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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, December 12, 1924, Image 15

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12. 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE PORT lERVIS, N. Y. FIFTEEN Communii Let Local Pride Find Expression at Home Local pride is based on affection for the place in which you live and is al­ most as natural a sentim e n t as family pride, says the Youth’s Companion. Like family pride, It may be useful and stim u la ting, or it m ay be futile and deadening. ^ 1 ^ A proper local pride m anifests itself In study of the history of the commun­ ity and its founders, in a desire for a thorough knowledge of the institutions, industries and people of the commun­ ity, and in acquiring fam iliarity not only with the topography and the ex­ ternal aspects of the place but also w ith its spirit. Anyone whose local pride Is strong enough to impel him to such study will become imbued with an ambition to contribute to the im­ provem ent of the com m u n ity; he will be in his turn one of the makei-s of its history. Local pride th a t finds its expression a t home is an admirable trait. There is, however, a kind of local pride that is frequently exhibited only by people who are away from home, and that is not to be commended. It is usually a m ark of narrow ness and prejudice. A man need not sacrifice or abate his love of home in order to recognize the superior claims tc general interest that some other place o.\.' rs. Provinciali.'^m, as local pride is likely to be called when it expresses itself away from home, is usually bumptious, hyper­ critical and petty. It retards the men­ tal growth of the man who suffers from it, for he is seldom one who at home shows any local pride of a con­ structive character. r Kansas C itys Exam p le T h e greatest incentive to civic beauty is the thing th a t inspires worthy emulation. K ansas City’s resi­ dential development has grown from small beginnings deliberately planned by individuals to promote public inter­ est, to show by example w h a t could be done with the small lot or the pre­ tentious homesite, to dem o n strate that beauty may be attained by little addi­ tional expense and that w h a te v er the additional cost, It is the best p a r t of the investment. And thus it has come to pass that K a n sas City has made a reputation, in a comparatively few years, for the beauty of its homes and their sur­ roundings. Its example has influenced many other cities. B u t the greatest force of th a t example is right here at home.—^Kansas City Star. orud T u n k ina th in k s it is getting about tim e to m a k e it read: life, li­ berty and a p lace to park. Visibility of H eat H e a t cannot be seen, heat waves be­ ing as Invisible as those of sound and electricity, which in some respects they resemble. However, the disturb­ ance of light waves passing through the heat \waves can often be seen, and this is quite commonly though wrongly taken, to be a visual display of heat. ROOFING Slate asbestos :les laid o i roofs and guara of roofs repaired and gle s lai roo fs : flashesd. work. Estimiates 1 kinds painted and re- ineys pointed up le L e a d e r an c. Estim ftje . OLIVER LANE 1P.D Franklin Stiieet Tel. 231-R WE IRE SIlWHIt OUR SECOND CHRISTMAS Better Homes Make for Better Living The B e tter Homes exposition, which has m ade the public hall once more the special center of attraction and inter­ est in Cleveland might well be called a “B e tter Living” sliow. The home is so much the heart and soul of life that the sum of existence, for the average m an or woman, is very nearly the m easure of success or failure in home­ making. If the home is happy the -world usually looks bright and well worth while. If the home is not cheerful | and comfortable life is heavily handi­ capped. This is so true and the truth is so vital to the state, the whole nation, th a t whatever tends to build up and guard, beautify and make more attrac­ tive, the homes of a great city or of any large community, is of special im­ portance to the public, near and far. W h a t one city does in that field may well prove the source of sim ilar gains for contentment and happiness in many Other places.—Cleveland News-Leader. :\j^ • I; Finds ns in oiur new quarters where we have ample Ip room 1© display oar large stock of goods at prices | | aneqaafed anywhere in our city. We have many | | good values for the comim» holidays.' If 4 IP I I I SCHAUER’S THRIFT SHOP 167 PIKE STREET “It Pays to Climb the Hill” I i I I i HOLIDAY GIFT SUGGESTIONS Holiday Box Stationery, Gift Boxes, Perfume— ^Domestic and Imported, Ferfiimizers, Compacts, Toilet Water. Lunch Kits, Vacuism Bottles, Children's Pencil Boxes, School Bags, Waterman Fountain Pens, Eversharp Pen­ cils, Ivory Manicure Sets, Brushes and Comhs, Ivory and Amber Clocks, Incense Sets, IngersoU Watches. LEATHER POCKET BOOKS, CARD CASES. SCHRAFFT'S, WALLACE AND TIFFIN CANDIES CHRISTMAS CARDS. SQUIRES DRUG STORE IPs a Good W o rld Then De w o rr looks like it’s all made new ef I wakes up in de m o rnin’ and finds a dollar in my pocket whai I didn’t kno^Y I had.—B r’er Williams. TRUCKING & MOVING Of AH Kinds Promptly Attended To HORSES FOR SALE And Exchange BLOCK AND SPLIT WOOD $5.00 a Load .4. W. SCHWANNEMAN 2 AND 4 FIR S T STR E E T Phone 419-J, Res, 423-J Edelweiss N o t Uncommon The error th a t edelweiss grows onlj In the haunts of the chamois among the Alps is a common one, says tin London Times, but it grows in bidder nooks in Brompton churchyard, anr other places. 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