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mmmmmmmimmmmmm^mm mmmm*m*m MKXJ0O INDEPENDENT, , ., AW-imUS JOOBN41, DXVOTBP TO LITERATU&E, €rE£irE£AL INTELLIGENCE Am hOGAh NEWS* HtEMPHSiES & SGAER^T, Editors and Proprietors, TERMS: Xgr One DoUar a Year, in Advance.-fj^ ,^i«4v t, «»• VMS'- '**V- DEVOTED TO LITEEATURE, NEWS OP THE DAY, AND LOCAL AEFA1BS. KATES OF ADVERTISING t Twelve lines or less of solid Nonpareil make a square. 1 square 1 week, 1 do 3 \ i do 3 \ 1 do 4 « 1 do 3 months, I do 6 \ 1 do 1 year, M col'm I week, }i do 2 \ >£ do 3 \ M do 4 » ^ do lyear $ 50 75 1.00 1.25 8.00 5.00 8.00 3.00 5.00 6.00 6.50 15.00 # column 1 week, $ 5 .ou % do 2 \ 8.00 >4 do 3 \ 10.00 K do 4 \ 12.00 % do lyear, 30.00 1 column 1 week, 7.00 1 do 2 \ 10.00 1 do 8 <« 12.00 1 do 4 \ 13.00 1 do 8 months, 16.00 1 do 6 \* 80.00 1 do lyear, 50.00 Advertisers will be ai^wed three changes during the year without extra charge. Editorial notices designed to promote individual inter- ests (if admissible), 10 cents per line for each insertion. No advertisement or notice inserted for less than Fifty Gents. \ JKS^ Transient advertisements must be paid For in ad- vance. t J J9S^\ JOB PRINTING, of every description, eajecntedat this Office with neatness and dispatch:, and at moderate rates. • i MEXICO HOTEL, \EXICO N. Y.—J. B. TAYIOR, Proprietor. Stages leave this House daily for Oswego, Syracuse, Sand Bank, Pulaski, and Fulton. • 17 3. D, HARTSON. A TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Mexico, N. Y. Special attention paid to collections. __ „ _______________ C OUNSELLOR AT LAW. Office in Phoenix Block, over Clinton & Eaton's Store, Main street, Mexico. WHITNEY & SKINNER, A TTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT. LAW, BANKERS. Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y. and M FR1NCHS' LAW OFFICE, EXICO, Oswego County, N. Y. All business promptly attended to. Special attention paid to collections-. GEQRGB Q. FRENCH, JOHIT B. FRBNCH. M. W. BABCO0K, OOT AND SHOE MAKER, Phoenix Block, over Brooks' store; Repairing done to order. B WM. PENFIELI), M ANUFACTURER AND DEALER EST OMNIBUSES, Coaches, Carriages, Sleighs, Gutters, Buggies,Lum- ber wagons, etc'j'Mexico, N. Y. M AMERICAN HOTEL, 'EXICO, N. Y., East side of Salmon Creek. Stacy, Proprietor. J. M. VOLUME III. MEXICO, ISL Y., THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1863. FUMBEK 26. Sandhovel Mills. The subscribers would say to the publio that they are ' prepared to do all kinds of CUSTOM GRINDING, AT ALL TIMES, as they hav» plenty of water even in the dryest weather. ILOU E, made from the best White, Red, and Spring Wheat, sold AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at the lowest market price3, and warranted to be first- rate. FEED of all kinds constantly on hand. AMOS RIDER & SON. : Mexico, May 12, 1863. 32tf Latest News in STRICKLAND & SILL On this side of the Rappahannock!!! High Prices on Cotton Goods Played Out 1 New Firm!;} New Goods ! I! Low Prices I!! I -»-. T HE NEW FIRM OF STRICKLAND & SILL (successors •toft E. Sill,) beg leave to say to their Customers and the public generally that they have purchased re- cently at the city of New York, a LARGE AND WELL SELECTED STOCK OF \. MERCHANDIZE, for NOTCASH. These Goods have been purchased at a ereat discount from former prices, as all Cotton Goods are from twenty to twenty-five per cent, lower than one \•flL-mfose that wish to purchase Goods at the Lowest MarfEet Rates will do well to give us a call! before pur- chasing elsewhere. We have great advantage over those that purchased a stock of Goods early. . N. B—Cash paid at the highest market rates for Dairy Parted Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Pork, Lard, Wool, and most kinds of Pfoduce. » * OTTT fL. L. STRICKLAND. B. E. SHX. Dated Hastings, May 12,1863- 20m3 BR. V. A. BAKEB,, ROOMS IN SNELL BLOCK, UP STAIRS MEXICO Curable Chronic, or long standing diseases cured. We make the treatment of \Old complaints*' a special branch of practice, and will at all times cheerfully refer to cases cured as reference for those who may desire treatment, and yet be unacquainted With us. Affections of the Chest and Throat treated in conformity with all the light Science has thrown upon these maladies. Patients visited when desired. All calls for acute diseases punctually attended. Farm for Sale. rTlHE subscriber offers to sell his FARM, containing 1 100 ACRES, . . .. _ tT , T T TA\rm?W \together With STOCK, TEAM. WAGONS, SLEIGHS, HAR- J. J. L AMOKEBi, wgwMw w FARMING TOOLS, &c. A ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, and Justice of the Peace, Phoeoix Block, across the hall from Whitney & Skinner's Banking office, Mexico, N. Y. Spe- cial attention paid to collections, drawing and acknowl- edging Of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, etc. ~ \\ 8. B. BARNES, J USTICE OF THE PEACE, in Webb Block, Mexico, N. Y. D BUTLER & HIGGINS, EALERS IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Paints, Oils, Dyo Stuffs, Books, Stationery, etc., Mexico, N. Y. STONE & TOLLER, D EALERS IN HARDWARE, Stoves, Iron, Steel, Nails, Copper and Sheet Iron, and Manufacturers of Tin Ware. Agent* for Winsted Manufacturing Co^'s Grass and<Grain Scythes, at manufacturers prices. In Phoenix Block, Mexico, N. Y. CLINTON & EATON, D EALERS IN SILVER AND PLATED WARE, Grocdrles, Flour, Pork, Batter, Cheese, Wood, Willow and Stone Ware, Fluid, Kerosene Oil and Lamps. In Phoenix Block, Mexico, N. Y- \\ P. J. BABCOCK, \~ TYEALER IN ALL KINDS OF PUMPS, for Wells and | J Cisterns. Repairing done at all times. Shop near residence on Church street. HARMON-C. AMES, M EXICO,\N. Y. Agent for all kinds of Boot and Shoe Machinery, Boot Crimpers, Sole Cutters, Boot Turners, Seam Rubbers, Counter Skivers, Heel Shavers, Rollins Mills, Punch and Sett combined, Hand Punch and Sett, Nailing Machines, Wax Thread Machines, Boot Treeing Machines, Dies ef all sizes, Boot and Shoe Pat- terns of all kinds. SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES. * Singer's, Whitney & Lyon's, Lester's, Johnson's, Sco- vill & Goodell's, Quaker City, Howe's, Wheeler & Wil- son's, Grover & Baker's, Ladd & Webster's, Bartholf'e, Eureka, Finkle. & Lyon. ~~\ J. N. F. HALL, \pARBER AND HAIR DRESSER. Particular attention X) paid to Shampooaing, and the Cutting of Ladies' and Children's Hair. Shop on Jefferson street, opposite L. Downing's Law Office. DR. C. BABCOCK, NESS, FARMING iv V1 *.,, Said Farm is situated one mile north of^ Union Square, town of Mexico, Oswego Co., is wen watered, has TWO GOOD BEARING ORCHARDS. Buildings in good condition —Barns new, and for convenience and durability propa- blyare not surpassed in the County, ^e premises are richly beautified and profited by splendid Sugar Maples on each side of the highway. | or T P a |SSf dreS9j Jtttf Union Square, Oswego Co., N. Y. Buckeye Mower, nflHE undersigned is now prepared to furnish Farmers 1 with the BUCKEYE MOWER, with all of its new improvements, and manufactured on UNION PRINCIPLES, being bound together with an Iron Constitution, so that no part can easily secede, and is admitted to be the most durable and convenient machine yet invented, Letevery farmer call and examine it before purchasing elsewhere, v- Sio ? Mexico, June'l,',1863. 23^4 For Sale,. ACRES OF LAND, about one half covered with timber—one mile south of Mexico Village—will be sold cheap. Enquire of the subscriber^ ^-^^ Mexico, June 3,1863. ^ w3 - LAWS OF NEW YORK—BY ACTIIOBTTY. [Every law, unloss a dilforent tim« v shall be' jircscribod thereitt, shall commence and talco effect throughout the State On and not before the tweatieth »la.\ iilti-rtlu- ttuy'of its final passage, as certified by the Heentary of St:U<-.^- Sec. 12, title 4, chap. 7, part 1, Revised Statutes .j CHAPTER 452. AN ACT to amend an act entitled, \An act for carrying out and constructing a public high- way in the county of Hamilton, and applying the non-residents highway taxes upon certain lands in said county for that purpose.\ passed April twenty-first, one thousand,,eight hun- dred and sixty-two. Passed May 6,J1863; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, rei>rcsailed in Sen ate and Assembly, do enact us follows: SECTION 1. William McEachron, of the coun- ty of Washingten, Robert G. Osirander of the county of Hamilton, and Joseph Fellows-of the city of Albany, are hereby appointed commis- sioners to lay out a public highway, commenc- ing at a point on the „ north side of the west branch of the Saconnago river, at or [near the line between township number one and the Ox- bow tract, in the county of Hamilton, and run- ning up said river, or as near thereto as practi- cable to the saw mill on the outlet of Plseco lake, with two branches from said outlet, one Westerly to the Morehouse road, the other south. erly to Allen's farm house, and to lay out and construct and repair any and. all other roads in the town of Arietta, in said county, and ail the highway tax already assessed, or which may hereafter be assessed and also all moneys here- tofore levied on the following non-resident lands not heretofore paid into the comptroller's office, and not already expended, shall bo applied by the commissioneis appointed under this act and 'their successors to the construction and repair of said highways, viz : All the lands in the Ox bow tract and the southwest Quarter of town- ship number one, in Totten and Crossfield's purchase, in said county of Hamilton, and on all other non-residents in the said town of Ari etta. § 2. The damages sustained by any and all effect as the original book or books of such cor- poration ; puch copies shall be verified by the person making the same, (who shall be pro- duced and sworn as a witness on the trial or bearing,) that such copy is a true copy of the book or books; or entry or entries in such