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• HALONE, FRIDAY, DEC. 31, 1897 Con vi 11red at last that the people ot this StaU> •are weary of high taxation, (JowriiiM Black proposes, it is said, to iippi'ini .i high-salaried, tux-eating tax 4*01111111* >:on to investigate the matter. Tlu> riatt and anti-Platt factions of the Republican party in New York city are ^till as far apart as they were last No\ ember when the l'latt machine •was so unmercifully beaten in the con- test for mayor. Although halfhearted efforts to \get together \ have been made during the last two or three •weeks the two elements will not mix and separate organizations are pretty sure to result in the end. \ proiukieut Republican of this State ^ho has for thirty years been identified with its Natfonal Guard, made the statement a few days a#o that the most capable and efficient starY officers the guard has ever had have been under the Democratic ad- ministrations. It is generally admit- ted among National Guardsmen that the best, friend and the fairest friend the tfUiitd has ever had in the chair at Albany was David B. Hill. A .scheme is said to be on foot which proposes to do away with the present Stnte military camp at Peekskill A\hich has been used for many years by the National Guard of the State foi dull and practice purposes, and to estab- lish a similar cami* at Grindstone Is- land on the St. Lawrence, where the State already owns a tract of land re- cently purchased for a State park. Why this change, involving an im- y mense expense, should be made ho one but tli<» tell crank who it can Thr ' vanish government appears to be»M.;.iT anxious for a Mar with the Uuito I States or else is enframed in a bin!: • \ a large scale to create a fa'vor- able i.upression \\ ith the European pov\ci , hoping theiehy to get help to en.n y i«;i the war in Cuba. Leading Sputmh newspapers friendly to the government now insist upon an lin- mcdiate increase iu the Spanish navy, ow:,! j to the prospect of a war with the I7i.ited States. If such an e\eut ^h< Id.unfortunately take place Spain \•Ad! 1 ;iepd more ships to gather up the fntg mjhits left by Uncle Sam when the is over, if for noth- News comes from Albany to the ef- fect that an effort will be made to get an appropriation of more than $7,000,- 000 for thte canals iu addition to the 39,000,000.seemed two years ago by the Republican politicians, and now ncailv all absorbed. This is a charac- teristic Republican trick and if the ap- propi iation is secured fiolu the legis- latuie at the coming be*won it will bo so U«M» 1 next year as to be of tho great- est service to the Republican machine in the campaign for State officers. The S!),000,000 canal scheme waft bad enough, but with six or seven millions more on top of it the taxpayers will re- ceive a new illustiationof the \econo- my \' peculiar to the Republican part}. T m comptroller of (jh eater New Yoik. will have an arduous task in ad- justing the finances of the enlarged citv. In the annexed borough of Qu<-en««. for instance, the outstanding debt is '•aid to be four millions in ex- oes i of the prescribed 10 per rant, of the assessed valuation That bor- live-sevenths of the county debt, added to the local debts of .Long Island City, Newton\ Flushing and part of Hempstead, foots up a grand total of 812,r)H0,.)<)fl, r as against au as- sessed valuation of a little o\er eighty millions, and this is fioin only one section of the newly anne\e°d lerntory. The taxpayers are beginning to be unxious as to results when all the tax budgets come in. The office of eoronor still exists in all the counties of this State. Its abolition has often been proposed, but the reform has thus far failed of ac- complishment. Non comes the Kings county grand jury with a presentment which says: \We recommend to the legislature of the State that the office of coroner be abolished. We believe from our investigation that the office is useless; that it lias no practical ef- fect l • ferreting out crime; that the meth-. in vogue in that office dm ing the ti .J of our investigation is open to th • 'nost severe censure; the man- ner* . conducting business is meffi- eieni, and the powers of the eoronor were lelegated to subordinates wiiose rhief \lotion seemed to be to get rid of t). easiness and collect the fees iuci'l .. to the office for their chief.