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'■fit, „ ManytimEmpitydi* Mapping British Cowl* •FARM' WKH.TRY ■ • V Few people rnllH tba hardships and luifn undsegons by a ooaapara- tlve biadftal of «fBcen ia< msn ba- hnglag to tl>< royal nary who wort year 1* and year oat surveying «oa»t lines and mapplag tba little-known depths M the Areaa. The lydrograpble department of the admiralty haa eight sloops cooataatly employed In tba taak of keeping the seas charted, and 40 oOcera aad 700 men are under the coatrel of a rear admiral, aaya London Tit-Bits. Beacons of Progress CLUB QIRL'S HENS PAY WELL Far and wide over central and western New York, the traveler sees the towers and tram- mission lines of the Niagara, Lock port & Ontario Power Company. Throughout this territory, high overhead, above hill and valley and plain, flow rivers of electricity. Thus is a service, as unvarying as the age-long rush of Niagara's torrents, brought to some2,000,000 people to lighten man's labor in the factory and on the farm, as well as woman's work in the home. Valeria Henning of Mleelsalppl •• F«X- ing Her Way Through College an Profits From Flock. M I am a poultry club member, and my records show that thla year the net profits froi$ my chickens were $525.33. This Is the report of Valerie Hennlng of Panola county, Mississippi, who at sixteen holds the championship of her state In poultry-club work. She, with six other Mississippi girls and two chaperons, recently visited Washing- ton. The live-day trip was a prize of- fered by Mississippi bankers and busi- ness men to the girl In each district of the state who made the largest prof- It In her dob work. A NEW GUTTER The bed of the ocean aad the out- lines of rocky cossts are coaprtantty changing, so that for tba aaffty of shipping charts and maps hare to be revised and brought np to data at fre- may needed on the roof of your house. Perhaps you are not aware of it. but the need is there the ?ame. Or it may he a new leader, or sky- light, or even an entire new roof. L«t us took it over and see. The Niagara Falls Power Company sells electricity at the lam- est average price re- ceived by any gener- stmg system on the North American V/wWHifnt. * ■ \J quent Intervals. ./ Cases hare been known whawa wbole laiaada have either appeared or disap- peared In the course of a few hogrs. Falcon Island, near the Tongas, for In- stance. wis first discovered and chart- ed la 1885, yet, although the mass of rock Included cliffs rising fblly 180 feet above the ocean level, It complete- ly disappeared ahortly afterward. In 1898 a volcanic disturbance once mora brought the Island to the notice of the surveyors, but before the end of the year It had disappeared again. Small parties landing on wild stretches of coast are frequently met with showers of sttroes or even butleta from suspicious Inhabitants. Again, much of the work has to be carried aat from small boats, which may be away, from the parent ship for a week or'i more at a time. An officer and half a dozen men, de- tailed to work along a portion of the Chinese coast, encamped on a rock one night. Soon after daybreak a cruiser came along and began uslas this tem- porary refuge as a target > for gunnery practice. Several shells found their mark before the men-were able to make it knowp that the rock was In- habited. Fred Northrop 15 PB*RL ST. Phone *324M These ever-advancing transmission towers may well be called beacons of progress. For •remember this —that wherever Niagara power goes, the cost of electrifcity is lowered and its use increased. Miss Hennlng has been a member for two years of one of the poultry I^H *§ | |B ,_(. & i^. Jr\/ j/ « * oiri « V t THE NIAGARA FALLS POWER COMPANY, Producer* NIAGARA, LOCKPORT & ONTARIO POWfcR CO., Transmitter* Says Little Ampert: \Why buy radio B batteries more than once? Willard Re- chargeable B Batter- ies last as long as your set, or longer.'