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The Lewis County banner. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1856-1864, September 17, 1856, Image 1

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»sr unrn omnrrt y Honing at Low ., for the Pi3phctbw, «Bor*en should be addressed. i#jpgd&rfric%iir*dv«icc| iB;-.iffl||ii^iii^^#per wM«in»fflr*& '• t! ' 1 aiJgC«[.i» i >g i «j ; *ji'.i;2-;i- fc - ... ... -s -'•'-'• .^«iawBfri9fc.ja»Tiwisisa. t sgmmfW^^ .:«\.'.. -\.... •-—-• ;*o*<5o * - : <«i3M:ai»^.^.^i:.-..l.:.- i .^^5- i\ •\fj|Jp#^SmA i ..^i:.;.-..-..V'i$® > •'%l- 'SaB&fiisviV.v.-.s i '• • • • 3,00 I •-' \ifS S-.'^'i-.\...^......;..... *.i. &DO X • \'* % pl?«*i|-...«,.\. ;^.i..\. „.-*....\.» %00 5piH».:^!ia^iS^5i- lionths,...,.,,,,,„• %o6, rocanobr'li]nis,oa uas *«* A SQCAS*. W Fourth^ CohunatmontK \ \ \ lycar \ Third « 6 month* . $10,00 15,00 . 12,00 20,00 15,00 . 25,00 . 50,00 the rates , , BILI Ht-Acs, LAW BLANKS, CATALOGUE--, together with Pamphlet WoiV and Book Pun ting, and even de-cnption pf JT*b Printing, Doncoir short notice, *ith nettne- and des fitch, in the latest Xe.w Turk trie and mo-t reasonable prices y, * Hat \\ 6 months . « « \1 year ... ''Column, 1 \ . . Xegat aArcttucmcnts riscrted at prescribed by law. Poww, CARDS, Pi LABELS, C BUSINESS CARDS. 1*. C. DATEKPORT, Atornej ind Counsellor it Law, oppo it\ the Bo^twick House, Low\ ille Will-attend foallbuMi ess in the line of hi> profession nl CUAHLES ». Al> IMS, Utomev and Counsellor it Law, oiiUc, \ T OIHee dBrccfly over the B nk ot Low Hie r-'tcular attention paid to collection-, oi coivev ,aej»g- nl fae are nil here t Father, mother; Sister, brother, All who hold each other dear. Each chair is fillM—we\re all at home; To night let no cold stranger come. It is not often thus around Our old familiar hearth we're found * Bless, then, the meeting and the spot; For once be every care forgot; Let gentle Peace assert her power, And kind Affection rule the hour; We're all—all here. ^•t We're J.OT all here! Some arc away—-the dead ones dear, Who throned with us this ancient hearth, And gave the hour to guiltless mirth. Fate, with a stern, relentless hand, Look'd in andt hin'd our little band Some like a night fliali pass'd inay, And some sank, lingering (lav bv daj , The quiet gnvc vard—anme lie there— And cruel Ocean his his share— We re NOT all here , s. We ARE all ] ere • Even flier—the deid—though dead, so dear Foi'd Mamiry, ta her diltv trilfe, Bungs back their faded forms to view Haw life like, through the mi t of veir>, Each well remembered f ice appears' We see then i in turn, long pist, From eich to eieli kind look- uc ci-t, We hcii then uoi&s then irailci behold, Tacv le round us i«the\ wereoi old— •W c VTF ill here We are all here! Fither, mother, .' /^^H^ip^^pElaE./' ; Jtistice'of th%5pQaee, ! \B6Tfyiir& gjyejUis ear- nest atftaitioft--.tp coijij&tirrgf d£btv taking affi- . <!ii'Fii:3apkirip:. i sae£lgiu«aife;.&c. lt • ni \;; : ^f $£ \&ll^ij0L, .; / Attorney- 1 \'aiSd.':iCio3fli§c1i&r at law, and. Solieri aiid-Cbn2c6lIw'\MEtjuitjv. nl ' Copenhagen; Lewis County -X; f. i \iou th tt I lo\e \with lo\e so deai_ TL n.i\ I ot lo is: of u be iid, ''oo'i \ra t rejoin the gatherd dead, Aua b\ tin. htirtu TI e now t rouna So'ne other cu c c will oe lonm 1 0 t 1 !*. tliit I I ao nitw >\e know, Tft h.e'i \ cla a life of peace belon ' So mi'no 'a lo follow to , Ti\ i ci c pc f tin oi d- of ' Ii' ill— ill heic' Vt o— GEORGE ~nd Co G illsgher'- Bloa!rj.{uj>staire)?Giirfiiagej; Jefters(SIl ; Gbuiltv N: i, :.'^ •\'.•••:.••••-'•-- ' •\. - ' ' ci\' \tto RROWlf A. JS4RTES, r -anu Counsellor attaw,JI uii Lcw« Count\ A 1 At fhe O'hte fbrrierh otc ip e 1 o Bu-ie* G o L B \i\ rgh, il t. C. a^- the liignt <• p-^cefor L VVI/ and i tciu 1 to ill Bo u 'rLind Cl\ m , i t hi^ Law Oflice n LOITTI'IL -: *-Written on the accidental'meeting of all . the sumring members of a iainilj-. Cliara«le Wo. 3. Myfjirst inthc olfien tfinev. \' .