' 1 soTa'^r' bns 1 was' * o'ne ; of ; thehi;' 1 soTa'^r' 'fii}op\e!ar-. ^i-HI • j--iiJ iJ^hi'jJ '~kj r ''tti4i>ji'*iii2ii C i}op\e!ar rings and otlfer three twp-WT'sctiooife'fH ofwiiicfr shl'' gave' .him the command.\ to me that tW extra i •this area-t^ftae Yi 4?jdfiiil.Tja:ft<eti»d i j-mptmting'tTi'r*ntnber ; '''to -several miition^L \Was aw'a^ened.^fi:6m. A^sonfifT \sTeep!' dischataje'pf canTidn,.the eiplosTprj i a^s^rinjljife^ojip population of Anzona' .t from ten to fitteen thonsand airdlBatHli* Territory *»Hmake rstafe about»l«g* M Vban* It layi Sooth. j>fafi*O< iT ; - ^W.iifeii&jkw' * Ci!? the - Broi is the ^^ v-v This halftpast. two'pcloek, e|erv-inhabitant this greatfi'oe 4?}d?nlTs:Tvferi»i1 'refn'plic j^tt. ai ^land\nvnch r -o'ppositibn diiinstances, -'.Ti^'^V.T-'i'iJJ'\!'™\ ' it'' ^ne.4*o, ,beJbo.rn . Hom'a'nrf the Jincendiarf kbolitioiitst, yvkp thr|at«^d\Syjth/par49i;4al'fff^ ol\ ; th,es^tates '.%. Thgy; wii^be .fojlawftd by : these, •S|iates.\'; c . They wi ja- grand;.;display :©f fite-wbrksin- aiibUier •—*WMf.5ftitK6TB feftuKr iriith=^iiiitiife &rtho- Tijentibned in history as-having'^b >W.orl'<fe' ^ox dbctrifles;-6T r %h'e : tige'.'' I\ have\^evert ^^a^o-fer«h^fuiCo%tioh deily^d, iplacf!... {•- tinction in this country, -nothing is want •y-o! rea ; sria\* (mmiiii ^cis^ay'(fcidpidfrtP soisTube Rose, the foHo 1% \~•-\ er| clod tude and our every chur boat, and land, \Ti%3mi&- Mtbjighout i the. •^<»fil'-iKrtTbi.i: fiengr ^ [From Tnbe Rose's:-A-tn<-rie*ntBitigKiphy. nd; i»HQ rqgpo^hity,.-^ reflect, .with.gj-atk j&l ,wl6'- S! S 4-dfe^erW. jim$&*m «^jg in|th^jMfln(S«|oti.the 1 y^<^^'^^^m^ t ^^^^^''^^lt^^^^. -™\~r| our\f^'«\ r ' *~ '*~^** ^~ ^^^'^ <«* Vte til I a*'thatiblrtthe,Wls r 'of J to alfeyiate snftering,;-or the use of gass tpft * lluminalibn. -Such.a man -JOB this' eonKT hardly-be elc0ted'IPfesMent of ^he. United State's in these ! t5me?:*a^tTi ; onSh^1t i raffif 1S& -*\ . ---Jr-..-. . - -!-'•-ynatA\! ir* ;orifessecf,. -we occrsionallj; have' - \a*' c date who proves not inuch betterJiafor about.matte;i-s .and things in general-..-, Jl^^^^l^^ii-najTaA^rfaft^v^itr* ^ fareveiyif ^oiterafy * calling their- children ih extent that has>been= \:gg&*

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