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^v^^^?*l^-^>^^%^^^ Th MALONX. FRIDAY, 8EPT. 22, 1899. DKMOCBATIC NOMINATIONS. For Member or Assembly. PHKLP8-8M1TH. For School Commiwtooen, THOMAS M. MKBCEB, ALONKY BUST. ForOoroaen. * JOHN C. BUB8B1X, JOHN M. MDBPHY, J. D. HABRIGAN. LOCAL. DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES. Although this is an off year in Stat politics there is every good reason fo: making the connty campaign tlevoi of good hard work for the local tioke nominated at the Democratic oonnt; convention last week. We are on th threshold of the great national strag gle of 1900 and every effort should be made to keep the party organization in good \working order for the begin ning of that contest, and' the mon Democratic votes are cast this year th< better the prospects for a fall vote nex year. The ticket .nominated at thi convention last Thursday is a stron and capable one. Our Republican op poDents admit this. Let every Demo crat, then, ma'ke the resolve to redact to the lowest possible limit, by his ef forts with voters and at the polls, the Re publicau majority this year. We tak« pleasure in placing at the head of ou columns the names of the candidate selected aud in giving to the ticket hearty endorsement. Phelps Smith, of Brighton, th choice of the convention lor mem be of assembly, is not alone a representa tive bnsiness man, a large taxpayei and property owner, but he is a ma of ability, of wide experience in deal ing with men and is in every respee an ideal candidate for member of as sefnbly, one that the growing interest of the connty and of Northern Ne York would find always alert aud ac tive in supporting and assisting in an just demand for recognition from th %tato. To those Republicans T have expressed themselves as dissatis lied with the management and recor of the Republican party, particular! with regard to taxation, the Demo cratic ticket, headed by Phelps Smith presents a remedy which they ca grasp without humiliation to them selves or apology to the Platt machine The ^Democratic ticket stands for lowe tuxes, economical local and State gov errjineut, and thorough reform at Al bany and in the various State-depart inents. By sending Phelps Smith t Albany the taxpayers of the count} will tak& the first step toward the ac coinplmhment of these desirable ends Timothy O. Howard, who receive the nomination for sheriff, has repre- oeuted the town of Franklin for tw terms on the board of supervisors making a record for straightforwan honesty nnd ability in ihat position which is his best recommendation fo the office to which he now aspires Thnt ho is a vote getter is shown b his flection as supervisor iu a town which at general elections is nniform Jy Republican by a large majority He possesses all the qualifications fo a capable and* popular sheriff an is 'wire to draw to his support tbe vote of many Republicans iu the south^rr towns who know his persoual worth a a citizen and as a friend. Tlic-candidates for school com mis aionemn tbe two districts of the conn ty wore selected by tbe convention with due regard to their qualification for this important office, and no bettoi nominations could have beeu made, Thomas M. Mercer, of Malone, th candidate in tho first district, has beei a successful teacher in the schools o tho county for several years, giving t his work that careful and painstakiu attention which makes the succesafu teacher. He is familiar with the du tics of tbe commissionership and i elected would give the district au abl and practical administration. Alone, liust, of Moira, the candidate in th Rfvoml district, was graduated fron Franklin Academy in 1896 and is a preseut a member of the senior clas in the medical department of S3'racns T'nivfrsity. He is a young man o marked ability and scholarly attain ments aud is in every way qualified t fill tbe office of school commissioner He is a sou of that sterling Democrat Dr. Elisha