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Courier and freeman. (Potsdam, N.Y.) 1861-1989, October 09, 1861, Image 1

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~*\ I' ..... : ' i^i»^~ ^W-'^ ^i^lfei^^i#as^|^6si;^^i t . fcs-afc:;.-^a ,*._ <\« ?fr: ; «i«iiwiJffHimna POmQAM, St. LAWRENCE OQTOTT, ff, Y., WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9,1861. NO. 11. 0 . gar. Jll.tepW^K^\ TWW IIUP, i • W ! » ' 100 0000 ' ^H •st Ssro O.Ifi*M«»**CO.' &2.-L *— ^JS.^\\ 1 ST-fcAWBENOE HOTEL, •rf?; K^folBwH; K v., - . ^BBEDGE'S HOT^t, |..M«ft>v*Corheroif Main ana F\t ahwu, js\v,$a?r & v \> \tfBraiJUapiSTi? MM. WHIUH iDUBX, Uwftftt? JEtnll (nnu>iu« Co.—ILmmoro'sCoH)!. R*&ui iSett 1 ... ;•.-.$2400,000. ^)^»3teato iBrttMmce Co^JtoXtet Cm. WOODBBiaflttOUtlJii, tfifl , .... f>i>;*.i rM** • MSoAtw Boos* froosf 01 * ^lt»r^m»aolltt»»ra^ 3 a..uUJiM.' J, «J«3%SRr?jiSSl POWER l«k flRESS IiMbgjnirabiMr^t)iylarI'>rfte Oylltjdiir Prow, ft BobcdckJvVFre»i,fiwainKnf{inc. i a inimical JanW o* now lypo.nud mnlcrlal ofovory acw;rqtiion for a Complete Job Office, eoa. Jtfb PrttttttfR <\AirtrtVdofSwipiimi.-lu a »(yIo tnutiir- pawdcd, Ord«rH iwlicltwi for IWlore.FroarnmnicH, BUl I&feiU, I'amftitela,41am! D1IU. Circuldr»,!!.',!i Tiokots, ttoSMWWIo oodftjiMM aril* MdCiri Sonnl, » Urf<Mi««ortlnrati^Bhffllw<>tiar<iJo)!t fccelvW from Sow York. ' \ „. - 'O. U-taKEn k CO., PainuBqMi. MFim,\ ace Agency. j^Dif6PAM,y.-Y. am .till twtlug as ojg»U for tbo follow In^ liifrar&oc* nanlM, and Wjft «k o rl»k» upon awclllns} and ifttcoti^hoM,'Btorc«{Tiootls,^llaandnmcHiio- ry\«^lUII!lfeo<tsoniot>JllIiloJ)«OT»irty aijttir rata. Fiirm-hoy»^8 and ootna, and douclifed . _ -tMolltojjlvlfiWmsil for <mo yt'ar^ir to a ten s ol years, at tow rata. TownC D.COJIJI. «• Co—1 . w „ fio«Mwt».^)... .««w,ooft ,., n.iosanr. .8300,000. ^..-.flMllilAalWfcj'. -* H>a<kaoit fai/l^-gnuaJriMo,»!«. asWi. ^XJa8lii4ttBW!.'..'.y. , *225,000. •^^Ife pprioiiifi'w tn*^ 1 de»!«>_.t* (owatla lT4i»rn»UuE liMrarjuuio^rr- - J,.H,'Of|n, iltr ascortty toTiwd to at^ly to T thtt woTcuteace ot Utxm nri \ , of SortML*; jw,»>q.,of CWk rcBilcrimUtalc* ,A0EST. «'Bi#BBB & DieEINSOJT, Valt> EUcoi, Canton, mo&iri WATCHES & JEWEUtY ; to bi* fooQtl In toim. tte» b*v6Jost r* •tftfivtod ttaiaiaidw ab'ck -otJWJSBltEUJ IEVK8, flOLD ASD SO.VES th^oftoklndVptcx^oduood , all^XB WiflK, ana BUSINESSi NOW^. ... OODBTJtB it jrOVBBUIi COUNTING HOUSE ALMANAC, IPor 1861. SHEPARD'S Tailoring Establishment, NT3W BLOCK, ELM STREET, Potsdam, N. Y. M A. STIEPAIip la pr<P«\d lo do Ouiom Work tixpodlttoaaly and in a toaflM* IA glr. cow Hrfl aatfafaeHoD He cmploya Jho b*art woricewo, aod wamnta bf. work. Tkaokfdf f»r P*»t farora, he reapect/ulty aolicita pat- reoatra. . _ F E. 8HEPAB0. poudaip S. Y. Tbe Heart's Confessional. KEEP YOUR FRQPERTY X3ja*fc» o JHtafico. Cmtft»e*t*l' iKsaim^ee C*. OipltaltDd Snrptot tSBOfXMtO Old lUrtAH Cotamenocd tnulaeu 1A19. BY M0H. fl. E. SKLI-S. •,Wo vai txrfottior aa^BtaHMth UJO troca, I Tllat dropped tbo.r uhfcdowu 'loin, tbtvgravut vinlk, And Wbcn Urn Icatved bowed (a tjKrpIeaiuail pre«w. Wo wove tficir pioaiivo rtutlllog ta oar talk, BcfoTD IB strutcblijg dow&traad P'ot fia bill, . . Tbo goldou vrijOAt wared calmly ta Uio algtit, Wblle dreams «Wept o'or H peaccfal'y and etll, And from our lips ilwy (jtumod tbcmaol < n» fofflght «i We tAliccd ID fcmca qudo tender tjj ttic irigbl Oftfn? paJu moonifgbtnJwpmgflatbocarUi, W hopes oad plans jtirtl Btrrjggliug fhto lt$tif, tb wlilcb OOJ ac'toai lifij had gtvcii Wrtb— We talked of cv«ry day'* mo;» qutct Uoor«, How first th(.y rtitted from wif ^K^J> aw*y™ How quietly wo s&t antoag flte Covert And heeded not the panlo^ of t&e d&y. 1 1 •itod-ttisn'li. pkW0e gllpptyi t& b^twocA oQr wt»nl?, - jiod flwo ire MW, 'Iicw «mwt ttftpsiwdda t» f.l»lt(, LOu melody dropped off too wtcjat br bird«) Ai liiPr,Cy'.BpWitrd ki Um fleM or llj{til;\ W« *»Jd,i'HiHr calm Ihe (7!«*«(.mvofillf ta lira rpun tbe «&t e «r«v(» of tbe »Umt (afro— llow attH ttM> otaj» ty«rirxd( us with »a4 ey«i, AA ptutoolly tboj w«tcfa tbo $YvxtlQg break. ' Apd to, a etirnjce «tn o with miAflarpd *u>v», And *v.t between cu with its ftoijthtnjf ways— While U>ottglu« c^torc grirw iar^Hpan nufllpo, Tboagb BtMl Uiey ttrngsled for coiiveouoaai ptiruo 9Tbc&, like A t^rcr'a swift rtsisiltas oovrsa, Bl$ love ltvop(Hl Into notiM that Crviat.i» (wart Quiuf piMirfog oo each oUirr with euch Gir<s , The toaeH jAfred tprnugtrjtbcm {Ike a douod *pirt- And M on ea^ar bk»«iom* falls tfifTdcw, 80 fell bfai km> QC ran— wish pa&fcfiate will, Bippltoa-UJ« whole teaglbofmy uatereIhfottfti, LearinK s o c«rr«st cfidlstarbed «d ttn t Ob^hkacwd vsmtaaty at tiat v«e«t Dlgfef, Wbeo we , benextli tfco «xtehiCal-?c*tllag tram, Pr«» from tbo wiaflof bmritarnbf flgin, A»d drafafid tho cbaiiiee of tt» wttw eeca* Cftpiuiaod Saxghit,,, OltT «f J ..•900,00 0 _.f3*0»000 Dentists. i^taaii ^^..JClG ha AO-'dUArettf .. .. M«pp DB5Wsr?r. iijirAti^iirin' &f fii'to'ilio pro»rril*R elorai«»oi> of _..,, Capital Ctry af Stir Havtta. ' Capital and Snrploa, ...........*M0,O0O FlivaiLi, mTBrMUrtv Capital anil Sorplas, »...., ^tlOfiOO Wexlem Mauaw Oapltalaod Snrptoa. ;—»8*0^»0 0 All Uieae compante* are aoond and rcUab!