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J%^-*M^\^'^>^^ **'*' ^ L *^' <: ' i^ MALONE, FRIDAY, MAR. 18. 1898. General KoBecrana, one of the most brilliant Union generals of the civil war, died in California last week. More than 1,600 men are now em- ployed at the Norfolk navy yard rush- ing work on the U. S. vessels there in course of construction and repair. Assemblyman Sears has introduced a bill at Albany appropriating $10,000 for the construction of a dam across the Savanao river at Saranao Lake. The Democrats of Suffolk county, at a meeting held at River head last week decided that Senator Hill has secured the leadership of his party in this State. They hold that this is the logi- cal result of Mr. Hill's stand taken on the Ellsworth press gag bill. The senate finance committee, after a secret session at Albany last week decided to aproppriate $125,000 for the present needs of the national guard o the State. This amount was asked for by the State officers of thenationa guard and would become available in case of actual hostilities with Spain. The reault of the Maroh town meet ings throughout the State is decidedly in favor of the Democratic party,whioh lias made substantial gains in mem bers of the various boards of supervis ors. Republicans assert that the town elections have no bearing upon th coming fall campaign and no politics significance, but they know better when they make this assertion. A Spanish correspondent, writing to his uev>' paper from New York, says \Wlifl' -i pity we (Spain) are letting slip tl.id i/ossibly only opportunity Pnnideuce will give us of gaining a one strike respect, credit, glory and money.\ We know of no country more in need of these^ four ossontia attributes than Spain and no nation i: less hkely to win them as a result o war with the United States. In 1H87 the last official census of th< islaml of Cuba was taken and its popu latica vas then given as 1,681,000 in habitants, of whom 528,000 were black: and 1,0,13,000 whites. Notwithataml ing the terrible death list from starva tion and other causes since the preaen war for independence begnn, the pres ent population of the island iacstimat ed at *J,350,000. Havana, the capita city, iias a population of 220,000. Dispatches from European capital? state that Emperor Francis Joseph, o Austnaj seconded by Emperor Wil Ham, is endeavoring to induce Europe to unite in a protest againatfurther in terforence by this country in Cuba, on the gro-.iud that it means danger to the peace of Europe. It is intimated plain ly that the three powers, Germany Austria and Russia will sympathiz with Spain should America deelari war. Louis Polo De Bernabe, the newlj appointed Spanish minister to th United States, sent to replace D Lome, has arrived at Washington am was last week officially received President McKmlej- and Secretary Sherman. He has traveled extensive ly in this country before and in pre senti \<* his credantials assured the president of the most friendly rela tions of Spain aixd her desire to con tinue at peace with the United States The Higbio-Armstroug good road bill was passed by the senate last week by a vote of 38 to 9. This is an im portant measnre and provides fo building highways under thedirectio of the State engineer, the State bear ing a large share of the cost of con attraction. It is a radical change from the present highway system and it practical application would result i largo annual appropriations, althoug the bill only calls for an appropriatio of $50,000. — ^ i i ^ The passage of the $50,000,000 wa appropriation last week through bot' houses of congress was a rapid piec of legislative work, the entire tim consumed in its passage being les than three hours. The placing of thi vast sum at the disposal of the pres dent h is had a good effect upon publi sontim. it in Spain and the officials o the ln'ter government are likely t feel u i added respect, not unmixe with a .viiolesome fear, of the Unite State« HI consequence. the sensational \war On < mors ' ibliflhed last Saturday was the t: ot that Emperor William Gerruu iy had determined to assis Spain in case of war between the latte natiou and the United States. He wa; reported as saying. \ What I declar is that &a long as William II is emper or of Germany tho Yankees shall no take possession of Cuba.