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D tc 5' in 10 wll IK i\l ore I €L*OTHING NEW\ GOODS! H. B. WILDER & CO. AlClC AGAIN UEI'ISIVINO lSTEW GOODS FOB THK F.1LL TKABEl WE IUVK f (TRCJ11IIKD A IAR0KB AND HOM VARIJCD ASSORTHENT OF FOE MEN'S WEAE THAN WAS EVER BEFOHB PURCHASED FOB. THIS MARKET. They lire to be Sold for Lower Prices t bmi the same Goods will bo Sold Elsewhere in the County ! OVERCOATINGS CONSISTING 01 ' CASTOR, MOSKOWA, BURLINGTON & UNION Fancy Cawiincrcti, ISruadclotlin, French Coatings, In all tlio Fashionablo Shades, HARRIS OASSIMKItES, &o. &c. Those goods wo will make to oreer, or soil by tlio yard, at prices that cannot full to suit. We Employ an Experienced Cutter and Guarantee a Fit in Every Instance. HATS & CAPS vYMlGZIGJE SUIHTS, \W lii-te Shirts, WRAPPERS, DRAWERS, COLLARS, TIES, <5*c, &c. Wo cannot enumerate each nrticlo in our Stock. We have everything a man wants to wear. WE KEEP THE LARGEST STOCK OF READ*-MADE C&OTHXNCr IN THE COUNTY, t3S\»/tnd[ Cannot be Undersold, JfcJ Bear this'in mind, and before purchasing else- wher e examine ovr Stock and Prices. 11. B. WILDER &, CO. Lowvillo , Oct. 0 , 1867 . MA11BLK, «RA»1T£, LIMESTONE, FREESTONE. THE OLD FOREST IIILl CE3IETEUT MARBLE WORKS! SIMMONS &, DAY, Nos. 21 ch 23 meeker Street, Vtica, N. Y MOXnriKCEXVXS, TOMBS, die., Marble and Slat'! Mantles, Tops, etc., LOWEST NEW YORK PRICES Country dealers supplied on reasonable terms. RDNKLS Ci-oiioii & Co., Lowell. Mass., and the MlTCIIKLL iiRANlTIi COMPANY, QllillCCy, .ilaSS., have appointed SIMMONS & DAY, Agent s for (he wile of their Celcbretcd Granite for Granite Monument?. Messrs. SIMMONS & DA Y have lately open cd an extensive LIMKSTONE YARD! at tlio loot of Wai-lmigton Street, just across the Central Railroad truck. They are prepar- ing to furnish nil kinds of BUILDIN G STONE, as well as Granite, Limestone, Marble, and Free- stone Fronts. ft is the largest Xiimestonc Yard in this part o f the state, S. & P , are agents for the Fo r st Slate Min- ing Company of Vermont, and tee prepired to furnish the never fading Gic n and 1'nrple Hoofing a t quarry prices. Leave Orders at Nos . 21 a..,. 23 Bleeker St., Utica, N.Y, 36vl D. I.. SIMONS, II. E PAY. ' JLowville liakcry, GROCERY & PROVISION STORE, JACOB STEVENS W OULD take this means to notify th e pu b lio that he has connected with his Bake- ry, a full line of fresh famil y Groceries. Provision*, Mmir, Sugar, Spices, Teas, Coffee, Cheese, Batter, Eggs, An d in fact every article pertaining to the gro - cery business, and lie pledges himself to be un- dersold b y none*. Give him a call and satisfv yourself of the assertion. JACO B STEVENS . Lowville , Nov. 20 , Iff.c. nlfi-l I DIE TO LIVE, AND LIVE TO DIE Steam Dyeing -and Cleaning, JOHN W. BROWN, X> \1ST 3E2 No. 9 JOHN STREET, NKAB THE DEPOT, TEJTPIO^flk., 3NT . \V. Gents'Coats Vests and rant s Dyed and Clean ed to look like new, Ladies' Silk and Woolen Dresses, Shawls, &c, Dyed every shade known to science, or Cleaned in a Superior, Manner. 11 UOWVILLE TELEGRAPH OFFIOE llKEXjt MlUOJMtVMt, WATCH MAKERS AND JEWELERS 1)KAI,ER9 IX CLOCKS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Genuine French, German, and Italian Violin, Viola , Violoncello, Contrabass, an d (iuitarSti-ings. These String* are the best in the WORLD. 'We haw also a good stock o f FISHIN G TACKLE , &<:., &c. Give u s a call and ire Vfill please. 4»t f J. 13. REED. c. It. REED. S UNDAY SCHOOL BOOKS.-A t the Jewelry Store o f W . S.Taylor h Co.,may be obtain- e e the largest assortment of Sunday School and Music BookB, Tracts, Cnrd-i, Pictures, Maps, Ac. to b e found in the city o f Utica. American ' Tract Society , Biblo Society, Siia&iy Behoo Union , Carleton it, Porter, Caiter Bros., Ran dolph, an d works o f various publishers at cata- logu e prices, with A liberal discount to school, wmmm CUSTOM TAILORS! JTMSW TOilk FA8HIOJVBI SCHRCDER & CO. JUST RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK THK BEST ASSOKTUKXT Of FOREIGN & DOMESTIC \Woolens Fancy Co**f merei, Flue Imported Doeskiitf, French Bnoudclo lit, Moncow, Cmlor uu<l Tricot Beaver* for Ovcrcontingn, Gents & Ladies' Furnishing Goods. ALL STYI.EB O F HATS &c- OAFS, JDMV GOODS AN D ALSO A FEW NEW STVLB Russian Bed Spreads AT A BARGAIN. AL L GOODS SOLD AT LOWES T PRICES B Y Soliroeder <3z> Oo., (Opposite the new Bank building,) LowviiiiiB, wr. -ir. Important to Ladies!. HTBW STORE IN LOWVILLS S. MANSBACH, IIAVIX G PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN Lowville, would call attention o f the public to an Entire rSTe-w Stock OF FAJYC1C GOOI2S, TRIMMINGS, MILLINERY GOODS, AM) DRY GOODS, AT THE STOR B lu Greeley's Block, Dayan Street, and would respectfully invite the attention o- Dealers an d the general trade to tlio rare i n dueonioiits which he offer- them. Receiving goods daily from auction, no hes- itancy is felt in saying that ho can sell goods far below an y point known in this county for years past. Please eall'and be convinced. Ladles should examine these goods before makin g their purchases. 85?