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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, October 21, 1924, Image 6

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SIX High Blood Pressure Relieved by Fruit Treat­ ment — *‘Fruit-a-tives^’ m m c F t e n i s TOUCH JOB FOR WBBIS Demolished Stone by Stone on Site U^ed for Same Purpose Since 1689.» N High. Blood Pressure is a very dan- f^erous condition^but because it is ihe result of self-poisoning- or chronic constipation, it is always relieved and corrected by the wonderful Fruit Treatment. Mrs. C. W. Thompson of Lyndonvilie, Vermont, says : “I first heard of “ Fruit-a^ives” through a friend in St. Johnsbury; and as I was troubled with very high 'Blood Pressure and Constipation, I decided to try the Fruit Treatment, The result is I am feeling very much better and gladly recommend ‘ ‘Fruit- a-tives” to anyone. *^Fruit-a-tives'* are the intensified juices of apples, oranges, figs and prunes combined with tonics. ' ■ 25c.and50c—at all dealers orFruit- a-tives Limitedi Qgdeasburg, N. Y. A lw a y s Looking There can be no direction “up\ and “down” as applied to interstellar space. These terms refer to ? direc­ tions from a center of gravity. Any direction away from the surface of the earth is “up\; similarly any di­ rection in space away from the sur­ face of any planet or star in the uni­ verse would be “up.\ “Uo\yn” means the direction toward the center of a body. Therefore any inhabitant of the earth looking out into space from any point on the earth is looking “up­ ward.\ HEAOIOIS SOI TIRED NO iORE Cives Credit to Lydia E, PiaHiaij/s Vegetable Compoimd. Hopa Other Women Will Benefit by Her Experience Skowhegan, Me. — “ I was sick most of the time and could not get around to my work without being all tired out so I would have to lie down. One day when I was reading the Woodbury, N. J.—Prison history Is being made here with the wrecking-of the present Gloucester County jail in the center of the town to make way /or a modern county building at a cost of $300,000, with an up-to-date prison on the third floor. The pres­ ent structure was considered a model wlien it was erected in 1877. The site began to be used for prison pur­ poses in 16S9. Gloucester county in that year had a log house as its very first jail, an affair about 16 feet square. This.' made \yay Tor a larger log house jail in 1695, which in turn was torn down !ind replaced by a jail of masonry in 1719. The specifications provided for a comer chimney at each end. “cross- barred with iron in each funnel to prevent escap e s .\ In 1763 stocks and a wTiipping post were provided in the jail yard, and there is a record of new public stocks being ordered erected in the yard as late as 1822. A fire in 1790 destroyed the buildings, and they were replaced at a cost of $12,000, with a notable improvement in the form of a bell for the courthouse- » Finally the present structure was put up at a cost of $22,000 in 1877, If has stone walls two feet thick and 100 tons of iron and steel, with a floor of broken stone and cement, three feet thick. None of the 10,000 prisoners kept there ever broke loose. Dynamite would customarily be used in wrecking a structure of this sort, but owing to the, fact that it is lo­ cated in the heart of the town, with a high school near by, and a bank ancT the courthouse across the street, the authorities will not permit explosives to be used. Workmen, accordingly, are breaking the jail apart, .stone by stone and rivet by rivet. It is expected the new struc­ ture cannot be completed within two years, at the present rate of progress. Meanwhile, prisoners are to be kept in the rear of the fire department head­ quarters. Dangerous criminals will not be risked there, however, but are to be sent to a Camden jail. In the temporary jail many facilities ! are. lacking. Accordingly every pris- j oner will be given a small stove, and 1 rations will be served him uncooked, ( so that he will have to prepare his ' owm meals. The new county and jiail building is designed by Charles B. Ped­ dle, Philadelphia architect. THE EVENING GAZETTE G o lden Rule m Tlie knowledge tlmt iieips us to be wise and kindly and hetvful Ls simple and easy to find. If can be found in books which almost al! househoKla pos^ss, which can be bought very cliea;)Iy. They contain wisdom which many learned people never have and never wUl possess. . li is not Intel­ lectual co-operation we need so much as mutual tolenmce and generosity, the effort to look at everything from the other fellow’s point of view, _ Lon­ don Daily Herald. PORT TERVIS, N. Y. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 21. 1 J , Lam e D u cks .Unite I Thousands of ducks, crippled by j hunters, have formed a colony in the sloughs of Victoria islands, the State Fish and Game associarion ha,* an nounced. The cripples unable to stand the pace set by the able-hodiiert ducks, have united to obtain food by co-operative efforts ill. i lutvnaxxi a v ege- j table Compound ad­ vertisement and saw ' what it did for other women,' so I thought I would try it. I have taken three - . 