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*i* W$>% < *iifeate<awi^^ iji»wp]m'ii^|gi|yju^i^ifi l wimim ,,|l| * > ^^^W-»w'«*' i i , <» «P«« HKtfiM^'t• £** •»•»* * • »*\•\ 8 MEXICO.INDEPENDENT -*-«••». Card Writing. The Post-Office Widow. The Philadelphia North American isre?ponsi- We for the following : A Milesian female approaches. She is short jkOa'aagurar, wit;habarcMe«ig?»i vole?, \'\Where's joe letther?'' is her abrupt question, \What letter?\ aska the clerk. \Niver mind now ; I want me three cent*?\ \Whattbteeceotf?\ \The three cints I gev ye to send a letther •to New Yorrick.\ \What do you want the three cents for then?\ \Because the letther niVer wint.\ „ \And bow do you; know it never went f \Because when me sister answered it, she said she never got it T' \Howcould she answer if if she never it?\' \Arrah hould yer hed. Will yer give three cints or wont ye?\ \No ma'am, you must be crasy to ask it.'' \Is it me orazy V r \Certainly orazy as a bedbug.\ \Bad lack to ye, and is it the likes of you. that dare call me a bedbug? Is theru any other way of gettin' at ye except through this little windy?\ asked the now furious woman. \No ma'am, no other way.\ \Faith it's lncky for you then. Av there was, I d come and welt ye like an ould shoe. Niver mind,\ continued the lady as she went away*, \I'll tell me husband to-night, and he'll dot the two eyes of yo, so he will.\ The subscriber respectfully announces to the'citizens of Mexieoand vimnity that he, is prepared to supply 1 them with V-Uitiug Cards, Wedding Curds, etc., on tin shortest notice, and at reasonable rates. 30,tf C. Y. MKA-IM. ^Dentistry, DR. C. BABCOCK AS opened an Office in Drake's Block, and is pre- pared to perform all operations in his protessrun „ ,i scientific manner Persons des'riug G..«<i H'oifc atprice-Uo suit tht times, are req,u,e-. , d to give him a call. ALL. \VOKK ti'AKKA-ATEO. Rit.'BKISI.C'K8 I)B. IUVTON, 1>K. HfNTlM.TuN, and DR. BIUBBJJICY., Mexico w M Oit'im AOTE SA.V&.— »V\i.».ie«.»-.l«-i»u;r h.*..^.. umite in the payment or i lie moiiey wcured by a tuoitgage dated the ittllid.iv of A| rtl. 1859. executed by Lewis Kiiluns arid Mary I> i- illiUi.fi , hrs wife, ol the town ot Kichland, county id Oswego, New Yoik. to Humpbiey B. Biiggs, ot Rome, Oneida county. New York, aud which mortgage-ivns recorded in tbe clerk's i flife of the »a.|d uounty, in Book No.. M <-f mortgage\ on page 48, on the 27th <l«y ot April, 18.59. lit 9 o'clock A. M And whereas the «ai t tuoitgage has been duly assigned to Cyrus WhHney of Mexico, Uowego county, N. Y,, and the same is now owned by him ; and whereas the amount claimed to be due on said mortgage at the tirqo.of the tivst publication ol- tbis-noticeis the eum of $,i9o.ll, and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage. Now, therefore, notice is hereby .given that by virtue ot the power of sale contained in haid mortgage, and duly vs-coided as .aforesaid, and in pursuance of the statute in such cafc.es made aud provided, the said mort- gage veil! be foreclosed by a galeot the premises therein described at puolic auettm, at the Law and Banking f he KdlosBiDif is front.a mm who i» pretty well known I office ot Whitney is Skiuoer in this village ot Mexic by many of tt e efii/jens o got me A Cheap Breakfast, A son of jSrin at Schenectady, heard the breakfast bell ring on board N canal boat just starting out for Buffalo. The fragrance of the viands induced him to go aboard. \Sure captain, dear, (add he,) and what'll ye ax* poor man for travelling on yer illegant swanV a boat ?\ \Onlysa cent and a haH a mile, and found,\ replied toe captain. \An' is it the vittals ye mean find, sate ?'' ''Yes. And if you're going along go down to breakfast.\ Pat didn't^wait to be told a s -oond time, bu baring descended into the cabin and made a hearty meal, he came again on deck and re- quested that the boat might be stopped. \What do you want to stop for?