* <f-\) 1 f (• r» 9 ' . f'-t tfotlpe To Creditors Westtield in said county* on or be- —\Hatching Eggs, Single C°mb ,!? ™ ™ of July next Rhode Island Red Mahogany ,Strain, fpre the 28th day of July ne . Qo pgr lg Qeo } Madden, West- Dated January 21, 1924 Ottaway A fleld) Route 22. F. N. Munson. Westfield. N. Y. Cora FURNITURE Good prices paid Otta 0 wa a v W &' Munteo! for .old fashioned furniture bureaus, Westfield, N. Y. 4 8W24 8 i<ieboards, four post beds, tables, stands, chairs, woven coverlets, mir- Hound and Square dancing rors etc. Send address to P. O. Box Saturday evening at Moose Home\BOO Pa. and I will gladly call^ i All invKed. **** 5l-W 13 I Read the Republican. —Read the Republican. f * ■ T Pursuant to order of'Warner 8. Rexford, Surrogate' of • Chautauqua County, notice Is hereby given to all persons having claims against Susie A. Ottaway, late ot Westfleld, in said county, deceased. That they are required to exhibit the same with vouchers thereof, to\ tbe Executrix r of the Will of we said deceased at the law office of Ot- taway and Munson In the Village 01 Willard Radio Batteries » Th.y'r* RecharfMbl*; Moore's Garage Lamb Threw Gift Books Over Hi* Garden Wall In none of the *«ers or lives of Lainb have I found evidence that he over bought a new book. HI* 'Hff* 1 ;* interests were of no profit to publish- ers. The battered veterans op nil shelve* welcomed no •tappi young re- cruits ; but he rec*lwd numerous pres- entation copies from authdfs, and such volume*, too modern to please his fancy, he *as wont to thr*w over the wall into Westwood's gar4en, writes Harry U. Smith in 8crlbn*r's. In this manner was forAeti the li- brary of the younger Tin Has West- wood, then a b«y of thirteen] \A I.eigh Hunt,\ he wrot* *0 year* afterward, \would come skimming to my feet through the branches of the apple trees; or a Bernard Barton would b« rolled downstairs after me from the library door, 'MaTclan Colon- na' I remember finding on my window Hill, damp from the night's fog; and •The Plea of the Mld-Hunimer Fairies I jticked out of the utrawberry bed.\ The writer possesses one of these outcast volumes, absolutely identified liv West wood's bookplate and Hunt s inscription to Lamb. The covers are damp stained; like the lost heiress of „ld drama, it i* identified by a straw- Prize-Winners of Mississippi Girls' Clubs Wltnsssinfl Demonstration In Use of Egg Tester at Beltsvills Gov- ernment Farm. clubs supervised by the Doited States department of Agriculture and the state ioUcgeS. To obtain her start In club work sm borrowed *13.50 from a local bank. Wltb this money a pen of Barred Plymouth Rocks, consisting of four hens and one cockerol, was bought. The profits from her chlckcns last year, her first In poultry work, were $374, and her flock for 1919 consisted of two cockerels and nineteen bens. By the use of trap nests and leg bands the record as a layer of eaeh hen had been observed, and only the good egg pro- ducers were kept. From January 1 to October 10 the 19 biddlefc laid 2,840 i ggs. Miss Ilennlng sells nearly all the egg* for hatching purposes; but the birds she raises, aside from the culls, bring from $15 to $20, a pen. The money this club girl has made through her poultry work Is being used to pay her way through nn agricultural high school. 1 Bfitf^jifff J&&& , '\a . ■ ■* .-i * x ' A \ im \ Willard A Bailerl— tor less rm-tuning fit i&>> THE UNIVERSAL CAR S0FBXMK COTOT. A Welcome Member of the Family COUHTY OF CHAUTAUQUA, h In the Matter of the Application of ANGELO PELLERINO, Petitioner for an Order Dlsaolring his Mar-j riage with MARIA PELLERINO. TO MARIA PELLERINO: Notice ia hereby given that peti- _ tion by Angelo Pellerlno has bM] presented to the New York Supremo i Court and filed in the OlDce of the;. Clerk of the County of Chautauqua on the 31et day of March 1924, praying that the marriage between him and Maria Pellerlno be dissolved on the ground that you have