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AJttlVALOF THE AMERICA. Greet Britain avmt, -way on the Cen- tral America, Question! HALIFAX, May 8. The royal steamer America arrived at this port on route for Boston this forenoon. Her date* from Liverpool are to Satur- day the 26th. Her dates are three days later. The news is of no special importance. Ramon were current and had received some credit that the British Government was inclined to give way on the position she had assumed in controversy with the U. 8. Government upon the Central Amer- ican affair, but the belief was that Mr. CramptoB would be recalled. The London papers had obtained what was purported to be a copy of the treaty of peace. The contents of the document accorded mainly with what has been anticipated. CRIMEA. Letters from the camp of the 8th ult., state that acti/o preparations con- tinue for the departure of the army. A dispatch of the 8th states that Gene- ral Pollesier reviewed the whole army on the 7th. Gen. Scuders and many other Russian officers were present The epidemic had ceased among the sol- diers. An armistice has been established in As- ia. The colera raged fearfully among the in- surgents against the Porto in Arabia, and 13,000 died in one tribe numbering 45,- 000. ENGLAND. The steamer Canada arriv- ed at Liverpool on the 20th ult In the House of Lords, Monday, there was a majority against the Government of eight on a division. A second reading of tlio Church do scriptive bill in the House of Commons, Monday, in discussion touching expenses contemplated peace rejected, Sir. J. B. Gray said, notwithstanding display of fire works and other demonstrations, it would still l>e open to parliament on question respecting the terms of the peace to impeach the Gov- ernment if thought nesessary. PARIS. At a sitting of the corps legis- lative, on Friday, M. Montealbert made a remarkable speech on the freedom of the elective franchise. He denounced the Courts as an accomplice with the govern- ment to render universal suffrage a mockery, and called for alteration of the law. ST. PETERSBURG, 21st—Count Orloff has been appointed President of the Coun- cil of the State. TURKEY.—The Paris correspondent of the London Times says, the treaty of peace contains a clause that all the Allies shall evacuate the Russian territory as soon as possible, after the ratification. Omar Pacha's army will be formed into movable column\ to scour the country and enforce the execution of the new laws. Vienna letters says the commission for the reorganization of the Principalities will commence deliberations, before the close of the month. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. In Liver- pool cotton market an active speculative de- mand had prevailed, and the quotations are slightly in advance of those announced by the Persia. The week's business amount- ed to nearly 100,000 bales, of which almost one half was taken by speculators and ex- porters. In breadstuff there was an approved tone and prices on the week a shado higher.— Provisions were generally firm at about for- mer rates. The London money market was if any- thing slightly higher. Consols were rath- er lower than on the departure of the A-'i merica. The closing quotations being 92 3 4@93 REPUBLICAN. •. C. RICK, Editor. Call of the national Committee. To THE |BOFLE OF THE UNITED STATES:—The People of the United States, without regard to past political differences or divisions, who axe , i opposed to the repeal of the Missouri Compro- h , M deSth •\ «* U ? * P»*lavery men for Kansat. Sheriff Jones who was shot at Lawrence, an account of which we gave last week, is reported to be dead; though the N. Y. Tri- bune of the 10th contains a statement that this is not the case; but that the rumor of mise, to the policy of the present Administration, to the extension of Slavery into the Terrtories, in favor of the admission of Kansas as a free State and of restoring the action of the Federal Gov- ernment to the principles of Washington and Jefferson, are invited by the National Committee, appointed by the Pittsburg Convention of the 22d Pebraary, 185IS, to send from each State three delegates from every Congressional District, and six Delegates at large, to meet in Philadel- phia on the 17th day of June next' for the purpose of recommending candidates to be supported for the offices of President and Vice President of the United states. E. D. MORttAX, Xew-Tar FRANCIS P. BLAIR, Mil, JOHN M. NILLES, Conneticut, DAVID YV1LMOT, Pennsylvania, A. P. STONE, Ohio, WILLIAM N.CHASE, Rhode Island, JOHN Z. GODRICH, Massachusetts, GEORGE RYE Virginia, ABNER HOLLOWELU Maine, E S. LEELAND, Illinois, CHARLES DICKEY, Michigan, OEOROE G. FOG!