••-' TFhen sortow had: its birth,, As the eurse of sin and the fiiecS of crime, \vas strewn o'er air tho fiartii. . Its liateftii buds are seeji, : 'Mid Siimplcrs seeittjisiiKIaGni, \; lake gimlet nrn^ ef emcrald\gr.een> Crowned high wit-i purple foam. POPULAR TALES. [Foora the Boston True flag] Tlra fltoloi If *«e. Bt A ExceptHiatJie itidfilgeS too frefejy in the use of the intoxicating cup, John''Wal- lace was an honest, high-minded and ex eniplary man. His one great fault Bung like a dark shadow over hi? many virtues. He meant well, and when he was sober, he aiawefl; [''- He was ahatterby trade, fttidby his itf dustry and thrift had acquired money e nough to buy the house in whicht he lived iHfe had purchased iit^#vej^ r .yiMirs-bef0reJ for three thousand- dollars, payiiig: bh6 thousanddown* and seenring the Valance by a mortgage to the seller. \Hie mortgage note was almost due at the tinie when the circumstances made me icqiiainted with the'affaiVs of the family! Bufr^vtallace vvas ttsady for tlie- day*; \he Had Savedtip the money,an<tltheiSseemed' no possibly; :df an accident. I was Well acquainted with Wallace^ having dpne some little collecting*, 1 and diawn up some legal doennje'nts for hiin; Onesday his daughter came to meii great distress, declaring that her father was wined, and would be turned out of the Vt* Tpe a. B. , i OT and Conn ellor at I i\-, Lo lie I ew i- Gointv \ T \V ul pr ici cu in at tbe Coui - of t u- ^ c<i, an^T it'end to all nu-ine^- cntruM.cd to US' Care P i-ticii 1 ir attention p I to real e tote bu-it>e- ~ud com e^ -nemg I ' fj^cnt for tho -ile oi 50ft J*kcres oi Wild Land, | lociielin Levi-, Jeffer on, inl S X*v»renec Countic ' 1 ims i\ cold, ng'-sof oreath, uiiek - le \esunfola, ^ ir \i s \rcath, AMOS SPOFFORI>, Propi- cior of the Boat«ick ilou->e Lofrvdle \ Y Ttie Proprietor ncilL devote ill bis energies and experience, to niike tin a Fi 't \h- Ho \>1 I Gmues iharsreadr to attend Plea-' i ties to tl e Forestsind Lake= \ p conn\ ion -with the e tabh hment nl €ROWIVER HOUSE, No 61, Court Ptree*, Water ou\ Y S age ferns this house for all routes leading from Wa tertow » Pa«senge\S con\cved to inJ from the cars Horses and Carnage furnished oi '•hort notice. .:•-.. . nl- Jit MtS, a tBoussnd' \2 To grace sweet •vBjIfOTmft'&ie.J _,, ,.. ^ . L • \Where £he Solan pluiufbs Ticrwing; Iii the Autntn tinte niy next starts forth, - TS'-dropp m the coming gpringj . [ •• $ ^ •-•)$<:. - -^ : - '.' . ^*'^PMole^-nrliert the leai^f o-vvs^seis!, Ahd flits |rom the mourning trees, fioafs up from its kentie like a filmy spHere^ An$ iSdes on thesrivecpihg breezey. As a sylph>in a fiiirr car. -=- .. ' >. It mounts from tlie; gazer's sigKt, , Or skiais-tlie-vrave like an erring star . Strayed down fto# its-azure height.. * •*. .-.•.. . •;>-*!>.••(» -: ; 'r.'. A Paradnn. To duii^or not to dun? iii|fe the qiiestjSny. wu iti£cf 'tis cfcttdi^iiat tner jmrie, should suffer ir Hats,CapsJ-46., U (Irom lack of To Baleful: e'mp'tiness, tofiilit-np. inoney-rrand he enabled- nl LOWVILLE, If Y JAMES B. REED, TTatch 3faker and Jeweler, Dealer in Clocks, Watcher, Jencby tc , ie Shop-(no ©oors South-of theBaptiHChurc'i K B Particular ittention-paid^ to \W itch and Clock Kepainng nl To live ind piy our debts—'tis a consnmition Dei outly to be wished To dun—to be deny\i Denj'd with \ call again \ Aye, there's the rub, For m that \call again \ what evils come What disappointment—gore chagrm—and woe— What time is warted—and what SfctHjtf are worn In consequence—must pr\ is poin M. 1H. SMITH, , Hardware Merchant, LovviHc, Lewis Co, X Y. A. COOT JR., Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Laaihcr, of alt Kind*, and Shoemaker's Etndinga m great variety Cash Paid at all