\ inquired the captain. \Only a little over a mile.\ Pat therefore handed the captain two cents and coolly told him that he believed he would not go any further with him, as Judy would wait for breakfast, not knowing that he had breakfasted out. The joke was so good that the captain took the two cents, ordered the boat stopped, helped Pat ashore, and told him that should he ever have occasion to travel that way again, he should be happy to carry him. .1 pi-ice-, Camden, Aug. 12th, 1861,, To the citiieas of Mexico:— «s) Allow uie to introduce to your favorable notice Dr. C. A. Babcoek. He has been in my office between four and five years. 1 take pleasure in Haying to the citizens ot Mexico, that he possesses rare attainments in th e line of his profession. He i s well posted in all the latest improvements of the mechanical department, and i trust, with strict attentiun to business, he will meeit a very liberal share of your patronage and confi- dence. Very respectfully yours, A. T VAN VALKENUCKUH, Dentist. Mexico. August 7fh 1861. O-wego count} , N. Y.'on the '.lath day of !>eciu.ber, 1861, at'lti e'c'luck in the •or«oe«tt of- that day The said piemieei aie de-erihed in said mortgage suhstan tiaily as follows All that tract or paicet of land situate ip the town of Kichlsnd, Oswego county and state (t New York, being part uf 1 >t uaniher thirty nine of the 2lst township oi Scribn'* Patent, und b. unded as fol- lows : Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot and runniugtiom thence snath tift degrees and 15 minutes east along the north line of the same 13 chains and 19 I links to 2b acres of land deeded to Daniel IngersoH, Notice. M OHT'J.l'.'E SALE «iv»TO»»d*'iinKW b»ep made in the .pa j <n.«n.t ot moue-y nee ur*U by a isaoft- n' n| ,e dated the 1st d»> of September, lbJ9. executed by jutiu W Chase an't Kniily A. Chase, his wife.«jf Die town, ol WilHamstown. county of Oswigo, Mew York, to Peter H Morrison of the iaq«place,and whichtnortg»ge'*tts duly recorded in the clerk's office of stld cnanty in lim.k No t n oi mortgages, in page 472. on tbe iMth day of September. lb&9, at 9 o'clock A M ; and wheiean the sail mortgage has been duly aligned to Cjrus Whitney and Timothy W. Skinner, ot Mexico, N Y and theeame is now owned by tbem; aud whereas the amount claim- ed to be due up>n said mortgage at.tbe time of the first jiiililination of this notice io tbe sum of on» thousand and live dollars and ninety eight cents ($1006,98), and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on sa'd rnortgnge. Now, therefore, notice is her.eby given th»t by viitue ol the power of sale contained ip said mortgage* and du- ! ly recorded ks aforesaid and ip pursuanoe of th» stat- i lite in such <ase made and provided, the sa.id raortg»ge will t>e foiecloseii,bv a eaie ol the prenj'.seft therein des- cr'bed at public auction, at the Law and Banking office ' cf Whitney & ^fciouex, at Mexico, Onwego munty, on r '.Vj it'lh d..j' of December next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. The said premises are described in I said mortgage substantially as follows: -All the follow log : parts and parcels of land sit uajte in the town ofWitJiaros- ' towu.coumyof Oswegoaud stateof New York, and being I in Scrlh&'8 Patent, to wit all of lot no 84, a s lieretolore j'deeded to John W. Chase by Adam 11. Hayner, contain- I ing one hundred aim thirty two and a halt acresoiland ! be the same more or lesa ;\»1«Q the .south hall of lot no. So, as heretofore deeded to Jntjn W CkftBo by (Jenrge tbehce south 23 degrees and 15 minutes west.alongsaid | W. Sttllwell, containing seieoty-six acres of lanri, oe Ingersoll's line 14 chains and 38 links to his southwest Corner, thence south tid degrees and 16 minutes east along said Ingersoll's line IT chains and 39 links to the I east line of said lot number SB aforesaid, thence south t 23 degrees and 16 minutes west along tbe east line i>f ! 