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FOUR rriE EVENING GAZETTE POFO\ JERVIS. Nr V. I .-wi » I T O E S l f e o C T ^ 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE Issued Bvery Arternoon Except Sunday and Lesal Holidays by'the ^ GAZETTE PUBtlSHlNG CO. Daniel E. Cock . . . . . . . ...Oeueral Mark V. Richards . ............ . .............Editor W. H. Nearpass .........A s s o c iate Editor Per liSeek . ........................................15 eent^ Per Year, paid in advance ................ .$T.I)0' By mail, pea year, strictly In advance f6.00 Enlered at the Post Office at Port Jervis, N. Y.. as second class matter Tri-Weekly ....Established April 22, 188f Daily ---- - - .Established January 17. 18S1 Memlirr pi The ^sociatcd Pres* Tbc- Associated Press is exclusively en­ titled to the use for publication of all news dispatches oredited to it or not otherwls<’! eredited in this paper and also the local jfifwr puMtsUPd herein. TO OIJB SUBSCBIBBllS \ Any^^Paihire to receive paper regu- ■ larly or any complaint In regard to delivery should^ be reported to the office either in person or by tele­ phone. Also any change of address. Do not depend on merely telling the carrier. '\\r .ore en den voting to give ‘ -fon the best service as well .ns the >est paper, and all complaints re­ ported iQ tji8 otflcp Will receive . prompt attention. tt^fcATHER REPO R T The following report is furnished hy W. H. Ne.ariJ.ass Elnited St tes W eatn- er rvhp<»r'5'PT': Max. Temp, yesterday ...................... 76 Min. Temp yesterday . ................... 30 Min. Temp, today . . 7 .................. .. . .34 Temp at noon today ......................... 6 5 M9.X. Temp, this date, 1823 .......... s i JWCin. emp this datP, 1923 W'ind ...................................... Southwest Rain last 24 hours ............................... 0 Rain for m o n th ....................................27 Rain for year ................................. 35.46 Last year, sam e date ........................32.72 FOR PRFSTUENT JOHN W. DAVIS, Of West -Virginia FOR VrCE-PRESTDENT CHARTA:S W. BRYAN Of Nebraska FOP. CONGRESS ROSSLYN M. COX FO R GOVERNOR AJ.FKr\D E. SMITH Of New Y'ork FOR LTEUT.-GOVERNOR Gi:O R G E K. liirNN Of Schenectady SECRETARY OF ST a TE: JA:\rES A. HAMTI.TON Of The Bron.v FOR CONTROET.ER JAM E S W. FT.EIMING t)f Lyons FOR A 'rrO R N E Y -G E N E R A L CARL SHERMAN Of Buffalo FOH s t a t e ENGINEER DW IGHT B LADU Of Albany FOR STATE s e n a t o r I.EW^S J. STAGE FOR COUNTY JUDGE / - P H IL IP A. KOKTY FOR SH E R IFF - FRANK J. NEARN FO R COUNTY CLERK MARY Qj MCI^LANEY FOR mSTRTCT ATTORNEY W ILLIAM P. GREGG FOR CORONER W ILLIAM F. HOGAN ANDREW EDWARDS FOR M'R’MBER OV ASSEMBLY .TOHN E. CTJDDEBACIC T H E INCOME TAX MUDDLE T H I N 6 S T H A T N E V C H M A P P E I H y .G E N E BY R N E S WAGERS KEEP GOOLIDGEFROM ‘W 'TITLE IS G en u in e 5 U T 1^ F R A N K I T A D M 5 T - IM b r o k e a N D . B t S I O E S i M E V E R liA O O -V E R - S I X d o l l a r s a t o n e IN. HSr LIFE TAKING STUMP CBASH$ED by FATHEt r SElf •i. .. . - f —— . (Gyntimwd'fr«»rrCD^go lY l y naan who Wa&^suppoeed t o \ e iny Ya- l^er, % t h e r I w o u Id/noV call . h i ^ , bjecauee h e ’did hot act l i k e . on% .. X -r*. ^ /h o p e the S h a rk s o n 'm y y e a r E j f f e s t O f H i s P e r s o n a t l i t y ^khow you thercau:3e for a i r this, n / v . m iNTCHnAYlONAk *TiTL£t> W tlO ^ 'I will not have to buy me hiprie.’ clothes or lanything else.■ T hey.' oah, do . w ith me as they please aiid m isl Is my greatest Wish'Of all, th a t he may, croak under d fence'- like a t Hyasrhe W'lid has taken-m y .IfV?'* aicLiuus maue oy Democrats last ^ h ief Joseph H a rtfield madein-, spring, that President Coolidge would , . *■' J.*! * . ■ >*icj \ A q 11 cyk4 A*» -Tii* not go on the hustings during, the cam­ paign and that the Republican Vice* edfthis loom ing s h e Waited five hourg for^ h e r ^\ai^hts. tV go dow n ; stolrs, then she gbt her fatheifa revolver, weiit into affront room .idd then locK- ed'^hi^seif in a closet-'mdmertt .the'?door 'slammed, she fired the shots The first bullet did' not |fiftd the maJ'lC but Y h e 'third did. An t^am ination of tthe^YeVoIver found th a t’ the two r»i:. m a ining bullets' had been Clicked bu t did„mOt-explode*' > On Voters—^Eeqall Expe­ rience In 1922. (Special Correspoiidence.) W ashington, p . c., October.