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f toestfteli ttepttWicifttt 1 ;_*• ffittMjjj^ r NO 11 YVESTFIELD. < .11 A *' r i A U QU A CO., K. Y., WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1024 VOL. LXX ORPHEUS MALE CHORUS OF G. STARKWEATHER MEETINGS CLOSED ERIC TO APPEAR AT FIRST METHODIST THIS EVENING- \he choir of tlv First Methodist TOWN BOARD T0W1J OF WESTFIELD WINS , mm ' CARL OSCAR FLTGARS. .The Following Hps Been Handed Down by Jndgs Pierce of BufFalo. Supreme Court: Chautau-u?. County. Charles E. Peacock, Individually . and a- Trustee for Thomas A. A Life Long Resident of this Evangelistic Services Were xtnsoring a concert to l»c •<iven at H: 15 next Tuesday by the Orpheus Male Chorus of Krie, under the 'lirccti(>:i ot \\ ilson Root Uujhnell. Glowing reports have been received in regard to various appearances of the chorus this yean They have filled a total of 19 engagements since October 1 and already have a numlH.r of con- certs booked for next season. Features of the program are Wm. G. Ritchie, baritone soloist, who possesses a rare voice of lovely smoofTi richness; Felix Rojeski, a young violinist of unusual ability; Geo. W. hunger, the popular reader, and Dr. L. 13. Balthaser, ac- companist for the club, who will also be heard in a group of organ solos. The club will aT*o sing the beautiful new mal e chorus arrangement of Dvorak's Largo from the New World Symphony, with organ accompaniment. The male quartet also will attract un- usual attention with their comedy se- lections. The complete program fol- Regular Meeting Held On Wednesday Evening, May 7 th. 1924, A regular meeting of the Town \Board was held on Wednesday even- ins May 7th. 1924, at 7:30 o clock at the office of R. D. Powers. The following were present: Supervisoi, John ff Welch; Justices, D. K. Fal- vay. H. D. Powers, A. S. Tennant and rji_ -yy Usborne; also Town Highway superintendent, John H. Kolpien. The following bills were presented and approved and on motion ordered paid: BOffalo Office and Law Supply Co., Inc., law book $20.00; Ralph Breads Constable services, $14.,*5; William Larson services as Consta- ble, |8.30 Tennant and Whitney Insuraq&ce $113.79. V. Supervisor Welch made a report on the improvement of the Lake Road and what bridges would have to be bul^t. Highway Superintendent John H. Kolpien made a report an taking care of the water on the Parker or Shipboy road. He pointed out two but favored putting in twelve tflteh tile on the line between Samuel Ffwnk and D. K. l\alvay's farms, and thought this would effectually get rid of this water. R. D. Powers moved that the Highway Superintendent be empow- etwd to purchase tile and take care water It was carried. .-Superintendent Kolpien also re- i iSprted upon the *ork being done ¥pon the roads. His men had been over all the roads once and the new machinery was doing excellent \-work. If he had ten days of good \Wiee he could put all the roads of the* town In first class shape. On Motion adjourned. HUOiH W. THOMPSON, Clerk. Closed With Three Large Church Town Was Drowned Lake Erie this Week. Meetings on Sunday. Peacock Th c \'o;n liruch evangelistic party of Chicago will open a series of re- Arthur L. Hunt.\ Individually and ?.s Town Superintendent of High- ways of the Town of Westfitld, New York -against- George Starkweather. 74 years of age, who was a life long resident of this town, .was fonnd drowned in Lake Erie on Man- vival mcetir s> next Sunday at Brocton in the Methodist Church. The meet- ings ar e a union of several churches. This party just closed a successful cam- paign at Westfield. The last week of the Westfield campaign especially was day afternoon Appearances: Gibbs & William- son, Esqrs., Attorneys for Plaintiff; Henry C. Williamson, Esq., of Coun- sel. Ottaway & Munson, Esqrs., At- torneya for Defendant; Gesrge A. Newbury, Esq., of Counsel. Mr. Starkweather suffered a stroke a abort time ago, but was able to be around, although not in good health. He got up Saturday as usual, and after his breakfast c.n c of great victory. Large crowds attended each service. Some of thc peopel drove in from miles around. There wore at least 900 people in at- tendance upon the service Sunday eve- ning. There was a spirit of enthusi- asm throughout this closing service. MEMORANDUM went out. as was his custom, and that was tfce last time bis family saw him alive. StmJ days he would be gone all day. so tdthing wgs thought of his ab- fence, until be failed to return at night. Then his relatives and neighbors started out to hunt for him, but could find no trace of him until Monday afternoon when his lifeless body wat found washed up on Bourne's beach. How he met his death wilt never