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aiG tfi ev e n in g GAZKIir PORT TERVIS. N. 29‘ 1924 SPORTS XESTETtD^X’S 3ttES^X/XS AM E R ICAN LEAGUE' W a s h ington 11 N ew York 6 Philadelphia 6, Boston 3 (First gam e) \ Boston 8, Philadelphia* 7 (Second gam e) Cleveland 7, Chicago 0 (First gam e) Chicago 7, Cleveland 6 10 innings, 2d gam e) Other cluhs not scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE C incinnati 5^ Pittsburgh 4. Chicago 5, St. Louis' 2 (First game) Chicago S, St. Louis 3 (Second gam e ) Philadelphia 1, Boston 0 (First gam e) Philadelphia 9, Boston 3 Secont^ game) O ther clubs not scheduled. SCREENLAND the producers say film s to be shown at, local t h e a t r e abou' T H E A I R E “A Man of Action” Is a P a s t and Funny Comedy Mystery. STANDING OF TH E CLUBS AlSrERICAN LEAGUE W ashington . . W o n ___ 72 Lost 54 P.C. .571 . N e w York , . . . 53 .589 D e troit ............... ___ 67 56 .545 St. Iiouis . . . . . 60 .512 Cleveland . . . . . . . 5 8 65 .460 B o s ton .......... ------- 55 67 .455 Bhiladelpbia^ , . , . .57 69 . .452 C h i c a g o ............... ___ 53 69 .424 NATIONAL LEAGUE W on Lost K e w Y o r k ................... 75 46 P.C. .620 Pittsburgh . . ., . .. . 7 0 51 .578 B r o o k lyn . . .. ........ 69 54 .561 C h i c a g o .............. 55 .549 Cincinnati . . . . ___ 66 60 .524 St- L o u i s ............ ___ 53 72 .424 Philadelphia .. ___ 47 74 .388 1 B o s t o n ................. ----- 44 79 .358 W H E R E THEY^ PLAY TODAY\ AM E R ICAN LEAGUE W a shington at N ew York D etroit at St. Louis Chicago at Cleveland Philadelphia at A m y stery comedy, sure fire, fast and funny, has been produced by Tho­ m as H. Ince in his latest picture “A Man of Action featui'ing Douglas Mao- Leap'' supported by Marguerite D e La Motte and Raym ond Hatton, w h ich w ill be shown at the New Theatre t o ­ night. Laughs and thrills and love interest have been closely interwoven in this clever original tale that comes from the pen of Bradley Kdpg. There’s a little love, a plot the picture fans can’t guess until the end. W ith never a m inute’s let' up. “A Man of Action,” is accurately described as a “M ovie that moves” Here’s the plot in brief; Douglas Mac Lean plays a silk stocking youth w ith more dough than ambition. The girl he loves (M arguerite De La v M otte) has enough pep for a whole boarding school She drives him out to do som ething and he does! W e’ll say he does! He gets mixed up w ith a band o f crooks w h o blackjack him into robbery of his own mansion. W h a t a m ix-up! Cope, crooks and hisses! Program also includes ‘‘The H a w k ’s Eye,” chapter 3 of the chapter play of stirring events of early American life, “Leatherstocking,” from the fam ­ ous novels by Jam es Eenimore Cooper “Topics of the D a y” and “Pathe R e ­ view.” Also on program is the special added Vaudeville attraction, “The Troubadors,” of New York City, in a presentation of Symphonic Jazz. England’s Young Tennis^^ Prodigy A Stirring Photoplay of N e w Y ork’s Great E a s t Side. Boston NATIONAL LEAGUE N e w York at Brooklyn Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. St. Louis at Chicago Boston at Philadelphia (Two gam es) The special feature picture, “The Sidewalks of New York,” by W illard Bradley King starring Hanna Lee, the child actress, supported' by a hand picked cast of screen favorites, w ill be the special attraction at the New Theatre Saturday m atinee and night. An intensely interesting tale of New York’s East Side, portarying m a n y of the types made famous by Am erica’s greatest short story writers— Bullies .gangsters, watrd politician^, pedlers, loan sharks— .a clever girl brought up ! on “The Sidewalks of New York,” and jo little w a if held captive by a brutal bully, who gets w h a t is properly com - ^ * I Strength and weaknes.s Tibute to the Legion :|: j honesty and treachery, humor and 4: £4’ /^ERTAIXLY if iiny organi- j pathos. It‘s a story that grips the zaliim is in n t >,iciJfJ,-m fr> j ht-:irt and hnld.q one