book or books of such corporation, and who shall prove that the book or books from which he made such copy or copies, were at the time of making such copy or copies, acknowledged to such person by some officer of such corporation to be the book or books of such corporation and where and in whose custody such book or books were kept at the time such copy or copies were made. § 2. The party intending to use or offer such copy or copies in evidence, shall give the oppo^ site party ten days' notice of such intention, specifying briefly the nature of the evidence proposed to be given ; provided that the provi- sions of this act, authorizing such cepy or copies to be received in evidence, shall not apply when any such foreigu corporation is a party and seeks to prove its proceedings in its own behalf. § 3. This act shall take effect immediately. STATE OP NEW YOKK, \ Office of the Secretary of State, j I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said Original. HORATIO BALLARD, \ Secretary of State. CHAPTER 194:. AN ACT to provide for the payment of inter- est on certain canal drafts, certificates, awards for damages and estimates for work done on the canais of this State. Passed April 12-1,1863—three fifths being present. The P'/ypif of the Stale of New York, represented in Sen- ate and Assembly, do enact as folloivs : SECTION 1. All canal commissioners' drafts and certificates, and all estimates of engineers, whether final or monthly, made, given or is- sued since the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty, for work done and materi- als furnished for the construction of any of the canals of this state, and all the awards made by the canal appraisers, the canal board or shall give notiee thereof to the comptroller of this state, and to the comptroller of the city and county of New Tork, and thereafter the amount of money which the said compa- ny shall have in trust, in deposit or on loan, and the amount of its outstanding loans as authorized by its charter, may. be increased in the proportion which th<j increase of its capital stock, thus made, shall bear to the original capital stock thereof. § 4. The powers of the said company are hereby declared to authorize it to aet, and it may act as agent for the purpose of issuing, registering or countersigning- the certificates of stock, bonds or other evidences of debt, of any corporation, association, municipality, state or public authority, on such terms as may be agreed upon. § 5. This act shall take Effect immediately. STAra OF NEW YORK, 1 Office of the Secretary oE State, J I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certfiy that the same s a correct transcript therefrom and of the whoje of said ioriginal. HORATIO BALLARD, Secretary of State. owners or occupants of lands, by reason of lay ing ; Ga nal commissioners, for damages, shall be en- out said roads, shall be caused to be ascertained j tiUed to draw iaterest at the rate ^ f gts per by the commissioners appointed by this act, and ceQt per anQUm after sixfcy days from ffie date such as may be substituted by the treasurer of j of g(jch ^^^ cerfciflcates> eBt i ma tes and Hamilton county in the place of such as may i affatdfl has been or shaI1 be de i ayed or p 0st . die> refuse or neglect to serve in the manner ! l30ned bj tfae gtat ^ ._ consequence of the non . prescribed by the fifth and sixth sections of the , a pp roprla t^ Q 0 f funds to pay such drafts, cer- act to reduce the number of town officers and j trficate8j eatimatea and awards, but such in- town arM county expenses, and to prevent terest shall cease when ever the auditor of the Wool Carding, CLOTH DRESMa, AND MAHUFACTURING Done at Prtttville, and warranted, by M. D. ERSKINE. 23m4 ITVENTIST, Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y. Teeth plugged j / with Gold, Silver and Os-artificial, and warranted for 10 years. Artificial Teeth inserte I 20 per cent, less than can be inserted by any other Dentist in the county. Having two professions I can afford to work cheaper than if I had bat one. All work warranted to.^ive the best satisfaction. A * ; Jane 1,1863. Cash Paid for rpHE undersigned hereby give notice to the Farmers X that the buying of BVTTER AND EGGS, FOR CASH, is continued same as last year. The highest market price will at all times be paid. If parties wish, to consign their Dairies, we can take, charge of them and make lib- eral advancesof cash on them when delivere-|a|Radroad. Mexico, May 18,1863. & I. STONE.' STARR CLARK, M Ms Old Stand, Main Street, Mexico, Dealer in STOVES, STOVE-PIPE, STOVE TRIMMINGS, PECKHBM'S AGRICULTURAL, FURNACES, And Manufacturer of aU kinds of Tin Ware, jg®» WHOLESALE AND RETATL^* ^~~~ THEI PLACE TO ~ Buy You a Harness, Cheap. T HE subscriber offers for sale, of his own manufacture a good assortment of PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL'S OFFICE, \ -,, WASHINGTON, D. C., May 22d, 1863. J All men who desire to join any particular Regiment of Cavalry now in the field, are hereby authorized to pre- sent themselves at any time during the next thirty days to the Board of Enrolment in their respective Dis- tricts. The Board shall examine them, and determine upon their fitness for the service, and if found to be fit, the Provost Marshal of the District shall gwe them transportation tickets to the general Rendezvous, at the Head-quarters of the A. A. Provost Marshal General of the State. As soon as they present, themselves to this general Rendezvous they shall be duly mastered by a mustering and disbursing officer, and paid by him the bounty aUowed by law. _. 