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!itoTO*BBi{|iirMS una. • - sai \*»• h*» *SSM, \>v*..t.. SssaaUkSihr We take the following rata from a valu- • >~e»bJ*'exchange, and -most heartily do we recommend them to. our readers. They ik&jld be printed on neat cards, and hung \ nr db(we the mantle-piece of farmers where U J\ they would continually admonish the inter- est System, and the more strict the bet\ r - ter, is the secret of success inalj.business.— « These rules furnish a brief but complete sys- * 'tejn; let them be'pursuod, and the result *ffl not faifto justify the claim we urge \ICtr •9 them: 1. Good implements of husbandry, and plenty of them, which should always be kept in' he most perfect order. 2. Deep plowing and thorough pulveri- sation of the soil by the free use of tae harrow, drag or roller. 8. An application of lime, marl or ashes where calcareous matter or potash may not be present in the soil. 4. A systematic husbanding of every substance on a farm, capable ef being con- rerted into manure; a systematic protec- tion of such substances from loss by evapo- rations or waste of any kind, and a carefu application of the same to the lands in cul- ture. 5. The draining of all wet lands, so as to relieve the roots of the plants from the ill- effects of the superabundance of water—a condition equally as pernicious as drouth to their healthful growth and profitable fructi- fication. 6. The free use of the plow, cultivator and hoc, with all row cultured crop*, so as to keep down at all times, the growth of grass and weeds—those posts which prove so de- structive to crops. 7. Seeding at the proper time with good seed, and an equal attention as to somo with regard to the period of working crops. 8. Attention to the construction and re- pair offences, so that what is made through tho toils and anxious care of the husband- man,may not be lost through his neglect to protect his crops from the depredations of stock. 9. Daily superintendence, on the part of the master, over all the operations of the. firm—no matter how good a manager lie may have, or however faithful his hands may be, as the presence of the head of a farm, and the use of his eyes, are worth several pairs of hands. 10. Labor saving machinery,so that he may render himself as independent as needful of neighborhood labor, as tho sense of a com- parative independence of the employer up- on such labor begets a disposition of obedi- ence and faithfulness on the part of the em- ployed. 11. Comfortable stabling ai d sheds, for tho horses and stock; all necessary out- ' buildings for tho accommodation of the plements, as well astorTlic care'otOfe'piftil-. by- 12. Clover and other grasses, to form a part of tho rotation of the crops, and these to bo, at tho propei periods, plowed in, to pabulum for succeeding crops. 13. The clover field to bo either\ plaster- ed or ashed each succeeding spring, one bushel of the former and six of the latter per acre. 14. To keep no more stock than can be well kept; but to bo sure to keep as many as tho farm can keep in good condition, as it is wise policy to feed as much as possiblo of the crops grown on the farm, and thus return to it that which has been abstracted from it. 15. To provide a good orchard and gar- den—-the one to be filled with choice fruits of all kinds, and the other with vegetables of different sorts, early and late—so that the tablo may at all times be well and sea- sonably supplied, and the surplus contrib- ute to increase the wealth of tho proprie- tor. Sheep in Spring. Look out for tho sheep as the wot days of spring come on. That was a good poli- cy of old Mr. Noah, in keeping his stock in in the Ark till fair wether was well estab- lished. At any rate this is a good hint for wool growers. If tho tender sheep, espe- cially the heavy ewes, get their fleeces ' all drenched with the cold rains of spring, it ex- hausts too much of their vitality to keep up a needful vigor for tho crisis before them, which is tho best provided for in advance. Remember \a penny saved\ is a good motto for farmers in winter time, when more can be accomplisned by saving than earning.— Ohio Cultivator. Pure atmospheric air is composed of ni- trogen, oxygen, and a very small proportion of carbonic acid. Air once breathed has lost the chief part of its oxygen, and acqui- red a proportionate increase of carbonic acic'. Therefore, health requires that wo breathe the samo air once only. To he awarded at the 20th Annual Fair* the Chautauque County Agricultur- al Society, to be held at Westfield on the lOthand lift day of Sept. 1856. StalliMis. • '-' Best Stallion of any age, $10; 2d best $8; 3d best $6; 4th best f4. Committee, Truman Todd, Stockton; Henry Baker, Jamestown; Orrin McClure, Fredonia. \\\Mares and Colts, and Colts. Best Mare and Colt, #8; 2d best, $6; 3d best, $4; 4th best $2. Best Colt, three year old $5; 2d best, $3; 3d best, V T. Best Colt, two year old $3; 2d best, $2; 3d best, V T. Best Colt, one year old $3; 2d best, |2; 3d best, V T. Committee, T. Prender- gast, Westfield; Jonas Underwood, May- ville;J. B. Slocum, Kiautonc. Matched and Single Horses. Best Span ot Horses of any age, $8;, 2d best, $5; d 3best, $2; 4th best, V T. Best Mare or Gelding in harness, $5; 2d best, $3; 3d best, V T. Committee Sidney E Palmer, Gerry; Isaac Forbes Jamestown; John Eason, Westfield. Trotting Horses Single Trotting Horse, Mare oi Geld ing in harness, with reference to speed and action. Best $10; 2d best $5.