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8 TEN * j .. . F r - - --r-Aiyr- — a— -a-*— —-r — n>* x±i ~jg-' — X V* \-T T\ : Reduced-Fares -^rrrr VIA vyr IB.SL. E.Traction Co. ( Kited by O. Douclka Wardrop, *dlt»r of Radio r.) By 6. E. HAMANN The following experiments, while in- volving no new principles or theories, may nevertheless prove Interesting to the broadcast listener, particularly when a little variety in the evening program is desired. All the apparatus required Is a two- stage audio amplifier, a single head phone and a loud speaker (a single phone with a horn attached to it will do for a loud speaker). For experiment No. 1: Connect the head phone to the Input terminals of the amplifier, L e., across the primary of the first audio transformer. Light the tubes and plug in the loud speak- er on the second stage in the usual manner. ~ (dee sketch.) Hold the head phone with bands cupped around It to form a mouthpiece and talk Into It In a low voice. The voice will be reproduced In the loud speaker with greatly Increased volume. atation as \England \Australia\ or \Honolulu\ .(the sky Is the limit). The effect on the ar.dlence will be startling, to say the teast. As a precautionary measure, how- ever, first make sure that, there aro no \hard-boiled hams\ among the guests; otherwise you may start a riot. Getting back again to the actual ap- plication: If the audio amplifier is a separate unit, the connections are very simple, as seen by the accom- panying sketch. If, however, the am- plifier is in the same cabinet with the receiver It will be necessary to conr nect two wires to the primary of the first amplifying transformer and bring them out to the bhone which is to be used as a transmitter. -s A telephone Jack and ping will sim- plify cutting the \transmitter\ In and out of the cfroatfe Use a double pole, open-circuit .Jack. This can be left permanently connected to the set, as It will not affect its operation In any way, except when the head phone Is plugged in. If a broadcast program Is being re- ceived and it is desired to Interject a little \homemade\ announcing, first cut off the detector circuit by turn- ing the detector rheostat te s the \off\ position and then plug in thfchead phone \transmitter.\ Another similar experiment which produces rather unexpected results consists of connecting the loud speak- er to the input side of the amplifier and listening with a pair of heal phones plugged into the second stage The loud speaker act as a Balers- phone and pick up any sounds pro- duced near It These will be ampli- fied and reproduced la the head phones with tremendous Volume. If the lout speaker is located to some other pait of the house It will pick up voices from the same room and reproduce them to the head phones clearly as though the listener were to the room where the person wss speaking. WESTFIELD to $2.45 $1.25 Buffalo and return J.J j| Erie and return — | SEE AGENT REGARDING SPECIAL SERVICES 'o lightning Special | LOWEST ONE WAY FARE Would you ever think about getting a cigar right-of- way for a thousand miles over a line costing a half a million dollars in order that you might use it Exclu- sively for your pleasure business ? That is Long Distance Telephone Service—to Denver or New York. \Service that Satisfies'^ FROM Westfield Chicago TO $15.52 The reader can easily think of a dozen different ways of amusing him- self with this at his next party. Set Via NICKEL PLATE ROAD A Through sleeping ears and coaches, parlor car and dining car service. Trains leave WESTFIELD: WESTBOUND - EA8TBOUND 8:29 a* m. 4:05 p.m. | 6:50 a.m. 1:10 p.m. WESTFIELD TELEPHONE COMPANY All thru sleepers to Elmira, Binghamton, Scranton & New York Reducod Summer Tourist Fares. \\\ x National Parks, Atlantio A Pacific Coast, Mountain & Lake Resorts effective May 15thand June 1st. > For full information regarding railway trips, call on W. O. ZEISXS Hew to Connect the Apparatus for the* experiments Described in Thlo Article. Ticket Agent, or address Z. M. Kjneaid, D. P. A., Brie, Pa., 316 Commerce Building up the loud speaker in the parlor where the guests are assembled and run a long telephone cord to the radio set in some v other part of the house. Tune In a selection from some local broadcast atstlon and plug in the loud speaker. At the end of the selection switch off the detector circuit and do your own \announcing giving the TRAFFIC E Concrete and Mason This last experiment may prove highly entertaining, If conducted on a Wednesday evening when Bister's bean is calling.—Radio News. Coiitractor Knowledge, comfort, wealth, even safety, are depend- ent on the highways over which men go. Every In- » crease In a road's usability Is a fourfold benefit. Will furnish TILES, BLOCKS, Etc. SPECIAL FINISHED WORKIA SPECIALTY. ALSO CARTING Today permanent highways have proved that they are both most usable and also ultimately cheapest. And the one material that makes this possible is Portland Cement, which, despite wide general de- mand, remains the cheapest of all manufactured products. 201-A Tubes Use Less Current Than Old Style Thousands of broadcast listeners who have radio receivers consisting of detector and two stages of audio-fre- quency amplification are still using the \original UV-201 tubes purchased when they Installed their sets. These tubes have been superseded by the UV-201-A's which consume much less current than the old-style tubes. Consequently, when the inevitable change Is made to the new tubes, a greater resistance must be provided in the rheostats. If the amplifying unit has a rheostat for each tube, as Is usually the case, there Is a fan to know one tube from another If the tubes happen to be removed from their sockets at any time? The answer to this Is quite simple. .Before going about the test, set up a list of symbols as follows: Radio Fre- quency Amplification—R, Detector —D, Audio Frequency Amplification—A. Then ndd numbers where more than one tube Is acting in the same capac- ity. Thus, If you have a five-tube set using two stages of radio frequency amplification, detector and two stages of audio frequency amplification the - symbols will read as follows: R-l, R-2, D, A-l, A-2. 