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H f i FOUR 'mEEVEMNGGAZETIE THE EVENING GAZETTE Issued Every Afternoon Except Sunday and Legal Holidays by tli6 GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. Daniel P. Cock .. . ............General Manager Mark V. Rlcliards ..................... .....E d itor Pe^ Week ------- •. .................. ........ 15 < cents Per month in advance ........... . .60 cents Per Year, paid in advance ......... .^... $7.00_ By mail, per year, strictly in ad-ranee $8.00 ' Entered at the l^ost Office at | Port Jervis, N. Y., at second clgss matter (Tri-Weekly .....Established April 22, 1869 Daily . .......... Established January l7, 18S7 Member of. The Associated Press. The Associated Press is exclusively en­ titled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwi.se credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. TO ouk s u b s c b i b e k s . Any failure f to receive paper regu­ larly or any complaint in regard to delivery should be reported to the office either in person or hy tele- should be reported to the T m s a s t h a t n e v ?. r h a p p e n phone. Also any change of address. Do not depend on merely telling tbe carrier. We are endeavoring to give you the best service as well as the best paper, and all complaints re­ ported to thg office -will receive prom pt attention. A DECISIVE VICTORY If anyone thinks th a t - because of a few w e t spots in the United Staths and of the noise, th a t is m ade about bootlegging, th a t the real sentimen*- Of the American people is overwhelm- ingly wet, he is i,ii\-i;ed to a considera­ tion of the w e t and dry vote in' th e congress elected recently. In the Con­ gress t h a t begins w o rk the first Mon­ day of next D e cem b e r,. th e re are SI 9 dry votes in the House of R e p resenta­ tives, 111 w et votes and five that can­ not be classified. .The new Senate will have 74 dry votes and 21 w e t votes and there is one vacancy yet to be filled. The next Congress is dry then by a m a jority of three to one, the greatest m a jority it ever had. This result -was achieved in spite of all that is said in the w e t press concerning the failure of prohibition, in spite of all the en­ ergy expended and money spent by m e n eager to have th e corner saloon back or a condition th a t is closely akin to it. The sober thought of A m ­ erica is steadily proceeding in th e rig h t direction and in an o th e r decade, men will be thinking less of booze. W ets may argue th a t prohibition was obscured by other issues a t the last election, but th e r e ' is nothing to it. I t has been an issue in every elec­ tion, local and national, for the last twenty-five years. No national plat' form has been adopted w ithout a b a t­ tle betw een the w ets and the drys, and no candidate runs for any office from dog catcher to President of the U n it­ ed States, whose views on prohibition and law enforcem ent have not been ascertained. The constituents of ev­ ery one of these men, who are to com­ pose the new Congress, knew where they stood before election day, for both w e t and dry organizations m a k e it th e ir business to know and to broad­ cast w h a t they know. A decisive victory for prohibition • and law enforcem ent was scored at th e last election and it is pleasing to observe th a t both the great political parties have a share- in it, T A K I N G C H A N C E S Is President Coolidge justified in traveling to Chicago the way he did in order to save $1,700 for th e use of a private car? H a s anyone ever hinted th a t the $25,000 appropriated by Con­ gress fo r the President's expenses in the transaction of the public business is a piece of extravagance? Can the President of the United States be well protected from the possible bul­ let of a crank in an ordinary passen­ ger car as he can in his private car, and in order to save $1,700 is^it really econom ical for th