— Committee George Farnsworth,Westfield RichardF Fenton, Jamestown; Walter Stevens, Fredonia. Jacks and Holes. Best Jack, $10, Best pr. Mules, $5. Com- mittee, Hiram Tifiany, Westfield; George White, Fredonia; Daniel Williams, Har- mony. CATTLE. Class 1. Short Horns. Best Bull 3 Years old and upwards, $6; 2d best $4; 3d best $2. Best Bull 2 years old, $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V. T. Best Bull 1 year old, $3; 2d best, $2; 3d bestVT. Best Bull Calf, §3; 2d bcst$2 3d best V. T. Best Cow 3 year old and upwards,&5; 2d best $3; 3d best V T. Best Heifer 2 year old $4; 2d best $2; 3d best V T. Best Heifer 1 year old §3; 2d best $2; 3d bestV T. Best Heifer Calf $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V T. Com. John E Griswold, Sheriden Centre; R E Young, Busti; T Parker, Sherman. Class 2. Derons. Same Premiums as Short Horns. Com. H. A. Prcndergast, Westfield; AmosR. Warren. Stockton; Otis Skinner, Sher- man. Class 3. Herefords. tea me Premiums. Com. C. B. Bruckway, Ripley; Alex. T. Proudergast, Kiantone; J. Oiton, Fredonia. Class 4. Native and Mixed. Same Premiums. Com. Chaneey ren, Stockton; Abijah Clark, E Simeon Collins, Ripley. Oxen and Steers. Best Yoke of Oven over 4 ,years old 2d best 84; 3d best $3; 4th best $2. Best Yoke of Steers 3 years old $3 ;2d best, $2; 3d best V T. Best Yoke of Steers 2 years old $3; 2d best $2; 3d bestVT Best Yoke of Steers 1 year old $3; 2d best, fte*, TAibrnfedf; W rd? Moore, Laoria'; John M. Edson, Gerry. Pine Wool Sheep. Best Buck $5; 2d hest $3; 3d best, V T. Best 5 Ewes $5; 2d best $3; 3d best $2; 4th best V T. Best 5 Lambs $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V T. Com. Henry Sheldon; Elisha Norton Fredonia; David DeCloo Mina. Coarse Wool Sheep. Best Buck $5; 2d best §3; 3d best $2 4th best V T. Best 5 Ewes $5; 2d best 83; 3d best §2 4th best V T. Best 5 Lambs $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V T. Com. Nelson Gorham Laona; John Campbell, Busti; Stephen Prcndergast Ripley. Swine. Best Boar $5; 2d best $3; 3d best F T. Best Sow with 5 pigs $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V T. Com. D Azaro Nichols, West- field ; Warren Couch and John 8 Coon, Portland. Butter and Cheese. Best Firkin Butter not less than 50lbs $5; 2d best $4; 3d best $3. Best 25lbs Butter $3; 2d best $2; 3d best tl. Bes lot of Cheese, 2 or more weighing 50 lbs. or more each $5; 2d best $4; 3d best $3. Best lot of Cheese, 2 or more weighing less than 50 lbs. ea«h $3; 2d best $2; 3d best $1. Abram Frank, Busti; B W Grant, Stockton; T Covcney Ripley. Fruit. Greatest number of good varieties and best specimens of apples correctly named, at least 3 specimens of each $4; 2d best $3; 3d best-$l; 4th best V T. Best collection of Pears $2; 2d best $1. Best collection of Peachs $2; 2d best $1. Best collection of Plums V. T. Best collection of Quinces V T. Best collection of Grapes $2; 2d best $1. Best variety of Grapes $1: Com. George Parker,Westfield; James D Dunlap,Eric; George Barker Fredonia, Hanson A Ris- ley; Maywllo Chaneey Burch, Jame town. Flowers. Best Floral Exhibition 83. Best largo Bo- quet $2. Best hand Boquct 81; Best col- lection of Rores 81- Best collection of Dah- lias. Com. Mrs. James McClurg, Miss Sa- rah Kibboe, Miss Mary M Smith, Theo. Brown. 2d T. E S Esli Mil- Wa llery .'I Hi IT-' GROCERY! ri^his day opene d a n entire New Stoct o f Fami X ly Groceries. Call an d nee us, at th e ston e fcaildiag one doo r wes t of Harrington 4 Sous Main-at, a t th e aign of th e America n Expres s Company . — f^\ reen, Teas an d Black,—cheap, at th e stone UTbuilding Main street, Westfield X. Y. A Pint-rate article of Coffee, Bio and Java, and good Ground Coffee, a t th e atone building. Main street. S apart, a n excelent assoiAent o f all kinds and grade a t the ston e buildjdg, Main street, West- M elaasesan d Syrups of th e sweetest kind, ca n be ha d a t the ol d stone building, Main street. \ *•—Camphene an d Burnin g Fluid . Can- \ i Ste »nne an d Tallow, b y th e bo x or Camphene, Fluid an d Candle Wicking, at atone building, Main at {-\tod Fish , White Firth and Maekeral, a good ar- yjtiele cam be found a t th e ston e building. In street. °\ T 'mS Boftalo Tea* cake of th e best qnali- ty, a t stone building Main \Street Westfield. TTTanh Tubs, pails an d Baskets, Canara an d fJMfaaap Seed at th* aton e building. Main t^*W*M^ftreM, Nutmegs , Cloves, an d cassia, IVyos wil l And at tho Stone building. Main heate r Garde n Seeds b y P& Roots and Garden Vegetables. 12 best Stalks of Celery 50c. 12 best Beet i 50c. 12 best Carro ts 50c. 1 2 best Tur- nips 50c. 12 l>cst Onions 50c. 12 best ParMiips 50c. 12 best Tomatoes 50\. Best Heads oi'Cabbage 50o. Best Pump- kins 50c. Best Squashos- 50c. Best $- bu?h. Potatoes 50c. Best and greatest variety of vegetables rais- ed by exhibitor $2; 2d beat V T. Corn. J Harris, Westfield J Randolph Panama; George GofT. Dunkirk. Mechanical Department Best Mowing Machine $8. Best Hoi-se Rake $2; 2d best V T. Best Harrow $2; 2d l>est V T. Best Plow $2; 2d best $1; 3d best V T. Best Cultivator $2; 2d beat 91; Sd best V T. Beat Fannin* Mill $2; 2d Best VM\ . Best Horse Power $2; 2d best V T. Best Grain Cradles 50c. Best Corn Mill $2. Best Roller $1. Best Farm Wagon $3: 2d best $2; 3d best VT.. Best 2 Horac Carriage $8; 2d best $2; 3d Besi 1 Horse Top Carriage $2; 2d host $1 [ Be* 2 HowoOiiM Carnage $2; 2d ' . BsstHorse Cart for Farm $2. Commit tee,George Hall ;L Bliss Westfield, John Smallwood, Ripley. Class 3. Mechanical. Best collection of Hardware $5. Best Cooking Stove with Furniture $2; 2d best V T. Best ParlorStovoll; 2d best V T. , Best DOE. Axes $1. Best 6 Grass Scythes $1. Best 6 Grain Scythes $1. Best 6 Hay Forks $1. Best 6 Manure Forks $1. Best 6 Hoes $1. Best 6 Shovels $1. Best Blacksmith Work $2; 2d best $1. Best lot Tin and Copper Ware $2. 2d best VT. Best Cooper Work $2; 2d beet V IV— Com.Frank Waters, Westfield; Win. H Tew. Jamestown; L Nelson Van Ness Chan*. Class 3. • Mechanical. Best Marble Work $3; 2d best $2. Best Dentistry $3; 2d best $2. Best Assortment Cabinet Ware $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V f. Best Aassortment Leather $3; 2d best $2; 3d best VT; Best Assortment of Paper $2; 2d best V T.- Best pr Stoga Boots $1; 2d best V T. Best pr Fine Boots $2; 2d best V T. Best Double Harness for Work $2; 2d best VT. Best Double Hirness for Carriage $2; 2d bestVT. Best Single Harness for Carriage $2; bestV T. Best Bridle and Saddle $2; 2d best V Best Coat $2; 2d best V T. Best Vest $1; 2d best V T. Best Pants $1; 2d best V T. Com. Barger, S V R Wells, Westfield; Bartholomew, Portland. Unenumerated Ar deles. Comm*ttee A F Allen, Jamestown; ton Smith, Mayville; Therein S Blv> Har- mony; Selden M Ely, Ripley; Win, Ris- ley Fredonia, Domestic Manufactures. Best 10 yds. Woolen Cloth, *3; 2d best $2; 3d best 11. Best 10 yds. Woolen Flannel $3; 2d best $2; 3d best $1. Best Ingrain Carpet $3; 2d l>est $1. Best common Carpet 3$; 2d best $1. Best Rag Carpet S2; 2d best $1. Best Hearth Rug *2; 2d best tl. Best 20 yds. Cassimere $3;2d best $2; 3d best |1. Best Pieced Quilt $3; 2d best $2; 3d bcst*l. Best Counterpane $3; 2d best $2 ; 3d best $1. Best pair Woolen Blankets *% 2d best $2; 3d best $1. Com. A Lewis & Lady, Pan- ama, H J Cowden and lady, Ripley; S S Whallon and lady, Mayville. Needle Work. Best Silk Embroidery $2; 2d best $1. Best Worsted Embroidery $3; 2d best $1. Best Muslin §2; 2d best $1. Best Lace $2; 2d best * I. Best Shawl *2; 2d best $1. Best Cape £2; 2d best $1. Best Scarf tl. Best Needle worked Collar $2; 2d best $1. Best Needle Worked Underslcavcs $2; 2d best $1. Best Needle Worked Skirt $2; 2d best $1 Best Limp Mat $2; 2d best $1. Bs§t TvisMi M£±$k - *~ Best Talma, Embroidered, $2; 2d best $1 Best Vest, « $2; 2d best $1. Best Lamp Mat \ $2; 2d best tl. Best Wool Stockens tl. Be^t Cotton \ tl. Best Silk • tl. Com. T. D. Stiong & lady,G. G. Parker <fe lady, T S Ways <fe Lady, Miss Haniah Patterson,Miss Martha Sherman, C D Socket. Paintings, Drawings, &c. Best Portrait Painting $2. Best Landscape Painting $2. Best Drawing $2; 2d best tl. Best Daguerreotype $2; 2d best tl. Com Abel Patchcn and lady, Miss Mary E. Plumb, Miss Eveline Barrett, Charles Chad wick. Plowing Match. Amount to be bo plowed one-sixth acre timo Ij hour, the furrows to be at least 6 inches deep, and the slice in all eases to be lapped. Best Plowing $7; 2d best $6; 3d best $5; 4th best $4; 5th best $3; 6th best $2; 7th best $1. Com. Dr. Wm Prendegast, Chautauque, Martin Boyd.Busti, Levi Risley, Fredo- nia; J Smallwood Ripley, Harvey Baker Westfield; John Farman, Elington. Lady Equestrianism. Best Skill in Horsemanship $15; 2d best $10; 3d best $5. Com. A. F, Hawley, Jamestown, Charles Chadwiek, Wesllieid Leverett Morrison, Forestvillo, David Forbes, Fredonia, M. P. Bemus, May- ville. * Field Crops. For the best acre of Winter\Wh?at t5; 2d $3; 3d best V. T. For the best acre of Spring Wheat $5; 2d best t3; 3d best $2; 4th best V. T. I est acre of Corn $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V. T. Best acr j of Barley $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V. T. Best acre Potatoes $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V.T. Best i acre of Carrots $5; 2d best $3; 3d best V.T. Best i acre of Flax $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V. T. Best £ aero oi Turnips $2; 2d best V. T 3d best V. T. A. I. Bcsl^ acre of Onions $3; 2d best $2; best V. T. A. I. Best i acre of Beets $3; 2d best $2; best V. T. A. I. Bestacre of Peas $3; 2d best $2; 3d best V. T. Best £ acre of Broomcorn $3 2d best $2; 3d best V. T. Com. John D. Patterson, Westfield; Nicholas Kcssler, Westfield- Dr. Collins, Ripley. . 6VBS MILL, WBBTFIBTJ) . CHAUTAUQDB CO . H . T. _ having entered i nto a part- a s Miners, would respectfully infor m nts o f Westfield and it s vicinity that the y ar e prepared t o attend t o thei r want s in th e muling line They will pa y cas h for Wheat- Grin d o n Shares—Exchange Flou r for Wheat and Meal for Cora , an d ar e determine d t b give sat- isfaction. , The Busines s will be conducted by Mr. John Manwarin g whoa * long and successful practic e enable * him t o guarantee th e beat possible flour from the'wheat wit h which h e ma y be favored ; and it may b e adde d that th e Glen Mill, during th e short tim e It has run, has established for itself an enviable reputation. The undersigne d would call especial attention to the exchange o f grists fo r flour, Ac, a s being more convenient t o th e miller, who then i s not subject t o th e delays and troable o f stoppages a t ever y grist, an d much mor e economical fo r ens tomere who have th e valu e o f their grist whether large or small righ t along, withou t the loss of time otherwise unavoidable, either i n waiting whil e the work i s don e or i n two journic s t o th e Mill. B.—Flour an d Meal i n bag s of on e quarter a • n e half barrel each . MANWABIXG 4 FRANCIS, stfield, March 26, 1856. 49-tf uiia»i«i'iina :-itu+* «tua**^<a*eN» «-»>-.*?; 5sr 99 - (la, wrr-t, • anAnhk. A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION AY be acquire d b y using th e \ Balm of Thou - san d Flowers. \ It eradicates al l tan , pirn- d freckles. As a dentifrice, i t purifies the making th e teeth white as alabaster, tal e b y all respectable druggist s 13w-St How and Where to Procure i PLIASK SBNB TOR A COPT or otm Illustrated Catalogue! of 160 different works, suitable for Family and Fireside Beading, and embracing. , Popular American Biographies, Kara tives and Travels, Agriculture, Temper once, Lav, and School hooks for the Young, beautifully Printed and lUuttra— ted Family Bible*, Religious Books, Stand- ard and Select poetry, and a choice vari- ety of Miscellaneons Books, We win Send Wltarat Charge. It contain s a full descriptio n o f the best stand- ard work s o n th e abov e importan t subjects, wit h thei r prices, and in form convenien t for reference and preservation. Ever y reader and book buyer should hav e it. jSSTWe will sen d an y o f ou r books, Postage prepaid, o n receip t o f the adver- tised price, which ma y b e sen t t o u s b y mail. Oars are the Best Books for Agents, * becaus e the y are adapted t o th e want s of th e peo- ple. Full particulars and practical Instructions to Agents sen t gratis, o n applications to MILLER, ORTON & MULIGAN , Publishers, 25 Par k Row, New York , or 107 Genesee-st . Auburn. 4-fira. - •¥A f T*¥ rftiAKM . Fancy Dyafang Establishment, Qfict, 3 JoU «t, ( » door* from BroaJvoy, N. Y D YE Silks, Woolen an d Fancy Good s o f every description. Their superior style o f dyeing ladies' and gentlemen' s garments , i s widel y known. Crape Shawls dyed in. the moa t brilliant o r more grav e colon. J^ti— BARRETT NEPHEW ft CO, No. 8 John St, 2 door s from Broadway. lSw-8 4 New York City. M ANUFACTURER AND IMPORTER o f Pla- te d an d Britania Ware, such as Forks, Spoons, Te a Bets, Urns, Cake Baskets, Ac . Also Deale r i n Block Tin , Lead, an d other metals, wholesal e and retail. -LUCIUS HART, 3w-34 NOB. 4 an d 6 Burlin g Slip, New York. Britis h Commercia l Liie Insuranc e Company Established 1820, London aod America. C APITAL, with accumulations , $5 , 600,000.— Life Insurance i n all its branches. Applica - tion ma y b e made by mail. GEORGE M. KXEVITT , 3m41 6 5 Wall St, New York. FARM FOB SALT!. N ORTH part of Lot 40, Tp, 1, Range 15,158 43- 10 0 acres. , ' The abov e named farm i s i n the town o f French Creek, o n th e line betwee n French Creek and Mi- na. I t i s wel l watered wel l timbered, an d has a n excellent soil: I t will b e sold o n o r before th e first day o f April next, at a low price, an d o n lib- eral term s o f payment I t presents a good oppor- tunity for a poo r man t o get himsel f a farm, an d pay fo r i t out of th e land, o r for a money' d ma n to make a good* investment Thos e who wish t o i>uy, will do well t o call soon , upon the-subscribci at hi s office i n Westlkid. 