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in that there was no available build- ing for the use of children patients, and that a barn was much needed. It was also recommended that a sew- age disposal plant be installed jtp provide for the Summer camp. The Board of Supervisors adopted ,the plan-of the Committee on Bene- volent Institutions and acting upon its recommendations wilF establish two detention homes for children, keeping boys and girls separate, one home to be near Jamestown, Buffalo Street Extension, lust outside the city the other home to be in Fredo- nia. The board accepted the resig- nation of the matffon 1 of the present home in Fredonla, Mrs. Mildred Nel- son who has been in charge of the detention home there. The new homes will be opened May 1st. The county will pay each home $50 monthly and $4 weekly for each child. The Jamestown home will be the farm qf Mrs. Laura Simmons Who will have charge of the boys while Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rabin is Fredopia will have the girls in care. 8UFKRVX80BS BEST They Vote $1,000,000 for Hew High- way Program.—Construction of Frewsburg-Kennedy, County Farm- Town Line and State Line-Barce- She Horning Store. Chickens! Chickens! We Care Them, All --THE STORE THAT SELLS DR1 UOODS lona Ruads Ordered. Mayville, April 29. —The Board of Supervisors here today in special session made available 82,00®,000 to launch a new impvovednighway pro- gramme for the county, the five year programme inaugurated \ in 1921 to be completed this year, one year ahead of time. Of the two millions appropriated today, one million in reality will be for constructing new highways in the county, the other million to make possible a refunding of the present bonds the first issue of which will mature In 1927 should that plan seem to be advisable to the board at that time. Chairman Martin P. Whallon presided. , To Continue Present Boute. A report presented by Superinten- dent of .Highways S. E. Fitch relating to a possible cutoff on the Lake road east and west through the county where that road now runs through Westfleld was discussed at length but there was practically no sentiment for the cut-off which, as explained by Supervisor Welch from Westfleld, would make a large and questionable expense to Westfleld. The board voted to continue the highway along the present route through Westfleld. The'report of the superintendent which was to explain the situation to the board rather than' to endorse the possible cut-off is as .follows: The Honorable Board of Supervi- sors, Sirs: In connection with plans fop. the State Line-Barcelona road I wish' to call attention' of the Board to a possi- ble new location' from Barcelona over new right of way directly along the lake thus one leg of the triangle would take the place of the other two legs and save a distance of one mile through east and west traffic along the lake. It would however increase the distance for traffic from the west going to Westfleld, Chautauqua or points south by 6-10 of a mile. far Baby Broilers Layers Two Regular 15c Hair Nets for 17c Beginning Saturday, May 10th, and continuing for one week, with every Double Mesh Turbanet Hair Net you buy at the reg ular price, 15c each, you may obtain another set for only 2c. Two regular 15c nets for 17c. Associated Perfect Products, pure all Grain Feeds, H. 0- Steam Byds Baby Mash, gjosco Baby Grains and Mash. Pure But- termilk, Oat' Flour, Bone Meal, fine Midlings and very fine ]£eat Scraps. This extra value offer is made to induce you to test, if you are jot a regular user of the Turbanet, the wondesful wearing qualities. The Turbanet is an imported, hand made, real hair net. 2 for 17c, for one week—Saturday, May 10th, to May, the 17th. If you carc to mix mash of own, tell us your wants; a pleasure to help you. 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Indian Head shrunk cotton, fast dye, yard wide, per yard, 50c, ribbed hose, reinforced knee and heel, KEEPING FIT * 4 Theme of Boys' Conference at* Silver Special on Pastry. 1-8 sack; 90c Special on Associated Bread flour, 98 lbs., $3.75 Creek. Dr. Albert J. Read of the State De- partment of Health will be the main speaker of the Fifth Annual Older Boys Conference to be held at Silver Creek on Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10. He will deliver two addres- ses on Saturday on \Habits and Keep- ing Fit\ and and Keep- ing Fit \ Call, phone or wi'ite * THE ASSOCIATED FLOUR MILLS COMPANY 1» MARKET STREET, WESTFIELD. R. V. Phoae M L. S. Horning B \u™ Rev. D. D. Sleepy and Dr. C. H. Dudley of Sliver Creek and Rev. John Muntk of ForeBtville will \ead the devotional periods of the Confer- ence. Mr. Carlson of Silver Creek will be the Conference Song Leader. \ Features of the