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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, November 22, 1924, Image 7

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^SA T U R D A Y , NOVEMBER 22. 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE PORT JERVIS. N. Y. SEW N winnnrvw A w AIM GAZETTE y SPECIAL BUSINESS NOTICES LOUIS A. GORDON TRUCKING OF ALL KINDS liocai and liong Distance Tel. 782-W Port Jervis Bring Results m i NOTICE On acconat of the extra work In volved in handling many small ac counts we must require that all classified advertisements be paid unless the advertiser has an open advance, day of publication, ANNOUNCEMENTS Easy washers, Royal Vacumn cleaners. Cleans by air alone. Li. . Van IinWGgen. I 16 Pike St. 9-14-tf SEDAN GLASS, tops, cui tains run­ ning boaid linoleum and moulding, carpets, cushions and slip-covers. N. W. Hyatt, 50 Fowler Sc., Port Jervis. eodtf ledger account with us. When not BO paid an extra charge of 10 cents will be made for bookkeeping. h^-SA L E ’ FOR SAXE— j 5 Spring geese. small roasting, pigs. L. G. Runnallfi, Phone 1044P15. 11-20-22 FOR SALE—Suburban building lots for sale. Nicely located on Skin­ ner Farm, near this city. Tel 334-W3 6-7^tf SLAB WOOD, block or split. Howard DeGiroat, Ph,one 462J5. 10-24-t£ JUST ARRIVED new lot Mamma Dolls $1.00. Laidley’s 107 Pike street. Pleasant Drinking Spot In Okanagan county, Washington, Is & lake whose waters are a 99.6 per cent pure solution of Epsom salts. ORDER YOUR personal Xmi 1th cards now 50c. dozen and up wi lopes. LaicHeys’ Book and Stationary 107 Pike street. RUMMAGE SALE The Associated Charities will hold rummage sale beginning Wednesday P. M.. Nov. 12-24,^ at 82 Front street JR. MECHANICS AND D. of A. A Novelty Dance, another of those enjoyable socials of Delaware Coun­ cil, Jr. O. U. A. M., will be held at the home on Wednesday evening Novem­ ber 26. This dance will also be a mas- Querade. All members of Delaware Council, their families or friend and the members of the Daughteris of America their fam ilies and friend, or those invited by either the Juniors or Daughters are most cordially invited. Other than those mentioned the affair will be private. 11-20-26 SAND FOR SALE in any quantity Joyland Park, Telephone 541-H, or 715-J. 10-6-t£. FOR SALE—St, Francis Hospital building, corner Ball and Sussex streets. An ideal building for business purposes. For information apply to Sister in charge. FOR SALE- five dollars a ton NO. 4. ■Block and split wood, truck load. Phone 11-7-28 WOOD FOR SALE—Split an honest ton truck load for $5.00 Place your order during noon hour 12-1 P. M. Phone 191W4. August Reinhardt. ^ugi 11-14-tf. SCHAUER’S THIRFT SHOP now in new location, No. 181 Pike street, special sale of Children’s Underwear, Wool sox, ladies* skirts and house dresses and many other articles slight ly soiled from handling. New over­ coats for men, $17.98 and $21.00 11-19-25 SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Home dressed Chickens Round Roast 0 Q q Chuck Roast ............. . . Home n.ade Sausage ___ 30C ......................... 2QC Fresh H a m s ................... 30 C Home Killed Pork .......... 3 0 C Boneless Pot Roast ........ 1 OC Apples, per bu.............. $1.25 Homo Grown Potatoes, 60 lb. to ,a bush, ............ $1.00 bn. ALL KINDS OF WESTERN CUTS AT LOWEST PRICES CITY MEAT MARKET R. Perl, Prop. 80 Jersey Ave. Tel. 73a FREE DELIVERY AUTO REPAIRING OP ALL KINDS Done by Competent Workmens PROMPT SERVICE Best Grade of Gas and Oil ACCESSORIES DILLISTIN’S GARAGE Tel. 917 58 Jersey Ave. GERHART’S STORAGE GARAGE MATAMOxRAS, PA STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Ask for demonstration United States Tires Cars washed and polish­ ed. Capacity ICO cars. Tel. 319R Heat Local and Long Distance TRUCKING OF AMj KIND James I. Mackechnie Telephone 309-W ESTIMATES GIVEN IP DESIRED LUMBER CONTRACTORS & BUILDERS Give me a bid on your bills. Hem­ lock Timbers a Specialty. SLAB WOOD FOR SALE James P. Van Etten l i t W. Harford St. Milford, Pa. (Mill at Conashaugh) THREE GOOD ONES—Spare ribs, home made bolonga, pork .saua,ge, Schlund the butcher. You know the number. 11 -21-24 THREE Thousand chrysantheums at reasonable prices. Miss Smith, flor­ ist. 14 Spring street. Phone 600 11-21-24 HOUSEHOLD furniture for sale, also Quick Time Range. 