\ This dec laration is said to have greatly please the Spanish officials at Madrid when 1 was reported there. It has since bee officially denied by the German gov ernmer, t. Assemblyman Fuller's road ta bill, which was last week defeated i the lover houso at Albany by tw votes, will be called up again and it author expects that it -will then pass The \rA\ has for its object a chang from .he labor to the money syste in collecting highway taxes by j^raut ing State aid and provides that an town voting in favor of the inone. system shall annually raise by ta for highway repair a sum equal least to one-hatf-- of tho value of th commutation rates of the highway la bor that wonldbe assessable under th labor system. In anv town in whic! there may be an incorporated vil Iage, which forms a separate roa district, where tho roads and street are maintained at the expense of sue village, all property within snch vil Iage shall be exempt from the lev and collection of such taxes for th repair of highways. A 1 J 111 which the farmers of Norther New York would like to see enacte into i\ law is now before thelegislatur atAloany. The measure embodies proposed .amendment to the constitu tion whijh will permit the sale o lease of t\ie State canals to the Unite Statej. There is s strong santimen in congress in favor of making th Erie canal a national deep water wa from the great lakes, to the Atlantic but the national government can tak -no actual steps in that direction b; reason of the inability of the State o New York to make a contract to tha end. The passage of this propose constitutional amendment will open a way by which the State may dispos of the canals to the United States and thereby relieve, the farmers of a heavi load of taxation, from which they re oeive no corresponding benefit. The bill has been read twice and is now be- fore the judiciary committee • GENERAL NSW8 MOTK8. Two large knitting mills at Cohoes were destroyed by fixe Tuesday, in- olving a loss of $450,000 well covered y insurance. Hundreds of em- ploy os are temporarily thrown out of employment. Miss Helen Gould, daughter of the ate Jay Gould, has given $30,000 to Rutgers college. The gift is to be known as the Helen Gould Memorial Fund and is established by Miss Gould in honor of her father and mother. In a recent \rabbit drive \ in one of the counties of California more than ten thousand rabbits were killed. A ine of hunters nearly five miles in ength gradually contracted their line until the rabbits were driven into a corral where they were slaughtered by the wholesale. The burning of the Bowery Mis- sion Lodging House in New York ity last Sunday, morning caused the death of eleven men who were tern porary lodgers at the mission. It was a five story building and when the fire was discovered nearly every room on four of the floors was occupied. Tn case of war with Spain the United States government will impress into the naval service several of the largest passenger steamers, including the St. Louis and New York. Those fast ves- sels will be fitted with heavy guns and their great speed would make them formidable antagonists in a naval bat- tle. Reports from Western Ontario give the particulars of serious damage to property on account of floods, particu- larly along the valley of the Grand and Thames rivers. Sections of JRrantiurd and Gault were submerged last Sun- day to the depth of from five to seven feet and in London, Ont., 1,500 people were driven from their homes by high water. Bridges and buildings were swept away and the property damage will be very great. It has been decided by the war and navy departments to build at Dry Tortugas, near Key West, a modern fortress, capable of defending the po- sition as an essential base of naval operations. It is urged that this po- sition is of greater importance to the safety of the country than any other single point on the American coast line, as it is the strategic key to the Gulf of Mexico. When the fortifica- tions are completed the heaviest guns will be mounted upon them. Sheriff Martin and his deputies, whose trial on the charge of man- slaughter has been in progress for the past several weeks, were last week ac- quitted by the jury which had heard the large amount of evidence submitted by both sides of the now celebrated case. The sheriff swore in a company of deputies during the strike at Latimer, Pa., last summer, and when the strik- ers, as he claimed, attacked himself and the deputies, the latter, upon his order, fired upon the strikers, killing several and wounding many others. The National Bank, of Potsdam, which closed its doors in January of last year, last week paid another divi- dend of 20 per cent., thus making in all 40 per cent , as a like amount was paid all depositors in July last. The re- maining assets of the trust outside of very valuable and extensive Adiron- dack timber lands owned by the bank, are sufficient for another dividend of from 10 to 15 per cent. Assuming this to be 10 per cent, there will remain but 50 per cent, to be paid from the sale of the lauds, and an asaessmenton stock- holders, which last can be made after all other resources have been exhaust- ed. When the doors of the bank were closed a majority of the depositors predicted that it would not pay 25 contn on a dollar. One of the deputy State game pro- tectors has lately been investigating a case of deer hounding near Gonver- ueur, which will probably end by the owners of the dogs paying $100 each for the action of their unruly hounds. It seems according to a correspondent that a large doe was started by three hounds near Chubb Lake ftix miles south of Gouverneur village on Mon- day of last week. The deer was driven by the dogs into the village and when near the depot she turned