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Local record. (Youngsville, N.Y.) 1868-187?, October 02, 1868, Image 1

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=M # I u-«t iW .vsjujjH', itviiti t<r gum* f ittm'osts, ami tit* , J Vol. I Yoimgm.de; J .. I,, Odt. 2,1868, '•■j rfi) •[> n r 1 *1 if-J- fo, 28.; 7 mm ■ ■ ^oc«I ^ccont, I s P ublished W eekly . at YOUNGSVILLE, S U L L CO , N V MOKGA.XS & CHI DS, Kdittr-i anil Pub'i ho:s T e r m s . One Doll ir u year in advance. SS X% S I X L O V E L E T T E R S . LEARNING- TO WALK , ' Chifjfc N-girtnjn\ thej'mrney Many it mile n ta g .; 1 ’tfV t\'-t ;ee t ■ gutter, NVaiidfcring to ami fro. r._, i..s _ j i . itravel r Ltil'j'ii.i In b.U.y lee, UdfAg it* f;a‘oi i m it'ii <■'. bip, t* -oiwt -t -■v . mny ctln he • ’* alking the odd t l,tn\.ia\e Ever Ijef.n- ivi, he-.uj; ‘ ' Btt m--thw y .:i d hardly thl-aL'so)’ Under-t tn.l -1 very word. ' ' ■ Tottering no-<- and ailing. E s that a.e e/liiig’t» err;, Ki-sea and plen i/ lovu-v/rmln, Willing u.iiiu t-x ry Father ir all1 ‘ '! -uide them, 1 Ire mitten ug little'feet While the are ti-e-iil'mr the up hill road, Br.ivhrg the d ;.,t aud heat. .Aid them when t >y ct >W weary, eep th'-m i ■ pathways h p*t. And when the j mrney s ended, Saviou ! ! jrive hctti rest. The Bill iivtodnc*--d into the b.s't s-rA- .sjon of ( ongress for 'axing cost* of- arms, gave rise to manv sharp and grind iiatriod lur® in rlie nrec-s. agmist those people who have lately had nr- TTiO'ial hearings maile up to ivder — Among oilier thmc< ii wn« «ly!v hint ed dial tli-* tl-viee* an! m >'toe*» ->>- b-o'ed were rho-eii <<r iuv<-ur*-d f *r the wou'tl-'n* iMt'iei'Mm entirely with regard to arti-* io eff-trt. and no' ho any special appr< p iateness. M’e hav- htelv heaid a -tory of th** sain-* general sort, winch m gilt appear in credtb e hut for it.-? unquesrinnabl • au­ thority. A ma i. wh- m we wi 1 char­ itably call Jon s having unexp**cted- edly receive'* a gr*at deal <•{ non»'V by a happv turn of (or-tine thouth* i' nece?<ar; iorihwuh to set up lii« own c triage. and accordingly gave the ne­ cessary o ders to the eariage makei. In dut !imj , a in ign fieent e q opage app arel, witn Mr and VIr«. Jon radiant within, and a magnificent IV inutile l igiest. siyl- of s<-r<n. worn on the panel “ \V V r said an adoirslied friend, whom the delighted owner stopped and greeted. \ ^ hy goo 1 g'a- dions. Innss, don't yorr trim- begin with a / / ” flYes of course” replt> d JoneSj wnh c rii'Cious ,-nperi »ritv bnt th e n VV lick- « i m t-'i Inn i- mi ><i* on instead.” J er, tlxai I iia-i t h i A t< trib e * id m y 1 as < v t k n the s'thl-r^ >i It • 1 river I'he gr.xs>.. Iioppers luiv- mb rly destro\e»i the ert'ps of the famurs, while, hy an un prt-Ct dt nttfl coniliri ution of mi-fm'uine* the hunt* rs who ccnvtitute »t large part of the popu’atiuii have retnnnd Iron t ie p'auis wTtlioiit thetr n-n d supplies of buffalo tneiit. The buff does have .disapp'^reii froin.ti-eir mud haunts while the fruits ot the * arth h> vn been consumed by this tfirihie irruption ol grasshoppers. They are thus jut >-ff from ad sources of supply, except 6-di, upon which they are no.w subs sting Before November it is not