}, New Hampshire, A.J. STEVENS, Iowa. CORNELIUS COLE, California, LAWRENE BRAINARD, Vermont, WILLIAM GROSS, Indiana, WTMAN SPOONER, Wisconsin, C. M. K. PAULISON, New Jersey, E. D. WILLIAMS, Delaware, JOHN G. FEE, Kentucky, JAMES REDRATH, Missouri. LEWIS CLEPHANE, Dist of Columba. National Committee, WASHINGTON, March 20, 185G, REPUBLICAN. Local, Literary and Miscellaneous. By C. D. Backet WESTFIELD, Wednesday, May H, 1856. District Convention. A District Republican Convention for the purpose of prejudicing their country agafhst the free State men of Kansas. — But from the acount given of his wounds we should presume that the report of his death is correct We cannot however believe that is the work of the freo state men; and such is the general impression. It was a cowardly act by whatever party perpetra- ted; and it is hoped that the miscreant whether a freo state man or a tiorJcr ruf- fian will yet be brought to justice. • Im- mediately after the occurrance of this unfor- tunate affair, a public meeting was held at Lawrence by the Free State citizens, at which all responsibility for the act was strongly denounced: and Gov. Robinson, as Gov. of the State of Kansas offered a re ward of $500, for the apprehension of the perpetrators of this foul deed. It is not likelv that Sheriff Jones was will- TIIE weather grows cold in its affections, this Tuesday night WE said Wheeler the miller, last week, when we meant COLE. We like Wheeler well enough, but COLE is better—in cold weather. Basiness and Newspapers. A good press should be sustained, a bad one discountenanced ai d abaidoned. What we understand by a good press was seen last week. Business men who need the pe- culiar aid of the newspaper to further their enterprises, must be its support—and main- ly, in two ways: 1st, by giving it circula- tion, and 2d, by advertisements in it or by printed announcements. No country pa- per can live by its subscription alone. Its continuance is conditioned on the payment of its expense by its advertising and job pa tronage. A farming community have but region of the stomach, while little occasion to advertise. It lives by so- liciting the soil; nature is its foster-patron. The trades, the buyers and sellers, those who live by sales and exchanges, must be »rternoon, Drs. GIBBS of Frews! THE mist and ice clear up from the Lake, and wc think we see water. The boys at least are fishing at the Harbor, and our ta- bles confess to fine spoils c f white fish, her- ring, perch, &c. WE notice the cows are out of the Park; who is resenting time-honored usages? We notice again, the drift-pilo sports a fence! Some one thinks the day of small things, , ,,,.»,. T a community; the trades and professions and a shackling foundation, are not to be , .t , , . Singular Death of Dr. Foote. For several days past says the James- town Journal, Dr. SAMUEL FOOTE of this village had been ill, and partially confined to his room and bed. His friends had not considered him dangerous, and within the last few days ho was thought to bo recov- ering, and had been out to sec his patients. On Wednesday last the Jamestown Medic- al Association, of which he was a monil>cr, convened at the Allen House. Several of its members had during the day called on Dr. FOOTE, and assigned his malady to the thought it was in his heart, and expressed the opinion tliat ho should die suddenly. After the session of the Association had closed in the urg, and looked to as the pecuniary and natural al- STRO ™ <* Westfield, called at bis residence. lies of the press. The relations of the | Hls Wlfe \ ««*hng South for health, and newspaper thus appear. All persons sho'd j the doctor's only regular attendant has been | take it who are interested in the concerns of despised. WE like to see fine horses. THOS. PREN- DEKGAST started on Tuesday, for Buffalo, ing to offer himself up as a martyr to bor-. with three fine span, ind as many singlo der ruffianism; yet there are good reasons for supposing that the whole affair was a preconcerted plot of the border rutlians; and that the only variation from the pr<v gramme, was the fatality of the shot; and that it cannot bo ehargable on the free state men. This would much Utter accord with the the First Assembly District of Chautauque | spirit of border rufh'ani-m than with a pence- county, will be held at the Court House in | f»l and guarded course panned thus far bv Mayville, on the loth of May next, at 1 o'- j tho free state sott i ors . clock P. M., for the purpose of electing: two ! ,,-,,,, , ... , j I __.,. .„ *u o. r> LK n We shall however bo i;;eIv to get a delegates to the State Rcpub lean Conven | • \ tion, to be held at Syracuse, on the 28th of : corl<,ct version of the affair, on the return May next. The towns are requested j of the House Kansas commission. That to send the usual number of delegates. j the acts of the border ruffians have been By Order of Committee, i sut . n as to provoke retaliation and even of April 29, 185(5. i .. , ' . . , ... ' : this extreme kind no one can deny. \\ • To the People Of New-York. j do not however wish to justify an at of i this character in any parte; but let the At a meeting of the Republican State; . . , , „ ., . * . ., r , .