be known, but it is thought he may have had another stroke while walking along the bank of the lake and fallen In. Pierce J« The above entitled action was triad at a term of the Supreme Court, with- out jury, held in and for the County of Chautauqua. The relief asked la a .judgment restricting the defendant from going upon, digging up or in any way iterfering with the plaint- iff's possesions and use of premises described in the complaint. The de- fendant 'appears and iterposes the defense that the premises thus des- cribed are, and for many years have -been one of the public highways in Town of Westfield in said County of Chautauqua. Slmlliar action has been brought „ by the plaintiff against various re- sidents of the Town of Westfield, owhlng property adjoining this strip of landj, asking for Judgment rev straining them from using said lands as a highway. One of said action against George Alford has been tried, and,resulted in a judgment in favor of the defendant, declaring tre strip of land to be a public highway, and dismissing the <*>mplaint land dissolving the temporary injunction theretofore granted.\ The testimony In that action was substantially, if not literally, the testimony in this action, and I see no reason for a contrary or different result in this action. v The undisputed evidence is that prior to 1840 the town authorities undertook to establish and lay out the highway, which included with- in its bounds som£ or all of the lands described in the plaintiff's complaint Such an order was filed and recorded in the Town Clerk's office, oamins the street or highway as Erie street. About this time a map was prepared and filed in the County Clerk's of- fice of Chautauqua County,*which plotted and named this strip of land Erie Street. For many years, plain- tiff's predecessor in title maintained a fence on or substantially at the boundary of this street. The land adjoining this strip or street was plotted and some houses were built upon the land facing this street, access to which was reached over this and other streets in the Village of Barcelona. This strip of land to some extent was worked and used as a street or highway. Deeds were made, delivered and recorded in the Clerk's office of said County, desc- ribing* this as a street. The records in the Town Clerk's Office, the maps and records in the County Clerk's Office would be constructive notice at least to the owners of land ad- joining this strip or street of the fact that it was claimed to be a street and that it was being used as such; and the undisputed evidence is that, with this knowledge, no objection was made by the plaintiff's prede- cessor in title or by the plaintiff for many years. Objection is made to the regularity of the statutory proceedings to con- fer jurisdiction, and whether these objections are well taken or not, I am of the opinion that the use of the street was so open, notorious and continued that a street by decicatton and use is establisred. Judgment dismissing the com- plaint. with ccwts, may be entered. —- — The song service, ably led by Mr. Albert Ketchum, was entered into most heartily by all present. Mr. Ketchum has sung his way into the hearts of Westfield people. Every one of his solos have had a message. Mr. A. W- McKee (the Prince <rf Whales) was a fine addition to the musical part of the services during the closing days. He drove from his home at Rutland, Vt., to be present at these services. Mr. McKe c is a tenor of great range and volume. His solos were effective and the trio formed by Evangelist Vora Bruch, Song Leader Ketchum, and Mr. McKee added greatly to these last great services. Mr. James F. Harri- son, who has proved himself to be one of the most able Bible teachers before The e'ltirc community was shocked by thc news of the sudden death of Cafl Oscar Flygare. On Tuesday, May lows: / 1. The Sword of Ferrera, Bullard— the Chorus. 2. Male Quartet, \But They Didn'f- Rogers—Carl Schnur, (Herb Swetland, Harry Hatch, Wilson BushneH. 3. \Swing Along,Cook—th e Choms. 4. Baritone Solo, \The Two Grena- diers,\ Schumann —Wm. G. Ritchie. 5. \Goin' Home \ Dvorak — the <6, 1924, he was struck by a freight train and instantly killed. Car] was born in Westfield, N. Y. t May 17, 1808. He was graduated from the Westfield High School in 1917. In Octo&erof 1918 he entered the S. A. T- C.