03-3 <=» Provost ^Marshal General. TRUJYKS, HORSE COPERS, ifC, which he foels assured will give satisfaction to the pur- chaser. CARRIAGE TRBTMING and repairing done to order. Store on Jeflerson^treety Mexico. GEO. W. PRUYNE. Butter and Cheese. IMPORTANT TO DAIRYMEN!! I AM now prepared to pay the highest mai^et price, in ^ASH, for cltEESE, and good yellow BUTTER in tubs or firkins- or if any prefer, will make liberal advances and, consign it to one of the best strictly Commission houses in the city (for whqm I am agent), and will stand responsible for prompt sale and returns for the balance on your produce thus consigned, I will ship Cheese once a week at some of the K. R. depots in the County, and. receive Butter and small lots of Cheese every Saturday at Jas. Bailey & Co'8 Clpthmg Store, (back rooms and cellar) Whitney's Block, Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y. Cash paid for Eggs. Yery thankful for past favors, please let me have a Chance to buy or handle your dairies this year, as this is my exclusive business. 20tf J. J- JACKSON. CHANDLEE & AMES> Bankew, Mexico, Chrvrego CO., Jf. _\• Sight Drafts for Sale on New York City, England, Ire- land, Germany, France, and all parts of Europe. OSWEGO COMMERCIAL COLLEGE. T HE ANNUAL TERM-of this tastitutionTyiJiopen Sept. 1st, 1862, under the supervision or C. *P. MEADS, assisted by a full board of competent Instructors. The Colieo-e has been moved fr9m Hart's building to the new and beautiful Jefferson Block, West First St., brer Buckhout and Barnes' hat store. The course of instruc- tion has been greatly increased, and no pains will be spared to make it One of the best Institutions in the Coun- tF For Circulars, Catalogues, or other information, call at he College, or address (enclosmgstamp) 5 ' . C. P. MEADS* Principal, Cfemm^rcifl College,, 03.tegpjN. Y. • Oswego, Aug. 11,1862. * astf A NEW supplyof Pocket Cutlery, Razors, RazorStrops, etc., at the store of C. F. BROOKb. fc__ SENE QIJRE SIRE AND NO GO OTT, at m „^ TO . £> SUTLER & mGGiNS^ • ' •'* LIVERY. '^'.j T HE subscriher* would Inform fee public that<_e h»a just purchased the livery of A. S. Chantberlin, ajnd removed his own to *he Mexico Hotel Barns; and is nuw prepared to furnigh anything in his line that majrtJe wanted' Heaotscanbe ordered, at my store or at ^ he B ^^g, DAIRYMEN TAKE NOTICE! CASH Paid for BUTTIE ANP CHEESE • CO LOS SB !! flflHE undersigned desiring to establish himself >in the 1 Produce Trade, Wishes to inform the Farmers and Dairymen that he is bound to pay the higjhest market •price, in Cas_, for Butter and Cheese, If any prefer,! will make liberal advancesi, and consign it to » first-ciaBS Commission House in the cilty (for which lam agent), and will be respo*sibfe for prompt sales and returns. Satisfactory references given on application to my place of business. Thanking you for past favors, and urging; you to give us a call before 'making sales elsewhere, I subscribe, myself respectfully yours, L. D, WILLIAMS. P. S.---Ch«ese Boxes kept constantly on hand. t War upon High Prices IN HASTINGS! H P BORT being thankful for previous patronage, . would solicit a continuance in the future, and will here say that he WILL tf OT BE UNDERSOLD. Buying his Goods as he needs them, consequently Goods having dropped off in price, he is ready at all times to go With the market. I have a good assortment of domestic Dry Goods,Ready-madeClothing, Grtjceries im abundance, and for good pay will sell at'greatly reduced prices. Cus- tomers, it is for your interest to call and examine. Cash paid for Butter, Eggs and Wool. • May 23,1863. iDER YtNEGAR.