eastward going up over a steep ridge to the southeast. The dogs were in close pnrsuit and about a mile and a half farther along caught the animal. They had her about killed when a farmer and his sons drove the hound away and took the deer to their barn, where her wounds were cared for. The deer died the next morning from the effects of her injuries. She was with twin fawns The divers who are investigating the condition of the hull of the battle- ship Maine are protected from all un- pleasant or dangerous outside objects or conditions - aside from the danger of getting caught in the tangle of the wreck—by their suits of armor; and the air they breathe is of course con- veyed down through the tube that is connected with each diver's helmet- face. But the water of Havana har- bor is shockingly foul and filthy, es- pecially for a depth of a few feet from the bottom—the result of centuries of sewage draining from the city. The situation in this respect is so bad that it has long been a familiar experience with large steamers that iu turning, on starting out, the churning of the water by the propeller or paddle- wheels has stirred up a foul stench, that is sensed with sickening effect by those on board, and even by neigh- boring vessels. Tho average depth of the harbor—which is one of the finest harbors in the world—is 30 feot; and it is large enough (after once getting into it, through its narrow and pro- tected entrance of three-eights of a mile) to accommodate a thousand ves- sels of the largest size. Sharks abound it it. Senator Proctor Return*. WASHINGTON, March 14.—Senator Proctor returned last night from visit to Cuba, and had a long confer- ence at tho War Department this morning with Seretary Alger and Gen. Miles. The senator insists that he went to Cuba entirely at his own sug- gestion, aa a private individual, to study the situation for his own in- formation. He says he was in no sense on an official mission gnd that he has no report to make to the president. The senator studied the situation OH the island carefully and talks about it fr«ely. His most significant state- ment is that in his opinion the Maine was wrecked by an outside explosion. There is no doubt of this, the senator thinks, but he says he knows nothing of the testimony of the Board of In- quiry. He pronounces autonomy a failure, and says the condition of the starving reconoentrados has not been exaggerated. IHtaltle* tltc Pl*amir* of A Drive. A fLnecarrla^p doubles tho pleasure of driv- ing. Intending buyers of carriages or har- ness can BQVO dollars t>y sending fqr th? large-free catalogue of the ElkhartCarriage and Harness Mfg. Co., Elkhart, ImJ. MoT«m*nt of the United State* Army. With the addition of the 1,610 men reoruited for the two new artillery regiments the regular army forces of the United States now number nearly 27,000 men. In anticipation of possi- ble or probable war with Spain Sec- retary of War Alger is now preparing to move these troops to positions where they can be used at once in case war should be declared. Orders are in course of preparation providing for a general movement of regular cavalry and artillery to the Atlantic seaboard. Nearly all the cavalry is in the West, where a majority of the in- fantry regiments are also located. Of course it will be necessary to leave some troops in remote sections, whore Indian uprisings have to be consider- ed as likely to ooour at any time, but it is intended that nearly all the com- panies and troops of tho infantry and cavalry, oven those as far west as California, shall be brought to points on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Secretary Alger has directed Gen; Flagler, Chief of Ordnance, to pro- coed immediately, without awaiting specific appropriations by congress, to procure rapid-fire guns, with car- riages and ample supplies of powder and projectiles for guns of all calibres. He has also directed Gen Flagler to increase work at all ordnance estab- lishment, armories, and arsenals to the full extent of their capacity, em- ploying as many extra men as can possibly be ntilized. The Ordnance Department, under orders from the Secretary of War, has been engaged for some weeks in plan- ning to hasten tho work of all con- tractors for any and all ordnance ma- terials that may be needed in caso of emergency. All manufacturers of ammunition for the use of the army and navy have been notifiod that the government will buy all the ammuni- tion which they can furnish by em- ploying the full capacity of their plants twenty-four hours a day. Excursion to WwsUlngtoo and Virginia ' Beach. The Rome, Watertown & Ogdena- burg Railroad will rnn its Twelfth Annual Grand Excursion on Tuo'sday, April 5, 1898, via tho West Shore and Pennsylvania railroads. The fare to Washington and return is only $10.00 from any station on the line of the R., W. & O. 11. R. at which excursion tickets are on sale. The tickets are good for ten days leaving Washing- ton any time up to April 15th. ^ Wag- ner sleeping cars will run through to Washington