„ , ?, . ., . ' - , „ ! country look at all the facts m the ease. Committee, held in the city of Albany on * , . • , .t o=i e A -i -IO-.2 ,r ]•,. • • ... before passing judgement. the 25d of April, 18ob, the following c 11 • \•' 5 i i i ^ — i m -•• •PI P** < t* Our notice of Mr. Edward's letter to his 1 he people of the State of New-York, i „ , without regard to past political differences i Constituents seems to have stirred up our or divisions, who are opposed to the repeal neighbor, and in reply to a remark that of the Missouri Compromise; to the polie/ j we mr. de, that Mr. Edwards does uot st te oi the present Administration; to the extcn-' t0 ^[^ branch of tho Americrn partv ' siou of Slavery into the Territories; in fa- lasses. Ilo will be found at tho Hotel, in that city. Franklin SKI several new advertise newts—WA- TERS, TAYLOH, WARD, STKASS, ice Men who :-tveiliM! fairly, expect to meet their customers fairly; the ilitr . M\ ill ••«•! •h-nlla! •. American .Mul naie L'hitt. o\ r[ ... to ;!i • o eitiz 11.\ aie already polit.\lv landed ill t leir er - .ui li.aiiiiuolli column ii'ieiivii-iou of every must keep i solvent and vigorous Why should the commercial public ad- vertise through the press ? The answers to this question will embrace in brief, our views on the subject. I. To make money. Self, possession, is the great passion of men, and we give it rank number one, in this our statement.— Those who make th\ most money by busi now, are those who advertise. This i: a gen-ial truth. And with it wc the whole shoai of commercial cynics, who testilv swear that advertising is all humbug —and expert to save two-atid-.-ixpence by avoidin •• i* and iu a neighboring Irish woman. When they entered his room lie was sitting in his chair his head thrown back, apparently ndocp. But on approaching nearer, they found that he was dead. A half-open bonk lay upon the floor by his side, his spectacles were up- on his face, and there was every indication that in the occupation of reading, without the tension of a muscle or the convulsion of a nerve, the vital functions had been sus- pended. So quickly and so quietly did he end his mission of mortality! One mo confront I nlon t bis body moved by vitality and ra- tional intelligence, and the next animate clod ! How thin is the that divides the mortal from the i cold in- partition immortal i.e! them roil Scram a word on wedding:. Wc are not going ;,, interdict them—i: : we. 'J lie evil iiui.-i i ure itself. ButifwucouU have John and Su-.au'- . name in full, befure (»o- iugto press, wo would print 'cm. Srtlue- l«nlv speak to the ui.iii-ter. r why tie b .\i'! l *.ll< l!l . ! itlfhie 11. :'> we are IMHtrUC- :v worn! trade Mind I:K rel ('..re thr '••/•.•,• be will d' tie> • them the mm n il ; iii a stingy obseuri- llrt'ir munterst, and ix i.p'.c don't come to ule i- subject to li: At the time of Dr. FOOTE'S ' could have been no other per it. t. ran i'niiii (I their whereab) zin.; w i trie ! ' X> f II nK II tli the s the sen--'-.- : place his „]:!• of, l.-t thiie. aw. A shrewd wares be- ic eonntv, . and give t, coinmonities an-t A ill send s hand- •ill. blazing with the symbols of his riches. The potential maxim of trade is. Let all i/m' ]mre lo .•«!! lie ]>lase:f irit/ii,' the Itioxrl- Friction Matches. The first Lucifer or friction matches used were prepared with sulphor, chlorate of potash and gum. The end of those when cupped into a bottle containing asbestos moistened with sulphuric acid took fire at once. Such matches have been superseded by the mots simple locofoco matches, whicli ignite by friction without the aid of an acid. These matches are first dipped into molten sulphur, cooled, then coated, with a compo- sition of 16 parts, by weight of gum ara- bic; 9 of phosphorus, 14 of nitre, and 16 of fine peroxid of manganeese, and a little sulphuret off antimony. These ingredients are worked up with water to form a tbick paste, into which the matches are then dip- ped and then dried. Smalt and cinnabar are employed to color the ends of the matches. Those matches which ignite with a small cracking noise, are prepared with the chlorate of potash. It is a dan- gerous substance to use in their preparation. When it is employed care must be exercis- ed that the gumpaste in which it is mixed with the phosphorus does not exceed 104 degrees Fah. These matches are dried in a dry and warm (but not hot) room On October 24th, 1836, Alonzo D. Phil- ips, of Springfield, Mass., obtained a pat- ent for manufacturing locofoco matches with a preparation of chalk, phosphorous and glue. An ounce of glue is desolved in warm water; to this is added four ounces of fine pulverised chalk, and stirred until it farms into a thick paste. One ounce of phosphorus is then added, and tho whole kept a litttle warm and well stirred until the whole are well incorporated together. Into this the end of the matches—which havo been previously coated and then dried —are dipped, and then hud in rows on slips of paper cat wide enough to lap over Iks end et the matches.