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The Lewis County banner. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1856-1864, September 17, 1856, Image 2

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JIT Ciicnretxi __ the Cincinnati Enquirer of the 2dJ Mr. Brockinridge's speech, deliver immense a*emblage in Cincinnati He tidode, iKng cheers and a perfect fmror of enthusiasm. ITe pole a follow-* He *a& such a receptioh was. an vnevpec ted aaifcga* grateM'to him He was Htertly passing through thi Ixnutitul ut> on Mo war-ftt ft grand patuotie demon stiatttif oftne\ great -west, to be held at * ribee endeared to them all bj its ciatioM^aMdciatoons the indulge fl lld t W tnekv. Tnffercoiii«e df\Ottio ana Ron They wer& then a Msteis, who do tm rnmshto tfc-rtiry-their nrn ___ inee m which were well calculated to keep fresh snd stemgAhc fraternal affection ird K gardof our people, as thov \were associ i tatns of common struggles and «aci lice in behalf a common country and \v com loon Union. [Great applause] But he ceold not be insensible to such an ov ition a« aai'been tendered him It wa not fcowevtft as a personal testimonial he ac accepted H, but as an earnest of tie i>ood feeling Ud enthusiasm of tins enlightened popabfeon fer the cause of which he h id heeiiaiftiaone of tlie represent itive —toi the patty 10 which it wits his pni'e. to be- long. He came 4om a state <wnith oi that line which a sectional parlr we* ill draw across 1hk Union; He stood on tint *w*l which that party would fun moke to t s^i to him, and he found himselt s mounded by a myriad host of friends, who wo 10 never consent to be eneniic and aliens TO their brethren on the other <SKI» O* th it ia talline. [Tremendous hima'is~| These shouts were shorts toi the Ur o 1 '—shouts for tlie pre eu itiot. ot om i i toonahty-—of fraternal coi-coid and ifiec tion. Those-banner-th t waved aioind them were the glonon symbol of &\au ted eountry —oi a 1 11 ui bixr-en CO^IGJQI acv. livery star w is still m it& place, i glorious constellation wa still nuailleu and unsoiled and nnstunei? The iices upturned to him expressed the tLuc glov of one general feeling of j»iti one emot on — *of an unconqi- >oi 'ab'e P\sv on for the Union They hid been L^o & told of d u gers to the Union. Alaim h . 1 been n f times unneccsai I cweited on th s 11 je^t and by~ this crv He had b°cn Jis_, te 1 himself at the levnYv with wlieh sueh a farms were sometimes ex itcd But novr there was a just, a real cause foi these alarms. The peril to the TL-ion w- is p il pable to the most blind and skep .cal A sectional partv, having an c I tenec in bit*- Bixteen ot the states, makirg no ype il f> fifteen of the st ites, repre ntod in e nia <. i tion from but a s^tion oP't-ie ~Oi ^ bounded mfact and in spn it by a\ -oi vl i <* lincs> proposed to rule th\ Ui io™ -\vi h - policy hostile to the interest nl -s slie of fifteen of th\ states, Huong 1 ! r^ :> es and orators using la^igna^^ and ^ i i ting sentJuents caleu' i r eil to cVs^ov A1 concord and amity betw een tke DOI th. au t south Our Union—one o x fe ood will u 1 goodfeelmg—dependent IDI IT c\is->n f e not upon foree and coercon, wh-ch. eoi 'tl never be upheld bv bavone* ard at rue^ —but which derived aUit JOYCI and efh cieney from the frateiniL feeling of tli people—resting in faci upon then licit istrulr in danger, -vuion iT»h a pol c% J openly avowed, «ich or^iuiz ih^n ftyneu and such feeling rmn ested Fir be r from him to ite- to any poih->r> + t American^ tne • tpja^i\ Q ivuii'i li t)nly stated a gr a+fict n o rpon*i I 1 toryc The- country i ie LI ce 1 to A that the democratic; pal 1 - ha b coue -\-'i only bond of the Umon OtI ci ligatuic civil and religions, hare b^ep se-ve^ 1 t -, that have long held thp-» «/• *• s ^o^ h. have been one bv or -nijype 1 \ I \\ and now it is onlv the men 1 i->ct+ ^ ei ©critic party, who are foi \-in. • L n\ <_i f L through all the states, who CT aiv pi\ \ent a final and di<-a&tiou di olnti.cn cf this blessed Umon Tli it pai 1 } > tli\ guardian of that pnccle •> k_,a \ tuT=m . ted to us by the patuotie fourdeis ot oiu ' republic. What ran Ibeth&eo'i cijiie a> of this new andbareful paitv 015111 7 it oa which was arrarcd againstthod^oci a\ ' How woul I the people of t 1 e noiti 1 and actif the -south were •ib'\ x o o if \ c them on a question es-cii + iill\ s^ L lt i— one on which all =cct ->IT>1 pi , 1 lie ai I passions were aroused—one w l«eh e ul m gered their security, menaced & 11 in tih tions, defying their wishes, putting m p^i 3 then* interests, disregarding