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7 HEAD THIS \ AHD BUY Gill CHEAP! SCOTTS & M°CARTEY ARE NOW SELLING AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, A LARGE AND NRW STOCK Or CtnOCERMES, •If ALL XIHDl, HKOMTI.T ruitoniKD, coxfuima or SUGARS, SYRUPS, MOLASSKS, PORK, LARD, PISH, SALT, TOBACCO, CIGARS, STARCH, Sl'WKS, COFFEES, w HOLE on a n o v N T> . TABLE SAUCES, CONFECTIONERY, Yankee Notions, wmmm wMm 9 STONE WARS, ftoileU-2te&mB Soaps, Dried Fruits & Canned Fruits, CHAMPION CLOTHES WRINGER, AND KTKRYTI1INO UKNKIULLY IN I'llK LINK OV C3p270oo3trios», I AT THEIR NEW STORE IN TUB LEONARD BLOCK. OAI-L AND SKi:. Pnti-il, Lowville, Juno 12. MORRIS <fc PORTERS, | CARRIAGE & WAGON 1 MANUFACTORY, AND ULACKSMITO SHOP, ON NORTH BUD! SHADY ATKNtfJ!, Lo-wville, INT. \Y. I1AVINO FITTED UP THIS OLD ESTAI1- lislied Carriage shop, wo now invite particular attention to our facilities, never before equalled, of turning out durable and lincly linihhod, and, in ever respect, Firs.l-clnss Carriages & Wagons, at nio.1t resomiblc prices, nnd which wo guaran- tee shall bo excelled by no oilier makers; In addition to tho Carriage Shop, wo liava recently purchased the BLACKSMITH SHOP adjoining it mid, are now prepared to do all kinds of Hepuiriug, UOHSE . JSXX03EQX3NTO-, Ironing Carriages nnd Sleighs and every and all descriptions of Hlucksiuithing, by tho best work- Bifi, Wo bestow great utt.ent.ion to this branch. Carriages repaired, painted, and put in order Oil short notice. We invite your attention, believing we ean make it for your advantage to buy of us. MORRIS & PORTER. Lowville May 15, 18G7. 40tf SMITH & CUTLER, UJrDEH TAKERS Lowville, N. Y, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING At' TUB GREAT WARDROBE, FLUCAJfT BLACK. SLITS, X9.TUI, TO «»IXOU W»KK, At One-half the Price. (tOOD ItAOS IVXVI, ONLY TWENTY DOLLARS. FIRST-RATE BUSINESS SUITS, At *15, |18, *liO to |2B. Stout Worlsing Suits, Only Ten. Dollars. Hoys' Clothing; of all Kinds, ,1 T VM KY LOW PRICES A SPLENDID ABSOTITMBNT OF Furnishing Goods, Cheaper than at any other Store. T. I>. KINOSLEY «k SOU, THE LOW-PKICED CL0TJ1IBRS, 110 Genesee st.,Vrtioa,N,Y. llii Genesee at., Uticn, N. Y., (IS Domiiiick St., Koine, Nf, Y. 100 Genesee st. Auburn, N. Y. 229 Suite St., New Haven,Conn. 265 Chapel st., New Haven Conn. (14 Westminister St., Providence, R. I, 1867. 186T. HARDWARE! Stoves I Stoves! CHAS. G. RIGGS, II AS COWl'LETELY 1'ILLED TUB EMPIRE Hardware Store, AT Turin, JV, IV WITH A I,ABaB STOCK OV Improved Agricultural Implements AND Great Excitement IN C OPEWH.1G EJV, HARDWARE! Consisting of Cai'puiifur mid Joliivr'n Tool*, NAIL UODK, CUTTER & SLEIfMI SHOES, SPUING, TOE CORK, TIKE, ami OAST STKKLS. /Shel/'-Jltirdirurc, Ilarnena and Carrl.tuje Tr'unmhiyR, Waggon, Skeins nnd Uuxos, NftSd Springs Axeltriis, Spokes., Follies, Uuhlis, Thills (IIUHH Nails, Grindstones, Tin Ware, Vhffne fvta K M't'fSfteH, Dairy Stoves and Kettles, SLovo l'ipe, Plow*. and all kinds of JoTDTDing 1 In Tin, Sheet Iron, or Copper kept on hand and made to order, together with Thousands ol Articlosio numerous to mention. All of which will be Hold for Cash at Low Prices. Housekeepers, Fanners, Mechanics, Lumber- men, one nnd All nw invited in mill and see foi themaelvoa. Also, u fine assortment of OXXJ CLOTHS, All of whieh will be sold eheap. Wo ar e the agent (or the sale of ihe besl Tiabor, and Time and Clothes saving WASH- IN'Ci MACHINE now lief.iru tho public—GAM- BELL'S EMPIRE STATE. Turin, Aug. 2, Vtai. C. O. 11IUGS. 1867. T II E 1867. Northern Transportation Company OI\ 03E3CXO. This the & HAVE JIM\ FILLED THE STORE FORM- erly occupied by ANGEL & RAYMOND, to ovei- flowing with DRY GOODS, Of every description, too numerous to mention. ItJUDADl-MADE CLOTHING TnE SUIISURIItERS HAVE OPENED AN Undertaking Establishment oil JDayail-St., in this village, where they keep a full supply of ALL SIZES AND STYLES OF COFJFIJI'S tf nillL*L CASES, SHROUDS, Ana verything Necessary for Conducting' Funerals. TWO LUiGANT UK ARSES ALWAYS IN READINESS NOR USE. (jyOur experience in this business will en- sure the appropriate discharge of our duties in the burial of the dead. PRICES REASONABLE. SMITIl'& CUTLER. Mr. Cutler still retains the agency of Pianos, Melorleons, Cabinet and Parlor Organs, Sewing Machines, &c. M. F. CUTLER, Agt. Lowville, June 10.1807. 44tf CHEESE BOXES. WJUT PatTTEjr $ KILTS? CHEESE BOXES, FOR SALE AT SCOTTS & McCARTY'S. HATS & CAPS. GLASSWARE AND CUTLERY, SOOTS AND SHOES. Oarpets, Oil Olotlis. LADIES' AND GENTS' Furnishing Goods. well-known Cnmpniiy, will, during lll'i'^cet *J,.MMIII nf lillW'iilinll. l'llll -Vii'lfCH First-UlttHH S T 10 A M K 11 H , Regularly, Helwi.eii Cnpc Viu«'«Mit,ONtrcK<> <'l«'v«'land, Tol.lilH), DETIWIT, i;i.h\ AUIHili, ivlil-wefak:ee.01)ioagOi AND INTERMEDIATE POUTS.- Leaving Cape Vineent. Daily, for Lake Erie Ports, on arrival of the evening Train from the South j and Tri-Weeklv, — Moml.iy, Wednesday, and Friday,—for Lake Miehigan Ports. 