\ Dealers wishing to procure good s at wholesale, will find us a s low ns jobbers in the larae citties. Th e particular attention of Mil- liners is invited t o this. Being connected with a wholesale house in Utica, can supply your every want in (his line »t great bargains. Money saved is money earned. S. MANSBACH. Lowville, Sept, 16, 1KC>7. fiif ~uSibN~MATCims^~ HAMCFACTCKED I1Y DOMINIC It & SACK, Brantivgham, Lewis County, N. Y . WARRANTED to kee p in any climate, and to be i n oil respects superior to other matches sold. We cannot too highly commen d these matches t o the public. Orders solicited from merchants and dealers. STEVENS\ HOUSE. 21, 28, 25 and 27 Broadway, U. Y- Opposite Bowling Green, ON THK KTJKOPUAN PLAN. rpiIE STEVEN S HOUS E is well and widely _ L know n to the traveling public. The loca- tion is especially suitable to'merchants: and bus- iness me n ; it i s i n close proximity to the bus- iness part o f tin. city—is on the highway ol Southern and Wester n travel—and adjacent to all the principal Railroad and Steamboat, depots. THE STEVEN.-. IKH.'SK ha s liberal accommo - dations lor over lion guests—it. is well furnished and possnsses every modern improvement, for th e comfort and entertainment of its inmates.— The rooms are spacious and well ventilated— provided with gas and water—the nMtMirtimoo is prompt and respectful—«rnl m e table is gen - erously provided with every delicacy o f the sea- son—a t moderate rates. Tift rooms havin g been refurnished and remodeled, wo arc ena- bled to offei extra facilities for the comfort and pleasure ol our guests. 52m 6 GEO. K. CHASE & CO., Proprs. uisrioisr MILLS FLOUR & FEED STORE! DAYAN STREET, Opposite Greeley's Commission jBuildine/,) LOW VUUIJE. 1ST. \ST. F ARMERS, HOUSEKEEPER S and OTHERS will find the UNION MILLS' FI.QUR & FEKII STOKE the best place in the county to buy all THE BEST BRANDS OP IJOU IFt- FEED, MEAL, BUCKWHEAT, OH AH AM, SAMP, 40., Being a practical miller myself, I feel the most perfect confidence in my ability to always furnish tho best article, for_ the money, to be furnished in the county, Farmers can h uve their grist at the mill, near the lower bridge,wlicre it will be prompter attended to . 13if \ O. A. GAGE. OROVESTEEN' S PIANOS . GROVESTEEK'S PIANOES, OROVESTEEN' S PIANOS , 4!>9 BROAHWAT , NEW YORK, 499 .BROADWAY, NEW YORK, 48 9 BROADWAT , NEW YOBK , Are unrivaled for Durability, Poner, and Even- ness of Tone. They are fust becoming the fa- vorite over all otAcvs, with Musician*, Amateurs and all lovers of GOOD MUSIC. They are War- ranted in evert respect. Prices one-third lower than other first-class makers. Send I'orcirculas GROVESTEEN ir CO., •W9 Broadway, Vc w York. \VTOTICE is hereby given that the Co-p»rt- _LN nersbip hcrrtolere existing between an d Hinder the firm name of DEDDEN , HLODGKT & CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Copenhagen, Oct. 1, 1867> A. K . HEDDKN , r. BLODGET, 10 w. T. mm. All persons mdebted to the above named firm will please call without delay nnd icttlo with HEDDEN It BLODGET, with whom all accounta ..{the late firm of HEDDEN, BLODGET & CO., »»• to to Mttled, « H. *B. SMITH & CUTLER, UNDERTAKERS, fcOWYlLLE, V. Y. THE SUBSCRIBER S HAVE OPENE D AN Undertaking Establishment, oil JDJIJ'JUI-Kt., in this villago, whero thoy kee p a full supply of ALL SIZES AND STYLE S OF coFFijrs » nuni*tL a&SESt SHROUDS, Ana Everything: CToce. nry ft>r Conducting Fnncr»!s. TWO ELEGANT 11EARSES ALWAYS IN READINESS FOR USE. tyOur experience in this business will en - sure the appropriate discharge o f onr duties in the burial o f the dead. PUICES REASONABLE. SMITH & CUTLER. Mr, Outlcr'still retains tho agency o f Pianos, Melodeons, Cabinet and Parlor Organs, Sewing Machines, &c. M. P. CUTLER, Ag*. Lowville, Juno 10,1867. -tUtf A. LARO-E LOT or ARMY OVERCOATS! AND F O it S *1L M! C MI E *1 F, BY II. B. WILDER & CO. PEOPLE WILL BUY n S HIM «i rauYiuH AT RUSCOE'S FIRST DOOR NORTH OF BOSTWICK HOUSE, LOWVILLE, FO R THE SIMPLE REASO N THAT HE UNDERSELLS* ALL OTHERS! AN D HA S II Large Stock to Select from I AND KKKI'S COKSTANTI.Y REPLENISHED WITH JYEW GOO MP SI, THK LATEST AlUUVAL DENOTES •4 Great Decline in tlu Market, WHICH OF CO URSE GOES TO THE BEN- EFIT OF CUSTOMERS. GOODS ARE DOWN. And n o mistake. If others tell you contrary do no t mind it, but call o n HE KEEPS (JOOPS AN D TRICES MOVING, AND WIL L PROV E TH E CARD. PORK, FLOUR, LARD AND HAMS, BY THE BAIUtEL OH IN SMALL QUANTITIES. BUTTER, CXXXSJBSSra, AN D ALL KINDS OF CSrl^OOODLrlOS, Constantly o n hand at the Lowest Cash Price. Much mone y may b e saved by people looking through n good stock before purchasing. Yo n can save it by calling o n B. IIUSCOE, 45tf Lowville, N . Y . (•wind. I>isplcty MILLINERY AND F^urc Y GO on is 9 AT THE WELL-KNOWN STORE OF . J. E, WHO MAS JUST RKTIJRNKD FROM NE W YORK, WITH A COMPLFTF STOCK OF iF'a-ll sbixd. Winter Millinery and Furnishing Goods, WHICH SH E WILL B E HAPPY TO Dis- play to those wh o will favor her with their pat- ronage. In addition to our usual stock o f \Bonnets WE SHAL L NO W KEEP TH E LASEST STYLE S OF DRES S AN D