4 LX persons who.-e S«tes and Accounts are due, are ] said lot 25 chains and %i links to the Boutheast.eorner X3L requested to call and settle the same, and save I ot the same^thence north ti«3 degiees einii 10 minutes cost. STARK ChARK. | west along the Suuth line of said lot 19 chains and 89 Mexico, May 6,1861. __ 8ti i links to Benjamin Gibbs' land, thence north 24 degrees M AWrtir- A r^iri'« 11 *p\ wi, a -„„ a i^f.,,?. i,rTK„\„^ ' and 20 minutes east along s.iid Gibbs'east line TO chains OETGAGE SAL-fc—.Whereas defaalt has been ; ttn d 68 links to his northeast corner, thence north 6o made in the payment of the money secured by a i ^^ ad w minMte8 weat alo a ; ia , iibb8 > Uud n ruurteagedatedOctobra, 1856.exe ? uted by WilUam-Uw- , \ e ^Z\ 46 links to the west life of said lot number renoej and Tabath*JU.wr.en.c.B,.bia «|i'». of the town of , ;',\ „ ,,,.... i„„,„„. „„.i on „,:»„,„ Weat Mo B roe, Oswego county, to MSSSmr Cahners, j Kj^. J»V» chtlnsa^l ^ To £?JZ . of beginning, containing eighty five and sixty-two one hundredths acres of land — IUted Mexico, Oct. 3, 1S01. CYRCS vYUifNKY, Assignee. \, 'Wnrnrav &SK1NNBB. Att'ya, .!/rjrtro. A' 1'. 29wl3 the same more or lees', also the northwest corner of said lot no Rb, heretofore deeded by Orrln R. Karl t o John \V. Chase, Peter II Morrison and Thomas Morrison containing thirty-eight acres of laud—Dated Mexico, Oct. 3, ISM. CY1U-* WHlTNf-Y, \ Asskneee TIMOTHY W. .-'KINNM5. > A88, « ne,?8 - WltnXKT &SKISNKK, Att'V\ J/«lrt , JV. I\ i9w!3 of the city oi New York, and which mortgage was re- corded in the olerk'soffioe of the county of Oswego tbe 19th day ot liecemher, 1856, in BUOK GO of ntortga ges, page 603, at 6 P. M , and whereas tbe said mortgage has been duly assigned to CyTU 1 - Whitney, ot Slesico. Oswego county, N. Y. and the same Is now owned by him; and whereas the amount claimed to be due on •aid mortgage at the time of tbe fir»t publication of this notice IB the aumor*13t 31. and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on t>ai.i mortgage. Also, whereas default has heeu made in the payment of money secured by a certain other mortgage, dated April 2utn, 185S, exeouted by George I'lsever and Ade- liqi:,his wife, of the town of West Monroe, pawego county, N. Y. to George L. Carley, of Hastings, in B*rd county, and which mortgage was recorded in the oierfc'e office of the\county of Oswego November Tlth, lsori, 2 r, M. in Book no 48 of mortgag*-. page 428, aril whereas tho said mortgage has been duly assigued to Cyras Whitney, of Mexico, Oswego county, and the «m»l* now owned by htm, and whereas the amount claimed to be due on said mortgage at the time of the M ORTUACSK SALE.—Whereas detault has been rnade in the payment of the money secured by a mortgagfe-uaied tbe first day of April, 1H&9, executed by Eii A. lluntingt-n and Mirietsa Huntington, his wife, of the town of Palermo, iu the county of Oswego, staite tii^Kew Vork, tu John jNties of the same place, and which was duly recorded in thebjeik's. office of Oswego oiunty, in Bffbk No. 61 of mortgages, page 8, on the Ujh day of April. Is51<, at 3o'clouk v. hi. ; and whereas tbe said mortgage/was on the 1st day of April, lbril, duly assigned-w writing on said mortgage by H'raro W Luornis, executor of the last will a.nd tesiam'nt ot John Sales, dex-eased, to ,lghn Killen, and which said assign unint was duly acknowledge.! and the »»me was April tjth.M.861, 11 A St., duly recorded in tbeOswego county clerU's'offiee in Book 26 oi mortgages, page 447, and the „„„ . „ „„ „„„ „ „ „„.