times for Hide* and Skins Jlartuwburgk, Lew» Go, N Y ot* and Shoes, and dealer* in &eaiher,rindmg8,**c., tc it ^fcowTilfel Lewi. Co, V Y O. «. WEST A CO., Dealers m Str.Gooitg', Groceries, Crockcrv Glass Ware, Rated Ware, Yankee Notions, Hats, Caps, BoSta, Shoes, Fancy Goods, &c LowriDe, LcwrfCoTlf. T nl H. fHUBAVB, Fashionable Hair-dreaser. and Shampooncr — Willput Razors ittorder,and keeps the best quality for sate PerfooerWof att kfaifc Shop over Benedict * Baker's Store. nl EownUe, K. x. Office No 18, Watt Street, N. Y. Caah Capitol, 500,000 i- WILUAII T.tBusr, Prcaident. GIOMW T al .Manmfcctorcr^ d*aWin \Indeed! but the.notevy-ii| he evidence jthal^he hasiiot paid fit. Of course'ymi Ihavetheiiote?\ \ No, Mx. Bridge has it. ? ' \pOiei} of eoiirsa Jbjs has paid it.\ ./\Isuppose so, of else.he ediiicl notliave tad the liote.\ \•'Wliat; does fotff Mlief say ?\ \Ho is positive he never received the Woney. Tho n|ortgage must be paid to-r moraovv,\ \ Very singitlar. Was' j?our father any^ I lie;si|iitecLfa> fisd that tmpleasant word which mugfe have grated harshly on the ears of that devoted girl. \Mr. Briee says father was not just right •whenihe: : paid him,, though iipt vejy badi\ . ; -.'».' ' : '' % wili see yoiii- father,\ { * His is eoniing here soon; I tii6iight t woKld see you and tell yon the facts before :he caiijci\ . ' . \Ido hot see,, htxnf how Briee could have obtained tliip hbfe, unless he had paid th&inoney, Where didyourifathcr'keep •ar • • • ' * vra;... • -; MS gave it to me, and j I put it in the secretary in libefront room.\ ' \ \V^ho were in the rooml when yott put -It is this— That m kes EO many debts not worth collecting- Tis this that sickens busines to dispair— And keeps from honest labor its reward While thus in language of complaint we speak, We don't forget our manv, many n To imai a debt of gratitude we owe To TBXV our gratitude we freely piy. Bouy'd by their kindness, still our bark shall sail, Enjoy the pleasing calm, nor dread theboist'rous gale. ODDS AND ENDS. A Western editor gives a historj $f Col, Fremont's jibiiitary exploits m!a brief compass, as follows: TijritMiuTJiBr COSQUERER.—In a cam- paign of a few short months in California, f^^^BBempnt \took siity-three thousand m^&Q^Sf sad ting* hundred head of :i)«?ri»«le^ IPncfe .tim-%aid- the biffs, buttiipiiero gdt thV.^eritters\ and the p&ate* Hurrah lbr|Ja%Tosa t s : JBTltis stated di^Snkee t^y will crawl out of his cradle, take asurvey of it, invent an improvement, apply for a patent^ before he is six months 6M. \ - \Jfet how's your brother M ^kf fiiss-rate—hc f s got a good start in the wofld-~mar|»a;a^^ s wjth seven children.\' - • - •;', '„:•!'';: i.- -. '.* .• - to tbe.*odet fegwda of Wi* \ Fei-liaps iiot, Miss Wallace,\ I said, ring to cotisol licr, and give the. affair* whatevcy it was, a •brighter-aspect, ''What lias happened ?\ \ Sty father,\ she replied, \ had the mon- >y all ready to pay the mortgage on the house in wliicit *c live^^biit it's all gone OT.'* ' : '•••\.-.\ \Has he lost it?\ \ I don't knpwy I suppose so. - East seek lie drew oiit tho two thongand dbl- i from theBanfy, and lent it to Mr, Bnce. or ten daps.\ ; WhoisSlr 1 Bi i iceP •.•'., He is a broke}'. My fiitliei- got ,ac- uainted with, him throiigli Qeorge Chand-: lei\ vtho boards witii us, and is Mr. Bfice's cle£k:' . . '•.'•-; \I)<3es MR. Bided iefuse to pay it ?\ - i \ lie says, lie lias j^idit.\ •*« Wii-, Vhat is the trotible then! \ \ him, that he wne going td pay me the money.\ \ Jnrt so.\ u And when George came in, he went to the front ofiBee 8g«D, and iobic the m8ney. Then lie came to me again, bat did not offer to pay me.\ \ Had you the note with yon!\ \ No, now I remember he said he sup- pbsed I had not the note with me or he would pay it. He told me come in next day and he would have it ready—that was yesterday. When I came to look for the note, it could not he found. Annie and i have hunted the house all over, but could find nothing of it.