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V The Associated Preu Covei?iiie World’s E cents In Every Issue of THE tSAZETTDE Ti^ Weather Report | *a®ostly cic^dy tonigfSit Sunday. ' Fxobatily s&owers* j ; ^ . - m The Most Widely Read Newsjpaper i | the Upper Delaware Valley. VOLLVI.,No. 191 PORT JERVIS, N. Y,. SATURDAY, DECEIVBER 6, 1924 PRICE THREE-CENTS CORDNER SAYS FURNACE CASE WAS S U I« Still Insists That Minister’s Wife Crawled Through Furnace Door , Colum'bois, Ohio, Dec. 5.— “Suicide” hy ■burning' in a furnace.” # Such was the verdict of Coroner J. A, M u rphy after m ore than two weeks of investigation into the mysterious -cirmucstances surrounding the death and incineration of Mrs Addie Sheats- ley in th e furnace of the Bexley Lu­ theran parsonage on Kovember 17, T h e verdict was contrary to the op­ inions of scientists who were- called into th e case to determ ine w h e ther M rs. Sheatsley -breathed after she en­ tered the furnace, and it was also con­ tra r y to tests m ade by th e liev. C. T. Sheatsley, husband of the furnace Victim, when he had a woman of sim­ ila r statu re and w e ight craw l into a cold furnace in a local furnace store to see if his w ife could have commit- tedi the act. H is tests showed th a t Mrs. Sheats­ ley could have craw led into the fu r ­ nace feet first, but th a t she could not have closed the door behind her, and they proved also th a t another per­ son w o u ld have placed th e dead wo­ m a n ’s body in the furnace in the po­ sition in w h ic h it w'as discovered. W h a t action County Prosecutor Jo h n H. K ing will take as a resu lt of th e coroner’s finding, th a t official has n o t announced Coronei- M u rphy has insisted that suicide *S|jas the method ■of death since the investigation was opened, and it was because of this in­ sistence th a t Prosecutor K ing start e d . h is investigation. K ing has .always held t h a t Mrs. Sheatsley did not take her own life by crawling into the fire •box. : In his. v e rdict Coroner Murphy-ire- viewed all of the evidence of the case a f te r w h ic h he declared th a t Mrs. Sheatsley craWled \jiin|to ,the fumacfel by catching hold of a sm all door lead ing into th e hot air -chamber above the fire door 'box, swinging herself through the fuel door into the fiery bowl to take h e r own life. This in contrast to the original testimony of little Alice, the ten year old daughter of th e victim, who w ^ t^e first to enter the basem ent on the afternoon of the tragedy and who de­ clared th a t the upper door was closed percluding such a possibility as the coroner sets forth. Death, the coroner declared, was due to asphyxiation, probably from soot or other irritan ts striking the glotis, causing reflex spasm s of the vocal cord, thus causing a complete closing of th e glotis for a time, suffi­ cient to produce death as in choking He accounts fo r the congestion of the victim s lungs as reported by Dr, H. M. Brundage .and chem ist Charles F. Dong, the scientists, in this strangula­ tion theory, V A g a inst th e theory of m u rder ad­ vanced by the scientists in their re­ port of the absence of carbon monox­ ide in th e lungs and blood D r Murphy declared: “T h e lungs w e re filled w ith dark blood and the h e a r t em p ty which shows t h a t th e heart did not cease to beat until after breathing had ceased. YOUNG SLAYERS GOTO ELECTRIC CHAIR CALMLY Pay Deatfe Penalty for Mur­ der of United States Army Major State Penitentiary, Columbia, S. C. Dec. 5 —^Frank H a rroll and M ortim er Kingf paid the death penalty a t dawn today fo r the m u rder of M ajor Samuel H. McCleary, of the U. S. Army. Both of the youthful slayers fnarch- ed calm ly to th e ir death in the state's electric chair, their final plea for a com m u ta tion of sentence having been denied them by Governor McLeod. H a rroll died first, protesting to the last th a t K ing was the actual slayer and that the crime was not prem e d itat­ ed. “I never intended to kill any one—^ it is not fair th a t I should die,” were his last w ords j l s he was strapped in the death chair. The current was applied at 6:44 and .Hhrrell was pronounced dead four minutes and 25 seconds later. King was led .from the death cham ­ ber at 6:4a. King was an ex-marine. The clamps were quickly adjusted and the current snapped on. Pour min­ utes later King was declared dead. Only the usual witnesses including prison officials and newspaper