„ o--K- —• —- said mortgage is now owned by eat I Killen, ind where- first publication of this notice is the sum of J307, and ! as the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage •* ; at the time of the lirst publication of this notice is tbe sum of five hundred and fifty ninedollarsand ave cents. [ and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid , on said mortgage, I Now therelore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power uf sale contained iu said mortgage and du which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage. Now, therefore.'notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgages and duly recorded as aforesaid, and in pursuance of the statute in such cases made and provided, tbe said mort gages will be foreclosed byasaleof thepremises there- in described at public auction, at the Lawand Banking office of Whitney & Skinner, iu Mexico village, Oswego county, M. Y., on the 18th day of January, 1862, at 10 o'clook in the torenoon of that day. tbe said premises are described in both haid mortgages substantially as follows : All thosq two pieces or parcels of land lying in the town of West Monroe, in Scriba's patent, county ot Oswego and state of New Yerh, and known rnd dis- tinguished in the survey ot the north part of township no. 12 in Scriba's patent, made by E. Blake, in August, 1821, a* lots no. 11 and 13 Said lot no 11, according ly recorded as aforesaid, and In pursuance < t tbe stat ute in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will betoreclosed by a sale ot the premises therein de- scribed at public auction, at tbe La* and Banking office of Whitney & Skinner, at Mexico, Oswego county. N. Y. on tbe 4th day of January, 18ba, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. That said premise* are des oribed in said mortgage substantially »n follows all that tract or parcel ot land situate to the town of t'a termoin said county and state, being a part of lot no 2 in Henderson's traot, ii the 14th township o' Scriba's Patent, and is bounded »» follows, to wit Beginning M ORTGAGE SAUE.-W'hereas default has been made in tbe payment ut money secwedby a mort- gage dated the 8th dayef April, ibSOyexecutod by John H. Burnett, of the town of Wchland, county ot Oswego, New York, to Cyrus Whitney, of Mexico, in Mild oonnty, and which mortgage was recorded in the clerk's office , in said county, iu Book Ko 61 of mortgnges, on p«g» 20. I on the 19th ilay of April, 1869, at 6 u clock P. M . and i whereas, tbe amount clain-ed to be due upon said tnoit- gage at tbe time of the first publication of this notice is I the sum of three hundred and afty-twodollsrsandtbir- j teen cents, rt> wit. 13UD of principal and $62 13 of in- ; terest. and which is the whole amount dinned to be • unpaid on said mor'K»K e .* Now, therefore, notice is hereby given.that by virtue of the power of sale cntalued in said mortgage, and duly recorded as aforesaid, and Ip pursuance ut the ' statute in tbie case made and pro-.fded, the eaid mort- gage will be fmeclosed by a »ale of the premise* therein I described at public auction, at the Lawand Banking office ut Wbitney fc^kiqner. at Mexico,In the county of : Oswego, on the. 2St.b day of December next, at lOo'clcck i in the Uuenoon of that day. The said premises are de ; scrited in said mortgage substantially as follows*- AW that tract or f.arci-1 of laud a!to#te In th* town cf Am boy in said county, and described as fulkjnt., ni Tbe | northwest corner of lot number one hundred and forty two (142) iri township number B of Scriba's Patent, ! containing thirty acres of land, be tin' aauie moie or . less, as deeded by A F. Wheeler and wife, to «sid Bur- i nett. Also that certain other piece or parcel cf land ; in the town of Albion in said county, being aubdiyiairn no. 2 of great lot no fl in the west third of tWrjehlp ' no. 22 or ycriha's Patent, excepting 60»CT«»to be taken j oil the east side of said Jot, the division iro* to run I parallel with the east and went lines of «aid lot. and ' excepting the crner on the south side ot the highway runulng from the IVugway to I'nlon Ajoare. and aUo excepting a small cornsr now oicupteil by V Kieseoger, ' conta1nir.iT after said deductiona, seventy acres of land. —Dated Mexico. Oct 3, jfiQl_ CY«l*8 WIllTWiY. Mortgagee, Wtirrsiitv & SKISNKR. Att'ys. 