-r-The best to be found at the store abuses in auditing town and cSunty expenses,' passed December fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, or which may be otherwise substituted by law. § 3. When said damages are assessed as above provided, it shall be the duty of said commis- sioners of highways of the several towns through which said highways run to cause the same to be opened and worked within three years. § 4. The county treasurer of said county of Hamilton shall pay over to the comptroller, when he makes his annual return of the arrears of taxes, the amount of any highway taxes as- sessed upon said non-resident lands which may have been paid over to the said treasurer, and the comptroller shall pay over annually all such moneys so received by him to said commission- ers, and all unexpended moneys in the bands of the highway commissioners or any former com- missioner or commissioners of said town arising from non-resident lands, or which may come to them or any of their hands, the commissioners which are or may be appointed under this act shall demand, have and receive, or recover by action in their official character, of and from auy commissioner or commissioners of highways of of said^town of Arietta, now or lately in office, having, or who may hereafter have, any such money. Such action may be brought in any court having jurisidietion. § 5. If the officers, or any of them, whose duty it shall be to assess the highway tax on said lands mentioned in the first section ef this act, shall omit to make any assessment, of the same, the commissioners appointed by this act, or their successors, shall make such assessment, and the tax so assessed by said commissioners shall be as valid in all respects, and shall be collected in the same manner as other highway taxes on nou-resident lands are collected. § 6. The said commissioners shall have power to expend the highway tax assessed on the lands mentioned in the first section of this apt, in laying out, constructing and keeping in re- pair said roads. § 7. The said commissioners shall give a.bondj with satisfactory sureties^to the treasurer of the county of Hamilton, in the sum of one thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of their duties before entering upon the dis- charge thereof. § 8. The said commissioners shall render to the treasurer of the county of Hamilton an- nually before the first day of\ December in each year an exhibit of their expenditures, with the necessary vouchers for the same. §9. The treasurer of the county of Hamil- ton shall have power to fill all vacancies that shall occur in the office of said commissioners for any cause. § 10. The said commissioners shall be paid and receive for their ;service one dollar and fifty cents for each day actually employed in the performance of their duties. § 11. This act shall take effect immediately, and continue in force three years. Three Words of Strength, There are three lessons I would write-^ Three words as with a burning pen, In tracings of eternal light, Upon the hearts of men. Have hope. Though clouds environ now, And gladness hides her face in scorn, Put thou the shadow from thy brow- No night but hath its morn. Have faith, Where'er thy bark is driven— The calm's disport, the tempest's mirth— Know this—God rules the hosts of heaven, The inhabitants of earth. Have love. Not love alone for one, But man, as man, thy brothers call, And scatter like the circling sun, Thy charities on all. Thus grave these lessons on thy soul-r- E'ope*. Faith and Love^-and thou shalt find\ Strength when life's surgesjrudest roll, Light when thou else were blind* and girls to try to get an education. Bat few children aire ever more ppor than this little factory girl, whose parents Md not know one day what they should give their little girl to eat the next day. But God provided the way for her to get a good education, and he is ready to help you* Only, \God helps those who help themselves.'' Make up your mind that you must have an education, and never stop till you have secured it. Second thing: Do not be ashamed to do whatever is honorable to help you along. Per- haps you would not think it a very genteel way to make a living to work in a factory. But Fanny Forester did it, and now we all honor her for having done what she could to help her parents and to provide for herself. Third thing: Do not refuse to do a thing which will furnish you some help because it will not help you more. The little Fanny For- ester might have said seventy-five cents was not enough to pay for teaehhag school a whole week. But it was all she could get, and rather than nothing she took that; and byand-by she was able to earn two or three hundred dol- lars a year. She began life in a very humble way, but before she died there were thousands who felt honored even to speak of the little factory girl. Fourth thing: Do not think you can do no good because you are poor. This poor factory girl and poor teacher came, In after life to do very much good by her writings and her labors. When any poor girl is tempted to think she can do no good in the world, let her remember the poor factory girl, let her remember Fanny Forester, let her remember Emily C. Judson. TELL! canal department shall give notiee in the state paper that funds have been provided to pay the claims mentioned in this act. § 2. The interest authorized to be paid by this act shall be payable and be paid out of any moneys appropriated or to be appropria- ted for the payment of the drafts, certificates, estimates and awards above specified. § §. The