without change. Double berth, $3.00; soction, $7.00. On the same date, the Second An- nual Excursion to Virginia Beach will will be ruu at rate of $18.00 from any R., W. Ar O. station. Tho route is via the West Shore And Pennsylvania Railroads to Washington, the Nor- folk & Washington Steamboat Com- pany from Washington to Norfolk, thence via Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Southern Railroad to Virgina Beach. On this delightful trip the steamers sail down tho Potomac River aud Chesapeake Bay, stopping at New- port News and Old Point Comfort, pansiug through Hampton Roads over tho identical spot where the famous battle between the Morrimac and Monitor was fought during the war of the Rebellion. Excursion tickets at the low rate of 818 are good for ten days and include \\ day's full board at thePriucesa Anne, Hotel, Virginia Beach, one of the best resort hotels in America. Excursion trains will leave R., W. <fe O. .stations on April 5th and arrive at Washington at 2:'A0 p. m., April Cth. Reduced rates have been secured at 22 hotels at Washing- ton at from~$1.50 to $5.00 per day. For particulars aee advertismeut. Franklin County Notaries Pubic The following persons havo been appointed notaries for Franklin county for a term of two years: Ed- win S. Aldrich, St. Regis Falls'; Clin- ton L. Amos, Malone; George V. Bar- ber, Bombay; Henry M, Bero, Ho- gansbnrg; John S. Bizel, Malono; Miss Anuu G. Bristow, Malone; James Carney, Bloomigdale; Andrew B. Coouey, Chateaugay; John C. Crap- ser, Hogansburgh; MiRs Mary Agues Daily, Malone; Louis DoLancott, Hamlet; Edward P. Deming, Burke; David D. D. Dewey, Moira; Martin Charles Donohue, Malone; Nash Dyke, West Bangor; Ophif C. Earle, Malono; William H. Flack, St. Regis Falls; Richard S. Gile, Moody; IraW. Huskell, Malono; Hiram J. Hathaway, Vermontville; Willie M. Hinman, Baugor; Edgar R. Hoit, Malone; Jo- siah Ide, Ft. Cov.; William H. Kin- near, St. Regis Falls; Maurice W. Lantry, Malone; Evariste LeBoeuf, Tupper Lake; M. Eugene McClary, Malone; Michael F. McGarrahan, Ma, lone; Hugh P. McKillip, Goldsmiths; Walter J. Mears, Malone; Robert McC. Miller; Malone; Charles W. Pearl, Malone: Euclid C. Pine, Paul Smith's; Joseph S. Quinn, Brushton; Matt C. Ransom, Malone; Matthew J. Reynolds, Brainardsville; George W. Russell, South Bombay; Augustus W. Sheals Brushton; Miss M. Shepard, Malone; Samuel B. Skinner, Malone; John N. Welch, Trout River; Charles O. White, Mulone; Cass Wilson, Owl's Head, Fred B. Wilson, Malone. Exc.nnlon l o Ntiw York , Ap.il 7th Thursday, April 7th, occurs the serai-annual excursion from Malone, Saranac Lake aud all points on the Adirondack Division north of Bem- sen, to New York city. Fare seven dollars ($7.00) for the round trip. Ex- cursion tickets will be good going on the night train due to leave Malono 6:33 p. m,, Saranac Lake 7:40 p. m., Tupper Lake Jet. 8,48 p. m,, Fulton Chain 10.45 p. m., Foreeport 1129 p, m., due to arrive New York 7:30 a. in., April 8th, and will bo good returning, leaving New York on or before April loth on the train due to leave Grand Central station at 7:30 p. m. An op- portunity is thus given to spend East- er Sunday in Greater New York. Ex- cursionists are assured of receiving the usual careful attention en route and a nicer time it would be hard to supply. There will be through sleep- ing cars, in which reservations should bo secured early. Coaches will also be run through if a sufficient number of coach excursionists. For fnrther information apply to New York Cen- tral ticket agents or address H. D. Carter, Gaueral Agent, Malone, N. Y. Two W»Mhlp» Bought JBtatrf fry Unltrd The reported purchase by the Unit- ed States government of the two Bra- zilian war ships, \ Amazonas \ and Abruoall,\ built iu England for the Brazilian government, has been of- ficially confirmed by the department at Washington. One of the cruisers is completed and ready to sail and the other is nearly ready. They are de- scribed as first-class, modern vessels and will make a strong addition to our navy. The latest advices from Massena are \ to the effect that work is to be at o»ce ; begun on. the oanal. A reorganiza- tion of the Lehigh Construction Com-' pany is said to have been effected so that men of large experience will have : control of affairs and arrangements have been made to satisfy the most pressing claims against the ooinpany. This week workmen and teams began drawing supplies to the works and it is generally understood that the finan- cial difficulties have been so far ad- justed as to admit of immediate re- sumption of work in full force. Or- ders havo been made for the payment of some of the claims against tho com- pany and everything looks hopeful for another season's work.