Hast, the present supervis or from Moira, which fact should b an added recommendation and shoul< furnish an added incentive to th Democrats of tbe second district tt work for his election. Dr. John C. Rnssell, of Harriets town, who heads the list of candidate for coroner, ig a citizen of Sarana Lake and a well known aud popula physician throughout the Adiron dacks. He is an active Democrat! worker aud needs no introduction fron us to the voters of the connty, wlu lenow well Ins ability and fitness fo the position. John M. Murphy, o Maloue, and Dr. J. D. Harrigan, o (Jhateaugay, bis associate candidates .ire equally as worthy of the support o all Democrats and will be sure to strengthen an otherwise admirable ticket. The convention did its work well; it now rests with the Democrats <»f tho couuty to continue the goor 1 work in the campaign and at the polls. Chairman Campbell of the Democrat- ic State committee says: \ I find among the Democrats of the State a spirit of unity and determination which augurs w el'for !.H«9 aud 1!M)0. With proper \. ork we can, f believe, recapture the State Assembly, and thus stop threat- < :ied Republican legislation. The Rep- ublicans are laboring hard already to uvert disaster. Governor Roosevelt lias been on the stump for upward of a Month appealing for votes. But t iough he has addressed many thous a .ids of people, I doubt if he has made uay headway.\ The son of Admiral Dewey, who is a traveling salesman for a wholesale • Irug firm, was kissed last week by a pretty young lady clerk in a store jthere ho was showing his samples. Young Dewey left the store hurriedly after the occurrence, remarking that )>e would return after his sample case after working hours. The son evi dently does not possess the intrep- id bravery of the father, who never \ ot retreated under fire. The Platt machine in New York city jocently made peace overtures to the managers of the Citizens' Union, re- questing them to unite with Platt in the nomination of city assemblymen. The \Cits\ refused the request and i-iformed Platt that they proposed to nominate independent candidates of tlieirown, which in nearly every dis- trict will help to elect Democrats. O. H. P. Belmont of New York is said to have contributed $25,000 to the fnnd being raised by the Democratic National Committee for the prelimi- nary work of the presidential sampaign of next year. Niwa WOTM . ~ A fire at Lincoln, Neb., last Friday, destroyed property valued at $5000,000. More than 7,000 American soldiers will sail for Manila daring the present week. It is reported from Washington that Gen. Otis will be retained by the Ad- ministration in command at Manila as Governor-General of the Philippines. A formidable revolution is in pro- gress in Venezuela. The revolution- ists have a force of 10,000 men and are making an energetic effort to over- throw the government. — A Paris dispatch of last Monday states that Dreyfus is in a feeble con- dition, physically, his health being greatly shattered by his imprison- ment and the excitement of the late trial at RenneB. The New York World is booming Admiral Dewey for the Democratic presidential nomination next year. The gallant admiral has not yet dis- closed his political views and until they are known his availability as a Dem- ocratic candidate is somewhat proble- matical, even if he should desire a nomination. <\ ' Representatives of Aguinaldo visit- ed the headquarters of Gen. McArthur, near Manila, on Monday under a flag of truce and made arrangements .for the return of sixteen American prison- ers held by the Fililpinos, including pjjient. Gilmore. They stated that a Filipino general would soon visit Gen. Otis to discuss new terms of peace. C. A. JPiflsbury, manufacturer of the celebrated \Pillsbury's Best\ flour, died last week at his homo in Minne- apolis. He^ was a native of New Hampshire, but made his fortune in Minneapolis where hisextensive flour- ing mills are located. He