- dlctions made by Democrats w - . -3i^©;lnve.tftion of a* c a rbureter with, w h ich bensiiiie, gasoline, kerosene or alcohol can be used w ith out altera­ tion.':ttas been announced in S w it^r^ chastised h is 'd a u g h te r fo; home at 1 o’clock tins m o itiiag/ i f w .A N D S A V E w r r a convention, the Democratic National Committee, on the baeis of facte which <=h.mi>am..,.s .htame- It ha4 gathered, made this statem e n t: stubborn,and h .ad - =,. ® ® etrong\ S i d Chief llarlfiel.l. .-Pne I will have to conduct most of the Re­ publican presi2Tential campaign this j year. To him will fall the task of ! touring the country and making the ' big speeches to gatherings of voters in I different parts of the country,” 1 V ic e-P re sid e n tia l C a n d id a te D a w e s —^not then nominated or milch Cdhsid- ^ ered—is now doing exactly w hat was *' then forecast. President Coolidge has * remained In the W hite House, making j few public appearances outside of the was well educated for a girl of .her age. On Saturday the' .girl was giyon a new coat by her paroufSi who \yent shopring w itlrh e r ., After beiug j-ebuk j Cor J Spool Cotloa bkESSMAKING HINTS For a raluablo book on dressmaking;. «rad 4c. to clause forbidding the publication ofj a.r.y inform a tion contained in an in-1 come tax “return\ w h e re publication of such inform a tion is not authorized by law, is in conflict w ith the clause which directs the Commissioner of In­ ternal Revenue to prepare lists of in­ come tax payments and open them to imblic inspection. It was out cf the action of the Com- OFFICE CAT T H A O S M A R H R C O .) j J ^ J u n i u s i J M A T ’C H L E f c t k j 'X'ji«-A'OjaLjifXC Teacher—^Willie, can you tell me how m atches are made? W illie— No, m a ’arn. B u t I don’t missioner of Internal Revenue, taken yQ^ jqj . -^anting to know, three days after he had given notice* AVhy, w h a t do you mean? ’ that the tax paym ent lists w>'ere op e n ' M other says you’ve been trying to to public inspection, grew the chaotic over a year, condition in the offices of internal j UNSATISFACTORY SHAPE revenue collectors which resulted in> Here is a very nice dinner pail, only partial publicaton of the names said the clerk in Swintous hardw>'are of income tax payers. . store. Tvr 1 -I *.• T*.- - xj • But it’s round, objected the carpen- We have a chaotic condition in this ^ , -.r 7. *. ters bride. Mv husband w ants some- income tax 'departm e n t because the law is so drawn th a t it contradicts it­ self. We are surprised th a t such a ! condition could arise under an adm in- i.stration of “liest minds.” We were told four years ago that the Demo­ crats were a lot of incompetents, feeble minded and inbeciles, and the thing that will hold a so.uare meal. T H E TRUTH A m an was charged w ith stealing a case of canned goods from the store room of a grocery store. 'Now, said his lawyer if I take your case you m u st tell me honestly. Did you or did you not steal those can- brains of the country were all in the peaches? ; Well, yes, sir I did the m an adm lt- Republican party. But is this income tax muddle a sample of what was! x h a t’s aii rig-ht, replied the lawyer meant, by a return to Republican ef- you give me half of them, ficiency? Is this w h a t Colonel Roose-! velt meant the other night when he bragged .about Republicans bringing order out of chaos? VOTE FO R BOTH When the case came into court the lawyer addressed the jury thus: This m an did not get any m ore of those peaches than I did. The verdict was “Not Guilty\. F o u r years ago, our Republican friends told us that the Democratic ad­ m inistration at W ashington wa^ in ­ competent, that a change' to Republi­ can r-fficieno.Y was necessary. Wood- row' M’’i]son W'as accused of so express­ ing him self that no one could tell ■ydiat he meant. This cam paign. Republican spell binders are* telling of the chaotic con­ ditions they found at W ashington and how their “best minds\ straightened out the tangles. In his speech in P o rt Jervis the other night. Colonel Roose­ velt braggeU about th a t achievemonl and said that when Calvin Coolidge say? anything, we alwayg know What bo means. ^ In the last w’eek or ten (lays, a cha­ otic condition has developed'* in the in­ come tax departm e n t. It began when Secretary Mellon directed the publi­ cation of the income taxpayers and the am o u n ts they