improbable that thes« starving people may J> walled in by 500 miles of snow from any. jum b le ant except what may 'drib­ ble through on (log trains. The prob­ lem before the people' of ilinnHota . and the benevolent of other states ii within the next six weeks, to place at p , , . . s ri.,1*— I'., -0 . tn si«'»nsv t. popuhtliotl W f6,000 souls for six pr seveu. .months. . .3 0 . An Aidtruey cow, recently imported by Mr. Sharpless, of Pndadeipliia., h i- on-two separate trials, tnad*\ 13 potjmb of butler per week, giving 21 quirts o' milk per day, without otli£r fted ibtm grass iu the pasture. H e e e s t y is the best policy. “ Are there any more of th°se let u-rs?” When her father a ked ihisqiv sti m iu an awful totte^ Lh.Cilla flirdnnottd eonld not say “ Mb” aud darsi'd not -ny \Yes” but. as, an*intermediated eoume bprst titto tears, jaud fobbed behind h r ha it kerchief . “ Bmig tu m ’<» in<», Ltvilla.” said her--fftther “ a s 1 if sh« Imd answered -jnm, a-Si tfltteed she had* and tire girl, trembling aud tyeeping, arose to obey him • ’ . . i. t Tk n Mrs Rbhm tnH ier^aughtfr> very a<df grown older, cams behind H'-r hn bafid’s chair and patted hirn oil rile --- 1.|,„ “ Pleasxj don’t ] j » hard with her. -tny dear ” she sa*d coax ugly -‘‘lie’s a nic* young man and it is our fault afier all«s,8 much as hers, and you won’t br ak her young heart 1 am sure ” , - “ Perhaps you approve of ti^p whole affxir, m r’ain ” said Vfr Bmhmoud “ 1—no—that r<. 1 only” —ga-p d the Ip-tle woitpn; and he-xring Lumila eotniug. sh- .sg'ik into a chair', hlaftii- iug h< r^elf dreadfullv for n.*t having been p'eseut at all her daugh'er's music lessons during *he pas year For all this *tis urbane-* aro-e from a mu*dc teacher who hn.d given music 1 ssons to 'liss L cilia for iwefve m uiths and who ha.i taken the hb rty ot falling iu levy with her, ktiowtng veil ihat she was the d-iiieloer <jf.aue (if 'tie rieli-st m-*n tu \ ork lure “ Ii was uii-X' usable tu a poorinifsin teacher, who should have known ht* plar Mr ilictnnnud dec are 1 and ne i-,utc 1e<! 1 tiie little p* fumed billet wUicn li x t r-i■ e.i in. . ms u-i o- a- n- ; ui gln a sco-pioii and watted f *r ill ■ others with a Ipok tt.v.m his face winch told of n > softe nng. I'tjen cam- at ia<t six 'inle white envelopes tied together wnh blu* ribbon and were lai 1 m ms e bow by his de-patr- i.ig daughter. • Lock these up iiiril I return this evening.” lie sail to Ins wile; 'I will | read them then. Meanwhile, Lu -ill.* is nor to see this musi; master on any pretence.” Ami ilieu Miss Lucilla went dowi: upo i her knees ‘Oh, dear p a p i!” sits cried ’ dearest pana, please don’t >ay I must nev-r see him again. I couldn’t b*ar i* Irnll-ed I conl t not. lie ’s , o >r. I kimv, hut li * I - a getulem tn, an 1 i like turn -o much papa.” “No more of tli.