13F\These sleinuers nni^e reg ilur eoiuiee- lious at Cape Vlueenl. wiih the Rome, Water- ton n-mid Cgdensliurgli Railroad. At Western Lake ports with Uailroad and Canal Lines, for all points South, West and Southwest, making it the favorite route for passriitrei's nnd iiviKlit, 'riiesteaiiicrs are prov'nled with large Cabins and State-rooms, elegantly furnished, lor the Accomodation ol lirsl-elass Cabin Passengers, and eoinformlili Second (!lass Cnbi.,s provided with Uerlhs unci Cook Htoves (or Passengers and Families desiring to furnisli their own pro- visions. BSr\Therc is no chtinge of steamers between Cape Vincent and Chicago, thereby making it the cheapest and best route for Passengers mov- ing with their goods, stock, &c, as they avoid, lerriiige, cartage, hotel bills and i unierous other oxpenacs, as well as damage to their prop- erty by rough handling. First-class Tickets include Meals and State- rooms. (gg-Rates of Passage and Freight lower than by anv oilier route Jt3?~Haggage checked through to destination. dtyPassengers ticketed through to all points A Q RN TS; •INTO. HOCKLING, No. 7 St,ate-st., Boslon. GEORGE A. EDDY, Ogdciisburgh. CHARLES ALLISON, Oswego, N. V. FRENCH, CIIILDS & Co., Cleveland O. WALKER, HAYES & Co., Toledo, 0. N. J. ROD1ER, Detroit, Mieh. O. J. HALE. Milwaukee, Wis. F. J. HOWE, Chicago, Illinois. J. Mvers, H. Iligbee, No. II, Asi.or House, N. Y. 0.'Breed, 74 Peml-st , N. Y. HALL & BUCKLEY, Accnis. 42m6 i Cape Vincent, New York. JVtartinsburg-h Town Bonds. COUPON BONDS OP THE TOWN OF MAR- tlnsburgh, with interest payable semi annually, are ready for sale i and for thirty days, will be sold o ly lo inhabitants and tax-payers of said town. Apply to either of the undersigned or to D. 0 . West m Lowville. M«rtinshurgh, June B, 1867. CHESTER SHtfMWAY, Wll GEORGE. AI FRED STILES, 48tf Commissioners. J0FJob Work done at this Office. WOODEN WARE. WALLPAPER AND WINDOW SHADES, Silverware X Jewelryi WATCHES, CEOCKS, Ac, Ac, Ac. We respectfully invite tho good people oj Copenhagen, and adjoining towns, to give us a call, nnd satisfy themselves that wo sell Goods at least 20 per cent, less thaii can bo purchased elsewhero in Lewis or Jefferson counties. HEDDEN, BLODGET & CO. Copenhagen, Nov. 16,1866. nlB N.B,—Persons indebted to A. K, HEDDEN will please call on 0 . E. Stephens, of Lowville, and settlo their aocounts without delay, and save-cost. A. K. HEDDEN. II OUSE, SIGN & FRESCO FAINTINO AND GRAINING In all their branches. Window Shade 1 ) and Trimmings, Cloth shades for stores, offices and parlors, also Wire Shades for windows and doors made to order, with let- tering or any device therfion. R. R. WISEMAN 86yl No. 2 i Bleekcr at., Utica, N. Y. STEVENS HOUSE. 21, 23, 25 and 27 Broadway, N. Y. Opponite Bmvlini/ Green, ON THE KtUlOPUAN PLAN. rpUE STEVENS HOUSE i„ well and widely JL known to the travi ling public. The loca- tion is especially suitable to merchants and bus- iness men ; it is in close proximity to the bus- iness part of this city—Is on the highway of Southern and Western travel—and adjacent to all tho principal Railroad and Steamboat.depots. THE STEVENH HOUSE has liberal accommo- dations lor over 800 guests—it. is well furnished and possftsscs every modem improvement, for the comfort and entertainment of its inmates.— The rooms are spacious and well ventilated— provided with gas and water—the attendance is prompt and respectful—and the table is gen- erously provided with every delicacy of the sea- son—at moderate rates. Tho rooms having been refurnished and remodeled, we are ena- bled to offei extra facilities for tho comfort and plensnre of our guests. 62m8 GEO. K. CHASE & CO., Proprs. SPRING & SUMMER TRADE 1867. WE REQUEST THE SPECIAL ATTENTION of country merchants to the large and attractive stock of all goods in the Wholesale DRY GOODS pine, which we are now offering at our new Ware- house 412 Br<»adway. N. If. Buyers visiting tho city arb solicited to call upon us. JQ^Wo give particular attention to orders by mail, which will be filled at as low prices as if the buyer were personally present. Circulars with full particulars, sent on request. We call attention to the high reputation our house has enjoyed foi many years, and aisure all who may deal with usof fairand liberal treat- ment. TRACY, IRWIN AGO. 4<i May 18, 1867. 