«. H.H. tOSHWAV, *f»t- rotadain.'XOT. 18«0. \-t ? seat u r* DMOUTK> *&T ooobs , BOOTS ASD snots. , A»t) FAMtLT GmOOTOISS. riKRSQirJ XBW BLOCK, POTSDAM, S. T. rATon HAtkaksj) JI»BHJ,, ifittttj.- F«lB«te.Mt»lS^S*«j8! 'iBdiratcliea, aoXtooMs «W,. ^Tln«Oii*Jt6ourSlW»«iaer»li»t., . •(• attanof tta^MS£)wjgBfl|£-«gJ ^^»^tM^»^5gS£ \wo oeostihwt la several dtflterent atyte«i una lit the bos^poBsiblo maQDcr. Ur^WMMi&gra ftdtnloistcfod If d»inA iJiilTloa'grassa* \^ • <tnncKuonBS «-.......& A. JI. toft I'.-U. jo»soF'£®wi3im Ooni^ton»oirtroa«MtoWin.wilt^Bip(gMyW«< •\ V . ... . s^-^ . ,^ ^ikifiliS^e! Brandiea, Wines, (Sio, Wbiskiea.&e. .•m^m^'M^emtfu M^tVtKHf^Ki^t _ *«or. D)M«0^%^>^«^> . lHpOKTEKS ASD JOBBEBS OP HoSSofa^Ttatdo BTotfoife,'&c, M LKBUTO Snttm, Too Dqp»» mo* BKUBWAT, tf^»«..F ;w» * Soittak, **v/Mt,t Coitenr, J«»,I>T, FUwJl Wa>^ aa,4a^ i l.CBSC(#?rt JOBB. ». BUTIiBa * CO., jraportor and. Dealer In »-ir Offlco, No. M India WUarf, Bosrox. im\aj»ti^oiiCOMalu<!QOji»M4| ; « r •im'i«,rtor.<irind\VHjl««lt.tiMloreln \ ^tefcGlt COMPOUND, to rBESjatn: tPATBro„ al«o tor talc. «h*f»l « «^ Y«Mi?SWloBl and all tiralort ear, 6. WrofchM oil ate>pB(rt)ilSAa'lA*U'ri 0 > !8 - 0AU . an* ipUUKB . M. E. TUBNEB, Agotit. l i*t»)km,'iiiiy!!a;i8«i. \ki'l^Me ofbusin,B!S at J. lord's Bool and Shoo Stow, Plaraonti BMolr.'itarltct Street. 17 JAMES D0iiripa?LY, Rome, GinS, Whiakios, 'W«ioS,TcaJ, Sogara, 0SY, 'W«ro, ! K4%M|k Sf»1rpS»^|^o*femila v promptly, BilSMUM Btroet, |!«||iu«itiii!Kr»*.W Wifeiiri'iiSiiafi i»„. Ww ' d:J.g;..;pU««iii.i«l.ni«.,.Ii.«lh.ri-/a*«i:\-. . wmk^, *fe loo^dscry wBik ho t hot selt-possessioi^ ^ Mdnpii'orsaken hBK How she trembled in every limb as. ghe t&ame up the cellar, stare; how ehe shivered What watho matter, jirrandma ?\ arok K ^ though it was midwinter when at last! Ifas at hor side io b a trjomoat. . *^ i?otgot herr littlee handss inn minee 1 'Tito British nri coming, my dear he littl hand i min 1 \Now -Margaret, don't. be frightened. Yon most keep np a brave heart and ran real fast. I know the way.\ I'll try, Lonia. Bnt 0, yon don't know bow scared I was. When I looked ont of the window and saw their bright red coate and guns. I understood in a* minute, and there I was, a little girl, all alone in the house. I ran. right down cellar'and hid be- hind Uif cider barrel.. O, i t was 00 long and terrible, and when llieard your voice I did not dare come farther than tie foot of the stairs for fear—you know.\ I had led her ont of the house and'thmngh the garden into the lane while she was talk- ing, and I honied her alotttj-festBrand faster ctiTld. and we've all got (b take to tbe woods to savo oqr necks, (let the gold locket and the Sifvcr mug which your uncle Isaac bro't yon from London; there's no time to spare now,\ At this moment tt>e sharp sound of a mnaket broke on our cars, and the women shrieked simuitaoeoasly; I rushed to the kitchen window and looked out. -My grand- mother's large old turn) house stood in a somewhat elevated posit'on, and commanded a wide tract of country, and >'the:t, winding around the distant bill-side, laaw a company of British soldierjj their red,coats and bright bayonets flashing in the sunlight. There was no safety except in' flight, and if was no wonder that the helpless women ind children were fitted with terror at tile thought of being placed ot the mercy of a company of rude and brutal soldiery, who too often did not respect cither ape or sex, and whoao outrages on the helpless inbabit- anta scattered along the coast of Now .Eng- land bad roused tbo whole country into burning indignation. The-trooba. bad just 1nrid«' in our village, i our left • - which lay upon the Hound, and did not nuni-! They caught sight of 03, and Hallooed to ,\ .. , \\\'*.. ', . .\v. .\ '' • jj\\ \' bermore than three hundred inhabitants, j ua to stop; but fear lent oar feet^almostthe. J\ 1 ? 1 y , Ws*P^?f 9°*\? Wft \W or e Moat of the men bad gone to war, and the i speed of spirits for a while, bat Margaret's small company of old men and young boys head grew dizzy at last, her limbs shook/ which remained could not muster in sufficient and we were obliged to halt }ust as we reach- force to repel tbe inradera. i ed the bars of the pasture lot. ' _ / Thetis was no time to be lost. My grand- The soldiers came np with as in a ino- mother. Whose courage and foresight did not ment They had bard, coarse physiogdo. with a great fear growing opon nghearViim ii e ^i^^ii D ^ m ^m 0 t i Oiehowe- the shouts of the soldiers drew nearer at ' ^ '/,!•\ ' (..i - i- hold. .An.iOpejrimt ^oreBS«)n^J?boaniaker came into the femilj eacb. fall, tie/Onnor to every step. .'., .... The lane terminated in tho road, and a short cut across the fields which lay on the left would bring np in the meadows,, where we would he in qomparative safety. 