CLOAK TRIMMINGS. BDTTOHS, HITS, HANDKERCHIEFS, PLAIN AND EMBROIDERED COXtXiARS AND C XT T TS In Taper and Linen. VBX ti S , Valencenes, Clnny, G-impure and Brussels JLMCES, GLOVES, HOSIERT, HOOP SKIRTS, COKSKTS, • WITCHES, BRAIDS CURLS, AN D *4tll Goods ttsually found in a ladies' 1 Store. *§xm anTr Cloah Utahing DON E TO ORDER. Madame Demorests' Bulletins of Fall and Winter Fashions for badies and Children* Just Receivod. HEDDEN & BLOD-GET WIL L CONTINUK TU B MERCANTILE BUSINESS IN TUX STORE KNowx A* THi ANGL E & RAY - MOND STORK - COPENHAGEN, AMD ARE MOW flLLINQ It TO DYtltrLOWlUa WITH DttY GOODS, H.1TS A* CAM 0 S, BOOTS & SHOES, gtah-llalTc tf-lofjinij, LADIES & GENT'S PURS! BUFFALO and WOLF ROBES, CARPETS O il- Olo t Ixs f . CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, CUT- LERY, WOODEN is WILLOW WARE, I'AlLS/irES, BROOMS, &o. ALSO, A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP (!EljinalSiliifr-})latfli!Pnrf CLOCKS, WATCHES, Ac, Ac. All o l which It i s well known they will sell at tay-2 0 pet cent. Cheanrr M_.. ' -/tviascd mmimfi m Lewis or Jefferson Counties. HEDDEN & BLODGET. Copenhagen, Oct. 1, 1807. 10t,f NEW AND FASHIONAB£Q MILLINERY GOODS! MRS. E. BEOK, W ISHE S TO ANNOUNCE TO TH E LA- dies o f Lowville and vicinity, that she hasjns t returned from Ne w York with a choice selection o f Fall and Winter Millinery Goods • CONSISTING OF JOCKEYS, FLOWERS & FEATHERS, Of the Latest Fashionable Shapesand Colors, WHICH Wll L OK Sold at the Very Lowest Figures. Thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed during the last season, would solicit a continu- ance of the same. Old Bonnet s made t o look a s well as new . CS'Don't Forget to Call..S3 SHOP SECOND DOOR, NORTH SIDE DA YAN STREET, LO WVILLE, N. Y. LOWVILLE ACADEMY! PROF . C. W. BOWEN , A. M., PBIKCIPAL. T niS INSTITUTION WITH A FULL CORPS of Teachers will commenc e its WINTER TEEM, DECEMBER 11,1867- The rooms in both the Academic Buildings are furnished for the accommodation of Stu- dents, and Board will be furnished >oung ladies and gentlemen upon reasonable terms. A PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT. will b e opened for Boys o f about 12 years o f age, under the care of an experienced teacher. Tuition $6 . A TEACHER'S CLASS, Tuition, free for those designing to teach, will be formed, providing a sufficient number apply previous to the first day of the term. Lowville, Nov . 5, 186Y. 13t f E iiriRE SEWIN G MACHIN E COMPANY. HALSKOOM, 616 BROADWAY, N. Y, N o 1. FAMILY MACIIIN. This Machine has a straight needle, perpendicular action, make the Lock or Shuttle Stitch, which will neither rip nor ravel, and i s alike on both sides ; performs porfoot 0o«-in£ o n ovory dcaoriptlon o f material, with cotton, linen or s'nk thread. It Hems, Fells, binds. Braids, Tucks, Quilts, Plaits, and Gathers. As a Family Maihinc, it has n o superior. Price with Hemme r and Braider, (160. Patticular attention is called to our New Im - proved Manufacturing Machines. They run light and arc comparatively noisless, simple, durable and efficient. For cloth or leather work they have no competitors. No. 2 Machine, with Hemme r and Braider, $7». No . 3 Machine. 85 . $3F\Agents wanted to who m a liberal dis- count will be given. 1 2 A\1I kinds o! Pa HI us lor sale. Stampir g lor Braiding and Kmbioiuci y dono with neat- net s and DC<H>. u-h. Mm. J. E. STEVENS. • i PAPER WAREHOUSE JUS T OrENEC AT 64 Cfrenesee-st.,' Vtica. CURRY, ROWLEY A CO., DHALEHS IN Printing', 'Writing, Wrapping, Ma- nilla, Tea, Hardware, Pattern, and Other Papers. ALSO, A GENERAL STOCK OF ENVELOPES BLANK BOOKS, Business ami Faucy Stationery, Paper Flour Sacks , Grocers, Bags, Twine, Printers' Inks, Letter Presses. Slates, &c.,&c. Our facilities for obtaining our stoek direct from manufactures, enables u s t o Sell at Prices Beyond Competition. Merchants, dealers and others are respectful- ly invited to cull an d examin e our good s and prices. CURRY , ROWLE Y & CO., 43r.i6 64 (Jenesee-st., opposite Broad. Harness& Trunk Stor©. Has Your Horse Ringbone, Spav- in, CHI «>s, Splints, Thoi-ough- pin, Capped Hock, Ac. ? IF SO, S1CSD AB D GET js i ovt OE* » o aw m CKI.EI1RATKI) RING-BONE AND SPAVIN CURE. This Preparation has given universal satisfac- tion to all who have used it. For the treatment of any of the above complaints it lias No Equal. This Medicine is No Humbug, it is used by hundred with th e utmost success, in cases o f incipient Ring-bone and Spavin, they readily yield to its curative qualities. I t re- move s Curbs, Blood or Bone Spavin, Thorough- pin, Capped Hocks, or any soft tumor, leaving the limb clean ntid*fice from blemish. Buy it and give it a fair trial, and satisfaction is guar- anteed, Prepared and sent to any part o f the states, on receipt o f Three Collars, hy the sole proprietor, Dr. J, II. SIMPSON, Vetenary Sur- geon, Watcriown, jV. Y. Oy l N. B.