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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, December 12, 1924, Image 2

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TWO THE EVENING GAZ3ETIE PORT ERVIS, N. Y. FRIDAY, DECEIVEER 12,1924~ Expressed Nation's Ffsitk “In God we tru s t” first appeared on coins of this country in 1864. S, P- Chase, secretary of the treasury, ad­ dressed a letter to the director of the m int a t Philadelphia stating th a t our coinage should bear a m o tto express­ ing in the few e st vt'ords th a t no nation can f)e strong except in the strength Of God. This particular m o tto was finally decided upon, i t first appeared ■ upon a two-cent piece. Placing Her A young m an about to be m arried went t o see the clergyman to engage him to perform the ceremony. “Is your intended wife a spinster?” the clergy­ m an asked. The m an thought for a m o m e n t; then he replied; “No, sir; she’s a dressm aker.” Power of Right A m an who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words.. So evil deeds and words garner in their harv­ est o f ^ '-and sorrow. Girl That Winnie Was “W innie was the sort of girl who kisses anybody. She w a sn’t merce-' nary. She would have been quite con tent to ride home on the tram with our arm s entw ined .about each other’s waists. She didn’t expect stalls if a man couldn’t afford them. All she wanted .was .to be petted, flattered, clieaply entertained, and to get home safely to m other by eleven o’clock, aS otherwise there’d be a fine old row.”— “The Trium p h of Gallio,” by W. tv George. Reality of the Supernatural W'e hear people in these days deny­ ing the supemiaturaa. I t is a little as if the planets should proclaim that there is no .-such thing .as space, or as if the rivers should declare th a t there is :no sudh thing as m atter. We cannot j lay our hands on life anywhere with­ out feeling the thrill of . th a t some­ thing more -which underlies all law and eludes all physical analysis.—- W ashington Gladden. Blue Eyes Keener Blue-eyed men are better shots than the hrown-eyed ones, United State- army statistics show. Of 1,000 mei qualifying for m ilitary m arksmanship 605 have blue eyes, while the remain Ing 395 have brown eyes. Many Elements There’s much to be sold with a bouse besides its rooftree and doorstep. The thing th a t m akes a house info a home may be in pari, the general at­ mosphere of the town, the neighbor­ hood, and the street which give it a setting. Infant Mortality Hlgn The infant death rare for India is m»)re than twic^ as high ns that of England. Almost two milliou babies under the age of one year die each year, and at least half these deaths are preventable. G reat effort is being made to help these Indian mothers in the care of children, since many of these deaths can be laid at the door of Ignorance and poterty. Likes Peach Pits Street boys have been cleared of the suspicion th a t they were helping them­ selves to peaches displayed in front of his store by a neighborhood grocer. Recently the grocer discovered th a t a large fox squirrel was the guilty party. Squirrels do not ep.t fruit, but this one had learned th a t there is a pit inside encasing a m eaty nut on which i t fed —Grit. • Avoid Qaibhling The difference between tweedledee and tw e e d ledu^ is frequently so small as to m ake it a waste of tim e to quib­ ble. W henever principle is involved it is alw ays best strictly to adhere to it as one sees it. The less quibbling about principle the better.—Grit. Undeserved Nickname W illiam G erard Ham ilton (1729 1796) w a s called “Single Speech Ham ilton.” A speech which excited the ad­ m iration of W alpole won for him the sobriquet. It was his maiden speech in the house of commons m ade during the debate on the address. H is nick­ name was inappropriate. Old Tales Always Dear It is in my heart th a t grown men are but little children in th e m a tter of tales, and the oldest tale is the most beloved.