\ Tli' editors of seveial New York city newspapers are busying themselves these days giving the particulars of an alleged impending quarrel between Richard Croker and Ex-Senator David 13. Hill, in which the former is de- scribed as desiring to oust tho latter from the prominent position which he has held iu the councils of the Demo- cratic party for many years. Demo- crats generally w ill be slow to belicvo that t'lese two distinguished Demo- cratic ie'aders would do anything to create factional strife within the party ranksvpon the eve of an important political campaign in this State, par- ticul irly when it is apparent to every- one fiat entire harmony must exist in the i> irty in 189K if a Democrat in to be elected governor next November. Any newspaper which seeks to create party division at this time tnay be set down as a enemy of the Democratic cause. The Sun, which is now the moat rabid I'latt newspaper in the State of New York, on Monday printed a long statement from Chairman Hackett, of the Republican' State committee, charging that Whitelaw Reid, the pro- prietor of the Tribune, a red-hot anti- Platt paper, employed an ex-convict and forger to assist in the Tribune's effort to defeat Tracy, the Platt candi- date for mayor of Greater New York, nnd allowed this man free use of the columns of the Tnhimr to publish false and malicious statements calcu- lated to injure Gen Tracy's chauces of election. Hackett admits that this same former and ex-convict was em- ployed by the, .Republican State com- mittee to do campaign work at ouo time, but be asserts thut the man wan <lrop;>ed aa soon as his true character was known to tbe committee. ThfiRc little Republican secrets never come out except wbeu tbe big bosses of that organization got to quarreling among themselves, and then the people of the State have au opportunity to briefly glance at the condition of things be- low the surface. The employment of an ex-convict and forger to do ''cam- paign work \ is doubtless a small mat- ter compared with \what could be re- vealed of the inside workings of tbe Republican machine, should Reid or Hackett choose to make the revela- tion. GENERAL NEWS NOTES This government has sent a party np north to purchase GOO reindeer which will be shipped to Alaska, where they will be used to transport supplies to the miners on the Klondike. Two Spanish officers, who were sent to the- camp of a Cuban general to offer a bribe if tho latter would sur- render and betray his trust, were shot by order of tbe latter as spies, last week. The treasurers of the Lowell, Mass., cotton mills, met last week and voted to reduce the wages of their 15,000 hands after January 17th. This re- duction will amount to fully 10 per cent. More MoKinley prosperity. Two editors out in Kansas exchang- ed rather peculiar Christmas presents last week. One is minus bis right log and the other has lost tbo left one. Each bought a pair of shoes and sent tbe other the odd shoe. Both wear the same size shoe and have observed this Christmas exchange for many years. While skating at Rifton, on Walkill Creek, near Kingston, N. Y., Christ- mas day, Miss Mary V. Van Barber, aged 28, broke through the ice. Ed- ward MeMiehael went to her rescue, crawling along the ice. But tbe ice broke under him and he was precipi- tated into the water. Both were drow ned. A noted German surgeon has lately astonished the medical fraternity by removing the entire stomach of a wo- man over 50 years of age, who was suffering from a large tumor lo- cated in the stomach. Strange to say the woman is now recovering and has gained greatly in flesh since the op- eration was performed three months ago. George Ruth, of Flathead, Montana, reached Portland, Oregon, on the steamer Elder, Saturday evening, hav- ing come direct from Dawson City, which point he left Nov. f>tb. Mr. Ruth says there were from 5,000 to 7,- 000 people congregated at Dawson aud that \ icinity and he estimates the pro- \ isions sufficient to w inter only about 2,000. Albert S. Warner, the Now York lawyer who was implicated in the kidnapping of little Johnnie Conway, of Albany, several months ago, was arraigned last A\eek and having plead guilty was sentenced to fifteen years ut Clinton prison, where he will join his associates in crime, Blake and Hardy, who are serving sentences of similar length. The lecent suicide of Miss Leilla Herbert, a daughter of Ex-Seerethiy of the Navy Herbert, at her Washing- ton home, is given as the reason for the suicide on Sunday last of Miss An- na Virginia Wells, an accomplished youug society favorite of Washington who was a friend of Miss Herbert. It is supposed that long continued ill health made Miss Wells despondent. Th« immense building known as the Coliseum, at Chicago, in which tho Democratic national convention of 1H.)f> ( was held, was burned last .Friday, The building had boon rented for an exhibition of a manufacturers' ex- position and was