retired from active bnsiness some time ago on account of poor health. The North Atlantic squadron under command of Admiral Sampson aud consisting of the New York, Brook- lyn, Indiana, Massachusetts and^Texas arrived last week at New York to take part in the Dewey parade. All of these war ships took part in the vic- tory at Santiago harbor when Cer- vera's fleet was destroyed. The \Oceanic the largest steam- ship ever built, arrived in New York last week on her first trip across the Atlantic. The vessel is 704 feet long and seventy wide and is built on the most modern lines of passenger boat construction. She carries coal enough to last her on a continuous voyage around the world if it became neces- sary to make one. Paul E. Ayer, of Anderson, South Carolina, has sent to Maj. Esterhazy, who is believed to be-the real culprit in the Dreyfus case, at Esterhazy's address in London, a challenge to deadly combat on the field of honor. In his note conveying the challenge Ayer states that he does this ou be- half of Capt. Dreyfus who is unable to demand of Esterhazy the satisfaction which is The big conference ou trusts at Chicago last weekl brought out some vigorous oratory, As many of the dele- gates preseut favored the trusts and were there to meet\ the opponents of this form of monopoly. None of the speeches ugainst trusts were so close- ly followed by both friends aud op- ponents as was the address of W. J. Bryan, which followed that of W. Bourke Cockran. The majority of the delegates at tb« conference fnvored the suppression of trusts by national legislation. — -•*•' —' Vn-yfu* l*Hril<>iif<|. A dispatch dated Paris, Sept. 19th, says: The council of ministers to-day decided to pardon Dreyfus in prin- ciple. The pardon will take effect in a few days. Dreyfus has relinquish- ed his appeul for a reversal of the court martial. It is said that Dreyfus will be sent abroad before the pro- mulgation of his pardon, iu order to avoid demonstrations. Last Saturday a chapter of the \ Daughters of the American Revolu- tion \ was furined in this village, with Mrs. John W. Fay as regent, Mrs. J. J. Seaver, registrar, Miss Alice Hyde, treasurer and Miss Florence Channel!, secretary. The chapter will hold its next meeting with Mrs. Fay on Mon- day, Oct. loth, at 3.00 o'clock P. M., at which uii ladies in this or surrounding tow ns huving a lineal ancestry are cor. dially invited to be present. The Na- tional Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution was iueorporated at Washington, D. C , 1891, having as its first mentioned object, \The perpet- utat ion of the men and woman who acheived American Independence.\ The society numbers about 30,000, and during the Spamsh-Aniericau war ren- dered material aid to the corntry. Ut wry Day Excursion vi» N. V C. Dewey Day excursion from all points on*the Adirondack Division of the New York Central to New York city Sep- tember 2Hth and 29th, tickets good re- turn-ing nntil October 4th inclusive. Fare and one-third for the round trip, from Malouo $12.05, Sarauac Lake $11. 75, Tupper Lake $10.80 and other sta- tions iu propertion. The Dewey Cel- ebration will occur on the 29th and 30th. Arrangements should be made early for parlor or sleeping car res- ervations. Full information uaj; bo had from N. Y. C. Agents. A Thousand Toncuei Could not express the rapture of Annie E. Springer, of 1125 Howard st,, Phil- adelphia, Pa., when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery for ConHiimp- ion had completely. cured her of a hacking cough that for^o many years ad made life n burnen. All other remedies and doctors could give her no help, but she says of this Royal re—\ it soon removed the pain in my chest and I can sleep Roundly, omething I can scarcely remember of doing before. I feel like sounding its praises throughont the Universe. So will every one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery for any tronble of the hroat, chest or lungs. Price 