1 ;ftal hoped to elude the soldiers, but wehad only emerged into tbe road wheD a couple of then) j came out suddenly from a small house on Obqeiet bu^aodbU UfetogeaUay, ' Ooaxd «ei l th» coemory that I te»ve eo.yoii, For o'er iu gnre tbo dead leave. Aali Away, Whether from wantof iljcbt and d«vl Ob, lesMppcd tr*ea thxcagn wblch tbe abadoawjaliift, laormar egam tbnae word.aoawcetlo bear, tbat I aaay gaiaer wjjef e life', w^era drin, Orer tb. aaoda, ooa JeweS bright and cte»r! Caxecorla, S. Y. frvm the fjutlea' KeEOiaory for Oeiober A Morning I n the Autumn POTSOAH, S. * . hopOBlato*evsi«»t, over &aj>jf« OtMua s»op. OrdenaoUdted. * H. GODIJUKO, IAOU.ISISI . POISDAi t K^ T. . Baymood-Street. nc*rtlM> B»nro»d' DepoC Ord*» SoUdted. ., ^ 18 * 1119. A STOBT OF THE RJCVOLETIOS. ai vrBarsii.i^TOWKrSsi). -toras,\ said my graoaadtbeft lookinj; np soddecly frcro the b«l-ajixlt, which 'ocenpied the center Of tho \tsomtt toem,\ \I wish you'd go ont into the piw'ohi- see if yon can't hoot me np half a d^Saa eggs. Tivant ta make a costard pie for sapper to-night, as I've asked Mist Parson WiUotts and Mist XTcacon prjmnitn'B to the quiltiB'. B e spry, lH*W,TO.ir«n i th.ewindow jr|iero 4i^'a0hua, : ryliriisorfiea ffl»E!«l , ^.. . . . mad£Bp«ate..hatUA»itn Apojaj?!- Mj bio-had not numbered its tenth ylsar at that timo 1 4BidUny»^BMfea..na4 hem gteatfr imprtGeea wiffi Oat wond^d,prot%poem whicli wasJfiajBBis \\M* aldjiapt** ^ muting tho stern practical of otfc.Kuitart fathers into waim, rich colors, striking outin- pictniea thatttebheartsiecognizadtho great forsake Ber in this emergency, at once pro- posed that we should go out of her bach dsorand strike for the south meadows, be- yond which lay the thick woods, where we ahonld be safely concealed, as tbe troops would not probably remain for the men in adjoining villages to rally. Xke TpaUid mothers gathered np their' you now for di frightened children, and we hurried swiftly runnin' away • and silently off, while the shouts of the. . We stood i i soldiers came to ns on the soft ^Vutumo t their guns aai I breezes and struck a chill of terror through \ myself I e: I all our hearts, though tbe sloping ground | move hand protected as from the enemy's sight. | desperation fliere wqre about two dozen of us. We' tell, but.I hurried on with rapid feet and trembling tried-toilo _. limbs for the blessed darkness and shelter! that I should oC-the forest We reached it\ at last, only, But the Utt the teg seemed very long, for the moments' beseechingly, were 'connled only by the throbs of our | hands togeth frightened hearts, though the steep, wooded j will yon—two hill, under whoso shelter ire ^aTjTerWt .isas ^ did you~unY\E 1 net more-than two miles from my grand-1 One of the mother's home. | \I cant stal HnddRnfe she tamed to the wifoof Deacon j in an und'ei Plummer, her nearest neighbor, a little trem-.[ my little 1 ukms,. despondent sort of woman, whose | pretty head; of spirits, ill-health and many cares bad\ quite . little 'in ace broken down.- ! that I haven | mies, and were somewhat excited with drink- ing. Our flight bad evidently amused thejm,, though they were vexed with the long chase we had given them. i \Well my ypnng rebels,\ exclaimed one of the men, Yyon've got smaH heela if y^q' haven't heads. 1 Stand still and lot na aho^>t '— J! -ibeying tho Wr)g?s law, arid en^fe calle4 .yon to stop.\ 1 ! ........ ...^ i. ,. , r' Cor tbo Courier h Freeman. ChalttK«:a in Forty Yeaja. , In tho jonrnay of life, it iaontortaining as well as instructive to lo6k-t*ek and see the changes and improvements, 'io'raa for /the better, some for the worse,, which havo tak- en, placo in a long period of tim». £ \ The fint of last September, after a sojourn of forty years in St Lawrence coun- ty, I visited the good old town 0T Deny, formerly honored with the prefix ot London, in the 8tateof New Hampshire. J left it on foot at tho rate'df twen^-8ve 3s\a day, clothil with raimant all made fanryftthajrJsjhoDJW 3%e raatflriatr were all raised on the farm.andtK6 apinning and help £ntand:mike:!it1{» \home-..poo latter to nuke a yeara BUppty \of shoes. 'aioo]fir^ere\'aenataoMtih^o.]t^. , /.^retmed.irj flu ^n^tr^MjtJweaB'' at the rate of 350 miles a day, clothod in fine nrtodcIom,faIaD% it rispTOvedtor^ shoddy) lobmseatiin wtta au cmuna Bl ^. tuatoWaeapioyaCaTruifBjb^waad^Pr*- piraWdO'arorltofboUiHnda. P«r«milWjM«B«n, ttona loM» US* oTottataesa wui d« wen to awe ran a Snat Ma afco'B on ftarpoat Avenue, a_»* rodli aoata •oniiiiAScaaHnyi AW order, promptly attended to. jg-ir •« <Jf»yaM. PARTRIDGE, ABMIN & CO. 0A81NET AND PnBKrriTBB WABII, HAEKKS iiu aoo»>. A»I> aaor . Oathelaland,oppt»Ke th e HpttcepalCbtircb.. r. aavcaiKLnsB, eraoa rAaTat»«», o. a. aatani Harness, Saddles felrnnks At the Old Statael a>f Ix.