absented your- self for upwards of five years last past wtthorttybping known hy said) Angelo PellWtto to be living, hy rea- son of which-you are presumed to he DESIRABLE HENS TO RETAIN A MOTOR car It never more appreciated than in the springtime. It* convenience and enjoyment are shared by all the family—and by speeding up the day's work, it provides more time for recreation. A Ford Touring Car provides every motor car essen- tial at the lowest price for which a five passenger car has ever sold—a price only made possible by complete manufacture, in tremendous volume, in the largest and most economically operated plants in the automobile industry On Most Farms Six* of Flock Could Well Be Increased —Range la Very Important. terry mark When the Ark Sailed Long ago March IT was known a« the anniversary of tlie date on which Noah ami his family entered the ark. Manv hundreds of years Hgo. before there were theaters in Kngland I'lays used to l>e given in front' <jf the churches l.y t lie. priests who acted out Kiltie stories. When March IT came around a very funny play about Noah mid his wife was performed. Mr.««. Noah was li woman of a hot temper who thought her hnshaml was quite losing his mind hy building an ark. She refused flatly to live in it. even when tlie rain hegnn to fall in torrents. The quarrel between Noah and his wife lasted until the water got so high that tlie shrieking woman bad to jump in the ark at the en.I to save herself The average farmer might find It desirable to Increase tlie size of the (lock of hens. While most farmers have little time t<> devote to poultry raising, yet their families may ntyer;d to the fowls and see that they are well eared for and protected. •v The usual \advice\ i« poultry raisers ti> begin with a few liens is sound. But on most farms the women ami girls have had the responsibility of the flock for years and most of them roulil well afford to increase the number of lay- dead. This notice is given to you by pQb* lication pursuant to an order madte hy the New York Supreme Court, and duly tiled and entered in the Office of the Clerk of the County of Chau- tauqua on the 31st day of March, 11924. and please take notice further that a hearing will be had on said petition before the New York Su- preme Court at Special Term hereof to he held in and for the County of Chautauqua at the Court House in the Village of Mayville. County of Chau- tauqua and State of New York, on the 12th day of June. 1924. at ten o'clook. in the forenoon, and upon your fail- ure to appear or answer said petition an order will be made by said Court dissolving the marriage between yourself and said Angelo Pellerino. DATED: March 29, 1924. Yours, etc. Efficiency of manufacture is accurately'reflected in the quality and price of the Ford Touring Car FORD MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Runabout — <265 Coupe—$525 Tudor Sedan T $590 Pordor Sedan —sup All prices f. o. b. Detroit You can buy any model by making a small down- payment arranging easy for the balance. O.r you can buy on our Weekly Purchase Plan- The Ford dealer in your neighborhood will gladly explain both plans in detail. PORTAGE GARAGE Kange is very important for poultry. I jut range alone Is not enough. The fowls must have feed and shelt'/r when they need them. ing hens. When one is about to increase the number of liens it is well to see that those kept are worth keeping. Poor hens are not an asset; they are gen- erally a liability. from drowning. Fell for Three Stories \Now it's Jist like 1 was a-teiiin' ye,\ Mid a grizzled old Irishman to a group ,,'f workmen. \im» when my gang was he!pin' put up a skyscraper I fell fer three stories an' it didn t hurt me 295 >0111 TRY NOTE^ Carlson & Alesei. ANGELO PELLERINO Attorney.-- for the Petitioner, Offi< j anii Post Office Address, 607-608 Kenton Bldg. F. O. B. Detroit Demountable Rims and Starter *85 Extra. nary a bit.