— Ex. Large Stock of Clothing! Much the largest stock of clothing ever shown in Malono will be fonnd at Horrigan's big clothing store this spring. Most merchants will toll you that clothing is higher this spring than it was a year ago. Certainly it is if bought recently. But Horrigan anticipated the advance and placed large orders at the old prices. He will give his customers the benefit of this and sell goods during the spring and summer at the eamc prices as a year ago. 800 more of those pure worsted suits at $9.95 in sacks, cuta- way, or double breasted. Most mer- chants will now ask you from $13.00 to $16.00 per suit for the same goods. Some will tell you that good all wool pants flor men cannot be bought now for leas than $2.00 at wholesale. Step into Horrigan's big clothing store and you will find twenty different styles (all sizes) at $1.99. You will find at Horrigan's the largest stock of travel- ing bags, trunks and children's cloth- ing north of Albany. Prices same as last year. Second store east of the pottoffice, Malone. To Oar'Patrons. You arc hereby respectfully notifi- od that on April 1, 1898, tho rate of in- terest, on interest bearing deposits, will be reduced to 2 per cent, per annum. All interest bearing certifi- cates of deposit now outstanding will bear interest at the rate named there- in until maturity, but if matur- ing prior to April 1st, 1898, will boar interest at such rate until that date. This notice is given pursuant to a joint resolution of the boards of di- rectors of the undersigned banks, and was made necessary through inability to loan deposits. Dated March 1st, 1898. THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BA-K, of Malone. THE FARMERS NATIONAL, BANK, of Malone. - ** -••-•»— To tber Public Having been unable to sell my store fixtures and furnishingR, I have con- cluded to remain in Malone, and will have associated with mo Mr. L. C. Haskell, who has been cutting for me the past five years, under the firm name of Paddock & Huakoll. We shall have a complete line of the latest styles, nicely made and trimmed at low prices. Thanking all old custom- ers for past favors aud new ones in advance, I respectfully solicit the pa- tronage of all who need clothes. Respectfully, S. C. PADDOCK. Fur coats and robes, ladies' furs, rubber coats, blankets and lap robes, heavy gloves and mittens, leggius and overgaitors, buggy mats and cushions, house and barn brooms, wooden stable folks, hammock canopy, floor brushes, brush brooms, shovels, bas- kets of all kinds, bells, skates, axle greaRe, See., and many other articles too numerous to mention cheaper than ever before offered. Now is your time for bargains at H. H. HICKOK'S great closing out sale, No. 1 West Main Street, Malone, N.- Y. KhouDiHtiBiik Cured tn n l><ty. \Mystic Cure\ for Rheumatism and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 days. Its action upon the system ia remarkable and mysterious. It re- moves at once the cause and the dis- ease immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits: 75 cents. Sold by C. W. Breed, Druggist, Ma- lone. 51 mG The summer girl is wearing a blouse waist with sleeves larger than over, a skirt with godet plaits, a jaunty yachting cap but no veil. She has found that her complexion is her strong point and that when she takes a cup of Parks' Tea at night it keeps it fresh and clear and that a little sun- burn is an added attraction. She finds, too, that she can be uiore ath- letic iffgke never misses her cup of PARKS*™A. Sold by C. W. Hyde. _-.^, . *— 2yl Gent8' Furnleliinue, HatH HIKI ('aim. If you wish for anything iu this line Tlorrigau's big clothing store is tho place to find it. Horrigan is agent for the celebrated \Knox\ hats and has in the new spring styles. Parks' Sure Cure cures nervous troubles by purifying the blood and removing the poisonous uric acid from the kidneys. Many women who are run down and worn out needjnst such a medicine. Sold by C. W. Hyde. _ .o»»__ 2yl The old folks' concert given at Burke last week with such success, will be repeated at the white church, at Bellmont on Friday evening of this week. Price, including refreshments, 20c. 8urine Overcoat* HII<J ftfacklutoBhea Horrigan's big clothing store is the place to buy these goods. Also trunks, traveling bags and umbrellas. Many 1'enplo Ciinnot Orlnk coffee at njgtat. It spoils their eleop. Y<>n can drink 0»aln-0 when yon please and t-leep like a top. For Grain O doe* n >t etlranUie, it nourishoa, cheere and feeds Yet It looks and taetee like the best coffee. For cervons persons, >onng people and childr. n Oral > O Is the perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get ft parkagt from jour gro- cer to day. Try it In place of coffte, 15 and 26c. Four second hand upright and four square pianos to rent or sell at a great bargain at tho Music Store of B. A. Whitney, Malono, N, Y. All in fine order. - m* •*• m ' High cut skating shoes atloiv prices. SOTJFELT & DONALDSON. White Shoe Store.