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Mexico independent. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1861-1872, October 31, 1861, Image 5

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mx^ssMxmtuvyrarKa/at^aB. v'-Sf** * mym &U if© imBAm^ ^sassai.. MJS'SZS, A?JL i^Mi a&miBSL YOLUME L MEXICO, N. Y., THrESBAY, OCTOBER 31, 1861. NUMBER S3.. THE- L&X&IpQ IHDEPBI^DBNT, A. l-'iiihily .lournul, Devoted to i LiTERAianE, GENERAL INTELLIGENCE, AND LOCAL NEWS. ' TI-HMS: . • j$-One Dollar a * tar, In Advance. >£$ iv\TKsoi ADVERTISING: (l weii e i'«».'S lie /t>» make a square. ) Gne»i)d,<i.re one i*eel: $0 80 AST1NGS. leave tin* H HEWITTS HOTEL, N Y M 1' iifWiTT, Proprietor tHitei. !n'i.y t-M >> rue««H aDd Mexico H TEXAS HOTEL, I MAS AM Proprirtm. SHniset leave' the Texas Holel J. . a; what o dully M iiaaegoaud I'uU-fci ti> any |BM o! the i.owi Private conveyance I4nV. On lv\o ftl*ili\.,.. . . > l tliri-f \<\'U < ; t'H'-i e moot 1 ...., *' H,\ JlM'L.tuS, . . . oue yenr, ... • colum n on\ vetr,....... .1 00 S i'0 ,P 00 s no • E E. PERKINS, D ENTIST Mcxi'-.o <--fn>e n» t residence i(> the house re-etitly ui-rupie-i fov .Ixnien Tuller. on Center St 1 P. J. BABCOCK. D VAhKU IN* ALL KIM' S OK ITMI* ^ fnr WelN ».' •»terij« Aim*, repiirifip d*»ne at aUtiuitv- u*-ar rf\.it4 <m Church stiet-t 1I> , \• \ ' EMPIRE HOUSE,' TJl'LA^KI.N. Y I L PILLKMUCK. Proprietor. Af ,.-\4 Lively is ain't cnueclet 1 with it and <-,d BIKINEN IHtHffT^ i* Y. A T WHITNEY A SKINNER. A rU>UN\hY.< & •:«.•'<. ••>l-.l,.l,l»tus AT 'LA-VT, and BANK- IhVi Me\...o . \-».;- <>• , N V A. JOHNSON. TTOKNKY A Ml'Col NS. l.LOR A'T LiVT. m Webl> Block. J!«vw>, N. V r'llE.NCHS' L.\\V Orr-lUE, M CXH'U. ittlV t<iO 1 iil.MT, .\ Y , All buiine** promptly attende d tu. Spe-iitil attention paid to CO*l'\lt»00\ (,Kil:i,b i. (BtAU 1 . - JOHN K FKE!tlH r DOCTOR V, A. BAKER, M l A It'll N i . >;.«'cal attention given to Chrome l>ii*»ses flie advantagm* sftor.ien by the ditter rui |lttu« ut pi .-lii-\ jji'en p.ilient(- placiUB il,eiu-.-e!V\« -ud'kroui cm-- .1-^•iiniuation* made fctriclly o n phyi-- touwical priii' .-. In., ijiliee. in t.mptre Muck, 1st uVor. ' WM. PE.N'FIELD, AXVKA''rrHi-it ANII I.KALKR IN OMNIBUSES, U'lUjI? O. \V LANPHEAR. M F>. P 4LHtM(» Oswego (Wntv.N. V CH.11- p u atten.'-'ed al l limu s uf the 4»c «>r iu((b.t INI()>? HtTIEL. ' C itJ.n^SE, N Y F 'L B.tKMts, J'rt'priet/ lln.isu la* betti ui-i'i.ij_. luted up, uiO 11.. ul tl.«he» t l!i'\.el.~ i- (>. «tj; i ','i'ua'y Tbi» Important News ! THE»1RREPRESS1BLE CONFLICT:\ F ORT srilPTER rnav suireinier cr not, juet as Lin C\ln Aiu<rr.fa .^ ('<• n.ay *••• St. but wLatost r p\l llj4,v l.f at'.-p!Pu, v*t- art- Ooul.«. 11. cell Buots and Shoes Chea-p<r t* <tn tin* ««n ^ «;»ittntv can rt*» pjirdiBNed el»e- wt,**i«=- Wf hav e ot( LrtuJ, aiid aie coD.itaulK u.a.nu- (actrirtrift M ALL KINDS OF CUSTOM WORK Luinocr V /.'• , ,U- , 5!cs: rli-igliH, :... V Y Cutters, Buggi*», MEXICO UOTKL, M t^w.lC'0, N V. i.. . IIISKU 1 . & Kui.msS. Piuprieto n M.ij;<'* IK-IW i>.-^ i|.,u.~»'iaity l\i >yrftt j\t> liswi>- gn tulloii . ruliek i «ud Mo'\ Bauk A \good Uvcrfis attH, In-1. ~ EMPfJiE UOCSE, j, A rt'^Jir.l ,\ T y Mtai.VtiTos & RAKSM. T'n.pnVor-. JVl M..!