«ae» k All\ coasaai or vaia airo aunaar aruar , poraua. W E bav e o n hand UiRM eitenitveajaortmantof every tblnjt In onr tine l o be (bond In Ihe county ;—watch we wi n ao»''at a. rtaaonabieprtceaaatho Umea will admit o t All *or« maaoiaclared at oo t establtahmtint ta nnd.r oor immediate dtwrvAljon and dlrecttoni «nd hailug a tboronsh praclical ano»Kdie' Of tbe bnslnett, all order, will bo promptly eieeuud, •roodntlaCacUon gnaranteed. ' A word l o the «t»o la eumdent i to call In and ex - amine the axtlcte. which will he ahown yoncbcerroUy. and no fault found If yon don't buy. „,„ To tho trade wo wiah t o aay we ahaU. aa oeual, Keep a Fall Aewlmc*! of Barncaa and oarrtate trlmmlna-a. which will bo sold at at low tfrlcee (con - aldertna tho o.ne,)Uy> aaean he boo •\^\'j^Jg\' PoUdara. October, 1S«0. DOQB8, SASH, BLTXDS, ic. .'and jou^h intending to, \ instant deafii, ~ it ' Wheli'er;:' 1 me mto siteqi ber thi [uljv-ia-savii with her. rllift^i op her white clasping her sjnall bi Id, \0 yon won't kill JB, .or little children that nefflar. in thewOTldl\ 7 n dropped his gun. / that 3ightcomrade,\ he said to his companion. ^?fo. split leather.) Then., tho fanners lived in log bodies, with great atone chimneys on the outside of the house, denoting tho huge fire- place, with^r^ach-Iog\' and \jfofe-stjckj\ which daily consumed wood enough to Supply pnn of our improved (totes witBwoodfora w»ek, and yet, befora i t \oDe sido'of yoq would freeze while tho other roas.ted'' Poeta may sing the praises of oar old fashioned: thingit, bnt no on% that ever lived in a' cold bouse and depended upon a fire-place for warmth will ever regret their dspartnro. Then «W^gfian York\ was a wilderness with scarcely a known settlement, and] the jour- ney to it was considered aa great an under- taking as the overland root* to California is food used by tha family Wai HiBWWfhTtanS: \NoTIBuch\' \Miss flnmmer. do you a'po3e your broth- j and if youTl r Thomas' fofks had time to Dec'.'\ j shall start ol Mi?* Plnmmer threw up her bands with a . The look oj despair. i derly as her \It hadn t entered my mind till this mjn j She put her ute,\ she's>iid. \The Floys wefit over to the ! kissed his bl old fort to <ltg clams this mornin'. ami their I dowd saying, mother, went down to the mill3 to see aboot. lad and lassi. gettin' some cloth dyed, fortbe boys are set' carry yoi' __ w .._ .^ wfaite t pitying- faces i other soldier! gather^\around fie'we,'ping deacon s wife. ! had passed ^K4aUli3tfa^\to4ilJ»t))t8 8tIently, bot»noj»f were not mol| BLACKSMITUtjrtJ *3tD > \ • CARRIAGE SIAKIXG. mBanh»etih«rh^t«Wttfi^th«Uii- w ,,. bahtunta of ?ot»4atn and J^SrS^Lffi^ WcdiBs of httMHi fifewrta strnggfet, im de-. -lautaunj.n fet ^ ite( ^ D1 ,^i^tnnmph3,Bndmatm* of every, day's tod and trials, its Borrows and mys, apiritnal milestones along, that ,tf •tausionrney, over which watched the loving eyes of the angels, and over which' norBorm&fiew^zBjrfevfl spirits filled with. all malice and hatred. — It was a day in tho Autumn of, JTia. 4by grandmother. Patience Dudley, was an old woman, tho long perspective of wcoee.mein Bn?3af ' ' ' Wtttl wwomoi^. '>]•\*> sKftftowt. *«SHM\''j~ , i ; y «.jy ^Cjjtfft.. SALOON. fipf^ae Court St., u MULC FortSTKV RooniB ol t ore ARtfi. tUCMllllWc»OT _ iio»«lwti^'B™^ the '\JlarSanlo Attnohnttn^W.-. Tho piiBTE are mrvltw! tocalahd^oAmtaotMlrjinorlMi. , , . „ ,. , mmv — \ itWmmMlt oa&tM, i»nd!e#^fdiiv/o^ CKLK8. Howard \*8iM 0 m%\ DOORS. SASH & BUNDS. j/itfl^f^nwl Organ* . „ XWTOrglv«nT\'*fc u y lh S AoMn*, 8 '\'- VAtUAflftt nKTOIOtfon SpornwhirrUwac anaontor iHsoaaea ol the Soiunl OrsnnB, and on »b« '•' Hrftodiwtimvloyo^toihoJDJjOWry, nonj to. nii'i ?tf '5)R^, BKII4-' Bowilrd AasMolntliai, 2 8. 0! 8My l 3\ A.'i #t«ti OOIil &T MoqQLLUM, IMVOBIEpS A«if!ol)0EllH fif :• Silk and Faucf Dry floods, «o,towAm«»i!Bi«Hcr*» [u«30l.Um„ ffsiw.YoniiL. aWOm „, Bwept Uirougi which fill the history of , . v busbaod had been an officer in the army during the French war, and fell at last fight- ing under General Braddock, in that officer'! last disastrous battle- My grandmother was the true New Eog. land woman of her age. Her life had devel- oped in the midst of sharp and stem realities and she possessed all that practical sagacity and. contrivance for emergencies which his early Ufa Has msdo necessary. In short, sho was a notable housekeeper and sterling Qmsttan woman—-last the sort of on.P, ,w.ho, when his country, called him, would have put her husband's ratsket in his hand, and; his card of^WngerbMad in his pock.et.and sent him forth' from his home mtTaWtb in tbo God of battles that Dover wavered, and that followed hud, with prayers- M d blessings that were a strength and a shieM about him- I waa a n orphan, and, the only grandchild of Patience Dudley. My two yonng nnclos wore in tho fiovolotionary anny. Itathnry parents bad died before my remembranco, and my boyhood inherited tho delicate con- stitution of my mother. I had been a Vk markably-ptiltod and indulged child, consid- ering the stringent discipline of the yonng which was almost universal at that time. My'grandmothor bent once mora over her work. I see still the gray hairshining under tbo white cap, and the iron-bound spectacles neneath it Hho was making a border of '•double shells\ around a bed-quilt, on whose' bright \patohWOrk\ of red and yellow calico she had expended a great deal of taste jinds skill. T \It's e'en a' most time for the sfojjo horn,\ exclaimed my grandmother as I tveut out, and she clnnceo up at the great clock in tho corner while Bho tlrow a i long cord through a deep ilfcision in a ball of eWkrr-tBS»08jt implimenta she commanded quilt \I moat Save that pt loss than half oh hour, BO grow under yoiir foot\ Ji I took-a small basket^jad went down tho barn. I nm an old man now. But IspeJ the>stoep brown roof as plainly now^ tlt|\ \my febt had justpaused before tho throsholt T see, tBo^o'btfght snfjllght hnjgishingtS did raftors,and tho black beams everEs« the'ptto of straw in one corner amlt|o heap oAfrosh hiiy in tho other, and atulHWo latter I found the half-dozon fresh eggs a'Jfcwhioh I had come in s'eareh. I had placed tho last of these in the bas- kot when a* cry broko through tho hush of tho sweet morning air-ra Cry full of eagerness and torror—\(Louis! ,Louis P' I knew at onco it w4s my.giandmother's ..