412 Broadway, N. Y. Silver and Gold GUARANTEED MINING STOCK IPOXI. mA.xjya, • THE nunsoninua HAS I-OU SAI.JO 600 HAREM OF THE STOCK OF THE Onrida Montana Gold and Silver Mining Company, AT $13 • PEB SHARE. THIS COMPANY wa» organised at Utloo, New York, In April, 1806, with a capital of (200,000, divided into •hiu'caofflO each, nnd is niannged by A Botrd of Thlneon Direototv eomprUing some of tho best biuinesiWn |n tho country, It him just completed a thorough a relhiiiniiry dovelopnunt of tho famous Grognry lino of Colorado dlmrlct, Montana, onu of tho largest silver bearing mines hi the world, The Company commenced in Augusi, 1866, the construction of n tunnel one hundred and twentv fuel hi length, anil reached tlie vein ilfty-iix foet beneath the surliiee ; from thin point, a shaft was mink to the depth of lliDfcet, a gallery was Ihen extended on the vein a dis- tance of 1 III) feet, revealing a crevice illl leet wide, a wldlli only ecpuilled by the great Com- slock mine of Nevada, which Is now producing upwards of lil'teen millions, of dollars per year in silver. Tho Company having thus fully and satisfac- torily leuled Ihe extent, and capacity of the initio, is now erecting smelting works, which will he completed about the 1st uf October next, with siiflicient capacity to reduce S tons ol ore each diiv, tho next yield of which is expected to I'ulh JMIIII, or at' tha ruin of *'24H,IMIO per vear, ol SOU working days, from this mine IIIIUH-. Tlie Company owns in addition lo this, claim.- on the fullnwnig Gold ami Silver Mines JANUARY 1,18C71 Anlelopi Rothschild, Nortlio.ru Hullo, Sunburst, Jellerson, , Stnrwiiiio, Wesliiiurliind, Red, White and Dine La Molt, Illaek Tail, Rio del Mont. Excelsior, Hartford City. Axe, Slur, Feu Ian Extension, 13?\ Buy Goodi of Advertisers. All of which are located conveniently near the '•Gregory,\ ami will be developed us rapidly a* till' Intercuts of the stockholders will warrant. The Company's stock Is full paid, and those ivho are familiar with this properly, are eonll dent Unit the profits will be Very largo, and re- turns speedy. The present low price of the sh ires of thN company, all'ords an admirable opportunity lor the invcMinout of a small sum in one of tin- most favorable milling cnterprises-ol the day, the verv large profits of which cannot bu looked for in any other branch ofbiiKiness. Persons desiring to invest, can remit to the subscriber $12 for each share they wish to liny, and receive their Stuck by return mail, with the j following guaranty :—- It is hereby agreed that llin purchaser of the J annexed shares of the slock of ihe Oneida Mon- tana Cold Mining Company, shall receive divi-: denils of this slock amounting to not less than lil'teen per cent, within six uiniilhs. from Oeto- ncr'lst, 1KI17, tho payment, of which the suh- (oritur hereby personally guarantee* mid agrees ID pity on demand in ca»o Ihe same Is for any cause unpaid by the company. The sii'ircrihcr fur'her agrees to give the purchaser ol thes.. shares tin 1 option of returning them to Mm :.l any time within sixty days, ensuing the espira- tiou of six months from ilate and receiving for I lliem (he Mir viilueof each .share le^s ihe amouni j lie' purchaser mayb.ro received on litem in dividends from tho company or us above staled. Dated eignetl Artlini' B. .loIintoH. Farmers mid others who desire perfectly se- cure iiivcsliiieuls, should not luos,. ihe (.ppor tiiuity to po'ihasoa few shares of ibis tiuuran- j 1 1 .-I(ic-i., vhicli limy williin a year be woiili 1 tweiitj linos its pr-u-nt price, and nithoiil i-i.^lv of lo-s hi the purchiser. Full iuloiiuatioii anil rofcrenees to ihe leading I business ini n and bankers of I'tiea will he i prompily furnished on application to ihe uiidur- signed. Address or apply to AUTIIlll » JIOCIVNOV, TibliiU'N Block. I li«'ii, N. Y. The fnlli.wiiig extr.u-ts from Molilalia [inpers will give si me idea of ihu value of the compa- ny's properly, [From the Rooky Mountain Gazette pu dished iitjlidcna, Montana, iTamiary, li.67.] uiiKaniiY i.om:. Work on the Gregory Lode is prngressinu under favnioblo umpices and some remarkably rich deveh pnicnts hare been unido williin llie past three days; lnrt feet from the surliiee, Mi feet irom llie level of the tiriucl, the \ metal vein\ has materially increased in quantity.— Judging ftoui present appearances, Dr. llinsell will be compelled ere long to \ raise\ native silver, and thus bo relieved the necessity of using a smelter or quartz mill. A visit to the \ Gregory\ will demonstrate to the doubter thai I have neither ovor estimated nor exaggerated, mid will amply repay the time occupied, to those interested in quartz mining. [From the Helena Herald.] JKITFKRSCN CITY, M. T. Juno «, 1807. To (lie. liditor of the Helena Herald: Noticing in your last issue a notice ol oier \ Gregory\ lode, I thought I would give von the requisite information for a correct report.— The shaft upon claim No. 'A northeast, is now 1 fill feet in depth, displaying a ledge fully l* feet in width, rich in hud, silver and gold. At present they are driftingaloiig the course of the lode, saving the ore whieh they remove for working. All tho lodes are silver bearing to a great degree, and the quart/, assays highly of gold also; so that, working the ore with a mill lor gold iiloiio would be prolitable. I imagine this season will not, pass without, bringing ma- chinery to us, and when once we can proclaim a \ run,\ then will those deluded machinesis wonder \where were their eyes!