\\\ 1 Jrav H.is.. J8\«'e <lail>- tor l)s»tpi, >} ra Tsing non e tut tLe l*a t ft.icS.an d omployiDjoonebut the m?T R nRKMEN, «p .-iii i! : t r entire u''.fsnion tQ all , nil' 'l.^lr-p.tf .tinajje A.MlJ<. ALI-XAM'-»KR & Cl> , 1'liU-aiji Block. \o 2 . o2t f W e may l.ivor MPUITO, MareV. 1»61 •i... lui ri»nj Bnuk. 1R M A.MEIUCAN UOTEL, KX'.Cu S V , i»« t tine ot Siliiiun Creek. ^ i \i . v l'i:\(.r'^1 , .r. LAMOREE, J 51. J. J A TTORNEY AND OiPVStUiOR AT 1.AVT and .t»«tioe ot tbe (Va.-e, .'l.ufiix Slock. acr.-M the hall fti m W'u:'.ae.> ^Stiaovr'P UattlwiigOUlce, Mexico, N Y Spu cial altvti'...«' v\ t. c.-llecilou*, ilia«iii<au.5 ackoowl edging of Peeils. Murtjia^BH, Oi-ntracts, &c. 8. B. BARNES, TTSTKT OK f HE I'tAl'K. in Wobb Block, Mexico, J N V. _ __•_ S H KR\i AN HOSM ER, B OCN1 T I.ANI) & t'KNSlON AGENT, Webb Bloek, (up »tair«) MfMco. _ _ _ BUTLERT&'HIGGINS, D EAlJJlr- IN I'Klt.ti-ANU MEIUCTVES, OtU, I've Stuff.., B..nka, Stationery, M»tie « NY _ ~ ^ BAILEY ' & \AYRES D F.ALERS IN RBAOY-MAHE CLOTHING, FuraiibiliK Goods, Eui;li(.b. and French Bn.RdiflotbB.Caseimeres V««unpK.. l^nlieii' I'lntii, trimmings , Hats. I'upg. &0 Till I\ nor trnrj » ar« .Vin e their . gi*+***l4 w e ttt± a.'*, tfttt*- *W.-,6g *'. o tbe battle it* tb e fftty e l TAINTS, &c. &c. CuttiDB'aod tu^t'im work an usual. Hat i Slcxioo, up*, fix rj Y. M' M la i .. M, W. BABCOGK, [ANlTACTfRKR OF BOOTS AN D SHOES 3 .loors VV«st o f V. (i , Mexico NY. Particular attetr- liuo paid It. Custom Pepartment. NotU. \<« undiir»''ili1. ; '*' \ \i GIBHS, A.NI'KACTI'RFR'OI:' BOOTS ANPSDOES. nex t door to Myeis- I'lutt.iDj? Bjore, Mexico, S. Y ParUcu- rtor.t.ioi. paid t.Cu^'.offl Work. Nottobftndciai.ld. STONE & TULLER, D EALERS IN UARlitVARE, STOVI-S. IRON, STKEL, Nails Copper end Sheet Iron, und Manufacturers oi fin Ware.\ A pen to tor Win^teu Manufacturing Co '» Graos; ocd Grnui Seytbea, at manufacturers'piicPn,cor. c f Maio&JerI\r«oOStS.. umJerTowo H«ll, Mexico. N. Y . CLINTON, EATON & CO., * D EALERS IN SU.VKRANI>pWTSI>WARE.Grocerifs. Flo.ir !'i rk, Butter, Cheese, Wood, Wil'. n and Monp frare. Kluid. K»roBerjeOiI andljiuip 0 ,—irjVhn>nix Block. Me-v ••.. N Y . C. F. TULLER, D FALFR IN OROCKRIES AN D PROVISIONS, choic e braudh ot Tobacco, &c. No. 3 Webb BluOk, Mexi- co. N. Y. VICTOKV! VICTORY!! On to 'the Field of Battle ! w SELLING CLOTHING Al the Prices of the Purchaser!!! Our Punyner Goods Will All be sold at N. Y. Cost t'OR CASH. flaTirg establisbed, fretn thi s day, the principle of | Caub, dow& for goods , we (tball die pose of tbein atta price | uopreoedented in th e annal s of history i Bring your mcne y an d buy Clothing at yonr own i price. Do not ask u» to trnet you»-*e CUSNOT. BAILEY & AYRFS , ; A'o 2 J'hoenix Block, .Uecico, X. f. I July 29, 18G1. STRAY TIIOUGirLS.. Eve-jv.n.e klii~l •* nr-- ga'.hiring round me, And the suuV l.itRt jioUien lay Falleth <u the distant furi'St, Arid the-children at their play. As I t-it here by TOY window Dri'tinrn,; in tb*? t* il'mht gloom', Wlmta huct of tr<iripd memoriis Rim sogFUtly from their tomb. Memories of the lov'.l and loving, if the plca»urep lotijj sine flt-d ; Meioori' c ul tbe lair. Lr glit treat-tires, - Sinmbeting with the ear-lj dead. As* I watch the clouds that gather, Fleecy white and jj'nk aud grjy, I rptr-ettj+ier^well ti, pafiii\/ In tbe old chool ri>; in oiv day. Yriir-ba-v.