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•V .I-'-; •\- • ~\r$?«> :.?*» K, FRIDAY, DEC 3. 1897 'I'll- \ iih»M-of R»'i>iil)hi'iiiiM(hn>ugh- oitiM)-. % i.iti 1 who mo rr.Mnji •\Down with I- < IMutt \ ^oeii\s to be in- «10i\ i . hut of lat<> \\< j Ua\e heard onlv a i.iint echo of thi-* slogan in pi.uiklm county. Where are those 4>i^\<M'.i'nots who a few months ago tt«*n» »hunting this refrain at almost ( i 4Vr\ h\ oath'- 1 ——^» • ^m~— \c. in iiug to figures published by tho Ni>\. York U 'orhi, President Me- KiuU'\ h.i^ made 1,5(55 appointments to office M.ice his inauguration nine months .i>^o. The total number of of- fice seekers who ha\e called at the president « office to urge their claims IH 101 />IH», an army large enough to five Culi'i if their patriotic desires .for public service had been turned in that dneetiuM It is claimed that more than MM) oi i he president's callers every das. \ii the average, roine to urge thrMi i liuius for fc office. Ntvui-N of not und pojHonul assault ootitiiiiio each day that the Austrian |p£ivlnii\i' assoinbly convenes, and black <\ cs and r bloody noses are tho inli 1 i.iMier than the exception anion<* the lighting legislators Mark Twain, itocii «h'i^ to a late Vienna dispatch, was ej<-< ted from the assembly gallery on 1'iKiay with a crowd of visitors and hi'jht-socrs who came to watch the cir< u^-, and one dispatch asserts that the fuitious American humorist was strut k iu the face by u frenzied dele- gate just as he wai lenvnii? the pal- S<vivtary of tho Navy Long will rec oininei 1 to congress an immediate in crc.r.( i the United States ua\y. The ^ro it -i of buildinir modern war ships >d the constant changes in mod. - ot building them make a for- mitL !• * navy an expensm? luxury for any u.uion. Several of Undo Sam's bigu^pt ('ruisors have show n ^vinptoim of \ cuk.ic^s when given the test of J \OIIJ. - • yage and much expense ha heev, incurred in repaiis which should not ; m\.» been necessary if the vessel hail 'c:i fully tested before being ac cept 1 T • Irst serious disagreement be twe. the president and the senate at Wft^ ni^ton this winter is likely to l>< o\ci Cuban affairs Se\efal promi nen 1 >>e'i:itt)rs are now, as they were a yeai .ign, actively in IUM'I oi aj»oln of 1- terferencc on the p.nt uf the Uniii d States in favor of Cuba am against Spain and tins pohc\, it is claimed at Washington, i«» stiongly oppo-»d b\ President McKinley, who fa\oi n continuance of the policy o non-ii.ierfeicnoe, which was pursue* by In-* piedecessoi in office and thui far toUiwcd in his own t ion. (Jo\c nor Black is reported ;is say mg in .i recent iuterview \At the last session of the legislafuie I madt nil ol the leconimentlrttions that deemed neceasaiy In t.rct, all of the, UUls *.:i:it I thought should l>e wen at ted upon. M\ aim shall be not t> encouiage too much legislation We I.i\e too much legislation nmHoi that ie:isou I h*ad to veto^oinft r,()< I>111 H parsed by the last le-islature I h/ 1 much ruthci the lemshiture woni ! ii\t pasb them than- t<> have the iron !e ( t vetoing them.