-’ ali-u ditv, m dear,” said Air. Kiclunoud. “ 11 ■ I m - been arttul • nongli to make \uu think him pertertio.i. f snnp we Y > ir ,..i ions know wliar is o *s- for votn ti'ppiu-'ss. A mn-ic teacher is not a in i **ii for Mi-s llichtnoud. ’ With ih s remark Mr Richmond put on his hat and overcoat, aud de- p tried Then Lu -illa and her mother to >k the opp»r unity ol fdlniig into eaci o her’- aims ‘ i t ’s -o naught, of you ” said Mrs lliclnnmd * lint, oh dear, I c.m’t Inum- you k was exactly so wufi in,e 1 ran away wnh your papt, you k mw, and rnv parents olij -cuduh accmtiH ot ins .poverty i f el the yr-atest. sympat.iy for you. aud Fredeiic has such fine eyes aud is so pleasing J. wish I could softeu your papa ’ : ‘ •Wtien he has seen the letters there’d be mo hope, L’m v-*ry much afraid.” sobbed Lucilla. “ Fred is so romantic and papa tia'es romance ’’ * tie use# to be very romantic himsfclf iu those oil time,” said ulrs. W ® Lttp o * ’ « iV i b* . Wrote «ic{. 1 have them iu iny desk yet. Lie said he would dpy if 1 refused liim ” 1,1 “ So does Fred,’1\ said Lu*’illa ■ “ And that hie Would be worthless without me, .and about my being beautiful (»ie thought sQ you auovv ) I’m sure he uttgut,' to sympathize a tittle,’' said M'r3 ‘tiiehta md But she dared uot promise that he would. t \ T* I * * A * ‘\Ih hito' one fiigekn-hole she lyrher a bnf Ldl** p d exactly .Wre, nt.d drew tfivm'iha’. her daughter' *k she lobke-f of thlhul^rj er. hatel into i'he coxxe^t her darling to stop cry­ ing, aud made her It* jlnwu; then went up into her own rooift to pat the 'e'ter into he,r pwu’ At.sk, an i as sLes pl rceiHtwitt ttito one pigejm- hole she '-aw in at) as these Aire re 'Thege letter.-i w- re tc j Lumll t flf-p thi«, who had ripeiyed -them twenty years befprex ait/ -he wa1? now a matron bid enough tqlhave adaugli ter who had * hedrt treat ies —utiiol.led them one b^ otre' wotijtlerinjr how it came to past tliat luvtts’ laters aje all so much alike t f la,lf ^doz-n. just the same number, and much more jromai.tm thatt ilio*e the music-ma-ter had Written 'tr. h e r came itho Mrs Richtr^i.„ .7 m.tid. Sjlte dared not oppose i ir htjsh iud by a. lank or word she hud never att mpt ed such a thing. Biitr she was fond of -Whfct'l she left the d guilty aud frightened md something iu her pocket ,ru-'.l.tl is she moved But she said nothing to any one. On the subject uiml th\ dinner hour ar­ rived, and wi h came’her hnshitud aligner and more 'de4rhitfneJ tbah ever The- meal was, pasast-d dn silence, rhen having adjjurued to the parlor, Mr. 'Richmond seated t*itns-.tf tn a great arm-chair, and demand­ ed * The le'ters^’ ih a voi Mrs. Richmjnd, put < her pocket,, and ^uiUedl it, ontjagaui .wit it a frightened[ took . ‘ Air ■ Htclim m'd a g ii’tt i:epaated,'stih i more sternly:— '' ' * Thus* absii d !ettersj,if you please mv di-ar mu'sun ” , - , i —in-xi i- — i Oelieve—yes dear— I believe I have tltem ” sin I gave him a pile oFwHin envelopes enctrcl^d wttn a blue nbhoii, with a -hand that iremnled like au aspt u leaf ” , A- for Lticnla .-lie began to weep as though ihe end of all things had cotne at la*t, and felt sure that ii pap-i should prove cru I she should Ji« ‘ Six letters—six s’-iunqeful pieces ot deception, Luctda.” said iln indign.tut jiar> ut \I ::*n shocked that a child ot mme conld p acuce Mien duplicin . Hem! l.-t me see. Number one %. h- heve June, and thH is L>eCt.'inbi-r II %f I a y«»ar you nav* rhcetv d u* then L’lc-ida. L-t me see-ea'i1 ‘Fiotn *h • tir.st moment tie ad(Jfed you.’ eh ? Nonsense!