41 AUSTIN SMITH. Westfield, Jan. 18th, 18C6. Judgment £ale. 'HAVTAI-Ql-E COI'NTV CofliT, Culviii Chene y agaii at John Camp, Abigail Camp, Jiwliii!) ntraer, % ary T. Cheney, Thomas H. Oitlbnl, John F. Smith, Alonz o Kent, William H. Tew, Bufus J juts , A-h'ev Towasead , the Pres- ident, Director s A C o » f tl« L\.. Co' nt y ISanic, an a urson n. t'flwden. in pursuance o f a judga i a t of the Chsstaagce County Court, maile in th e abov e action, will le sold under the direction o f the subscriber, at pub- lic auction, at th e Wcstfiel 1 House, in Westfield village, i n said county, o n Tlmi s.Uiy, th e :id da y of April next, at on e o'clock P. M., the followin g Jescrilied real estate, t o wit: AH that certain piec e o r parcel o f land, known as th e east part o f lo t nnm!>or seventeen , in th e secon d townshi p and twelfth range o f the Holland Land Company' s Survey, bounde d eas t l>y lots numbers te n an d eleven, eiphty chains, north by lot number eightee n twelve chains, west b y hind deede d to Danie l Young seventy-six chain s sixty- seve n links, and sonth-westerly by Chautauque Lake—containing ninety-four acres, b e th e same mor e or less, MILTO N SMITH, Sheriff, By WM. VORCE , Deputy. SMIT H A CDADWICK, Att'ys. Dated February 15th, \»H\ «w43 WESTFIELD ACADEMY. T HE Spring Ter m will commence March 26, t o continu e fifteen weeks . Tuitio n i n the higher department, per term, $5 0 0 do primary, do do 2 50 Drawing , extra do 5 0 0 Music, do do 3 0 0 TF 4CFIER?' J. C. DONALDSON, A . B . Principal, WM. H . MAYNARD, A . B . Teaehe r o f Languages . Miss MAKY M. SMITH. Preceptress. Miss JAKE MACOMBER, Teache r i n Primar y Dep. Prof. E . A . BOBBINS, Teache r o f Music. Mrs JAMES H . CKOCKKK, Teache r o f Drawing . Mr. H. D. STONE, Teache r of Penmanship. The course o f study an d method o f teaching will 1 e designe d t o develo p th e powe r o f though t and at th e same time give practicl c skill, so a s finally to mak e the student s thorough, both in the theory an d practice of the branche s o f educatio n pnrsut d b y them . Th e cours e of stmly prepara- tory to entrance in the best colleges will lie taugh t ta such a s wish t o perstic th e colleg e course : also .he principal studies o f th e collegiate course. The metho d will differ from that pursued in college, in this : that wha t must be passed ove r in colleirc i n a specified time, without regard to th e illainn fill atlas scholar, will be studied for a longer o r shorter time, according t o th e ca]wicity \{ the stu lent*, that the y ma y no t leave their work intpesfrc t i Tesc' - .cr's Claaa willoc organized, i n which will be give n instruction in th e Theory and Prac- tice of Schoo l Teaching . The Musical Department, under the supervisio n of Prof. K. A. BOBBINS, presents a new and attrac- tive fcatnie to those desirous of giving their chil- dren a finished musical education, without th e usual accomiiiiuiment o f great excuse. Aside from private tuition upo n th e -Piano, Melodeon, Guitar, Ac,the theor y o f musi c from first princi- ple s to mnsical composition , will be taugh t as a daily study. All necessary facilities will be pro- vided, an d th e sam e attention give n a s t o other branches o f education . Term s $3 . All private lessons. Instrumental or Vocal, $1 2 pe r ter m of 24 lessons, tf!7 . CABINET WABE ROOMS, At THOMAS SHAW'S, o n Nortu-Portage-st., op - posite th e Westfield House Block, wher e ma y be found all kind s of Cabinet Ware, o f the choi- cest kind ; embracing Chairs, Sofas, Sof a Bed- steads, Mahogany an d Black Walnu t Bureaus, Centre Tables, Splendid Rosewoo d an d Mahog - an y Book Cases, Card Tables, Enclosed Walk - Stands, an d a variety o f other articles, too nu - merou s to mention . Also , Coffins constantly o n hand . Pleas e call and look for yourselves. 4 2 Cabinet and Upholstery Ware Rooms. J. CROSGROVE, Main Stmt, Wntfirld, X V. H AS o n hand and i s constantly manufacturing, Richl y Carved Sofas, Couches and Ottomans, of the newest styles; Loungin g Parlor and Hock- ing Chairs of every description ; Spring, Hai r and Palm-Leai Matrasses, Library Boo k Cases, and Writin g Tables, Telescop e Imperial, and common slide-frame Tables, Bureau s and common Tables, Bedsteads, an d all other articles in th e Cabinet line. Window Shade s and fixtures and Churc h Cushions. Al l the above articles are mad e i n th e best manne r an d Warranted. Black Walnut Cherry and Whitcwond Lusaka* wante d from j t o 3 inches thick. Feather s taken in exchange for Furniture. The suVscriber having been Foreman a numbe r ot year s i n th e large establishmen t o f Lawson & Harrington. Knston, and from lon g experience i n most of the large citie s of England, feels confident he ca n mak e a s goo d work in Westfield a s can b e go t i n an y part o f the Union, from 15 t o 40 pe r cent cheaper. Antiqu e an d Modern Furniture o f even - de- scription mad e t o order. Furniture repaired anil varnished. Second han d furniture take n in ex- change . Coffins always ready mane. A Goo d Workman ca n hav e constan t employ . A Partne r Wanted . J. CROSOR.VYE. Westfield, April 19, 1855. New Jewelry Store. T HE sntiscrilier woul d respectfully inform th e pnblic that they hav e just opene d a ne w Jew- elry Store, o n North Portag e street in th e West field House block, wher e may l>e found Gold and Silver Watches of different kind s and qualities, Clocks oof all styles, qualities and prices:<!old and Silve r Guard Vest and Fob Chains : Gold Lockets: Pins: Ea r and Finger Rings; Sleev e Buttons, Seals, Keys, Hook s and Slides ; Gold and Silve r Pens and Pen- cils ; Silve r Spoons: Butter and Fruit Knives: Spectacle s and thimbles ; Plate Ware, Port Mon- naies, Pistols, Ac, The stoc k i s all new an d warranted t o b e a s represented: and b y keeping a goo d assortment sellin g a t fair prices, and offering none but th e first quality of articles, the y hop e t o merit a share of public patronage. •2S- Watches, Clock s and Jewelr y repaired i n the bes t style o f workmanship . B. * J. NELSON. Westfield, Aug . 