— Scientific Anur- ia belongs, he innocently asks, \ How many American parties are there V i W e would refer our neighbor to bis own columns for a solution of this question: and if he can follow his own tracks, he will be able to get at the information he desires, or at least needs. We find there the Amcri>-:i(fi National Nomination for Presidi nt and Vise Presi- dent, a d liclow them the calls for conven- tions, to appoint delegates to the conven- tion to be held at New Y« k on the 12th supported for the offices of President and j of June, for the nomination of President Vice-President of the United States. THE Westii'-ld [iepitblirna savs a \mixture of spectacles, radical tion and levity.\ This is the iir.--t analysis of our pergonal structure that we have s.en.— j But SALSKT will doiibtlos tind other ingre- I dieiiu if be continues his investigation. Without investigation, we see a strong f,. ( | ,hilos<>nhv. He wh< development uf railroad rabies —a late at- : d,,.;. . : ( .] mn ,... otherthh lack - the most customers. Tin that even - trailer don'i ^ LIST OF PREMIUMS To be awarded at the 20tA Annual Fair of the Chautauque County Agricultur- al Society, to be held at Westfteld on the 10th and 11th days of Sept. 1856. Stallions. Best Stallion of any age, $10; 2d best $8; 3d best $6; 4th best $4. Committee, Truman Todd, Stockton; Henry Baker, Jamestown; Orrin McClure, Fredonia. Mares and Colts, and Colts. Best Mare and Colt $8; 2d best, $6; 3d best $4; 4th best $2. Best Colt three year old $5; 2d best, $3; 3d best VT.\ Best Colt, two year old $3; 2d best 1$2; 3d bost V T. Best Colt, one year old $3; 2d best $2; 3d best VT.\ Committee, T. Prender- . gast Westfield; Jonas Underwood, May- ville; J. B. Slocum, Kiantone. Hatched and Single Horses. Best Span ot Horses of any age, $8; 2d best $5; d 3bost, §2; 4th best V T. Best Mare or Gelding in harness, $5; 2d best 63; 3d best V T. Committee, Sidney E Palmer, Gerry; Isaac Forbes Jamestown; John Eason, Westfield. Trotting Horses Single Trotting Horse, Mare oi Geld- ing in harness, with reference to speed and action. Best $10; 2d best $5.— Committee George Farnsworth,Westfield Richard F Fcnton, Jamestown; Walter Stevens, Fredonia. Jacks and Mules. Best Jack, $10, Bost pr. Mules, $5. Com- mittee, Hiram Tiffany, Westfield; George White, Fredonia; Daniel Williams, Har- mony. CATTUl. Class 1. Short Horns. Best Bull 3 years old and upwards, ¥0; 2<1 best §4; 3d bost $2. Best Bull '1 years old, *5; 2d best §3; 3.1 best V. T. Best Bull 1 year old, §3; 2d best, §2; 3d best V T. Best Bull Calf. $3; 2d best«2 3d best V. T. Best Cow 3 year old and upwards,f>5; 2d best $3; 3d best V T. Best Heifer 2 vear old §4; 2d bost §2; 3d best V T. Best Ibifer 1 year old $3; 2d best *2; 3d bestV T. ,1, ill there \re to h>i>i. Tiii-- is per- * this stands >einj> rqual.for alb, there >n in the home. When discovered bvtho physicians he had apparently 1»M n dcadnltoiit fifteen minutes. The deceased had been a ]i:i- tisicg phy- sician in this village for many years. He was a man of ability in bis profession, and as asnrgct* had very few equals, P. S.— Sine,, the above was in type, wo | y^* Heifer Calf *3; 2d best §2; 3d best learn that a post-mortem examination has i V T. Com. John E Griswold, Shoriden been held, which shows that Dr. FOOTE di- j ed of a rupture of the ascending aorta, or I the great artery leading from the heart- State, and of restoring the action of th\ Federal Government to the principles of Washington and Jefferson, are requested to choose two Delegates from each Assembly District to meet in State Convention in the city of Syracuse on Wednesday, the 28th day of May next, at 10 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of appointing the Delegates to which this Stite is entitled—being three Delegates from each Congressional District and six Delegates at large—to the Nation- al Convention in Philadelphia, on tho 17th of June next to present candidates to 1K> Buows's HOTEL.