—Thos e desiring m e t o write particulars or wishing to mak e any inquiries in regard to diseases o f the horse, can do s o by mail, direct- ing ( » tho abOTt address, an d enclosing $1 . AUSTIN & BOYCE, UANUrACTURKHS AND DKALXIta IN mm m mm, WHIPS Ladies and Gents' Traveling Bags, AND HAVE NOW OK HAND A I.AUOK STOCK O f BUFFALO, WOLF & FANCY, LAP !Ir?L C*% THE TFTg JES _ WHICH \WIS ARI6 KHIXINti AT VERY LOW PRICES Also, a large nml varied Assortment o f nors e Blankets, Carriage Mats, Horse Brushes, Ourry Combs, Prepared Humous Oil, &c, ka. Repairing don e with Neatnes s und Despatch Opposite the Post Office, Lowville, 1» Y IHA AUSTIN, JR. S.U.BOYCE. JANUARY 1,1867! S. W. BALLARD, Sexton & Undertaker, FOR TUB Counties of Jefferson and Lewis, Has an assortment o f TRIMMED METALI C CASE S an d CASKETS , ROSEWOOD COFFINS AND CASKETS, Imitation Rosewood (with glass), Air-tight Cof- fins. Walnu t Roo f and Flat To p Coffins. Imitation Black Broudclotli Ooflins. Butternut, Pine & Busswoo d CofDiiB. NEW STYLES (JF SATIN LINING ROBES, SHftMbS AND CAPS, Plates and Handles with Masonic and other Emblems, Which will be sold from and after this date LOWER PRICES! Than an y other place in Lewis or Jefferson counties. N o Extra Ghvrge for personal servi- ces of self or son in delivering eolnns and pre- paring the remains o f deeeused for interment or attendance nt funerals within the Counties of Levin or Jefferson. Thankful for the very liberal patronage here- tofore extended , intends by prompt attention attention to calls Da y an d Nigh t or Sundays, and Low Prices, t o merit a continuance of the snme whenever it become s necessary for friends to bury their dead. Office at Va n Nameo & Smith's Cabinet War e Rooms, Public Square. Residence No. 1 4 State street. Watertown , Feb . i , 18S7 . n26-ly Consumption, Bronchitis & Catarrh rpHE REV . WILLIA M HARRISO N HAV- _ L ing himself been cured in England, for sev- eral years past has been furnishing th e remed y to those afflicted with these disease. PRICE.— 1 package $2.50 ; Double package, $5.00. A double package uomoo hy express lor about the same price a s a single one. POSITIVE TESTIMONY. From Mrs. Marv Duvis. HONOY FALI,S , N . Y. , Jan . 3, 1866 . R;>v. W. Harrison— Dear Sir:— I have suffer- ed two years and eight months with bronchial consumption, doctoring most ol the time, bu t to no effect. I had hectic fever, night sweats, coughed and raised a great deal. My voice was gon e so I could no t speak abov e a whisper. I -,v,.s so reduced that I wa s confined to my bed . My doctor told m e that h e could do n o more for me , but spoke to m e about your medicine, recommending it very highly. I sent for on e package o f th e medicine, and after using tw o packages I felt s o much better that I resolved to give it a fair trial. B y the time I had taken eight packages I felt quite well, and was ab / to do some work. You r medicine has worked wonders with me . My hnsband and neighbo' s gav e m e up t o die, but through A kind provi- dence and the help o f your medicine. I wa s re- stored to health again. My voice is nearly as strong as ever, and my general health is better than it has been for years. I f is more astonish- ing for a person of m y ag e (which is fifty-five) to be cured of consumptio n My daughter has also bee n cured o f bronchitis. She would, in nil probability, have been in her grave, had it not been for the timely aid o f your medicine.— Please accept m y warmest thrnks. I remain yours truly, MARY DAVIS From Mrs. An n Mayhew the Postmaster's Mother MARCY, Oneida CO. , N . Y. , Dec. 4 , 1865 . Rev. W . Harrison—Dear Sir;— I a m very grateful to yo u for tho benefit I have received from your superior medicine. I feci that I cannot speak to o highly o f its merits. One year agi> the present mouth, m y neighbors remarked to my daughter-in-law, that I would never sec another Thanksgiving Day , that I wa s in the last stage of Consumption. I employed phy- sicians, but they gav e m e no encouragement.— A friend wh o had formerly lived in Rome , told my son of your medicine ; h e went to Rome and procured from yo u tw o packages of tho same. I began to take it, and i n a short time I was able to attend to my household duties, and spin flax, &c. My family wa s surprised to see what a change had been wrought in so short a time. I feel as though it is almost a miracle, considering my age, which is sixty seven, and suffered so many years with catarrh. I would recommend your medicine t o all wh o ma e b y inclined to coughs und catarrh. AN N A MAYHEW. From Rev . A . C. Woodurd, B . R . Conference. MASSKNA, St.Lawrence Co., N.Y., No v 13,'65. Rev. W . Harrison—Dear Brother:—Thi s i s to certify that I have been afflicted with bron- chitis and cUarr h io r about twelve years ; nt times it was very troublesome. Last Christ- mas Eve I took a severe cold, and in a few days was nearly prostrated. I coughed a great dea] night and day , raised bad looking mnttt r, pain through my chest and lungs. My flesh was wasting away rapidly, and man y supposed that my work was done. I ordered on e package o f your medicine and took it, bu t did no t realize much benefit. I was determined to giv e it a fair tiial, and took three packages, experienc- ing great benefit. . Although I am