\ when they might, have p -ofited thereby. I From the Rook\ Mountain G-zotle.] FROM JEKFEHSON CITY •IKKFUUSOX CITY, M.T., Junv'2, 18(17 Editor (r'tizrtfr: Quart/, continues to evcito tin usual amount, ol inn-rest in litis district, and B.'Veral new companies, encouraged by almost fabulous assays of ores, have organized and com- menced vigorous op'T.itiinis that, piomise ulti- mate success. Dr. Russell has resnmei work on the Gregorv, diTnng on the metal vein, un- earthing to the view n pile of glittering ore. whicli only awaits the action of proper uiaelnn ery to transform it into bullion by the vvliol - sale. I have visited Ihe most prominent mill- ing camps in Montana, and can safely any, with- out hesitation, that none excel Colorado district in richness of ores, and in no place could capi- tal he invested with greater oorlaint.y of remun- eration. This I soy without prejudice or par- tiality, as I am not interested in the quartz mines, either here or elsewhere in the Territory, and merely express an opinion founded on per so^al observation. Time will demonstrate the truth thereof. The Jefferson City Silver Mines, although Struggling on without furnuoes or mills, are be- ing steadily developed and more positively proven from day to day, to be deserving the eager attention of capitalists. The noted Greg- ory Lode of this camp has been sunk on to a depth of one hundred feet, and shows a vein ol extraordinary thickness as well as of undoubted weal h. Specimens WD have seen from that district are among the rarest of the whole catalogue.— But here, too, is felt the real and pressing wants of proper facilities for reducing the ores and extracting the precious metals. JgjpSevonil ''pricks\ of Montana gold have recently been received at St. Louis. Among them is one valued at $(),fill0 ; two pricks, one weighing 452 and the other 4f>3 ounce?, valued respectively at $7,000,47 and #7,770 43, each containing 48-lOn of pure gold. Theso pricks are tho result of a lucky venture of a St. Louis 1 typo. S. W. BALLARD, Sexton & Undertaker, icon TUB CountieH of Jefferson and Lewis, HUH an assortment, of TRIMMED METALI0 CASES and 'JAHKETS, ROSEWOOD COFFINS AND CASKETS, Imitation Rosewood (with glass), Air-tight Cof- linn. Walnut Roof and Flat Top Collins, imitation llliick Jiroiidclolh Collins. Butternut, Pine & Husswood Collins, NEW STYLK8 OF SATIN LINING ROBES, SHROUDS AND CAPS, Plates and Handles with Masonic and other Emblems, Which will be »old from and after this date LOWEB PRICES! Than any p|hor place in Lewis or Jefferson counties,' Jfo Extra Cliorc/e for personal servi- ces of self or mil in delivering COIHIIH and pre- paring tho romn.IJl8 of dcuowd for interment or iitteiidiinoe at fuueriila within Ihv Counties of Lewi* or Jrffersuti. Thankful' for the very liberal patronage here- tofore extended, intends by prompt nl.lun.Lloii iifteiifiiin to calls Diiv mid Night, or Hundiivs, and Low Prices, to merit a continuance of llie wniiif whenever It, hccomoiucccssury for friends lo lmry their dead. Ollleii at Van Nanice k PmllVs Cabinet Ware Rooms, PublicHiiuim', RoHldenoo No, 14 Stale sired, Wiifortown, Feb -I, 1807- ngn-ly Ayer's Hair Vigor, For the Renovation of the Hair. The Great Desideratum of the Age. A drossing which is a t once agreeable, healthy, aud effectual for preserving tho hair. Faded or gray hair is soon restored to Us uriginal color and the gloss and freshness of youth. Thin hair is thick- ened, falling hair checked, and bald- ness often, though no t always, cured by it s use. Nothing can restore th o hair where tho follicles are destroyed, or th e glands atrophied nnd decayed. But such as remain can be saved for usefulness by this application. Instead of fouling tho hair with a pasty sedi- ment, it-will keep i t clean and vigorous. Its occasional us e will prevent tho hair from turning gray or falling off, and consequently prevent baldness. Frco from those deleterious substances which make some preparations dangerous, and injurious fo tho luiir, the Vigor ca n only bcuefit buL not harm it. If wanted merely for a HAIR DRESSING, lKilliing elso fim bo found so desirable. CiMitaining neither oil no r dye, it does mil, Miil while ciunbric, and yet lasts lunger on lliu hair, giving it, a rich glossy lustre anil a grateful perfume. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., PRACTICAL AND ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS, LOWELL, MASS. _ PKIOB $i.oo. Ayer's Cathartic Pills, the purposes of a Laxative Porhups no ono medi- cine is so universally re- quired by everybody as a cathartic, nor was evor nnv before f,o universal- ly'adopted into use, in e'very country and among: all classes, as this uiila but etUcient purgative J'ill. Tlio obvious rea- son H, that it ia a more xo- - liable and far more ou'eo tunl roinedy than any other. Tlioio who liavo trioil it, know that it cured thorn i those who hav» not, know that, it cures their neighbors and trioiula, nnd all know that what it docs once it docs always — that It never fails through any fault or neglcctoi' its composition. We have thousands upon thou- saiuls of c.ortillcatos of their remarkable cures ol'tlio following complaints, but such euros aro known iu every neighborhood, and wo need not publish them. Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climatos; containing neither calomel or any doleterious drag, they may bo taken with safety by anybody. Their sugar cn'atina; preserves them ever fresh and makes them pleasant to take, while lieiiij^ purely vegetable no harm can arise from their use m any quantity. They operate by their powerful iunuoiira on tho internal viscera to purify tlie blood anil stimulate it into healthy action — remove the obstructions of tho stomach, bowels, liver, anil other organs of tho body, restoring their irregular action to health, anil by correctinpr, wherever t.liey exist, such derange- ments as are the llrst origin ofdisease. Minute directions are given in the wrapper on tho box, fur the following complaints, which theso 1'iUx rapidly cure: — I'm- B»,v«l><'p«t« or IiuIiij-<'«tio«, IiiKtleias- nt'»*. l,iin:rnor anil I.o*.« of Ai»i><'tltr, llicy should lie taken moderately to stimulate tho stom- ach and restore its healthy tone and action. For I.ivt>r Complaint ami its various symp- toms, Hilion* Ilomlaclits Nick UUiailaclic, JUIIHIUCC or Kii'cn siicl.iiess, Bilious Colic and Bilious lerern, they should ho ju- diciously taken for each caso, to correct tho diseased action or remove tho obstructions which cause it. For l»j-m>i»ter,r or WlarrUoca, hut ouo mild dose ia j?cnernlly required. Foi- IthcHiuatlaiu, <»'onf, Orav«>l, Palmi* tntion o f the* Heart, Pain i n tlio Side, Iluck anil N/Oinx, thoy should bo continuously taken, as required, to change the diseased action of tho system. Willi such change those complaints disappear. For I»rop»y .and nropnical Swelling* they should be taken in largo and frequent doses to pro- duce the effect ol\ a drastic purse. ••For Sui»pi-c**ion a larao dose should bo taken as it produces the desired effect bv svmnathv. As a Dinner Pill, take ono or two JPUts'to pro- mote digestion and reliovo tho stomach. An occasional dose stimulates tho stomach and bowels into healthy action, restores tho appetite, and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad- vantageous where no serious derangement exists. One who feels tolorahlv well, often finds that adoso of those Pills makes him feet decidedly bettor, from their cleansing and renovating effect on tho digos- tivo apparatus. X>iJ. J. C. A.TEU & CO., Practical ChcmitU, ZOTTEZI,. MASS., XT. S. A. Sold by .loliii Doig, Liwvilte, Williams & rianton, Miiriiusburgh and till druggists and dealers in medicine everywhere At wholesale by T. U.'Oamp & Co., Water- town. THK0UGH TICKETS TO AND FEOM 1,1V ECU POOL, LONDON, And all points in England, Ireland mid Scotland to anv part, of the UNITED STATES, By the Black Star Lino of Liverpool packets and National Lino of Liverpool and Quecnslovvn steamers, furnished as cheap as by nny other lines. Also, Drafts on the Koyul Bunksof Eng- land and I re In nil at lowest rates of exchange. Any information will be cheerfully furnished on application, bv mail or in person, to SNYDKlt BROTHERS, Port Levden, N.Y. Dated Port, Loydcn, Sept. 1, 1806. n51f D AY BOARD.—A few single gentlemen can procure day board by making application i'lt the residence ofJudge Brown, onElm stf* 1 - Mi-E.—Wherein, d« : | \I^OUECLuPUUE TVjIOHTOAUl 1*JL limit IIIIH been Hindu in the piyiucnt of tlie money Kecurcd by it mor(|t*ffo diiiod the 'lili tinv n't' May, l«tlii, executed by lienry Thur- uaii and Dorothea,his wile, of the town ol Oro- gliiin, county of LCH'U, and ntnteof New York, to Frederick Zdk of Lowville, In said county, and which mmigiigo was recorded In the olui U'M office of said county of Lewis In Book No, 2 of mortgages, ni pugo 18'J, on the 4th duy of June lMKi, ut.il o'clock p, in., and wherein* tbemii'iit claimed to be due upon mild mortgitgo nt the time of the fir»i piiLlieiiilnii of'tliiB notice Is tho »mii of four hundred nnd thirtythreo dollars unci forty three cents, to wit, %iM\ of principal and fbUU nl interest, and which Is tlio whole amount, claimed to bu unpaid upon sulci mort- gage, and no suit, or proceeding at law having been liictllulcd lo recover tint debt i-eciired by snld mortgage or any part thoreol | Now, therefore, mulco is hereby glvi n that by virtue of llie power of sale contained 111 snld mortgage mid duly reeurded ns iiforohuld, nnd In purm- iilico ol'tlio Mlnliitu in such ease made nnd pro- vided, the \illd mortgage will he foreclosed by a hiileol the pt'i IlilseM therein ilcsiiillled ill pub- lic auction, at tlielroin doorof the Olmrt House, In the town of Lowville, In thu county of Lewis, on the 10th day of Oolobor, 1H07, at HI o'clock In Ihc forenoon ol lluil duv. The mid prnnlHOS urn sliuiituil In thu town of Croglnin and county of Lewis, and state of New York, and uro de- scribed In said mortgage Rulmtiiuihilly as (ol- loirs i nil that tract or parcel (if land situate in the town ol