—We neglected to suite, in our last is-tie. that this favorite House is again under the management of H. L. BKOWX, Jr. \Hiram\ was raised in a Hotel, and knows what's wanted as well as what ain't about that kind of an establish- ment, lt'those who stop with him do not feel at home, it will IK- their fault, not his. Erie Const. illy w.ni it. An The rupture was caused art TV. Centre; K E Young, Busti; T Parker, Sherman. Cla*s 1, Devons. Same Premiums as Short Horns. Com 11. A. Prendergast, Westfield; Amos R ouSv ayut to givi icntly, is the pros Again: There now than ever ' this information more t! •. Civ : !i n-2 i, the ven- i bnv ',. in- flu; '.! tor •. l:\ Irsilton creased t'.ie wants of man, an! mult: them into a thou ami faneti s and ta-t We do not live in the very un-commerca That's so, we'll testify. Wellcome up, times of Lveuiyus and Sparta, with iron some time too, bi obtain fresh impressions-1 m,.:i -v and n<> luxuries, nor the lietfer: <s • | - j >f Veniciau an 1 FWmtin • wealth. In a ; i rude, pastoral state, m< n have t' w wants [ they do not imv n >r sell, A eoiuniitt.ee have -eeomilietl all further imp irtat blbited, and that • • prevent their settiit; A ,.IIK liabl >:ISS mit>ro\ ing. ie EDWIN D. MORGAN, SIMEON DRAPER, JAMES B. TAYLOR, JOSEPH BLUNT. JAMES W. NYE, JNO. L. SCHOOLCRAFT. DEODATUS WRIGHT, JOSEPH DAVIS, J. M. B. DAVIDSON, O. P. WILLIAMSON, ABRAHAM B. OLIN, JAMES FORSYTH, E. G. SPAULDING, PHILLIP COSHIMER, LEVI C. TURNER. STANDISH BARRY. LEVI DIMMIC. STEPHEN C. JOHNSON. DANIEL T. JONES. ALLEN MUNROE, A. G. RICE, S. M. BURROUGHS, SAMUEL P. ALLEN, CHAS. O. SHEPARD. Republican State Committee. RepaMkaa COsvestisn.—.M Assent. District. The Rcbaplican Electors of i,hc several towns in said District, are requested to appoint Delegates *o a Convention to be held in Sinclearville, on Thursday, the 22d day of May insi., at 1 oxloclc P. M. for the purpose of electing two Delegates to the State Convention, and to transact such other business as may be necessary. The towns arc re- quested to send the nsual number of delegates. Dated May 7, IRoG, A. W. McK'IXSTRY, E. T. PATBTDGE. A. GILBERT, A. P. WHITE R. V. CURXIXGHAM and Vice President to be supported by the American party. This would seem to indicate that there • are at least two branches of the American I party. And it would be gratifying t< > us, and we presume it would bo to the readers of the Transcript to know to which of these our neighbor intends to adhere, llvro is a | sort of confusion which may not have oc- j currod to the Editor of the Trau^rijpt. — j There is an old saying the import of which j is, ye cannot sen e God and Mammon at i the same time. But it looks a little as if our neighbor : I\ E Premium list for the ensuing fsir, i was an exception to the rule. M ' \ f tllis cmint - v - wiU b , c {rmd P ubl » s hed m j The National Convention to be b ldj^it | ° l:reolu,nnsto da >- The effiaert board i New York was called by those who would j \ f , ' 0,Uro1 llavo (,011 '»^ n ^ ™ rl y an -l v '?- ! not support tho Fillmore ticket; ,-tnd does j '\\\- 1 - v tho work of P | - e P aration - Let the j our neighbor expect that the Fillmore men I P eo P t e d \ ,ho snmo - At a latu ,uecti,l J? of will be received into that convention I It ' ' he E**\*** 8 Committee of the county ag- wouhl be well for those wno have such a ! m ' ,,llural society, it was resolved, THINGS generally are grass looks green. The mooted question whether it is green or not, we will not now undertake. Some valorous buds are ripen- ing into leaves. Men on the street look well dressed aud humane. The younger part, we observe, have taken to a sort of flap ashy colored coat a white handkerchief in the pocket, but very little money. The mer- chants are sociable, and looking into one's head the other day, we were surprised to discover a whole bale of calicos! The doc- tors are loitering round, and seem to have lots atpeuiemee. More respects for the re^t t:e\t time. the ah :ll •t Chines en i av. .r the - nte iho-KOS «1 e.'i • railroa . :ii - ••* ,i! i i' •ia the Stat gi anting i.ani.'s to <|or and pJ.| watches, creasctl va-tlv the trirl\^ tocom'o:-: an! luxary. nam.-'l. and their asrs merchant. Where man tr-..V Now. art that Tl: in s] has CORS P t', 1, .11 a m\u\ all df.H- by the larc rivaling h> tiie otlier U.T a,], | exhibition I an Tho District Convention for this district, is held at Mayville, to-morrow at 1 P. M. to elect delegates to the State Convention, at Syracuse on the 28th. Mr. Giddings of Ohio while making a speech in the House on the 8th, in oppo- sition to tho appropriation of $26,000 to compensate tho Ohio marshals at Cincin- nati, called into service to aid in returning a slavo mother and her children to liondage, suddenly fainted and fell to the floor. He was conveyed from the Hall but so< >n recov- ered, returned and finished his speech. ^i •, ^i —. The following facts are stated in tho an- nual report of tho Secretary of the Ameri- ;an Seaman's Friend Society: In the year 1830, the tonage of tho A- merican vessels was 1,191,776 tons; the number of