f en 1 sh J - heapmg upon them abuse, taunting then g fy tnal attcetion The^^nd stmggkd to pother, <-h^uldoi tOj^Tmllei, thion^h all the- tiymg scon s ot bouLi lite, anl in ill tlia w Ub ot the coimtij. Eveiv b ittk field oi the noith. was coveied with the bone of bO'ithoiLc•& He said thi no boistt il spiut Thcsime feohuj; still linger iu the south 'Ihcy would flj^ tfie aul of then conntiymon i^im, they l h woukl shac with then noifhcrn bi&tluon am post or \sacrifice to sust un the hcnoi ot the nation, oi to p ott.ct ?ny poition ot it So too, m the soutL, the bone cfubi thorn patnots morildcivd on many a bat- tle field And so n> ij it eiei be Yrd toi th \t the eoiite t now f« It is now x \bat tie foi the Union And the ciemociacj i& the iiun which i to defend thatgicatli-jj ac\. It he knowhimselt, he could tuilj s*vv that all poisouil ambit on -\\ is lo^t m the one o\cipoweung ^en'^e of dinqe to the Umon, <tnd o f tlie gic it issue at stake * n& had been m mam p irt\ confli^s, but m this ilone, though a candidate ioi so exalted m office, he felt no spm ot ambi tion oi LlfiahnL s Men weix. mortil,ti m sienU r Lhc\ pi«.«\d tiom the cnth, lea\ iwr b it f nut toot pimtbmthi, s mds of time Oithai WHO bi t i da t i f, Sej»t. lT. National Democratic nominations. JAMES BUCHANAN, Or PLNN&YU VMV tin, V 1 in e compiu 1 w lth the ci oimo is i uc iud m A it +^ tint h mg upon the ic ^uk y £ thi<- coi LL L lhj p c> uoim nxneo ind p ^lL-olth co n+n weie gioatobioct \«h dijmu t lo «i o omdo all C5^ ilo k 1 oi o^ pci on°l al\uit w~, i 1 •> icme ontativc of a c,i^it T 1 piiuo LC puty 1 tl v, lie in en ,in3 1 eveused foi saving thrfchv. co c^ ikd Ins « litimciiis Ihov {•. ni\lv gn ^n is tho simple of 1111 oncst he ufc AYliit ho e e tllC Oil lie t C011MC1011s f of If he li ci sa 1 lght tint and «iio \ iu + nc bo oai n ei 1 I'ott ° s c^onaibiu kin no -\i •\>eie itt™ hat. 1 said hi raul A oiildlmi'e -o w-lio W . g n i •> ul tL g tLe 11 t-onil imuition nid ibleto ucilithcii it to T 10 L aoi nctl ilp iuot morthui t tb m + 1 L oi«at pa oi , t 1 n t th i Lmoti oi ii/> o hai ] i TOK vrci JOHN €. OF K1M0CKV. Presidential Electors VDDIbOIv (T VED^UJ, D L SEYJroUR f \T LAVl P ] Dlbt Dl t 1 John W Tji-nienco, IV FiodeucV I iiumg, 2 0\ smlUvmTliorni, IS Dimi.1 D Cvmpbell, 3 Jo iih AS Brown, 10 >\illnm Waters,] •i Michiel fuomev, 20 John btrikcr, <> WiUmmM Tweed 21 'Wcnl Saekson, € James C T\ illett, 22 feiduQ} 1 1 urcluld, 1 WillnmD Kcmedv,2^ Album loster, & Tdu ml Coopu 2t Jime P II_lin, 9 Beiy u unlJi mdietli'' 10 I \XF liemun, 11 l\)ai d AV Woo 1 ev 1' Riti Ivbcd 1° Cec ,cr Duis, 1-4 To ill 1> Dumb 1 John AAillirl 2( Gcoigclt lloiton, °7 JSILOHHII c^ 28 fionbon P A\ i«no\ 2) Ohiile IT Clirl', \0 Mi'e-5 V I uip on, °1 l.h nit tec, \2 lsiac-\V A uidcipool 1 Tumjn Deni.oci?tic Sute IToimiiations roil GOOKNOK ' AMASA J. PARKER, Or VLB VNY. T'OR LIEUT 00TLRN0R, OF INTs iu. , nd pohev , at ' it lie v\ v c ci lg e t m\ •jrcc pK (i \i leu fiuiei , A h k t ii£, ilo+ scchen 1 d \ ui , w 11 cc is + -i i t T ie gie it io s \nl o h p>j\o vha*- it 1 ib lie eto oie 1 n e I.U\ 1 sp i L o fiatemaliG o 1 1 li _, u Oepi L f on i o+ a i ^ > t ' i v J tu io i | _ ic , i iu o la\ L Ki 1 il>j tLi 4 - \ 1 n oil U , i 'op j? _ t 1 J ui i uio 1 po ] ' v-1 II „ t 1 s l \ X lo le tli oi _ i a m\ TOR C VN \.L JOHN L 01 c EL b&ELL, LVWK1.NCE. MVTIKEAT Cl r 101 I OH C i LP\. 01 C0L1 T 0 O'Mi O G ^ Cl M1M 01 VPI T * L\ ARNEE, said OJ. CD id 11 1 i an 1 I c 1 i v. il i o. I T k en o \ -< Ii o^i sto m oi VXT o+'ie \ou 1 fiio T p^, no 1 in o ^lea^- ove I b ei\^ all K'C po nti j, o *• f nndht is this spWM-tho trua spirit of n»^i hit tt^c Blackrepfhlicaiis cfinJ^c with*bung hostile to'fiecaom and ol sla\ery. * JJie D*ij|lM8,il}aJkuo «nd-«ry^«ow Tailed by the Black Republicans about slavei} c\tcusiod, is a me e electioneering clap tiap,got upon pmposj—made to ordei— to cany them into power The) ha\c fanned tlic biee/e HI IC^nsas, until it lias imounttd to a civil \,M —a wai for which the country will hold <*«»» alone n-sponsi- s, bio when the U ulk is known is leg nd to it, and b\ stoking to kiy all the blame in the matter, at the dooi of the Democratic pxrty, they hope to make ceit im then own cle\ ation But the people oi the North aie beginning to lean, that the Black Rcpnbh- c'ms, instead of bung the fuends of fiee- dom, aie its deadliest ioe«, toi in older to tinmiph they au> wilhng to dissolve the Union, and deluge the whole continent in blood. TOorc Border Outiages in Jkcwis Coii»tj. Heat not a furnace foi jour foe, so hot That