'Hetiio. If. T. 29wl3 to »ald survey, being bounded as follows; Beginning [at a point in the center of the highway running north at the ,v *: corner of lot. no. 10 ata stake 16llnks N- cif !» hemlock c M 8, 9,10,11, in the center of tbe highway, thence s «>° x 6ft chains 40 links to a' stake 20 links w of a beech c M 11, thence 8 J9 3 K 9 chains 87 links to a hemlock r M 11. 13, thence a Oo^ w 56 chains 20 links to a stake 12 links K of of a hemlock o M 10, It, 13. 13, In the center of the highway, thence along the center erlyfrom Jeunings'Corners in said town, and on the south leoe of land owned by Turner Jennings, running from thence easterly on Tu.ner Jenning' south line 13 , ruds, theooe southerly on a line parallel with aald high- ! way 85 feet, thence westwardly on a liae parallel with | said north line 13', rods to the center the highway, ! thence northwardly along the center of said highway i - — f\ . of the highway to the « bounds of lot no. 10 to the to the place of beginning, cootaioiog 68 rodsof land.be *H0W fa r have we OOme, jlSt I\ asked Pat^N. 4 ,, *°« 0t \wginning cot»taining fifty fonr acres and ten / -\(one hundredths ot'an acre, be the same more or less. And said lot nn 13 being bounded as follows • begin ning at the s w corner of lot no. 11 at a stake 12 links I of a hemlock c JI 10. It. 12, 13. in the center of the highway and running thence N m a u 6fl chainsU0links to a hemlock c nil, 13, thence s 19= K 10 chains to a stale 14 link\ R K ota hemlock o « 13, 16, thence 8 68 ° W 67 chains 20 links t o a stake 8 links H w of a beech g M 12, 13,14, 15, in tbe center of the highway, tbence along the f bounds of lot no. 12 in the center of tbe highway to the place of beginning, containing fifty- seven acres, more or less —llated Oct 24,1,881. C. WHITNKY, Assignee. Wnmanr ft SKMH»KB. Att'ys. tirxico. A'. Y. 32 the same more or less —Oct 10,18ol JOHN KILLEN . Assignee. I WwTsmr * SitixyKB, Att'ys, Mtxico, ,V. Y- ^jOwlS ', I \ HORECEOSTJKE OF MOli > T«A«B.-Wilbert ' 1 Barnes, and Frances A. Barnes, his wife, of tbe ; town of Albion, county of Oswego and state of New Vork { by their certain indenture of mortgage executed under I their hands and seals, and dated the 13th day of April, I in the year 1852, in order to secure the payment of tbe- i sum of nine hundred dollars (tUOO) and interest, to be i paid within Bve years from the date thereof, did grant 1 and convey unto Peter Henderson of the same place, | those certain premises hereinafter described and set I forth. _ _ _ __ Said mortgage, with the power to sell said mortgaged S HBHIKIT'S 8AX.E.-W.CO0NTY OF OSWEUO-ss. premise*, therein contained, was doly recoided 'n the By virtue of one execution issued out of tbeOswego officeof the clerk ot the county of Oswego on the 19th - * - •.--«.„ „r «... laio ..i «'•!-.w .. - in Book number 32 ' —\Sal cried a girl looking oat ot the upper story window of a small grocery, and address- ing, another girl who was trying to enter at the front doer, ''we'veali been converted; sowhen yon wajjt milk on Sundays you will have to oomo in tbe back way.\ —A certain barrister, who was remarkable for coming into court with dirty hand*, ob- served \that he had been turning over Coke.\ u I should have thought it was coals you had been turning over,\ observed a wag. —Eat, digest; read, remember ; earn, save; love, and be beloved. If the above rules be strictly followed out, health, wealth, intelll genoe and time happiness will be the result. —Mrs. Opie said, talking of Byron, \His voice was such a voice as the Devil tempted Eve with : you feared its fascinations the mo- ment you heard it.