—'People d m’t fall in love m th it absurd rn inner, t takes year-i i f acqnuin auc • and reqvcV and at- uehment. ‘ VVi;h your smiles for his goxl. he would wm In h tam*ou*t or. line, poor as lie l- !’ Fid ilestick-/. Lucilla A maci who ■}* common se n s e would alwavs wait rpiil he had i ur commencement belote lie proposed :oany girl ‘Praise ot you ti«-au, v I'li-* loveli 'St deam re hi ever saw’— e x a g g ration, my. dear You are no plain’ but sn h flatted/ is .absiint. •.Vlirsi hear hum you or die.’ Dear, dear how ah-iud ” And .\ly- llichmor.d dropped the li s letter and to -k ti|).arotiter. •''I’he same stuff,'’ In‘commenced. ‘1 hope you don’t beti*-'ce a Word tie says. A p am. earnest upright sort of a man woutjl uev.-r; #> into such rhapsodies 1 a?n sure. Ah ! now, in number three he c ifls yen ‘an angel,’ he is totnaiitit upon* rn) word And what is all tlri- ?” “ Tho-e wno woull fo-bid me to see you can find no fault wth me but my poverty, I am honest—I am eat nest •‘‘Inft-mons’” he crie.lj -‘'I’lb go to him thin tti^mnl— V\\ Itorsnwhip him ! -“‘■I’il-s-J Ml; miwder tjiin ! As for you ;by. J°ve> -I’ll send you io a ronvfm Jhlap elope wiih a music teacher ! iMtf aMmoied to call ytjo tity dangltt' r Where’s my hat? ( tiv .* m* my hoots. H ere Joh n , c a ll,a Jcab-—- l — s Biff hero Ltwdila caught one arm and ;.\Ir£. Jiicmuoud the other. , . “.Oh. pxpa, are you crazy,?” «aid Lddlla. ‘Fredetick never pro’pbs! <| ■*U b A thing' LcY me see. p>e ie’ter. ‘ Hit,' |m:pa. 1 this iJ ru)t’ Er(-d,s- -upon my yyord it .is got ,Po' mok, papa-; it is dated twenty years back, and Freiiefick’s , name is, not CHariys! Pa|.a, ihe<e are ydurliove letter- io j <h*-m, but amidst ah memory ggr.ry miitutiR wnfrt’ti, i K' aao llt?f a-U^ui- tiam« is Lue.ilfa, you Jtouw ” j kindness reigtietf, where the rridther’s G e n tle, , Be ever gentle with tjm children Qo$ IHK given yen; vvatc.il, over coil- st iiffy; f. provtj viWih’eariiesf)yj 8 >iit ubf m img-r In thot forcible imigdkge of 'Ittv ser p'ure, ‘Be m if , hitrer Sgmhsji . hf.ni.’ '.Y'-t, they am good ..boys'/, I once heard a kuid father: T ta-k fco tltem very t ntic.., but do not, 'like to b>*at my children—the world will bmifc t e tn ’ It. was a* hesmrifuF thought, .tiimigh not elegantly expressed *- Yes, ih*tv is uot one child in. the circle Voiind the table, on whose head, if loiig \cough spared, the storm will, not beat! Adversity’ toby wither i hefti, ■ Sickness oay. fade, u :L*<dd woritj pi ay frowfi oil Mr Jiichmond tlpwn in hi.^ '^r.m chair in silence very‘fed in the face. * How did this dec.ur?” he said, -terulyj little Mrs. Richmond, retreat­ ing into acorrtjer, with her handkerchief m her / • “ f did jr o-u purpo.sv,” ami paused, as l^xo\-*he expected, a sudilen jinlgr»v*nt, But;; hearing Ho hittffi. .she ilar<U‘ai las<t rise and tb Creep up to her husband- lunuliy:. , i tj. ) . 1 -” You Jfii'iWs Charles.” sb^. ftgid* “ ip.