-of the army at Allegheny College. He chose th e infantry branch of service. Later he was- with the General Electric at Erie, Pa., for som* tirtie. Just re- cently he has fccert working for the New York Central Railroad. He is survived by three sons and three danghters. His brother William died auddenly In Erie about three weeks ago. The funeral services will be held from hia late residence on this (Wednesday) after- noon at 2 o'clock. Chorus 6. Reading ' The Ruggles Dinner Par- :y,\ Wfggin—Geo. W. Lunger. the public today, gave two splendid lessons on Sunday. At the Sunday- school hour he spoke to a joint mect- 7. (a) Wake, Miss Lindy, Warner; (b) Shadow March. Protheroe—the Chorus. LARGE CONFERENCE AT ST. PETER'S Carl is survived by hiJ mother, Mrs. Anna Flygare, and two Mhr- tina, who is at home, and Katherine, who is \connected with the Polk State Training School at Polk, Pa. The sym- pathy of everyone is extended to thc bereaved mothers and sisters as well as to Miss DcMaris Erdlc. of Cassa- aaga, Pa., to' whem Carl was engaged. The memorial services were held at ing of the adult classes of the village an the subject: \The Word of God.' X. Organ Solos (a) Sun Shower Caprice, Atherton; (b) March Bril- lante. Lowderl—Dr. J. B Balthaser- . B.shop Brent to Be in Westfield Ladies Aid to Meet Today. In the afternoon he Rave a most re- markable address on: \Christ in Dan- iel's Den.\ Mr. Harrison will go to Brocton for next Sunday to open the campaign there, preaching at both serv- ices Sunday and for the first 1 uesday night service The Ladies'AW Society of the Presby- terian Church will meet, with Mrs. Charles LahJ, on Colburn street, this (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. A special Mother's Day program will de given. All members are urged to be present Th c Chautauqua County Conference of tlie Episcopal church vvjjl meet at St. Peter's church this (Wednesday) afternoon. Five experts in various phases of church activity will take charge of separate round-table con- ferences. Thc meeting will begin at 3 'o'clock and the afternoon sessions will start at 3:15 and 4:30. Supper will be served to the out-of-town delegates 9. Anchored, Watson —the Chorus 10. Male Quartet, ()l c Uncle Moon, Scott—Carl Schnur, Herb Swetland, Harry Hatch, Wilson Bushnell. 11. (a) Loch Lomond. Welch; (b) Just a Song at Twilight, Mollov —the he residence of his mother on Thurs- Of Evangelist Voit) Lruch, his meth- ods, message and \winning spirit, too high praise cannot be spoken. He has used no claptrap schemes to get deci- sions. It has not .been a card-signing campaign. His work is effective and he earnestly strives for deep and per- manent results. Over 150 decisions have been registered and the religious life of the whole community has been deepened. \V estfield most earnestly recommends l , .vaiigcli.->t Voin Bruch Chorus A Great Community Benefit day. May 8. conducted by the Rev. C. B. Thompson. The bearers were Messrs. Fred Lichcnwalter, Robert Cochrane, Clebert Hunt and 1 Ifomas Reynolds. 12. Violin Solo. Serenade. Schubert— Ftlix Rojcski. 13. Carmetia Waltz. V\ il^on it is with a source of satisfaction that we receive the information that our Grand Theatre is soon to be rebuilt. the* n the Young Women's Christian As- sociation building at 6 o'clock. At 7:15 there will \1>e a special session for men led by Bishop Brent and Mr. A. X. Freeman <>f Buffalo, as well as a sep- arate one for women. All arc cordially invited t«> hear the closing address of the Bishop beginning at 8:15. Chorus Universal Community credit is due Mrs. Jessie G. Carlson, Mr. Rex Crandall of the Grape Belt National Bank and J. Robert Douglas for their untiring efforts and com- munity interests in bringing this public spirited enterprise to a reality. The reat loss of this Grand Theatre in our Community entertainment life was felt with much regret not only by our im- mediate village life but by the gurround- ing Rural Citizenship and adjoining towns Who were constantly coming to Westfleld for entertainment and business. Evc+yonc who know Carl feels a per- sonal loss. Perfection docs not lie in the realm of the human, hut everyone who knew him intimately was very fond of him. . Outstanding among his characteristics was his generosity which lie manifested. His friends loved him for this. Then, too, he was patriotic. iHIc wanted to enlist in the service of his country long before he did. His great regret w'as that lie never was able t<> b 0 with the boys on the other side. The quality that endeared him to many was his kindliness towards chil- dren. Some children came to the house after they had heard the sa(> news of his death to express their grief. This is one of the finest trib- utes that could be paid any one. Alt Retailers Organize Ail enthusiastic hunch of retail mer- chants assembled in tin committee room of tlie National Bank last I hursday evening at the call of \ . 