no t cured, vet I a m better than I havo been for five years past, and I believe it i s the. best medicine ever offered to the afflicted, for throat and lung dif- ficulties, A. C. WOODiVARD . Arrangements have been made h\ which the undersigned hav e entire control of the sale o f these medicines. Erpeciu n-ttcnlion will be given to accuracy tn compounding tire remedy. A U orders promptly attended to . Address Dr. R. E. SUTTON & Co., Sole Agents, 4(leowyl Rome , Onc ! da Co., N, Y OVERCOATS AND HEAVY WINTER CLOTHING, AT TUB GREAT WARDROBE, THIS ONH i'KICISD CLOTHING RTOItl-:. KINOSLEY & SON, 1IAYX A SPLKKDIO ASSOKTUKMr or FINK BLACK COATS, PANTS AND VESTS, of the Latest Styles, and elegant material. These garmet.U are nice enough for an y occasion, ami arc Equal to Custom Work, and sold ut about ONE-HALF THE PRICE. KINGSLEY & SON hay* ft great raritty o f Wrappers and Drawers slid a general assortmcut o f Furnishing Goods, which they arc selling AT VERY LOW PRICES. RUBBER OVERCOATS, RUBBER LEGGINGS, RUIIBER BLANKETS, AT THE GEEAT WARDKOBE, At 110 and 112 Genesee-st., Utca, N. Y. SILK UMBRELLAS, * ALI'ACA UMBRELLAS, AND FINE SCOTCH GINGHAM UMBRELLAS, AT THE GREAT WARDROBE, 110 and 112 Genesee-st., Utca. Call o n V. £. UXKrOSLEV A SON, .THE LOW-PRICED CLOTHIERS, when yo u want bargains in Clothing or Furnishing Goods. ELEGANT GOODS, ELEGANT STYLES, AND LOW PRICES, AT TUK GREAT WARDROBE, THE OiS'li-PRICED CLOTHING STOItfi, 110 and 112 GENESEE STREET, KINGSLEY & SON, Proprietors, STOVES, HARDWARE! FARMING IMPLEMENTS, &o. 100 LADIES WANTED. To Canvass for Woman'* -Workin the Civil War. Tiic 'essons of this book should be olfeetually learned by every American woman jus t no w when her duties, rights and capacities for labor are undergoing serious discussion, It shows wb»t woman can do when inspired by a worthy ambition. Prepared under the approval ol the Sanitary nnd Christian Commissions, it i s the only work on the subject that makes an y ap- proach to completeness. It records the individ- ual labors o f nearly tins' ladies, besides organ- ized and united effort. 800 pages illustrated, v ith 18 beautiful steel portraits. Ladies, teach ers, clci-gvmeii, youn g meli and experienced agents should address for circulars, terms, ka., ZEKJLEIi McOURDY & CO., 8m4 IWV Chestnut street Philadelphia, Pa . JOB PRINTING, Of every description execute d at this office.— Bfick block, 'corner State and Dayan streets, Third floor. Entrance, first stairway South of Stoddard & Mag«r'i IT IB TUK ONLY PRACTICAL SCHOOL IN LEWIS 00. CHAS. G. RIGGS, HA S COMPLETELY FlLlfcb THE E MPT RE HARDWARE STORB, AI TURIIY, IV. Y. WIT H A LARG E ASSORTMENT OS\ COOKING, TARLOR AND PLATE STOVES, AMONG THE M ARK THE FAR FAMED \STEWART HOME COMFORT, AND TH E CELEBRATED American Stove, IT HA VINO TAKEN THE FIRST PRE- MIUM AT THE STATE FAIR, SIX YEARS IN SUCCESSION. ALL VERY CHEAP, AND FOR SALE BY O. <3r. IR. I Ot Or S. ALSO, A LARSIt STOCK Ol- Improved Agricultural Implements and Hardware, Consisting o f Carpenter and Joiner's Tools, NAIL RODS, CUTTER & SLEIfln SHOES, SPRING, TOE CORK, TIRE, and CAST STEELS. Shelf-Hardware, Harness and Carriage Trimmings^ Waggon, Skeins an d Boxes , Steel Springs Axlctrces, Spokes , Fellies, Hubbo, Thills Glass Nails, Grind Stones , Tin Ware , Cheese fvts Q Presses, Dairy Stove s and Kettles , Stov e Pipe , Plow s and all kinds o f JobTomg In Tin, Shee t Iron, or Copper kept o n han d and made to order, together with Thousand s ol Articlcsi o numerou s to mention. All o f which will be sold for Cash at Low Prices . lUvusc-ltcepers, Farmers, Mechanwss, Lumber- men , One and All areinvitcdto call an d se e fot themselves . Also, a fine assortmen t o f Oil Cloths, all o f which will b e sold cheap . W e are the agen t for the sale of the hrst Labor, and Time and ClofTiiM saving WASH- ING MACHIN E no w before the public—(! AM- KLBL'S EMPIR E STATE . C. G. R1GGS. Tnrln, Oct. It, 1807. Ayer's iAJlJJi'. Hair Vigor, For the Renovation of the Hair. Tho Great Desideratum of the Age. A dressing which is at once agreeable, healthy, aud cncctuul for preserving the hair. Faded or gi-ay hair is toon restored to its original color and -the gloss and . freshness of tfouih. Thin hair is thick- ened, falling hair cheeked, and bald- ness often, though not always, cured by its use. Nothing cau restore the hair where the follicles are destroyed, or the glands atrophied and decayed. But such as remain can bo saved for usefulness by this application. Instead of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi- ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous. Its occasional use will prevent the hair from turning gray or falling off, and consequently prevent baldness. Free from those deleterious substances which make some preparations dangerous and injurious to the hair, the Vigor can only benefit but not harm it. If Wanted merely for a HAIR DRESSING, nothing else can be found so desirable. Containing neither oil nor dye, it does not soil white cambric, and yet lasts longer on the hair, giving it a rich glossy lustre and a grateful perfume. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., PRACTICAL AND ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS, IiQWBLIi, MASS. PKICE $1.00. Ayer's Cathartic Pills, purpose s o f ft Laxative Perhaps no one modi. eino i.i so universally re- quired by everybody as a catliartic, nor was ever any before M> universal- lv adopted into use, in cVorv country and among all elassos, as tills mild but oniclont purgative Pill. Tlio obvious rea- HOii is, that it i.i ainoi-e re- liable and far moru effec- tual remedy tliun any otber. Tliiraa who havo tried It, know Unit it cured tlioin: those who have not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends, and all know that what it doc.f once it dood always — that it never fails through any fault or ncgluctof its composition. W e have thousands upon thou- sand s of certlllcates of their roniarknblc euros of tlio following complaints, but such cures are known in every neighborhood, and we need not publish them. Adapted t o all aires and conditions in ull climates; containing neither calomel or any duletorio.us drug, tliev may b e taken with safety by anybody. Their sugar coating preserves thorn over fresh and makes tlieiu pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable no barm can arise from their use in any quantity. Thoy dperato by their powerful influence on tho internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into healthy action—remove the obstructions of tho stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of tho body, restoring their irregular action to health, and by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange- ments as are the llrst origin of disease. Minute directions arc given in tho wrapper on the box, for the following complaints, which those Pills rapidly cure:— For D,r*iH>iMla or Iiiillg-rntlon , Iiiatlcfta- tii'»«, liuiiifilo r and Xiosit of .tjuietiti- , they should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom- ach and restore its honlthy tono and action. For lover Coi»]ilaint and its various symp- toms, IMIioii x IXeailacUv, Hic k Hvtiuluclin, Jauiulico or Grt-rn Hlvli.itiMH, ISiliocsn Colic and Biliou* X-ovei-M, they should be ju- diciously taken for cadi case, to correct tlio diseased action or remove the obstructions which cause it. For M.vneiiter.v or Miarrlnoea , but one mild dose U generally required. For IS3imlniati.«-n), (Jout, Cravel, Palpi- tation of tlis- Heart, I'ain I n thn ISltlo, 2Bii€-k and Xjoinn, they should be continuously taken, as required, to chan-rc the diseased ii'-tion of llid system. Willi stlcll change those complaints disappear. • * or I»i<>]>«.v and Dropsical Hwc-.lting-M they should be taken in largo and frequent closes to pro- tliu-e the elim-t of a drastic, purge. For Niipiti'.-MHloii a largo dose should bo taken as it produces tho desired effect In- sympathy. A s a Dinner Pill, take one or two Pills'to pro- mote digestion and relieve the stomach. An occasional dt.se stimulates the stomach and bowels into healthv action, restores tho appetite, ami invigorates tho system. Hcnco it is often ad- vantageous whero no serious derangement exists. One who feels tolerably Well- often finds that n dose Hf these Pills makes iifm feel decidedly bettor, from their cleansing and renovatiug effect o n tho diges- tive apparatus. DR. a. C. AXEJt & CO., Practical Chemists, lorari, MASS., v. s. A. Sold b y Joh n Doig , Lowville, Williams & Danton Mat-tinshurgh and all druggists and dealers in medicine everywhere . At wholesale by T. H. Camp & Co., Water - town. WOOL CARDING AND Cloth IP r e s sin ff. THE SUBSCRIBE R HAVING SECURE D th e services o f O. M. MORSE, the well-known Carder, for the surrounding country, and with this uniting his ow n exparience, would repect- fully announc e to the public that h e ha s made a thorough REPAIR OF THE MACHINERY, and is now ready t o receive wool-^and by close application to business h e hopes t o merit hi s share o f the public patronage. His shop will be open at all reasonable hours and yo u will find him ready and willing at all times t o wait upon you. Cloth-dressing done to order in the fall, N . B,—Rutso n Rcu , a t Lowville, will receive wool and deliver Rolls on their rettirn, as usual. JOHN. A. SCHUYLER, 4Stf Carthage, Jeff, county , N . Y . 19 &21 COURT STREET WATERTOWIV, Ts the Place to g o for FUKWITUMZEt OF AL L STYLE S AND QUALITIES , INCLUD - ing Parlor Suits, Bedroom Sots, Extensio n Tables, Secretaries, Spring Hods, Mir- rors, &c, a t Prices to defy . coin petition. We hav e also a large and well assorted stock o f • Coffins & Burial Oases, Ready for use, including Pine , Butternut, Black Walnut, Broadcloth Finish, Metalio and Wood Cases and Caskets, &c. Also , an extensiv e as- sortment o f IS 3E3C H. O XJ 33 S , And all other articles kept b y the trade which wc pledge ourscTtes to sell ns chea p as the cherpest, and enough cheaper to make it an ob - ject to call on ns before purchasing elsewhere. Please give us a trial in either o f the above departnicnlsa-ji.d w e will endeavor to please you . S. 15. VAN DUZKEcfc CO. Watertown , Feb . 