\ * \YoutoldBricdso?\ * \I did, he laHghed, and showed me the note, with his signature crossed over w ith ink, and a hole punched through it.\ \ It is plain Mr Wallace, that he paid jou the money as he alleges, or he his ob- tained fraudulent possession of the note, and intends to cheat jou out of the amount.\ \He nevei paid me,\ replied he firmly. \ Then he has fraudulently obtained the note. What sort of a poison is the Chan- dler who boards with j-ou'\ \A fine jonng man. Bless \ou ! he vvotildri't do iiny tHng; of that Jqnd.\' \ I- am sju-elie WQtiJdh^t!\ repeated ATL- nfc'.eai-riestly'. _-•-'•••'_- • . - \ Ho\v else eouTd'Brice oBtaitt the note, ait through, inni f T^hat time does he. :onie in nigMsJ\ ,-.-.. \Alvvays.at.tea ianie. He .iiever.gdes, iut in-1& evening^' answered: Wallace. ' \ But: &€rer,* he-did not come home t-ill\ en o^toclc theniglit Ijefore; you wept to have tio prooij\ stammered he grasping a chair for support. \That'smy lookout I have 1 no time to waste, will you pay or go to jail ?\ —He saw that the evidence' Iliad was tc strong for his denial, and he immediatel, drew his check on the spot fortwenty-on hundred dollars, after begging me not t< mention the affair, he I cashed the check, and hastened tc Wallace's house. The reader may judge with what satisfaction he received it, how rejoiced was Annettie and her lover. Wal- lace realy insisted that I should take the hundred dollars for my cervices; but I was magnanimous enough to take only twenty. Wallace kept his promise and ever afterward was a temperate man. He died a few years ago, leaving a handsome propertj- to Chandler and his wife, the marriage between him and Annie having taken place shortly after the above circum- stances occurird. The Task. IJ.G STORY 01 TIU M0CMAIN LOVERS BY LEIGH MIJ.T. Not manj rears ago we read in a book he stoiy ot a lover who was to win nis mistier by carrjmc; her to the top of a high mountain, and how lie did win hei, and how th n j ended th^ir dajs on the pot \We think tho scene T?PS in Bnce' \ ne had to stay at the office to jost the books, or something of that ind\ \IIo* dilh\gctm 5 \ He his a night key ' \ 11 lii^t ~ca Oh radlu,' I s 111 ' Iso 1 irm m seeing him,\ iddul A all ice \ I \ ill go for him \ ;ays lie paid it\ In a fevV minutes Tie returned wiili ; the ung man> Chandler, in the'/conversa- ionl had.with liiin manifested!;,a^-very lively interest .iii the absolution; of the iiii&r ferjr,: arid profKiTOtt Kiacly to do any&ingtoj fonvai'd my vievva „ '\ . \\•[ \What fine did you fet#h: td';the but the mountain though? high cnqiigh lo .lax.his stout heart.to the utmost, must have .^een afaong-tlie- lowest., •'!*£,HS' nfe - ey: it ft' good lofty ffiil, .in -tliesuininer tiflie. It vvas^ tit any. rate,- sohigh tliaii the i&tber of .tne lady, a {jj-oiid noble, thongiit itdni- possible foivayoungnianMrdeiledito. scale it. For thisyeasonyjonein; scoinihe fcade liinjtiioit,' and his daughter- shouldJbe-hisj ||e pesantiy assemli|lediTi : tlie valley; to withess sp exta'aordips^. ,&- siglit. They* uieasfu'ed the TOountaiiis ivitte their eyes: tJiey, r eoinmiHjed.-.witli-one^anpfclier,vSn4l ij.sh.ook.^iipir 1 lieads; r .but glj/adijilred -tiie yoitng iaan, aiiSsplaie-bf. ;the-fell6^s,loo£r; ing aS their\Mstresse8 tlie.y cpulcl do as-iftiieh*. The father \was btt: horse^ backr^-apart and sullen/. iepentingVtliat he' hadsilbjectecl-his .d'augliter^^ .tpjsuisfea haz^ zjvrd;._biit y lie ffi^ugStlie vvduld^teachihis 'infert&Ks: a-lesspa.' . '. ' '..'\•.•\•'^ \' •- ..:'.