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Mexico independent. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1861-1872, November 21, 1861, Image 3

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, ME XLCO^INDEP END E NT. 5 Furniture Warerooins OF SKINNER & CO., (Suoftesaors of W. J . Smith,) MEXICO, .V. I'. i \\^E would respectfullydnforra t'lie-oitueni of Mexico : VV and adjoining -towns, that we havma hand a I large and splendid assortment ot ! Cabinet Ware, , to -which we invite their , them ealiaad examine. attention, and wi»U u have SOFAS, DIVANS ANB -OTTOMANS:! | may be found in our rooms—of supenoT workmanship J unsurpassed etjle, uud at leduced prices. . BUREAUS. BOOK CASES, PIER. CARD &C CENTER TABLE 871VA RD- • ROBES, STAJVDS,&[c, „: a T!ii8 Institution is the oldest of its class in-this section of the State, having been organized in 1320, awl incorporated in 1Q\26. The Academy Building is a finn. brick rdrflce, nioety-eix fe-st \oa.£. flJty feet wide, and three Rtories high, its (Jbapel, ReciUtioq aad Music Rooms are beautifully fr-sciud. the apparatus is new and in complete order. The Schoolis under the charge of Prof, i! S. Potter. The Winter term opens Deo 3d, ' of all descriptions always on : order. hand and furnished to •. \War! War! War,! | W HILE tha$ov«rnin«htiR ergiged in prosecuting the p retreat war, unit determined on planting th> ', Starn and Stripes once more in $outlr>Caroliria, f famous ; fosStail shirt colters aiti „'BO\I*.whisky> tuis op ! piiPtunity t« Mtt-mncirtoThit i^tgjuisUtMktJ have pur. ; olla^ri, and ail-noiv receiJiiijf - j Spring and Summer Clothing; Of the very b->xtmaterial, ; AND I* £T iiiST STYLES. : Also Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting*, j Gouts Furnishing Uooda. &c, ' which I will null c'l'-ippr than U.e same j lality of ; g»«tU kin be bought visa woof?. I would al«o annouoe? that Cuttin-cj and .tfamifacturins ; will be done in the oest manner Relieving that a i '•Nimble 1 aix-peoce ts better ih ma «ljw s-ullltug,\ 1 will j sell good* fur Cash or Ready Pay cheaper tkin ihoy have ever b*eo sill In this market. Hive me a c.ili tal judjje tor yourselves. ALBIN MEVFfR. ^ STlRH CLARK, At Ai» Otd Stand, Main Street, Mexico, Dealer in STOVES, 8TflVE-MMrS?QVE TRIMMINGS, PECKBAITJJ AtfRieiVTCIUL FL'RVACErf, and manufacturer ,,f alt kin''--> of Tin Ware, Wholeiale and Retail. M*rcu.\lSM. A COMPWfl'. an*.irttti9nto r School and Miscellaneous Stoves and Hardware AT LOW PRICKS! STONE & TCI-LER,\ (Cnmerof Main and JelTeraon Sts , under Town Hall,) W Oir.P Inform the TSitizsos of Mexico and vicinity, that ib*-y have a complete assortment of Heavy an I Shell H u Jw.ui', in all Ho bciiueues, embracing Table and Pocket Cutlery, Builders' Trimmings, Joiner,, fc'aoper and Carpenters^ Tools, H»u«e Furnishing tioodir, TIN' WARE IN GREAT VARIETY, Bedsteads of the best quality. Mahogany and Maple, aad of every style combining beauty and durability .' CHAIRS ; of all descriptions, from ' common Windsor. the finest Mahogany to the ! - Hair Mattrasses | made to order on Bhort notice, from first rat© stack. •; F.SK'S PATENT METALLIC BURIAL OASES j Carriage Sjwi nirs an ; rin.