\ (»<>v Black evid ntl.v forgets in tins mteiview- that the legislature belongs to Ton Plntt The State department at \Va»hingtoi has lecjnested United States Ambasnu dor White to ascertain exactly the in Icution^ of Germanv with it-speet t< the claims of llerr Luedeis, whose re cent imp] isonmeut IU Ilavtih.is cause* friction between the (Jerniun and Hay i I.IU gt)\ernnient. Mi White has als been instructed, if any themes of an nexation exist, or if theie is an inten t ion to make an excessive demonstra lion with a view of unduly punishing ifayti, to intimate to the (lernian go\ • •lument that the United States conk not tolei ate either of the courses be !c>n> mentioned, though in principle li.'umg no objection t\ Cioimanv ob t.uaing ft i- announced thnt Supei intenden ( binli H. Skinner is undecided a \ et as . what he will do tins winter o:i th' .bject of uiging further the :i Ivis'i 'ity of a change from the conn riy st i .! district svstem \o the town ships' iiin Superintendent Skinner think 1 iiiat the rural lejjislatois lot>k upon * plan with fear, and are not ihspo to accept it At his sugg lion, ; il was presented to the last legisl .re which abolished the pres <nt Hi '.->ol districts, but it met witl Mich i i>position as tt) opeiate perhap 1 to p ,\eut -a leintroductuui of the measiue this coming session. The superintendent will not push the bil this \eai, and if it is introduced at all it will be in a greatly modified form It is mmored in New York that at the opening of the legislatuie, i ,Charlef S. Adlc-, of the eighth district, one o the feu Platt assemblymen from that city, Wi!l introduce a bill amending the cha- ter so as to provide for a bi- purtisai board of two tiie commission- ers. '1 .ic charter puts the tire depart- ment \.nder one head This will be Platt - lirat move to get the fruits of the A . tofy from the Democrats, and it is lil.ely to be followed by the intro- duction of other bills, extending the bi-partisun system to other depart- ment- If this plan is attempted it will fail, for the independent assem- blymen will not assist in tlie mutila- tion ot the Greater New York charter, particulaily for the purpose, of strengthening the hands of Thos C Platt The Plattsburgh /'/vx* of November lilth announced a new cditoi ml policy undei the heading \Le t l*n Have IVacc ' and declares that it proposes 1.. \b • the dead past bury its dead,\ so far .is Republican factional strife in Ch 'ton county i 1 - concerned, and adds ' In raising the banner for harui'.'iv and union we believe we voice the sentiment of nuietv per cent, of the Republican voters throughout •int.. We believe it is no part of •. 'y n - a representative i >arty newB- •o s iow prejudice or preference ac! , factional controversy.\ •• gj iin-visage-1 w.ir lias mnooth- rnMed front \ an<l all is peace bti'. recently the red flag of internecine strife waved in defiance from the sanctum of the Press. It is well May its place be hereafter tak- en by the white-winged dove of peace, whose gentle cooings shall cause the •warlike Weverites and the aggressive MoffittiteR to beat their swords into j>lo\tgh-sUuies and their- \ razors \ in- to p.uning hooks. Lot the Press hoist the motto upon its editorial : \Peace hath Her Victories not Renowned than War.' the 0\ our d 1 pape' in y Thus e.d hi where flKNKRAI. NBW8 NOTES. John 0. Sheehau, the Tammany leader, is seriously ill at his New York home suffering from an attack of vertigo. Klmer Bocns, 10 years of age, was killed by the cars at Swauton, Vt., Monday afternoon while 1 riding on a wood car from which he fell. He was instantly killed. j A citizen of St. Louis named Mow- ery has just seonred a patent on an invention on which he has worked sixteen years, living practically on bread and water throughout that peri- d. He calls his contrivance a tel- uriau. It is an instrument to il- ustrate the motions of the earth and s designed for use in schools. Perhaps never before wore there so many turkeys raised hereabouts as this year and this is notwithstanding the act that the earlier part of the season was a very disastrous one to young birds. The cold and frequent spring aius played havoc with many an early flock but the second broods flourished and now nearly every farmer has tnr- ».ey8 for the market. One party who ast year raised less than fifty this year las over two hundred fine birds, and the case is not an extreme one. A good part of the birds w ill go to the Boston market.