filled from end to end with booths, all of which were de- stroyed with their contents, and it is also believed that one person lost his life in the fire, which wus caused by the crossing of two electric, wires. Joshua A. Flanders, residing at Fletcher, Vermont, was killed instant- ly on Christmas day by the untimely discharge of his rifle. Flanders was returning home from a hunting trip. When within a few hundred rods of his home he placed the gun under his arm and staited to crawl between two boaids of a line fence. —The trigger of the gun wus caught in the upper rail- ing of the fence, blowing the contents of the gun into Flandjer/V side, death resulting almost instantly, Mrs Ballington Booth, the popular Salvation Aimy worker, wife of the (where fluids seek their level) and the oup sinks, to bo replaced by tho next succeeding cup, etc., thus completing a circnit, to be constantly repeated. This machine enlarged will turn mills, etc., without the aid of fuel, steam or engine.,' A dispatch from Springfield, Mass., states that tho Overman Wheel Co., of Chicopee Falls, one of tho largest bicycle manufacturing concerns in the country, has made an assignment with liabilities of $539,000 and assetA ag- gregating $1,318,000. Tho plant\has been shut down, throwing several hundred employes out of work. Ebon Giflin, GO years of age, was fatally injured on Tuesday near Keeue Center, Essex county, by being thrown from a wagon. While going down a hill one of the tugs became detached Railroad Engineer Toitifle* to Benefit! Received From Dr. Miles' Remedies* and striking the the team to run. horses' heels caused Giftin was acting as head of the Salvation Army in Ameri- ca, is eutu'ally ill at New Yofk, as a result, it is .said, of persecution and abuse inflicted by a faction in the army whose sympathies are with the Eng- lish wing of the organization. Mrs. Booth has shown herself to bo an uai- solrish and devoted worker in behalf of the poor and criminal classes in the large cities and prisons and is one of the most «lo<iuoilt speakers on the platform to-day. The custom house authorities at. the seapoits threaten to enforce an old, but almost forgotten regulation which prohibits newly landed passengers on ocean steamers from greeting their friends before tl)f>ir baggage is ex- amined The ^uthusiastje. greetings between voyagers and frienda, wjth the kissing and hugging, it is alleged, greatly delay the woi k of examining baggage, and also afford opportunities for smuggling. Therefore, these demonstrations of affection must be postponed until after the* custom house inspection of the baggage hus been completed. Janies F. Caiman, an engine driver in the New York tire department, sac- rificed his ow n life last Saturday rath- er-than run down a woman and little girl who, trausllxod with flight, were unable to get out of the way. Caiman, to avoid hitting them, give the engine too sharp a turn, and it toppled over, with the driver beneath it, killing him instantly. The child was carrying a Christmas doll, and Caiman had just reported for duty, after having been present at the Christmas celebration of his own two children. So brave and unselfish an act may find its reward in another world, if not in this, Mr. and Mrs. James Clements, of Los Angeles, California, were in New- York on Christmas day and celebrated the holiday by a Christmas tree in their apartments at tho hotel which was probably the roost pecnliar of any in the great city. Mr. Clements re- cently returned from the Klondike where he \ struck it rich \ and got up this tree in honor of the event. Its peculiarity was due to tho fact that all through the branches of the tree<were scattered nuggets of Klondike gold, while at its base were piles of the proc- IOUS metal in the condition in which Mr. Clements dug it from the frozen earth of far Alaska. About 870,000 worth of this gold was upon the tree and snrrounded it. Albert S. Russell, of Jefferson, Iowa, claims to have at last discovered h perpetual motion is here described: in a machine which A small cylinder two ami one-half inches in diameter and six inches long is hung over a small pail. The cylinder is half sub- merged, and on it are cups, QV pock- ets, at equal distances apart. These cups are each perforated by three small holes, two near the middle and one near the bottom of the cup, extending a little within the top of the next lower cup. When the partially submerged cups are nearly filLed with tho rising water, the law of gravitation overcomes driver for a commercial traveler and both were thrown out, Giffin'a head striking a pile of stones, causing frac- ture of the Kkull. Hia