m en were allowed to witness the electrocu­ tions. The executions bring to an end one of South Carolina’s m ost sensational m u rder cases. M ajor McCleary was slain on July 8, on a lonely highway between Co­ lum b ia and Cheraw. King and H a r­ rell w e re tram p ing w h e n the army of­ ficer offered them “a lift.” The m e n accepted the m a jor’s hos­ pitality and then he was ordered from the car, robbed and shot down. The m ajor’s m u rder was not sus­ pected until several days later when he failed to call'fol^ tnoney sent to him a t a hotfel in Columbia. Officers found his autom obile near Canton, N. C., where K ing was arrested. King implicated H a rrell, who was subsequently taken into custody by officers a t Nashville. H a rrell also confessed to his p a r t in th e crime, bu t blamed K ing for the actual killing. Kang testified a t the trial th a t he did the shooting, hut the jury found both guilty of first degree murder. !V-1, Newest Type of Sufemarinejin U. S. Navy, Is Capable of Keeping Up With Fleet on Maneuvers RUM runners : HAVE HARD TIME TO GET STUFF IN Twelyfe Fifty Foot Destroyers . From Navy Go Into ^ Action •V/ LARGE CROWD AT BAZAAR WILL ADVOCATE GASOLINE TAX This photograph was taken when the V-1 reported a t the W ashing- ‘ton Navy Y ard for inspection by :naval experts and m embers of the ■ H ouse of Representatives’ Com- m itiee on Naval Affairs. This type of underseas boat will ’ n o t only be able to ■ acconlpany the fleet on maneuvers but can matcfc. the speed of the other craft. BAND OF HUACKERS RAH) GOVERNMENT STORES OF BOOZE i — —!— ' ■/ Fifteen Steel Doors Mutilated |o Give kpression There Had Been no Inside Asmstance—Much of Liquor Taken in Federal Raids (By The Associated Press) Chicago, Dec. 6—^A b a n d of hijack­ ers raided a three million dollar hoard of fine liquor in, the U n ited States a r ­ my warehouse here and stole rare wines and whiskey of estim ated value of eight hundred thousand dollars early last Sunday according to' Robert Levy, U n ited States m a rshal. The robbery was discovered Mon­ day but was kept secret until last night while federal agents questioned more th a n eighty soldiers and other government employes, some of whom w ere supposed to guard stores. F if­ teen steel doors were cut away and padlocked and bolts smashed by raid ­ ers to give the impression the investi­ gators said, that there had been no inside assistance. ESTBMATE COST TO BUILD ROADS In spite of the verw storm y after­ noon and evening there was a large attendance a t th e Epw o rth League Bazaar. N e a rly .200 were served at the dinner. A fter the dinner the fol- ; flowing program was p.resented. Pian solo, H u n g a rian Polka—Im re Foldy, Jeanette Bishop. Violin solo, Lcve /Sends a Little Gift'of Roses John Openshaw—Rus­ sell Suddenly. - . Vocal solo, Sing m e to Sleep, Ed- Awin Greene—Mrs. F. A rthur Peck. Piano solo, Valse Coraique, Godard --—T h e lm a BelL ' . .. : . A HUSBAND' IN CLOVER A One-Act Play »by C. H. Merivale. . Tim e ^ M o d e m , ClHARAC^ERS , H o race W itherspoon — Sheldon Bell. Lydia, His W ife — Helen Albro P a rk F u r n iture for the stage setting was loaned by Terwilliger-W oolsey com­ pany^ T h e booths were all sold out w ith the exception of the fancy w o rk booth and but a few pieced of th a t m a ined unsold, A neat sum of money w a # realized \Which will ..bo. qdded' tp the, building* fund* Place—London. Scetto—A breakfeet parlor. Norwich Dec. 5—^Assemblyman Bert Lord, of Afton, discussed the state’s highw a y system. W ednesday evening before members of the N o rwich Mptor Club, telling w h a t has eben done throughout the state tow a rds building improved roads. Mr. Lord said it was his'purpose to introduce a bill in the legislature pro­ viding for a tax on gasoline, the mon­ ey to be used for highway purposes. “It is my plan,” said Mr. Lord, “to place a tax of one cent per gallon on gasoline. This will raise between six and seven millions of dollars. Under my plan the state would receive 10 per cent, for collecting same, the b a l­ ance or 90 per cent, to be divided among the counties of the stute on th^ basis of mileage. This would give Chenango county about $100,000 for road purposes.” According to Mr. Lord 38 states now have a tax on gas. R e a l property can­ not afford to be taxed any more to build highways. Mr. Lord asked the members of the Norwich M otor Club to get hack of his proposition