it maj <-inge j our olf KINO ULNBY VIII. A subtile traRoi needs no '•ophwtei Ki\o HLXRV VI 'lr bettc plaMng with a lion's wlidp, Than vntli in old one, djuig AM0M i).D CltOPVTRV IU t viV bv klNC Joirs AVho dare not stir bv d j, Tho tutness of his ficc soui L1V0 addci dartmg from lus coil— Like w olf th t d is ICS through the toil— Like mount un in who guaid her young— lull at luz James 1 tin oat he sprung L DY 01 nit LAKE \We have lieietofoie taken the position that v,e should pav but little attention to the \Abolition ncw-papei punted at Mar tin-bui t ;= 3i,\ called + lie lev is Conntj Re p blicni, f>i, lclt to it elf, like c-^ciy no\ 1011 weed, -\ hen it 1 i« exhausted the so 1 upon, whieh it gio^«, it will die out and mal c 100m foi a bctlei giowtH of svectei But foi the pit, MC turn sike of i little de •*\ l on\ I lomci t to the State^ewm slme& exists fathers hs^. mide this agicement with tl bth ij tb 9tft ; and it f> not p ^, cojni>et The iboliLionist forts to tinned 1+, In^e b\ then cl , nttm-il p^ of emarcip tion, md done gicat mini's to the slopes themselves But tlie ibo^ e must snlhce foi the ineV cnt, and A e laj dow n our pencil Let 11 c ttlitoi iforc-sid, look ibout himwlidnhe istalkjiig of dhfingmg, and sec wh it com pany £a is jiow in—see how he now sstandsf with the N. J JScoehes tJic^K A. Biow 11s, the Gen \Will 1 !•>, the Win L Easton«, and many othcis too nnmcious to niention—all firm, staunch, consistent, high minted old Wlu^s, upon whose pi it form he is now With the last above named gentlemen, we aie led to bohc e th it I he is on teims of peculiar intimacy, having toigotten 01 smotheied his hatred, nouiibhedjbr long yeais. In pi oof of tins we arc lnfoim a, that not long since, the editoi andlhcgen tlenian afoiesaidweie seen togethei in the identical \ Bank\ which the editor has so much dieaded of j oie, and tkat too, aftci night had diawn l'ci sable cuilvn o^ci the earth, and the ' Stailight\ * bom liad come to bew itch him i ltli kei aw ful who nVr having -'Sen llic conseciii^ntcs of •» tliousmd error\ of whom cle\tii wore on the JUT), h Lfi f blunt.'\i ird «>iw; «ig' ob-* 1 nacy to stupiditj, is ly the object of cithci ubhouence oi>con cil |1' J the Lenefit jri nutted pei sons ndlonoiiBly 8j m- n^r w th the accused, to sit ngoj^ of whom we repeat wcnT tempt, bject of cithci abhoucnec ou eon {^ ^un^eieicn of whom we repeat wcn ami de encs not fhat lus giej las l.o I b to the Deinocutic partyaa they <Jumld \curelnin fiom insult— die o tlie luJ) uuuiu v AA e «n clinmblc men, but we respect OUT- Muehmoie 1 As to lie iUuoncd whoashd^^^ ^ onEIIg i,tsuluch have been 01^ has adianccd ill \go has lccecded fiom , iac ] ijy ^ho-e liiiknow n to us, who have uitiie ind b\fom(s?j<oj e wicked with kw n ii<leila! en, foipolilical effect, to'tucoar temptation—who piostiates himself foi'n imt-» as we li ive explained above. We money the lem nndei of his. life in the mins of his connti} TJio choifeopitilicts which the Rcpubli can tmi loys i& eliuacteiistio of the Five Points and the Fi<Ji Mallet, Tlj^y aie v oithj tho palmiest days, and quite those who be oic their P due M. J^ K'd 13 Oui KaajeJ She i. Pelei \Mansvillc. John Emight. echp'-e the ot Jeffreys, when he Pali Roach. i^nafl Win pi icticcd it the \ Old Bailej \ B} the sulc of the .Republican wo should iv tl i\- 1 it editoi h id all the nibo lenee and i nd ctiv o less of Jcffi ) , w ith out am of that lai^cicaiit s intellect andi abihtv | That onr leaders may see whether thcic is any piallel between the J(%cy^ vho Dunoeiai with paict'ced at the \OldBailej md the B uley wlio pioctices in L«vvis Count} m this brief caid. Charles Qninn. James Qoinn. /ere^H. Biondan. John Grccn^ John Roach. John Kciting. Edw ard Gooinan. DaAxd lioach. SehcrajTjr Tlie Kansas b»wi(-w bo are ei «I>oiu>ible for their Cont<nuait«e7 Om of he in pic- ot Repub ivd oi\»tors i the odious leg- wlnch they lence n 1 Lo 0 m UTV jci 1 i am ne But we lofi un fiom touching upon this subject am moie foi he will doubtlc^ 2)ioie\)j Veienesi m hi next pap^i, that it is all a hoax- \s io the quo tion oi| f | e ] L( j ]r!feC] veiacitv,which he now alleges lies! cUvecn u«, we shall let it ie t until a new vwfci ess taLcs the «•*and,\toi we havebfontoldtba + ccj aivl nhicB ~in^ JJoth po like uutnie .Democrat* do 11U un,-i,. v .