137 Pike St. fm -B E K I' •THANKSGIVING IS APPROACHING i —get your toggery ready, don't wait until the duck is on your palate; think of your clothing, bring them to Holtz the Tailor. Get in shape for the event. TO I-ET after Dec. 1., six rooms and batli-f Ail improvements. Incjuire 93 E. Main street. 11-21-24 FOR RENT—Garage, comer Barcelow and Church streets, C. W. Vollmer, 6 ITont street. ' 11-4-tf FURNISHED rooms for rent, sey Ave. 84 Jer- 8-7-t£ TRUCKING & MOVING Of All Kinds Promptly Attended To HORSES FOR SALE And Exchange BLOCK AND SPUT WOOD $5.00 a Load A. W. SCHWANNEMAN 2 AND 4 ITKST STREET Phone 419-J R<;s. 423-J ROOFING Slate asbestos or Asphalt shin­ gles laid over old wooden shingle roofs and gnarantieed. All kinds of roofs repaired and painted Chimneys pointed up and re- flashed. Leader and gutter work. Estimates fice. OUVER LANE l0 5 Franklin Street TeL 2S1-R Biisiness.Directory DENTISTS r>B .1 H. .TOHNSON. Dentist. Office Hubbai-d Bldg. DR. JOSEPH A- NOLL. Dentist. Of-, floe and residcnc® 10 Elisabeth St. floe and residenc® Pbon® 404-'W. REAL ESTATE JOHN M. YEAGER, Real El^tate and \a«urunce Removed to Masonic Bldg. WAI^TED FOR RENT—4 rpoms, No. 12 First street, F. W. Best, 14 Ball street. WANTED—Man to busk corn by the bushel. Phone 287-R 14-tf. FLi|,T FOR LET—5 rooms and bath improvements. Phone FOR RENT—Six room house, 65 King street. 11-17-22 HOUSE TO LET—6 Mt. William St. J. A. Fisher. 11-15-tf FOR RENT OR SALE, coal, feed and Idmber yard. 191 Jersey avenue. Inquire of John (^f£. HOUSES—LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE—^Two building lots In West End. Address M., c-o Gaz- W Ditch^Jumping Autm ' ' ' A Frenabnum has fpveuted ah iiiahUe thnt wh I ; ut » p dltchea sijc ta il withun. Milukfged. BOARDERS WANTED by the meal, day ■ or week. 13 Brooklyn Street. WANTED—CaPiable housekc in family. Best wages, evenings. 26 Sullivan avenue. ROOMERS or boarders wanted. 24 Churoh street. 11-19-tf WANTED—Parlor etove, in good con­ dition. 33 W. Alain street. 11 - 20-22 KITCHEN HELP WANTED—Peoples Lunch-Room, 58 Front street. WANTED—Bookkeeper. Apply Rutan Auto Co. 46 Front St. 11-21-tf Complete Sharpens the blade in the razor without removing i t Quick Convenient, Easy to clean. Complete sets—; razor, with strop and extra blades, $1.00 and up. LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Express and Trucking Sand, Shale, Stone, Cin­ ders, Wood and Top Dirt. FOR SALE H .F. PIATT 6 Hudson St. Phone S9S-W A.C.BEIRNE FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone 847 66 Front St ARTHUR A. GRAY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 170 Jersey Ave. LADY ASSISTANT Phone 739-W or 403-J TAXI SERVICE CONCERNING WOMEN WHO SMOKE Vienna, Nov. 20 (Associated Press) Happy and satisfied^ women almost never smoke, in the opinoin of Dr. R. Hofetaetter, gynecologist, who some time ago created a considerable stir by his assertion that smoking alters women’s faces to their disadvantage, making them look more masculine than feminine. “Women who smoke much have a’- most invariably contracted the hab­ it at a time when they were especially unhappy 3 %» he avers in his book, “The Smoking Woman.'* “Women re­ gard smoking as something ‘smart’*’ he continues. “Smoking affords them an opportunity to execute a surpdisingly large number of playful and therefore graceful movements and ppsitions. It is a significant fact that the smoking woman Is much more concerned about the motions through which she goes as she smokes than is the man, for whom the accompanying movements such as the play of his features, bear the character of automatic uncon­ scious movements.’ Finds More Women Entering Industries Washington.—The. last decade has Been the industrial problems of wom­ en become more conspicuous than ever before. ^ Their full importance, however, can not be known unless certain questions are first answered; Women in Indus­ try. Where do they work? What do they do? Has their number increased or decreased during tlie last few years? The replies to many of these questions are to be found in several bulletins on occupational statistics re­ cently issued by the federal bureau of the census. Increases occurred in the number of women who were clerks in offices, ste­ nographers and typists, bookkeepers and cashiers, teachers, saleswomen, telephone operators, trained nurses and clerks in stores. Decreases oc­ curred in the number recorded