1 ORLANDO T. RICGTTA '77 Jefferson St., phone 276-J (El RICOTTA S. ORLANDO 27 Colburn St., phone 196-R Atlas, through developing the rotary kiln, did more than anyone else to make Portland Cement actually cheaper today than thirty years ago. And in select- ing the building material dealer as the only link be- tween Atlas and user, assured distribution economy. aaszsg5H5Hse52525ifflgsa5g5Zsg525gsH5asa5gsa5a5asH5gsasasE5asasa525H5asi ATLAS PORTLAND CEMENT NOTICE Set up these symbols, go about the test and after you have found the best combination for the tubes start from left to right In your set and remove one tube at a time. With n pointed In- strument scrape the symbol on the bottom of each tube. Having added a new mixer and concrete block machine for Spring, along with the building line, I can furnish you with all kinds of blocks, tile and do all kinds of concrete work. Have hired a good concrete finisher to do all this work in this line. Mr. Builder, Contractor and Real Estate Owners—Get my prices on blocks, tile, walks, floors, drives and walls. - No job too small. ESTIMATES FREE. 4 GIVE ME A CALL. I to seckrfF- fi> -A'Stff .' wMF- Atlas Portland Cement As far as the test Itself Is concerned, don't think you can,complete It In fif- teen minutes. . Lumber and Builders' for;sale.by Supplies J. Vernon Warvtshovise • CONTRACTOR and BUILDER How the Low Resistance Rheostats of a Standard Amplifier Are Connected Up to Be Used With 201-A Vacuum Tubes. How Spider-Web Coil Mounting Can Be Made \\Hregtfield Lumlber & Coal Co. By O. L. VAN DYKE. JR. Westfield, New York Phone 124-W The following, together with the Il- lustration, la a description of an ex- cellent form of aa|der-web coll mount- ing. Probably w most Impressive feature of this arrangement la lta compactness, compared to other mount- ings. The consthictlon Is simplicity itself and the parts required are few. Referring to the sketch:: A ts a jtnob and dial; B is a piece of brass or phosphor bronze bent so is to form ig a simple way to do tills without sub- stituting new rheostats, adding outside resistances, or changing the iyji>eHr- ance of the set. j3/atsde// ARGONAUT PENCIL A New Sole Makes a New Shoe Audio-frequency amplifying tubes are not critical; one control will, there- fore, do for fiotli tubes. Remove all connecting wires from both rheofltHts except the current sup- ply wire to the flrat rheostat. Con- nect the rheostats together as shown, bridging across the adjacent posts with bus wire or (If more resistance is want- .ed than is afforded by. the combined (rheostats) with a section of resist- ance wire froiA, a discarded resist- ance unit. A connection Is then run from the remaining binding post of the Joined rheostats to each of the two sockets, taking the place of the original connections. Grade* No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Made In two thadea-Roondand Henfton THE PENCIL FOR GENERAL USE J8/aisdeff PENCIL CO., Phila., U. S. A. /< / / f! w \ \ V The combined resistances of the •heogtats will make the proper re- ■Istance M two 201-A tubes when con- nected In this manner, besides allow- ing ample variation, using either or both knobs to sccure brilliancy of the filaments. When soles wear thin, bring your Shoes to us and we will put on new ones of tough, oak-tanned leather that will add months of service to your footwear. It is an economy habit that will save you and your family many dollars during the year. V Detail* of the Spider-Web Coil Mount- ing. The Coll Forma Can B* Mad* of Any Good Insulating Material. FALCONE, 22 S. Portage U»e Proper Tube in Right Place in Set R. a support for the coll and shaft; O Is a bushing which. serves to prevent Shaft D from sliding. The shaft, D, is a %-Inch brass rod about 3% inches long with a silt near Its end to take the end of the spider-web coll form E. F Is the base of the second coil form which Is attached to the baseboard, H, by a brass bracket, O. Since the spi- der-web colls are not heavy, no trou- ble should be experienced In balancing the movable coll. If the weight of the coll Is too great a counter-balance may be attached to the upper end of the form, as shown at J. —Radio News. It has often been said that no two watches run alike. This can be ex- tended to take in vacuum tubes even to a greater degree. There are hun- dreds of things that may make one tube function differently from another. True as it may be that a \soft\ or' \gassy\ tube will make a better de- tector, it has been proved that some \hard\ tubes ate unexcelled for de- tection even where a \soft\ tube was recommended in the original hookup. It Is quite probable that some of Ihe amplifying tubes In your set are better suited for detectors. It Is also prob- able that your results might bo bet- tered by placing the tube now In'tho second stage of audio In the first stage WESTF1ELD, N. V. Republic Light, Heat & ■■ aft— kskmx R Power Co., Inc. New Rugs I A ON DISPLAY i - ® Removal of Tabes AT Before changing the battery connec- tions to a set, the bulbs should al- ways be removed. The most careful of radio fans allow short circuits to occur, and even If the connection lasts only an instant, it Is usually enough to blow the bulbs out, If thtt \B\ bat- teries are In the circuit Washburn's* and vice versa. Like many other things in radio, this is best determined by actual test The problem that arises during these tests Is: It may be easy enough to deter- mine which tube works best here nnd which one works best there, but how FURNITURE LICENSED LADY EMBALMER FUNERAL DIRECTORS AD IN THIS PAPER WILL BRING QUICK RESULTS Living Room Suites Made to Order

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