spellbound tO the I end. An exciting- three-round prize 'b ; fight between two girls is one of the , m a n y thrilling, red-idnoded incidents 'i; I in the story. Tn addition to the above 4' I the program includes a Hal Roach ^ I F om edy “Fast B lack,” and “Pathc * , N ews 6S” which sees and show s all. England’s newest tennis prodigy is Betty Nuthall. And Betty is a real prodigy, for 'She Is only thirteen years old, yet her game is good enough to earn her the respect of such capable and experienced players as Molla Bjurstedt Mallory, Miss Elizabeth Ryan and other veterans who have been in the limelight of. the tennis world for years. Mrs. Mallory has called her a “wonderful little player.” In the recent Middlesex championships played on the courts at Chiswick, Betty fought her way through the first two rounjls and in the third round found herself facing tlie redoubtable Molla, who was a star on the courts be­ fore Betty was bom. Mrs. Mallory took the first set, 6-1, while B etty was getting warmed up, but in the second set Betty was going great guns, and she gave Molla a battle that had the spectators cheering and acting roughly with their hats. She carried the game to six all, hut could not stand the pace, and Mrs. Mallory won, 8-6. Betty is a sturdily built girl, with golden hair that hangs down h€^ back, and she adraita that she “loves to play the game” and enjoys “playing before a crowd.” English tennis enthusiasts expect that Betty w ill develop into a British Helen W ills or a French Suzanne Lenglen and confidently predict she w ill be winning the world’s championships by the time she is twenty. FISHERMEN HAD EXCITING EXPERIENCES zulii.n i.s in a position to rec'ognize the valu e of nnitual ^ und»^r.sran(iins: b e tw e e n iicTions, 4: ft is ilie .Americjin Le.mon,” do- ^ elered Willbim ^klather Lewis, of Geortte W ashiii;;ion •; 'g tfOTver.sb^, in an address on ^ ^ “Edii.-alion for International Un- .4 1:1 dersraiii'in'j;\ inmlo ito.’o. e the .v ❖ Jv-fil. nA Kdiiee.Lionel assoeia- 4 ^1 tbui tif :i n cour r.u -tinn of th a t % j organ ization at V,\ siu i‘<rton. 4; ITn-ifient i\I;ithcr (.■oiiiimied: X “The n-iprovod :;rehilOoture in various parts of our uution, par- th-iibirly in siiuilier ('Oiinmiiiitie.s, j. on.,',,-, /n: ^ ^ ^ which their sta.v in Europe had ^ ^ up>on our soidiors. Likewise, ^ the imp-roved sanitary conditions ^ ^ in the i-e<-on‘-<tmeted districts of 4c ^ France bea,r testim ony to the ^ ^ lei3S5.»ns learned from our troops.” 4; ^ In referring further to the Le- ^ ^ gion, the noted savant .stated: ^ ^ “It seems to me that one who J ^ would not go to the defense of ^ his government in its hour of J ^ danger has no right to enjoy Its ^ $ benefits in time of peace. ^The % J Legion lias that right.” ^ ILYLACE THEATRE 3Iix X Cliarmer In ‘The Heart Buj-is'r’ f W YEAR OLD RElNSMAir WINS 2.20 TROT WITH . HIS I?7.50 PLOWHORSE •^Threc years ago Bolt Reynolds o f W ashington, bought a plow- horso at public auction for ? 7 . 50 . H e c ^ t l y ReyiiOidf„. who is eighty years bid, drove that-'\ Jplbwhpcse,' nam ed Bernor, to vic- iiy Lki the 2.20 tfot ht tiwi J^Oi^ to c p m t r |toi*y * Tom Mix, is coming to the Palace Theatre Saturday, in a new W illiam Fo\’ wc'Jtprn nrndii.etirm “The Heai't IjLi.-Lt i.'.' J. UiS piCtUi e i-. Lilt' i'if'i.iCLii in which Mr. Pox has featured Tom, and although the title sounds m u shy you w ill find that the w'estern star does not have to doff his spurs and chaps and become a gay Lathario to break the hearts of the girls. In fact the hero has to throw cau­ tion to the winds and kidnap the Ju.s- tice of the Peace and minister in or­ der to prevent the girl he loves from marrying the villian. But the girls Will sigh when Tom gets into action and finally lands in jail to be.rescued by his wonderful little horse, Tony. Despite the fact It is Tom’s fiftieth, it is no fifty-fifty picture, but a real 100 per cent, sure-fire Mix knock-out One of th e kind that has made .Mix the most popular western star of the