provisions of this act shall not be deemed, taken dr adjudged to alter, modify, change or repeal the provisions of any law heretofore passed authorizing the payment o 1 interest by the state, and notwithstanding the provisions of this aet, no interest shall be paid upon the drafts, certificates, estimates and awards made, dated, issued and given by any canal commissioner, engineer, the canal ap- praisers or canal board, since the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and sixty- three. THE FACTORY GIRL. STATE OF NEW YORK, \ Office of the Secretary of State, j I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do certify thatathe .sa-nwis a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original. HORATIO BALLARD, Secretary of State. CHAPTER 20G. AN ACT in relation to evidence. Passed April 23, 1863^ three rtftlis brin-7. pr<'S'»ii. 05 C. & BROOKS. Periodical Depot. T HE following Papers can be had at HALL'S BARBER SHOT, oh .Jefferson street: Harper^ Weekly Nejr York Ledger, Ballou's Literary Gompan'n Frank Leslie's Illst'd Paper New York Mercury, true* Flag. Subscriptions received forany of the New York, Boston OTt&aadelobi* Pfrjers. ' a * i ^_ 9. ft* F. The People of the Stale!}/\ X#c York, i\pics:nl:'i.in £e?:- aU and Assembly* do enact as follow* : ; SECTION 1^ Whenever iu any action in the su- preme court of tbis state, it inay be n--'cr^sary for any of the parties to such action to prove any acts or transactions of any foreigu corpora- tion created by the laws of any other btat« or country, the books of such corporation may be recieved and read as prima facie evidence lor that purpose in such action, whether ih-j par ties thereto, or any of them, are or arc- not members of such corporation. And copies oi the books or any of them of any such foreign corporation, or copies of any eittry or entries or matters entered or recorded in said bo-:!•.;] of such corporation, when the original books are not produced on the trial, verified as hereinafter provided, may be received and read in evidence on the trial of such action with like forco and STATK OF XEW YORK, 1 yflice nf the Secretary of State. / I have compire.1 tire preceding with the original law 011 fih' in this oliice, and do certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original. HORATIO BAUARD, Secretary of State. CHAPTER 247. AN ACT for the relief of George D. Lord. Tassel April 29,1803 ; three-fifths being present The 1'enj.U of the State if New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact asfollows : SECTION 1. The canal board are hereby au- thorized and required to hear and determine the claim of George D. Lord, assignee of the con^ tract for keeping in repair section number two of the Genesee Valley canal, made with John Lambert, and dated March fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one^or the expenses incurred in repairing a break on said section»of said ca- nal, Which occurred in September, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and shall allow the said Lord, first, one half of the actual cost and ex- penses of repairing said break, over and above the sum of four thousand dollars, together with the cost of any work on the same which, by the torm3 of said contract, the state is bound to pay ; and second, such additional sum as shall be fair and equitable, in consequence of the ex- traordinary and unprecedented storm which caused the said break and*the unusual Circum- stances of the Case. § 2. the treasurer shall pay, on the warrant of the auditor Of the canal department, such sum Or sums as may \be allowed or awarded under this act out Of any moneys appropriated, or to be appropriated for canal repairs. § 3. This act shall take effect immediately. Office of the Secretary of State, \ * STATE OF NEW YOKK. / I have compare d the preceding With the original law on file in this oflit 0 , and do certiiy that the Same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said orJTJuai. HORATIO BALLARD, 3 Secre tary of State. CHAPTER 60. AN ACT to amend an act entitled \An act to incorporate the United States Trust Com- pany of New York,,' passed April twelfth, eighteen hundred and fifty4hree. Passe 1 March 31,1863. 'lheJ'eople of the State of New York, repmented in SriMt' and Assembly, do enact as follows : SECTION 1. 