\ ^^^^ Ribbons, Velvets and Silks on hand must be sold at M. E. HOWARD'S final sale. Ribbons in stook must be sold at M. E. HOWARD'S final sale. Parks' Tea ciearii the complexion. Sold by C. W. Hyd«. £yj Ask for the trading stamps at Horri- gan's clothing store. Lamp shades. Best line in Malone at Knowlton's. Cut glass at KnowlUn'e. Chronic Dyspepsia Cured. PTER suffering (or nearly thirty year* from dyspepsia. Mrs. H. E. Dugdale, wife of a prominent business man of Warsaw, N. Y., writes: \For 2S years. I was a constant sufferer from dyspepsia and a weak stomach. Tho lightest food produced distress, causing severe pain and tho forma- tion of gas. No matter how careful of my diet I suffered agonizing pain after eating. I was treated by many physicians and tried numerous remedies without permanent help. Two years ago I began taking Dr. Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills and Nervine. Within »week I commenced improving, and per- sisting in tbo treatment I was soon able to eat what 1 liked, with no evil effects I keep them at band and a single done dispels any old symptoms.\ Dr. Miles* Bemedles are sold by all drug- gists nnder a positive guarantee, first bottle benefits or money re* funded. Book on dis- eases of the heart and nerves free. Address, DR. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Ind. r Mite* Nervine Health SHERWIN.—In Malone, N. Y.. on Saturday. March 12. 1898, a son to Mr and Mrs. Frank S. Sherwin. LAV018.—In Malone, N. Y , on Wednesday. March 9,1838, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Mador Lavoia. PRTTpIIAItD.—In Malone. N. Y , Friday, March 11,1898,n son to Mr and Mrs E. A. Prltchard • DAURICA.-In Lyon Mountain, N. Y.. March 3, 1898. a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. E. W. n&rrica. ALLAN -In Fort Covlngton, N. Y., March 6, 1898, a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Allan. COSTKLLO.—In ChateauKay, N. Y . March 6, 1898. a daughter to Mr add Mr*. M. J. Costello. DUBOIS.-In OSWI'KO, N Y . March 2, 1898, a daughter to Dr. and Mr*. J. E. T. Dabolu. CLARK -In Ellenbnrgb. N. Y., March 2, 1898, » daughter to Mr. and Mra Jauiee H. Clark. BARRETT-BURCHMORK -In St Albans. Vt., Thursday, March 10, 1898, by Rev. A B. Flan- dere, Horace N Barrett, of Banger, N. Y., and Mies Annie Hurcbmore, of Medford. Maaa. GRAVES-HATCH .-In North Lawrence. N Y., Tnesday, March 8. 1898. by Rev A Welle, Alex Graves, of Bruahlon, and Mrs. Martha fllatch, of North Lawrence. OHISHOLM —In Malone. N. Y . Sunday, March 13. 1898, of pneumonia, Catherlno McLean, wife of Alex. Chtsholm, aged 50 years. HOLLISTKR. -In Brandon, N. Y., on Sunday, March 6, 1897, Hannah Dell Hollister, aged 77 years. BLANCHARD -In Parmelee, N. Y , on Saturday, March 12, 1898. of old age, Marcello Blanchard, aged 79 years. LAnRAKE.-In Malooe. N. Y.. Sunday, March 13, 1898, Avulunrh I. LaKrake, Infant daughter of Mr and Mrs John LaUrake, aged 8 inontbn and 26 days. ltfwxre nf OlulnientB for Catarrh That Citiitalii Mercury as mercury will surely destroy the sonse of smell and completely do- range thfl whole HyHtem when enter- ing it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except ou prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do IR ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &• Co., Toledo, O., contains uo mercury, and is takon internally, acting directly upon the blood uud mucoiiH surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sure you get tho genuine. It is taken in- ternally and is made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. BfcrySold hj-- Druggists, price 75c. per bottle. Farm for 8ul«. The undersigned offers for salo her farm of eighty acres, good buildings and well watered, with young orchard and other fruit trees, situated about three miles oast of Malone village. She will also sell tho farming tools and stock on the farm, which consists of ten cows, two horses and other property. The farm will be sold with or without the stock. For further par- ticulars call at the farm. Mns. 1-1. J. SHERMAN. Malone, Feb. 15th, 1898. 19w6 Found ut I.ngt Why will you suffer so with that old steel truss when you can got a truss that you can sleep in and take solid comfort by wearing the Mansfield Sen- sible Elastic Truss, manufactured by H. N. J. MANSFIELD, NO. 7 Clay St., Malone, N. Y. 17m6 Mr. Man—who—buys—your—cloth- ing hither-and-you— we can servo you better if you only knew it. Our label under the coat collar means hotter clothes, better fit, better make, better hang, better stay so, more wear and more money left in your pockot. Come and try on. No danger. Your money back if you want it. SON, Clothiers. For Over Fifty Years Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup has been used by million* of mother* for their children while teeth- Ing. If disturbed at nigbt and broken of your rest by a elck child Huffcrlnx ,yid crying with pain of catting teeth send at once and get a bottle of \Mrs. WinBlow's Soothing Syr«p\ for children teething. It will relieve the poor little eaflcrcr Immediately. Depend upon It, mothers, there la no mistake about it. It cares dlarrhcea, regulates' the etomach and bowels, cures wind colic, softens the gutna and reduces inflammation, and elves tone and energy to the whole system \ Mre. Wins low's Soothing Syrup for children teething it pleasant to the taste and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best female physicians and anrees In the United States. Price 25 cents a bot- tle. Sold by all dmcgists throughout the world. Bo sure and ask for \ Mrs. Winslow's Soothing 8yrnp,\ -—^\••••• i ^— Uu You Keep HotiBer If so; you cannot afford to be with- out a bottle *of Parks' Cough Syrup where it will bo handy. Unequalled in Croup, Whooping Cough, and the disagreeable colds to which children are subject. Sold by C. W. Hyde. ^ r r ^ 2yl T, F, Anthony, Ex-Postmaster, of Promise City, Iowa, says: \1 bought one bottle of.' Mystic Cnre ' for Kheu- matism, and two dosos of it did more good than any medicine I ever took.