\ —An Emeralder, in writing his life, says: He ran away early from his father, because he dis- covered he was only his twcle.\ T-A clergyman, in Connecticut, was reading to his congregation the beautiful and poetical 'psalm of David, where he sayl: \Mercy and Truth aire met together; Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other.\ At this passage. a little girl in the assembly manifested a great deal of Interest, and whispered to her motther: \That's as true as you live. I see Righteous Hilt kissing Peace PeabodT behind the smoke- house ; but bow did the minister know it ?\ —The most direct way of determining horse power—stand behind him and tickle him with a briar. —Amerchant lately advertising for a clerk, \who could bear confinement,\ received an an- swer from one who had beer ten long years in the state prison. County Court against the goods and chattels, lands and T^JJ of May, 1862, »t3 o'clock P. M , tenementsof JeromeHarrett, I have seijedalltheright, of mortgages, on page 430 etc. title and interest which the said Harrett had on the j 16th oay of Jtaroh, 1881. or may have subsequently acquired, of, in and to the following described premises viz: All that certain tract of land situate in the town of Parish, countjwf Oswego and state ot New York*, known and described' a« being thirty acres of land in subdivision no. 4 of great lot no. 9, in the \twenty-third township of Scriba's patent.Jying next to, and east of land d**d*rt to Barney Sower* {'it acres), and west of lands deeded-to Hiram Kent and of land deeded to Bet gey Jacobson^as surveyed and laid out by N. B. Everts in 1861, by parallel lines to the west linn of said great lot nn. 9, after the 26 acres are taken iff to said Barney Mowers—which premises I shall expose for *ale at pub lie auction, as the law directs, at the Mexico Hotel in the village of Mexico in said county, on the 6th day of December, 1891, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day.—Dated Oct. 21, isst. SIDNEY M. TVCItEB, Sheriff, 32w8 Br JOBS OHIQOS, Jr., Deputy Sheriff. Slid mortgage was on the 3d day of August, 18E8, for j value received, duly sold »nd assigned to Orla H Whit- . ney, then of the town of J'esico in Mud county, now de j ceased, and said mortgage is now owned and held by the undersigned as executors of aaidOrla H. Whitney.de . ceased. The amount claimed tube due on said mort gags at tbe date ot the first publication of this notice, | that being the date hereof is one thousand twotiundred - and thirty nine dollars and sixty seven cents -((1230,67 ). ! And whereas default has been made in th« condition of I said mortgage by-the nonpaymentof the said sum <f i the 8 w corner of lot no, 11 ata atske 12 links • ef »f OKTOA(.K SALK.—Wberea* default has been iYL made in the paytwent of money secured by a roortgagedated October bth. IMjO. executed by Hiram Miller, of the county of Pauk. dale of Wiaconsin, to Rinsom O. Smith ef Parish, Oswego county, XfW York and which mortgage was recorded in the clerk's office of Oswego County on the tlth day of October, 1860, at 9>4 o'clock A H 10 Book 63 of mortgage*. P'g'H&O, <\\* whereas said mortgage h-s been duly assigned to Cyrus Whitney and Timothy W. Skinner, of Mexico, Oswego county, N Y. and the same is now ««n«»d by them, and whereas the amount claimed to be due on said Mort- gage at, the time of the firm publication of this notitsfs the »um of $42ft.K5, and which Is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage ; now therefore notice is hereby gUen that by virtue rif the power of sale contained In said roortcae* and duly recotded, and In pursuance of the statute in such cases made and provided, the aald mortgage wll be foreclosed by a isle of thej premises therein described at publle anotlon, at the lawand Bankingcftiee of Whitney *,8kinner, Wex- wa. Oswego 0<u»ty, N Y on tbe lftb day of January, 18fi2, alio o'clock In the torenoon of that day> The said premises are described in said mortgage substan- tially as follows : \All that ttaot or parcel of lamT»lt- uate'in the town of West Monroe, iu Oswego county, being the pieces of land knswu in th e mrvey ot the north part ut township no 13 of Scriba's patent maiM by K. Blak»tn August,, J821. as lol»rjt>. 