- --(touvrrnrnr Fnr Prow Details have recently been received at Washington showing that two form- er residents of that city, Lindsay C. Burke and a Mr. Mellin, the latter at one time a non-commissioned officer of the United States army, both of whom joined the Belgian army and were sent with troops to the Congo Free State, in Africa, were killed by rebellious natives who were also can- nibals, and that both were eaten by the natives, who were a particularly warlike and tierce tribe of dwarfs. Several other Americans were wound- ed in the tight with the natives but escaped the horrible fate of Burke and Mellin The Cuban constituent assembly bus issued a manifesto addressed to all who have the independence and future w elf are of jCuba at heart.\ The manifesto says. \No special laws, no political reform, nothing, in short, that the Spanish government may bo willing to grant which may mean Spanish sovereignty over Cuba will be accepted by the Cubans as a set- tlement of the war Independence or death is and shall be the unalterable and saoed motto of the Cubans We are lirmly determined to carry on the war until \ ictoiy or death crowns our effoits \ r \\\ official dispatch from Madrid announces that the Spanish government has issued a decree grant- ing autonomy to Cuba, but the lan- guage of the Cuban manifesto above tpioted shows how useless any eou- cession made by Spain is except the one demand of the-Cubans—absolute independence. Reports of great destitution among the miners at Dawson City are cur- rent, the trouble being mostly due to sianiU ol food and winter supplies Thomas Magee, St\, the well known San Francisco capitalist, in an intei- view with the correspondent of the Associated Press, said \The ex- citement o\er tee failure of the ateam- eis to bung food up to Dawson City continues The police took charge fort\vodu\s of the stores and-,ware- houses of the NorthwestorunmMlaska Commercial Company as a preqfution only. Flour was selling a|?j 82 a pound, and no quantities of less than 50 pounds w ere sold. No plans have yet been formulated to pi event the fitai vation of those who are short of pro\isions Those well supplied have not much sympathy with those who are short, because of the fact that the majonty of these latter went in with little food, although abundantly warn- ed at Lake Bennett in advance Staieh, as an article of commercial product, gives employment to more than 3,000 persons in this country and the annual value of the output is $10 r - 000,000. It is made from potatoes in 64 factories, mainly in New England, in which 2,854,512 bushelfc of potatoes au- us-ed yearly to produce 21,000,000 pounds of starch; value of product, $>C>l,»>07 In making starch from wheat five factoiies are engaged; their capi- tal i« $105,000 and the value of their product is #34(5,000. In making starch from Indian corn lij factories are kept busy, capital, #8,450,000. The largest number of factories is in the State of Maine—a total of IS. There are 16 starch factories in New York, 7 in Connecticut, 2 iu Vermont, and 1 each in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. In the west the two States having the largest numhei tif starch factories are Minnesota