\ Here the stranger who had paused to listen remonstrated. -But how could a person fall for three stories and not be hurt.' be Jamestown, New Yi Call out weak <»r slow-growing chicks WRK3 \Well \ replied tlie veteran, a twin UI( . creeping into his eye. \you've nl; ready fallen fer ->ne. an* I jiuess Tallin for two more wont hurt L\«r> body's Majcit/.ine. sternly inquired • • • I if i nix taken to innrkct should Ih* prutet-teil from tf»e sun's rays. * * « After Every Meal —For Sale —14 ro«m house suitable for one or two families, with ideal garden spot. Inquire this offiee, 6-w4. >f the hen house i« damp, it Is safe to say fewer cjrgs will be laid. Goitre Removed moves all gases and poisons. Brings out matter you never thought was in your system. Excellent for obstinate constipation. Gurads against appen- dicits. William's Drug Store. It's the longest-lasting confection yon can boy —and it's a help to di- gestion and a cleanser i j, lor the month and teeth. Wrigley's means benefit as well as pleasure. - * * Compromise Iiifertile egiis will withstand market- Irttc conditiotis much better than fertile —'Grape Farm for Sale: 38 acres prapeg, cherries, peaches, etc. elect- tricity, natural gas, running water, bath, and team and equipment. An exceptionally good farm in full oper- ation. Henry E. Clarke West Port- land FN There was a rich uncle who wanted tfie babv named Violet. Aunt I'ansj had money, too, an<l intimated that she would not lie displeased to have it namesake. Mother wanted to name the child I.ily. It looked a deadlock. Hut wise old grandpa came forward with a sugges- Hon that practically accommodated everybody. They named tiie baby LOOK PORT LADY REPORTS RE- SULTS' FROM COLORLESS LINIMENT Second Hand Store A chicken can stand any amount <>f cold, hilt very little moisture, when • * • Mrs. C. E. Spencer 115 West Ave. Lockport, N. Y. says she will tell or Write how she was relieved of goitre in a short time by Sorbol Quadruple, a colorless liniment > Get free information at William's drug store everywhere, or write box 358. Mechaniesburg, Ohio. and antique cabinet shop; buys old furniture and exchanges modern pieces for game. housed • « • Rapid growth and no bowel trouble nre ess.iiti.il in developing priUitablf flocks of chicks. J. C JORDAN. Prop. 23 North Portage, Village —\Cut the grass mower ready? Wm. Usborut Yep ! Is your or sharpen it will fix F.N. —For Sale—Bedroom stands. Blossom Make hens take cxerclse by feeding their .erain in litter, \here they wiil j rockers, kitchen utc-ns Instrument Measures Crops A measuring instrument for attach- ing to\ an automobile by which the linear measurement of fields in various crops bordering on highways can be easily and quickly made has been de- vised by the United States Department T>f Agriculture. Successful experiments have been made with the instrument, which will be used in n number of states during the current year. -v r Day Phone 60-J uit jars. have to scratch for it. Glyccrinc Mixture for Sarclcfi tools, etc Mrs. Patch en 10\v2. * • • X AX I Begin marketing the cockerels a* j ro<>n as they ut'iurli l'u pounds or ct* tain a. marketable weight. w Gas on Stomach Closed Cars Only —Jcrsc Wack G : ant hatching eggs W.c Whitwood, prop., N. Portage Night Phone 309 J from the Upham and M strain, Simple glycerine, buckthorn bark, etc., as mixed in Adlerkia, £ e, P 8 an y case gas on the stomach in TEN min- utes. Most medicines act only on lower bowel but Adlerika acts on- BOTH upper and lower bowel and re - 20 cents each. ' \V. M. Douglas Place yc r orders early. Fn Brnn and charcoal are two valuable , feeds for voting chicks. They can be i placed in hoppers before the chick* • « * —Canterbury Bell Delphinium Pansy —Wanted—Work by the day to support and Columbine plants for sale by Theo my family. Mrs. LaMunyon, Portland.F.N Burns, Water St.,. \\ cstn« Id at uil times. 1 \\\

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