- flo«n.my pneiou\ Maggie, SiutK we Yij tint wiudoiv stood, Guxitie oti ift • '.<iil:'._' . iu.!i,:ht, At.rt tbe difiunt, d irlifDiiii; wood. 1 ears that hriiifr si» many dangerp, Joys aud fotnutn. Ijupis and iear§, DrettiD- o f fame. aad I'lijjbted prospects, Wiioging from u.- bitter tears. Somp. pinpe theri, bave grown so weary Tltey have laid them down to rest, Where no wt'itnoi ss or Mirrow Cometh to tbe early blest. ~i-<- Sornf r»re seeking, vait.ly grasplnp: Ad li.'t'ijjpjlea^sris. csrcn aod tstrife, -. Kn'.'W'DR hot tbat trhf enjojamnt Cometh with a better liie. AP I iitTfi me rom the window. Ff-endf and fancies fi»e atvay ; But tny beart and tbouahts are better, Ail at-.ill, small voice doih say— Cease! sad beart ! thy weak repinings. Strive to spend the lime that's given, Filling lite with deeds all boly, Fitting well tbe soul for heaven. STORT TELLER l!je.£ time should she and it was it, after we \Yts and want a tuii P •We-ll, I only atked ht»r for it. m\an in her uot,to let nae have bavi iKiti'e so much for her.\ ••Wt-!'\ John waut. d to say that we, like the •editorial siiigular. only meant hinaBelf, but be had tin wii-'i to stir up strife. ••She to'd me sbe had tur clothes in it,\ con- : tioueil i rs. Paley. ; -Well?\ 'Shp- didn't eeem willing to lend it to me,BO ''when ?he cfnred-t., take tbem out, aod let me have ill- tue, I told her she needn't trouble ' herself.\ \It wa-> very wrong, Mary, for yon to »sk her to lend you fi*r tuboD Monday morniag,\ • I sup; ns. go ; i! any one was wrong. I am , the o-i.•\ p.mted Mrs, Paley, disgusted by her hiiiliHtd's partiality and it justice. ••N vir mind, Mury ; is oupper ready ?\ j -No ! that wot d you got )a*t is such miser- able stuff, it won't burn at all.\ ' \It if the btt-t I could get.'and the best there is tor that matter. I gave eight dollars a cord ; for it.\ \A fool and his money ar^ FOOH parted.\ -A ftot and her husband—;,\ but John cut ! the senu-Dce short, thinking it a little too wick- ; ed for- the ^occasion.... •Just like you! H there'** fo©J.-*any where ' about, I atn the one !'' \' ' \\\ * •Never uaind, Mary, let e us have aoaie supper as soon as you can; I am going to the caitoua this evening.\ \You.ai-e? You never stay at home evenings now.\ •Why, my dt^ar, I have hot been out of *the house oi an eveniug but once in a month.' 7 \Wby netd you go at all ?\ 'Becaube 1 am deeply interested in the elec- tion.\ \Mure than youare in your wife,\- replied she., petulantly, as she opened Jhe stove OTCH to see if the biscuits were ready.. \I declare, this is the meanest oven I ever saw. I t will - not bake worth, a cenL\ i \Have you just found that oat ?\ \It never was good for anything.