50c. and $1.00. Trial bottleH free at C. W. Breed's and C. W.Hyde's Drag Stores; every bottle guaranteed. A Frightful Blond or will often cause a horrible burn, scald, ut or bruise. Bncklen's Arnica Salve, he best in the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal it. Cures old sores, fever sores, ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all -skin ernptions. Best pile cure on arth. Only 25cts. a box. Cure guar- anteed. Sold by C. W. Breed and W. Hyde, Druggists. ThHt Throbbing would quickly leave you, if you used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands f sufferers have proved their match- ess merits for sick and nervous head- aches. They make pure blood and trong nerves and build up your health. Easy to take. Try them. Only 25cts. Money back if not cured. Sold by C. W. Breed and C. W. Hyde, Druggists. Of InNTMt to Blaekamitlii. N Georgies Creek Cumberland Smith- ing Coal is the best in the world. Call and get it at the coal yard and farmer leds kept Hy C. W. ALLKN, Amsden strrtt. * i Broalttoa. 19.— Last Friday night a man apparently SO years of age called at the hotel and paid Mr. Barnett for a night' lodging* He was oonjigned to a room and nothing more wattnought of Him until sometime the next forenoon when Boy Barnett discovered that someone had taken his watch and pooketbook containing 98 or $10, and a pair lawn tennis shoes from his room which was near the one which thi stranger bad occupied. The man hat left but nobody had seen him go an suspicion was attached to him an telephone massages sent to all ad ioin ing towns, giving a description of him He was traced to Malone and toward evening the officers of that place ar rested him at the N. Y. C. station and Sheriff Whitney started immediately for this place with him, arriving here between six aud seven o'clock. Th articles taken were recovered and h was arraigned before Justice Conger pleaded guilty and was sent to Malon J 'ail for 90 days. He gave his name as •Vank Earle and said his home was in Fishkill-on-tbe-Hudson. He might just as well have said his name wai Rob Roy, from Schaghticoke, for al anyone knew about him here. He ii evidently a professional sneak thie and the swift justice meted out to him was deserved. The only regret is that it was not within the jurisdiction of Justice Conger to send him to sou) place where he would have, to break stone or work on the treadmill iusteai of being boarded three mouths by th taxpayers of this connty. The enterprising firm of B. F. Har Tis & Sous are about completing large addition to their already com inodiouH sash and blind factory, whic makes their plant one of tbe larges and best equipped iu Northern New York. There are few who realize an appreciate the benefit of a busines like theirs to a town of this size. Mos of the work they turn out goes to ad joining towns and summer resorts i the Adirondacks aud there is hardly town within a hundred miles of here but what they 4iave supplied with buildiug material at different times. Iu Knox's items last week, noticing the JiruHhtoninn, a newspaper recent ly started by W. W. W. Belknapp, typographical error made the snbscrip tion price read 75 cents a year when i should have read 25 cents. Dan Kelley, w.ho lives io the north part of tbe town, has jnst pulled thro with a long run of typhoid fever. A times he was very low aud little hope were entertained for his recovery, bu under the skillful treatment of Dr. E A. Rust aud Mrs. Hawkius, of thi place, who attended him as nurse, h is able to be around. He contracte< tbe disease while working on the Pec farm near Moira and there is a singu lar coincidence connected with it Last year about this time Mr. Oh Peck, ouner of tbe farm, was taker sick with typhoid fever \and soon died His son-in-law, Mr. Spencer, recentlj died tbere from tbe same disease, son being sick at tbe same time bu .who recovered, and at this wntinj Mrs. Olnoy Peck is very sick. Fiv