2!), 1S.\>. tf-19 ATireiMOAV MONTHLY MAG VZIXE. The best Family Magazine I s America. ESTABLISHED I N 1827. Devoted to Literature Art and Fashion. f p UK new Volumes , commencing wit h th e Jan- 1 nary Number, 1856, will contai n ove r twelv e hundred pages of th e choicest readin g matter. EACH NUMBER Will contai n a splendid steel engraving: a Plat e of the Pari s Fashions , o n Steel, elegantly colored ; on e o r mor e articles, richl y illustrated with woo d engravings : Miscellaneous Prose an d Poetry; a n Editor's Table; Review s o f New Books; Monthly Summary; Hint s o n Fashion, and fashionable in- telligence ; Patterns for Needl e Work, an d New Music. TERMS: One copy, one year, in advance,S3; two co] ies, $5; five copies, (and on e t o agen t o r getter u p of the ClnlO $10 ; eleve n copies, and one t o agent $20. Additions to Club s a t the same rate as Clu b sent Specimen copie s sen t gratis. ABBAHM H . SEE, No. 100 Chestnut-st, Phil\t . 81NGEB'S SEWING MACHINES. G REAT improvements hav e just been comple ted in thes e well known machines. The y now run withou t noise, wit h great ease to the op - erator, and at double th e former speed—so that twic e a s much wor k ca n b e done i n a day . Al l who wan t Sewing Machines, and hav e bought th e worthless one s o f other manufacturers which the y canuounse , may b e assured that each one o f Sin- ger's Machines will do , in unequalled style, an y kind o f sewing , coarse or fine, in cloth orlcather . They are stron g and do not get out of order. The)- se w 1,000 stitches pe r miiiuie, an d afford a clear profit to th e user o f $1,000 a year' I. M. SINGER & CO., lSw-34 323 Broadwav, New York PRINCE'S PROTEAN FOUNTAIN PEXN. J UST the thing for canvassers, Entry Clerks, Merchants, Bank, Clergymen , Hotel Keepers , Teachers, and all who are constantly writing. — Th e material i s incorrodible, mad e under Good- yearns Patent Th e Reservoir i s filled with ease and rapidity, supplyin g th e Pen wite Ink for from four t o te n hours constant use, an d saving one - half th e time . Prices,$3, and $3,50, $4,50. Great inducement s to Agents and th e Trade. Sen t b y mail, free o f postage, o n receip t o f either of the abov e sums. — Town an d County rights o n reasonable terms. G. T. STEARNa Gen. Agt ly-34 No . 271 Bjoadway, N . Y . 3d 3d Coanmittee of Araagenaent A Plural), T Preudergast, Geo Hall, A Wright. T D Strong, Charles Chadwiek, Zenas Colburn, D A Knowlton, H A Prcndergast. Mr r ha is. Col D S Forbes and Staft^ T. B. CAMPBELL, Pros. H. J. BLISS, Secy. Westfield, May 14, 1856. Eclectic Physician & Sqrgeon. W M. BOORN, formerly o f Richmond , N . H., hag pcrmantl y located i n this place, an d supplied himsel f wit h ne w Instruments, an d pure Medicines, He i s prepared t o attend to all busi- ness pertainin g t o hi s profession. He will b e at hi s office from 8 till 10 A. M. eac h day. N. B. s'pfecTal attention paid to Chroni c Diseas - es, suc h a s ScrofnlajCancers , Disease s o f the Eye and Skin, also a goofl supply of Eclectic prepara- tions o f Medicine s o n hand,' Congh Drops, Lini- menis . Mother's relief, Pills, Plasters, Ac . He ha s also a good Bathin g Hous e connected wit h bis office, which will b e kept i n readiness for the accounuodatio n o f thos e who wish to us e it.i Dr. Boor n having treated successfully for a numbe r o f years, diseases o f th e skin i n ever y form, would respectfully call th e attention of th e public t o hi s Collyrinm'for th e remoral o f T ais Sunburn, Freckles, Live r Spots, Chap s roughnes s of the skin , Ac. It is als o a very coolin g was h for children; an d ca n bensed at all tiiaeslwilh safety Office No. 12, Sout h Portag e street , Wcstfieltd Chau u Co., N . Y . 1-tf. DISCOVERED AT LAST. GREATEST COBB IN THE WORLD FO R MAN. Prof. CM AS. De GRATirS \ TBT.TM i«PI-tTO OXXj.\ r\pilIS Oil i s th e only sure rrmetly in th e world _L fo r the cure o f Rheumatism. Gout, Pain s in the Back, Breast o r side, Palpitation of the Heart, Paralytic Stroke, Toothache , Headache , Cramp s in th e Stomach , Scrofula, Frosted hand s or Feet Sore Eyes. Piles, Sprain* o r bruises. Sores r.r burns, 'Stiffness i n th e Joints. Tetter, or Salt Rhcurae, Neuralgia, Sore lirenrt, or :my Discuses that are Sort or Pahiftil, is tin- ttmH article ever brought before the public that will d o it s work rrrfectly i n from three t o twenty minutes, ha s been used by thousand s and p.ouounce U t o b e the best remed y eve r discovered . Thi s Oil acts o n th e system with electricity, is ofpnre vegetable preparation, no t th e slightest danger o f applyin g it outwardly or hneartlly, it at once gives a jiennauen t cure, in most case s in ten o r twenty minutes . Th e best Physiologis t o f Europe hai - e discove r ed that all Organic Derangement in th e Anima l System i s th e effect o f a n obstruction o f the Phv- fulaplic.tionofth. i s^^ 1 Kfi^ d ^J^- a t ; k ^- tion th e nerve fluid, and th e cure i s a t onc e »V- complished . No bleeding, no vomiting , purging , or blistering, i s resorted to . AW* genuine without the ngnatnre of Label s signe d i n J A.'E. SXITH, Chemut. writing . ( De GRAT H A Co . Principa l Depot No. 39 South Eight St, three door s below Chesnu t Philada. Country Dealei s and Druggist s can be supplied, Wholesale and Re- tail. Price 25 cents, 5 0 cts, and $ 1 pe r Bottle. Try everythin g else, the n giv e this on e simple trial. £•&\ No genuine \ ELECTKIC OIL\ sold b y ped- lers i n th e United States. j23r*The Bottles will hav e o n ou r own stamp.^^ Entere d according t o Act o f Congres i n th e yet r 1S55, by Professo r CIIARI.E S DE GRATH, i n th e Clerk's Office o f th e District Court o f th e Easter n District o f Pennsylvania. For Sab' b v L. Parsons, No . 17, Main Street Westfield. N.Y. 47-tf. DALI.EVS MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. — Ther e neve r ha s bee n a discover y mad e i n Ma- teria Medica whereby pain ca n b e s o quickl y al- layed, an d wher e parts i n a hig h state o f infi.lma- tio n can b e so rapidly reduced t o their natural state, no r wher e wound s and soars ca n be thor- oughl y and rapidly cured, and decayed parts re- stored withou t eithe r sca r o r defect tha n wit h DALLEY'S MAGICAL EXTRACTOR. In Cuts Woun d Sprains and Bruises—casultics to which childre n ar e constantly subject—the ac- tion o f the genuin e PAT:; EXTRACTOR i s eve r the same! How much pain an d suffering ma y not th\.