Conference are the parade, opening banquet, photograph and the Hi-Y base ball game on Sat- urday afternoon. The Conference is largely planned by boys and conduc- ted by boyi and 1b very democratic. The Conference officers will be elec- ted at the opening* Bession on Friday afternoon'. All the boys of the Coun- ty over fourteen years are invited to attend. Registration should reach H. G. Richardson' County Y. M. C. A. Westfleld by Tuesday, May 6th. Westfleld. N. Y. And What Else, Please This cut. off would be 3-4 of a mile long over new right of way requiring 6 acres of Jand and would require a new bridge oyer Chautatiqua Creek. Right of way and brldge/tinder our present regulations would be provid- ed by the town. The cut-off would save about 22-100 of a mile of pave- ment for the county and $800 for the town for this item. On the Hawley Street connection about two acres of new right of way would be, required for straightening the road and a new bridge also through it would be about $2,000 cheaper than the cut-off bridge. On the whole the difference In the cost of the two schemes is so nearly the same that it may be dis- regarded though the cost to the town will be more and to the county less using the cut-off—possibly, from ?2.000 to ?5,000. 'I J v HpSSflnw Another Stolen Car Nabbed in West- field Thursday night the Erie police tele* phoned here,. giving a description of a Chalmers sedan that had been stolen in that city. Soon after the call was received Night Policeman Ralph Breads spotted the car coming down Main street. He stopped it and placed two hoys under arrest that were in it, Carlton Brown, age 16, Cleveland, 0-, and Roland Martin, age 19, Worces- ter, Mass. They stated that they were going to Buffalo. The car was stolen from James Griffin. Fifth street, Erie, Pa, When the flioys were questioned by Chief Larson Brown admitted steal- ing four autos in the last two weeks. The first car he stole at Elinira was an Overland sedan, then a Fond tour- ing at Ithaca, a Chevrolet roadster at .Geneva and a Maxwell touring at Ro- chester. He would run each car as far as h c could, then leave it and steal another. He stated that a friend of his who lives 111 'Rochester helped him steal the autos. Chief Larson notified the Rochester police, giving them the name and address of the other lad who will be picked lip by police there. Mr. Griffin, owner of the sedati, and Erie police' came to. Westfielld and took the boys and car back, where will he held for grand larceny. Shirts with Hot Weather A conscientious desire to serve you in every way we can make this store a most desirable and sat- isfactory place in which to trade. The capitalized cost of running one motor vehicle one mile each day in thft.year is around S600. Traffic here will be heavy so it is very evident that the line to build is the one that will save vehicle mileage. If ,45 per ecnt of the traffic will travel straight through along, the lake in both directions in my opinion the cut-off line should be built. If a greater portion of the traffic will be bound for Westftfcld Chautauqua Lake or points south and east 011 Route No. 4 or vice versa, then the Hawley Street connection would be best. I have no special knowledge on where this traffic will in the future go. The Town and Village of Westfleld will very likely favor the Hawley Street connection as the cut-off would divert some traffic from the village and it might meet with some opposition from property owners. With these tacts set forth,, I present the matter for such action as the Board may see Doom Fresh merchandise of the highest quality awaits your orders. \ C. F. HANKS, Grocer, Main St. Full cut bodies on these Shirts that are made from cool, lightweight summer fabrics insure plenty of roomy comfort during the hot weather when the ordi- nary shirt clings to your body. Electrical Home Comforts Summer R. R. THOMPSON Hart Schaffher & Marx Clothes fit tq take Respect fully. TAILOR CLOTHIER S. E. FITCH, County Superintendent Won First Game Bond Issue Authorized. /Saturday afternoon the Westfield High School defeated the Angola High School at Welch Field by a score of 16 to 2- One of the many pleasing features orf the game was the excep- tionally good showing of Arthur Ten- nant, a newcomer in pitcher's box. He had 10 strikeouts and allowed only three hits. . 