„«u.-.v».-r -- _ .,, and I hnrriedtoward the house-, my heart o«ffl?ftMh«t taoy wajvo italr •»•»«»•«iontiw lntQbD inff with Vague torror. Til the kitchop §=hS B WP ' Imotoe^ralofoSr notghbots. their feces ... „.,.-_ . . , „„ »-j,iz;Ti-.. a»fit, room wrincinff their Bands illud? sobbing, da!W^»^^ whjlothe oniLn wore banging to their IMR - -- «ndPl»0L08a™A?L*¥ji™^-r-r^T^\W^^ fe before me. ~I saw the- brown hair with' «S4$%n. flicker of Egh.ts,,wfaichi were like- lojjt sunbeams amid! it; the eyas (due as the harcbelB in the meadow3, the cheeks, in :eacb of which blossomed n morinfain rose, and the red lips where the smiles Went and came like the lost lights in the bair. *• Ettle lUargatet Taafts, she waf such\ a sweet, sweet gid; and what good times we had had together gathering blackberries in : 'ia woods and sheila on the shore I and only ipday'bofpreehe had promised me that 'ihe^ulofjwbvejon phestnnt hilltognther bn'tsafteMttie first frost came, and the first shatn_*rJnd thai; wonld shake them onif of their burs, TooT Bttfe Margaret._Cteffe1 Jler faflieE had slept by the gS«at brown Stone church fotJiaJf a dozen years, and now •fiBf ttmvfeiyuuuipbifothHra •wurfi M ASV8A0T0ttKO and for tate, Wboleaala and BeUll, by GEO. B. SWAN, POTSDAM. N.T. A tLOrdWoy mall <ir otherwta. promptly •»• cntod.' . Doora. CoimonSUo,from78centelb> tl !»• Blinds, rfim 7S conta to ft S« per Window. 8aah,rroin a to s conta per Light. Planlne.yTalntlog and Olaalns donoto \Jer. »5r Shop, we.t .\do of m Blvor, near IheOrtat- lllll. 3Jl y i»OOKS, SASH, & BLII«1> xai>4»Jiitiriit PERRO tStXAtiD, A VINO uurcnaicd tho entire Intorost In tbo ohop \Zi8?t£zZZ*i t,« A. PWDB, kro now prepared and Margaret's left at on jinin* the army home all alone.\ \There/a no telfin' what those red coats VI do with tbe poor cbtick---They'll bo likely as not to cut her throat, and sho all alone '' ^God have marsy on the cbiM T' said my grandmotuerfand every mother's heart ech- • caaght Kmie^ Tbe shouts drew nearer, it would be I way; certoiBlS his injunction We thonglj et'fitce o f Hiy|ittle playmste'' anUL^fO^Lflnis, ir, Margjiret tfiafts^ rose n p pleading- fstopped n- — meadows think 6oa*_ that soldier \Ihope-so» Ureat tfas-t tM'-grdhMf' to I war\ andTshe might never see then: Where, was Bhe then ? Up in one corner of the little dark loft in her mother's house listening to every sound and shivering with fear, or all alone down cellar behind the great cider barrel, with the big tears pouring; down her cheeks, from which the roses bad all fled away? And she would start arid quiver with every sound, and hear the coarse laugh and oaths of the soldiers, and wonder ron't harm a bair of your were only jokin'. I've got a the water about your size; n for a couple of years, h me a kiss for her sake' yon be next mtnote.\ |ldier lifted the little girl ten- father could have done. Ill arms about his neck-and cheek) and he set her ^•'ow, sbamper. off, yon little fast as your small legs will a band of'his comrades I the man probably thought I for us to be out o f their ft'^ere not long in obeying fe we hurried awity that we' ps of remonstrance fromthei I bad witnessed all which itolid amazement, bnt ^* i j ' ~ ' ^ - * Sclaimed Margafct a s w » [ent to get breath in the soara ?e had ran a mile, fdon't ydn ^emember some day whjat t et,\ and we harried/on. prise and rejoicing among raised. Corn, Barley and Bye were the cereal itaplea of eonstrmptjon. Often have I gone on horaeback to mill at Manchester, which at that -time eonirietod of bat two ldings, vie the mill and the miller's kooie, T . Then the wooden plow,was the only kind . nbbngiwpmen when we/pre- bMiMr&^Tieyhad missed ,?^pBalmiot^r^fL onco fo?iSy*isbn& Sho only tookjiae-to: her heart and cried over me, add I waa quite a hOro for that daj. r , In tbe afternoon word was brought to ira by a villager, who suspected OUT place of concealment, that \th? British\ had loft fir the cruiser which brought them to Our coast. We ieturued to, our homes. The soldiore had wrought mischief or. ruin every where 1 . Houses had baea -pillaged, fmnlture—maHc ionsly demolished, and there was hardly a homestead in the village' which had' notsdf- fered from their depredations. My grandmother did not have Her \qnilt. imr\ that afternoon, and i t was somewhat singular that the quilt remained undisturbed where she bad left it bnt a web offinellnen, the toil of many days, had been cut from the loom and gashed through and through by the soldiers. * o ' . 