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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1798-1826, December 04, 1798, Image 3

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. -. tluoo,nn, at length, gre4t -efforts were.lmade, and finally -~hat- edifiCe and t-hat ftnall remnant of this ;~,ee iloufilhing place, from the nofth fide of Malk.et-fheet, was (.dmo!l: ~li_!\aP.!:Jloufly) ptd~l ye~. 'l':he lois Iufi;ained by the p1op~·,etors o£ the· bu~IC!-ings dolhoyed,-·C'Ianot eahly b~ computed. The ilJJml>er Gf dw elhhgs and warehoufes, is r_~r.:~om~,~~-~o~n~e~h~u~n~',';;;d-rc~d~h~~~~i*T.:~~T,--;~~~~~~J-t·r~r:lll ··a_nd thiny\ ro orie\\\li\ Many of the L11m)ie~ who)uve tlicir-liahitations wdl he at d Iufs for accommecht-ion~ an4 pwbab!_y m.ull \find r(!'jugc in· thg count I y.. ·The . poo1·er claf~ will fuffer fe_ven::ly.-:\ _-_1\-i~goqd-s· were L)ve.P:, but the .luJs in that patticl}!d·r is, no <iloubt~ very unl~fs aid is afforded hy LJJ.mt$1lilu:uol1. s·. f= th4: &ct>el<lUS' ,\»d :th~ ·opuleut cttier-v .. tlh ~_T_:nx. ye~-~~ .will t·hpl~ bdme \v Jl· _mingt.oll'·wm recover lis former cmt- .. tecprenci:andnuny f.npm\s be c.on- · .. tigned_tp deplorabLe indl&t.tnce. · ~--~~·P..u·ifh;-· 4 tll -wlmie-i1(mf.e the events t:i~m pbc<! ::1 whirl;..iive-J bit·th tu li.-rioq:; <~;->pn·!..,n for 1;1_\c tranggi!i!y _flf th;; .Country under ~ur gnv<\rnment.. In or4c> tn oppold~a power.tld <lb{Elcle to tl\e -;it'tarnpt~ which JU:<y h..: mmlt! -by. one!>:- _Dt:_~\~- of .tile- . ei'S to .tlu:~ prej>tdih· of our il1t:r., We , already m;ule tho di1;w!h;on> f>r. ~::;­ nmnting t\ll.\ regul.tr foi't·es in. ol)r ki:t·r- dt.nh !¥1l·tkularJy' i!l ?kily,, whjcl) fl!Jp:::~~s pr'incirRIIJ tn:'lUlC~.d; .b:1:· tn r:,j~~· <me :m- furmount~fhle barnh: to ev<:t-y hofhlt: at. tempt, we li:r.ve thought it p:·u;>er tu d,g.. · chlr.:. by~ edi\et all the in<lJ,·kh; als. of our·, fiat~s •qre- born· an? l!ttllt be brr-J ibldici-s, .~md [Ire o~!iJZ,:tLI \? t.t~e up arms. fur the dcf,·n,t;u o.f ou.rJ)9Iy r;~holic' · Independent rdigion, of our Cl'own, q,n:l rh,•tt lJves •. J I mi-illP-I1s t>f Upon tit is prin~;iple- !til.ut::_ tJb_j ·c•s, di!cli~rge_ ..... _,~.-'-\~'·'•n·~ fwn1 tb.,: il§\..: of 17-·to 4~ ;~'t·--:..s ·1· i· :_.; b.:. b a.nirbtfwr t'JS1\=!1ft' r-nrolld iu diffi.·n·uhorps t•.1 J,_. •li;Jit~'·r •. ~ltl;...l,-u·z.c-d\;~.H it_io dutv acooJ:clit)~ to the ( fl;_!,'i:J, ·.1 :·:J':-~.·-~:;,...;Blj -~ w:-:<-s at Oti\~fdf ~, curnm:Hnk-r· t:: c 1 h!d' nt our -=----·.,. ..... ----.:._.-:,;;; ro.,,t! trocps. il$ w~Jj us Otll'l-'l!!;lflt f,..n; aye 'l'hc ;,~·~· · Fc~·ll\;ts ~ip;;Jiy Gilalfl!'if:J i\ }h~-- iii~fb·3c>tWLf~ Uut ooli l<'g ; -i!1c . i~!e, afl4 Wt' ~\<rH b-:: th<: 1sdt ill 1 -:c~.fi( e r rine i:. in the l.t!nc c;Jt,., ;,,,~11-\~il';~li.'Jt!. our h-ves ::1 d:t~·n··r: of n•t:· tt>l:;;i011~...;~ 1 n:fi:c;r fur I·ufci~;u r\il,l'lo! go,v..:~~m.Jllt ,md onr roulltry.'' 4\ Surely, ue:ver w.~ dtl.:i!.a-d.nu.!~tt:..·*t.m~~ ., ···~ -- f -- ---~~-!1}~: N~a~o~~ .!.4~.u,n.- .. -.,.,._ -an{cuuittty i ... !v •aJcu;:.,·fJJll:.-\~.\'\'f'\\\-#i:ll: Will··•· s.:·O'CtJr: ·ll i~ :!;,· -~~~tl.t :.l.lul f .. ~:y ,,f my un- .:o;x~·!).._¥ .r. n <'.l '~rv thol\1: al- ~~ • o'lo ~.l;tl•~q!l~!~~~fL-1:~4:l'\¥iH~:.,-, ilR ~~ W<;< !l..:ll get. r,tr.; Of c t>, r ~ ~;;·,·.,. t~u. · lt\ ,•. !~oia ·w _. I·,.,.· \f);' Cif b:ul, be c.u-t>n~ Wt!. ,lf' )~}!-.., :d for .9.ur r¢li<a~ ... , '\e 01 --~\\'t\'lli'ri\1l[W! Wfch fqme Jftoney ~v f·tfrsn _!;l~r;

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