silver sheet. HILTON WILL GET TUXEDO EXPRESS Honesdale, Pa., Aug. 25— Charles-H. Hilton, who for many years has been the conductor of the Pullman on the Honesdale branch of the Erie from Lackawaxen, about the first of Octo­ ber is to have a new job. He has bid in the Tuxedo Express run which w ill necessitate his absence from home during the w eek. The conductor on that line, holding the job for 30 years, died recently and Mr. H ilton from seniority secured the advanced posi­ tion. W h ile the chair car service wdll probably be discontinued by Honesdale it is expected such order w ill not go into effect for several w e e k s yet. On a fishing trip to H ick's Pond in Greene township, - P ike county, Mr. Nobo, and Mr. Meyer of Scranton and Mr. Goerlitz of Roemervillc certainly had a very exciting adventure. They were parking their auto in the barn on the old Franz W o lff place, when a rattlesnake w ith head and tail erect, and coiled, .ready for action, greeted them . They lost no time in kinirig the reptile, w'hich moasuved nearly four feet and sported eleven rafetle.s. P r o c e e d i n g a l o n g th e p a t h to th e p o n d , M e x 'cr a n d N o b o , w h o -vvei-e so m e d i s t a n c e a h e a d o f G o e r li t z , g o t t h e f r i g h t o f th e i r life . T h e y h a d just m a chea the edEe or the pond, when they spied a big hlaek hear com ing towards them . Meyer who is into tlie boat and paddled for dear life out on the pond, wdiile Nobo shin­ ned up a tree. The bear then stood calmly looking at the men. W h en Goerlitz, an t^x-policeman of 31 yoais’ experience w’ith desperate and ugly custoiner.s in Scranton, cam e up Bruin made a getaw'ay so quickly that Goer­ litz did not even get a glim p se of him Things again calmed down and the men were quietly fishing from the (boat, whtm G’oerlitz s t a l l e d his companions w ith th e exclamation: “W ell, I’ll be— if there ain ’t an old cow swimm ing in the pond,” But instead of its being a cow, it w a s a large doe deer, and on the bank near­ by frisked tw o fawns. The men wer=i surprised that th e deer were so tam e — they got close enough to get a good look at them. The m en caught a fine lot of fish, Meyer hooked a large pickerel and just as he w a s going to land it, aw a y w ent the fish w ith part of th e line. KANSAS DEMOCRATS OPPOSE KU KLUX Of his suit on behalf of the state to its stahd oust the Klan from Kansas. He won the nomination, however, by a large majority. ‘ Lieutnant 'Governor B e n S. Paul- en. R epublican nom inee for governor who had th e endorsement of the Klan in the primary, w a s one of the party yeaders opposing mention of Jthe Klan in the state platform. Governor Jonathan M. D a v is pre­ sented the anti-K lan plank w ith - t h e Democratic gathering and urged its adoption A resolution lauding the Klan for WANTED Fivei' or six room house with all improvements, must he central­ ly located, and reasonable in price. LOT— Centrally located. FOR”™ F ive rooms and bath, on New street. ^$20.00 per month. FORAAIE Nine room house, bath, steam jieat, electric lights, two-car garage, price . .......................$4800 law enforcement w a s vo-' ted down b^ the Socialist party gath­ ering. The Socialists voted to throw their support to 'LaFoIletfe and w h e e ­ ler, but to continue the party organi­ zation intact in the state. “DON’T MOVE DADDY, YOU LOOK SO FUNNY” Da.id 3 ' ^jertainly does look furny peering over Ms read­ ing glasses every time h . ,wants to see objects more than a few feet away. Thousands of men and wom en arc- in the, same “fix”. They, too, wear glacses . for near vision only i K B V p t o K G L A S S E S f['m INVISIBLE BIPPCALS' hath, gas, hot air ..................... $5800 Reven rooms, ^eat, price . ^ix room house (brick) all im- •roveinents, new ly oonstrueted, (Tice ............................... .. • EDW.E. NOE AGENCY- 99 P ik e St., Tel. 165-J Authorized A g ent for S. W. Straus Bonds mbine N E AR and FA R vis- one lens. Through the 'Wer part you can read the in t; ' through the ie. distant clearness, are clear, -which give sm a llest print; upper part you can objects -v\fith equal Their surfaces smooth and even, them the appearance of being single-vision glasses KiRYPTOKS (pronounced Criptocks) render unneces­ sary the continual removing of your ■ glasses —> th e over-top squinting — or fussing W'ith two pairs. They keep your eyes voutie : in Jooks a,s -well ’ as in ■usefnlnes,s. k J. PIPPITT 91 PIKE STREET PORT JERYHS - N. Y. T o p e k a , K a s ., A u g . 