^ tlie oiitngeoiisluvs passed by tVsKleuf old Jcfficjs,we publish what t | ic ] v \, ,,oslcg-«latuiC4 jiorlnvethe Pe- piii 1 cans <]< tt ncd llieii abiogation On t'c c u iv, Demouatsha^cclisipproved Aiii L nacav oi cd to lepcal those laws, while ,the Repii'icm leidei? bavc prevented* tijf in.! tl PI i ufi ed then contmuanc ^oi LCC of pol ti^al agita- of the Jeffiejs of 1085 >- I'M t on ilH pione to • n p i^Si o i i •* t e W s t o menibeis, of Ins own pnilvlvnc lcmaiked that they did not know but that the editoi was light and we mistaken until ha at tempted to pio\e his a^cilion b_y lice ne«s, md thev then at once knew that theie was nothing nut iftei all But we ln\e Yheadv df\otcd moie space than we 4ioiud to the subject, foi spi^eivvs not estiblislcd as i modi urn thiou^h. which onemm in -v ibi^o li nci«liboi, bnt it L s hi-,lic a 1 b i mission to peifoim in cciibitin., c ioi ,i t 3\ 1 ti f a h -5 I'h thcuc c fl 1 oi a 1 w\ci eis^J In., pov ei o cfi^c u Hj ti it he be come the most coisunat\ VuUy c ei J I e ] rimne it BMDOC I 7 i> the- Senate? of LV LI ( e 1 States lia\e ii t le'LUheJi po b t o l on ibis cui^re n dou^>t Ihpublitf cl ci s n ju th» Sci^tc, Senatois vVclIer ot C i 1 ! oi ma, Butler ot South Carolina, known inlns piofes ion A'l fcncTem foi the feeling of otTic's, ails^lfie pect—, BIOWJI of Mississippi Ba> aid of Delaware of the becoming weic obliton C-»-, d Aficlngm, md Douglas of Illinois, his mud II icq mod abound sevcialh spote in condemnation of these n n lot the ihetoiicm which the J ra \ donO Y\^T ^iSJ^ i T T 7 i ml. _ >^CO All ej vLl , V all «ci« to 1 li e 1 ^ n] & u c \^ ic and ob ccrnt) the ictfoi tJieOiffanization of the piofn 1 11 of lnicdic* on^ and vitnpci alive Tcmtoli md cf the Constitution ofiha epith t s -\ ] ich conpo c l L could hudrv li\ o ^ e n unV cl in ill fish^I-u^et oi ii llr Pe C n idc-i 1 l 1 I (eiocioi s tcmpci n ee'e 1 no ^ u Gc f' aci lion and stymie\ aJ oeit i L, the I o ht ai 1 in e'ei i ing the of the t n o demo i ie\ me), add \ e -a not '-001 Le c hope th it wo \ li 1 n cd ]. 1 j- 1 t , U iro t Le LO i ! 11 ] e H .L i n i *~ 1 e io i ui \V> ll a i O ^ HO v 1 e e e t If p 3 •\ i & iinicn + t ehu g t T o 1 o^ <s neS- to V\ lliell lie COlll 1 II\ 1 n 1 1 n c \1 hi l i to ti e a i*- d i_ i^ tu t hi ^ 1 cDU\ 1 x ei - 1 i id, i x r 1 ^. O 1 eli. i Ui ' <\ k opi 1 TH none the 1 £uveJ\ \cn f vv a le 1 1 to Tellltrn i OW\ f te lit 1 tomf, tl ci ' u d ! lliLe C\ oi I\ pic ne tho oc tLhoEl 0 republicans L to •» e\tcji«ion md the Dem 0 p\U is aiti 01 of it \JW we J li it tkc ci e on oi i\i\ er\ c\tcn« on 0 a. t ic co 111+1 1 d to a 1 ^ t. i IOC I e . x. U 1\ + i e Ll ion Tu t n LL 1 c J [Cm. , ' \N u L J * t- D VI I till 1 p'l \<~i 10 P ll llsOl 1- ' n J t O •> -10K, C 0 leiii n s t lan (lr _.ne I 1 •) go J ' O oi ] T l ai +• i H c t io i J&illi d L 11 i 1 t o ! \ Ol, 11 1 C^ C 1 I 1 \ l 1 w 1 e'llie 1 1 i l Oil L Lft ie th n il ii in », i llL^ i tac i km! i crti ail tGii 1 -\ , 1 io 11 lie f tkc ii Mi 1> > vji iiJiie fi I lc^iiec 1 , 1 otl 1 e- •\ I 11 lie tlUC ' Pel.. 1 1 n l'c ne' lias n ti s c rnp aie toc'o . 1 Qx I s \ 0 1 ~l qui Uoii ii 1 \ onic ill] e en t 1 • [ 10 1 n 11 ler, t 1 e L ^e I f H ccl e \ c\ r er io I' L e i uin oiu bcttei pi ipr=\ to one it u_ o 1 jflo n o n po il o i L Ocl mie L p iti t— LI 2,1 i sit i 1<5 > 1^L s U 11 1 O 1 V\ir C11O1S, if W toic 1 e -\\ i'l on pci. il line o tloe i n st i <\ts of Lis nah io, thocd'-oi tli\ieef in Ji si si ssiu, inst ad of atticl,iii_ the pn io t l wcadvoc t\ hi OWIjiplI D sT^01U pel 01 uh, with tcctfi all «eT, ami enw* met 1 1 i IJOB ig un to O i e illlll 1 i olleC Oi i cu pi il jjinoi okl tc«ics T t 1 e o. 1 LJI oi th Ecpu 1 hean, oi lu contei l -) 1 h^ Icet [^1 OJ 1110 I oint '-on 11c \] A J3lin lie ti VI ^ctr Joj il weio eo use di-i - vuio voi + ucrl to eio hs path ic to ice \o v hat lie called n the v,\ 1 ich he h cl leauied m 1 cL fioJI the i D tgli VK. c of Iho e wlion h n 1 a l m-siil in v-'iif 1, i np liom i J i Ii -51 1 \th be 11 e rri^ht loiciit—il at he miol t die som ot de h icuon , bi Omu b\ fo i s L o li & 1 i Is, i 1 i ihc t t J Ll , s< c 2i \ 'lie c 1 0 tl K ilUC l , m 1 v e; t.j tLc ii to i . lie o+ it Lnt I to ie ui -\ 1 ui£> a-= it ' e would smite u with fie il 01 0f|i1 ll L -> 1 fr ie t ' a J ^ h c1l l him I* O II fee 1 i -i _ o ti e 1 *-'\ * 3 01 1) C> ! - , 1 I \ l^| C hi. ict tc 0 sp n \v] >a v 1 io n • ^ lUcJ ile a i — lot ' , v i j 1 no \ C in ^ I JL l die 1 I _, ' 'Olll s ] ;i_ 1 tl e 110 I e 1 01 L^ l —1 Ct s 1 m t l 1 1 1 I 11 tl cfi ' i. 1 I l[tl. •>i| pur ot to t ie leii f oi c oiu foi eOeiari, J avfoi Ju I T es -01 \ i ill 1 w ri] > othu e the 1 w I tiej ]h ,eiti it 1 h 1 c c 1 I tl >/ u e i 0 ? * l 1 ncty, i ' L SI : rot i i f •0' ho las 1 s. 1 \ 11 1 •> 1 J b 1 ll 1\ 1 t of l ec • \i 1 i —1 