and Indiana, and'in the south there aie no factories except m one State—Floi ida. In respect to the amount ol capital represented Now Yoik stands away and beyond all oth- ers Queeus countv is at the head of the stuich line Some people may doubt the practi- cability of the big electric power scheme now being developed at Mas- sena, but no one can discredit the fact that an immense amount of work has already been done there, particularly upon the canal, as fhe following facts piove John Crelin's two steam shov- els at the power house site have been woiking three months and removed about !MM) cubic yaids of earth a day. The surface, was first lenioved to a depth of about six feet, four feet of which was red sand deposit. The shovels were then placed twelve feet lower and they have worked back into the solid clay bank about 150 by 500 feet, thus removing about 50,000 cnbic yards of eni th Mr. Creliu alt*o has another shovel working on the An- drews ridge, which took out during a part of last l^onth about 6,000 yards. It takes an engine tnd 15 cars to carry- away the earth from one shovel. Con- tractor James Gorbett, after finishing the removing of the surface dirt to water level for a distance of a thous- and feet in the line of the canal from the highway to the power house site, left the work at that point and pro- ceeded to the fiat near Andrews ridge There for the last six weeks he has had his four graders busily engaged, Eight animals in front and four behind act ah the propelling power of each machine. The earth is taken up much in the manner of an ordinary plow, made to turn an angle on an endless belt and raised to a height sufficient to dump it into a-wagon box. Six teams are employed by each grader to cart away the dirt. As Ropu as one wagon box is i uil another is ready to receive the earth and so ik& grader stops but a moment. The machines }un back and Jprth across the line of the canal until they reach water level. By this means Mr. Corbott removed during the month of October 50,000 cubic yards of earth. On the entire canal line 140,000 eubiti yards of earth were removed during October and the grand total since work begun i« 8,000,- 000 cubic yards. Clubbing Offer. , Through a clubbing arrangement whioh we have made with Harper & Bros., we are enabled to furnish the GAZETTE ami Harpers' Magazine one year for $4.00; the GAZKTTE and Har- pers' Weekly one year for 84.20; the GAZETTE and Harpers' Bazar one year for $4.20; the GAZETTE and Harpers' Round Table one year for $1.80. See prospectus published elswhero in this issue. The Cuban patriotb under Garcia re- cently captured an i important Spanish .»0 r men, taking al- >f stores and am- is very active in fort garrisoned bj' so a large quantity munition. The wai Matanzas, Havana u,nd Pinar del Rio provinces, an average oi 30 engage- ments being reported daily. The in- surgent bands are Is warming around Havana city and boljdly attack its sub- urbs, often securing, large amounts of provisions. i *m •'— •*—.- • — To Cure L'atArrh Do not depend upon, inhalants or other local applications. Catarrh is a constitutional disease, and can be suc- cessfully treated on^y by means of a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla which thoroughly purifies the blood and removes the scrofulous taints which cause catarrh. The great number of testimonials from those ho have been cured of catarrh by Hood's Sarsaparilla prove the un- equalled power of this medicine to conquer this disease. If troubled with catarrh give Hood's Sarsaparilla a fair trial at once Winter Garments for Men and Boys. 