- -o long ago since, snuj £ tinplghfc .you night not Vxictiy feiuember—how'^you ell tn love w’.th ate at first sfgiit.dio^pfi pa and niamtna 0 ;j -et< d,'«nd ItOw af'iasf we rap away toget'if-r; ,und it ^ee'meO to me-it »e miild,.iii‘t»ir. reproving eye iVas rhoisfi't^d* by k Mcut*, and 'the, father frowiSed d/marekitl .sor­ row than in.qnger.” ,, Tlt« Seere.tary of war has inaugur­ ated a fn vv policy regarding, Southern r.'iilways. - M -'tnvcf these having bfeett largely iodelkte.d to the govvt;tnne.at for a long- ii inn on .account of nuiteriAl pur- ch lSetT a t the close’ of the war, and inO’st1 Of them, fcfmugli able, have ' pc-t- sishm'tly neglhcfed to * m ake' paymeu'ts- f« aij s«ch ,Ciscs it Js in ; coutemjpltttiou jo appoint a Govermneut ftecei ver to fitke possession uf such roads,.and eon* fro! and 'opeVat« them, till th e \ d ebt Is P‘Md« '' Tho-te ^tiieh At'C1 Boablh it all bick j r° I,ay be1 as JemeOfciy'dealt wiih a3 plaudy lo,yon,a.s tt was then w.e, m ight; j government wi-il-ailow. let our dear Liieiria^tnuTry the ’man j h e \ . , bkdj.’ who isg<W(>'it-he-R liol ftelv/ Tf? natures, w a r n s . tnfin. touch fke didniohBiedd-ifinulght buck dnypiain ! !'orflsl3 w ,t|t a sparing hand. *h*? no ep^myselfj wouiei. luvvo .imxre t/ine. to bi licfttes. tuat Ji| put his ’ «'-«*'■• * into s\-> u i >1jc piair eis, a u i when po—fTTxar pmut, trees T h e quantity of',rain h r wesje/n Nebraska and, J^ansas. is repo-ted *o have doubled .since, the, -ariy'Seufeuient of ifuise regfoiist’ahA rhe 3-ni.‘f>o?ts> tfbulirless’* is fd be fuuiid' borii lu Vi., t)p( ot-tu „ ,, re^s fa mb'thfe opeumg 'ip-pf A*0,/'*-:! go as tO:ab?/)ff> more m o isture. - .Mofi«t\.P brebks or •‘brgtrohes,!? ^ a s . they -.-gt^tiem ' ou£ there, ate, ip acting uphvgtill^s,.QfjC] gu'cnes liitheu'o drv Qomradopj',,^ ‘alifrtrriia. Slate® ' jreiiei'nllv ' inftoc.A ui my efforts. I am by b aaii, and 1 love you fnsm my siuf. mii lor g6ld, Do i — itlem se ll th a gentle- not lee ..ii- p , . . ‘Great heavens,, what impertinence to your patents !” “ 1 don’t rtmemher1 B’fed’s saying anything of that kititl,71 t^iid poor little Luculd. “lie ncvtrr k it tv you would onject ” Mr. Richmond shock his head, frowned, and read ou nt inhume until the last sheet lay umer his haud Xneu with au t-jaculaliou of rage, started to hi» fe»t« J^xriiol.U b#tl* lull * «»<) VVp, hqc, btrn vt ry, vt-iv —Ji>iVe l v ^ u v t ; Ami cettHiiiiy Air. Bi.-limOiul cmiiu not dau'y ' thaT. So lioctHa, ft-i-lulg th a t Itrf iutjerest n n g h t Hifv-iyMv-* Jefi. ir, .ler m o U i w ’f! Jr •'Pl,l$r>- ^ i p j a ' d .‘’ub.Ot.Mfr 'oom anii heard the result of the ins* iiex't miirtittig It Wits taVoi'ablb' to tin )onng h i tist c teaclrei, with had 'onlV neeti seutimenfnl, aud liml not gom- ualf so -ter as att t-lojx-iueut; and ui tin*- 'iiU', ' lie two wire married with nl titc pomp and lite grmidire, befitting t lie nuptials of A‘weal thy\ tdetchant^ *atig-hter‘ with th e peril ct ftpjirobafuo, -<t Luci ia’s latlu r <, and to .tlit* greai j 'v1 <>t LuvdlVs imuqm.t, who j is jy b«- i v d unit her hule ru-e, had iifuu^lit i Out all tier dangbtei L happiness. -Lying.in Bed. • I j is o f t e n ir q u e s t i o n a i n i o n g p e o j ]x mhoar*- u u 'i e q - i . u 'i t e j d •i.v lod phystnixigy of men, whethes ! I X lircd ot“' If Vi I >vi*h tin- botlr, is the most wholesome.- \TIimi e.on.siJ'iii'g ineo, dwu v\4f'*‘ .