llU i i ii M 1 1 V \ J l •> s - 1 Cl 1 I'C s A L 1 ! it p Hie I will ii '011^, le to \ al ii c T ulo j^ iv^i IV t Le ole C tie n CJi l 1 L\ i 1 C lia 1 li e 1 I I vc ty °s. it v s n o eiit ai 1 minima I in pn p <.y i i 1 own uidcr the load of ) 1 I C \ij 0 IK 1 ^ 1 v oc ibul u v, | L mlei I St ito-, *nd »s tiull atid voict r ^Io e t^'in this 7 the Denio<*iatic major- nv in the ^c I *e ja scd a bill and sent it the Hoc e v Inch abioi, ued these objec- ts oi ibL ] v\ , a id which the house re- in J to con KICI Theie wa> DO apology ioi i tli ic i si' in the f ot th it the bill L<\ u c l etliCi provasiorw in Tclitibn to Ivi l p oi p ^e i ltoi Doiigla a*sert-ett ii Ioi ti th ' J o< of the session, tho II U e CCTlid lliAe s L u SvCil Oilt tllOsC pro- \ h IK 1 =cut1> cL to thr 'Nn ite only I 1 e ic^ c il ii_, CJII o, in VVJII h '•mator P o lis-_ivc sin in c tlie Ornate would 3 vf^coir L el ci A oull e\ai atthe late 1 ho A wl ich Mi Dou & ' is spoke, con- 1 Jcflie-\ •> that ,,, en 7nm>i in v\ i Biu tlie idpibl ca Icdei wanted noth- o o tins ] JI cl T hcv would ha^ e regstr- .1 1 i ici al of the Kan as laws as a 1 Micauv n Ci 0 1 ti i s. li 001 > a 1 nu 4 - le the 1 T is vw en 1 i -\\ m Ol \ 1 1 It 1 e \y c OL 1 eli Ci. 1 \ ff w C cl e l ai oppose 1 to s ^ ci , \ 11 i' -s a s I c I B it now f tli 1 w of il c nei ci m ctlioi nis-i L ilion I Hi c 1 peimits tho* people of Kn«a to so i oi not, oi A hethci Jiatught t'e the quc-i. on foi J emst L as L 1 rlc m fit md p ouc , we foi o e c i \ fccJv wilnn^t'le} should enjij tle|iivi lc^v., ITIOIC Gspcei ill) \s we have no liii mod lit\ uileiest in tint lcmt IJ ind i v i \ cm C J 1 11 11 h 1 — cm -L, v hen itfeto t 1 on !cr t i 1 c 7 c i I o+ j> I o ''lc sibict f if-tlici 'i\s lagicnot p cl the Jeffievs te o J 5 vmg liglit, ti&t I 6 didi + n iu to n laiieh. w lion vv o ^ni^i s LI ea toi of tli\ papCi to t ie Pi p ib e a li/ei is do lotlc p a ic o In ii i«ic t i oi imoi a, tu 1 HI ^ e\eici \dc e[usi\c' 1} Go ij;icss \n\ , tl •» Dei 11 ^ 1 in, no 111110 1 , tl \t tlie p o x n of cch un toi , 01 othci put ot 011 run, b 11 _ i n ie onJv one wlioli 1 e 1 t i 1 1 1 I i I t Ll 11 1 , I _ I a c 1 LLO , ou^nt uui\i Jie p 1 ii eve cnl t t'lO^-mt i^stw 1 , 1 tncinotc'ib |N il id 1 e if LI t o\i-, /H Ju, sre— Pne le io i i , pell ip°, n i*\ ie to ii\ to t mo iv, Aid not maiLcli\tc ntc e I i its.ri nn n i-» ind ei expect tol^eairland weic we m Kan rhc f oiu a •\• 13111 p l\tte onlj ->Uusion to _ i_, u an is t c •with epithets expressive of hatted Wl e'e ' poht e th ? occi in a iiec^u nt ma ncc rkion.—would thev not £,el that theio wis [os* i«. \oaesponcb ee of s \§\ \ months Was danger ? Would the'* not detcm-me, Tho a thor is not m cp~e politician, b it to mamtam their rights* \What were th teachings of the mighty \dead t' e mjunc s 01 HI its m tiaitions,aie bcttei fit jsistodiv, we should LA all peiccable tions of the great living These impress upon 11 th& toinble pcul of such ideas and de ign« The democrat ie party adopts and revere th/nr warnings and lessons, it govern it actions b H stands upon a platform as \wi^e is tr Iron, and altogether fre\ fiom e e -\ idea bos soei il, pio<_ f oral a 11 lit l \\ } stan <\m_, mi* nib or c po ic, and. a Lear ty if'mnaton id I oiu on thine a 1 uortlicm men witut 1 \u ' 11 iic,i t, ck wn nj^it comon « 1 e,' \iid the ippeil b 1 av =ecnis +t> Le to bo tiio m\ olpnta' j expression to a pin a^e ii <• 1 d oi 1 heai t ckepl mo\ cd bv the I'-peetofoii m+ mil liTin Tlie I ttm w is wiitten in Juh,and, d VGl th lt f l or aspect of sectional m, It is the-.»m»lpiais«d VGol, the ^cvelatwns of a lew mall latitude [Great applai=c I The'week ha\e «howu tl at \thov* oi our pco Father of his Country, m h s ] <,t co msel to his-countrvmen, had \iirnol them t •'frown indignantly upone-veiv- attempt to alienate any poiaon of our countij from the rest, or toenteeble *het\e winch now link together its varou parts\ In solemn term* he regarded it; a agic^poi ii, \when any ground should ho\e lx.->n {otnished for characterizing pirti 3 b\ go ographical discriminations—ncrthern end southern, Atlantic and we~tem—^wli ice designing men may endci\or to create 1 belief that there is real difference of local interests and views.\ Each was the warning voice of George. Washington. And his own great corm- f th h b h pic who aie r«,ilu lo^eis ot the Union, ! Th l f VBF s,oi 1 The ie-\olt of ir na-,Cloie, Eiciett \\\inthiop Ap tc 1 io ju/1-,0 v ] i* tlej -v a t and whit the} don' want th in tlio=e w'lolivo- thou «• u of mile tV, O), inl ice expect to hive anv inteie *• VMi°t \^i m tl e eouuti} jo 1 nhib t, wh 1\ tLol>l u K Ilopnblicuis, having no faith m the capacity of man foi s J f gov \liiment ach oc ite the old Fed eml doetiine, \that &.