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DENNEKN -ID Conauble. N. Y., Nov 14. 1897, a danghter to Mr. and Mrs. John Uenneeo TODD— In Whlpplevlllo, N. V., Nov 2l t 1897. a •on to Mr. and >i re. George W. Todd WILLIAMS—ANSBACK —At Charm Falls N. T , Nov. 80. 18W, by Rev. W. T. Beat, Charles Williams, of Moira, and Mlaa Katie Ainback. o' Mountain View. Married at Malone. N Y., Nov. 80. 1897. by the Rev. John A. Macintosh, Frank btu&rt Cbaocell and Annie Case Parmelee. MAYNE-FOH ' UNE.—In Annison, Al 1 . Nov 7, KJOT.byRev Mr. Walston. L K Mayue of An- nleton, and MIHM lClla Fortono, of Mai out.'. LAFAYKTTK-BI8SONNKTTB.-In Malone. N Y., Nciv iitt, 1897 by Rev. Father 1'ochanl, (Jeo Lafayette. • f Conmablv, and Mli-n Priecltlla BU- eouDtlte, uf MuloDe FOY -MULHO1.LAND—In Malowe. N Y . on Thmeday. Nov. 25. 1897, by Kev. Win RoBflier, William J F»y of At \UKUntine. Fla.. and Mlee Florence R. Mulnolland, of Valone. SLACK—ROGERS.—In Malone, N Y Nov 28, 1H97. by Rev T O Cat-o, Henry T Slack and AitneM Jane Rogers, both of Malone BOIEA-MAKTIN -At the M. E. paraouaKC. Ma !\ne Nov. 30. 1897, by Rev. C C. Towntend. William Boyen anil Hattie A. Martin, both of Malone PALMKK-COOK -In Chatcaogay. Nov. 17. 1897, by Rev E. E. CheeHcman, An^un Palmer, of O ateungay, ami Mist) Lena pook. of Burke REILLY-FOKAN -[n Bnrke, N. Y., Nov 24, 1897, by Rev. Father Arnolis. George I. Rellly, of Chaieausuy. and Mise Margaret Koran, of Burke CALK.- In Moira, N. Y., <>n Friday, Nov 2C. 1897. Mr*. Salina Gale, mother of Mr* (ieorge Spencer, of Miilone, aged about 75 yearn GAMLAW.-ln Wentvlllo, N Y.Nov. 17. lfc«J7, ThomaM Gnuiliw, acod 39 years and (I months COLLINS -In Ilurke. N Y . on Wednenday, Nov. 2», 1897. of consumption, Dorothy Ann, wife of ThontaA Col lint), aged 71 years IIOLCOVtD— In Bnrke.N. T.. Sunday. Nov SI, 1W7, Prank Ilolcomb, aged 18 years (iONYKA -Ic IIo«plu>Dicuz. Moutnial, P Q . on WedHesdny. Nov 'j-l, ls<*7. Alex. Gonyeu. of Malone. N. Y ' aged 35 yeare. WUIPPLE -In CotiHtable. N Y., Monday. Nov 2'l, 1897 of nnghfa disenue, Mrs Mary L. Whipple, formerly of Malone, N. Y., aged 07 yearn FARRINGTON -In L&wrenceville. N Y , Nov 25, 1S97, of Brigat'a disease, Jonnph A Far- rington. aged 69 years. £> • daring 1898 will present to its nsader* a faithful pictorial repre- sentation of the world's most interesting and important news interesting and impor THE NEWS THAT BECOMES HISTORY National and Inter- national Politics Social and Economic Question! Industrial Enterprise Art and Literature paie The WIEKLV will continue to pan in ''\-• K rra t political events of on. conn- tr>. It will treat of the social and n o- nomic questions, and of the development of the middle west. Its special corre- spondent in the Klondike region will I race the story of the Rieat gold disco\erics LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES Two long serials will appear during the \ „ '\ I 5 £DO 0 */JU. year, contributed by authors of inter- ; T||K / ssorUTEO HEKlnT8 uatioual fame, and will be illustrated \ K> HIANK R STothTuX Owen Witter \ These and a score of equally prominent rlowtrd Pvle Writers will contribute short stones to the John Kftrrarlck Bangs < WBBKI V m 1898, making the piper espe- Mary E. Wllkins <ciallynclunfiction Otherfeaturesare the DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICLES THIS BUSY WORLD FOREIGN NOTES tit E S XARTIX B* POt'LTKKY Bl(iSHJ» LETTERS FROM LONDON AMATEUR SPORT By ARNOLD WHITB By CASPAR WUITSKY A SPORTING PILGRIMAGE AROUND THE WORLD In the interest of the WEBKI v,Caspar Whitney is on his way around the world He will visit Siam in search of btjj game, making hi* pnnci|>.