in the passage of a bill to provide this tax on gasoline. Goshen, Dec. 5—County Supt. of Highways C. H. Smith will investi­ gate the feasibility and estimate the cost of the re-construction of two highways in the county, and report to the Board of Supervisors, according to resolutions adopted a t the meeting djf .the board held Thursday afternon. The highways extend from Monroe to W ashingtonville, seven miles in length, and from South Centerville to Mt. Hope, 7 1-2 miles in length. The committee on County Clerk and Judiciary reported favorably on the resolution introduced by Supervisor George F. Gregg a t a previous session Much of the liquor taken was seized in reference to the enactment of a ^ w which would perm it the county clerk to charge attorneys $1 for each case ‘W ashington, Dec. 5,—^Twelve 50- knot destroyers, taken over by the U. S. coastguard from tjie navy have gone into action along the A tlantic seaboard in the early w inter cam ­ paign against the rum fleet. By Christm as th a t entire battle power of the guard provided through a $20,000,000 appropriation by Con­ gress, will be mobilized.' C aptures of rum runners and bat­ tles w ith the smugglers'\ already are so coihmon th a t reports now are sent to headquarters here only for “m a jor engagm ents.” ' „ Horrors of w a r are increasingly be­ ing inrtoduced in the coastal cam paign accordin§r to reports reaebing- here from Other sources than the coast guard. Some -say that the armed craft of the coast guard no logger fire w’ai'Tiing srots across the rum runners hows as they streak from the rum ships to the shore. Instead w h e n a destroyer sights a smuggler, it puts on full steam • u n til it arrives w ithin a few yards of the rum craft, then puts its helm hard over bringing the destroyer up short sideways. This m aneuver shoots a tre­ mendous w ave at the rum boat, cap­ sizing it w ith its crew and cargo in­ stantly. Coastguard officials say they al­ ways prefer to board rum craft to make arrests and seizure, but do n o t deny they have devised new tricks to use when this is not possible. Officers of the guard regard results so fa r w ith great satisfaction. They do not claim to have stam ped out rum running, bu t they say nothing but airch^aik; rhuch’\ c h a n ^ ; now. One hundred^ a n d ninqty-seyen boats were captured by federal auth-* orities during th e fiscal year of 1924, the internal revenue bureau reported Of these IS ^ v/ere big- rum ships, two of foreign registry and 11 Ameri- M otor boats taken totalled 184. ERIEfiGHTS STliBORN FIRE IN ROAD BED Wrecking Crew from Port Jervis Summoned to Middletown E rie R ailroad officials on th e New York division have been som ew h a t perturbed for several weeks over the ' stlubborn fire w h ic h has been sm old­ ering in the road bed just south of Middletown., limits, one quarter mile from Pilgrim s Comers, adjacent to farm of J. W. Travis. Atfout a m o n th ago, some of the old swamp land close to the tracks burned over, and it is the belief of ^ railroad men th a t sparks from this started the fire in the bed. I t im g h t * have been passing locomotives. No attention w^s paid to the fire other, than the ordinary treatm e n t of shov- eling some of the outer layer away, and it was thought th a t it was ex- ’ tinguiehed A week ago, however, it broke out again, and neighboring farm ers say they thought the woods, were ^fire. The section crew, which has charge Of this strip of track, under its fore­ man, F rank Sullivan, atem p ted to dig away the burnm g cinders, bu t the gas fumes arising were so had th a t it had to be abandoned. Coal gas which ■s i the kind generated from this sort of -thing, is deadly, and ha® been responsible for the loss of m any lives in mines, and other places, where it is common. Unable to claan out th e burning , mass, w h ic h is about five feet under the surface, the railroad brought flowm a hoist on a w recking ear from P p r t Jervis, and Thursday, scooped out m ost of the smoldering cinders w ith it. A trench was dug nearly a hundred yards long, and a ll'th e b u rn ­ ing m a terial shoveled into it, and then out. \O ffiM a ls believe t h a t m ost “Of i t is out ■ilOW',' a n d t h a t th e danger • \ q f haying to take up th e trade; which-^ was a t first supposed m ight have to be resorted to, is past. There is still a column - of smoke rising like thdt from the slag dum p s of mines, but . practically all