\ Sold by C. W. Brood, Druggist, Ma- lone. 51m6 To thoso who drink whiskey for pleasure; HARPER Whiskey adds zest to existence. To those who drink whiskey for health's sake; HARPER Whiskey makes life worth living. SOLD BY C W. HYI)K, Malone, N. Y Ice creepers and rubber heels—a cheap insurance. SHTJFELT & DONALDSON.' White Shoe Store. The Homlleftt Man In Malone Aa well as the band»ome<>t, and others are invited tn rail on Any druggist and cet TRUE a trial buttle of IJimp'a Ba'-am for the Throat and Lungs a, remedy that li* guaranteed to care and relieve all Chronic anil A cole CoaghB, Arthtna. Bronchitis and Conaump ion. Price 26c. and 50c. 21w4 Fine hand turned shoes in small sizes at half price. 8HUFBLT & DONAIiSSON. White Shoe Store. An Up To Date Maid. Where are yon going my pretty maid? \Up to the drug store, sir,\ ehe said. What do you need at the drug store, rray? A package of Tea I need to-day. Is that what makes your akin sowhito? Certainly, sir, for I take it each night. Now, maiden fail', what may this be? Why, silly fellow, of course, PARKS' TEA. Sold by C. W. Hyde. 2yl Odd Panta! Horrigan has put in a larger stock of odd pants than was ever before of- fered for the money. Popular prices $1.00, $1.50, $1.99, $2.50, $2.95 and $3.50. Horrigan's is the big Clothing Store second door east of the postof- fice, Malone. Many School Children Are Sickly. Mother (Jray's Sweet Powders for Children, used by Mother Oray, a noree In Children's Home, New York, Break up Colds In 24 faoori, care FeverUh- ness, Headache, Stomach Troubles, Teething Dls orders, and destroy Worms. At all drnggUta, 25c. Sample KREE. Address Allen S Oimsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 21w4 l>o Toorreet AclieT Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot-Base, a pow- der It cores CornB. Bunions, Chilblains, Sweat- ing, Swollen Feet. At all druggists and Shoe Store?, 25c. Sample FREE. Address Allen S Olm- sted, I>e Koy, N. Y. 2lw4 Buy your candies at Smith's, corner Main and Pearl streets. Get fresh home-made confectionery. Evervbody Bays 8o. Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most won- derful medical discovery of the age, pleas- ant and refreshing to the taste, act gently and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the entire system, dispel colds, cure headaohe, fever, habitual constipation and biliousness. Please buy and try a box of C C. C to-day, 10,25, 60 cents. Bold and guaranteed to cure by all druggists. Box calf skating shoes, high cnt. SHUTELT & DONALDSON. White Shoe Store. Don't Tobacco Spit aud Smoke Tour Life Away. To quit tobacco easily and forever, be vatic netic, full of life, nervo and visor, take No To- Bae, tho wonder worker, that makes weak ir. T strong. All druggists, 60c or $1. Cure^um. i teed. Booklet and sample free Addn Sterling Remedy Co, Chicago or New Yoik Children's underwear at abont one- third price usually asked, to close, at M. E. Howard's final sale. All goods to be sold. Dress goods at decided bargains at M. E. Howard's final sale. It is a good time to buy now. Oysters received daily at Smith's, Cor. Main and Pearl St. Heudache atttpped, in 20 minutes by Dr Miles' PAIN PILLS. \One cent a does.\ LEE'S, WEST MAIN STREET. BARGAINS .... THIS WEEK IN Chamber Snits, Fancy Rockers, Parlor Suits, EXTENSION TABLES. WINDOW SHADES, ART SQUARES, SENYONA RUGS, CARPET SWEEPERS, &c. We can save you I&oney on all kinds of Fur- niture, Bedding, &c. UP-TO-DATE STYLFS ... AT . LEES*. R, W. & O. R. R. IN CONNECTION WITH THE West Shore & Pennsylvania Railroads TWELFTH ANNUAL GRAND EXCUKSION TO D. 6., AND SECOND ANNUAL EXCURSION TO VIRGINIA BEACH, VA., Including \\i Days' Board at Princess Anne Hotel, TUESDAY, APRIL 5th, 1898. The fare to Washington and return from any sta- tion on the R.. W. & O. R R . where Ex- curtilon Ticket* are on sale la only TEN DOLLARS. To Virginia Beach and return the fare from any R., ff. 4 O. R R. station where ExcorBlon Ticket* are on a&le le only EIGHTEEN DOLLARS* A »50 TRIP FOR S18.OO Tickets are Rood eolng Tuesday, April 5.1898, and are good until April 16th for return passage. 