\l hunt from Bangkok H e will visit India and then proceed to Lurope to prepare articles on the sports ot Germany and France. V'i a cof>y (sendfor free firosfeitui) i>ubtcrif>tion %', 00 a year }'oitiigef>ee in the Untied States, Canada, and Jlfexn o UAKPKIt * RKOTIIKflS, Publisher*. New York City To the Honorable Board of Supervisor* of tbe County of Fraiiklln- Your Committee on Treasurer's UOOKH HII<1 AC- connte b&vo carefully < xamliu-d thi 1 ncconntB of l Treimiirer of Kranklm (\uiiii> rrcun \<,\ l«ih, to Oct. 10th, 18'jr, aud brc !•> .oibmH the fol ,HK repui r S».-18f>l >r. 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AddraM THE 8UN, New York. * T W Higgmsun ARPERS BAZAR a thoronghly up-to-date periodical for women, will enter upon its thirty-first volume in 1S98 During the year it will be as bereiofore A MIRROR OF FASHION Paris and New York Each issue Mil contain carefully pre- r~~k~-~ pared drawings ot the advance fashions fasnions oi p arl 8 an d New York Once a month A Colored Fashion \ the BAZAR will issue, free, a colored C,,__/____* fashion supplement Cut paper patterns Supplement of certai n ' g l owns ineac h ^^ T Wlll b e Cut Paper Patterns made a feature These will be sold in m o: utn^Li. Dai***** connection with each issue at a unilorm M Bi-weekly Pattern ppce The hAlAK wM als o pu bi, s h bi- Sheet ! weekly, free, an outline pattern sheet LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES Two famousauthorswillcontnbute long serial stones to the BAZAR in 1808 The first deals with Scotch and Continental scenes, the second is a story of a young girl, versatile, and typically American Mary E Wilkina I These and a score of other equally nM '. TKO«-» prominent writers will contribute OcUve Thanet | £ Wf MOHM | O |he BAZAR m l8og William Illicit WILD EELEN By IVILUA V Bl ACK RAGGED LADY By IK D HOH'FUB Kathanue Ue f-'orctl ' \ »POfford pr maklng the | fiction especially rich in Mary t. Wiiki W. D. Howelb M. S. Briacoe DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICXES OUR PARIS LETTER THE LONDON LETTER By KATHAKI\T DT. FORhSl Sy 1/Vi POL'/ 771 £»' / K-FI OW CLUBWOMEN I'UMOR By MARGARET H It H t II fy JOH \ f. I <•/>'-•• ~ f I VGS There will be a series of articles on Etiquette. Music, the Voice, Art, the Play, Women and Men, Leaders amnim Women, Gardening, Housekeeping, Life and Health, Indoor Ikt.-nls. etc 10c, a Copy (Send lor Free Prospectus) Sub , Si a Year Postage frtt in the United Stales, Canada, and Srlexuo Adtfren HARPER & BROTHERS, Publisher*., New York City Octave Thanct y llrandon.. JiriylHou . (S8H 49 I', irku 8,7»7 31 ( ur.Uaugay.. 5.163 58 Dicklnron DUHtif Ki CoMi^ion Frai.kliti Hurrleti-tuvMi Mdlotn; Moira nt» wlara \ Wavt-rly \ ' WLDivillf resident retorus noD-rce rctuniH comptroller, a< count mill lary fund State treas . BChool mmu > K. U taxis Hcboul Dift a. Krankllu M W. llutchttis. i-ulu ..f county furniture It R taxes rthool L)ir*t l, Maloue & <: R K ux«H school Dial. 3 Waveely R H taxHd ncbool Oist 1, Santa Liar a R. U. taxes school Dist 3, Dickinson JO Slater, refunded 11 brary money . H II. Hawley, Supt.. sale- farm product! 11 H. Hawley, Supt , salu farm produce Dist. Atfy, (bond Oabal di-stou) .. Dist Att'y. (llnf Win Johnson) . transfer tax, I'armeleu es UU-. . Mrs K Judd, deposit in lien of bail. coUer.torn Dickinson, Ban Ror and Constable ^crap er taxes 18«'i . . . excise . 1.98(>97 471501 1 .-«11 OJ H-i r > 34 •i\ 0tl5 iO •I.OHT W, 1655 74 Ht!\ «:< 1 097 BB 8-! 