companion was not seriously injmed. A sad accident, which caused the death of one person aud peihaps fa- tally injured another,occurred in Bur- lington Thursday morning. Joseph Murrior, w ith his wife and family re- side at No. 274 St. Paul St. One of the children had been very ill the past few weeks, and Mrs Murrier arose at three o'clock Thursday morn- ing and went into tbe kitchen to light a lamp, and started toward tho bed- room to aid the sick child. When passing the kitchen table the lamp which she held iu her hand struck the corner of the table, saturation* her night dress with oil which instantly caught fire. Her husband cume to her rescue, lighting the tierce flames jn the best manner possible, but could not subdue them until both were se- verely burned. Mr. and Mrs Murrier were both taken to the hospital, Mrs. Mumer dying in great agony in the afternoon. The doctors say they may be able to save the life of Mr. Mur- rier, but he will be a cripple for life, as both hands are so badly burned that they w ill have to be amputated. Hop*. Many small lots of Franklin county hops have been picked up by local dealers dm ing the past week and also one lot of over 100 bales, a part of Col. Jones' growth, which was taken for S. \ F. Uhlman. The price has re- mained about tho same as for the past three weeks, the highest figure reach- ed being IHc. ' The exports of hops for the week ending Dec. 28 amount to '2,502 bales and the receipts for the same time at New York 7,17ii bales, The market is reported strong with price for choice shipping hops at 18c. The foreign ad- vices are encouraging. '•Thy markot still holds very firm and holders are correspondingly stiff in their demands. Last Saturday Robt. Evans sold 4(> bales at 13ic, Henry Shoemaker 08 at 15c. nnd i»0 bales of 'DOs at Oc. This week there have been several sales at 18(#illc. and D. ]\ Welch hab sold 80 bales at near- ly if not quite Uk- \'-- Wat. Thnrs Pro. 21 The Otsego Fnrnn r says oi the hop market at Cooperstown ''The hop market is strong and firm, not only heic but in all other centers. The amount of buying has not been great and there is no advance in pi ice, but the condition is healthy. We report thfi sale- of (J.\>0 bales during the past week at pi ices ranging from 11 (T^ 105c In regard to the quantity ot i>o|.s still back in growers' hands theie is con- siderable speculation One conserva- tive dealer canvassed the tow n of Ot- sego yesterday and found about 1,000 back, including the 1,000 bales m the James F. Clark lot. He estimates that theic are about 4,000 bales left in this county. These figures are about the same as those arrived at by another party a ome few days ago. The amount of hops in growers' hands is the small eat ever kpown at this time of the year since the hop industry assumed ijny considerable importance in this county The amount would be small for the first of July.\ Tho ChohalIis(Wash.) Jin of Dee 17th reports th<: sale there of about 175 bales of hopb at from 1<M<V/_ 1 lc lirnrhion. Dr.c. \iM.—Isaac Delong, of whom mention was made in these items last week as being very sick, died early Satuiday moruingot heart failure. He had been failing iu health for some time but wns able to be on the streets every day until within tho last two weeks. His death mmovtjs one of the pioneeis of Northern New York, He was born in lieekmautown, Clinton county, Feb'y 21, 1N1N, where he re- sided until 1843, when he came to this county and settled in Bangor. He was marrjed Sept. 3, 1810, and has a son and daughter now living, George De- long, who resides in Bangor, and Mrs Hattie Hinekley, who of late has re- sided in Westport, N. Y. Ho has hold public office at different times and al- ways gave perfect satisfaction with any trust reposed in him. He was un- der sheriff in 1851 and assisted in the execution of the notorious James M. Bickford, who w&a hung at the county iail Sept 22d of that year, Dnringhis long and eventful life, by dint of his thrift and good business qualities, he amassed quite a snug fortune. He has helped many a man financially to start iu life who in years afterward attribut- ed their success to his assistance and advice. He was a plain, everyday man and a good neighbor. The fun- eral was held this a. m. at his late res- idence and was largely attended. Christmas was observed by all the churches here and the Christmas trees made many a Jittle heart glad. The distribution of presents at the M. E. church and the exercises wen$ greatly enjoyed by all. A large crowd gather- ed at the Christian church Friday evening during tho Christmas tree ex- ercises and the presents distributed were bountiful