paid. Some say It was done to show up the income of John W. Davis, but this, the Republi­ cans of course deny. I t happens, however, th.at the big incomes of t a r ­ iff profiteers and ‘other Republican millionaires were made public and ndturally those men are incensed ovei it. A storm broke, and as it gathered in fury, it was discovered that per­ haps it was wrong after all to release the. income tax payments for publica­ tion. Since then, Republican federal officials have been arguing about a law passed by the Republican con­ gress last June, they, don’t know w h e ther it was right to publish or not, and finally Attorney General Stone is called upon to determ ine whether one. g irli. Two propositions will be submitted to the voters of P o rt Jervis on election day. One is a state referendum and the other is a P o rt Jervis referendum .! Sos heater. The state has asked us to express our opinion of a fifteen million dollar bond issue for the acquisition of more state parks. Those who have traveled to Bear Mountain and other state pre­ serves, where a person is free to have recreation as he pleases so long as a few simple rules are observed, know What this m eans. So m any delightful spots are being more and more closed, to the general public; that it is none too e.arlz/ for the state to be setting apart forest lands for the enjoyment of all. The local referendum is an appro­ priation of a thousai^d dollars for the playground w o rk in Port Jervis. All progressive cities have set apart play­ grounds, for it has been discovered by educators that proper play has an Im- portarit part in child development. V a ­ cant lots are getting fewer, the chil­ dren are not allowed to play in the streets, and they really have no place to go unless they live on the outskirts of the city w h e re the woods are ac­ cessible. Even there, land owners do not w a n t 'children playing In large num b ers unless there Is propei •supervision. Of course, those of us who are adults now did not have playgrounds when w'C were boys and girls. 'W® didn’t have automobiles, nor phono- I g raphs nor radios either; but that iri no reason why we should not share in the progress of the day. Play­ grounds are a recreation, that the pro­ gress of the day has given to child life, as well as the progress of the day ha.si given new delights to adult lif© and oiir children have a right to thi. good things th a t apiily to their partic­ ular age. It will cost us ju s t four cents on a thousand dollars valuation lo give playgrounds to our boys and This “is the tim e of year when you do and dig out last spring’s felt h a t which you thought would still Ibofc good enough for fall, and find th a t it has been in a back closet all sumfner wadded into a ball behind the little East and still fewer speeches except on the radio, thus perm itting himself to be heard but not seen. Personality U n attractive W hat is moro interesting than the prediction the sequel verifies iS thS reason for it. The Republican man­ agers foresaw that Mr. Coolidge’s per­ sonality was so unattractive that he could not afford to make a direct per­ sonal appeal to the people. W hen he was Vice P resident Mr. Coolidge vis­ ited Minncaoplis and attem p te d to ad­ dress a large assemblage at the State Pair. His m anner and voice and in­ dividuality were so unprepossessing that the cro'wd soon grew tired and surged away from the grandstand and 'into the arena. The noise and con­ fusion became so great that Mr. Cool­ idge could not be heard arid had to cut short his speech. Practically all of his hearers were Republicans. ■ Since the exposure of the various scandals in the Republican administra- ■tion at W ashington the President’s m anagers have had new cause for keeping ■ him in the W hite House, i They have been afraid that he would be subjected to quizzing by some of the LaFollette followers or actually heckled, and they have felt it is said ,! that he could not successfully meet that sort of test. Since the campaign began these Re­ publican managers have found that Mr. Coolidge’s personality is a greater political liability than they original’y suspected Reports from various parts of the country tell that his picture, when shown in the “movies.