—Kipling. Country’s Sweet Tooth Three liundred and fifty thousands tons of sugar are used each year in* the makiiu of cjindy in the United*'- States. Romeos Original Name Ancient Rome is sometimes- called the “Nameless City” because, it had ft m ysterious appellation of great an­ tiquity, which it was death to utter, i This nam e is said to have been Val- j entia, afterw a rd translated into th© Greek word m eaning Rome, and first I used, among the Greek authors, either ’•by A ristotle or Theophrastus. C O Why Not FURNITURE? The Joys and Happiness of Christmas Respond Most Warmly in an Attractive and Comfortably Furnished Home, Perhaps Some New Addition Will Brighten up Your Home a Bit and Give That Grand Old Christmas Spirit a Chance to Fully Express JtseU. | Economical Transportatioto VeHiVROlETi ODR ACCESSORY DEPARTHNT OFFERS' MANY USffUL GIFTS BUY HM SOMETHING For His Car For Christmas STANTON AUTO SALES CO., Inc. 78 Front Street Telephone 400 “Martha Washmgtoii” Sewing Cabinets in Solid Mahogany and Walnut, wonderfully made and su­ perbly finished— even bet­ ter than usual. A gift to he most highly prized. O u r assortm e n t of liAMRS is larger and of higher grade th a n ever before j , and they are so distinctively different from th e usual order that, w'e think you wiU he agreeably surprised. Bridge, Ju n io r and Table styles and shades in Silk, Uinen, P a r c h m e n t I ’a - per,Glass and A r t Glow. OUR GIFT SHOP THIS YEAR IS MORE ALLURING THAN EVER— and solves the gift problem for many a perplexed shopper. Candle Sticks Flower Bowls jJ Baskets, Vases, d Smokers f Fire Lighters Incense burners and numerous A wealth of Odd Tables in all sizes and prices for all occa­ sions. Scarcely anytiring cajTl< wife t h a n a C e d a r Chest, i of such thorough con into the distant future. •rough co n s truction t h a t th< m o re appeal to a sister, sw e e theart o r h e y a r e m ade in such beauty of design and io n t h a t t h e i r period of servl< i d SPINNET DESKS exteSds fa r 3 ^ ^ p correspondence if you are the Our stock includes in addition possessor of one of these at- * vL r j p j L 11 tractive desks, to the solid Ledar, beautiiuliy fashioned chests of Walnut with Cedar lining. Most probably you will have guests for Christmas, too, and if thinking of installing new Bed Room fur­ niture— ^what better and more appropriate time could be desired than now? W e have a largo variety of styles and a t priced t h a t w ill please you. Fi'ench an d American W a lnut, M a h o g any an d painted finishes are aU shown. So m a n y of the Holiday festivities are centered ’roimd the DINING t a b i ^ e , th a t too m u ch thought cannot be giv­ en to this m o s t Im p o rtant room. W e have D ining B o o m Suites in Oak, M a ­ hogany, A m erican an d lih’eneh W a lnut — a n d you’ll w o n d e r how w e can sell them fo r the price. A n d then, w e also have th e W a ll M irrors to use w ith W h a t a busy place th e old kitchen is a t this time! M other an d the girls running hack and forth, w o n d e ring ho%v on ea r t h they w ill ever get their w o rk done an d Still have time to shop and entertain. H e re’s w h e re th e H O O S IER K ITC H E N CABINET proves sucli a valuable friend by saving so m a n y countless steps an d so m u c h time, w h e n both are a t such a prem ium . HOLMES & STOLL Corner Front and Sussex Streets “WORTH WHILE” — FURNITURE ^ ® COSTS BUT LITTLE MORE THAN THE pm ORDINARY KIND., I PORT JERVIS, N. Y. GIFTS OF FURNITURE ARE USEFUL, SENSIBLE, LASTING, AND ALWAYS PLEASE. RAM) ■ ^ ,7 ATWATER-KENT RADIO SETS COMPLETE FROM $130 TO $160 Ever Ready Heavy Duty Battery 4 5 s ................. $3.75 Every Ready 45 R e g u lar ....................................... $3.50 Ever Ready 2 2 ^ 2 ........... .. • ................ ............ $1.75 Cunningham T a b e r .............. ..................... $4.00 Lionel Trains . .......................................$5.75 to $7.50 Christmas Lights .............. . .... .................................... $2.00 PALMER RADIO STORE Telephone 242-W 30 FRONT STREET DENNER’S DEPARTMENT STORE 35 FRONT STREET SALE FOR TWO DAYS ONLY FRDAY AND SATURDAY DECEMBER 12 AND 13 Cloth Coats 'In styles so smart, of fabrics, so rich in shades, so beautiful, all richly fur trimmed. We have grouped them in three lots. Lot No. 1— ^Coats sold up to $29.50 $18.75 Lot No. 2— Coats sold up to $50.00 $32.00 Lot No. 3— ^Coats sold up to $85.00 ............. $47.50 Nothing nicer than a Coat for a Xmas Present^ n

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