and many of them very nice. The Christmas tree cxeici.ses of tbo Episcopal church wan held at the rectory Friday evening and were at- tended by the Sunday aohool and members of the congregation. The services in the church Christmas da T HERE Is no more responsible position on earth than that of a railroad engln- . cer. On his steady nerves, clear brain, bright eyo and perfect self command, de- pend tho safety of tho train and tho lives of its passeiiKerc. Dr. Miles' Nervino and other roinedtes are especially adapted to keeping tut* nerves steady, tho brain clear and tbe mental faculties unimpaired. Engineer F. W. McCoy, formerly of 1323 Broadway. Council Bluffs, but now residing at 3411 Humboldt St., Denver, writes that ho \suffered for years from constipation, caus- ing sick, nervous and bilious headaches and was fully restored to health by Dr. Miles' Nerve & Liver Pills. I heartily recommend Dr. Miles\ Remedies.\ Dr. Miles* Remedies are sold by all drug- gists under a positive guarantee, first bottle beneiits or money re- funded. Book on dis- eases of tho heart and nerves free Address, ' \•'•'•'\ DK. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Ind. - Restore >„ Health - uay iron were very impressive and the chur elegantly decorated and trimmed for tho occasion. The usual 10:30 mass in tha R C. church was well attended. D. Daily, who is attending the Syra- cuse Medical ColLege, came home to spend the holidays, Roy Barnett, who is attending the medical department of the Columbia College, is spending the holidays at the Brushton House. Dr. Chas. Fortin, of Montreal, made his parentR a flying visit over Christ- mas. J. B^Kimball has gone to a warmer clirntfflj^-hft started for Jacksonville, Fla., lest Friday. Mr. Charles Churchill and family arc now comfortably settled in their new home, the Opera House annex. George A. Sawyer, of Malone, is now employed as pharmacist at Mrs. Dus- tin's drug store. Ordie Wood, who is attending a boarding school in Canada, came home to spend tho holidays, as did Florence Peck, who is attending the State Nor- mal lit Flnttsburgh. The remainft <>/ Christopher Jame- son reached Malone l&H Thursday evening and were brought hero for in- terment Friday. KNOX. UOSLEY- UUKNS.-Ir Kort Oovington. N. Y . on WVdnecday. D<c. £!. 1817, aoorjjc Ho-lpy. <>r IMaUsburgii, uud Mms Frank Burns, of Fort Covmgton i [ WKBB—McKENNA.-In Kmt Covington, N Y. on Wednesday. Decemcer £>. 1897, by Kev J II Gardner, John W Webb and Miea Katbcrine McKenna, botb of Fort Covmgton. nOWAKD-TRiCY -In Malone. N. Y., on Wed- nesday, D\C '^C, 18'»7. by Kcv (' (' Tnwnftend, Jas S Howard, of Fort C'ovincton Center, and MIPS Julia E. Tracy, of Trout ltlvcr. HOLI.KNBKCK-riANNA.—In Wcotvll'i- Outer, N Y . on Saturday, Dec. 25, 1W. George II. Holli-nbi>cfe, of Port Covington. N Y . and Miss Jennie B. Banna, of WcKtviHc. Outer BRYANT-GIBBO -In Mnlone, N. Y., on Satur- day, DIP 'i>. r 1897, by Rev Father Blanchurd, Edward Bryant aud Mif^ fieorgiana (iibbo, both of Malone. WUIl'l'LE. — III MHIDUO, N7 Y , on Friday. l).i 21, 18'»7. of dropsical aetbuia. SIIHM 8 Whlp<>ii-, ai^ed 71 yearn and five inontha, eon of the late Nahnin \\ hippie. COX—In Chatpangay, N. \S. Monday, Dec. •Zi, 1897, Mary Cox, aged <>H yearn SEWELL —In Wcetwllc. N. V; on YVednefcdar Dec. 15, 18'*7, of ilropey, Jane Scwell, accd _, yrars THOMAS.-In at. Regie FalU, on 1 hur*day, Dec v3, 1897. John E Thomas, aged (oyeare. MOKHIS -In Dundee. P. *£., on Wednesday Her l. r i, 1847, Ellen Campbell, wife or \\ in K Morns, Bailiff, aged 53 yearn. Winter Garments for Men and Boys. 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Hyde. tfyl R<lm nro Vour Wltli Cascnrots. Candy C.itli.iriic, rmo constipation forever 10c. Sjc If C C C f i I. clruKKi<-tsrpfnn<l money What is claimed to be tho larges pine tioe yet measured in the Adi roudacks, WHS located recently h} the State, forestry boord in Township 20, Macomlvs purchase. ' The tre.e is 1H5 feet high, G-H inches in diamete three feet, from the ground and wil cut six thirteen foot logs, the smalles one measuiing two feet,at the top, am will make 28 9-10 staudards, or r>,7H( feet, of lumber, if sawed. Merit Cs what gives Hood's Sarnapanlla its great popularity, its constantly inoreaniDC eaten, and enables it to accomplish its wonderful and unrcpialled cures. The combination, proportion and process used in preparing Hood'n Sarsapanlla are unknown to other medicines, anc '-, make Hood a BarsapariJla Nsculiar to Itself It'cu/ea a wide range of diseases becauso cff.its power as a blood purifier. It acts 'directly and positively upon the blood, (tr|d the blood reached every nook