\is b e prevented ? Moreover, I.ile itselt i s often depende d upon havin g at hand the Genuin e DALLEY EXTRACTOR , an d for particulars of whic h I respctfully refer t o my printed pam- phlets, for the truth o f which I liold myself per- ally responsible. \tte No case o f Burns an d Scald, n o m a r r ho w scvere, ha s eve r yet, in an y on e insta nce.i sistcd the all-powerfrl, pain-subduin g an d healin g qualities o f the DALLEY PAIN EXTRACTOR. X T o PAIX EXTRACTO R I S GEN TINE unles s th e box ha s upon i t a Steal P late \Engraved Label with th e signatures o f C. V. CLICKENER A CO. Proprietors, an d HENERY DALLEY, Manufac- turer. Price 25 cent s pe r box. Eo r sal e by D . A . WHITE, an d A . N . CI.AK K A Co.. Fredonia ; M. A . STILJIAN-, Dunkirk ; PARSON A Bunco:: Westfield; and by Druggist s generally. J. B. DAVIS, Travelin g Agent 8W-27 * MUSIC. Mr. JOHN H . PIXLEY, Vocal Music Teacher, and former Music Directo r o f \the Amphions,\ having mad e engagements for one year as Teach- er an d Director o f th e Presbyterian Church in Westfield, N . Y., wil l hol d himsel f in readiness t o give private instruction upo n th e voice; Song Singing , Glee Classes, and singing classes fo r sa- cred music . Also to tun e and repair Piano Forte s and Melodeon s o n short notice, and wit h satisfac- tion o r n o pay. Charge s reasonable. Orders ma y be left a t the Post-Office, No. 218, o r a t th e dotti - ng store o f 3, Carlisle A Co. I a m also agent o r th e sale o f Messrs. Boardma n A Gray's splen- i d \ Dolce Compaua \ attachments , corrogatcd, nnding board Piano fortes which I will suppl y • short notic e t o customers. Westfield. Jan. 16, 1856. WANTED, 1 AAA CUSTOMERS at J. R. WALKERS 1 • ) \)\j\J Mill, which is now in running order Th one wanting flouring done, will do well to cal soon. Weatfield, September 5, 1855. For Sale or to Rent. S lip No. U (bein g in a ver y desirable locai^on in |he Baptist Churc h i n thi s village. AprU , 17,185 6 B.>. BCOCK A KNIGHT. THE WONDER OP THE AGE! - Dr. To bin's Venetian Liniment r > warranted t o cure th e Cholera, Colie, Sea niufcfc—i, iXmtHn Baigsarlss, Vomitings. Swellings,l Toothache and. , Old Sores, Swel ft o f all kinds, or no MANUFACTORY. On Main Street, oppotitethe Agricultural Work: ILLIA M CRANDALL ha s bee n fo r severs year s engaged i n carryin g o n tb n abov e sa, and keeps constaptly on han<L and will t^j. f kssaWraetnre t o order, afl kind s of work i a .his i line. 'c<r Beparin g don e o n short notice . Westfield, April 25, loon. tf-1 Great Care^of Rheumtttim.— Capt Comstock , of the Steame r Baltic, (Collins r*ne,> was cured of a soyas' attack of\ th e Chronic Rhenmatfsm, in a few usys, by Dnlebiux' Celebrated Venetia n Lin - iment. ' Cur* ef Cholera.— John Wright of th e fim o John ICrlRBt A Co, No 151 Chartress St., New O r f ins, wMimmcdiaielv cured o f an a'tack o f Choi era, b y Tobins' Liniment Vomiting qmt C'uf'r Mrs. Soaeph Nfcholl, No. Ififtwcx St, New Yoi+, was cured o f a n attje k of Co i c an d Vomiting , b y Dr. Tobins' Venetian Lin- im.iln t Depot—so CourUand Street, New . Y»>rk. Sold i by all Druggists. Price 25 and 50 cents tier bot- las-il _— New Fall Dry Goods, £, H. LEADBEATEK A- CO, 847, Broatbeav, New York. H AVE now i n store their full stoc k o f Fancy and Staple Dr y Goods, th e most o f whic h wer e purchase d i n Europe before th e advanc e i n prices, and are now sellin g their entire stock at 25 pe r cen t less than their real value. A t their store wil l lie found rich Dress Silks, from 4 s t o S 5 pe r yard, Rich Silk robes, Merinos, Plad Cash meres. Delaines, Ginghams , Prints, Shawls, Lace and Swis s Curtains, Limnes , Quilts, Ribbons, Em - broid erics, Mournin g goods o f every description l.t.'OO doz. Ladie s best Kid Gloves at 4s worth 7s 13w<44 NOTICE, For th e information o f the Public in general and th e Millrrt of WistfieU! n par'.,via,. The subscriber takesi this metho d o f informin g the m that Walker's Mills art in good running order and have bee n since th e lOih of Sept, no t having been stoppe d more than one day in th e time. Also, tha t th e Mills can do , and are doing as much grinding , and a s well a s any nthers in this toien. For further information, call an J Bee for yon-selves . Flour, Meal, Fresh Ground Plaster, and aa extr a article of Stucco fo r for sale b y J. I t WALKER. P. S. I hav e also a separator, procured o n pur- pos e to clea n whea t pertefctly clean (which I be- lieve n o other mill s here have.) Thos e wishing Flouring done will do wel l to call before Sashing contract s elsewhere. «tf. J . R. w. Real Estate For Sale. rpHc Subscriber offers for sale o n reasonable JL terms, ua d on time t o suit th e purchasers, Two New Dwelling Houses and Lots, eligibly sit- uated, i n th e villag e o f Westfield. Thos e designin g t o purchase will d o well t o I thi s date until tlit 25th (Far o f Jun e next ralsoon. AUBTIN SMITH. I CH At? 'U. LHB, Secretary. Westiield,ApiiIJl- , IKS, May 34th 186S. ™. ^4* EYE AND EAR. D R KNAPP, Occiilist and Aurist, Operator o n the Ey e and Ear, at 140 Main at. Buffalo, N. Y., exclusivel y treats Deafnes s an d all Diseas- es of the Eye and Ear. Eight years experience and undivide d atten- tion t o these tw o branches, enables Dr. K. t o meet wit h successe s s.ddom attained. I'.y th e usa o f Chemica l Vapor s ami other ne w remedies, a number o f Diseases o f the • Ey e and Ear are removed without pain. Operations performed for Cataract and Strabis- mu s or Squinting . Artificial Ey.is inserted. The y move and re- j semble the natural Ey e exactly,in color and cx- pression, and arc Worn and inserted with peifccl j ease. I have jus t received a quantity o f these | gems of art from Paris. Dr. Knapp has opene d a n office in Dunkirk, | opposite the Post ojice and orer the Jijsik. whic h | lie will visit each Thursday morning, from !)A. M. j to IP . M., and a s soon ns necessary, twic e a week, j Severe cases should apply promptly a t 9 o'clock, so as t o aft'ord sufficient time. Dr. K. invites attcn'isn t o his testimonials, whic h embrace s the first citizens o f P.nfialo, c.s well as persons from different parts o f the United SMtcs. rcstond t o >c_'1it nnd hearing . Dunkirk Sept 11.185* ly-2ii AYERS 11ERRY PECTCRAL. For th* Rapid oure of Coughs, Oolda, Hoarseness. Bronchitis, Whoop- ing Cough, Croup, Asthma, and Consumption. \ Wisdom shall torn down to it, and the great wun of the earth shall kneel before it.