15. Card, re- tail director in the newly-forrocd Chamber of Commerce. More than 100 delegates are ex- pected from parishes in the county, and it is hoped that every person connected with St. Peter's will attend, at least some part of 'the conference program. and his party to the sister village of Brocton. Leaving \\ estfield early Monday morning the evangelist and The organization is an auxiliary of the Westficid Chamber of Commerce, and is to be known as the Retail Di- vision of C. of C. j. F. Daley was elected president, H. B. Hickey, Jr., vice-president; K. H. Shearer, tempor- ary secretary, and Rex Crandall, treas- his singer started on what they term a week's \rest.\ A tour oi several hundred miles will be made with- ral- lies in several cities where Mr. Vom Bruch has formerly conducted meetings. Stops will be mad c at Rochester, N\. Y., Rutland, Vt., New York City, Harris- !>urg and York, Pa. The final rally of the tour will be held in the Swed- ish Mission -Church at Jamestown. \Y\ CAMP. CHEDWEL Home Bureau Meetings. Monday—Silver a meet ing for millinery work. \Yiure arc you going, my pretty maid I'm going to Chedwcl. Sir, she said. It is the intention of the Retailers to hold a Community Day Sale opcc each month, with each of the members offering two extra specials for the day. A committee consisting of W: P. Hall. C. F. Hanks. L. S. Horning. C. Washburn and C. F. Pratt was ap- pointed to arrange for the first sale and also to complete the membership roll. a> all retailers who are Cham- ber of Commerce members in good standing are eligible to become mem- urer. Tuesday—Under the direction of Miss Royce the Sherman Home Bu- reau Unit hold a meeting for millinery work, in the library. When once we're there w t > all want to Where pile lives out <• f donrs all th< day. stay mourn liis loss Wednesday—Westfield will organize. The meeting to be held in the village over one of the 'stores. Thursday—Walnut Creek hold their meeting at 1:30. There is to b c a dress form demonstration- Flats meet. Milli- nery work to he done. An Outdoor Play in June. The Guild of St. Piter's Episcopa Auction \Y\ are you going, my pretty maid To swim and hoat and hike, she said. There's fun from rising to good nigh hell 1 will sell at public auction at my rcsidcncc at Forsyth all my farm prop- erty. including a matched team of bay horses eight years old, sound, gentle aHd vineyard broke. Wagons, grape tools, harness, etc.. etc. Having sold my farm everything will be sold. Sale begins at 1 :30 p. m., Saturday, May 17. John Fals •ay. Church is preparing now to give an out-of-doors play during the first week of Func. The exact date will be an- nounced later. It will be an elaborate scenic and musical production and they have chosen Mendelssohn s arrange- ment. \Mid-Summer \ight\ Dream.' The play it>e1f is a vtfy beautiful and effective entertainment which is to be • nactld by approximately 05 persons who will be assisted by a choir of 20 to 25 men and women. In addition to the other players an orchestra of 15 or more pieces will furnish music. The music t\. r \Mid-Summer Xight's That's \V\ the \V\ girls love Chedwel The season at Camp Chedwcl, the camp on Lake SRautauqua conducted by the Chautauqua Young Women s Christian Association, will commence Wednesday. July 9, and will continue through August 18. I he first two weeks will be for younger girls from 12 to 14. th r last two week< will be for older girls from 14 to 18. bers. A 110011-day luncheon once a month is part of rhc plans to further good fellowship among th c retailers. Thi* is one of thc movements suggested by Parent-Teachers. Notice of appeal in Alford case has been served, but record on ap- peal has not yet been printed. The annual Spring conference of the. Chautauqua District will be held this year in the new High School at Silver Creek. May 17, at 10 o'clock prompt- Union Services in Recognition of the A Card the staff of the recen Retail Mer- Mothers of Westfield We wish to thank all our friends for their .sympathy, for flowers sent, and for tb t use of cars so kindly of- fered at the time of our.recent bereave- chants Institute It is hoped that Westfield will be well, represented in numbers and that others besides officers will b c present. Special effort is being put forth to make this day a happy and profitable % Ncxt Sunday night. May IK, at 7:30 in thv Methodist Episcopal church there will h c a great union service in recognition of \Mother. Although this service i? one week late, yet cv- Was Indicted Miss Harriet Full rctary, who ha> conducted the camp the county sc William Ippolito. \Wild Bill.\ who vfts arrested by Chief of Police Lar- mcnt I )rcatr a particularly p! a Anna D. Flvgare. .Martina E. Flvgare, A. Catherine Flygarc for the past four seasons with such marked success; will be charge th.s year. She will have a capaMc corps rangement Mendelssohn's ginal frOO early on thf 24, wa lorning f February crvone feels the importance of stress- ing the great truths suggested by this beautiful annual custom. 