e nation to take chances on w h a t m ight happen, in case Mr. Coolidge were laid low? There is need of econom y a t W ash­ ington, no doubt; President Coolidge is undoubtedly honest and sincere-in w h a t he says about it; but \there ire m a n y better ways in which economy can he practiced w ithout taking chances on^the President’s life.. Three presidents have been assassinated aiid one ex-president shot. f Pty* -rto ' I j JA1 If tvw!4| m YST'AM . \ ) r d I^IOPROGRMI The following is the radio program to be given Dec. 6. (Courtesy of Radio Digest) (By Associated Press) Record Stone Monolith Stone mountain, about 16 miles from Atlanta, Ga., is the largest stone monolith in the world. This huge rock contains 16,^00,000,000 cubic feet of exposed granite. One of the greatest undertakings of the present is / the carving of the Confederate memorial upon its face. R. Quackenbush Funeral Director 240 West Moin Street Telephone 378-W Port Jervis, N. Y. WMAQ---<)Mcag'o News (447.5) 6:00— St. John’s M ilitary academy. 8;0'0— Orchestra. 8:40—Photologue. 9:00— C hicago theatre re'vue. KYW—<3hicago (536) 6:35— Story. 7:00— C oncert. 8- 9:35— Q u a rtette' late show. 12:00— Nighthawks. WliSt—Chicago (345)) 7:00—^Tarvel talk. ' 7:15—Review night, fiddlers, organ orchestra, Ford and Glenn. W JAX— C levelaad (390) 11:00— ^The Nite Cans on Lake EWe W E A F —New Y o rk (492) 6:30— Boys stories. 7:00— Syncopaters. 8:00— ^Dance. 8:4 5— Music. 10:0 0— Orchestra. W HN—^New Y o rk (360) 6:3 0— Orchestra. 7:00— P ianist. ' j 7:30— R ecital. 8:0'O— ^Pianist, 8:3 0— Syncopaters. 9:15—^Tenor. 10:0 0— E n tertainers. 10:3 0—'Orchestra,, W OR—Newark (405) 7:45—Piano. 8:00— Quartet. 8:20— T alk. 8:45— P ianist. 9:15— Mlale Q u artet. 9:3 0— Serenaders. WTAY—O a k P a r k (283) 6:45-7:45— ^Pianist, tenor, violinist. 9- 9:45—^Feature. 10:15—^Orchestra. WDARi—Philadelpliia (395) 6:30^T a lk. W F I—Philodi^pliia (395) 6:00— ^Talk. 7:00— Medical talk. . 7:15—Concert. 8:15—Talk. WTP—^Philadelphia (509) 6:00—^Talk. 7:00-—Talk. 7:15— ^Playlet.' 8:15— R ecital. 9:05— Dance. * TVCAE—— Pittshnrghi (462) 6:30—'Uncle Kaybee. 6:45—-Special. 7:30— Musical. WGY—Schenectady (380) 8:30— Orchestra, WGZ—Springifield (337) 6:05— B edtime. 6:30— Trio. 7:00-—Soprano. 8:00— ^Talk. 9:0 0—Concert. 10:3 O-T-Orchestra. ■WDBR—-Staten I ^ n d (273) 7;00^V iolinist. 7:15— B ible questions and answers. 7:40—Violinist. WRC—W ashington (469) 6:00— C hildren. 6:15—Concert. 7:15— B ible talk. 7:30— Soprano. 7; 45—^Announced. 9; 3 0— Orchestra. 10:15— Organ. OFFICE CAT iYHAOB MAKK HBCfc) i' RADIO AMBASSADOR COILS A CALIBRATION TRI-STATES BATTERY& RADIO SERVICE Expert Repairing, All Makes, ^57 PH£E STREET Phone 692-W Too Much for It A Scotsman was found dead in front of a 1-cent punching machine. The coroner found that death had been caused by overexertion. Investigation disclosed a sign reading: “Your penny returned if you hit hard enough.”— American Legion Weekly. I tied the dog to it the other day and a cat came by. I tied the dog to it the othe rday and a cat cam eby. Cy Kology says it’s nice to have a wife, but goldfish only eat every 'three days. I don’t w a n t none of your lip, says the Port Jervis kid as he kissed his goil th r u a handerchief. ' Street G ar Conductor: How old are you, m y little girl? Little Boston Girl: If the corpora­ tion doesn’t object, I’d prefer to pay full fare and keep my own statistics p r o s p e r i t y “This new health food w ith vitamines The starving w riter said, “H a s saved m y life, by all th e sign^, W ithout it P(f ba^dead. “You said,-” they cried, “you had en­ ough Of “scientific fads.” “ Quite so, I do not eat the stuff, I merely \write the ads. M other nature m ade the scenery, says Old Sport, hut the raodside Ul- ing station was m a n ’s own idea. A paint m a n u facturer recently re­ ceived th e following letter: “Gentlemen: W ill you please send us some of your striped