\ Never could this b e said wit h mor e truth than it now applies to thi s remedy fo r affections of the Throa t and Lungs . Th e exalted i n learning and power, acknowledg e its supremacy , whil e both the little an d the great can fcal its benefits. Th e lib- eral-minded ai.iong thos e skilled t p cur e are free t o own it s master y over distemper s which hav e baffled thei r art Those o f exalte d stations ar e not ashamed t o testify t o its virtues, bu t deem it a duty an d a pleasure t o thus hol d oat the lamp of their experience t o their suffering fellow men. Witness th e following : [Translation ^ . Vermillionville, La., Apri l 1853. Mons. le Dr. J. C. AVEB:—I have of late mad e frequen t use of your Cherry Pectoral i n my prac- tice, and a m happy to inform you that i n no cas e yet ha s i t failed me . 1 hav e mad e some signal cure s of Laryngiti s an d Bronchiti s with it, an' i have completely cure d one case o f Asthma , which withstoo d every othe r medicine I conld employ . Accept , Sir. th e assurance s of my distinguishe d consideration . JULES CLAUD GOUGUET , M. DL, Late Surgeon of the Roya l Marine, France . Extrac t from a letter o f ou r Minister a t th* Court o f the Snblim e Porte . Legation ot th e U . S. A. , Constantinople, Tur- key. Dr. J. C. Ayer . Dea r Sir:—The Cherry Pec- toral receive d from you for th e Sultan, ha s been delivered t o his private Secretar y a t tine palace, and you wil l doubtles s hear from i t i n du e season . That you wer e so kin d a s to send me, has beea, give n to friends, who hav e i n many ease s found it exceedingly useful. Yours, respectfully, GEO . P . MARSH. Minister Plenipotentiar y o f the U . S. A. to Tur- key. . ; Caracoa, March 5,1853: Br. J. C. Ayer:— I us e you r Cherry PeetoraT daily i n my practice, and a m satisfied i t i s a rem- edy which mus t meet i n ever y countr y th e high- est approbation* C. W . JACKHEER, If, D. Residen t Cour t Physician . Among th e emiueu t Editors who testify to their personal experience an d knowledge o f th e won- derful cure s and immens e usefulness of tho Cherry rectora l i n their sections , we may mention— Boughton A Co., of the Federal Union, Milledgc- ville, Ga. L. Patton, Chr'ptian Advocate , Knoxville, Tenu. J. B. Dol«<on, American Presbyterian, Green- ville, Tinii. J. B. Samf on,.Democrat , MeConnellsbnrg, Pa. J. Ross, J,-., Shelbyvill e News, Tenn . Harvey, hilfl—f wOa, State Gazette, Burling- ton, Iowa. J. Knabb A Co^fJournal, Reading , Pa . Raymond, Harper A Co, New-Yor k Times . tv Cobb, Christian Freeman , Boston. Wm. B. Jicol s, Christian Chronicle, Pbiladel- pbia- llon. J. Wcntworth , M. C. Democrat , Chicago, III. Rev . E . G. Reese, Methodist Protistan t Balti- more. W. M. Vightmnn, Christian Advocate , P. C. J. M. Donnell, Daily News Savannah, Ga. Geo. D . Prentiss, Louisville Journal, Kv . Hon. Schuyle r Colfax, M. C, South Bend Reg - ister Indiana. RAILROADS. BUFFALO & S. L. RAILROAD. TIME TAPLE. U NTIL further notice. Trains will leave th e Dunkirk and Westfield Station a s follows: GOI\(i EAST. Night Express , Way Express, - Kxpress Mail, - •jattjajajc Expres s Freight, . S . A. Cummings, Christian Mirror, Portland, Me. M. H . Bartlett A Co., Republican, Hartford, Conn . Chaddic k A P>crrv, Banner o f Peace , Lebanon, I Tcnn. Thompson A Co., United Empire an d Patriot ! Toronto, ('. W. Charles Cook, Democrat, Danville, Pa . M. Ikn.iuui , Democrat , Alhbtonn Pa . Sherma n A Harron, State Cazctte, Trenftm, N. J. Wrigh t A Haven, Prairie Farmer, Chisago, III. Thes e gentlemen hav e no t onl y certified to thes e I statements in their papers t o the pnblic ' lint have j sent me their personal letters,' to th e effect tha t they hav e found my prcperation a n article of gnat public niility. Space will not admit full testimonial s here, bu t I the agent s belo w named will furnished my Amer- | iean Almanac , gratis, t o ail wh o ask for it, w here- in are full particulars cad imiisputaoleVroof o f 1 the seatatements. 4m-2* -^M Expres s Mail, - - Lightnin g Express. Wa y Express, - - Nigh t Kxpress, - - Freight - - - - Dl'XKIKK rt no \. M. - S 40 A. M. - 2 25 r. M. 8 25 r. M. - - 121 0 P.M. ooiXU WKHT. 8 40 a. » . - 12 20 M. \> 50 r. M. 11 45 r. M. 11 \0 A. M. WicsiriKi.n. 2 U A. M. 7 3* A. M. 1 38 r. w. 7 4* r. si. 1O:IOT. a. 9 18 A. 12 43 f. 2!l p. 12 25 A. 11 43 Dunkirk, May 7, IS. C. C. DENNIS, Supt. CABINET FCRXATlllE. V R.VIiK opportunity now offers to pan-base Goo d l'uinature at lo w prices. Th e subscri- ber intends leavin g the business, and no w offers this large assortment of Rosewood, Mahogany and I Walnut Kurnature a t low and reduced prices. I Shipjiers and Country Dealers » ill d o well to eall I at bi s old stany. No . 2(1 Catharine St., near E::st I Broadwav, Ne w Yor k Citv. SOLOMON FANNING, fc-fca. MAW WKEjt7r;'HtfF*»AI.O, \. * AND SCPEMOR ST 1 , CLEVELAND, O. DIRECTORS: Hon. A. H. Tracy, Hon. K. G.Spauliliiig. Hon. C. W. Clinton, Hon. 1. A . Verplanck, Hon. T! -. v.. Foot, Hon. L.: .••...,'„-, Hon. VictorM Rice, j Win. A. Bird. Esq, John II. Lee, E«j., Hon. N. K. Hall, Hon. Win. .W Motley, Hon: Washingto n Hunt , Hon. S. G. Havens, O. <;. Steele, Esq, Joh n L. Kiniberlr, Esq. C. M. Ree.l, Esq,\ Pete r A . Porter, E<q , I.'. If. Spcncee. tl. n. Bryant, H. D. Sti-.itton, •'co. R. Penn, F. A. VERDE A CO., Furniture Manufactory and Ware Rooms, 21)s BKOAnWAV, XKW-VOKK, Hehceen the Metropolitan Sf Smitlisimian Hotels. I 7TRNITCRK of ever y variety and o f th e best quality, at moderate prices. W e hav e the largest establishment and the best assortment of really good an d substantia! Furniture to be for.r.' in this country, to whic h w e invite th e pnttii nlai oti^ntinn of purchasers. Cv.\\l For Sale or to Rent. F Ol'R dwellin g houses, situated o n the Corner of north Portag e an d Washington streets. For particulars enquire o f the sut erriber. CHANDLER PERSONS . Westfield, March ; , 1S5P. 4C-i:w. C^i ARLKS STARK, .In., A Co, No . 