\ And so Mrs. Paley went on from one thing fo another, regulariy and mystically condemn- ing every thing she put her hand to. She waa ; not suited. Everything and everybody wu 1 out of joint. Nothing went right, nobody could. ! do anything to suit her. John Paley was not particularly happy In ; his domestic telations. The porcupine temper ' of his wile was a continual annoyance to him. i -There, my dear. I have brought you home U Kas ver ? bard - to use his best endeavors to three quarts of bet ties,\ said John Paley, the ; P !ea?e her and then f ail - He D «l tried to \^7 ! blacksmith, as he laid the basket down upon ner ^sbes, but they were m«e caprices. M& in. ; the table. j d<*P&ir, he gave up his attempts. Nothing \What in the world did you bring three ' that he coald ^ wouW P leMe ter » nolMng hut I quarts for? 1 can't use more than two,\ re-' eD e l01ind fault witn him< [ plied Mre. Pah y. \ 1T o M E i S S R A N c E n K 11 N Y ! WaDt8 a qUWr£ ' md ^ me t0 get l% ht heT ' • Jtt *' D ™? was of aa *»«7 te mper. He «« 11 ' oi Sew York, ' | «* the man came along to-day.\ » . j disposed to make the best of things as he found »„V • - %W Z'm '• Hum P ,,: now I think of it, Iwanttbemmr,' them; but there was no such thing ascoiopro- J _'self, and Mrs. Thompson cannot have tiem.\ m i 8 | Dg with incessant grHmlbliigW-UBHke \•» a, ^P lul ^ A |^/^^^;'p« t •dini! 0O, ' \tfewmiads I left a quart at the shop for ] man^ others, he could not be driven to tke .;, MitTox s-MiTH. Secretary. luncheon to marrow; she can have them.\ \ dram shop, or even to the usual hauntB of loaf- NKiVi^GLANn'iFiRK&^Am^EiNsiRANCECO., ..ft 0 without them yourself!\ . era in the country places; he was obstinately Capital . C '..\..! r .V..\. D \. $500,000 \Certainly—il she wants tbem she can have bent on staying at home in the evening. He was ; \ Gio\ uXvSwrt-r? A1HAN W ' WAT Sdek. j tbem -'* j lond ° f * eadto « . and home waB the center of Ms HOME LIFE;IS:-URANCE COMPANY, \You t.tke good care of Mrs. Thompson,\'. thoughts. Even the perversity of hia wife could »f New York. ' ' added Mrs. Paley, with a sneer. Mutual, wit h a caBh Capital of 8126,000! ,. n ..,_ Hfcp „ nnar, nf hi>rripR fn r hpr \' WALTt B S. GRIFFITH, President. uul y tilEe a l^ 8 ^ OI OtmeS IOr ner. GKO. C Ripjrr.9e<iretary. _ _ : \That's more than t-ihe'd do for you or me.\ ^ik^ CUBING A GRUMBLER; OE, THREE DAYS AT HOME. BT OLIVER OPTIC. FIRST DAT. JO\ Application s received and Fir e Policies ipgued upon us favorable term s as by other re.«ptu*ible compa - nies , by A .JOHNSON. Agent, 2yl Mexico, N, Y. -.----, . - - THE PLACE TO 1 H TULLER \ • M ANTFACTIRER AND HEALFR IN PLOWS. CTLTI ' BllV Yoll 0, HaTIieSS, CllCaD. rator«. Harrows, Ijind Rollers, Agricultural Iaa-; ^ > * plemenu. Mill Geartog. Machinery, PtOTes, Castings, rflHE subscriber'offerg for sale, of his own tnauufae- &c , M<.iiCij. N. Y'. Agent for the sale of Wood's Ina- JL tnre , a good assortmen t of rroved MoKinij Machines, best and cheapest Machkein ' _*. ~ .. ,, ^- .. W_irte-M«. .. ; Harness, Saddles, Collars, MEXICO MARBLE WORKS. T»7-ATV<J HO«SF COVERS cVc •p SALLAI.1N. Dealer in American aod Foreign Mar- , TRbJYKS, HORSE L O VERb, fife, Jr . ble, Sii-.numenti, Head stones. Munlles.Tal.leTi.pB, trhich he feeU assured Will give satisfartion tothepur CdupterSlab». Sink\. &c. Work dune to order and on reasonable terms . Mexlco,Os«eg o Co , N. Y. .,, , LUMBERYARD. W it. AP-AUS, .'ealer ih Hemlock, Basswood, Spruce ; and Pin e Lumber, of all qoalilies . fl'ioed or in the rough. Lath Settling TitQber, Clapboaids' pinned and matchi d Flooring, Ciefling. &c; kilu dried or oth- erwise. At Net«on'« Planing ml I* K \'•* north of the Academy. Metloo Term« low prices add ready pay 9 THE- BUND MAN'S GROCERY! S L. !