- pife yo\in^ JHan, (tlie soil pf. a; snialllan ded 'proprietor, who liad^sopii pretensions utvjgot to i3i«]t»!itv The Baron put spurs to his hone, the crowd following him. Half way he is obliged to dismount; they ascend the rest of the hill together, the crowd silent and happy the Baron ready to bunt with shame and impatience. They reach the top. The lovers are face to fece on the ground, the lady clasping him with both anno, lm lying on each side. \ Traitor!\ exclaimed the Baron, \ thou hast practiced this feat before on purpose to deceive me. Arise!\ \ You cannot expect ft sir,\ said a wor- thy man, who was rich enough to speak his mind, \Sampson himself might lake his rest after such- a deed 88 that. \Part them!\ said the Baron. Several persons went up not to part them, but to congratulate and keep them togeth- er. The people look close; they kneel down; they bury their faces upon them. One of the most striking God forbid they should ever be parted more,\ said a venerable man; \ they nev er can be.\ He turned his old face, stream- ing with teais, and looked up at the Bai- on. \ Sir, they are dead'\ f^e^e^^Wm^ ^^K^^lits^pi^W warn \£\V ^W^IHI wv W4MA9 agreed that the) woujd^atop for the - night at a house of entertainuM-nt, and pursue their pedcstiian. journey tho jnext day. They reaehe3 aa Tiumbie. jno tted y jno, situated d pan. journey They reaehe3 aa. Tiumbie jno, situated j in alonelv spot by tlie road-sidev and fe- Haguedg aftci a longg day'ss walk,, Hieyy w > glad to find themselves und th h hou e on Tuesday iij I asked with it in the secretary?\ \Mr. Bnce, George Chandler, my lath- er and myself.\ The conversation was here interrupted by the entrance of Wallace, ne looked pale and haggard, as much from anxiety as from the the debauch fiom which he was just recovering \ She has told you all about it, I sup- pose,\ he said m a very sad tone. \She has.\ I pittiedhim, poor fellow, for the loss of two thousand dollars was a large sum for him to accumulate in his little busines.— The loss of it would make the future look like a desert to him. It would be a mis- fortune which one must undergo m order to appreciate it. \ Whatdo you think aooutit i \ he ask- ed very gloomily, \ I know he never paid me. I was not much in liquor at the time. I remember very well of going home as reglarly as ever I did in my Hie. I could tell how I passed every moment of the time.'' \Ittat passed -between you two that Ml*/ .:..-.::•; : . •-•.•:> ^elly I merely stepped into theoffice -^i^Mpsm^em^w-^^^^i M» n<tf^t^mmmi%im&?:toadFfor : me to-morrow. He took me into his back tfflc^ iid •'$*&&& iJie8S,h&said he would Save the^x^ne^*a%.^^faay. ife S£^sM3Nlb^S^i«^*»*-t**- l ? ft \ ld \ ta ^* eBt| « to &«ftontofite^- •••-\-- — - - pi^Ih^«i^l*«eorg^*e«iJifr| b«itodrawfi( check f« two thousand so i stq^maedhe was i^omiF to nav then thelhten^ioft-of^\:sq«n1Kiig^^ii ; a life. ; \.Ab^t^twelve*'•\. •\ : '• 4-';/-. - . ^Twelve!\ |aid Annie: f f it \fas isot mot more than iten. I heard you.\ \ The eldclE stfuck twelve- as I turned the corner of .ihe street,\ leplisd Chancller .positively. • - '\\\' ' \ *V - ' \ _ > '..- \ I certainly heard sonMTdiie m wie i - 6iit foomatteiij\ added A^nie, loSking with astoiiishraent, at the group around' her, \We are getting at- sqniething^ I ra- marked-, H©ws||id|p)»-get in,j--•&& s ^Sajir; *'The yquiig man lulled^^'Ma^eed at Annie,'. :•'-\ ,; **\ ; :r ^r'^9fm°'- \•: . ^On^rriyiiig 'at^the.door/'h|<repliedy « J found I liad losl % ni^rir^r. % that moment a. >^atchinaii. : ,iha'p;p^iiing, Mong,I toldihim rnyrsi^a|iqn, He knew, me, and taking a ladder^froraiStn:\ unfinish- ed house qppositey \pfla'ced it : against one 61 the second stoiy'wiftdowsV\aiid*1 Entered in thafc r way7' , ; : \Good! NOTT -frho, &M if that was heardjii the. parlor at ietij. unless it w4s : Brio9 or/ohe of-Jife accQmplifiesi; He-mnst; have taken tlte key'fioin your' pocket^ Mr. Chkridler, and stolen lie note from, the secretary. Atany^a^fi wiH clii*ge,hmii ; twith the crim&4-M Whjsjfc niay\ Happen Perhapshe wiU^ confesl wjien he finds him-- self 'hard-pushed.