11 and 13 .--aid lot no 11, accenting to said survey, hieing bounded as follows : Beginning at, tb's s * Corner of l\t no. 10 at a stake 18 links N Of a hemlock c * 8,» , 10, 11, i u tb« centerof the highway,thence * 66 = «66' chains 40 links to a stake 20 links w o t abeeeh c M 11, thence H 19 c R 9 chains and 87 links to a hemlock c * 11,18, thence o 66° w 66 chains 20 links to a stake 12 links » ol a hemlock <• M 10, 11, 12, 13, in th e center of tbe highway, thenc« along the eenter of tbe highway to the I bounds of lot no 10 to tbe place of beginning,, containing fij acres and 10 iCOofanaere. moreorlesn. Said lot no. 13 being bounded as follrtws Beginning a t Notice to Creditors, fr- I N pursuance of an order of Hon. Amoii ft. Hull, Sur- rogate of the county of Oswego, notice is hereby giv- en to all persons having claims against Lewis Kenyon, deceased.late »f the town of Mexico in said cnunty, de ceased, to present their accbunta, with the vouchers thereof, to the subsctlber, at his fe»idenee in Mexicoon or before the 6th day of January next, or they will lose the benefit of the statute in such case made and provi- ded. Dated Mexico, July 6,1861. HKNRY WEBB, 17rn6 Administrator and EMeutor.of IflwlaKenyon . . f — | thenrje south siity-nlne degrees west money so due theteon, and no proceeuings at law or in 1 equity having been instituted to recover the same, or i any part thereof, tbe power to sellaaid mortgaged preM lees has bfcome operative. Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of sale con i tainert in said mortgage, and in pursuance of thestatute , in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given 1 that the following described premises so mortgaged will be sold at public auction at the law office ol I). W C. Peck, in the village of Mexico, in the rounty of Oswego, ! N. Y., on th e 7th day ot December, 1861, at 10 o'clock 1 in the forenoon ot that day, and said mortgage will l thereby be foreclosed. Said premises are described in \ said Indenture of mortgage a» follows.to wit: -'Allthat piece of land in the town of Orwell, county of Oswego, : beginning at the north east corner of lot seventy eight 1 (It), and punning thence east on the south line of lot eixty nine (69) fifty chains and twenty links to the northwest corner of lot eighty (80), thence south on ; the westboundsof loteigbty (80) and eighty eight (88) seventy three chains andfbrty live links to • the south westerner of lot eighty eight c/n the \patenC'.line. • • • 'on the riort.h hemlock c M 10,11,12 Jfi. in the centerof thehighway and running tbence » 8R° K 8Hchaln#20 links to a hem- lock t M 11,13, tbeneo 8 IV- H It) chains to a stake 14 links s * Ufa hemlock c M 13, 15, thence s 68.° w 57 chains 20 links to a stake 8 links s w of I beech r, M 12. 13, 14, lfi, in the center if the highway, thence along east booods of lot no 12 In the center of the highway to the place of beglnniDg.ieontAiTitng 6\ acres of land, more or less —Iiattd Oet. 24, 1681. 32 WHITNEY & ?KtNNER, Assignees aud Att'ys. w Notice to Creditors. I N pursuance of an oTder of Hon. AmoiO. Hull.Sur rogate of tbe County of Oswego, notice in hereby given to alt persons having claims against Daniel P. Smith, late^f the town ot Mexico in said county.de oeaned, to present their accounts, with the vouohers thereof, to the subscriber, at the residence of Samtiel C. Larktn, executor,in Mexico, Oswego County. N. Y., on or before the first day of May next or they will Ipse the benefit ol the statute in such ca<e made and pro- vided.