2 , 1807 . n2i>-ly W. S. TAYLOR & Co,'s Jewelry & Silver-ware Emporium, 70 Genesee Street, Utica, N, Y. THI S WELL KNOW N ESTABLISHMEN T s supplied willi the liichest and Largest stock of WATCHES,.IEWKl-R >'<t SILVER WARE Ever Offered in Central New York. Our good s arc all marked in plain figures an d every article warranted «•« i'ofifes»M»d,. no that every purchaser, lid>Vi-v,ir ii-non-i'l of the fpiali- ty and value of goods, can purchase with entire j safety. JIouH-kei-pcrs, (iilt-si'iUcis, c\ cry body, ' should pny a v i •- i > to this clilrniil c.si iiVili.-luiunt. We arc also ngi-nis fur (,'r<»'rr it' Laker's Cel- ebrated ~<E\\ ING MACHINES, o f six differ- ent styles, and adapted to nil Kinds of work. The most, pupcii.ii- woiktni-n arc employed in repniring all dc-riiplirwis of Watches , Clocks, and <JVw<lYv. £'.jy All work wnmiiiit-il. W.S. TAYLO R & CO, 7n(ieneseeM. Utica. (9~AII kiii<lf < of .IoI> Work < xc- eutcd at this office from a nea t circular to-a mammot h poster . M OKTtiAGG SAiE.-Whcicus de- fault has been mado in the puviiient ol tho money secured bv a mortgago, diUod tnc •Jtli day of November', 18(16 ; txl'iutfeB b y Al- bert l 1 '. BacliuiHii, and Sarah E. his wife, o f the town o f New liioci-n , o f ttie vuiinty^pf Lewi i and Mate o f Ni w York, to a-Wp-- VMlvi of tho saniB place, nnd which mofigag o warn rr. coid.i l in the Clerk 1 ., Office of said county, in book 55, of mcrtca :c.«, on pugo Ssn, on the 8l h day of 1-Ybruar.v, 18CK, at 1 1-2 o'clock, P. M.; and n-hcrcaa thu amount claimed to be due upon said morlcagc, at the time o f the first publica- tion ut this notice, is the sum o f three hundred and iBoiitj-one do'lars and Itfuty three cents , to wit : •'uiO o f principal Hid $21 . B3 o f intereat, and which is the whole amount claimed to b l iiup-dd on said mortgage. Now , therefore, notice is hereb y given , that by vh'iuo o f the power o f sale (joiibiincd in said mortgage, and duly recorded us K!bil>6uldi an a in pursuance of the statute in such case mad* and provided, the xuhl mortgage will- b e fore- closed by a sule of the premises therein describ- ed, at public auction, at thu f ou t door o f the Court House, in the village o f Lowville, in th» county o f Lewis, on tlio 14th day o f February lm>8,'ut 10 o'clovk in the forenoon o f that day. Th e s.iid premises are described in said mort- gage substantially as follows, to .wit: All that tract or parcel of 1'Antf; shttal.0 fh to o WW*! of New Bremen, in the county of Lewis, and staU of New York, and is part'of tho a W . 14 N i Ranges 61 the subdh isions of great lot No . t; of • Macomb's purchase, and i s hounded i» felhVws. viz : Northerly hy the south line o f onojjiall of nn aero conveye d to Ann I. Higby, 46 Dec.) I8W>, Westorly_-by the east margin o f the road leading to Dayanville, Sputh'orl.y b y a line par- allel to the first boundary and eigh t rods from it, and easterly b v a line parallel to th o second boundary and ten rods from it, und containing one-half o f an acre o f land, mor e or hSMh . Dated, the 20th dav o f November, 18<57\ 15 JOSEP H RENAUX, Mortgages. E. S. MKRUKIX, Attorney, o f Lowville, a. Y, p X ECcYoTl'S arOTICtS.'— ruranaiit MU to an ordcV of Carlos P . Scovll, County Judg e o f tho county o f Lewis, notice is hereb y give n t o all persons having claims,against th e estate of John Whittlesey, lute o f th e tow n o f Greig, in said county deccaaed, to present the\ same with the vouchers thereof to Jamos Reessj an executor named in tho last will o f said de - ceased, at his dwelling house in the tow n of Wes t Turin, in said county on.pr before tho 2 7 day o f March next. PRUELLA WHITTLESEY,) JAME S REESE, J-Exr'«4d< WALTER WHITTLESEY . J Dated September 18, 1867.' 61116 MOItTCiACSE SALE. M ORTGAGORS, Albert Palmer, and Orlssa, his wife. Mortgagee, Albert G. Dayan. Dated, March 0, 18(!«. Recorded In the OlerKli office of Lewis Co.,on the 8th day o f March,1888, in book No , 2, o f mortgages, at page 41 . Th e said mortgage was duly assigned t»-thc subscri- ber o n the 29th day o f Aug., 1807, an d said as - signment was recorded in'lhe Lewis Co. Clerk's ollioe o n the 22d day o f Oct., 1867, i n book No. 8 of mortgages at 264 . Th e mortgaged prem-- ises nr e described in said mortgage a s follows : All that parcel or piece o f land situate o n lo t number H69, o f the subdivision o f Macomb's purchase number 4 in the town o f Diana, in said county an d state, and bounded ae follows, to* wit: Beginnin g a t a point in th e centre 01 th e Erie Ctlfhil road, the N. W'l y corner o f land heretofore deeded to Ansel Reeves, thence, S. 54 ° _E. along the line o f said Reeves, 86 chain s 60 links to nn iron-wood post an d stones j thence W; 87 ° E. 7 chains 4 7 links to a hem - lock post and stones marked W . 8, 9; thence, N. 54 ° W. 4 0 ehains t o a point o n th e road 70 links N. 64i W. o f a post narke d £, 9 S. 8l c E. 10 chains 66 links to the place o f beginning, and containing twenty seven acres an d 44-100 of land, b e the same more o r less, ezpepting and reserving from this mortgage an d grant/ all mines and minerals thereon and thereundvr, and subject to all reservations thereof, in coa - veyani c o f said property.