\ ;Acting;upOB ih#- ihough^ I wrote; a: lawyer^srflettef^=- w de^and %ainstr-ybni <fec;,^-T¥hifeh- wM' ft itrimeaiat|ly i&ni t*> Brjce.; ;6gutiOningtheipartfef3iot to speak of the .affair, I dismissed them. \;,;3|iSi^'c}une_. .:.,-. ..: /'^; „;. '|!Wcn/ ; sir| vt|fat^^eytfa^ainst me?\ ; he answered;|aiE%r^tffly/, \ ^^ : \ciaim^ : ^|^^J^. ?l ^a l ce for two; iKousan\^\dollars^\ I replied^ joK:- |ng oyejc sonie papi|s, and' seenling pejffecfr* lyinduTerent. \\[ \' - \ t .,\ V. ~~. t f f **|fid it l^^d %M<Hi as pj^-crust. Q Haye[yi>ii;l\ Sn31 looked him in flie 'eyfe' sharply. '\'. Tfierascal ^uaileai I saw that he wssa. yiUainr * , * ^ni&er \ *• Jfeverthele§s>^ Within «ne hour, yon. do riot pay me the two thousand dollars, and^hundre^&ilam{of|iiejTonb> anx^vW^ ^nd of tlie next hour you shall be loged in jail tot answer toa criminal-charge.\ * % ti$^mW$ 1 #say/-pifr : ir-:^b- ^ C< ^^ : 'Y--.• - :\-^*'- - \'^ loo^^H^'anfiose^'f^^S^ioiiid riot J« Jjjnat does fte cleft s^abw^*i a to md \I have paid Die note, I tellydn,* said ih^ * tektf he, 16:olpiig,^a|@n$%tipMij*)i^3|rw^ l^stMav%.|h%tfe jsjgald ivin Ids jnistre^J thougB/|| lll| ebs$4fj!s^ot>ie jiaip,, wlii.cii he 'cinii,d?,Jp!3^y : tfinfc'^omas a pain, CQS| sidejiKg wibifewas^Jievwas to,ea]pry> ..-ijE- lie died for if, he sliduld at least liaye hfer ift Ms Sicmtf pid Jiave'' lolte^|^er-;''iiij,ti^.e) ; jacd;; T& clasp he| perspn : in^ia|..manri6r \vas a pleasure he. ||>ntonijglated vp^sneh; frailspoi-ts as is k^g-wn ^SJ 0 . teitl' ? lpversj for none otheisMo\v^espe^5|glitens ,tU$ joy of dispensisg^^ifornfafityj\.andhoW dispensiiig: with jilrmality.. ennobles.. and makes greatei\ tjifjrjs^f^t. The lady stood.; by the side of Iwipi^ rjSgtlej desgj^ffls^ and. dteading. BMe thouglit' ]fer%vef^ .woitld jsucc^d/lbutfodjcbecans^slie^ tldugMSnil ^^^^p^n^i^! ! s^» ; f; i muchv-for;.hisr valor; ttnftl^eng^hZV'Gteat fears;-^ffia ..&v^r<her !^^pMelB||; Sti knW'WSi^^at'might haj^n'ifa ciiance|;comiiion. tp.';,ajt... .She felttl\e.J)i|,ernes&%f ^ibg-ibrsetffee bul 3e%|©liini and theiask; -and dared neiv -jiler4o^a^^''^^^n^&'fli&'mou>n^ain•, Site fi^dvh^v^i^ijojfQ^: t^^lrercd ^Ssh^the:^ an\d' Aow 5 on .her handMfltl finger's «S§;#hic^ tnpstowar4sfher wiihjpreittjr pretence,\tlie 'OnlyodeceptiprLshe !iadi;evBE>\nSisedfc -Oncje' or twice a daughter sor,;- a>3n^tlfey stepped. put of : i0ie cjosf d, ^\dpgniniii|g aig to Jbefy; ;|fiStwiiJistan^ iofi^ ^s|ed &e?3iand \wKic^\4ue?kMew not •yMtMa^m^'''--^''' --\\v ' l \ \V \* ; ... Tl^fa&er said \npwsifjput.-anenclto\ fi|Qs^ummery^dnd^^4heigSeftlurningjpale: fortii^^rst jav&i ^itoj|iBg ihe ladf. J ^i|4Spjct^t|Jrs rejoijred to-see Ihe fan- ner ili'wEieli^e/mpTC^io^slbw but siur|,' •s^ if 'tOi enSp-teage^iis-mistress; tneyrtto'umT, |MiiU%pepi^r;l^d^ instant befo^ ^e.g^temidiwayf and s/jeins reftsingsometKingj then asceiid^ata quick rate^and Bow'ibeing at StSmidway point, sliif^^thelady-froin'bne : side W ;fche otfiefV ^^Ssfeetatorsjgive a ilipm;;' ^'^elBarbni tH^|m^w%f;ind^erenw#fes^ his,gaun^etv.and$^ bfjrebuiej;^ ^t^Ue^ojutfteloverr^sumes: ftipway»: ^SKwfbut notfeeblc JB nis^p, yStifegets-slbwer. He stops a^ainy and- they, see«the lady kiss J| hiniion,the*fbrehead^ r TSejsroinen begin to 'treniblei5bgt this men .' . ._ ..^H^vflltt^Ogfljjfe-.?.... ::'- • . ' .