<e Holt*, H >rse . ri. iin, Mill and Circular J u | of all sizes, furnished at a day's notice These cases are now in. general use ; retiuered air-tight, they will ! pre«ei ve. unchanged tor a long time the reinainspf de I oeaae.i tnenda, without any unpleasant usr offensive ! odor, thus obviating the necessity of hasty burials «- . vVhen removal of the dead toa distance become* wctvi- , sary, no method yet devised can compare nitii it. They I are ornamental in their appearauoe, and almost in^e id A*les Pipe Skeinsand Boxes, Car- 1 \ r ««'0lf> i »>»d the cost is bat little more tbau one ol »hwi. Cut and Clinch Nails, Cable ! Mftno S* n y» \irric<iltiirallmpl«oi«tits ; alio agenta for WinstedMan- utucturinit Co,'s liraio ami lirass r-cythes, and Cole's \lully riimths, (at manufacturer's ptiaes) % Hard's cele- brated Chopping Axes. In heavy goods, our i^ook consists ol BA.R IRON AND STEEL, Sasa, Gla»s, Putty, ^c. We alio oall attention to our Stove Department, Frnbracinit a lar^e and upleindid assortment of Cook and t-'.irlor Stoves ol the ci **t approved.pattwros, as follows: Kconomiat, Knidlator, • Jovernor, Tornado, Harvest Queen, N<>at>areil, (Jov«r^oi^ Qjeenof dtoves. Autocrat, \CentralN. York Wast Wind, ! MAHOGA.XY if CHERRY COfFUTS i always on hand and at the lowest prices. AH orders j promptly attended to. | A Hearse is kept ID readiness to attend funeral* whe-n deaired Mexico, March 1861 SKTNNER & CO • 2yl New Meat Market. ^> T HE subscnbnr wnuhl respectlully annoaoce to the j Citizen* of Me\m) that he has juit ope\n»d a new l M<-iit Marki't in thti village, and will k\cp constantly on hand a F ULL AS SOU TMEiVT of the BBS'C meats the market affords. June 24, 1*91. 15 JOHS* B1.AKE3LEE. \CLINTON & EATON ~ A RB now reoeivlug a full stock o f Fall and Winter Goods, GROCERIES, SILVER ASD VIATEP WARES, JEWELRY; Men*s and Boys' Coarse Boots &o., &c, &c. Ill be sola Stricily for Beady Pay, TO ALL. We shall not be Undersold in Mexico. The above goods and at ONE PRICE ON'LY Ptease call elaewbere. an'* examine . 29tf our atock before buying Dated Oct.. 1881. ALFRED Sr MILLER, Manufacturers of CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, CUTTERS; and SLEIGHS, sgortoaedt, which they And have on hand a ReoeralK will sell cheap for cash. Mtpairine; in all-Branthes of the Business ...done on. short notice,_ by the best experienced workmen. Ornamental as well at Carriage PAIN TIN f. Carriage Trimming, &cc., Sfc. At the Old Academy Building, Mexico, N. Y, Prattville Select School, FOR PHYSICAL 8t INTELLECTUAL CULTURE. E EV. A. PARKE B0KUK38, Prttojpal. \ A. t)EAN 1'UBBS, tulor. MR3. A, P. BORQES3, Music Teacher, tinxa:—Tbia School will begin itk'Seeoud, or Winter Term Nut. 96th, 1861, and continue four.teeu weeks. Hi Soring Term will begin March 11th, 18i}2. •XPIifSH. Conmen Englinh, p«r term....,...;.- .13 00 Comnen English and one higher study • 4 00 Htirlier English, or Freuob » 00 PtoWapb,..'.. ..6 00 CeJIaUrtniee and Gyrooasttes » ree. Krtnition strictly t o advange. *_ OlfsaUW can be obtained of principal. o3md Manufacturer of TIN, COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE. All kinds of Jobbing doue on sb\r t uotlce. A full \up- ply ot Sluve pipe ?torw furniture and Milk r*ans con- stantly on hand have Troughs and Conductor Pipe put up on short notice. - -<;+V«-UA-» c*H,—• — STONE & TCLI.ER. Hexioo, March 20. 1861, Notice I S hereby given. that the Notes and Accounts of eve- ry descrlptioD Belonging; to the estate of Jas. H. Toiler, (late of Mexico, now deceased) are left with the subscriber for collection. All persons indebted to, or having unsettled accounts with the above estate, are reo,u<-«ied to, call on the •ubscriberat bisoffli-e in the Webb Block, and settle without del»F. 27tf S. B. BARNES. 1 New Goods ! New Goods!! Just received by S. II. STOKE ,$• CO. •t^E-wtlriro w-nfreT,-fiir-€nrrx-T)r *exrJy-f&T,r-t«r«) f T and well selected stock of a Fall & Winter O O DS Poultry Wanted, XtT 0. JOHNSOK wiilpaythe H1GHE3TCASH PRICE Live Sens and Turkeys, in the Empire Block. Mex- intf at his his place of bu*ine*a ico. May 2?. 