3b 2 Z.ii 10 7U'J ^>0 , v'5,054 94 ' 4 00 31 o'J l l ^0 4!) 5H 5 14 5 00 49 07 224 4° 7(K) 70 100(10 529 36 100 00 4ol 65 12.1106 »l SI 15 191 >'.! Kec d ID county urdern thru eoll»-ctore. ],70« * i Kec'd In poor urdere thro colleciors. 11 DISBI'RSEMENTS. Cash paid acc't poor fond . • $1 i,031 36 mis. county acc'tw Mi,7Hl3i> \ \ \ court fuurt . 5,<JO7 7.: ' coniiDgeni fund 1,712 71 \ \ 8h«rlfTB barn fund 99i 6 \ \ \ supply fand . 1,124 14 \ \ armorcr'B anlary 450 (K) \ \ \ debentnroi board of su- pervisors i,or. it \ \ mtniary fond . . ftfvl (ti N.N. Y. De*f Mute In Btilutc 1,060-v \ \ \ non ree school taxt-H l.tW'i \\ '\ \ \ jirmory fund. 21)11 tn salary fund . 'i,sw j . R Ii taxes school Diet. J, Moira . JI -u \ \ \ K. K tuxe» school Dist 7, Dickinson .. m 1: ' R R taxee Bchool Diet 3. Dickloeon 1^ <J \ \ \ R. R. taxes school Diet 1. Moira . . . 1; 4 ' R R, taxeB school Dim 2, Franklin \M 0 It. R. taxes school Dint 1. Malone & C 11 i ' R. R. uxes school Diet 1, Santa Claru, m ', ' U R. taxes echooi Dw \3. Dickinson '> 1 fininty bonds and Interoui 4MOCX trea». btate of N Y . bal lax .. .... 5.007 3^ OgdenBbarBCityHoHpltai l,7J.l(ir \ \ \ Home for the Friendless ; :J.' collector of Franklin, to bal . . . JHIK col or \Va\erly to bal 8 1 col of Dunne to ha) .W \i \ \ ' coin highways, Franklin 7~ll t> com. highway* Dunne 1M) h \ \ \ supervinorn'acc't i«cho(i) roud .. W (X3 h 1 \ transfer tax nnd fwi* r >*t> 3 ! ' protested check, ^lantu Clara 1 \ com of highways Cha:- eaugay y \ ' \ CXCIKU 10.fit Paid county orders thro 1 collectors v 1,708 2t Paid poor orders thro' collectors . u Cash on hand in People's Nat'l Bank General fond. . $8,56<) m Excise fuud . S31 99 Deflrienry as per schedule. 9,401 * i5 03ft o: 2 01U 2 1 DEFICIENCY SCHEDULf] Kxctse denclency from Nov 16, 1696, to Jan'y 1 18V7. Altamout . 4; - After January 1st, 1897 Santa Clara J 8 31 Uarrietetown . 006 65 Altamont - M ,«i Malone . . . 9334 Jo General deficiency NOT 16, \»« to Jai'y 1, 1847. Money dep by Mrs Jadd in lieu of bail After Jannary 1st, 1897. Coll. town of Bangor. July 21, \ Bangor, Jnly 30 . \ Bellm#nt, March 31 \ \ Bellmont, April 3 . . • Chateaogay, Feby..' \ CbateatiKay, Sept 10 \ Constable, January . \ •' Ft i'ov , Feb'y \2, ree'd $1,385, dep $1. - 200 1 \ Sunta Clara, Apr. 11 \ Weotville, Mch 4. ree'd $236 Oft, dep $4508. . Non-res, rcttirrm $1,307 01 Collector town of Moira. Feb'y •>, ree'd $HW 25, <lep $HWi 35 . 10 $1,306 9 20 00 2 67 M 15 ) 28 350 00 13301) 100 00 185 00 303 .>3 I'M (X) 58 $2,010 2' We also add to our report the followiuK sched ole, showing the condition of the Court Fond ae found by Mr Cbaboon, Examiner: Deficiency in the matter of tlm Carroll In- fants . $ 16 Ot Deficiency in the matter of the estate of Mm Koapp .. ... 202 Deficiency in the matter of Merchant vs Miller 77 16 Deficiency in the matter of the McCarthy infants . 30 00 $.'326 11 We also add to our report the following ltemi/ed statement of checks drowu for salary, which show au amount of $750 more than he was entitled to The period covered by this schedule is from .Tanu ary lit , IK94 to Jannary let, 1897 Feb'y 23. 1894 * 25C Mrh 17, 1894 . . . 25( May 25 1894 . ... 250 Ann 15, 1894 . 250 SeDt 12 lf-94 250 Nov 21. 1894. 250 Mch 1. 1H95 . . 250 July 19, 1895 250 Sept 25. 1895 . 250 Dec 4, 1895 ... 250 Feb'y 3,189o 250 Apr. 14,18% . . . . , 250 Jnne 23, 189tt.. 2.V) Sept. 9. 1896 . . .250 Nov 20,1890 . . . 