paint? We w a n t ju s t enough fo r one b a r b e r pole. Sol Goosepimple says the school of experience stays open all night. My dear, rem a rked the young hus­ band, did you ask th e m ilkm a n why there is never any cream on our milk Tes, darling, and he explained quite satisfactorily. I think th a t it is great credit to him. W h a t did he say? T h a t he always fill® the jug so full there is no room for cream. On the way to the theatre one of our local heavyweights stopped in front of a haberdasher’s display -win­ dow. His friend asked him if he was thinking of bujdng a shirt or pajam a s or something, and he sighed when he said: Gosh, no! The only thing th a t fits me ready-m ade is a handerchief. See t h a t lady? Yes. H e r husband is a construction en­ gineer. How can you tell? See how well she’s built. . Minus to m inus and plus to plus; If the holdups don’t get you, ........... You’re < m arvelous! Every m a rried man, says Ike Spit­ tles knows th a t the 'jokes about wo­ m e n shopping all day long and buy­ ing nothing are not true. * Typographical errors are ones of the chief banes of a newspaper m a n ’s existence. In th e rush of daily news­ paper m aking, “proofs”^ a re read h u r ­ riedly, or sometimes not a t all, and occasionally the result in. the printed' product is astonishing. \Uor instance, the story is told of an editor who re­ cently w rote a <*puff” f o r the belle of the ball, s a y ing “H e r dainty feet were ilncased in shoes th a t m ight have been takeil for fairy hoots,” b u t the blun-» dering com p o sitor made i t read; “H e r dirty feet were incased in shoes th a t m ight have been taken for ferry-: boats.” 'Biitch Stebbin® thinks there Is plen­ ty of poom at the top for the hair tonic manufacturer. , PORT.IERVIS,N.Y. REAL ESTATE TRANS- ' FERS IN PIKE COUNTY ’fh e follo-v^ing real estate transfers in Pike county have been- entered for record for the week ending Dec. 2. Fred Barklow to • M ichael Brosa, 102 acres 59 perches in Lackawaxen\^ Twp. D a ted Jan. 9, 1922. Asa B. Martin to Spruks Camp Club, 188 acres 28 perches i nBloom- ing Grove township. Dated Nov. 25, 1924. N ajib A. M oghabghab ’-to Saloeir. A. M oghabghab, 6 acres 55'' perches in M ilford tow nship and borough. Dated Nov. 15, 1924. H a rrison W h ittaker to WiHiard R. Case, 9 acres 128 perches in Lehm a n Twp. Dated l-'eb. 11, L924. Harris..--!-: U’h 'l tak e r to WilUard R. Case, 108 acres, 60 perches in Lehm a n Twp. Dated Nov. 28, 1924. Fred A. Beck, Treas. to Em m a J. B riard of M atam bras. .10 acres in Delaware township. Dated Ju n e 25, 3 924. E d ith M. Conwell to F. D iana Le- Compte, 140 acres in D ingm an town­ ship. Dated Nov, 10, 1924. Roy Bensley et ux to Elvin Sny-- der. 100 feet square in Delaware ’Jkvp. D a ted Nov, 26. 1924. George E. D a rragh et ux. to F rank J. Goble of Reading, 20,8.20' sq. ft. in Delaware Twp. Dated' Nov. 14, 1924. Eleanor L. Davey, by guardian, to -Belle Cutler and husband, one half interest in lot No. 6. M atam oras. Dated Nov. 28, 1924. Rose Baron to Mike Besman et al. of Brooklyn, two tracts containing 49 acres 140 perches and 48 acres 150 perches in Greene township. Dated Nov. 22, 1924. Jam es M. Gilpin et ux*. to Hom er L. Gilpin of W ayne county, 116 acres in Greene township^ (partly in Dreher township), W ayne county. Dated Nov. 27, 1912. Simeon Reeves et ux. to A rthur Reeves, 51 acres in Greene tow n ship and 58% acres in Palm yra, township Dated Nov. 29, 1924. n -v'- SCREENLAND Wliat tChe producers say about ' films to foe sijo-wn at- local theatres |in a |tl^ p t \tb suggest in k small w & t .the ^ ^ if i c e made ?by ou t fathers lhat America might becomir arTre.