—Dated Oet. 31, 1881. SAMUEL C LARK1N, 38mB Executor of Daniel i'. Smith deceased. Notice, to Creditors, •= I N pursuance of ari order of Hon. Amoa'O. Hull, Sur- rogate of the County of Oswego, notice is hereby given to all persona bavlug claim\ against Mrs.-Sarah Ingham, late of. the town ol Mexico in said county, deceaaerl, to present thslr accounts, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at his residence in the vll lage of Mexico, on or before the first day of May next, or they will lose the benefit of the statute iu such case made attdproviai'd.—Dated Mexico, Oct 31< 1M1. JtJtWON DAVIS, 83m6 Executor of Sarah Ingham, deceased. boundary oi \Scriba's patent\ forty three chains and nfty.Jirx links to the southeast corner of lot seventy eight (78), and thence north on the east bounds of said hit fifty four chains and ninety links to tbe place of be- ginning, as wrttjrett Vy Benjamin Wright '\ the vear 179T, ekcaftwHt iWWrVlng fifty (aCre«;«IT the sooth- west cornw wf'«aM lot, the residue containing two hundred aniiSWtty-six and one half (270^) acres of land, more o r MM. Alsoexcepting and reserving seven ty-two and a half (72>£) acre« of land off the southeast corner of safft lot, sold to A P. Bra'vtnn —Dated Mexico, Sept. 6, 1881. OLIVER C.WBITNEY and D1SWITT C 1'KCK. Exsculors, etc., of the last will and testament of Orlk H Whitney, deceased. n'tV. 0. PkCK, Ait'y, Mexico Si. Y. 26wl2 Notice T S hereby given, that the Notes and Accounts belong- ing to the estate of 'left. ^ Thrall late, of Mexico, now deceased,are left wtththesubscriber for collection. All persons whose notea or accounts are now due are requested to call on the nnderaigned at-bis office In the Webb Block, Mexico, and pay the same without delay. 27tf S. B. BARNES. L ORTf.'AGE SALE.-Whereas default hasheen made in the payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated the 23d day of January, A. D, 1866, ex - ecuted by William Graves of the tnwn or Mexico, Oswe- go county. New York, to James Roberts of the s»me place, and which mortgage was recorded in the clerk's dffice of tbe said couuty in Bo«k'3R of mortgages, on page 18»» the 22d day of February, 1866, at 'i% r. M., \ and Fhereaa the amount claimed t o be due On said mortgage at the time of the first'publication of this notice, is the sum of $280,00, and which i s the whole amount elairaeii to be unpaid on said mortgage ; now fheref/'re notice la hereby given., that by viitue of th e power of sale contained in said mortgage and dulj te- corded as aforesaid, aid in pursuance of the >tattite in such eases made and provided, the sab) mortgage will be foreclo'io) by a sale of tbe premises therein describ- ed at public auction, at tbe Lawabd [tanking office of Whitney SSkinner, In th e village of Mexico. Oawego county, N. V., ori the 18lh day of January, 1882, at 10 o'clock in the forenortn of that day. The salt! premises are described in said mortgage substantially as follows: AH that tract or parcel of land situate In the.town Of Mexico, county of Oswego and state of New York,known as part of lot nn. 11 in the subdivision »f great lot no. 2,20th township Sariba'a patent, and bounded : Begin- ning at thsy. w corner of said .piece ol land and run- ning thence w. 88*, 30 minutes ». along the south line of Emily Nutting's land! chaii 19 links to tbe centerof the highway leading from Texas to the Sfone Quarry, thence s, 24° t. along the center of Said highway 1 oh. 98 links to a stake, thence a. €8°30 minutes w. 2 chains t o a stake, thence n. 20 Oi w 1 chain 90 links to the plane of beginning, containing 80 rods of land- same purchased by Knoch H Hill of Jnaeioh Patkera.— Dated October 24. 1881, JAMFSROBFRtfi,. Mortgage*. WntT.vky * SKIXSXB, Att's, Jtfcitico, JV. I*. 82 •aw* t

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