Ci-oghan, county af Lewis, slate of New York, und in pari of the <lth K, lOlh, lllth N, ranges of thu subdivision of (Jrent Lot No, 0 of Macomb's purclinse, ami Is bounded us follows, viz, i Ilcglnnliig at the H.W, coiner of 4-1 1 l-IOtitliM acres conveyed to Harney Antho- ny 7fh Oct. Ih'M, a hub in Ihe cenlr'u ol the Krle canal iinul, and runs llioiice along llie west line ol said 41 I MI'HIIIH acres aiidconlro of the road N. S « W, 11 chains to a huh, tlio N,\V. corner ol mild .pi 1 l-liniihs acres: tlumuo con- tinuing iiloiig^Hiild cMilre, being along lliiiwcsi line ol IP acres conveyed lo .1. Kungul 7th Jan. 1 Hllli, N, 4 ° W. 11 chains nO Iks, to a hemlock poet at ihe junction ol the NewHoad! thence along snld mad S. 40° W. l a ohs 74 His lo a beech tree marked A standing In ihe cA«t Hue of 4 1 117-lini acres in possession of Aiiuuslus Wli-hiiiiin ; thence along thu oust Hue thereof H. H<4«\V. tin clmVllkNlo a huh in the centre of Ihe ir'lale road, .10 links S. IH),o \\\ |y nn l „ post, tlieneo along I lie centre of said road S. Mif » K. ly. His in n hub, an ingle, Ihiiiee S. 117 ° K. b ohs (ni ks in a huh ill thejiuiciiou ol the Hiulu road and Kile canal road, thence along iheceiiiro of the Krie canal road, licing along Hie west, line of Iinul conveyed to II. li. t'ovi'V on 'J lili Juno 1HU,\ N. II o'K. I! ohs to a hub, an angle, llieuee N. (In\ W. ft His lin Iks to ii huh, an angle, thence ,V. SJ ° K i His Ml HvS Io n hub,an angle , thollee N . fi'2.' ° V,. HcllS 1 1 IliS lo ll jiub, a n angle, thriii-r N. Ilj * K. tl clis 'J.\i His lo the place ol beginning, ODlitabling .'Pi 7 1-1 on iieros inure or lcs<. Dated the 17ih da v nf.Inlv, 1MI7. I'HKDKIIICK ZHIK, Morlgugee. V.. K. Mi:itnr.i.i., Altorncy. 4u 01' MOKTOAQE.-Uort- pgor, lthodii Ann Thurston. Mort- iiHgw, Mmhew Kilts, Assignee of Mortgajjo, riediirlok Cusbudter. AskluiiQs of aula As- slitnec, Pheba Oiisbackar. Mortgage dttod (icioliur loth, 180B. Rccordoil in tlio oflloo of tim Cleric of Lewis County, In Book No. %,, of Mortgages, pa go 274. Alignment from Math- ew Kilts to Kredurlok Cnnbuckor, recorded in the ollico of the Clerk of Lowls County, in Book No, 1), of Mortgages, page 1(18. Assignment from Frederick Oasbscker to Phebo Cusbuckcr, recorded In ihe ufllco of tho Clork of lowli county, in Hook No. «, ol Mortgages,pago 198, Aiiiouiit. duo, Five Hundred iTolTsrs, with In- tercut tlioreon, from October loth, 1866, By virtue of a power of sals contained in said Mortgage, ami of tho Statute In such oase nnido mid provided tlie uiortgnged promises will bo sold at public unction, on thu fifth day of Oc- tober, 1H«7, at the hotel of Alfred J.Brown, in the village ol West Leiden, at 12 o'clock, at noon, Tho mortgaged premises uro all that iruct or parcel of Inliil situate In the town of Lewis, Louis t!o,, N, Y., being; part of lot No. M, In townshiii No, 1, Beginning at the N. K. corner of said lot,and running tnenvo along Ihe Hast bounds of the lot S7i ° West 21 obi. hi) Iks, fheiieu N, B2J o W, 47 chs. 88 Iks. to . iheWcst lino of the lot, thonco along said West line N. H7* • K. i\\ cha, to the N. W.oorner of the lot, theiieu H. bit * K - 47th». 36 Iks. to the place of beginning, containing one hundred nnd ouo 80-KlO acre* of hind, and being the same promises conveyed by Muiliew Kilts and wife, to wild Rliodn Ann Thurston, by doed daled October liith,18(ln. • West Loydcn, .luly 1st, 18(17. JAY APPEASE, Altornoy for Assigneo. l-XlSCTlOft NOTICE. SHKKU-K'SOKWCK, C'OI'NTY OJ'IiRWIB, Notice is hereby given pursuant to ihc slal« titi-s nl' this Stulo, nnd of the annexed notice from llie Secretary of Stale, that tho general Kleeiinn will lie held in this county mi tlioTurs- day MUi-ceeding tlie (hM .Monday of November next, in which election the following officers mimed in tlie annexed notice will he Heiled, ELISHA ('ll(IF(ll)T. Sliorill'of Lewis county. STAIK op N'nw Yonu, ) OITice of the Sccrelaiy ol Slate, - Albany, July 27, 18U7. ) '/'a lie Sheriff of the niiiiih/ of Lints : Sin : Notice is hereby given ihat at llie f!en- i-r.il Kleeiinn In be held ill ihe Stale on llie Tuoniln v succeeding llie iiisl Miiliday of Novem- ber ii\M the Iblluwing ollicers are lo lie elected, lo wll : A Si-ei'-ian of State ill the jJnce of Francis ('. Harlow. A I'imiplrollcr in place ol Thomas Hilllinuse. A Treii-iiivr in the pl..ee of JiiM-ph lloivl.Mid. All AllllllK-Y 11. lie.alio II,L l.li.ouut Juhll 11. Mnrtuidiile. A Siaic Kngiiieer und Surveyor in the place nl.I. I'l.ut (Jondsell. A I'MIIII Coniiiiis.ioiier iu the place of Frank- lin A. Alliergcr. An lh-peciur of State Prisons in the place of ll.ivil 1'. Forrest, A .lud'.'c of ihe Court, of Appeals in the place ul i! -niv 1!. l>.;vie.s. All-.lio-c teiui of ollico will expire on the lust day of December next.. Al-o II .I'l-uoe nl ihe Supremo Ciiiirl fur ihe 1',1'lii Judicial Hisiiict in place of belie;, Morgan whose term of ollico will eipiro on the lu.-t day nl December next. Al-o, a Senator for the Eighteenth Senate Disirict, comprising the cuimlics of JHl'cr.