as farm laborers, cooks, general servants, laun­ dresses, dressmakers and seamstresses (not in factory), and milliners and mil- j linery dealers. In manufacturing and mechanical Industries increases are found among semi-skilled operatives In food. Iron and steel and clothing Industries, in silk and knitting mills and in electrical supply, shoe and cigar and tobacco factories; among laborers in cotton mills, and among forewomen and over­ seers in manufacturing. The most striking increase is that for operatives In automobile factories, among whom there has been an increase of 1,408 per cent Men operatives in these fae* tories Increased only 485.4 per cent \&leLduio^tJop Razor SEW AND SAVE WITH Best SuK Cord Spool Cotton d r e s s m a k i n g h i n t s For « yo I ub I i I o book on dtoMnutkinff, send 4c. to TRUCKS dtonp or rack body, for hire by the day. Local and long dis­ tance hauling. Oontracts wanted for large or small trucking jobs. Phone us for Sand, Shale, building stone. Excavating or Pilling in Done. SPEARS BROS. 1 HOLBROOK ST. Phone 920-J or 644-W. .B*tUrthxm aJUuMtard Platter For Cooglit and Cold^ Head. Niniralgia. Rheumatitiii AU Acnes and Piuns AUJmUQCiSTS Differences in Two Canals There are great physical dlfferencei between the world’s two great com­ mercial canals. The Suez and- the Panama canals both divide continents, but the Suez is a sea-level waterway, without sluices or locks. The cost of the Suez was about $127,000,000. Royal Governor Driven Out Sir Edmund Andros, who for a sho^ time during the reign of James H was royal goverpor of New York and. New jersey, was driven out of New York in 1688 by an uprising led h j Jacob Movement to Gather All Lepers &t CuHon Manila’.—^More than 3(X) lepers de­ tained in various parts of the Philip­ pines are held under conditions neither sanitary, humane nor safe'to the pub­ lic at large, according to an urgent communication sent by Vice Governor Eugene A. Gilmore to the secretary of commerce and communications. Mr. Gilmore requests that a coast guard vessel be made available im­ mediately for the purpose of collecting these lepers from the various islands and transporting them to Cullon Is­ land- the leper colony. According to the report of Dr, Jose Avellana, chief of the cuUon leper col­ ony, 5,103 persons are confined there, four of whom are Americans. The col­ ony consists of 2,487 men, 1,318 wom­ en, 802 boys and 496 girls. There are 1,134 Single and 2,350 married lepers, 267 widows and 1,298 children, Saturday’s Specials MELNICO MARKET 84 BaD Street Roasting or Fowl ............ 33c Home droned Fork Roasts a t ........................... 25c - 30e Home dressed Veal Roast . .................. 25e to SOc Western CJlmck Roast . . : . 20o Round Roast (Western) ,.30c P, H. and Sirloin S teak ___ 35c Pork Sausage .................... 25e IPreminm or Star Ham .... 28c Hamburg ............................ 20c Plate Beef .......... 8c Sauer Kraut, 4 lbs..................25c Onions or Potatoes, bu. .$1.00 ALL WESTERN MEAT FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Tel. 200-W Free Delivery 84 BALL STREET “ 55 ” I Prompt Relief for | iMMi SPECIAL FOR THIS SATURDAY BOCK’S MARKET 16 FOWLER STREET Home dressed Chicken . • 3 5 'C Home dressed Pork 2i|5~35C Country dressed veal 2 § ~ 4 0 C Chuck Roast .................. Stewing Beef .................. 1 2 6 Legs of lamb .................. 3 5 C Fresh Sausage . ............... 3 0 C Fresh Hamberger .......... 3 0 C STRICTLY FRESH EGGS Tel 941 FREHS DELIVERY True Courage Any coward can fight a battle when he’s sure of winning, but give me the man who has pluck to fight when he’s sure of lo.sing.—George Eliot. I PARLOR MARKET I B ' WESTERN MEATS I H Home Made Sausage B f l CHickens B f l Sauer Kraut ^ B B Fish, Oysters B B Sweet Cider f l H FREE DELIVERY H H Tdiepbone 1S7-J H I H. H.DUNN I H Bali and ()wea Streeb J CLINEMAN’S SURE THING Relieves Headache IMMEDIATELY Squires’ Drug Store MAIN STREET MARKET SATURDAY SPECIAL PRICES ON Meat, Poultry, Fruit and Vegebbles Chickens.......................... 30c Home made Sausage ........ 30c Home dressed P o r k .......... 28c Legs of Lnmb.........................S5q Steaks .......... SOe, 82<^ 35c Pot Roast ........ 15c Plate Meat . ......................... 8c .Veal ........ 25ey SOe. 134 WEST l ia iN SI^EIEET Plkmel50 ^

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