-. AS/-iKifn 7 ^E'GigOTEi-'-\ ' >'-\ '. In the iAntiinm of^^]r8i4,somelprav{tte af- fairs caDe;dfme;* : into - -tte .sifelej l^trgdbnv and as I did B6t travel as^oXyndnjus, witK my .eyesoirfcfTJgatlieredi-.a =#w samples ©f. Msh Gharacter^ Smongstwhich; was the Tdliovvnng-incident.:. . , • ' . ' , Ti^standiiyoBls ^i^'ati%<fejor of n^ inij;3gl%fcan^ajfejtt^;wa >y a sfcene^that ; tpplK .iplaiee ibeneathi. pSei Belfast; cOatdh.' was standing-=at the -door, and ontjierpof infrpntsatusbliiarypas^-i snger, : a ^eiyoung ieilpX in $he nnjtpttii >f 'the '<3pn|iau^t J^aifggFs.;\ ifeelovy^ i>y.j ;lie fl*oiitv?Eeel^ stood an. old wonjian, a; 'bung itihiii it ybunger jpSJrsSiiJ sisfer Pi 1 iweetleart, and tKey jwere- e;%nes|ly en-. ,reatiiig the yonng .s(3dier tp descend firpm : ; 3s s(iatpiKthescpa£li; J v •-' . ; <f Gome dowii. wid- ye,-. ffiady''-^Ijie^ ipes&er Mas tne pld, wpnjaftr^\;conie Jde>wS« low to yb;ur|ic)id\ feit'tlier. Bnrejt^^&gi % they ;will, ? and take, the flesGt ipif- ! $m ;pncs .% giye.ye. Coine dpwiij.TJiad^ dar^.; Jt ifs hpnpr/' was:tlie ibpijr^pf4he ^oi^ grf\and'with: clefeohedffstfe'4nd ! .^etjteeth .e tbok-aijliaffer •seat..bn;itlie;cQach., I ^TM^Lj-eonie ;a'pwji^ ye JFO'bk-'bf • the- -wotld^^coHiealpngdpvvjimid^eJ\ : 3Sie ; tdfie^^fe.. th'e^ p;esenfeit||)^aE- .fa? -. -more^iajf patient and';pj6ffiptprj than the: Mst^- aiiE the^aTisvve^as; nipre»pr;bmptLyand'sterif ly |>ronpune^ '\Ifsr||ip;np% teatbJerP ^and ithe ^ifer rpse ; ifiEpre jHgidly erect ft'att-^^oa-thf%o|^tf«,v-:;..'..^...•- -^ .., ^01^-IBKidy.scp^Sfl^lft^^lvifigf Ijpu^Winl^^h^eenj'jbhajsliiSS^yfe^©ome, ;dyi^^j^i^s^^ii*ar|bfa!rt^(^dj? 'ijeTO^-cl^jd^illSSte!^ ^^ : ^ppgp^ rw*uflgSriM%®fA|~she ^aiM|?an:d|<l&it-a; Ippklnp^rard^^^^^^iad \-M_ yisilile^ffecf.ipn; ^B,js.n?6les pf.the spldiejls cpujitenance;; [^&ere*^^|ppr6|teit%i©e|sin tpn^ s .but. it, ^pfey^fflie?sa%e;;^6i^on ? asS||^re),. ^ ^' \ ; JiS fm^ioii^^^tS^Qm^ and ## to defend Jiim^lf-fionteanotheE glansif he -/medr Ma look steadfastly ini ftont, while tKe renewe^«ntreafiesilpprsfe 60tL.aB^iree ini^oruiw^i^sariieaiM strerV'-*-\. \**•-•\.. .•.•--v-*i . 4 '\-; ''-••\ ;\ ; '.- \tgoroe dpwi^piady; liffnSy'P^Thafy ye fool,-©b^-d&wn^©^^^?*:-'«i?nie lon day walk Hie wgr* glad to find themselves under the shelter ofajroof. Having refreshed themselves with to£ substantial supper set before them, they e\prcssed a wish to retire. They were shown into the traveler's room and wont to\. lest in their respective beds The pedler, before setmng, had called the landlord aside and given into his keeping the packj which he had unstraped from Jus* back, -till the morning, telling liim that it contained a considerable sum of money and much valuable propertj. They were hoi long m bed before the pedler fell iato a sound sleep. but the poor woman, perhaps from \•\•-*\* ~ - - * 1 \ ts on meeting awake. A over iatigue, or fiom thou her husband next day, _, couple of horn's might have passed, when she saw the door slowly open, and a person entered holding alight, which he screened with his hand She instantly recognized m Mm one of the j oung men she hsd'seen below—son to tiic landlord. He advanced with stealthy step to tne bed side of the pcdlf r, and watched him foi a tew seconds. H*> then went out, and entered agam with his brothei and father, who held m hi hand a-large pewter basin Thev went fii tipiae to tb*> bed side, where tlie pedler lay in. deep slpep One of tlie young men drew out a knilb, and while the father held the basin so as to th th bld h t h i s as to the blood, he cut the pooi victim s throat fiom ear to ear. A slight, half au- dible groan, and all was stilt, sa\ e the cau- tious movements-of the party engaged in the fatal deed. They had brought in with them a larg> sick, into which thevqmckly thiu'.t the unresisting body. Tlie jx>or w oman lay silently m bed fearing that her him had come. She heard lowmnttenngs among tlie men., from »how <- she- soon- gathered that they .were debatjiggwhether they should murdct her tw Q, as they feared she might have it in her own power to bo- tray*him of them said that he was sure that she was fast asleep, and that there was no occasion to trouble themselves more: but to make sure o^ this came to the bedside with the case, one' candlein his do>n to me.