^%tid .independent natipn, A- special childrWs matinee will be held , Monday' aftWnoon at 3^: 30 P. M. in- ....ep-d of. the,:unusual tim e 2:30. Two- evening.':^exfprmances 7:1.5 & 9:00 The jtnaiineeV on \^esday w ill be a t •the usual tim e 2:^0 P. M. N E W TJBDS3ATKB W. Griffith’s “Ain|ei4ca” The opening s c i ^ n attraction a t the New T h e a tre M onday and Tues­ day after a week of Stock Company, is to • b.e that w o n d e rful production or • “America” hy D. W. Griffith. Mr. Griffith’s nam e is toe well known and his fam e as a director established, to go into details as ’to w h a t his p a r t in the picture has been. Historically, it is authentic in every detail, s ta r t­ ing w ith th e early troubles of this country w h ile in the. m aking, w ith th e famou^. ride of- P a u l Revere, and th e shot a t Lexington th a t was heard aro-und the world and then down thru Virginia and ;tiTe Southern country w ith M organ’s riflemen, th a n whom there were none more daring nor chi­ valrous. This picture play is merely PARLOR MARKET WESTERN MEATS Veal, Pork,’ Lamb, Beef, fS a u ^ e , Sauer Kraut Oysters Sweet Cidm* J5REE DEMVEKY Telephone 187-J , H.H.DUNN Ball and Owen Streets Early Chets Players Chess was first known to the Hin­ dus as “chaturanga.” From India the game was carried into Persia, its name being changed into “shatranj,” From Persia the game passed into Arabia, and thence to central and west* em Europe. GIVE HER A NEW WRIST WATCH Styles change and you will find your choice of a new wrist watch will be appreciat­ ed. z You. have only to select the case— We support your judg­ ment “inside the case.” GRUEN WATCHES M embership in the H a llm a rk associa­ tion of one jew e ler in over 800 cities gives this store a purcliasing advan­ tage in th e finer Jewelry m arkets. This is reflected to you in prices that can­ no t he met unless quality is sacrificed. H. i m i n O X'SiKE STREET Port Jervds, New York SPECIAL BIG SALE FO R THIS SATURDAY Deerpark Meat Market ON AM. WBSTHBN MEATS Plome dressed Chicken * ^ 0 0 Sirloin R o ast ...................... Fresh Georgia P o rk Shoulders ..................... Round R o ast ; .............. .. .. Home dressed stew ing V e a l ................................ Chuck R o ast, best ......... t SC Legs of Spring Lam b . . . Stewing L a m b ....................... 2 0 ^ Fresh Jersey Pork ........... 201? Lean Stewing Beef ........... 0 '^ Sm oked H a m s .............. 1 0C P o rk Loims, h a lf of whole 2 3 C Brookfield B u tter ----- - - ' Fresh Hamburg, lb. ... 2Q C Fresh Pork-Sausage . . . . ' Swift’s Premium Hams • • 2 8 0 Strictly Fresh Eggs ‘'**‘8 5 0 New Sauerkraut, 3 lbs. 25C r M. RUDERMAN 04 Jersey Ave, Tel, 8587 FREE IJEMVERY NEW PALACE THEATRE TODAY LESTER CUNEO The greatest w^tern actor and fighter on the screen— has been in pictures since the days of the o n e '- r e e i p r “FIGHTING JIM GRANT” If the girl you loved was on the edge of a cliff, being pursued by the villiah and threatened to jump if he came any nearer and the viHian started to come^ nearer what would you do ? TWO-REEL ALL STAR COMEDY Matinee 2: 30 Evening 7:30-11 Adults 15c, Children 15c Adults 20c, Children 15c SATURDAY. COMPLETE FOX SHOW SHIRLEY MASON IN “MY HUSBAND’S WIVES” A Comedy Drama Worth Your While. y 2-REEL FOX SUNSHINE COMEDY FOX NEWS M at 2 : 3 0 , Spec, for Children lOc, Adults 15c Evening 7 :30-11 Adults! 20c^ Children 15c RADIO! GIVE YOUR FAMILY A RADIO FOR CHRISTMAS SOMETHING THEY W IU AU ENJOY Complete sets and parts of standard makes: Sev- -^ral stations in Europe were heard by owners of our sets (names on request). See and hear thein before you buy. Also a full line of electric lamps and fix­ tures, Sweeper Vac Electric Vacuuin Cleaners, flash­ lights, batteries, etc. Expert repair service. Sets installed and in all cases satisfaction guaranteed. Lo­ cated two doors from Matamoras Bridge. The shop with a square, deal for all. .. TIME PAYMENTS, ABRANGED Slightly Used Victrelhis Cheap LEROY L fYANT RADIO ARD ELECTRIC SHOP RESIDENCE SHOP 66 East Mam Street * T e l 486-W Port Jervis, teL 139*R : Motainoras, Pa. A I

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