117 Fulton St, New York, Manufacturers of air! Deal- a m in Alehohol, Camphene, Posg, nc and Ihiinin g Fluid. Also, Lamp s and Chandetiemof ali'Uin.is. \-'ui-il For Sale or to Reitt. \ HOUSE and Lot, desirably located o n Clin- ton Street Fo r particulars enquire of eoc'.ii A co, Westfield, April 30,185fi. 'rOT, ?4 0 0^ 25 CD a For Sale A CHEAP and convenient Hoiisejand Lot o n Washingto n Street—nearly opposite the res- idenc e o f Horac e BurcB. BABCOCK A KNIGHT. Westfield, April 30, '30. Wood Land. W E ar e wishing to sell two hundre d acre s of woo d land, lyin g a little east o f th e Mav- ville Plank Road an d alout five mile s from thi s village, 1856. Babcock A Knight March 27, CBAfTAi-Qf E COUNTY Jt-ncK's OFFICE, ) January 2, 1856. \ The General Term s o f the Count y Court and the court o f Session s for th e County of Chautnn- que arc appointed t o lie holde n atthcConrt Honsc in th e Villag e o f Maylle i n sai d County i n th e year s 18.56 and 1857, a s follows: A General Term o f the County Court for the trial of Issues of law and fo r th e hearing and de- cision o f Motions and other proceedings, a t whic h ne Jury Will attend, o n th e first Monday o f Febru- ary i n th e yea r 1856, A general Term o f th e Count v Court fox tl e trial and issue s o f law A o f fact, an d for the hear ing and decisio n o f motions an d other proceed- ings, and a term or the Court of Sessions; at whic h a petit Jur y will be required to attend, o n th e brat Monday o f April, th e first Monda y o f Septem - licr, an d th e fourth Monday o f November i n eac h year. There will be n o Grand Jur y i n attendanc e a lue Courts o f Sessions,'unless t,| ecially ordered. EELDIN MARVIN. Co-nty Judge. ~ DISSOLUTION. \VTOTICe is hereby give n tha t the co-partnership . l hitherto existing betwee n th e undersigne d Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Th e Compan y Book s will b e left at th e store of Ogle, iiamedien t settlement is desired. WDJ. 51-mS Westfield, April 11 th, ' WILLIAM OGLE, THOMAS BOOTH. Map*'for Sale. on hand for Sale, a few maps of county , as U is. \Woodman Masses' A Knight. March**. 1848. • W e have . chautauqu NOTICE. •fkTotice i s hereby given tha t th e annua! meetin g it of the .Stockholders o f th e Buffalo ami Stat e Line Rail Road Co.. will b e held at th e efllce o f the Secretary o f said Compan y in the City oXBaf- falo o n th e 24th da y o f June , BefeVfa i th e pur pose o f fleeting Director s a'nd Insjieetoni ofElec - tjon, for th e ensuing vear. Th e poll vt election will b e opene d at 11 o'clok A, H . an d e|oeed a* 12 M. Th e II ansfer books, wilt b e closed frem FACIITY; ) Professors of the Science of Ao- / counts, and Lecturers o n Bnsi- ) ncss customs. 1 Instructors in Business and Or- , .las. W. Lush, ! naminta l Penmanship , aadj W. 1'. Spencer, Y Lecturers in Mercantile far— J ns] nnedncc, Ac . Hon. Horac e Mean, irnd Hon . Geo. W . Clinto n Special I.ccum :s . Finance, Ac, Ac Rev. .1. Hyatt Smith , and Mr. B. Atkins Leclnr- - ei s on Politicsl Economy . Revs. ST. I.. II. P. Thompson , c. w. Hosmrr and G. W . Restock, Lecterns e n Mercantile Ethics. C:h, r Any. M. .1. Oairr.; n an d F . C . V. Lictmeis o u Cooaercfat l Computation.\. TECJJS: For full comst—time ntiiiraitc£—inchn;- ing ai l departs)* n!s o f Kc ok-Krepinp, Lectiirisaud Practical I'cmiias.'djip, For sam e course in LaditV department, Persona taking Penmanshi p alone will ic - oeire twenty lesson s for 5 0\(j For various siyh s of Ornanti ntal Penmanship, as ma y be agreed upon. For instruction in business Arithmetic onlv a s per agr< cment. The wesign 1 f ifct Institution is t o afford perfect, facilities for n< quiring in an expeditiou s maiiHer/ thorough knowledge ,,f Commercia l Science an o { Art, a s practically employed in th e Counting. Room and business pursuits, g. ntraltv. The Boo k Keeping Departmen t is\ under the ; personal superintendenc e of the most areoar- plished Accountant s and Teachers , an d i t i* be - lieved that n o Mercantile Colleg e i n \the United States possesse s superior advantages Tor impart- in g a thoroug h an d practical knowledge o f Com- mercial Science. ,. ( Th e Collegiate Coarae wirlcmbiace th e moat approved ami practical forms fo r keeping book a by Don; le Entr y in th e rations department s of Trade and Commerce, inclnding Genera l Whole- sale and Retail,.Mercantil e baajaahCommis- sion, Manufacturing, Railroad, Basking, Printing , Mining, Shipping , Kteamheatfnfe IntrivlBuat part- nership, and Compound Compan y Business. AH, manuscripts from which th e Studen t copies »r o written in a bold rapid busines s band, whic h wil l serve as a great anxfljary i n securing t o hi m a n excellen t style ef writing , Daily Ixctnrcs will be delivere d upon th e sci- enc e o f accounts , Commercia l Law , Political Economy , Commercia l Calculations, Banking, Mercantile Customs , Commercia l Ethics, Rail- roading, Busines s Correspondence, Mining, Com- merce, Commercial Geography , etc . Penmanship , practical an d oinainenlal, will b o taugh t i n th e most ejedaal manne r b y Lns k . Spence r an d Cooper, gentlemen of the hig h accomplishinc'Iits, a s systematic an d rapid u, nes s pecmeni-the former o f whom in Mew-Ye, and th e latter both in Ohio and Michigan, t^ first premium s o n business »n d ornamental P manship theTpresent yea r We guarantee to i f iart t o onr patrons t o a more general exten t t h s don e at any similar institution, s han d writ! in ever y respect adapted to business pursuits. Gentlema n and ladit s wishing to qualify th e selves for teaching penmanship , wil l find amnl faVilities at this College. Tho Suite o f Boom occMiad b y ths Colle g are spacious, elegantl y furnished, an d conven rMe , r y ci; t Tle^uc«C' m,,,,r ^ Vf 1 ^ * Th e ladles' depirtmcnt i s cnffrely separata from th e gcnUeujars, an d i s fitted n p i n a nea t and convenien t siSimer. Thronjflt Affejftehsive'bnslnci* acquaintanc e oftne principals, man y Of th e stndcnta'dn gradu - atin g sr e places in lucrative sit^l*ioJl«: v ' , r <>r further information, send by m«ft>r rate \gne nnd circular recent I v issued whic h will ha pi oiuptly forwarded free of charge. * ly-31 .'••?i , b > -L J ta\jfcasafl aSsJataa t. ,„» EISSOLUTTOK. N°£piiJ^^ signed, in this da y dissolved hy James Ci osjurrove wilLjrtfO M a \•t'-H . BmrtilsSS sW b e R.Keya.P. The Wells AC WeaUcld. Jaa 12. 18i4v< ' to J Alia.

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