seamen and watermen under the American flag, including those in the Navy, a little over 90,000. In 1855, the tonage had increased to 5,212,000 tons; and the number of seamen to nearly 400,- 000; both having more than quadrupled in one-fourth of a century. In 1844 tho tonage of tho British Com- mercial marine was 2,616,965 tons; em- ploying 172,986 men and boys; in 1854 it had 5,043,270, and her seamen, includ- ing the 63,000 in her navy, to nearly 400,- 000. desire, to be all things unto all men, to read over, if they never have done it before, the acsount^of the man who was found at the wedding, without having on the weddint' ga.ment. m m fc Congressional Silling. The head waiter of Willard's Hotel, in Washington, was shot by Mr. Herbert, a member of the House, from California. It appears that Mr. Herbert with a friend came down at 11-J- o'clock and called for breakfast but it being past the nsual hour he was told by the waiter that he could not have a meal, without an order from the of- fice for it. This roiled Mr. Herbert and be directed the servants to retire, calling them harsh names. Tho deceased made some reply, and is said to have .Used inso- lent language towards Herbert; at which Herbert struck him with his fist, or with a napkin. The deceased then picked up a plate or troy, making movements, as if to throw it, when Herbert, threw a chair at him, the latter returning the assault with a plate. The other waiters then rushed in and a general fight ensuei', during which Herbert discharged a pistol, killing one of tho waiters on the spot. The reports of the transaction vary somewhat but the above is the substance of tho testimony, as given on the examination. Herbert was committed to custody; to await his trial at the criminal court of the District; the justice before whom he was examined refu- s ing to admit him to bail. AM uncle marrying his niece by dispen- i'©f the Pope, is one of tho incidents 1 in the Florence Letter or tho AdwrtissT. The brother of the fiC Da** II anrried the daughter of *• 9mi D*dKss. The bill, some days ago, adopted by the Senate, amending the Bounty Land Law of 1855, has also been adopted by the house. This* bill provides, that oral ev- dence, where no record exists, may be ad- mitted to prove military service; and al- lows one day's service for every 20 miles travel from the place of organization of tho troops, and also on their return after dis- charge. THE Republican Caucus held at the Westfield House on the 13th, was organ. ized by electing H. A. Prendergast chair- man and Geo. W. Putnam Secretary: on motion H. A. Prendergast Wm. Voree, M. C. Rice, for the 1 election district and (ieo. W. Putnam and Ezera Sheldon for the 2d election district of the town of Westfield, were elected delegates to tho Assembly district convention to be held at Mayville on the 15th. • • m WE have before us the May, number of the Ladies' Companion; a monthly maga- zine published by Joel W. Hubbard in Bos- ton Mass. This is a well filled magazine; and devoted to family reading; its articles are selected with care; and its editorial no- ' tices characterized with ability. That the friends of agriculture and the mechanic arts, in the counties of Erie and Warren. Pa., Ashtabula. Ohio, Cattarau gus and Erie, New York, have tho right to draw premiums, on the same conditions, as the citizens of Chautau.pie county, and that wotcordially invite our friends from those counties to meet with us at our Annual Fair, to l>e held at WESTFIELD, on the 10th and 1 lib days of September ne.\t. THE great red dragon is loose again;— rum is abroad, and its fiery breath is blast- ing hopes and happiness. But still the petted serjiciit is property, and if housed and banted and cellared, before the late act of decapitation, it must not be tw isted or neck-wrung, but suffered to go out and curse and craze the community. On Monday, down on the flat dirt of yon- der street, iu the cross-lights of two print- ing oflices and a church spire, lay a neigh- bor, ilrniik, and muttering in the goblin di- alect of tho drunkard. Who gave him al- cohol for money ? Anoth-r—and worse: On Sunday eve- ning, a drunken Imsband entered a dwell- ing iu tho north part of town, whither his wife had gone to sec a neighbor, and sud- denly making at her like a tiger, leveled her, with barbarous knocks on tho head, to the floor. She was taken up insensible,and has continued in a precarious conditioi ever since. The man—the madman! was tak- en to a judgment seat, aud fined ten dollars. If that woman had died, he would have dangled iu the air for murder. And mor- ally, ho who stealthily poured out that Sun- day dram, and sent tho uu-reasoning tiger home to lay a brute's clutch upon hL, wife, would be partici-ps rrimenis. We don't know who sells tho liquor— some say it reeks up from Barcelona. But if any one there or here in town, sells less than fiv* gallons without a special license, he will be apt t o find the points of the law bristling around him. Shame on tho ven- der. an.i lo-t'.mir in trail'. Hie promptest means must l«e used to secure the firs' and best *•( the custom. The n wspaper is the ready agent to reach the whole community, with electric rapidity. J. To compact a business reputation.