-, htt 1 \ powei aspo sibl\ should bo ti listed m the hands of the ueop'o \nd as much fi canb^ in the hands of tleii lrfeis \ ^ow this question of slaveiv, mu t, if settled i t \II be settled eilhei by the peo of the Teintones or by C •>! gie If it be left to the people, they, of coni«o, canha\e no cause of complaint and otheis will ha\e no business to com plain, while if it be left to Congiess there 1 d ingci of then lights being im aded, should a majontyt)f the mcmboib of con g j man whose big heart wa« ca- pacioos enon^b to embrace the whole Un K«tt—-Henry C3h»y, warned them agan t sectional diriagon&j showing how \ union on the one side would beget union on the other, and this process of reciprocal con •oKdatknf would he attended with all the embittered passion dstties which once de- p n nature,\ but W«»tl»kngnageof*greaV patriotic, and of the great of Ac men n republic *P****<e**Mt, was-with \sfaadihough I vonde. 11 jou peopi\ m the north \know how nc n * they are to the heait ot the pillai which suppoits the political cd lfice—the blows of the a\ sound ommoa ly I have tried to be ii>aclj foi this con vul ion, but we think here in the South, that those of \our people who aie iealh lovers of the Tjmon, must be a-sleep Surely they won't lcfleet, that if they aie right in supposing, that the southern peo pie can stand this incessant attact upon their institutions—(a matter of Lie and death to them) Yet the blood will fol- W whe^i the knife is dnven Tlie mi for tiitic is that inch dn isions- are never healed There n no possibility in mending a bro ken vase oi poicelani—\tho cement and solder\ of the entire ves«ol was in a far ntce of & common suffering and endu- rance, produced by a common enemy— once + B?olcfenitisgone. I, however drop the subject. I regret the state of things I seethe danger «t disunion—^but I have l fU g lowg foraeen—wiUi U ft lit Washington— ^h t that utas tnp tpM aerofefthe primitive ^fcniteofth^cofifedeitoy* Yoiit reckless jtartecans and OBJS, have he«n and am fiiopen. pie versa. Xcuito'ies^jnust slaves ^hey clesne lliem 01 ntft aul vice- p'eton, 111 ul, Lnt, rnd assocntvs f a£, lc * ^ )0 m f u01 of slaves, then the peo iiom the J ncbl ^eivi o c\poctcd fiom ^ \ f fl \ r«i••!•«.•,«» •.,-.„,.* i,«,« ~i thorn cfa 1 c c f \n^ t 1 o IC stai ilibiirion tic\ot, pi I t-5 a unbovv of promise where 1 \• Leh ill w as r 1 - 1 iLi e & and gloom Yours, \Y[ [IS. r- VCl] j Thcr' 1 aie othoi reasons, also, whj this should be left to the people of the en a question of this kind cour before Congi es«, the whole nation 1 convulsed with aytation and oui Union itself endangeied by a matter of merely local import The North and the South can ncvci think alike upon the qitestaon of slavery, and it can never be bro't mtd Cun- grc«b without sectional feuds arising as the bitter fruits thereof flic} both have institu tions pccuhai to themselves, andean ncv er agree to exist together as a nation, unjess each exercises towaids the other that true spirit of concession, moderation und coinpiomisc by me ins of winch our Ix^oved Umon w as first cemented, and by v irtue ot which it has> become one of the greafast and truly one of the happiest coun tntfa On the face of the gkJb\. Jft*is this spirit that tho BBmocratic par- ty of the North is. now sefiikmg to culti-' vaW They believfr, as they ever .have done, that slavery is an unmixed evil, but they are willing that the South, as well as the North, the West, as well as the East, sho'd have their own way about their own con- lacans in oui ]_owei, at ci iplto m ike Kan s is a ficc &t ite And did slavey CM 1111 oui own Si ite as it once did, we sho Id not icst until it was ibolishoil, b it now, that theie are no slaves m oiu State, and we aie not in Kansas, we shall devot\ 0111 eneigiesm e\ peumt, fiom oui boideis Black Eepubli caii]«m which, no\t to blaveij, is the gie it est cu e v\ith which our nation can be af- flicted Bnt th<5 editoi afoiesaid, ms 7 sts that he h\s not channel, and that we have Let u diaw a few linos vv ith oui pencil here and Lung some of his hidden bcantie to light In the Republican of the 15th of Sept 1847, maybe seen as leadingcditonal,the following beautiful e\tiact \ Mr. Buchanan'* I<etter.