cases of typhoid fever in one home ha a significant meaning and would Hug gest that tbere is something radical) wrong in tiie water tuey drink or iu tbft sanitary condition of tbe place. Mrs. Lillie Stanton, of Lawrence ville,- and Mrs. Kirklaud, of Nortl Lawrence, visited Mrs. Hawkins o Friday. Miss Alice Drew, of New York, call ed on Brushton friends yesterday. Mrs. Addio Clary Hough is very low at this writing. • Nate Piorco, an old-time residen here, called on friends here Saturday District Deputy Grand Master Geo W. Harris baa called the 4lst Masoni Dist. convention to bo held Oct. fit and ?th, at Masonic Hall in this place This is the first time a convention o this kind has been held here and al members are requested to be preseut Attention is called to the improve ment tbut is being made in the rom east of here by the building of a side path for wheelmen. Miss Bessie Hill is convalescent. Blanch Dorsey is holding: her owu aud there are stiong hopes for her re covery. KNOX. KEPT. 20. —Last night about niu o'clock an alarm of fire was oouudet and people lushed to the scene of tb rire which proved to bo tbo dwelling house of Mrs. William Russell on De laney avenue. Tbo occupants* of tb house were away at the.timeand by tb tin\e tho neighbors arrived ou tb scene the fire bad gained such head way that scarcely auy of the bouse an effects were saved. There was a smal insurance on tbe bouse and furniture, but tbe loss will greatly exceed th insurance, and much sympathy is fel for Mrs Rnssoll aud family, who wer hard working aud indnstrious peopl and who a few years ago bad bough the place and weie striving iu ever, way to fiuisb payiug for it and thi loss comes with telling force on them Brushton has no system of wate works to fight fire, but the bucke brigade made the water fly in all di rections and by dint of heroic work they managed to save tbe Christian church parsonage on tho south and Mrs. Mary Mullins house ou tbe eas side of tbo fire, which at one tim seemed doomed. Had the fire os curred before tbe rain nothing ooul have saved a serious conflagration consisting of several dwelling bouses Geo. H. Conger and wife has gori to Ottawa, Ont., to attend the pro vincial fair, which is being hold ther tbiH week. W. W Hutchins and A E. Barnet started this morning for Plattsbur« to attend the Clinton county fair. KNOX. Tiout Itivtr 19. The cool nights remim us that fall is at our heels. Mrs. Delia Rowelly has just receiv ed a fine Hue of fall millinery goods It will pay you to call if you wan something for the fair. The ladies of the R. C. church hold a supper at the Parish Hall Wedues day evening, the snug little sum o being realized. Miss Nell Mahaney, who has been spending the past six weeks here, ro- turned on Monday to her home at Brushton. Roy Harry is home on a visit from Chicago. Miss Mary DoneJIy, who has been spending the past summer at Saranac, returned home last week. ^Miss Sarah Cunningham, of Maloue, is home on a visit. -- Mrs. E. Dolau spent Monday at Brnshtou. P. H. McCarthy, of Tupper Lake, was ia town Thursday, buying cattle. Mr. W. McKuue, of Moira, was visit- ing friends here a few days kist week. Qnito a number of our people at- tended the Huutingdon fair last week. Among those who left on Monday to attend the Ottawa fair wcro Mr. and Mrs C. Tuggey, Mr. and Mrs. ii. Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. P. Dal/.ell, C. B. O'Rilley, M. Martin. PET. Wtit Itungor. SKFT. 19.-Mr. and Mrs. Win. Blanchard bade farewell to their Ban- gor friends on Saturday, going to Chateaugay for a few days visit, be- fore returning to their home in Hol- yoke, Mass Mrs. D. C. Adams and sou, Fred, and Mrs. D. McWain attended the W. C. T. U. convention at Burke ou Thursday last. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fisk, of Nichol- villo, were in town on Saturday. Misses Mary and Jennie Clark are attending the institute in Malone. Mr. George Taylor and family, of Maloue, visited at Alex Taylor's on Sunday. W. C. Clark and wife took a drive to St. Regis Falls on Sunday. The Union church here is being thoroughly cleaned while the pastor, Rev. Wm. Thomas, is away ou hiB va- cation. SNAPSHOTS. Mr. Newel Green has moved to his residence ou West Main street where he has opened the Cottage Hotel for the accommodation of the puplic. He also has iu connection with his hotel a livery and boarding stable. He so- licits a share of public patronage. 11 you want anything in the line of stoves, ranges, furnaces and boilers, call «t Thompson k Wood's, West Main atreet, and get prices. W. C. T. V. Ifotei. The annual convention of Franklin Connty W. O. T. U., held at Burke Center, on Thursday of last week, was well attended by the White ribboners from tbe seven unions in the county. The Burke Union bad done everything in their power to make tbe -convention a success in every way and they suc- ceeded, as all who attended can testi- fy. Mrs. W. B. Clark, county presi- dent, presided with her nsual tact and grace. The reports of the officers and superintendents of the different departments were up to the average of former years we think. Mrs. E. U. Burgess, of Highland-on-the-HudBon, was the star in the. convention aud in her talk on peace and arbitration, she led us to believe that all differences between nations should be settled without bloodshed in the fntare. Sue handled other subjects with equal force. Mrs. Burgess is possessed with a strong, rich voice and her pleasant- ness of manner and eloquence of speech won all hearts and it was a rare treat to see and hear her. It is expectod that tbe next county convention wil bo held iu Chateaugay. At tho County Convention of the W C. T. U. at the Congregational Chnrcl at Burke last week the following offi cers were elected: President, Mrs. W B. Clark, Malone; vice president, Mrs A. L. Rich Mo\ra; cor. sec'y, Mm. M M. Taylor, Malone; rec. soc'y, Mis Nellie WiJmarth, Burke; treasurer, Mias Mary Ridor, Malona; railroa scc'y, Mias Ella Smith, Chateaugay. SCPT. PBESB NOTE.''. Beware Of OlOtmt-nt.. fur Oaturrh tllHt COD IHIII M«• rrnry, as mercury will surely destroy th sense of smell and completely derang the whole system when entering i through the mucous surface. 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He leaves a wife aud large circle of. friends to ruouru hi loss. He was a kiud neighbor au< friend. F. R. Earlo and family are visitin« his brother, Loreu, in St. Lawrenc county. Alfred Marlow moves to his home at Tebovillft to-day. Joseph Guyette moved to Lawrence ville recently. TEMIOR. KASK AND IHSKASK. «A Short 1.4-KMin on the Menu I tig of n FH mlllur Uoul Disease \H the opposite of ease. Web ster defines disease as \lack of ease imeaeiiieMN, trouble, YCAation, <linquiot It is a condition due to some derange meut of the physical organism. A vas majority of the \dis-easo\ from whi< people slitter is due to impure blood Disease of this kiud is'cnred by Hood' Sarsaparilla which purifies, enriehe and vitalizes the blood. Hood's Sar saparilla cures scrofula, salt rheum pimples and all eruptions. It tones tli stomach and creates a good appetite and it gives vigo\r and vitality to th whole body. 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Y., on Saturday, Sept. 14. 1899. *TCD to Mr. and Mr* Willtrd Barber: MlLLEB-VnXNAV8—At the homo of tbe bride In Fort CovlngUtD. 8ept. Iflth, ISM, by Rev. Frederick Thompson, fciward MUier. of Fay. K. Y., and Mis* Cbrlatle VillaaTe, or Fort Covlngtoo. N T. TYO-DUPRBB.-In Malone. N Y..00 Saturday. SeDt. 16, 1899. by Rev. Father Blanchard. V* II Ham Tyo and Mtae Lillian Dnpree, both of Ma- lone. WHITK-Io Malone, N. Y,, on Thursday. S^ t 7.1899, of lnte«Un»\l Indigestion. Aleim, Infunl daughter of Mr. aod'Mra. Fr»nk White. LASAGK— In Bralnardavllle. N Y , o-j Monday Sept. 11, 18U9. Mary Laaage, aged 20 years. ESTERBROOBS -Io East Conauble, N V., on Thursday, Sept. 14,1H99. Mra. Margar.t tiaaaoa Esterbrooke. The is the Cheapest/' Experience teaches that good clothes ivear longest, good food gives best nutrition, and a good medicine that cures disease is naturally the best and cheapest. Wood's Sarsaparilla £s the best medi- cine money can buy, because it cures <u*hen all others fail. 