4 SPECIAL SOLID TRAINS Will leave the llnr of tbo K.. W. & O R. R. In the afternoon and even Ine of Tuesday, April 6th, on special schedule time, and ruu through, arriving at Wanhlngton2:30p m. Wednesday afternoon. The magnificent steamers of Norfolk & WashlnKton 8 B Co. leave Waohingtiin dally 700 p. m. for Nor- folk and Virginia Beach. WAGNER PALACE SLEEPING* CARS Will be attached to all special trains from R.. W. &O R. R. stations and ran Through to Washington Without Change. Price for double berth in sleeping car,$8 50; sec- tion, (7 00, from any station on the R , W & O R. R. to Washington. , REDUCED HOTEL RATES Have been arranged at twenty-two hotels in Wash- ington, prices 81.60 to $5.00 per day. • Special Tourist agentu will accompany the ex- j cnrslon and attend to the party on trains and dar- ing the stay in the city of Washington and at Vir- ( gin la Beach, tho most fascinating seasl4e resort in ; America. : For tickets and detailed information, apply to ' nearest R., W. & O. R. R. Ticket Agent, or correu-1 pond with General Panueoger Agent, Syracuse, N. THEO. BUTTERFIBLD. Qua'I Passenger Agent, 1 Syracuse, N. Y. I tx> On Odd Lots and Out-of-Date Stock. Shoes formerly $4 and $5 including Patent Leather, Vici Cloth Top and Heavy Shoes at $2.80 a pair. . Spring Sighs For men and l>oys just received. The Wall Street, Cambridge and Cornell Toe. They are up-to-date. Our Bea- con Vesting Top Shoes are beauties. SHUFELT & DONALDSON, White Shoe Store. - Malone. Wb You Take Mciie You don't known what you are taking. You place implicit con- fidence in the physician who has prescribed it and the druggist who has compounded it. We realize this fully, and can jsafe- ly say that we will not break your faith as far as our part of the prescription is concerned. Our prices are reasonable. SPECIAL NOTICE. I have secured the right to sell the very latest impioved Double Chlo- ride of Gold Liquor Habit Cure. This treatment is perfectly safe and sure, being more energetic and certain than any other and can be obtained at about \ the cost. Warranted to silence the appetite of the most obstinate cases. Tor particulars write or call at Houston's Pharmacy. THE MUTUAL Of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, OFFERS THE CHEPEST, SAFEST AND HOST SATISFACTORY NO SALARIED OFFICERS. For Information Correspond with the Secretary at Ogdensburg. President, H. K. RIDER, Bangor. Sec'y, F. K. MORELAND, Ogdensburg. v. PITTSBURGH DAILY PRESS, C. W. LANSING. EDITOR. Circulation over 2,000. Telegraph News. Local News. Political News. Baseball News. All the news hours ahead of the New York papers. YOUR HOME DAILY Only $5.00 Per Year. .^WE HAVE NO AGENTS *fr • I .^2?V« * Ttgg^* 1 *•' bat b»TB told direct to the eon- •amor for 26 year« at „ Mia price*, cvriog Dim tht deal»r'» profit* Ship any where for •lamination ET«rjtblnr warranted I18ttjl«tof Vohiclei. S3 itrle* of llarneu. Top Barries, ISA to 170 nwfW to tUS Carri Phaetons, T*»P». Wa# •. Snnng'Raftd ftud Milk „......„ . ••-» Send for Urg«. fro« i good a* Mill rer$U GatlUofll* of ajl ooi (tjloi. (bad*, aproo aud feadara, f60, AigooJu'tcllt'ter ELKHART CARSKAGK AND HIBHUI MFO. CO. W. B. PRATT, Be*j, tUJfBAST, Df©. Jlo. II. Burr*7 Harnc. Prlo*. 116.00. A d IU r$U eOSSomy Prlcf wtlh irUln., lampa, >» , •Pi, \THE BEST THERE IS IN PAINT\ rvAINTING becomes expensive when you use cheap paint Perhaps you • have already learned this—others have. For excellent results In every particular use H. W. Johns' A$$£SfO& Liquid Paints Artistic shades producing pleasing effects. Color Card, Pamphlat,* r Extarior Decoration,\ etc, mailed on request. H.W.JOHNS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 100 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. « OHIOMO. —— M«ILAOKl*H|A, —— •OSTOH. =^ A QUANTITY PUttCHAM. The Largest and Most Complete Stock of Wall Paper ever shipped to Malone Is now being displayed at THE GREAT STORES. THE GREAT STORES. This extensive transaction has secured for us special discount* which enable us to name prices \Behove. All the Novelties in Room Mouldings... Headquarters for Window Shades. 15 Cent Shades now 10c 75 Cent Shades now .' 44c 25 Cent Shades now 15c $1 Shades now 75c 35 Cent Shades now 25c Shades Made to Order. CURTAIN POLES, Complete with Fixtures, 20c to 44c. Special in House Furnishings. Willow Clothes Baskets. 35 to 40c Clothes Wringers. .. $1 to $6.50 Our Special 4 Sewed Broom '20c Wash Tubs 44 to 50c I m © O X » -* O CL oo I ! — a> CO ® O -ri CD 0) CD 3 Q. CD -^ <O O X* I <D O CD = a> • % (fi f O CD CO < m (ii BUY TINWARE NOW. We shall not advance prices until present stock is exhausted. i GROCERIES GEEATEST SPECIAL GEOCEEY SALE, We placed quantity orders for staples before prices ad- vanced and are willing to share profits with you. Many items less thaii Wholesale Prices. 1,000 Pounds of Assorted Ping Tobaccos we offer while they last at 17c Canned Tomatoes .-... 8c Canned Corn 7c 12 Bars Lanndry Soap for 25c Our \ Bouquet\ Mocha and Java Coffee now 3 pounds for $1.00 20 Cent Coffee now 10c 25 Cent Coffee now 15c 30 Cent Coffee now 30c Our Special BOW. f , §5 C A Splendid Basket Fired Japan Tea ^ 85 C \o \x>v\V THE GREAT STO L>4kjirU>'C._4^J^^^^ i£ub^J&^ii&£g£^^ ••\..^liuitik^i^t.hiik i£a£J^&V**^L V^'YJ' I I r i i i

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