\ fails to Stir any enthusiasm and generally is beheld with cold silence on the part of the audience. This has convinced them that he could hardly expect a better reception if he presented him­ self in the flesh to an average au­ dience. TOBAY DOUBLE FEATURE DAY “ LUXURY SPECIAL” TAKES ROOSEVELT ALL OVER STATE OlrscflQn b y E Richai'J /orKp* Five reels of Ben T iirpin laughs (2nd Mack Senrwtt burlesque comedy! A bargain sale of thrills, with heaps of ac­ tion thrown in. -rvife—The doctor said a t once th a t r needed a stim u la n t. Then he asked to see my longue. Husband—-Good heavens. I hope he didn’t give you a stim u lant for that. * ♦ ♦ Even if women are supposed to be brighter than men, says Cy Kology. you never see a man buying a shirt he can’t button by hlinself. The only proof some candidai'es have th a t they are running, says Old Sport, is the official notification. t ♦ Mr.' 3 . Jones, My husband ran a tank during the w a r and now he can’t even run a vacuum cleaner for me. ♦ ♦ ♦ ONE IN EV E R Y BLOCK The biggest boob I ever m et The one whose jaw I’d like to smack. Is he who calls a. cigarette, A coffin tack. (Special Correspondence.) Albany, October.—The charge that the Republicans intend to buy the elec­ tion is borne out to some extent by the extravagant style in which Theo dore Roosevelt, Republican nominef for Governor, is touring New York State. The Republican State niachine has provided him with an elaborate entourage and a five-car special train which, according to reliable estim ates, costs at least $2,000 a day. The Republican nominee plans to conduct a tour lasting at least three , weeks. At a rate of |2 000 a day the minimum outlay for the trip will be about 142,000. This is in startling .contrast to the simpMcity which char­ acterizes Governor Alfred E. Sm ith’s icampaign. The Governor is living and ■worMng on one special car attached 1 :to the regular trains. This car houses 'the Governor, his staff and the twenty .newspapermen accompanving him. * The fight to “put over\ Roosevelt re- iveals how desperate the Republican Ibosses are In the State Government, ■The action of the Reoublican-con- [trolled Assembly in blocking Governor <?■ ’ B e s t - T h in g \ \T S y (jertruOe P a ^ %) A comeiJy drama with fascinating Mae Marsh as an incomparable Irish “flapper” whose big heart always guides her straight as her quick wit turns real troubles into great happiness; griefs into joys,. A E S u rs HIM FABLE “ BARNYARD OLYMPICS” Matinee 2:30 Admission 25c Evening 8; 90 I Sm ith’s welfare and public utility pro- > [gramme during the last session may God m a d e legs, but m an made the knickers th a t add the element of hu- *. * • A. B. See— How did Web.9ter ever .-cast some light on the source of the compile the dictionary? Ihnge sums apparently at the disposal Q. B. Dee— Whenever he and h*s ^of the Republican New York State wife had a quarrel one word led to jmachine. another. I Mr. Roosevelt, it is recalled, voted iin favor of the Jenks higher fare bill An optim ist is a m an Who asks:“Is it the real stuff?” • * * y ■ j i a RMLESS Diner (angrffy to w a iter)—You’ve epillPd th a t soup all over my coat. •^ai^er _ It’s a ll riprht H r. T k n o w the .‘=011 p here: It never stains after six o’clock. R- Onarkenbush Fii«<>ral r^i»*ertor 2 4 n S F v e e t Port Jervis. N. Y. .’when a member of the Le'’'islatu’’e. iHad his m easure passed, trolley fares ,ln many suburban districts up-State •would have been increased. “ A MYTH AND A NAME” Chicago. October.— Governor Smith's characterization of the Republican program in his State and in the coun­ try at large as an attem pt to win the election by “nominating a myth in W ashington and a name in New York\ is being repeated throughout the en­ tire West and is making votes for Pavis. This is very irritating to Re­ publicans who have been trying to capitalize the President as the “calm, •Rent m an in the W hite House.\ WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAy GOLDWYN PRESENTS TOD BROWNliidS PRODUCTION ^^TheDAY o f m iT H : * — WITH— AN ALL FEATURED CAST IT’S THRiLLING—-every inch of the wayl A story full of the joy or human kindness in a world of strife. This great drama of humanity bares the throbbing soul of mankind. It is being hailed as a great heart storyleyeh greater than “ The Miracle Man.” . Two-Reeb^Harry tangdon Comedy— Two-Reel “HIS NEW MAMMA’’ ________ __ ~ ~^ATHE PW S No. 85’’ Matinee 2:30 AdoSisinon 25c Eyeniag 8:00

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