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It makes tight or nex shoes feel easy; gives instant relief t corns and bunions. It's the greates comfort discovery of the age. Cure! swollen feet, blisters and callous spots Alien's Foot-Ease is a certain cure foi ingrowing nails, sweating, hot, acbiu< feet. At all druggists and shoe stores 2\)C. Trial package FREE by mail. Ad dross Allen S. Olmstod, LeRoy, N. Y _ - 4?w4 Mr. Beach is now prepared to d< electrical and mechanical work in HIM and all branches of tbe business. I you wish wiring for light or bell work if you wish electrical supplies of auj kind, if you wisha sewing machine or a typewriter, if you wish repairs of any kind, from a bicycle to a steTira engine call ou Beach, 12 Fort Covington St. . '. tf Dairy utensils and tin-ware in variety at Thompson & Wood's, Main street. 48TH ANNUAL EXHIBITION 48TH Bears the Signature •f Bought For Over Fifty Teara Mr*. Winalow'e Soothing SyraD has houn used by millions of mothers for their children while tcoth- Ing. If disturbed at night and broken of yonr retit by o Hick child suffering and crying with pain of cutting Un-Lb wnd at ono« and pet a bottle or \MM. Winslow's Soothing Syrap\ for children teething. It will relleye the poor little sufferer imtnodiately. Depend upon It, mothers, there fa no mistake abont Ic. It cores diarrhoea, regulates the stomach and bowels, cored wind colic, softens the giims and reduce* Inflammation, and give* tone and energy to the whole system. \ Mrs. Wlna IOW'B Soothing Syrnp for children teething It pleasant to the taste and is the prescription of one of the oldcet and best female physicians and nnrses In the United State*. Prlco 26 cetiU a bot- tle. Sold by all druggists throughout the world. Qo euro and ask for \ Mm. Winslow's Soothing gyrnp.\ • REPORT OFTHE AIONDITION OF THE *» FARlrf KRS> \J National Bank,\ of Malone, at Mulnne, In the State of New York, at the CIOBC of bii8inedH on the 7th day of Sept., 189'J. DB. RESOURCES. Louns anri dincountB $476 690 83 Overdrafts, secured and nngecored.. . 959 65 U. 8. Honiln to secure Circulation 37 v 8OO00 Stock*. Secarltleo, &c 500 00 Other Real Estate and Mortgagee 25.78167 Doe from National Banks (not rest rv« agent*) 5,05422 )ue from State Banks and Dankcm... 4,05] 37 Due from Approved Keoerve Agents.. 100.8«2 08 CberkR und other cash Items 1.407 04 Notes of otber National banks. 6,345 00 ractional Paper currency, nickels and cent* 194 19 Specie 4i.86000» Legal Tentlrr Noten 2.500 00 ( Redemption Fund with U.S.Treasnrer.. t-,087 50 Total S -OF THE— Hill Co. ApnU Society, AT MALONE, N. Y., Sept. 26, 27, 28 and 29,1899. $16,001) IN PREMIUMS, PURSES AND PRIZES $16,000 Display in. ^li Departments H- SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS EVERY DAY. ttyrtie Peek's Celebrated Rnnning Combination, With the Famous Trick Horse, ''Boston,\ and High Jumper, \Queen Bess.\ RRO^l \ The Farmer and Chinaman, in their remarkable i_/r\.V-/O.j and funny feats on the horizontal bars. Thrilling Balloon Ascensions *rei HY PROF. BONNETTE. 3ASE BALL Between the leading teams of N. N. Y. League. Grand Parade of Premiom Stock Friday Morning at 11 O'clock By the Largest Field of the Fastest Horses for the Largest Purses ever offered at a County Fair in New York State. Entries must be made before 7 P. M., Tuesday, Sept. 20. RACE PROGRAMME. FTRST 1)AY -TUESDAY, SEPT 26. Thres-yoar-old Trotters $500 2:29 Pace < '.. WO 2:20 Trot 500 CR. LIABILITIES. — Capful Stock paid in 77 $150,00000 Surplus Fnnd 40,000 00 Undivided Profits, lew oxpensce and taxeepaid 5,'-20 38 National Bank notes oulstanding.. ... . 