1 am an old man* and my head is crowned why somebody didn't come to her: and what \ with.t.he silver of more tnan fonr-scoreyears; if they should get into the house and find Margaret Dudley, the dearly-beloved wife of her there! Likely as not they would pull, my youth, sleeps sweetly tho sleep from the poor little frightened thing out by her . which the morning of fihs resurrection alone brown curls, and laugh at her, and point their j shall waken her; and of all living; men and bayonets at her, and make pretend they were . women my memory on^holds in its charA- going to shoot her; and who knows but what! bers that look to the east, the fawinT scenes they might if they were drank, for, as Parson of that morning of 1779. And for me I am Hubbard said, \the British soldiers, were a • \only waiting\ to join the company, of those, Hess set, and as muwBto be feared as tho, who have gone before me, of which it i s ins when they got a^jorag.\ jwrtttpn, \And there shall in no wise enter ul . My blood homed as the picture of that. into it any thing that defileth or makOth a ftelpless child presented itself to my excited lie. but they which are written in the imagination, and at last I could bear it no \ Lamb's book of life.\ i longer. My resolution was- taken to return and bring ber with me if 1 could, nud if uoV lb stand by or die with her. I did not reveal my plan, for I knew well enough my grandmother would never for a moment consont to it; bnt I slipped unob- served around the hill, for the women were ioUoccnpied in endeavoring to comfort Mrs. 3Pluthnier„wno was nearly distracted with terror for her niece.,_ And out of sight, I started on a swift run^ror the villago, and .reachedWtJAjlesa tliau half an hour. * 5I diaJlliBfll a. human being on the way. The inhnbitantshad all fled, and the compa- % of soldieF^SfreTmost of ffiem busy in the bouses, devouring and destroying whatever they could lay their hands on, I caught -stgnt of a few ol the soldiers *y>Jff\?i n S \> t ' , n ir makin\ tfie* doorwaMani among tho glpens of the the ovliin ho^es^Sdfao were bveakmf down hen- 'n't kt grass ,p#|SsT otheisfcere pttlling up bean polos, _t\ pDlagiug tho- gardens, entering tho bnnis, 5rtvlng,.ofi' the horses, .and committing all Weso.' ges in tnny midst of brutal triumph JoS^rtadatono for »<»*»./\fegw*\'* 0 ' ^«r«l3l»oount to lho«Mr4a«nj sy th« year. ^uor4orsfrom abroad promptly altoadad lo. Shop—BodBultolnit on the lalend J. P. PERRO. J. L HAND attd-corousal at the miserv they wore com- iftittjing on tho helpless wives and children of thO \rebels.\ Mrs. Crafts' cottage stood at tho end of the lane, atitftho marauders had not yet dis- covered it All was quiet as T burst jnto the front door and ran through the roorhs calling loudly, \Margaret! Margaret Inhere atejyou? lt's'l.\* \\/There wns no answor; tho stillness of death reigriod through tbo small home of tho widow Crafts, till at last I opened the floor which led ftom tho bUchon to tbe collar. A flood of light stronmod through the darkness nnd'thoro at tho foot of tho stairs I saw a small figure crouched down, and a white, wjld face turned in pitiful terror up to me. '• .\0 Louis, Is that really ySit T\ . J. put out my arras. \Yes Margaret come right np hero: our folks nro all off in the My oranoWothor woa'KingaSozeu spoons! woods, nndil'vo hnrriod off for you. There jBy^wtuuruiuer » ln ^j\g to the deep intfta momont to spare,\ for now the bots- and¥,8mall ailvor tonkS pocket of hor linsey-woolsey skirt. Sho tormis Shouts grow nearer. »This omrago was actually committed during the -or pf tho revolution, and the \linen In tho loom\ won tho property;of a groat«unlof the writer,--who lived to pee her ninety-sixth birthday, and \rhos$ memory wiw*a preot storehouse of recollections' ofttrolifeand trials uf our fhthcrs and mothers of tho Bevolatlon. The writer still remembers When a very httlogirlllat ening to the tales wbich tho old woman told of hoi youth almost n century before. Lette r from tbe Blockading Sqaadron. ACOOOKT OV THE DESTRUCTION OF A PIUVA- TEBTt IN PENSACOI.A HAUiOH. V. 8. SraajoB Ritona laij^n}, 1 NEW Yasx n<r, Sept. 28,1801. J Sfo the Editor e/ The Boston Journal: We arrived here this evening, after an ab sence Of 21 days, having left tbis port \on. Sunday, the 8th, as bearer of diapatches>\ QD the 9th, called at Fort Monroe, where, after 1 a detention of a few hours, we proceed- ed on. On the? 10th we communicated with the frigate Potomac bound South. All well. Arrived at Key \West on tbe 14th, and proceeded to communicate with the Flag Officer of the Gulf Squadron, off Pensacola, on the 16th, having coaled and discharged ^quantity of stores for the fleet at Ke y West. Amved^fT. Pickens on the 19tb, communicating with the Commodore (Mer- vine) on tbe Colorado. On the day of our arrival at this, point, a small jiarty of as paid a visit to the fort Found it in a perfect ytatoflf defence, and Col.' Brown anxious for hir TKerirJi over the way to attack him. Ho • has a'fine lot of ten-inch rifled gnus, tfiat will mafaikeir tnarJc Tn Pensacola when afc lowed to speak for themselves. Lieut. Whit, temore, of Brighton, Mass., of the Engineer.. corps, is exceedingly active in furthering tho plans t>| thO Colonel, and hopes the Penaa- eolians wilt soon try their band a t taking tho fort About a week