of th e burning cinders have been removed. SECOND NUMBER JUNIORS' COURSE' Christmas Dinners in federal raids shortly after the ad­ vent of prohibition. ’ INDICT 12 FOR BOOTLEG CONSPIRACY THIRTEENTH MARRIAGE , ENDS IN DIVORCE printed in the court calendars, and a resolution was adopted requesting the State Senator and Assemblymen from this district to introduce' ^ bill in the- legislature imposing a fee of not less than $1 in each case. . The second num b er of the Junior M echanics’ Lyceum course will b e pre­ sented on Monday evening. E. C. D a ­ vis, “The Man W h o . Mystifies” will furnish an evening of magic. Mr. Da­ vis is widely known and is consider­ ed to be one of the best m agicians in the world. ' His m a n y tricks are en­ tirely new to this locality and there is no question of his pleasing his audi­ ence. As usual, dancing will be en­ joyed after the entertainm e n t. The Harpiony Club orchestra will furnish luusic for dancing. The Salvation Army is putting oUt the C h ristm a s kettles today and on W ednesday of next week. A fter W ed­ nesday they will remain out until Christmas. A num b e r of names have been handed in to the Salvation Army for Christm as dinners and clothing for children and it is hoped that the contributions in th e kettles will be- sufficient to supply the demand. Alarm of Fire A slight fire in a barn located a t 22 Brown street, aroused the firem en a t 5:50 o’clock this m orning. The .fire­ m en as usual responded promptly, and little damage was done. j iiWHERE SCHENECTADY VICE CRUSADER WAS SH O t TO DEATH, MAYOR, POLICE CHIEF AND WOUNDED PATROLMAN E a s t St. -Louis, 111., Dec. 5— yhe thirteenth m a rital adventure of Mrs. H e n ry/L a ,.F o r g q -went on the rocks on Thurs.daY; Wheq she obtained a diyorce from .her latest husband on the g r o u ^ . of cruelty. ^ Mrs. La Forge ,said tier first' choice wag Jo- : seph l^rhkfer, whom she m arried thirty-one Shears ago when shew as ,14. Since then she had one m a r­ riage annulled,, obtained eleven di­ vorces—^nine on the ground of cruel­ ty and two for infidenity—and \was divorced from one husband on the * ground of desertion. One of the ; o b jects' of . Mrs. L a Forge’s a/Tec-. tions entered, into three marriages, w ith her, each ending In the divorce court. The Hudson county grand jury be­ fore its final adjournment in Jersey City last night returned twelve indict­ m e n ts as a result of its investigation of thei landing a t the foot of Baldwin avenue, W eehawken, of more than $5d,000,000f w o rth of liquor under po­ lice protection. Captain Charles McNamee of the Hudson county boulevard police, and the eight W eehawken policemen a r ­ rested on Thursday and released on $10,000 bail are charged w ith con­ spiracy and malfeasance in office. ‘iLike indictm ents w ere handed down against H a rry J. Stearns of the W ee­ haw k en Town Council- a n d Chairman qf the Police Committee, and John McMahon, another W eehawken police­ man., ’•An indictm ent charging ^,on- spiracy :^lpo w a ^ ; returnp'd ’\against Jersey^CTity inSur- ahqV, a c c o f ^ i ig .tq^ -*an LeagUq officlqi;, wa^. the IbrSiits busihess, , and wtioy it also iq'.now w o rth m o re th a n $iVo’W ;000. ' ' ’ ' C h a r l^ D. ^Klrk, who was the de­ feated Republican candidate for the* W O e lja^en Town Council against Stearns the last election and whose testimony before the grand jury was‘ aft im p e l’ta n t p a r t of yesterday's pro- epeding^ -was held i h ’ llO.OOO bail as a m a t e » l witness. He is a nephew Bit' .W flia,in. F . Verd^h, Republican leader H Hoboken. .,1 , Mayor William W. Campbell of . Schenectady.- N, Yw f^ m a lly , de- mandt^d the i’e3ignafion»f.Cl?i^f of Police Jam e s Rymex flo w i n g the m u rder -ofr Police C a P ^ in Albert L. Youn>ans and ihe wounding of Patrolm a n John U. 'W ith . You- mans. wKo lia«i |fMrticqiariy h ‘active in rounding up law violators, and Flynn were ambushed and hit with slug.s from a shotgun. Two day.s before Youmans- was killed he left a letter for Riayor Camp­ bell pontaihim? complaints th a t a t least 1 \vq, ^ffieiais High in the Cltgr admimsvJaU.orn hdd bddft. / hjs eltorts. The photograph whore Youmans’ assassin lay in ’ wait for him. The w-eapon used -wa# .found behind the tree and • wall. Tn the Insert (lower right) is seen Mayor Campbell, up-\ p e r Ifft is ’ H a trolnian Flynii an d , la tiiowu below*

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