\ \This able lettei to the Domociatic eit l/cus of Bciks County upon the Wilmot Pioviso, will be found in our paper tin week. We commend it to the notice of eveiy inend of the Constitution and its compromises It is well vvoithy of pem sal aud will be appiov ed we think by a large pioportion of oui fellow citizens of all classes \ Having biought to light the, above la- tent beaut}, till now hidden by the dark 1 nbbish of later years, we ne\t make an ex- tract from the said lettei of Mr-Buchan- an. \Tlie question, of slavery, mono of its ancient aspects, has been recently revived, and threatens to convulse the country.— The Demociatic party of the Union ought to prepare themselves in time for the ap- proaching storm. Their best security in thchonr of dangei, is -toweling fast to their time honored principles. A sacred rc- gaid for the Fedeial Constitution, and for the reserved rights of the\ States, fs the immovable basis on which the party can alone safely rest. This has saved nsfrom the inroads of abolition. Northern Dem- octats are not expected to approve of slavery in tlie«bstract; bnt they owe itto themselves as theyralne the Union, and all the p'olitical blessings which bountiful ly flow from it, to abide by the comproiu ises of the Constitution, and leave the, question'where that instalment has left it il 11 111 Ti \ ac u lo li t \ vei _ * e \ l i* clip I o C u Ii j^u' lie in, i b 1 \ I \[ t i, I nl Id oi t 'oi 'c xL oi, a ii 1 attempted t > sell o t i sccon 1 time bj a 111 1 lail op( I ition It is like some el] ei 1>] ick Repul he m pa,p\»is when th^} ^ t yi \ ti^iu ] 1 ic t and iali short of aim me I, lhe\ ti n ^v, uoili iiiQ but \ j o i 1 c s 1 5 j on lr sn, \ on uu hai\ , 1 he Republic in like leh ibod Ciane's ie L \ s Co i i t ai rl do\ not 1 e t \, liov\\v r 1 \ ai 1 •'he cio c L ciipic s n cl f ri ic iVi m iv ^ec ei the colnr -g oi he n (i ai lVw to llio thcm°s ofatptation, p cn'i wcieca e^vil I pjevui*any n n ie ii lijfi «tc>f1 }\ ICM stfl -*o act i io i i 1 e c; *Mat\ f iejx;aliii£. Dill Thev did Kiaci >tei]>< vnso ts tlie Aim; bill 1 ir u cp\il A the objic\ c s laws— I i n cie \ t\> fcib n tl er <• of tlic i mv to c o o ( mi\ e'\ llic «, b \t ill) lavvsnir I ip s —lei mo the odiou° stat'tc-s in full o be CPI i ice! o ^t thiorgh the courts lie of the fen iM \ Ma* ever tun o CCM pi\uo is an 1 transpa- 1 0 -1 r\ ol Al or ? lie ^\> li o +hc eoiiFdcnce man 3 c x -\o_ c \'JO a -.nine the gaib of *> I i Ii ( i c 1 ic 1 C,IOT to'•\duceiimo- o g n ^fec s o the pocket of e K L c | Ihc hoi'•e, seem to hi\e but hj v lciousness It \ d e\e is well known A aid j 1 i t it tlu\ co 1 I 1 ] ic ent m tlns-»vholc e I\ ins 1 ^\4v\ei\thestoclc tli\ llcpnlni\Ti Icileis, and \k 1 A id nipt to lepeal them jv anc 1 lobbciv against them. ,, _ . „ , . „; j.,,^, ,.^i then pioiieitv, wliieh thev per- HCA iaC nil will L oak foi it elf, t] 3o C on^ decided, -nd the abrogation 1 ov Hi\ co l+omplible tuckeiy to. o r which would hive lendeied tliem hack llic Ttepulhevn leidei^iesoTt m oi- rnp dci to excite tl e piojndiccs ot a clas ofl It is theiefoic, peijecth fan totieatthd eiti/- is 11 oi \ to oV m tl en votes, ' Eepnhli^ n-. responsible for the contm- \ r 1 WT\ ii nice ci these li\ supon th< statute book. \ u^ivjj -| It is tiue that thev ate a dead letter, mev- \\ »s-ii e ON, Aig 23, 1850 | ei li^vmo boon enforced, and being most PJI Jin a om n unc apiJenJed to i pun { °f ^om donblless unconstitutional and But w h itev er odium attaches to their -r, , , , ^ iiivjiiuiil leLcntion upon the pasres oftlw* Republican puU iu the j p 1Jllodl ^^f the Teuitoiv^ustTy belongs piosoB+ po 1 i al canvass, headed ' The | to tlic couuj t ind nois^ pohticians, who te i docnnici t publi hod m tl l eitj foi tiie be-i cflt oi • headed c'i that the Republican, chaiged « with sol ling out foi \Government Pip,\ -wl ihongh wo deny the a^qnsitioi, ?nd sti ted over and ovci ag un thit we have nev or leceived a shilling f^o ii (orovpinment foi punting oi anjthing else in no wav, nor mannei } ct that p ipci contii ucd the chaige, and mng tiie changes, md lepeit ed the acquisit on toi month-, and months and months aftervvauls It nevei pub hshcd oui denial, but, on the contiary |mg and of the circumstances of the impii published garbled cxtiacts in its columns I ° ™ \ ' fa llc; \ intl fln ^ it-qmtol of 1 inle ' Tr ' \ the perpeti^torof that of tho pubh PlCston, de pnuted Jkillmg ot 11 omas Keating—An Add ess ' a e makmsr tliem«elves hoaise with their iioin T i shin 1 oi Washmaton City to tho,' -hueks io f eedom,\ whije at the same Citiz°i & ol die Im ted States,' we desiie 1 <• mc they aie bus} 111 peddling their phi* to make ki own ^c+actthat some ot IN 1 lantkiopy m thepobtical ^h->mble«.