1881, Tailoring. T H E «ubsffriber having returned to Mexico *n,d opened a New Tailor Shop over Clinton & Eaton's store, would teepectftlly solicit the patronage of persons get ting up new garments, feeling confident that he can Give Satisfaction in all work entrusted te him. <ST\ Cuttin« done to <r.i«r, and warranted to at. Sept. IS, 1861. 2Ttf W*. COOPjER, JR . Farm for Sale, CONTAINING 60 ACRES, I y flood State of Cultivation, with Geftd House, Baro, and other oa.W.h°t\ , es, in the town of • PARISH, OSWEGO Co., N. Y., about eight miles from the Rome and Watertown Railroad. TERMS VERY EAST- On the payment, or securing to be paid, a small amount of money,\the balance can remain on mortgage on the simple payment ot interest from year to year. 1 For particulars, apply to MARLON NEWELL, Mexico\ Oswego Co. Or to E. A-.WATROUS. S3tf Ogdensburgh A > NEW STOCK of Fancy* Goode, Porte^Monnaiee in XJL endless variety, Brushes and Ladiea' Purses, at BUTLER * HIGGINS'. *~~Larct Oil! r A SIPERIOR.QUALITY, at A BCTLER & H1G6INS'. i RNOI.n^'WRITIVii FLUID, in hair.plot. pint and j^-iliunt bottles, at '\•\ TjlINK TOILET SOAP, at whioh have been purchased etrietly rorCash.at tie present low rates, will enable us to sell and gire better inducements to our oustomers than any other estab lishment in Mexico or/vieinrty. Our stock consist! of DRY GOODS, Groceries, Crockery, Glass Tg'qre, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, Hats and Cap*, BOOTS AND SHOES, Stone and Wooden Ware, and all goods usually found i n a nrstelase country store. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for Goods at the Highest Market Prices. Cash paid lor Butter and Eggs. £. -H. SZONM, „ , „ G. W.SKtfK. Hex'co, Oct. 10i 1*61. The Largest and Cheapest assortment of KEROSENE LAMPS ever offered in ME XI CO. Call before purchasing elsewhere, at S 8tf BUTLER fc BIGGINS'. BUTLER * HIGGlNS. BHTLER * HIGOINS' liURE CIDER VlNR(3AR-a Call and examine, at very superior article. BUTLER fc HIGGLES. Household Furniture for Sale. T HE subscriber being about to leave towa for the seat of war, denim to ssll his Household Furniture Any one wishing to purohase will and th« prices r*tf moilsrate, and the terme eaiy. Please *alj at Bis reii- dene* and examine. J - D. STE8LK. Uexieo, Oet. 18,1861. Sltt Oondented News. —A letter from Fortress Monroe to the Bos^* ton ,-Traaecript says that 3,000 rebels had matinied-af Norfolk, and that the citizens are ebovving a difpositlon to Ogbt under the old ''gridiron.\ The mm letter says thst the ' Union flag was flying at Pig Point, where a formidable rebel battery has hitherto existed. —A family letter-received in Washington, dated the 25th of October, on board the frigate Saatee, off Galveston, confirms the report'of the capture of the pirate Sumpter. The wiiter says that she was caught in hey. ..own triiy.- It septus that she raistoo^ one of the guuhoats for a merchantman, and started in pursait. When ilia, gumbos* 1 Iwidrasa.jiep .ont far *tta«gJi' ( she turned atwl rap her ashore. Her (officers and crew, are prisoner* on board of the Niagara. —A balloon reconnoi?s>ance on the Lower Potomac shows that the rebels have still a con- siderable force behind their batteries there* and thence for about twelve wiles in the diiqctioa of Manassas. —A large military lorce is concentrating at Annapolis. At least a dozen regiments are already at that point. It is supposed that if reinforcements are needed at Port Royal or Beaufort, those troops will be immediately, sent on there, and if not needed at