><>o;.lTTLK dealer in Groeeripe, Confectionery . and Ref'»»hments. at his Old Stand, Main afTeet, I one doorEasto f Stone fcTuUer'i.store,Town IHltBlccfc, Uesieo. 1 6 I HUMPnaiEB & SCARRITT, '- >OOK & J fl B PRINTFRS. in Weht. Rloek, Meileo, N . Y. Hsvinj? TBfiF.F. l'KKSt;|S3. we ire pre pariro \t> r\..: > it V ,-s '.* -si' Pk- : - vw 1 - Jit a«r J'.»t f t in - ,«.* rery low rate*. ' B f chaser . CARRIAGE TRIMMING an d repairing done to order. Store on Jefferson street, one doorSout h of Town Hall. GEO. W . .PRCYNR Mexico, March 1881. 2t f CHANDLER & AMES, Bankers, Mexico, Oswego Co., W* Y. Sight drafts for Rale on Ne w York City, England, lrtlsnd , Germany, France an d al l parts of Europe. C OAL OIL—will burn longer tha n Kerosene— at BUTLER & HIGGIN8'. «TH\.i UHi.as'. £&$£&. BOHKP «nd TOY.^-sjrjreat» » JL rutj, to be had ebeap, it BDTiJiiB k BIGGIivB'. \Oh no, I guess not.\ \I acked her to lend me ber wash tub the other morniug. and she wouldn't do it,\ replied Mre. Paley, spitefully. \Wouldn*tdo it!\ \No.\ \Wouldn't lend you a wash tub!\ 4 John Paley was astonished and indignant. I Mrs. Thompson was a widow who lived in the j next house, and h e had frequently been called j upon to perform sundry little chores for her, i which her louely couditioa required ; and now j to have her refuse to lendiJm wife a wash tub. I was-tbe highest rngraf itude, and he resolved oh ' the spot that Mrs. Thompson (should not have the htrriee. i \She isn't an angel,\ added Mrs. Palej. j \I nevei supposed she was. Wouldn't lend ! you her waidi tub ?\ I \No she would not.\ \I atn surprised ; when was it!\' \Last Mouday morning.\ '•Monday morriiugl.you did not go to her far a tub on Monday morning, d;dyou 1\ •1 did : «t what othdr time should I wai.t a tun!\ ^ not eradicate hie deeply seated love of home, [ Still home was not a pleasant place to him, at least not so pleasant as it might be. Mary loved hitn, he could not doubt that. During- a long illness the winter before, she had been un- remitting iu her devotion. A piece of red hot iron flew into his eye, so that the ball of it had nearlj rua out. He had suffered the most in- tense agony. By day ne groaned with anguish, and mw the tears Of bis wife fall as she witnefti- ed his suffering. By night, while he towed in agony, she watched by him, nor Blnmbered nor riept for a week. Hia pain was hew, and while she suffered, she never complained of the watch-' ing and privation that his illness occasioned, she never used an angeutle word even when, worn with suffering, he became testy and in- patient. She loved him ; she could sacrifice all her comforts to birn ; and why should .he not bear with her icfltmity! Should he, who had. been nursed and cherished so devotedly by her, east her out—should his affection be alienated from hert It was true her failing was a grievous one % it gave him a continued uneasiness. It kept him barras?ed from one week's end to another- It almost embittered his existence. \I will cure her,\ fcaid John, wkile he

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