—[At- i t fiidthtt allofu-, di ij^piove, e'lsavovv, and r\m its politic il statements Tho n of us who did sign it wcie indited o to do In misiepie«etitions oi IU pm [ Oi' an individual linos to it, as uied us that it w as cm\ lo be ahistoiy of the killing of Thomi Keat nd eonlerts Oil the pai t of who, 111 isking oui and continued its f ilse and malicious chai Whethei the above e\ttacl fiom its col umn , doe-i not, unclei the most appiopnatcl} belong to the editoi of that papei, the public can judge p-s well as we The editor of the Republican sa\ s he has been twenty }car m the cditonal hie and therebj seems to claim an exemption fi om the exposuie of his political chicanei} We dont think that he has piofited much by his editonal e\penence, 01 that that boast, reflects much ciedit upon him, or speaks very loudly of his nnpi<fvement A person who has been that immbci of years m the editonal chair, ought by this time tb possess some of the commonest deacencies of life. The boast relative to his age leminds us of the scathing rebuke which Pitt ad- ministered to Walpole, Avho too boasted 1 of his ago and experience Pitt said that he contented himself with wishing that he might be one of those whosalollies-and vi- ces would cease with their youth, and not of that number who are wicked and igno- rant in spite of experience. Ago may become justly contemptible if the opportunities which it brings have passed away without improvement, and vice seems to prevail when the passions haTewbsidetk , o J n i p Live aie ii on I II act oc i_, 1 i ca o oi t 1 livcicd on tho i in a Iv aiiei ot ii ± so thai the disnnt puL i i. h ible kev lo his ai o iiuicnt While we hall nevei cease to believe that tlie acquittal of Heibeit was. biought about bj apioshtution of the law andj.tr ti^e, we repaid that as the woik of inch Mcluals—iio~6 of the Demociatie party, or the p escnt democi itic national admini* tiation, th- 3 cujminil couitof the Distnet of Columbia bein^ am°nable not to the President, but to Congress onlj, through impeachment We pionounce false the stat ments of the afoisaiel document mtimatino th?t the Seeietary ofStitc, Mi h d g sought to h fl y , g scieen the accused, by lend ng his influ- ence to prevent Mi. Dubois, \the Nether- lauds minister, flora testifying 111 the case that gentleman's government having ex- pi ssLy foibid him from testifying under ciicum tanea wherein he would be com- pelled to submft himself to thelisual cross examination, the only system of giving tes- timony known to our Jaws, and Mr. ^Du bois having asked permission of his gov- ernment to testify in that way, at the sug- gestion and solicitation of Secretary Mar- ey. Weli&ye fiirther to aver that theDemo- «ratic party of this city are united m con- demnation #f those individuals whose im- proper condoot to that end-the acquital of the acctisedj is attributed as it is possible Tor men to,he on such a subject Far nicfte so thWiheiT political opponents, las JoJut €. Fremont's Record wbtle in the XT. 8. Senate. John C Pieinonfr's sole cxpenencci in public life, was acqimed mthe United States Senate, 1830, and that the only lecord of his public acts is contained in the Senate Journal of that year. Then tell the people to look upon that record, and leai n \by hcait the record it contains PREMON1S FIRST VOTE was give* foi SL4.VLRY' On the 12th of Sept. IS50, a vote wa-. taken on William H. Seward's bill, piovichng that \SlaVery shall for cvei cease within the District njf Columbia, and all persons held iu bondage theiein, shall be free \ And how did Fre- mont vote?—how did the Republican can- didate vote» How did the man for whom Sewaid and Chose, Sumner and Banick were slaughtered, Aote on that bill f -Ho is recorded as voting AjGAINfitf AejAft- htion of Slavery in the District. The vote on this proposition and «ub-- stitute was-: Ayes —Chase, now Governor of Ohio>f Dodge, of Wisconsin, Dem, Hale,, now and again TJ. S. Senator, Seward, of N^ . y and TJpham, of Vt now dead. Nays —Messrs. Atchison, Badger, Bajd-~ win, Barnwell, Bell, Bentou, p-\^--' Bright, Butler, Clay., Davis, of Da j ton Dickinson, Dodge r of Douglas, Downs, E^rog, Fclcn, MOIST, Greene Gwin, Hamlin, B , , Hnnter, Jones, King, Mangum, n, Morton, None, Pearce, Pratt, Rush, Sm- bastian, Shields, Smith, Sonle, ^i Sturgeon, Turner, Underwood, Whitcomb, and Wmthrop—4». \ See Senate Journal of 1850, f. 4*0. Who voted with Fremont t the Border Rnfiian; Sonic, ike • ter. \and tlw whole hostrf 6b

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