'i'he United States Trust Com- pany of New York, in addition to the powers etftmeraied in the second section of its char- ter, may take and accept by grant, assignment tia'nc&r.dovi'sC or bequest, and hold any real ©r*pc-rsori(il cstat J, (in trusts created inaccord- ^vviih the laws of this State,) and execute In the spring of 1828, a little girl, eleven years of age, might have been seen in a woolen factory, in Madison County, N. Y., splicing rools. For a child of her tender years it was very hard work; but her parents were so poor that they knew not one day what they should eat the next; and no alternative remained for their child but to toil on. So, in the midst of noise and filth, with bleeding hands, aching feet, and a heavy head, she labored on, through the summer* But this Tittle girl had a brave heart, and was not overcome by the trials which weighed upon her. By and by, when she was a little older, she had managed, poor as they were, to get a term or two of school in an academy near by 5 and when her mother proposed that, as a means of making a living, she would learn the milliner's trade, Our little girl, now about fifteen years old, determined that she woujid not spend her life in making bonnets. She, therefore, after having secured a recom- mendation from the Principal of the academy, went to a neighborhood, not far distant, and engaged to teach school at 75cts. per week. After a few years more this little girl, now grown to be a young lady, was able, through the kindness Of friends, to attend the Young Ladies Seminary, in the city of Utica. Here it was discovered that she was a young lady of more than Ordinary mind. Whatever object of study sue undertook she quickly mastered. Bat she had a peculiar faculty in Composition j so that no sooner had she completed her own course of study than she was placed at the head ef the Composition Department in the Seminary. While thus engaged as a teacher she also wrote some books for Sabbath Schools, which have now been read by hundreds, if not thousands of children. But it was not long before her aptitude in composition brought her into more public notice ;. and she was employed by variouspapers and magazines to contribute to their columns. In this style of writing she speedily earned a wide reputation. Thus time passed on till the year 1846, nearly twenty years since we saw that little girl at work in the woolen factory * At this time there came across the- ocean from Burmah, which the children can all find on the map, a great and good man, who had been laboring for many years as a missionary among the Burmahs. 0n his Way home from Burmah, at the island of St. Helena, which the children will all remember as the burial-place of Napoleon Bonaparte, this good man had buried his wife, a lovely and devoted Chris- tian. The great warior and Emperor, and the humble missionary lady, in death, had their beds made side by side j on a lovely island oi the sea. When this missionary from Burmah had been a few weeks in this country, he met in the city of Philadelphia with this young lady, who had been the factory girl. He was at once Yery A Bachelor** Defonse. Bachelors are styled by married men who have put their foot into it, as only half per- fected beings^—cheerless vagabonds-^bttt half a pair of scissorsr-*md many other titles are given them ; while, on the other hand, they extol their state as one of perfect blies-^-that a Change from earth to heaven would be some- what of doubtful good. If they are so happy, why don't they enjoy their happiness and hold their tongues about it ? W hat $0 half the men get married for 1 Simply that they may have some one to darn their stockings, sew battoni on their shirts, and trot their babies—-that they may have somebody (as a married man once said) \to pull off their boots when they get a little balmy I\ These fellows are always talk- ing of the loneliness of bachelors. Loneliness, indeed! Who is petted to death by ladies who have daughters ? invited to tea and to evening parties, and told to drop in just when it is con- venient ? The baehelor. Who lies in clover all his days, and when he dies has flowers strewn on his grave by the girls who could not entrap him? The bachelor. Who strews flow- ers on the married man's grave 1 His widow ? \ Not a bit of it; she pulls down the tombstones that a six weeks' grief has set up in her heart, and goes and gets married again-^shedoes. Who has wood to split, house hunting- and marketink to do, the young enes to \waih and the lazy servant to look after ? The married man. Who ia taken np for whipping his Wife ? The married man. Who gets divorced ? The married man. Finally, 'who has the Scripture his side? The bachelor. St. Paul knew iiuee on such, legal trusts in regard to «the same, '.ftdeii te-nn£ us may be declared, established, or ' agreed up^u to regard thereto. j ^ 2. Tlie trustees of the said company may iat any time, or a urn time to time, with the i eohcui-feuce of twu-thirds of their number, j iuert-aBe the capital stock of the said company i to such amount AH they may deem proper, the \ whole however, not to yxcued in ail. with the ' pre&ciii cupitai, two millions of dollars, which ; increased stoek'shall be subscribed for, Allotted •and distributed in such manner, and under j sueli regulations as the board of trustees of tho said company may prescribe. § 3. As soon as any such increase of cap- itaUbali have been made, the said company much charmed with her, as she was also with him/ In a few months that missionary was married to that factory