that point, pos- sibly Gen, BiiTnside will command a new ex- pedition, to be sent to another point on. the Southern coast. —The Cabinet ha^ determined that hereafter no pa«seB will be granted to Northern persons who desire to go South to endeavor to save their property from cdnAsc-ation. This course has been deemed necessary, as tacts have beuu shown that some Northern men who have been thus favored have given valuable information to the Secessionist)?. It is almost impcieiblef to discriminate in these case? between loyal men and traitors, and.the only way to remedy the evil is to refuse them all passes, — Frederick Lay ton, an officer in the Britibh army, was fined 45 a short time since at Bristol, 'England, for kissing Mrs. Elizabeth It- Martin, a passenger on the railway train be- tween Gloucester and Bristol, The defendant and the lady were the sole occupants of the car, and during the passage the former engaged in conversation with her and suddenly kissed her twice. Thedelendant said he. was elated and excited at the time the affair took place ; but immediately he discovered that the lady was really outraged, he was most anxious to appease her anger and to offer any sort of apology. \•—The Republicans and \Unionists 5 ' of Bos- ton have nominated Edward H. Tobey, and the Democrats Mr. Wightman for Mayor. —Seventeen years ago the Gospel was in- troduced into China. Now there are eighty i Protestant missionaries, some fourteen hundred communicants, and three thousand Chinese Christians. «It is supposed that within thirty years fO0;(HX* Karens*' hajte been brought to the light and liberty of the irut'B. Facts like there should encourage the Church to put forth greater efforts forthe salvation of the heathen world. —The United States sloop-of-wtr Dale wss spoken in lat. 30.40, Ion. 80, and reported that three days before had chased a privateer schooner, but she outsailed the D*le and es- oaped. ' ^ —A Washington\ disipatch to the Phila- delphia Inquirer saya that a report had be«n received stating that at the* Piaeicn battle 2.QQ0 prisoners w«Jfe*taken, and not 1,000 u first reported. —Our weekly exportations of breaditaffs to Europe, amount to over; 13,000,000 weekly. This is the largest exportation ever knewn. It comes just In time, too, binding foreign na- tions to keep the peace with ut, and affording the \sinews of war\ in the shape of a handsome balance of trade, to fortify us in the work of crushing out the great rebellion —President Lincoln was burned in effigy at Zanesville, Ohio, on the 6th inst., in conse- quence of the remoTal of Gen. Fremont, Tie act shows the terrible Intensity of feeling on this nuhject at the W»r, yet all f ignt-thinklog men will oond>mn it. No cause ever gained anything by such despicable act* —Five of the North Carolina regiments who were enrolled for the war have been disbandsd, and surrendered their arms to the State. The •^ponfederate Oovernthen't gave them neither pay, food nor clothes, and the Raleigh' Stan- dard fears thai the \other regiments will do likewise unless their demands are promptly met.\ -^-The Louisville Journal reports that ai the Federal Court, tecently in session at Frank- fort, the grand jury returned indictments for treason against thirty-three persona Among the most prominent names Indicted are John C. Breckinridge, Humphrey Marshall, Boh*. J. Breckinridge, Jr. —We learn from the New Orleans Delta, of the 28th utt, that four persons in that city thought to he disloyal to the Sontbem cotv federacy, were sent for six months te the wort house. mtum I

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