previous to our visit to the fort,' a guard-boat's crew deserted and came over to the fort, surrendering them- selves np, saying they were northern men, and had long been waiting for a chance to fight for the Union. These men were sent. hoinein the Connecticut wbich left the Gulf tome days previous to us, but has just ar- rived at this port They represent things as getting desperate o n the rebel side, and state that the people are getting tired of the wax. A .brilliant naval affair occurred at Pen- sacola on the night of the 16th. It appears that a privateer that had for sometime been fitting out at the Pensacola Navy Yard, was about completed nnd teady , lMUMII ^ „ — to satfciier armament, a very heavy one, -^t,,*«» Je^gjraJsgarikand A _crew_bx her, as' conjd wneat was bo-dnicoyered with good telescopes from the Mi BU»J will mi y Ptf i~4 i i i W known and was thought to bealmpat perfect Just as the cast iron plow was thought, a ;few:yetr» since) to be past iinprovsment; yet wa all know that tbe .steel plow surpasses tho iron as ranch as the iron did the wood plow. . Matches were then unknown, and often on cold winter - mornings,' after vainly raking ovelr the coals, carelessly left uncovered, have I started forTKoTiBarast neighbor, perhaps a mile distant to horroa afire. Who knows this may account for the idea, often express- ed by aged people, .that the winters - are not as cold as they used to be f Then, only one paper was taken in our neighborhood, yet it waa read by every fam- ily, and yon can easily imagine that it wag no|Ttt» very good state of repair when it 'wis returned! to ittowner. What sad fore- bodings and tirajjes on the extra' the tintes were ottered when it was tbkt Prownelt, a wall to'do man, -1 scribed for a dotty paper for six months Now\ all 'these things ti e changed.' whole luit of apartmepU are warmed vith ht\ or patent range. Carpets abodnd. of tho piano and melodiania heard. \\*\ ' ----- fo r Blf# d Bev^at; downai^i'Mt^tyi'lhalrV; in ,mmy ,o/J^..'ttpa;,. i ' Bat tlelihange which is most' fort.. It was resolved by theofficeraof ihe Colorado to frustrate their designs. S o on the night of the 16th (if I mistake not) a n expedition left the ship just after the moon set, in four boats, for this purpose. Tho party numbered 96 men, all told, consisting of Lieut Bussell, who commaridoU the company, Lieuts. Sproston and\\ Blake, Midshipman Steere, Capt Reyuoldi,, of the marines, and the remaining party of sailors. The brjg lay in tbe slip at the side of the Nlvy Tard, where were quartered some four thousand Boldiers, and on the wharf just adjoining the vessel was a 10-inch gun which commanded that part of the harbor. The party proceeded with muffled oars 'with great caution, and were near the vessel before they were discovered. On being dis- covered, they were fired upon by the rebels on the vessel. A man in tbe \top\ of the privateer, who waa doing the most damage to our men, was discovered by Engineer White, when he seized tbe rifle and shottho man, he falling from the top to deck a corpse. The boats' crews, under lieutenants Bussell and Blake, and Midshipman Steele, boarded the vessel and engaged in a hand to hand encounter with the pirates. In tho meantime Midshipman Steere and Assistant Engineer 'White with a party of men were in the eab- in and hold of the vessel engaged with cot- ton, tow and spirits turpentine in Bring the vessel. This being effectively accomplished, Lieut Russell gave the' order \every one to the hoatt,\ and the privateersman was left-a - sheet oftflames. • • x ' While this, was going on Lieut Sproston landed on the wharf, shooting tho v sentry. who had his piece leveled on htm (Lieut Sif and effectually spiked the ten-inch gun, that it might not be need against them ea thoy retired, bringing the tompion away as a trophy. After the pm*ys , had a pteredthe : boatg5an.d droppe^^mffi!«»ta|n, lieuts. m hie A Good Siinilei TIou. Joseph Holt io his late speech at Boston, said: \The dismemberment of the Union involves the abasement of all that flf which, as 4-nierlcans, wo feel proud, whiqh we have received as an inheritance from our lathers, and which we are bound to transmit- unimpaired' to our posterity. Whence wise man of old, sitting upon tho rival claims of two mothers to a child,' 'decreed tbnt tho child should be cut in' twain, and one portion given to each, it was : the false mother who exulted at the judgment, while the true mother turned away horror-atruck', preferrine to leave her offspring in the hands of an enemy rather than have it destroyed. The man who is willing that MB ,country should bo divided by the sword of treason may have been born in America, but he can' not hope an AMKHICAS HEAnT % , -_„„>_„ .._••/.. WHAT LITKRATURE IS.