-n'i uud Lewis. I-OINTY oi-in-r.iis TO ni; laix-TUi: A Mombi'i' of Assembly. A Sheiili iu ihe pl.u-e of Elisha Crofool. A t'ouiily flock iu tlie place of liuvtd A, Slew- \ H A County Judce in place „r Carlos p. Scovil. \ -'\ , . ri \>' 0 . f \\M'tombnr, 1887.\ at Ono o'clock p, A Distr'u-i Ailninev in place of Edward A. i llrnwn, Hpiiointed to lill \ acaue.v occasioned by resignation of Seymour F. Adams. A. Superintendent of the Poor in the place of Charles S. Rice. Two lusticeS of Sessions in the place of Ed. win S. Cadwell and Iliruni Warner. All whose terms ol ollice will expire on the last day of December next, FRANCIS (J. B.'ELOW, 1 Sccictary of Slate, Manhood: m., viz: all that tract or parcel of land being part of lot No. 89, township No. 4, West Turin • v I Lewis county. State of New York. Beginning North 80 e W. 4 rods. 6 links, fiom a rock lying cast of the road that runs past the house for- iuerly of Joseph Bradford, thence N. 88 1-2° E. 2\rods thence N. 37 1-2° E. 8 rods 1 link, thence N. f>2 1-2° W. IIrods,thenceS. 88 1-2° W. 2 rods 14 links, thence 5 rods 22 links along the road to the place of beginning, containing about one-eighth (IS) of an acre of land, being (lie lot snld by Richard Bradford to Jame* McVicur, March 12, 1838, E. CROFOOT, Sheriff. Paled, August 13, 1807. . 1 EST AS! (kissd* <>J J«H> Work exe- cuted at this office from a ncnt circular to * '\amrocth oc/s'cr. J^XIWtTOR'SlVOTICE Pursuant fl-jio an order of Cnrlos P. Scovil, County Judge of the county of Lewis, notice is hereby (freig, in said county deceased, to present the same with the vouchors thereof to James Keese, an executor named in the hist will of said de- ceased, nt his dwelling house in the town of West Turin, in said county ou or before the 27 day of March next. PRTJELLA WHITTLESEY, ) J.V.MKs KKKSK, M-lxr's&c. WALTKlt Willi TI.ESEY. I Dated September '.H, 1807. 6m« N OTICE is hereby given thai llie firm of W. L. & L. A. Scott is this duy dissolved by inuliuil consent. I'.iiher of the undersigned are authorized to nettle accounts for tlie above firm. W.L.SCOTT, L. A. SCOTT. Paled, Lowville, June 5, 1SC7. How Lost, How Restored. | Just published, a new ediiion oj Dr. Cn.vnuwiai.'s OIHu-alcd Ls . sa,> on the radical rare (iviiliou niedicinc)ofspcriiiiilorhrea, seminal Weakness iiivoluiinirv seiuei'i.il losses, impoteiuy, mcnla ' . . ami physical incapacity, impediments to mar | pi\\ to all persons having claims against the riage, etc.; also eoiisuiiipti.iu, epilepsy, and fits | estate ol John Whittlesey, late of »h« town of induced by self-imlulgi nor- or sexual extrava- gance. C^J-Priee, in scaled envelope, only 0 cents. The eclehiated author, in this admirable es say, clearly demonstrates from tliirtv years' successful pruiictice, that the alarming; conse ipiencc of nelfiibuxi may be radically cured witlistit llie dangerous use of internal medicine or the application of the knife—pointing out a mode of euro at once simple certain and cflcc tunl, by melius of which every sufferer, no mat- ter what hi condition mnj he, may cure him- self cheaply,privately and radically. This lec- ture should be ill the hands of every youth and every man in the hind. Sent under seal,in a plain envelope, to anj address, post-paid, on receipt of six cents, oi o postage stamps. Also Dr. OnlvcrwellV Marriage Guide, price 2ticcnls, Address OiIAS. J . 0. KLINE & CO., i2S 127 Bovior\, VY.. Post Ollice Lev 4 fiSO \'PIIE OLD FOKEST HILL OEM- -*- otry Marble Works. MMMOSS &, DAY. Nos. 21 tf 23 Blechr Street, Ulie.it , N. Y. MARRI.K, FRKKSTONK, ANI1 HKAXITE RIOKfUIWCEOTTS, XOIMEBS, &.C. Marble and Slate Mantles, TI/IS, aC'c, prompt- ly made, delivered, and warranted iu lie us rep- resented, at the loiivnt New York prims. Coun- iry dealers supplied on rcasiiuiible t.cints. O HAN I'l'K MON UM EN 'PS. Wo would respeellully inform the inhabitantR oftliis vicinity that We are prepared in furnish (iriinite Monuments of every description anil lo have tho same creeled in any part of tin United Sin to.', of the. best material and superioi workmanship. SIMMONS k DAV, Uiica, N. Y., are authorized to soil and make eon tracts, and net as our ugenis for Ihe sain of Qu ney Granite, Fit?. William Sil- ver Granite, also, Ihc Scotch or Aberdeen Gran- ite Monuments, Headstone--, Ae., Ac., for the counties ol'Ouciilu, Lewis, JeH'ersnit, Herkimer. Otsego, Madison, and Clieuuiign, and llioy «ill sell at our reiruhir prices, to all lluil will fuvoi us with a call. KBNJ-.LS, Ci.oi'an & Co , Lowell, M nss. Leave Orders at Nos. 21 and 2'? Blocker 9t., Utica, N.Y. SHvl D.L.SIMONS, H. K. DAY.