2 7 .— T h e K u Klux Klan has flared up as one of th e m a j o r is s u e s o f th e N o v e e m b e r the Democratic party of the atd?te opposed to the secret organization and the Republican party silent. .Following the lead of their nation­ al standard bearer, John AV. Davis, in denouncing the Klan, by name, the yesterday adopted a plank openly condemning th e order. The Republican state party coun­ cil in drafting a platform made no reference to the Klan, despite a spir­ ited fight waged by Attorney General j C. B. Griffith and other.s. Griffith j was opposed foi* renomination in the ; recent primary by KJansmen because GENERAL INSURANCE AND Hubbard Bldg. Oj)p. Erie D epot BE-W T SE ---------- AETXA-IZ.E SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tablets, note books, composition books, mb ers, Pencils, Erasers, Penholders, pen boxes, school bags, brief ca.scs, Inks, crayons. Benner note books . 25c College loose leaf B o o k s ......... .. lOc Ingersoll Fountain Pens ........ $1.60 Waterman Fountain Fens Wholesale aed Retail —AT— MASON’S, 55-S7 Pike 'St. (The San-Tox Store) JUNKMEN HAVE BOUGHT RAILROAD Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 28— ^Hopes and efforts of farmers between Auburn and Ithaca to save^ the “Ithaca Short Line” from the scrap heap were blast ed w ith the announcement that the tracks, and other equipment have been sold to d Syracuse junk compjuiy Every pound of steel betvireen Ithaca and Auburn, w ith two exceptions, w ill b e junkod, it is understood. The tracks-and equipm ent have been eeld to' Rubenstein, Morgan and Coopervbf Syracuse, PAY-DAY SPECIALS BARGAINS GALORE LADIES’ CREPE GOWNS, (Exceptional Value) . . . . . . ........................ .. i . . ..... 79c each CREPE-DE-CHINE CHEMISE...................... .. . ................................. .... $1.79 each JOB LOT LADIES’ GOWNS ............ .......... .... .. , . .......... .. ....... .. .. .... .. .. ;. :. ..... $1.59 each Ladies’ Blouses and Waists . ................................................ , ................. .. . 5 .... $1.90 each Rubber Aprons House Slippers , Boston Bags ., Box Paper . . . . ............ 49c . . . . 69c pr $1.29 each .. 49c Box Window Shades Wax Paper . . . . Yarn, 2 hanks , , Caseroles ......... .. 59c Each .. 3 for 25c *$ 1 J 0 each .. 98c each JOB LOT NECKLACES (value up to 98c string) . .. ....................... .. , . , ^........................ .. ............................... 25c MIXING BOWLS ..................... .. ..................... .. ................................... .. .................................... 25c, 29c, 49c, each Brown Mottled Earthenware P ilchers ............ ................... .. .............. .. ............................................. • • - 59c each BLUE . ............ .. .......................... ................ . . ...................................................................29c ea Oil Mops ....... Galvanized Pails . . Rag Rugs .............. (Children’s Dresses 49c each 19c each 79c each 98c each Rom p ers ......... Cake Plate . ................ Electric Curling Irons Salad Dishes............ .. . 98c each . . 25c each $ 1 ;O 0 each . . 25c each Large Assortment of Eaamelware (see window) Dutch Boy Design Pitcher . .......................... , House Dresses .... . 15c up ..39c : SlvOO SHOP HERE iSAVE MONEY L. R. STEEL CONSOLIDATED 31-35 FRONtSTR^T PORT JERVIS, N .Y i WATCH OUR WINDOWS I t WILL PAY YOU

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