\ \It's honor, mother' honor, brother' honor bright, my own Kathleen'\ AltLough the pooi fellow- w \>s a pihate, {his appeal was so public that I did rot fail to enquire mto the nature of the dis- tress. It appeared that he had been home on. a furlough, to visit his family, and hav- ing exceeded as he thought, the term of his leave, he was going to join his regi- ment, and to undergo the penalty of his neglect. I asked him when that furlongh expired. \ The first of March your lionor—bad ; of all the black days in the world, and here it is come on like a shot!\ \The first of March'—why my good hand, and the other with a knife. She kept her eyes closed as in sleep\ and had such complete command over herself as not to betray in her countenance any sign that she was conscious of what was going *' on. The candle was placed close to her eyes, the knife drawn across close to her throat; she nev er. winced, or showed by any movement oHbature or limb, ihat she apprehended danger So the men whi So g the men whispered that she waa asleep—that nothing was to be her, and they went out of the h k hh g , Say he wiU be victorious. He resumes again—he is half way between the middle and top—he rushes, ne stops, he butheidoes n<>t<»lt ? \A%31prsT^u|:i the^inenj a^#^^i^fii&|jn^K#|g^ t^,;.|V°:^ij^of thfe|ems|rM^pari:\oj| ^ y ^M^^!S^%^r> ; ^M^M^^^^ Wti&W^r '^ ^olaen^fret/inltp.p^ and the stori^me|fj^||S^. ^y©^* cends slower thin ''ky^'i^tj&l0&- £$W? mbre s^^.; He] h^lfeMt,^%~0niy; r toi t it his foot.jgteverji^p^aiid iBieii gain- :t^^^^^&'^M;0h^^i -lady-Jifts almo^^ie top ? he rtop» m he sS?ggIc^ l^^k^^wa^si'tai^gV'ver^'sho^itefi and: briwng on^foot^at every thne^ ctete ^||h^^^^|^\4e.^^^»«a»'j#ip it gg he tutnafull fremt towards tbe <••« fellow, you have a day to spare then—the first of March will not be here till to mor- r&w. It is Leap Tear, and February has twenty-nine days.\ The s&ldier was thunder-struck. \Twenty nine days, is it? Your cer- tain of that same i Oh, mother, moth- er !—tbe devil fly away wid yer ould al- manac—a base crater of a book to be de ceaven one after living so longm the fam- ily amongv-us.\ His first impulse was-to cut a caper on the roof of the coach, and throw up his cap vrtb a loud huzza' His second was to throw himself into the arms of Kath- leen, and the thud was to wring my hand off in acknowledgment. \If s a happy jfisn I anr,y{mr honor, for my word is sftved, and all by your honor's manes. Long life to your honor tor the same! •< May ye live a long hundred—and leap years every one of them. , y loom, removing the sack v- hich contained the body the muide.cd man. How long must that night of horror have seemed is the poor lone woman—how frightful W5 its stiiness and darkness. The presence of mind which had so astonishingly enabled her to act a part to which she owed her life, sustained her through all the trying scenes which she had yet to pass. She did not hurry from her room at an unreasonable hour, but waited until she * heard all the family astir for some time, she then went -down and said she believed - - she had overslept herself in consequence of -\ being greatly tired. She asked where tlie pedler was, and was told that he was m two great a hurry to wait for her, but that he hqfLMt a sixpence to pay foe her breafc- fast. She sat down composed to that meal, and forced herself to partake with apparcnt^ppetite of the food set before her. ~ She appealed unconscious of the eyes which with deep scrutiny were dseA tiposr her. Wheirthe meal was over, shetool£ leave of the fiunily, and went on her <way without the least appearance of discompos- ure or mistrust. , * \ She had proceeded bnta short»distance when she was joined l>y tw» Aur OF GKNiops.^-Honier -lbbMhg-woiaens::.x'|lhS§i)l^^i^^ •tp'eojies%(»|ier;l|j^|# ; \-\--^ jn \ hours tho yoaptf n»n cootianed by with her, trmfaarii

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