250 $3,750 We also find that th«- County Treasurer's salary for 1897 of $1 200 has been drawn from tha salary fund. Respectfully submitted. K C. PINE. 1 W 0 STEENBKRt.E. VCommitUP F E KENDALL, I STATK OF NEW YORK. I <>,. FRANKLIN COUNTT CLERK'S OPFIOR, ) I, F. S Channel I, Clerk of said County, do here by certify that I have compared the fore LL. e.] going with the original Report of the Com m it tee on County Treasurer's Books and Accounts, filed Nov 24 1897. in thie office and that the same ie a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of such origi- nal. \Vitn°ssmy hand and official Heal at Maloue, this24tb day of Nov.. 1897. F. S. CHANNEL!,, County Clerk. To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of the County of Franklin. I have the honor 10 submit the following report of moneys received, disbursed and on hand by me 4s Treasurer of the County of F'anklin since Octo- ber 15th, 18U7, to and including Nov. 20tb, 1897: RECEIVED Cash on band in general fund date last -report . . . . $8,569 30 Cash ree'd from State treasurer . . 223 41 \ \ acc't ree. returns 47 45 •• \ acc't R. R taxes In sch.diets 299 69 \ acc't collector Moira to bal. 10 74 '• \ acc't supervisor Malone, 1,1919) \ \ acc't supervisor Dickinson S91«) \ \ acc't supervisor Ft Covlngtou 15 00 \ \ arc't supervisor Harrsetstowu 1,080 00 \ \ acc't supervisor Brandon . 6 00 $11,482 52 DISBURSED. ash transferred to excise fund . $ 360 13 '• paid acc't salary fund . .. . 1,237 00 •' \ acc't non-res, school taxes. . 1,939 26 \ acc't contingent fund 63 60 ••' \ acc't R. R. taxes in sch. diets 299 69 \ '' acc't armory fund . . . 100 00 \ \ acc't poor fund 1,006 38 \ acc't court fund . . 2,583 86 \ \ acc't supply fund 597 42 \ acc't mflltBry fund . a 75 \ \ accl $50 appropriation . . 4S 08 \ acc't sheriff's barn fund ... 250 Bal. on hand to credit gen'l fund to bal . 8,221 86 $11,482 52 EXCISE FUND RECEIVED Cash on hand in excise fund date laet re- port $ 831 99 \ transferred from general fand ... 369 18 \ received from liquor tax certificates Issued . . 80 83 \ \ from M. J. Crowley (after- wards refunded .. 33 33 \ from Mr*. Alice Dustin, (afterwards refnnded). . . l 67 $1,316 95 DISBURSED. 'ash paid to State Treas., (State's share ex, money $ 61 68 \ \ to Supervisors, (towns' share ex. money) .... ... 1,152 82 \ toTre&sureHfeesonex.money) 17 50 •' to M J Crowley 33 S3 \ \ Mre. Alice Dustin 167 tal on hand to credit excise fund to bal 50 00 $1,316 05 STATE OP NEW YORK, I ,, , COUNT* OF FRANKLIN, f^°- Tom Adams, being duly sworn, says that be is be Treasurer or said County of Franklin, and that he foregoing statement of moneys, received, dis- iiirsed and on hand by htm as such Treasurer, Ie net and true. TOM ADAM8, Co Treas. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23d day >f Nov , 1897. HuWARD D HADLEY, Notary Public STATE OF NEW YORK. i „, KRANTtLII* (. ODNTT CLERK'S O»FI0B ( I, F. 8 Chnnnell, Clerk of eaid County, do here- by certify that I bave compared the foregoing with the original Report of County Treasurer filed Nov. 24. 1897, in thie office, and that tbe same is a cor rcct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of such original. Wltneis my band and official seal at Malone, [L. ».) thl» S4tb day of Nov., 1897. F. 8. CHANNKLL, Oounly Clerk. .._'- __ > *i~a T^SMI—•^^\ 1— *Jj SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. WHAT? TRADING STAMPS. WHERE? AT PUTNAM'S 3 GREAT STORES! OUR ASTOUNDING OFFER Though Our Holiday Line is Greater, Richer, Prices Lower than ever before, we will give a Trading Stamp with every 10c. purchase. OUR BARGAIN SLED .... 3 Ponnds Mixed Candy. ... \ Ponnds Extra Table Nuls 3 lbsCandj, 2 lbs Nnts.. 4 lbs Choice Cal. 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