29 Main Street West field, N. Y. A bond issue of $25,000 with which to continue the present work on the highways of the county waa authoriz- ed by the board this being the last of the series voted upon in 1922. Plans for new highways proposed for various parts of the county for construction were all adopted except a strip of 800 feet long in Ashville in North Harmony, which is to be refer- red to the Highway Committee and reported back In the usual manner. Supervisor Burand of Carroll in- troduced a resolution for the con- struction of a Frewsburg-Kennedy rfcid in the townB of Carroll and Po- l*na, the county to bear 85 per cent at* cost and the two towns 15 per ofeiit. The county's share will be $139,551.55. Carroll's share to be $8,233.80 and Poland's share to be $16,392.94. The total cost will be $164,178.29. The highway is to be 5.76 miles in length. The resolution was adapted. * - ir > ir 1 irif i inr , ir , ir'ir > inr'Tr' , f ,, ' w^r^r^r^1 •w, « . ins x i== sin XSKHXBKSXS:*: KXHUOHxa This Week This coming Saturday the team will play Falconer, but on the following week will play, the Fredonia High School at Welch Field. WE are featuring a high-grade line of novelties far »»■& SPRINGTIME and WALL PAPER ladies that are up to the mfnute, and from the way the Does the sunsbipf flooding in these beautiful Spring mornings make you discontented with your house? Let us help you with your house- cleaning by decorating those walls that have become dingy and soiled during I ladies are buying our shoes ia proof. First, they know our prices are right. ill Secoud, our ability to fit them right, which is the most essential Third, we carry these shoes in stock from A-D for the conserva- 1 tive men who want to see their feet look nice. Step in and let us show you our Goodyear Welt Havana Brown Kid Oxford on the winter Because you can cbncenttate the [heat at the point needed, Electricity is the ideal heat to use during the warm days— and because you can concentrate the power of Electricity it is so convenient \ Supervisor Whallon of Chautauqua introduced a resolution for the con- struction of the County Farm-Town Line road in Chautauqua township, the county's share to 1 be $32,684.79 and the town's share $5,767.91, a total cost of $38*52.70. It was ad- opted. We have a paper to fit every room, and every purse. A coat or two of paint, a few roll's of paper, and you have a beautiful fresh room. A full line of Birge and Strahan Wall Papers has just arrived. We would count it a pleasure to show them X 1 the Educator last Our line of boys' and little gents' Oxfords are distinctly different than others, because they have quality, and we carry widths so we can properly fit the little men. Not enough pains is taken in fitting little feet. When it comes to Misses' and Children's Shoes we have the >*! 1 Supervisor Welch introduced a re- solution for the construction of the State Line-Barcelona road in Riplev and Westfield, a length of 10.29 miles The total cost will be $322,467.91, the county's share $274,097.72 and Ripley's share $32,745.17, Westfield'a share, $15,625.02. The resolution was adopted. to you for driving a Fan or for other household work. light Educator and Roaney & Berger lines. This is enough GREGORY & GREGORY Westfreld Brocton -to prove for the public that we are the leading shoe store for Misses' and Children's fine shoes. A Variety Shower These items will add much to your home comfort this summer. Mrs. Alfred Nelson and Mrs. Clar- ence Fisk of Dunkirk, gave a variety shower in honor of Madalene Nelson of Westfield. on Friday evening, April 25. Miss Nelson received many use- ful gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nel- son recently announced the engagement of their daughter Madalene. to Mr. Grant Hawkins ,ot Ripley. g J. L. HALE The Board of Supervisors authori- zed the purchase of the Frost farm 'adjoining the county tuberculosis [hospital at Cassadaga at * .price of $12,750. The barn on the farlh will be especially valuable to th? hdspital management, and the house tho f.'im will now be occupie-1 by the hospital farmer, while the present farm house belonging to the hospital will be utilised as a nurses homo. By moving the nurses to the farm house on the hospital grounds, ppaqe will be made available for fifteen addi- tional patients at th; hospital proper. Report of an Inspeciion by the S'ate Health Department was presented and the suggestion was made rhefe- HIGH GRADE FOOTWRA.R * Main Street,' - Wefctfield, N. Y iilj Bates Bros. Electric Co. ELECTRAGISTS •% f j —Hosiery in all'th* leading shades— Atmosphere, Airdale, French Tan, French Nude, Beige, Suede, Fawn. Mary C. Wiser. —For Sale—Several pieces household furniture, including beds, mattresses, bureaus, clocks, etc. Inquire Wilson Rood. This trade name is your guarantee of efficiency \ Phone 23 —Chains out sale o all millinery 53 Main St. at the S|icnc.' Hat Shop at l- 1 Market t —For Sale —'One dining rot>m table, one small Victrola and one fern. Calf at' 21 Second street., \ v —StriiK'J Lingerie lor underwear in all leading shade* Mary C. Wise, —$2.75 buys Moleskin Pants at Car- nahan-Shearer Co. .Worth a lot more. 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