\ WM. B. NIC.'KI.I>Oi\^ CHEESE CURING AND PACKINJ CASEl fj \MlIS CASE is simply constrneii-d, mid wtli- J_ in llie reach of any individual lo make The cheese is cured in a hoop instead of\ liandage, the hoop serving us a permanent cov- erieg I'm the. circumference of the cheese, and' in connection with n cover nt each end as a box for turning, for storage and transportation, or- the same hoops and covers will serve instead of, blindage for many years. '.his hoop is far heller than a cloth bandage- for several reasons: The cheese dries equally and does not dry out or become hard for n dis-- lance in from tlie circumference, all Ihc ex pciiso of the cloth is saved, as a box must be- pr'H ided in any event for transporting cheese ;-. preserves its shape, the circumference being perpendicular ; lliereis less shrinkage or loss in weiglil, and it. is les-s trouble to take care of llie cheese; there is no danger o( mould, us there is no bandage of cloth lor it to collect about ; the cheese aro more sigluly. The undersigned hiving patented the above Cheese i'i\^e. will sell or lease Factory, Town, County or Stale Richts to make nnd use the ''het'se Curing and Packing Case. Sainplescsn be seen at the residence of the subscriber in Lowville, N. Y,. or upon application tlie under- signed will forward sumplis for exhibition to any pint of the country, WM. B. NICKECSON. Lowville, March 4, 18R7. nSltf T~/\7^7 ; r7ii : smus OF POTATOES .1., \J \J w Wanted, ill different quantities for which the highest market, price will bo paid Eniyiireor-'AM-T P & LAST-HK*,J liov:•!«, N.Y ^.1 ]\|OKT«»A<ii: !*AM3.— Whereas do- XfX fault bus been iiimla in tho payment of money secured by a certain Indenture ofmort- giigo buai-iiig dale Bill day of Oct., A, n., 1808, executed by Harris llurr ol the town of Diana, county of Lewis anil stale of New York, to Harrison Austin ol tho lown of Ponmurk,county ol Lewis und Htato oi Now York, and which said niorigiigo wlih tlio power of sale therein oon« mined was recorded in the clerk's ofllcc ol tho 'county of Lewis in Liber 11 of niongagoi, at page 670, on the 24ili day of October, 1868, at 8 o'HccIv A. M , and wherens the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the date ol the llrst publication of tIns notice, is |14U 66,which is the whole mini unpaid on snld mortgage, 0X- cept $!7.6ii two years interest, and wneroai no suit, or proceeding nt law has haeninrtltutod tO recover tlio sum of money so duo as aforesaid or any part thereof, nnd whereas said niortgago was given to secure tlie payment of tho sum of one hundred and twciity»live dollars and inter* est from its dale ; and whereas said mortgage bits been duly iiKsiiincd to Howard 0. Mantle, ihe subscriber, now therefore, notice ia horoby given fliutby virtue of tho power of «»!« con- tained in said mortgage nnd duly recorded as ttfon-suld, and iu pursuance of the statute in such case unido and provided, the said mort- gage will bo foreclosed by a sulo of the premises therein described »t public auction, at tho dwelling IIOMSO on the promisee hereinafter de-< scribed, on the 7th day of Oct,, 1867, in Diana, Lewis county, N. Y , a t 1 o'clock in tho aftcr- nooi|.of that day. The said prcinisos arc de- scribed in said mortgage substantially as fol- lows : Att that, tract or parcel ol land situated in ihe town of Diana, Lewis county, N, Y., on Ocnt lot No. (1D-1 of Great tract. No. 4 of Ma- eoinli's purchase, commencing at the moat southeasterly corner ofa lot sold by Devid and William Gardner to Din-ions Woodard, on the north bank of tlie Oswcgiiieliio river, a spruce po-i and stones marked D. W, II. It., and rung theiieu N. B4 ° W. 41 chains 2,*i links on the line of I). Woodnrd's to n beech post and stone* marked I\) VI. 11. It., lheiicoS. »7 ° W 7 ohs. »ii Iks. lo a post marked L. A., thence S. 80° P. 30 chains 38 links to the river, thence down the liver iiccording to tne winds and turns to the place ol beginning, containing 8() 26-lOOth*' acres, bo tlie same more or less, jllso all that oilier piece or parcel of land situated in tho lown of Diana, Lewis county, N. Y., on lot No. tins of Great lot No. 4 of Macomb's pur* chase, and hounded nsfollow?, to wit: Begin- ning on the southwrstcrly corner of 60 60-100 anos herclofore deeded to David aud William thii-lner, mi ash post on the north side ol tho iisweg-i!. lue river N. r,:)° W. 2n chs, 13 Iks. ; thence S. I!.\ 1 c W. 1 (1 chains 20 links ; thence S. t-| o ].;, )7 Hiaius I) links ; tluneo N. 61 ° W. down ihc bends of the river to tlio pluco of beginning', containing 34 Bii-lOO acivs»b6 .the s.nne inure or less, excepting iu tho last survey above mi ntioned in acres dwelled to William Carter bv Harris Burr, Dated,\Carthago July 13th, 18(57. HOW Uiu ti.\ MANTLE, Assignee. I5.W. KM:NK, Altorncy. 49 t' EB »iSSH VF SA LJG'^Oy\virtue of oii r\; execution issued out of the Supreme Court of this State, against the goods and uhaltelt-, lands and tenements of Eri Coe, I hare seised 1 all the right and title which tho said Eri Coe had on the 27th day of August, 1861'or at any time ufiomiirds, of, in and to the following dfe- scribed prcn ises, which 1 shall expose lor gala as the law directs at I lie hotel of J. F. Wolcott, in Coiistablcvillc in said county of Lewis on tho

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