— Nairn 1 is something. Men's commercial standing otiLrht to !«• estimated, and is es- timated by the thev !', pears to planting mod by hand. than it w usual worked by ie-., ' 'and . IK. ' .'ur att 'U : M.I »a; calle I. I • a Hand Corn Planter, on 'ouch >vt'..'s .-tore. It ap improvement in th i cora- ls the work is wholly nerfor- and wi Iv done bv nil oiio: vertise hi press, without with which low their work. No man >n:i ad- ' nsiness regularly in the public is simp ed by th rawing the attention of the world, and creating tiie impression that he is reliable. 3. To sustain an agenov for good, gener- ally. To help give so-iety a voice. Many will help build a bridge, ..r gas machinery, to light th<' town—why not a speaking ap- paratus a trumpet to utter curses against vice; to sustain trade, schools, useful en- terprises, and elevate public taste 4. To give weight and influence to the place. Those who exjieet their village to have a character, anil draw to itself talent skill and wealth, neat, give it a good pa- per, and in this map out and send abroad, all the business and activities of the place. Betentamd w< N. S. Hnngerfor i. win ! ey tor i n sale i:i tin- Co. that plant with i' from 2') to 25 a It plants two rows a' will 'l- Well to ..!• ' t HEUBEKT. the Con: the wait T a! thi been adtllitte 1 to 000; an ! i- now i\ A difference of against such prompt vertiser. It will be itics i; no valid reason •ndeavor bv tho ad- en, that ail the above y asoftcningof the Warren, Stockton; Otis Skinner, Sher- I man, California legislature i Class 3. Herefords. rv emphatically, thsi | Same Premiums. Com. C. B. Brock way, Ripley ; Alex. T. Prendergast Kiantone; J. Orton, Fredonia. t'Ia« t. Native and 5Iixed. unc Premiums. Com. Chancey War- ren, Stockton; Ahijah Clark, EUery; Simeon Collins, Uiploy. Oxeu and Steers. , i,,-... •.,',.,,.. u :;,.•.,'. r!. I Best Yoke of Oxen over 4 years old 85; u'd best *+; :>d best «:i; 4th best $2. Best Yoke i.f Steers -i years okl&SjiM best, *2; 3d best VT. Best Yoke of Steers ° years old $3; 2d best *2; 3d bestV T* Host Y'oke of Steers 1 year old >>•'!; 2d best, 12; 3d best V T. Com. Noheniiah Mer- rick. Sherman;Win. Moore, Laona; John M. Edson, Gerry. Fine Wool Sheep. Bert Bach |5: 2d best t3; 3d best V T. Best 5 Ewes s.V. 2d best *3; 3d bc»t 82; 4th best V T. Best 5 Lambs *3; 2d beet 82; 3d l>est V T. Com. Henry Sheldon; Elisha Norton Fredonia; David DeCloo Mina. Coarse Wool Slieep. Best Buck 8-5; -Jd best 83; 3d best 8-' 4th best V T. , Best 5 Ewes 85; 2d best 83; 3d best 82; \ 4th bost V T. man who ki.;-! . Best 5 Lambs 83: 2d best 82; 3d best V !i >: •!, Washington, ha; T. Com. Nelson Gorbam Laona; John ;,,,,_ j Campbell, Busti; Stephen Prendergast | Ripley. Swine. Best Boar 85; 2d best 83; 3d best V T. Best Sow with 5 pigs 85; 2d best 83; 3d l>est V T. Com. DAzaro Nichols, West- field; Warren Couch and John S Coon, Portland. Sutter and Cheese. Bebt Firkin Butter not less than 50lbs 85; 2d best 84; 3d best 83. Be it 25lb3 Butter 83 ; 2d best 82; 3d best 81. Bos lot of Cheese, 2 or moro •neighing 50 lbs. or more each 85; 2d best 84; 3d best 83. atcr rapnntv | the Planters, | arrangement ; were inform j has the agon. | a m an would | •:••- |wr d.iy. ; ugh: fanners a :l, m tin large. line be points for sustaining t!i< reeth to the s»-!f-inter man. Those win therefor\ are DO shrewdness or public spirit. worst imaginable reflection 5. Another reason, alrea.lv anticipated, for sustaining the local press, is, it cannot live without such aid from business men. •ess, appeal ill of the business o ]« ml their.-lid. nvie ! f'.r their They cast the o;i themselves. ACCIDENT. On Friday of last week, as Mr. John Bowon was engaged in drawing stumps from his land, one of the tugs of tho harness broke, and let the whiffletrce back against bim with such force as to badly fracture one o f his legs. The wound was a very serious one and tor a time amputation was thought necessary. He was attended by Drs. FOOTE and BEMIP.— Journal. Concord Grape. We are order obligations to Hon. E. W. Bull, for a stronj - . thrifty vine of the Con- cord Grape, .rigitmtod by him.. This i'ruit is an invaluable acquisition in- asmuch as it ripens a month eai!i\r and is | j (1 r Gnities for troop: a third larger tlia-i the Isabella, d< licious sstaaee, and ordered them t<>U> disbaiuUHi. in flavor and per. tti- hardy. Several of It is reserve.i for Oregon volunteers to res- oar citizens ha\c already procured a vine j clle u ^. There has been a breach ot* - faith fcr their gardens, and wcare sure they | somewhere. I ask for an investiga tion will never regret it. | into the whole matter. WASHIGTOX, May 12. SENATE.