33.750 00 Due to other National Banks 1606 01 ividends nnpald 471(0 ndividiml Deposits subject ] to Check $381,780191 demand Certificates of De- V 474 873 78 poult 69,5«80af ashler's Checks 28,08557 j Total State of New York, Connty of Franklin. 83; I. K. F. Flak, Cashier of \The Farmers' National Bank of Malone,\ at Malone. N. Y., do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true, o the best of my knowledge cod belief. F. F. PISK, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15to day f Sept., 1890. O. W. DU8TIN. Notary Pnbllo. Correct—Attest: D. W. » O, h. Hraiutn. CJU 2D DAY-WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27. 2:25 Pace $500 1,000 500 0:25 Trot 2:15 Pace 3D DAY-THURSDAY, SEPT. 28. 2:20 Pace 2:19 Trot ' 2:35 Pace $500 500 1,000 FOURTH DAY -FRIDAY, SEPT. 29. 2:32 Trot $500 Froo For All Pace 1,000 2:40 Trot 500 E. W. LAWRENCE, President. TII0S. ADAMS, Treasurer. W. J. MALLON, Secretary. Dowrj With JAMES TOWN AXES makes the work easy. This holds true with all our lumberman's tools as we handle only the very best makes and material. Hand, crosscut, buck, one-man, drag SAWS, in fact, all the different kinds of saws yoVfcever saw we have here. We also have those other tmngs you will need and if you just call we will do the\ rest and guarantee Prices to Be Right. THOMPSON BROS, Wholesale and Retail Hardware. For Hen and Boys Go To Horrigan's. ALSO FOR ECLIPSE WHEELS ARK FITTED WITH Harrow Coaster arid Brake. Here Is Conservation of Energy. You ride io miles, gear 8o. You make 15,840 leg thrusts. Up and down grade the knee motion never ceases. Suppose you keep your ped- als, but stop pedaling on every down grade, slight or steep, in absolute safe- ty. On average roads you omit one- third of those thrusts—5,280. This access of comfort is secured to riders who use the Morrow coaster and brake. —[From The Wheel of April 20. SEE THEM AT 0RMS3Y' Are You Getting Your Money's Worth? Hundreds of items bought before the advance we are offering and selling every day at old prices. . . . Are You Securing Any Df These Bargains ? 12 Cakes Good Quality Laundry Soap, 3 Pkgs Star Match™ 10 - - 25c 11 lbs. Oat Flakes 25 Corn Starch 25 3 Pkgs Pearline 10 Ii Boxes Yeast Cakes 10 j Gtkgs Lanndry Starch 25 « lbs. Sal Soda 10 6 Pkgs Soda 25 1 1b. Ground Pepper 10 5 lbs. Soda Crackers 25 One Pound Whole Cloves, lOc. Special Purchase of Choice Quality Basket Fired «IJAPAN Uusually sold at from 40 Io 50c. ORA Our Price, .... \J\JV. Our Best Syrup, 35c. ~ Bouquet Coffee, 35c. Three Pounds Bouquet Coffee, $1.OO. Great Diive on Imported Sardines, 500 Tins at 10c. per Tin. Mixed Paints, inc. Pet Brand Evaporated Cream, 10c. 0 A Surprise in China. intending buyers are invited to exarr.na the exhibition of China Dinner Sets, Chm« Tea Sets, China Bedroom Sets, in short, everything tn China and Gtass- ware. Shapes and decoration never 89 handsome, Pncee never so low. White Cops and Saacers a Set While Plates, 7 in. Each... Hand Lamps, Complete.?. 15 Decorated Diuner Set $6.50 (Jold Trimmed Diuner Set 7.50 Decorated Toilet Set 1.88 56 Piece Tea Sets 3.75 Straw Matting, a yd 10c HeaTy Floor Oil Cloth, a yd 25c Fringed Cloth Window Shade ^ J 5c Felt Window Shade 10c Six Ojiart Milk Pans 5<5 Tin Dippers 5c Rinsing Pans lOe Enameled Wash Bowls ..... 10c Heayy Dairy Palls 25c Chamber Pails 25c Flower Pots and Jardineers Onr Leader Jardineer 10c Complete Assortment of RKCOKDS always to be found in Stock. GREAT STORES Arc a happy medium in price and weight, comfortable indoors and out. The ii BOSTON \ Hats, Cap, Trunks, Grips, Mackintoshes, Um- brellas and Fnr Coats GOTO HORRIGAIPS. H.D. H1CK0K, D.D. 8 School Shoes for girls and the \ DEWEY \ for boys are more expensive, but full value at our prices. New Fall Styles Arriving Daily for Men, Women and Children. SEE1T & WHITE SHOE STORE. FINE FOOTWEAR. Why buy an old fashioned carpet bag when yon can go to H. H. 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