1 bottles, and cannot begin to tell you what it has already done for me. I do all my work now and keep up the whole day long without iymg down. I have no more headaches nor tired feelings. I hope every woman who takes the Vegetable Compound will get as much benefit out of it as 1 have. —Mrs. P ercy W. R ichardson , R.F.D. No. 2, Skowhegan, Maine. You have just read how Lydia E. Pink- ham’s Vegetable Compound helped Mrs. Richardson. She gave it a trial after she saw what it had done for other wo­ men. For nearly fifty years Lydia E. ITakham’s Vegetable Compound has peen thus praised by women. For sale Dy druggists everyv/hero. Seeking M efher-of-Pearl In Western Australia there are great pearl fisheries where mother-of-pearl, one of the basic materials for but­ tons, is found. The opalescent shells - are graded and sorted before being packed into sacks and crates for ex-^ port, and there have been times when little pearls, which have evaded the lynx eyes of the “fishers,\ have been found in the shells when these pack­ ages have been unpacked in factories. iEM CHEST GOLDS WITH RED PEPPER Ease your tight, aching chest. Stop the pain. Break up the congestion. Feel a bad cold loosen up in just a short time. “Red Pepper Rub” is the cold rem­ edy that brings quickest relief. It can­ not hurt you and it certainly seems to end the tightness and drive the con­ gestion and soreness right? out. Nothing has such concentrated, pene­ trating heat as red peppers, and when heat penetrates right down into colds, congestion, aching muscles and sore, stiff joints rislief comes at once. The moment you apply Red Pepper Rub you feel the tingling heat. In three minutes the congested spot is warmed through^and through. When you _ are sufferih^ from a cold, rheumatism, backache, stiff neck or sore muscles, just get a jar of Rowles Red Pepper Rub, made from red peppers, at any drug store. You will have the quick­ est relief known. Always say “Rowlesi.\ Long Stroll in S^eep Hat! ess, barefooted, w^'ni’ing pa jamas with a broad red striva and carrying under his arm t r'\'rcel re sembling a banjo, a man of Brighton England, was discovered to have walked in his sleep to a village five ml 1 eB distant. W h e^ M en W o re Lace The lace gentlemen wore for rnf- ies in the Seventeenth century was costly for those da.vs. Vtilenciennes lace, about three inches wide, which was then In great demand, sold for about $11 a yard in 1788. Signs of Greatness There are numerous greaft men, but few that can avoid looking silly when being photographed for the movies.— Baltimore Sun. | id e a of Space One may judge how great is th^ di4 tance to even the nearest. stars, says Nature Magazine, from the fact that Vega, a near neighbor, is about one and a half million times more distant than the suh. Vega isi 25 light years, 150 trillion miles away>_ That is, a ray light from this star -wfii take 25 years to reach the eqrth,' though It travels with the speed of lightning,, which would take it nearly seven times aifound the earth in a second. m Popular Pin Design **Faulty*^ The Iforyeshoe tie pin, \of which many specimens will be seen, was originally made as a good-luck piece of jewelry, but, strangely enough. Iti design is such as to thwart any gox»d- Tiick superstition the wearer .nay have. The pin^ are almost always made So that the points are down when worn, whereas the points should be np for good luck’s sake, ssy *good foptiine experts.** r STYLES THAT LEAD THE WAY Fashionable Apparei For Lady, Miss or Child. Models That Bespeak the Newest in Vogue. Ensemble Effects in Cloth and Silk Dresses Flannel Dresses in newest plain shades— Plaids and Checks Jersey Dresses in all the latest Fall Shades and Styles ^ Wellesley Dresses in W ool Jersey, Flannel and Velvet for the J u n ior Miss. Party and Dance Frocks in newest colors and materials.^ Evening Dresses in Velvet Brocades and Chenille Crepe. • q ' tailored Dresses in Charm een, Wool Crepe and Sport M aterials. Fur Trimmed Coats in finest m aterials and choicest furs. Sport Coats of Strooks’ 100% Camels H a ir. Sport Coats with rich trimmings Qf finest furs.. Children’s Coats Some with collars, or collar and cuffs of fur. New Tunic Blouses in latest colors for Fall. They are stunning. Handsome Fur Coats for Dress, U tility W ear or , Motoring. See Our Tom Boy Raccoon Coats They are making a hit. WE SPECIALIZE IN STYLISH APPAREL for STOUT WOMEN COATS—SUITS—DRESSES ID D L E T O W N . N. Y! ! DOROTHY DARNIT By Charleii J^cM-i-uUS TH6 m a v - te R Dof?o*t M > ^ w h a t V o O THlNKkNQ A e o u i ‘-L: I w a S ^ e s * sNOiMOt P<«ivs * X vy'HERt D o t s WHEN **T _ G o e s ov ) T ^ — r~— •.4*;. -r- I V THE-iDtA' - - J i MIGHT d ASK.ML W»^LV<^ , h e GOE ^ __ ^ i \ ? / / ' 9 >.v ■! ^ ' I 1

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