—After debate on the subject of the recons'dcration of the vote by which the Iowa 11. R. bill was passed, the subject was postponed. The President sent to tho Senate the following documents relative to hostilities on the Paefic coast. Cen. Wool, under date of March 20, savs the war at I iigent's Sound will soon be closed unless such n thing is prevented by Gov. Stevens' determination to carry on the war independently «f the U. S. troops. He adds that the same remarks are ap ili cable to Gov. Currcv, and that l«>th these Governors are running a race to see who dips deepest into the treasury. He adds: In the dense forests of Bugent' Sound another Florida war can be carried on at an expense of twenty or thirty millions. Wool has no doubt but what ho could settle the contest if the Governors would withdraw. Gov. Stevens says Grn. Wool neglected and refused to send a force for the relief of himself and party when known to be in im- mediate danger, and believed by the best of judg-M to be coming on to Jcertain death, and this when he had at. his conm.an 1 a suffiejnt force of regular troops. He. has refused to sanction' the agree- ment made between Gen. Mason and Ma to be sent to my as- 1 Tho vines that have been received here ha\o a strong growth and will undoubtedly give us a specimen of tho fruit another sea- son. THE Medical Specialist for May comes to us in a now dress and contains its usual variety of meritorious articles on the mode of treating the various pulmonary diseases. This journal from the ability aud candor of its articles cannot fail to secure for itself a high place among the medical Journals of the county. Best lot of Cheese, 2 or more weighing less than 50 lbs. endi 8-3; 2d best 82; 3d best 81. Abrara Frank, Busti; B W (bant, Stockton; T Covcnay Ripley. Fruit. Greatest number of good varieties and best specimens of apples correctly named, at le*«t 3 specimens of each 84; 2d best 83; 3d best 81; 4th best V T. Best collection of Pears 82; 2d best tl. Best collection of Pcachs 82; 2d best §1. Best collection of Plumbs V. T. Best collection of Quinces V T. Best collection of Grapes 82; 2d best 81. Best variety of Grapes $1. Com. George Parker,Westfield; James D Dunlap,Erie; George Barker Fredonia, Hanson A Ris- ley; Mayville Chancey Burch, James town. Flowers. Best Floral Exhibition $3. Best large Bo- <piet 82. Best hand Boquet 81; Best col- lection of Rores 81. Best col lection of Dah- lias. Com. Mrs. James MeCIurg, Miss Sa- rah Kibbee, Miss Mary M Smith, Theo. Brown, Roe.ts and Garden Vegetables. 12 best Stalks of Celery 50c. 12 best Beets 50e. 12 best Carrots 50c. 12 best Tur- nips 50c. 12 bost Onions 50c. 12 best Parfnips 50c. 12 best Tomatoes 50c. Best Heads oi Cabbage 50c. Bost Pumj>- kins 50c. Best Squashes 50c. Best $ bush. Potatoes 50c. The Aleghany Hepublu-an is the nameof a paper just startod at Angelica, and con- ducted by Mr. CM. Be?cher, who was formerly connected with '.he Cattaraugus Whig. Tho Republican, speaks well and makes a fine appearance. Its name indi- cates its principles. Horse—The House passed the bill to enlarge the Post Office, Court and Custom I Best and greatest variety of vegetables rais- House building in Milwiukio—earn the *d l»y «xhibitor«2- 2d l>est V ^ Com. a , . ,.„ • ,• *,oononfJ J Harris, Westfield J Randolph-Panama; Senates bills appropriating tl00,000 to , ^ Q^ DunVirk deepen the channel of the mouth of the , •»«...« ...'. . . Mechanical Department Ml * s,ss, ri\- , ! Best Mowing Machine ST On motion of Mr Grow one week com- ! B( ,, t Horse jj^ ^. w begt y T > mencing on the 4th Monday of Jnne was j Best Harrow t2; 2d best V T. sot apart for tho consid ?ration of territorial . Bost Plow t2; 2d best tl; 3d best V T. ,.;,,. i Best Cultivator $2; 2d best tl; 3d best V T. bills. Mr. Wheeler asked leave to offer a reso- lution in expression of smpathy for tho Capo Verde sufferers, and authorizing the dispatch of an international vessel with such provisions as may be denoted—jiend- ing motion for suspension of rules for its introduction, Adjourned. Tho city of Venico is to take $5,000,000 worth of stock in the cinal across the Isth- mus of Suez. Best Fanning Mill t2; 2d Best V T. Best Horse Power t2; 2d best V T. Best Grain Cradles 50c. Best Corn Mill $2. Best Roller tl. Best Farm Wagon t3; 2d best t'2; Sd best VT. Best 2 Horse Carriage $3; 2d best |S; 3d best tl. Best 1 Horse Top Carriage $2; 3d best tl Best 2 Horse Open Carnage 12; 2d best II.

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