-.i.itfUis- point, argu- in favor of that' wluc.li they pr>hr. Now, nlihouuh manv de- LiLlit III h o l 'brtng tip ' their le-tids at mghr, and sleep sonntby withoot mjin'y, Vet we declare it lie ii d.mgeioiis luihtr.. Tne vessels hi which the blood i-see from tin-* heirt to the head ut‘< liWitv* lessened in their c*tviti*-s when the head Is ri sting in lied higher tha>■ the bufiv; Ihertdbre, in all diseases at- toial-d adn fever, the head shun d 1 e pi-etty n* arly on a level with the b h H ; n'i peopl* ought to iieciisioiit them- elves to sleep thus and avoid (luidjer, -[V )id Joum d ] ■ 4 i ’ ve h e a td eaptmu ” said mi Eng­ lish traveler to a captain of a steam i niuniug on the iqqnr Mtssissipp} “ that yonr W* Stern bouts can run iii very bo il water— where, in fact, the wmet us nof chores! than two o r three feet deep.’’ ‘ Two or ihree feel, deepl” ,ex- ciiiimed i he. C'lpt.uiu^ “ w iiy, we \youlo. jj Ya'iPlcir u boa’ -f*.* .•'< ■♦-run oil NieAiveat ot a Water aliforhia, H a tes ' generally ‘ mn-i y 1 py fdr eight' ■stim’rter month**-, hWe- *his year .beguu .to hava.fieavy- rriina. The .-arne cause arc probably a t ;work all over the ‘dry season” podlfm of our country On the other baud Ofiio * and no tlreni New York are eeiibitVg’ the c^unj'Iatuts of the F+<*nCh A*indhl-- rq«a' Report, that the feding of; loresrs' is the rum of rivers. .,Tl/ei.t| najjtrEtl^ laws seem plain enough. Man should.\ learn to lollow diem. t t tDaiuii iic ■ .tlm uot give u rap COU/U pitcher.” A German ediior nsseps that a new nu t <1 has b.i t) discovered, the cotnpo nent p irts of which’ arc vyafer,' glas- and copper. I t is if deep orange true can be melted and east, wrought tinder the hammer and rolled Ftlei will not scratch it. It is trausluceut, a u d capa ble ot being wrought iuth' «rwuieuts j rudiment, at k Of rare>a«ty. I •eminaries ? trtlL* olliqials ,jn ■ tin- Dostal, :Dei>ftmnenjt> have discovered a ve; V frgquen.!, hati.k uf Atuerrcans, in sending new s p a p e r s , to (lerm a u v to cutibeai-written m a t t e r * r , f * • ^ and W i.ole Mett* rs ol many*page. s in- >ide of single uewsp ip^m Or pruned pamphlets, iu orler io Ae/fand,- tioVi-ilinieut of the lugher ietTp.r post*i age. The IVnssian hiuh(Sritic*s jo prevent anv Hirni&ghtlg^ of -thi^ kitid for the furore have imtfrdrizAl ’*(l/e’- ’o(liners uf trie Post oiBce JOtr-pnt rrfeiic- to open every p i.rcel at rampnji'.! and- tnake the recttver ,«f ,hidden. k.ihsySj pay the adht onal postage in d a fiiie to boot The postage ‘ for ,5A‘ sibg£e Utter to any piaee in Gei.rh-aji^,'Vi'A Breutett or liemkurg.ij being n'ovv re-i i.uced to ten cetjis, na wge^.-slimdil put his friends to 'trouble hi^trviug.to^ t coiionnze\ :i few miserable, cmas by not lully j- .'paying h*8 tiiaiDlTiattsr; r ------- - — G4<f4~— s^—*- ■ ., t Ve uty la no m.tth a -wibjiect-qf a:Sj mvcjf - • ,—r t , jU'J? *sr; ’ ■ < tconom.\ in public orgatnzed com m u - ui'iek- M hole holoeau-ts of peiipla peris'* ■ a n n u a ll y iu every coutrit y fo^ lack*vf a little eommon kuaw ledge dB, this. $uhj.jct, and ignorance of Ufgbt gence, am o u n t i n g t*> a, positive b.ar- barAim. still prevails am d n g ar/uiitects and builders, in reference tofH simple a matter., W-hen shall ot' mabc txie real study of n&turM -PtoM '^c|>hyi least y »ia* T ta p

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