\ There i s claimed t o be due and payable o n said mortgag e at the time (if the first publication o f this notice, Nor- 1 ember 13th, 1867, ttife sum o f $319.47, prin- cipal and interest. Default in the paymen t o t said sum s o due and payable has rendered th e power o f sale con t lined in said mortgage oper- ative, b y virtue o f which power and o f the stat- ute, the mortgaged premises above described will be sold at public auction, on th e 15th day of JVbruary 1868, at the Court House in the vil- lage of Lowville, nt 1 0 o'clock in th e forenoon 1 of that day ; n o suit o r proceeding a t law has* bee n instituted to recover the debt remaining: secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof. Dated, Lowville, Nov . IS , 1867. 13wl 8 CORNELIA CONOVER, Assignee, JOHN CONOVER, Att'y. QWPJttEMU COURT.—COONTT or\ O LEWIS.—Alanso n Tyler, ag t Daniel Simons, Jenett e Simons, his wife and Melvin M. Rich - ardson.—Summons for Relief. To abov e named defendants, You are hereby summone d t o answer the complaint o f Alanson. Tyler plaintiff, a copy of which was filed in th e Lewis County Clerk's Office, Dec . 3 , 1867, an d to serve a copy of your answer on th e snbscri-' ber, a t his office in Lowville, in said county, within twenty days after the service o f this sum- mons, exclusive o f the day o f service ; and i f you fail to answer said complaint as hereby*e - quii-ed, the plaintiff will apply t o tho Court for' the relief demanded in the complaint, L. C. DAVENPORT , Plff's Att'v. 19\vfi Lowville, N. Y . WMTBTM J CK.EI,SON'S ' CHEESE CURING AND PACKING CASE! rplIIS CAS E is simply constructed, an d w'th - JL i n the reach of any individual to maM. The cheese is cured in a hoo p instead o f bandage, the hoo p serving a s a permanen t cov- eriegfo r the circumference o f the cheese , an d in connection with a cove r a t each en d a s a bo x for turning, for storage and transportation, o r the same hoops nnd cover s will serve instead o f bandage for many years. This hoop is fur better than a cloth bandag e for several reasons : Th e chees e dries equally and docs no t dry ou t or becom e hard for a dis- tance in from the circumference , all th e ex- pense of th e cloth is saved, us a bo x mus t be( provided in any even t for transporting cheese; preserves its shape, the circumference bein g perpendicular ; there is less shrinkag e o r loss in weight , an d i t is less trouble t o taRe car* o f the cheese ; there is n o danger o f mould, a s there is n o bandage o f cloth for it t o collect about ; the cheese arc more sightly. The undersigned havin g patented th e abov* Cheese Case, will sell or lease Factory, Town / County o r State Rights t o make and us e th e Cheese Curing and Packin g Case. Samples ca n b e seen a t the residence ot the subscriber i n Lowville, N . Y, , or upon application the under- signed will forward samples for exhibition t»- any part of the country, WM . B . NICKELS0N V Lowville, Jiarch 4 , 1867 . n81t f Manhood: How Lost, How Restored. jrfgfgfm J\ s t published, a new edition of- fct«**fMf Dr. CUI.VKRWKLI.'S Celebrated Es - SfiaEav say on the radical cure (without medicine)of spcrmaKirhoca, -seminal weakness, - involuntary scmeni.il losses, impotency, mental' and physical incapacity, impediment s t o mar- riage, etc. ; also consumption, epilepsy, and fits induced b y self-indulgence o r sexual extrava-\ gance . IgpPrice, in scaled envelope, only 6 ccnts. : Th e celebrated author, in this admirabl e es- . say, clearly Remonstrates from tJiJrty ycara' successful praactice, that th e ularming tbtisef quence o f self abuse ma y b e radically cured'' witbsnt the dangerous use o f internal medicine' or theapplieiilion of the knife—pointing ou t n mode ol cure at once simple certain an d efSftf\ tuul, by means of which every sufferer, n o mat' ter what, hi- condition mu j be , ma y enirc him-* self cheaply,privately a» d radiealr\?. ThJs Ue--\ tore should he in the hands of ever y youtrt\ 1 and every mini in the land'. Sen t undev se*l,rn a plain envelope , f<$ a'rff address , post-paid, o n receip t o f six cents, o r two postag e stamps . Als o Dr. OulvcrwcllV Marriage Guide, price. 2f> cents . Addres s CilAS . J.C. KLINE & CO. , ti23 __I2V R-ffwcry, N.Y. . Post Office box 458fi' THROUGH \TICKETS TOTNITFBOM LIVEUrt'OOL, LONDON, An d all poinlB in England , Irehnidan d Scotland to anv part o f tho UNITED STATES, By the Black Star Line o f Liverpool packet s and National Lino o f Liverpool and Queotistown steamers, furnished as chea p as lVy any othe r lines. Also, Drafts o n th e Roya l Bunk s o f Eng - land and Ireland at lowest, rates of exchange . An y information will b e cheerfully furnished mi application, bv mail or i n person, t o SNYDER UUOTIIERS, Port Leyden,N.Y. Dated Tort. Ley-fen, Sept. 1, 1866 . n5tf i f IlUMttMBER! IT IS THK 0HI.T PRACTICAL SCHOOL IK LEWIS CO.

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