and cdrnerof the human Byatem. Thus all th'e nerves, muscles, bones and tissues come under the beneficent influence of Hoods Sarsaparilla The One True Blood Purifier. $1 p*r A GREAT OFFEit. The New York Wnrltl Ttirirf-n Wreh nnd the <iitE«tt<i <»m- Ynur lor 91. GO. The twiee-a-week edition of the New York Worldhaa been conveited into he thrice-a-week World, being issued very Monday, Wednesday and Fri- day. We have made arrangements by vbicb we can furnish theGAZF.TTK and hrice-a-week New York World all for 1.50 a year. Here is tho great op- ortunity to get your own local paper nd the New York World three times 3vory week at an extraordinary low irice. The thrice-a-week World is much argor than most weekly papers and urnishes the news with much greater re<|ueney and promptness In fact it jombines all the crisp, fresh qualities ii a daily with the attracti\e features \»f a weekly. 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Dated Malone. N. Y , December 7th, 18&7. 8AM'L A. BEMAN, County Judge. Men Wanted on Salary. To reliable men we will give steady employment and LIBERAL SALARY paying their traveling ex- penses. We RTOW oar own stock exclusively and GUARANTEE it to be strictly first class in every particular, tme to name ae ordered. Fall instruc- tions furnished. Experience unnecessary. Apply at ODie; itattaK »«e. Address PEIR8ON BROS, Si CO., Maple Orore Nurseries, Waterloo. N. Y. (Ketabllshed 31 yean ) 10w4 CASTORIA, 21 GENTS. AND SUPPLIFS. Largest Line! Best Goods! Lowest Prices! THOS. T. BUTTRICK, MALONK, N. Y \There are other Pebbles on the Beach.\ In tins case the other Pebble is If you can't pronounce the name —spell it. A TVI'EWKITEK—Visible Writing, Per- manent Alignment, Inten lian^cablc Type Dirort Printing and Inking. Not a Toy, but the real Tiling. Weight, (> pounds, Price, £35. Call for Catalogue KNOWLTON A MERRITT, Agents, MALONE, N Y. COONEYS' ms mm. Everything New, Neat and Clean. The Choicest Varieties Chicago & Native Beef, Pork. Lamb. Veal and Poultry. SAUSAGE that will salt the taste. FRESH and SALT FISH. A NICE LINE OF GROCERIES. Give us a trial and we will convince you that we keep the best goods. Free Delivery in the Village. J. E, A P. L, COOHJY. Referee's Sale. H. WniPPLB AGAINST BRIDGET KloBclla and others In pursuance of a Judg- ment of foreclosure and Bale made in tbe above en- titled action on tho 27th day of December, 1897, the enbeeriber, a referee for that purpose duly ap- pointed, will sell at public auction to tbr highest bidder, at tbe front door of the Court House, ia Malone, N. Y , on the J2th day of February, 1898, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, tbe real property directed by Bald jademtnt to be sold, viz ; All that parcel or land In Bombay, N. Y., begin IDK 12 88 chains west from tbe 8. W. comer of lot one and at the H W. corner of land contracted to Jobn Klneella. running these- north 21.B chalne to north line of Township one, thence eonth 84 de- grees west 12 91 cbBlne; thence south Zi chains; thence east 1 ±2 8K chains to the beginning, contain- ing 28 6ti acres of land and being parts of lots 'i and 3 In Bombay Also all that other parcel of land in Bombay, N. Y. beginning 12 88 drains west from the S. W. corner of lot one, Township one, running thence north 91.50 chains to tb« north line or tbe Town- Dip, thence south 84 depreee east to the N-W- corner of lot one; thence swuth 80 15chains; thence west 12 88 chains to tbe beginning, containing 26 8 acres of land. Alftu all that parcel of land in Bombay, N. T., known as part of the east corner lot in the Oliver Tract and being part of farm lot one of D. M. Church's tnrvey, and beginning at a point marked D M. C , running thence southerly In town line and east line of lot one 17.80 chains to land owned by Qleasen; thence westerly to the east line of A. Fry's land, continued northerly 30 chains; thence lortherly 20 chains and 15 links to north line of ot; thence easterly in north line of lot to begin- oing. containing 55 acres of land Dated December 2Htri, 1897. M. T. 8CANLON, lteferce. CABTWBU & CANTWKLL, Pl'fl's Att'ys Don't Tobacco Spit aud Smoke Your Life Away* To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag nctic. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To- Oac. the wonder worker, that makes weak men 3trong. All druggiBts, SOo or f 1. Cure guaran- eed Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling Rem«ly Oa, Chicago or Nty York. Opera House. AU This Week. A Gala Week. Tlje Conjedy Suijbeairi MORA'S PLAYS. MORA'S NOVELTY ORCHESTRA. THE ONLY MORA 22 COMPANY 22 • I T 1

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