girl. They went back to Burmah together to spend their lives in telling the poor heathen of the love of Jesus. After a few more years that missionary died, and his widowed wife again returned tp-thit. country and spent the remainder ef her life. Would you like to know Who that factory girl was? 1 will tell you. When, as a young lady, she used to write for magazines, she was very widely known as \Fanny Forester,\ but .that was not her true name ; her true name was Emily Chubbuck,; and when she was married she was the wife of Rev. Dr. Adoniram Judson, one of the first and one of the best missionaries who ever went out from this country. And now 1 want, to say four things to the boys and girls, aud they are these : Firrc thing: Do not think jrou cannot get an educetion because you are poor. It is very on *rhat he was talking about--~\Ee that marries does well; but he that marries not doerbetter.\ *~ — --, — -»~» . CHAPTER 20&, AM ACT to amend the aet entitled \An act to .preventand punish fraud in the use of false stamps .brands, labels or trade marks,\ pas* sed April seventeenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. SECTION 1. The third section Of the act en- titled'\An act to prevent and punish frauds in the use of false stamps, brands, labels or trade marks,\ passed April seventeenth, eigh- teen hundred and sixty-two, is hereby amen- ded so as to read as follows; § 3. Any person who shall vend or feeep^ for sale, any goods, merchandise, mixture or \pre- paration, upon which any forged Or counter- feited stamps, brands, imprints, wrappers, la- bels or trade marks shall be placed or affixed, and intended to represent the said goods, mer- chandise, mixture or preparation as the genu- ine goods, merchandise, mixture or prepara- tion of any other person or persons, knowing the same to be counterfeit, shall, upon convic- tion thereof, be deemed guilty of a misde- meanor, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars in each case so ofiending, and shall also be liable in a civil action to the person or persons whose goods, merchandise, mixture or preparation is coun- terfeited or imitated, or whose stamps, brands, imprints, wrappers, labels or trade marks are forged, counterfeited, placed or affixed, for all damages such person or persons may or shall sustain by reason of any of the acts in this section mentioned, and may be restrained or enjoined by any court of competent jurisdic- tion, from doing.or performing any of the acts above mentioned. ' § % The fourth section of said aet is hereby amended by adding thereto the' J following words: \And shall also be liable to the party aggrieved, in the penal sum of one hundred dollars for each and every offence, to be re- covered by him in any conrt of law in this state.\ CHAPTER 226. AN ACT to amend the twenty-fourth section second article, sixth title, chapter second, and part fourth of the Revised Statutes,, relating to writs of error in criminal cases. Passed April 24th, 1863 ; three-fifths being present. SECTION 1. The twenty-fourth section, second article, sixth title, chapter second and part fourth of the Revised Statutes is hereby amend- ed by adding thereto the following words: \Provided however, that the . appelate Court shall have power upon any writ of error, when it shall appear that the conviction has been legal and regular to remit the record of the Court in which such conviction was had, to pass such sentence thereon as the said appel- late court shal 1 direct. masonic. Mexico Lodge, No. 136, «f Free and Accepted Masons will meet on the first and third Monday evening of each month, at 1/4. o'clock, until farther notice. Toronto Mills. The TOKOOTO M&isare finished in the \best manner for doing Custom Worts and Bowing. In the aill is the hest xind of Wheat, Rye and Back wheat Cleaners, and Gorn sheller. Custom work warranted to be done in the hest mariner As our retail trade has increased the lait year we. have been compelled to throw lip our wholesale trade. ; ^Ihe merchants in town, who no4 dabble in aE .thj&gSj-are down on us because we sell Hour cheaper than-ihej do Merchants mad or pleased, come one^egme,all to the To- ronto Mills and save your 75 cents pet barrel SnM^ur by Cringing your own hags or barrels to* got your fiour.in. 4 Flour is sold at the Toronto Mills 25 cents per harre (of the same quality) cheaper tuan at any o%ker place in Mexico or Oavrego, by retail; 50caatsperharreldiseonat to customers who provide bags or harrels, from \Jdj; reg- ular prices. , __ ' \•_'- Constantly on Itasd, for sale, Flour, Grahain |B5oar, Buckwheat JTloar^Shor-tk, Ship Stufls, ©ats, CoM/Hea! and Screenings. ' * .'. •.'•?\'. •• . A. TBi^lSM. G0Ettmeali,^.cwt. $14>d Shorts ^teasii; .•, '>.-. •. ; -, 22 SfiipStalfcllbush. 40 Flour $saek,sp wheat #1.81 \ \ winter l.$f. .« ?x • &*$ „.... . The„highest cash price paid for alijclnda of g^feb,

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