—I'qotry is Bald tOj Ao the flower of litemturtr; proao is tho corn, potatoes, and moat; satire is th<> uquaj-fortia; wit is the spico and pepper! lovedett^^ajte, tho honey and sugar; {Otters containing re- mittances are the npple-dilmpUngB. .J. recruit in Chicago measures si* feet' jinn inches, in his Btobkings. He enlists a s a high private. It is said that tho Rebel force Trfldoi! Gen- eral Lee tiro b\aj?)footed. Ttgy i>r$je*la>ot. ly'ou a bootless errand. , \ as well as agreeable, is the great improve- ment which has been madoin farm buildiiigi. The old houses (not tho odes that were in use when I left, bnt those that came' after the log ones) have given P&CS to Dew cnesj higher and broader, with, Venetian,, blinds, and a nice front yard,, with flowers^.throb-, bery, etc There is one little improvement about these houses, I am' informed, which win enable the poneasor to sleep much more, pleasantly, bat which I am tarry to «ay, js not to generally adopted in old St Lawrence as it should be, bnt perhaps timeiwill correct this. It U to have np,. mortgagos upon them. . The barns, also, show-great improvement They are spicioai r ne«tly finished; clapboard ed, and snrmountser by a cupola for ventila- tion, and have underground stables; for roots and inannra. Thtre.aeems to. be quite\* tendency to bajld very large barntyafld & if argued that one large bam costs leas and is mors convenient than two small ones. Many Of them are painted and in ' the die* tanau are easily mistaken foMhtttc^ea. It seems a s if machinery lightent the la- bor of tbo faraor|o^^ Wty.wrcent, apd i t is not confined'to\ tfe out,door Trorld. Often in riding by nhpfetendin^'houiei,.. your hear ijka peasant mujip of a tewing: machine, which, with a washing maohinO; must I»»«n tbe labors of the housewife wonderfully. •Jhe Viukoes DTO great.-tin machinery, not onlyni^king it, bnt what is equally import- •ant, using it. ,.., , •'.,.- '= \ Froit trees are abnudint and took ex- tromely thrifty, which caufto'V^o. said, of trees in our county, Grspoi: : gr.ow- wild in the woodmvand to^aonot.U9»d-«!fw th e proved potteS.arn'qujt.V^ala^tbt&i-' ; ^1 n ijNB a hawiL-.„-.. __„.. , , rallied down the whifCa'o qnenchtl and thenxamoc^to the ship bnnging^|aU; the &&$$&&* lolled and fifteen wourJdeaigSjgi 4S' werii OT'itm, an'rl fgj|j}fffpBiiiB£ jboata ethat PM 4^ !»*•• Nearly all the offi' fair on out ride Iwei .ball strdcta brandy et.of Lieut Blake, bi „ 'pieces, the glass cntting i, , sharp edge of the baO-|i Being conscious of a wonnoi ing its extent, and finding Mil sa'he waa retiring, ho'asked ora what the fluid'was with which his; waa wot Jack pat it to his nose and ini hy replied \gooabrdtidy sin!\ Mirlsliijiaian Steere after firing four times, or railiOi \•>• ing fire four times with one of JVc,'.!!!! misemble revolvers, at a man on the Jtlgfrl sprang from the privateer to the' whiirT a * gave chose to him, bat \secesji's\ legabeiner too long for him, and not fimling Inmsolf in'' a very good neighborhood, he. returned with- out his man. A ball Strack {the shonlder o f Capt, Bsynolds of the Marines, and.anothep ihe arm of Lieut Sproston, bnt neither o f tham went seriously wonnded. «• ••» & < _ A \contraband who came .over to tie fort„ *- •\ op the 21st, reports that our party tolled. \thirty;bestde the wonnded.. H e says the people are sick of the war, are afraid 1 town will be baraed by our forces, arid dni- iout to make peace. , ir'LjArW tSZi On the evening of tha>2ljat Cof iJi£:;t - ia - ll \ s 'Mervine transferred his Sag to t! whan we Bailed for the mouth of t b eippi, where we.i arrived on the fojlgwJBUf ^ f j morning, and at three P. M., Capt»m~«^ *'' Kean of the Niagara relieved Com Morvino^, •,'.*.„!; asFhTPjOliejiroithe $ulf Squadron A.i ( *^M.a^.'8iw'nb'V8tea;mer from Sew QfM? r&~f lear»rthe''Ivey,\ came down to tho mojHj \ W* of tho 8. W. Pass, as if defying of. We- r j IjtZ P iBxaoojvatwork.withallpoBaiblohMteto^ f*'5 t aVnim.'but before we could get near tha •\* t mouth of the. river ho was of; like a shot, r <& I Tfiia steamer \has for some Qmo been dofy- . -• ingns.+nt the WatekWltch ialooraw-afe h M him sharp. The Water, Witch wift' a J<«- * <\• tachment from tho Richmond, weut-fop f iasg on the 20th for the purpose ofdo^t oft the telegraphic communication with t, in.which they wereqiiitoflucca they bringing off the apparatns. M Tho-nrarieti are.'*xcall»nt, *rid!. ; -hbpiiie * ^,W!?K£ fte i latl T? \''ft? .it, that this articlo wiU notbestoaB \by ftiend e inI>er1fyrthay-SfcddW\M» Wffpile, tlaf. thobighor thsprtees iu,ttefmaikota, the poorer the faffl^itliVe; ', ^ , , .. . B»t enough to tiwiyonr, patience of't^e land of puritans, steady babjts, and pumpkin V^f7«B<^).; Bageinfiveoays and\ twenty houM|f,t»l^Xl4 MejEfiBe^nrning with us. Tho lf^/of ^ .Ai\ f theg^nt old|gentloman. ^«»Jb?(p|#-I ||f M *r '>* -. , i 'M V f»t)' Which » tbo most du^deateofr*. army? Theoorptp. 1%%®^^ ' : \ -v 1- rfes.i i y.\ ! Whjr d4<iur.'»Qtdjer«'.a»ocT &#M BocAusosthqytte^tiJiiWjf s^onwir government contractors. «* . \ '\ ... ~SJ, .: :• ... afoLfe ' topiirea, bnt the cool woatlio'r BeOmOOriwT~ * f' vfvVhtoagairlT \.-:. v .r. ^7^ * A \ The'bolj ^aVrjatiatttt' generally miko tho IbettfotfoM 'A-'mari Who has'faced the 1 j i _rt^i.i. i ,fa| 1 j tjinot shrink frorajpfljol*« L^ A*._. .. ^Iffi^ffif^-irr **>»«** t** •ft iU fj-a2^s¥«*aiaaHi' 'rWaW^'ty*^ * & 'W MY* Ul ^fih* (* «f^ f M rt^Tf Y ~?X 't^^V^B»t^^^»^r''«y.fl i1 ? «iy •kit^y^^^i^f^^V^ Ja^U' 4ak * \( •/cXZ^ J-

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