1 he follow- ing organizations have been invited to attend: Barcelona Mothers' Club, Vrsville Mothers' Clu'o, the Servia Club', the Young Wives' Club, the Optimist Club, the-Parent-Teacher's Association and the Hillside Community Club. An appropirate address or sermon will be delivered. Special music will be given by* the combined choirs. Everybody is invited to wear a flower and everyhodv rvvill be most cordially welcome. edition which every one will surely indicted Mayville last week iu!t arfd arson. Ho one enjoy. The i»l Oil two has l«.t hi a arrc urge Opens Today ! of assistant council!^ being' Mi>s Henrietta fisher oi Ma ville. and Miss Margaret Fuller amor nidi directio icld Mavviflc ly will take jail since 'Parkview Restaurant opens its doors to the public today and invites all to inspect their quarters from cellar to garret. Music during their opening and favors for all guests. Mr. A. Vitanza is the proprietor and assures us that the enterprise will be modern through- out. tHis words 'are \a high-class place for high-class trade\ Mr. Vitanza lias employed only experienced experts of the \lunch\ game to aid him in this business. Th e smallest order is to re- ceive the promptest attention. ou drop in and be th e judge. Open day and night.\ FISH HATCHING SEASON ENDED itertainnu-nt committcc, Mrs \'. I idall and Mrs r . T. Welch, who he play, has had considcraM Mary Stevens Bulk of 90.000,000 Baby Herring Prop Ripley Mr direct High School Girls' Bible Class. v i . t'ia-- t all girt? tu High agated Was Dumped Off Dunkirk. The camp fol distribution and will t\ sent ( t nee in producing other p!a terested, will The la->t of the fish propagati ;ea$on at the Point Gratiot fish cation to Miss ImlU at West) made as Id. Res- nature nd the success ot tired. Mr. \Y. T. Welch i- pecial orchestra and Mr. Ro Wl i T! f this week at ervations should ' ,oon a lurch The class half hour cry were dumped into Lake Erie on Wednesday and Supt. Frank Redband and his staff now are \busy cleaning possible as t! li cat ion 15 at th t B of a full camp the larKe choir f Th o uauc Lome and or on (1 putting everything i'i ship-shape for the fall's activities. It was estimated that the output of the hatchery for the last season was 90.- 000.000 fish, all of them herring. of the l>la The ; in fttt jirs Small Blaze definitely decided t 0:1 as Don't Miss It Monday evening at the Grange Hall committee ha tternoon at 4 o clock Fre- Union Bible Reading Service during an enters...—, -icolc Amusement Corp, the iihn snapped and rtcnt o: t Ollld IK - u>t 1 to :1 at antag donia High School will play here on Welch Field. Fredonia defeated West- held High in a home-and-home series Mr. Harrison of the Vom Brucn party is staying with us this week and will give one of his splendid Bible readings in the Methodist Episcopal church Thursday night at 7:30. A cor- dial invitation is extended to all. The prayer meetings of all the churches are merged for this service- the York Federation of Wo- chine season lasted unfortunately becam a small blaze united, ca -Tl linual meeting c Mere h vva- confine ivtth- Wcstern Ne ,5 \yill be Held at Hamburg last j revenge year and the locals Lei's all are out for )ut anc! help Baptists, Attention. Regular services will be held in our church next Sunday. Morning service, 10:30; Sunday-school at 11:45: B. . P. U. at 6:30; evening service at 7:30. A cordial welcome is extended to all. wh- ich kept a the hauher; in the fire-prc -,oth. Nevertheless men - Chi! 22 and 23 constan hat th flow of water iron tl>c incident caused an unwarranted stir the patrons, although the hall was quickly emptied most orderly ant' without undue confusion. V. Elli? :i May 21 Hamburg Women s Liu >, Inc., Sessions will 1>e held\ in with members them win to see hatchery never c<. There is a special aquarluct lea into the lake through which water is o the •jf the •ling as hostesses the Methodist church Th e convention will In Union street Horse For ..Sale—Good worker, 7 \cars old. Hurbcj-t Reirf. K- F. D. 22 OP- use daylight sav- —For —Water power washing taken in. City water can tutt be used machine and ringer. $10. B. Holbreok. j for the reaSon that. it is mixed with 42 Clinton street. chlorine. erator, made a booth, avoiding' any serious barm. The theatre will be reopened shortly. hasty exit from the —Hay For Sale Mrs. T. F Bacon Phon c evenings. ing time —Read the Republican ' —Knickers for ladies, men, girls boys at Carnahan-Shearer Co.

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